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Full text of "Converts to Rome : a biographical list of the more notable converts to the Catholic Church in the United Kingdom during the last sixty years"

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 METAL WOJili.. 

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i;' '2ßl\5HI.flí PLAC
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";1..",,, MET A L S. .r...("
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 ..'''' PÂTENTEE OF' · 
. : tt: E, ,
f L.A T E'R'A Nt. < LU N ETTE

. '




 etent Workmen sent to all e arts 
of the Country at a moments notice .. 

I .:. " 


: I 'R QUIS TE'S.' .:. 
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.. I'IèI 10'" ......0: _ '... 
........ 81 & 2 · 
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\.N S 










'.fUE first edition of this ,,'ork appeared in 1878, under t.he 
title of 'Rollle's Recruits.' During the thirty-t\\TO years 
that have elapsed since that luere list ,vas pl'inteù, nine 
other editions have been published, for all of ,vhich I have 
been entirely responsible. 
The ,velcolue .which this book has received in the earlier 
editions and the hundreds of letters '\vhich have reached 
111e have testified to the fact that I have supplied à need, 
and in so doing have justified lllY labours. 
The task of preparing a new edition, \vhich should 
include the nanles of the Inany recent converts and at the 
same tinle give that fuller inforluation necessary in a book 
of reference
 ,vas comnlenced sonle years ago. The collection of 
nalnes and details has been no light undertaking but encourage- 
lllent and help have been forthconlillg on every side. l\ly 
best thanks are due to those who have, ,vith the greatest 
kindness, replied to my enquiries and to those also \vho 
have \vritten to assure Ine of their interest in the book and 
to ,vitness to the good its publication has done. 
It is a happy coincidence, and I hope a happy omen 
that I have brought lllY ,york to completion in this the 
({olden Jubilee year of the Restoration of the Catholic 
IIierarchy in our COUll try. 
The publication of such a list speaks eloquently for the 
vitality of the Church. It lllay be regarded as a challenge 
by SOIne, but nothing is fmther from the wi:::;h of the author. 
To all Íair-nlÌnded !lien the llloveluent to\vards the Church 




cannot fail to 1e of great interest. "Tith the bigot the 
author has no concern except to rcn1ÏnJ hinl that in yielding 
allegiance to the Olù Faith the conyert becomes no leRs loyal 
to his native country. IIis Gra{:ious lIajesty I(ing George V 
has not in the thousanll
 enumerated in tht1se pagCF lost 
a siuglp subject; rather has he gained, for loyalty like all 
the virtue
 only grO\\
8 stronger in the fuller life. 
No pains have been spared to secur
 accuracy in the infor- 
Illation given in this list, ,vhich does not clailll to be oni-cial 
anù ,,
hich is in no way, C a nunlbcring of the l)eople' lJut 
a record of a spiritual change alllong the intellectual classcs 
of these. Islands. The names haye been supplied to Ino by 
the converts tholnselve
, hy their friends, or havo been 
culled fronl the public press. In this connection thp col Ull111S 
of The Tablet have provided l11e ,vith much luaterial and my 
sincerest ackllowledgelnents are due to the editor and 
publisher of that ,veIl kno,vn paper. rfhe pages of those 
n10st interesting "rorks The BibliofJl'uphical Dictionary of 
English Catholics and The Catholic 1l ha's 1Fho have enabled 
111e to correct several errors ill previous editions of IllY volume. 
I am happy in the belief that 
Ir Joseph G illo,v and Sir 
Francis Burnand will accept this public expression of my 
gratitude. I am also very appreciatiye of the courtet;y 
eÀtended to IDe by several ladies and gentlelnen (daughters 
or sons of converts) for adding to, or correcting their fan1Ïly 
biographies; as ,veil as for presenting me "rith copies of 
the 'Lives' or ':\Iemoirs' of their di::,tinguÍf:;hed parents. T 
cannot deny m
Tself the pleasure of thanking lluite a hundred 
...\nglican clergymen ,vho have been so good as to ans,ver 
all lllY queries. 
If error has crept in, it has been by somo inadvertcnce 
and for any such, if such there be, I ,vould apologise lllost 
htllubly. Nothing would pain me Illore than that the 
insertion of any name should gi YO pain to a single person. 
It ,viTI be found by a cursory inspection of tho list that 
there is hardly an English noble fan1ÏJy that has not given 
onc or nloro of its members to the l{olliall Catholic Church; 



the intercourse thus opened bet"veen the t\VO forlnerly 
unconlffiunicating canlps has resulted in a feeling of lnutual 
good-\vill and friendliness \vhich the greate::;t intellects and 
the largest hearts 011 each side cordially encourage. 
As many of my correspondents have addressed me as 
though I \vere in Holy Orders, I think it IllY duty to state 
that I ain not a priest nor am I a illenlber of any Religious 
In conclusion I \vouId add, that I shall be happy to 
receive corrections and ne\v biographies for future editions. 

"\V. GOI






Statistics of the List 

All Souls' College 5 New College . 20 
BaHiol College. . 3-1 New Inn Hall 3 
Brasenose College . 27 Oriel College. . 41 
Charsley Hall 1 Pembroke College . 13 
Christ Church . . . 8--1 Pope's Hall.. 3 
Corpus Christi College 7 Queen's College . . 21 
Exeter College. . 52 8t Alban's Hall . 3 
Hertford College . 1: 8t Edmund's Hall . 13 
Jesus College 9 St John's College . 20 
}(ebJe College. . 19 Trinity College . . 20 
Lincoln College . . 13 University College 25 
:Magdalen College . 27 'Yadham College . 10 
:Magdalen Hall . 13 'V orcester College . . 19 
8t l\Iary's Hall . lfi Graduates whose colleges 
:ì\1erton College . . 21 are unknown to the editor. 43 
Caius and Gonville College. 12 :\Iagdalene College 
Rt Catharine's College 7 Pembroke College 
8t Catharine's Hall 2 Peterhouse. . 
Christ College . 12 Queens' College . 
Clare College .. 7 Selwyn College . 
Corpus Ohristi Collegp . 11 Sidney Sussex College 
Downing College. 7 Trinity College . 
Emmanuel College . 14 Trinity Hall. . 
Jesus College. . 11 Graduates whose 
8t John '8 College. . 41 are unknown 
King's College 14 editor 
AND . 
Charterhouse . 
Cheltenham College . 
Christ's Hospital. 
Clifton College . 
Dulwich College. 
Eton College . 
Hailey bury College 
Harrow School . . 
King's College, London 
:Marlborough College . 
:\1('rchant Taylors' 

. 15 
. 93 
. 39 
. 28 
. 11 



. 11 
. 1,1 
. ] 1 
. 5 
. 102 
. . 9 
to the 


Radley College . . 12 
Rugby School . . . 19 
8t Augustine's, Canterbury. 5 
St Paul's School . 7 
Sherborne School. 8 
Shrewsbury School 7 
Tonbridge School 9 
'Vellington College 9 
'Vestminster S('hool . 21 
'Vinchester College . 33 
Various . 6n 

Statistics of the List xv 
SECULAR CLERGY: - Including Oratorians, 34; Ohlates of 
St Charles, 21 3G9 
Augustinians 3 Jesuits. . 109 
Benedictines . 28 l\iarists . . . . . 2 
Canons Regular . 3 Oblates of I\lary Immaculate 3 
Carmeli tes . 2 Passionists. . . . 16 
Carth usians .. 2 Pious Society of :l\Iissions. 3 
Institute of Charity 9 Redemptorists . 16 
Cistercians . 4 Salesians 2 
Dominicans . . 32 Rervites 2 
Franciscans . 6 Trappist 1 



As 'j,ises Tene1'iffe above 
The 'j'estless ocean's 111oan, 
So Zoorns above earth's chance and change 
The ancient Church of Rome. 
'ßIajestic 'gainst the sunset sky 
The Titan 'lnountain stana.
P'l'o?vning 'while ocean-giants die 
Upon its foaming st1"ands. 
So bold against the lurid past, 
}r et stands the Ohurch of Ronw, 
Uncìlanged 'when all is changing .fa st- 
Tho storn
-tossed lJilgTim's home. 
0' erwhel1ned by the barbarian hosts 
The Eternal Oity fell, 
But laid on he?" 1"ude conquC1'01'S 
The mag.ic of her spell. 
Thus facing countless futu'j'e years, 
And ages yet unborn, rises o'er all haunf;ing fears, 
And dreads no corning storm. 
A Congregationalist Alinister, and 
s')n of lIlrs llarriet Beecher Stowe, 
the author of U Uncle Tom's 






ABADAM, Miss Alice, daughter of Edward Abadam, J.P., of 
Hall, Carmarthenshire, \Vales, at one time High BheritI for that county. 

Abbott, Mrs, wife of J. B. Abbott, Solicitor. 

Abbott, Mrs, wife of R. B. Abbott, barrister-at-Iaw. (1866) 
à Beckett, ArthurWiliiam, (1844-1908) of Felsted School; novelist and 
playwright; barrister; formÐrly of the ",Yar Office; editor of The Glow- 
; correspondent for The Standard and The Globe during the Franco- 
German war; for some time private Secretary to the 15th Duke of 
Norfolk, K. G.; on the staff of Punch; formerly editor of Th8 Sunday 
es and the lYaval a.nd lUilitary lrlagazine; served as President of the 
Institute of Journalists in 1900; and on the :ßIanaging Committee of the 
Society of Authors; son of Gilbert Abbott à Beckett (1811-1856), l\Ietro- 
politan Police :Magistrate and 
Ian of Letters. (1874) 
à Beckett, Gilbert Arthur, (1837-1891) of ",Vestminster School, and 
l\I.A., Christ Church, Oxford; barrister, journalist and playwright; on 
the staff of Punch; son of Gilbert Abbott à Beckett (1811-1856), 
politan Police 
Iagistrate and 
Ian of Letters, author of "Comic Hìstory 
of England." (1869) 
à Beckett, Mrs, widow of Gilbert Arthur à Beckett. (1869) 
Abingdon, The Earl of", (
Iontagu Arthur Bertie) seventh Earl; of 
Eton College; J.P. and D.L. for Berkshire; Hon. Colonel 3rd Bat. Berk- 
f:hire Regt.; of Charles Towneley, of Towne ley, and then of 
General the Hon. Sir James C. Dormer K.C.B., father of the 13th Baron 
Dormer. (1858) 
Abraham, Miss Cornelia, daughter of the late Rev. 'V. H. Abraham, 
D.D., vicar of K ewton-upon Rowclifie, Pickering, Yorks. 
Abraham, Miss Dora, daughter of the late Rev. ",V. H. ...t\braham, D.D. 

t Deceased. 




Converts to Rome 

t Abraham, Edwi n, of the Record Office; uncle of the Very Rev. Canon 
Augustus P. Bethell, at one time Priest-in-charge of St Antony of Padua, 
AnerIey, London, S.E. (1849) 
Abraham, Mrs Mary, (1840-1900) foundress of St Pelagia's Home 
for destitute women in the East end of London. (1884) 
Adair, Lieutenant-Colonel H. B. N. J of the Royal Engineers. 
Adair, Mrs J wife of Colonel Adair. 
t Adams, Miss Cecelia Eliza, daughter of John Smith Adanls, squire 
of ,\y oodchester, Gloucestershire. (1852) 
Adams, Miss Sophia Charlotte Louisa, (1832-1891) a Dominican 
nun (1\lother Rose Columba) foundress and first Prioress of St Dominic's 
Priory, North Adelaide, Australia; daughter of John Smith Adams, of 
'\V oodchester, Gloucestershire. (185:2) 
Adams, Walter Marsham, 1\l.A., Fellow of New College, Oxford; 
author; son of the late Assistant Judge, 1\Ir Serjeant Adams. 
Adamson, Miss A. R., of Ardachy, Fort Augustus, N.n. (1908) 
Adderley, Mrs Edmund, sister-in-law of the first Baron Korton. (1880) 
Adey, W. More, ßI.A., Keble College, Oxford; author and translator of 
Ibsen and Balzac. (1880) 

Agatha, Sister, formerly of St l\lary 1\Iagdalen's, 
London, an Anglican Community. 
Agnes, Sister, a member of the same Sisterhood. 
Agnett, Miss, now a Carmelite nun. 
Agnew, Miss, authoress; daughter of Sir Stair Agnew, K.C.B., Registrar- 
General and Keeper of Records for Scotland 

ter Square' 
(1899 ) 

Ainsworth, John Lees, (1810-1873) of Oldham, Lancashire, and then 
of Bod Evw, St Asaph, North 'Vales. (1871) 
Ainsworth, Mrs Sophia Magdalen, (]819-1882) wife of John Lees 
Ainsworth (l810-H:373) and then a. Hedemptorist nun, (Sister 1\Iary Anne 
L1guori of Jesus Crucified) at Drumcondra, Dublin; daughter of the Rev. 
John Hanmer, 1\I.A., and grand-daughter of Sir Thomas IIanmer, second 
Baronet, of lianmer 1-18011, }'lintshire, North \Vales. (1850) 
Ainsworth, The Misses, her daughters, one a nUll. (1850) 
Akers, Rev. George, (IR37 -1899) 1\I.A., Oriel College, Oxford; for some 
years the Rev. Frederick George Lee's coadjutor and curate at St :àIary's, 
Aberdeen, N.B., then at St. George's-in-the-East under the Rev. Charles 
Lowder; a Priest, Canon of 'Yestminster, sometime President of St 
Edmund's College, '\Yare, and then Priest-in-charge of SS. l\Iary and 
l\Iichael, London, E.; son of the Rev. Aretas Akers, :ðl.A. of 1\Ialling 
Abbey, Kent; uncle of the Right Hon. Aretas Akers-Douglas, l\I.P. for 
East Kent, and formerly Secretary of State for the Home Department. 

Converts to Rome 


Albemarle, The Earl of, (1832-1894) '\Villiam Coutts Keppel, seventh 
Earl; of Eton College; P.C.; K.C.J\I.G.; A.D.C. to Queen Victoria; 
F.R.G.S. ; under-Secretary of State for 'Var during the Administrations 
of Lords Beaconsfield and Salisbury; Lieutenant-Colonel of the 12th 
R.V.C. ; author; eldest son of the sixth Earl who fought at vVaterloo; 
son-in-law of Sir Allan Napier }Iacnab, Bart., the Canadian Statesman ; 
was called to the House of Lords as Baron Ashford during his father's 
lifetime. (187D) 
Alden, Eric John, of Charterhouse School and Trinity College, Cam- 
bridge. (1905) 
Alderson, M rs Mary E., widow of an English clergyman. 
Alderich, Mrs A. P., niece of Dr Poynter, V.A. 
Alexander, Rev. Finlow, l\I.A., LL.D.; formerly Sub
Dean of the 
Anglican Cathedral of Christ Church, Fredericktown, New Brunswick. 
t Alexander, I-Ienry Abbott Robert, barrister, Bengal Civil Service. 
t Algar, Commander, of the Royal Navy. 
t Algar, dohn J 1\I.A., Trinity College, Cambridge. (18fi2) 
Algar, Rev. Joseph Cox, (18iO-1882), of ,\Yinchester College; J\I.A., 
:Fellow of University College, Oxford; curate in the Anglican Church; at 
one time tutor in the family of the then TIritish :Minister to Sweden; 
subsequently professor at the Little Seminary, Roulers, Belgium; son of 
an Anglican clergyman. (1849) 
t Alger, dethro, Solicitor. (1850) 
t Alger, Mrs, wife of Jethro Alger. (1850) 
Alger, Miss, of Kelvedon, Essex; their daughter. (1850) 
Alington, Alan JOhn, J\I.A., 'Vorcester College, Oxford; till recently 
IIeadmaster of :Forest Ilouse School, 'Voodford 'Vells, Essex; son of the 
Rev. J\'Iarmaduke Alington, J\l.A., Rector of Beniworth, Lincolnshire. (1898) 
Allan, Miss Florence, the actress and singer. (1902) 
Allcard, Miss Mary Anne, formerly an Anglican sister at the Convent 
of St J\Iary-at-Cross, 8horeditch, London, E. (1879) 
Allchin, Rev. Arthur, a Priest; for some time Army Chaplain in Egypt, 
till lately Chaplain at Falkland Palace, N.B., the seat of Lord Ninian 
Urichton-Stuart, second son of the third 
Iarquess of Bute; son of Dr 
Allchin, of Bayswater, London. 'N., by J\'Iargaret, daughter of Alexander 
Holland, New York; brother of Sir "Villiam Henry Allchin, 
I.D., Senior 
Physician to 'Vestminster Hospita], and 1\'Iember of the Senate of the 
University of London. (1884) 
Allchln, Lady Margaret, daughter of Alexander Holland, of New 
York; wife of Sir 'Villiam Allchin, l\I.D., senior physician at 'Yestminster 
IIospital, London, \V. (1887) 
Allen, Dr, of Longford IIouse, Acton, London, 'V. 
Allen, George, B.A" Keble College, Oxford. (1899) 
t Allen, Major-General Stewart, of the Eengal Army. 
Alleyne, M rs, wife of t.he Rev. .J oseph Alleyne, l\I.A., an AngJican 
Clergyman; her two Bons and daughter. 


Converts to Rome 

Allies, Mrs Eliza Hall, (1821-1902) wife of the Rev. Thomas \Yillialn 
Allies, (1813-1903), formerly Rector of Launton, Oxfordshire; and family, 
among whom are Cyril AJlies, J.P. for co. Galway, and 1\Iiss )Iary H. 
AJlies, a distinguished contributor to Catholic literature; daughter of 
Thomas K ewman, (1779-1B38), of X elmes, near Romford. Essex, by Eliza 
Hall Xewma.n, (17S9-1
31) néc Hall; sister of tho late Rev. Dr Thomas 
Harding X ew-man, an Anglican clergyman. (1851) 
Allies, Mrs Kathleen, (1860-1894) first wife of Cyril Allies, J.P. for co. 
Galway, fourth son of the Rev. Thomas ,Yilliam Allies, (1813-1903) 
formerly Rector of Launton, Oxfordshire; daughter of the Rev. John 
Lillie, D.D., a Scotch Presbyterian 
linister of Hobart Town, Tasmania, 
by his wife, )fary Burnett. (löcll) 
Allies, Rev. Thomas William, (1813-1903), of Eton CoUege, (Kew-castle 
I.A., Fellow of 'Vadha}n. Conege, Oxford; Chaplain to the late 
Lord Bishop of London, (Dr Blomfield), then Rector of Launton, Oxford- 
shire; I(night. Commander of St Gregory the Great; an eminent author, 
the most notable of his works being The Church of Englnnd cleared from the 
Charge of Schis'm, and The Formation of,; for a short time 
Professor of 1\Iodern History at tho Catholic University of Ireland; for 
thirty years the devoted Secretary to the Catholic Poor Schools' 
Committee; son of the Rev. Thomas .L-\.llies, )1...:\.., rector of "T ormington, 
near Cheltenham, by Frances Elizabeth Fripp, (1792-1813), a )loravian 
and daughter of a Bristol merchant. (1850) 
Allnatt, Charles Francis F., B.A., Trinity College, Dublin; barrister 
and author; son of Charles Blake AIInatt, of Shrewsbury. (18,7) 
Aision, Rev. George, at one time monk of Llanthony Abbey, and then 
a member of the Cowley Brotherhood; a Benedictine )lonk (Dom Cyprian) 
at St 
-\nthony of Padua, Dulwich, London, S.E. (1898) 
Ames, Ernest Fitzroy, of Haileybury College; F.R.G.S, Civil 
Engineer; was assistant-engineer on the )Iexican Xational Railway and 
district engineer on the Inter-oceanic Railway; author; Bon of Lionel 
Ames, of The Hyde, Hertfordshire. (1899) 
Ames, Louis Eric Linden, formerly an officer in the 2nd Ijfe Guards; 
J.P. for Xorthumberland; eldest son of Henry Ames, D.L., of Linden and 
Longhorsley, X orthumberland (1891) 
Ames, Mrs r1argaret Wilhelmina, wife of Louis Eric Linden Ames, 
J.P.; youngest daughter of 'Yilliam John Hamilton, 1\I.P.; sister of the 
lOth Baron Belhaven and Stenton; cousin of the Hon. and Right Rev. 
Dr Algernon Charles Stanley, Bishop of Emmaus, son of the second Baron 
Stanley of .L-\.lderley; mother of Lieutenant John Louis Ames, late of the 
5th Fusiliers, and of Lieutenant Robert Henry Ames, R.X. (1875) 
Ames, Mrs Mary Frances, the authoress; daughter of the Rev. 
Patrick Leslie-1\Iiller, of Dals\\inton, 
.B.; '\\ife of Ernest Fitlroy Ames, 
F.R.G.S., the civil engineer and author. (1899) 
Anderdon, Miss Blanche, the novelist who writes under the nom de 
gue1're of 'Yhite A vis; second daughter of the late Rev. ,V. E. Partridge, 
Lord of the :\fanor of Horsenden, Buckinghamshire, by Lucy Olivia 
Hobart, daughter of Thomas Oliver Anderdon, Q.C., of Farley Hall, 
Berkshire; cousin of the Rev. 'Yil1iam Henry 
-\.nderdon, (18H3-1890), a 
t of the Society of Jesus. (1880) 

Converts to Rome 


Anderdon, Rev. William Henry, (1816-1890), of King's College, 
London; )I.A., Bennet Scholar of University College, Oxford; at one time 
Yicar of St 
Iargaret's-with-Knighton, Leicester; a Priest of the Society 
of Jesus; D.D. of Rome; for three years Professor at t.he Catholic 
University College, Dublin; author; cousin of Cardinall\Ianning. (1850) 
Anderson, Rev. Arthur, :\I.A., Trinity Hall, Cambridge; late curate of 
St .John's, East Dulwich, London, S.E. ; a Priest, till lately professor at 
St .J ohn's Seminary, 'V onersh, Guildford, Surrey; now chaplain t.o the 
Religious of St Andrew, Streatham, London, S. 'V. (1892) 
Anderson, Mrs Fanny Caroline Marie, (1887-1008) wife of the 
latthew Anderson, l\I.
-\., an Anglican clergyman; daughter of 
Colonel Francis Farrant, R.L.S., of Buckland IIouse, near Dover. 
Anderson, Captain P. W., formerly of the Sherwood Foresters; now 
Resident of X orth Xigeria. (190:3) 
Anderson, William D., of Ardsheal, Ballachulish, _A..rgyllshire, X.B. (1897) 
t Andrews, Colonel, of Plymouth. 
t Andrews, Mrs, his ""ife; sister-in-law of the Rev. Ceorge Rundle Prynne, 
1\1.A., Vicar of St Peter's, Plymouth, Devonshire. 
Andrews, Miss, formerly an Anglican sister at Capetown; now Sister 
:Mary )Ionica at the Convent of the Assumption, Kensington Square, 
London, 'V. 
Andrews, Mrs, wife of a Suffolk Rector. (1867) 
Andrews, Rev. Septimus, of 'Vestminster School; 
I.A., Christ 
Church, Oxford; for five years Assistant- )Iaster at 'Yestminster School 
and then Yicar of l\Iarket IIal'borough, Leicestershire; a Priest (Oblate of 
St Charles) at St J\Iary of the Angels, 'Vestmoreland Road, TIayswater, 
London, 'Y. (1860) 
Angelo, Miss, late of Colachy, Fort Augustus, Inverness-shire, N.B. 
Angus, Rev. George, (1842-1909), l\1.A., S.C.L., St Edmund's II all, 
Oxford; at one time Ensign and Lieutenant in the Indian Army, then 
curate at Prestbury, Gloucestershire; a Priest, formerly Chaplain of the 
Catholic University College, I(ensington, London, "
.; late in charge of 
St James', St Andrews, Fife, N.B. ; contributor to The Tablet. (1873) 
Angus, Colonel John, late of the 79th Cameron Highlanders. (1906) 
Anne, Mrs Edith, -wife of !\Iajor Ernest Lambert Swinburne Anne, 
Burghwallis Hal
 near Doncaster, York, formerly of the 55th Regiment; 
youngest daughter of Sir Thomas George Augustus Parkyns, 6th Baronet. 
(1885 ) 
Anstey, The Hon. Henry Frampton, (1822-1862), member of the 
Legislative Assembly of Tasmania; Knight of St Gregory the Great. (1842) 
Anstey, The Hon. Thomas Chisholm, (1816-18i3), of 'Ye lling ton 
College and 1Jniversity College, London; barrister; for a time Professor of 
Law at Prior Park College, Bath; !\I.P. for Y oughal, Ireland; Attorney- 
General at Hong-Kong, and then Judge of the High Court of Bombay; 
author. (1836) 


Converts to Rome 

t Anstice, M rs, wife of tho Rev. Joseph Anstice, !\I.A., Professor of 
Classical Literature at l(ing's College, London. (1845) 
Anstruther, Mrs, grand-daughter of the last Baron Seaforth, 
Anstruther, 1\1 iss Lloyd, a nun; daughter of James IIamilton 
.Anstruther, of II intI esham, Huffolk. 
Antrobus, Rev. Frederick I., (1838-1903), of Eton College; formerly 
a ttaché at the British Embassy in Paris; a Priest of the Brompton Oratory, 
London, S.\V. ; author; son of Sir Edmund Antrobus, second Baronet. 
Arbuthnott, The Hon. David, (1821-1901), of the Bengal Civil 
Service; son of the eighth Viscount Arbuthnott, Lord-Lieutenant of 
Arbuthnott, The Hon. Mrs Eliza, wife of the late Ron. David 
Arbut.hnott; daughter of Dr Thomas .Forbes Reynolds, of \Vallington, 
Surrey. (18G8) 
Arbuthnott, Mrs, the authoress. 
Archer, William Henry, (1824-1909), of \Yindsor, I\Iclbourne, Australia; 
founder of the Statistical System of '
ictoria, and for many years 
Commissioner of Education; baITistcr; Knight of Rt Gregory the Cireat 
and Knight Commander of the Order of 1) ius ; author; lion. :Fellow of 
the Statistical Society of London. (1848) 
Arden, Rev. Charles Henry, late curate of St Philip's, Girlington, 
Bradford, Yorkshire. (1901) 
Arden, Rev. Henry Alban, (lR20-1888), formerly a Burgeon; a 
Dominican :Friar at \Y oodchester l>riory, (
loucestershire; son of Dr 
hristopher Arden, of Dorchester; grandson of the late Rev. Alban Gwynne, 
1\I.A., rector of Den worth, Hampshire. (1850) 
Argyll, The Duchess of, (lR09-1878), Anne Colquhoun, third wife 
of the seventh Duke; daughter of John Colquhoun. (1851) 
Arkle, Daniel, professor of Ampleforth College, Yorkshire. (1n01) 
Arkwright, Mrs, wife of the Vicar of Latton. 
Arkwright, The Misses, her four daughwrs, one a nun. 
Arkwright, Mrs, wife of Robert 'Vigram Arkwright, of Kormanton 
':rurville Hall, Leicestcrshire. 
Arkwright, William Philip, of Eton College and Cbrist Church, 
Oxford; J.P. for Derbyshire; Lord of the l\Ianor of Sutton Scarsdale and 
Iligh Sheriff for Derbyshire, 1890; only son of 
Iajor 'Villiam Arkwright, 
of the 6th Dragoons; grandson of Robert Arkwright, D.L. (1881) 
Armstrong, Miss, daughter of the Rev. J. Armstrong, l\I.A., an Anglican 
Arnold, Rev. Dalnien, a Passionist Priest at St Anno's Retreat, 
Sutton, St IIelen's, Lancashire. 
Arnold, Miss, a nun; sister of the Rev. Damicn Arnold 

Converts to Rome 


Arnold, Mrs Elizabeth Cotton, wife of George 
Iatthews Arnold, 
K.S.G., of :Milton Hall, Gravesend, Kent; daughter of George Essell, J.P., 
of the Precincts, Hochester, K.ent; mother of Bernard Arnold, J.P. for 
Kent and F.L S. (1859) 
Arnold, George Matthews, (1828-1908), of )Iilton Hall, Gravesend, 
l{:ent; Knight of St Gregory the Great; F.S.A. ; J.P. and D.L. for Kent; 
eight times :Mayor of Gra.vesend; solicitor and author; son of Robert 
Coles Arnold, J.P. of 'Vhartons, Framfield, Sussex; brother of Sir Edwin 
Arnold, K,C.I.E., the poet, and of Sir Arthur Arnold the social reformer. 
Arnold, Mrs Julia, (1R25-1888), wife of Thomas Arnold, (1823-1900); 
daughter of James Eenison, of Slieve Hussell, co. Cavan, Ireland, then of 
Tasmania. (1856) 
Arnold, Thomas, (1823-1900), of 'Vinchester College and Rugby School; 
1\1. A., University College, Oxford: barrister; inspector of schools in 
Tasmania; Fellow of the Royal University of Ireland, and for a. time 
Professor of English at the Catholic University College, Dublin; author; 
son of the celebrated Rev. Dr Thomas Arnold, (1795-1842), Headmaster of 
Rugby School; brother of :àlatthew Arnold, (1822-1888), the poet and critic; 
father of 1\1r8 Humphry 'Yard, the well-known novelist. (1856) 
Arnold-Morris, Herbert, the artist. (1876) 
Arnold-Morris, Miss, his sister. (1876) 
Arnott, M rs, widow of an Anglican clergyman. 
Arnott, Rev. Arthur P., l\I.A., Trinity College, Oxford; late Inclun- 
bent of St Jalnes' Episcopal Chapel, Edinburgh, N.n. (18R6) 
Arnott, Rev. John, 
I.A., Cantab; formerly an Anglican clergyman. 
Arthur, Miss, sister of Colonel Sir Frederick Leopold Arthur, second 
Artindale, Mrs Florence Ada Mary Philippa, wife of the Jate 
Thomas Frederick Artindale. (18DD) 
Artindale, Miss 1't1ary, daughter of the late Thomas Frederick Artindalc. 
Arundel, Mrs Catherine Helen, wife of Arundel Tagg-Arundel, B.A., 
of the Indian Civil Service; daughter of James Duncan Sim, C.S.I. (1891) 
Arundell o'f' Wardour, The Lady, (1787-1845), Lady 
lary Anne 
Grenville Kugent Temple, wife of the tenth Baron Arundell of 'Vardour; 
only daughter of the second Earl Temple, and first :Thlarquess of Bucking- 
ham. (1830) 
Ashbrook, The Viscountess, (1851-1906), wife of the sixth Viscount, 
daughter of J. F. Abingdon, of Esher, Surrey. (1900) 
Ashburnham, The Earl of'; (Bertram Ashburnham), fifth Earl; of 
'Yestminster School; J.P., and D.L. for Brecknockshire, J.P. for Sussex &nd 
Carmarthenshire; Knight Grand Cross of the Sovereign Order of 
and of the Order of Pius. (1872) 


Converts to Rome 

Ashburnham, The Countess of, (1858-1900), Emily, wife of the 
fifth Earl; daughter of R. Chaplin. (1888) 
Aspinall, John Bridge, (1818-18A6), of Hugby School;; Q.C. ; 
Recorder of Liverpool, and at one time A ttorney-General for the County 
Palatine of Durham; son of the Rev. James Aspinall, 
I.A., rector of 
...\.lthorpe, Lincolnshire; father of .J ames Perro net Aspinall (1844-1898), 
barrister, Q.C. and Admiralty 
tdvocate; grandfather of the present 
General-l\lanager of the I
ancashire and Yorkshire Railway. (1847) 
Aspland, William B., of Spilsby, Lincolnshire. (1897) 
Asselburg, Ma.dame, nee X eWllham, now of Lille, France. (1899) 
Astley, Miss F., a nun, and Prioress of Cohrith. (J872) 
t Aston, Thomas, of the Oaklånds, Edgbaston, Birmingham, (1862) 
t Aston, Mrs, wife of Thomas Aston. (1862) 
Aston, Walter Douglas, Fellow, 
I.A., Downing College, Canlbridge; 
\rhewell Scholar for lnternat.ional Law; Junior Dean and Direct.or of 
Legal Studies for his College. (1908) 
Athy, Mrs, wife of Randle Lynch Athy of Henville, co. Galway; mother of 
Edmond Joseph Philip Lynch A thy, J.P., and formerly lIigh Sheriff of 
co. Ualway. (1876) 
Atkinson, Miss, a nun at the Convent of the Sacred Heart, Roehampton, 
London, S.'V. (1884) 
Atkinson, Miss F., a nun at the Convent of the Sacred Heart, Roehamp- 
ton, London, S. 'V. (1883) 
Atkinson, Frederick Watson, LL,B., London University; solicitor. 
Atkinson, Rev. Joseph, (1824-18Rl) a Priest of the Order of Charity at 
St Etheldreda's, lfolborn, London, E.C. (1856) 
Atkinson, Miss Madeleine, of Eustace f4treet, Dublin. (1856) 
Atkinson, Miss Susan, relat.ive of 
Irs Anne Ramsden Bennett, cousin 
of the late Right Hon. \Villiam Ewart Gladstone, r.c., and of Sir Thomas 
Gladstone, second Baronet. (1874) 
Atkinson, Mrs Thomas, wife of Councillor Thomas Atkinson, of Ryton, 
formerly of Bywell Hall, Stockton-on-Tyne. (1897) 
Atkinson-Grimshawe, Mrs Charles, of Bruges, Belgium. (1889) 
Atlee, Albert John Falconer, (1837-1858), Bon of Falconer John 
Atlee, c.
r.G. (1857) 
Atlee, Falconer John, (1826-1894), of 'Yinchester College and Caul- 
bridge "Cniversity; ('-
I.G.; for fifty years connected with the British 
Embassy at Paris as Consul and Second Secretary; son of Falconer John 
Atlee, of \Vandsworth, Surrey. (1850) 
t Atlee, Mrs, mother of Falconer John Atlee, C.
I.G. (1850) 

Converts to Rome 


t Atlee, Mrs, wife of Falconcr John Atlee, C.
I.G. (1850) 
Atlee, The r
. isses, their two youngest daughters. (1858) 
t Attwood, Rev. Edward William, B.A., Jesus College, Oxford; 
curate of St :Michael's, Shoreditcb, London, E.U. (1863) 
Atwood, Lieutenant Arthur F. L., of the Royal NI1VY; Bon of the 
Rev. Francis Atwood, :\l.A., of Boscombe, Bournemout.t, lIampshire. 
Atwood, Miss Hilda, a. Benedictine nun; daughter of the Rev. Francis 
Atwood, J\1.A. 
Auchinleck, David, of N ewhaven IIouse, Edinburgh, N,B. (1880) 
Auckland, The Lady, Sybil Constance, wife of the fifth Baron; 
daughter of Colonel George :Morland Hutton, C.D., of Gate Burton liaIl, 
Lincolnshire. (1807) 
Audrey, Mrs Joseph, of Ludington. (1888) 
Austin, Alf"red, of the ",Var Office. (1891) 
Austin, Lady Agnes Bryon, wife of Sir John Austin (182-1-1906), first 
Baronet; daughter of Samuel Standidge TIyron, J.P. of "'Vest Ayton, 
Yorks; mothf'r of Sir 1Villiam l\Iichael Byron Austin, second Baronet; 
foundress of Catholic Church, (St Joseph's), Castleford, Yorks. (1864) 
Austin, Sir dohn, (1824-1906), of Kippax Grammar School, Yorks; first 
Baronet; :1\1.P. for Yorkshire; J.P. for the ",Yest Riding; President of the 
Osgoldcross Liberal Association; a liberal benefactor to the Church. (186-1) 
Aveling, Rev. Francis A. Powell, of Bishop Ridley College, Bishop's 
College University; B....\. Keble College, Oxford; l\I'Gill University and 
CanadIan College, Rome. A Priest, D.D. of Rome, till lately Prebendary 
and Cathedral Chaplain of ",Vestminster; now at the Séminaire Léon xiü., 
Louvain, Belgium; author. (1896) 
Ayer-Carr, Alfred, of IIeslington, Yorks. (1880) 
Ayling, Miss Florence, a Sister of Charity; step-daughter of the Right 
lion. Viscount :l\1orley of Blackburn, Secretary of State for India. (1900) 
Aylmer, Sir Arthur Percy Fitzgerald, 13th Baronet; brother of 
Colonel Fenton John Aylmer, V.C., O.D. of the Royal Engineers; BOn of the 
late Captain Fenton Aylmer of the 97th Regt. (1893) 
Aylmer, Mrs Isabella Ellinor, wife of Captain Fenton John Aylmer, of 
the 97th Regt.; daughter of George Darling, of Fowberry Tower, 
and I-Ietton, X orthumberland; mother of the 13th Baronet. (1897) 


Converts to Rome 


t BABINGTON, Mrs, wife 0 tho Rev. Arthur Babington, l\I.A., Rcct<,r 
of 'V anli p, Leicestershire. (1881 ) 
t Babington, Miss Mary Augusta, daughter of tho Rev. Arthur 
Babington, l\f.A., Rector of 'Vanlip, Leicestershire. (1881) 
Bacchus, Henry, (1821-1896), B.A., Corpus Christi College, Cambridge; 
of the :Manor House, Lillington, near Leamington; father of the Rev. 
John N. Bacchus, a Priest at Oscott College, :Birmingham; and of the 
Rev. Francis Joseph Bacchus, a Priest of the Oratory at Edgbaston, 
Birmingham, and contributor to The Dublin Review. (1846) 
Bacchus, Mrs Isabella, (1828-lD01), wife of Henry Bacchus (1821- 
1896), B. A. Cantab. ; daughter of the Hev. James Cumming, (1777 -1861), 
J3.A. Can tab, Rector of North Runcton, K orfolk, for many years Professor 
of Chemistry at Cambridge, an independent discoverer of thermo-electl'icity. 
Bacon, Rev. Francis, at one time lay-worker at St Peter's, London 
Docks; a Priest of the Society of Jesus at St Aloysius' College, Garnet 
Irill, Glasgow, N.n. 
Badeley, Edward Lowth, (1803-1868), !\I.A., I3rasenose College, Oxford; 
barrister, Q.C. ; F.S.A. ; one of the counsel for the Bishop of Exeter in the 
Gorham case; author; bequeathed his library to the Jesuit Seminary, St 

IarY'8 Hall, Stonyhurst. (1852) 
Bagot, Miss Alice Mary, daughter of Colonel Charles I3agot, (1808- 
1881), of the Grenadier (luards, Assistant-l\laster of Ceremonies to Qupen 
Victoria, grandson of the Right lIon. Rir Charles Bagot, by Sophia Louisa, 
daughter of Vice-Admiral the lIon. Josceline Percy, C.B., l\I.P., son of the 
first Earl of Beverley, and niece of the 5th Duko of 1\0rthumberland; 
sister of Richard Bagot, the novelist. (1889) 
Bagshawe, Mrs Catherine, (1803-1878); wife of IUs IIonour Jlenry 
Ridgard Bagshawe, (1799-1870), County Court ..Tudge; daughter of Dr 
John Gunning, Inspector of Hospitals in the Peninsular \Var and at \Vaterloo. 
Bagshawe, Edward, great-nephew of IIenry Ridgard TIagshawe, 
(1799-1870), County Court Judge. (1894) 
Bagshawe, Miss Henrietta, of H.ome. 

Converts to Rome 


Bagshawe, His Honour Henry Ridgard, (1799-1870), B.A.,Cantab.; 
(2.C.; County Court Judge; father of the 
lost Rev. Dr Edward Gilpin 
Dagshawe, Archbishop of Seleucia and from 1874 to 1901 third Bishop 
of Nottingham; and of His Honour Judge '\Villiam Henry Gunning 
Bagshawe, K.C.; grandfather of Richard Bagshawe, R.B.H., the artist, and 
of Francis John Bagshawe, 
lagistrate in the Orange River Colony. (183.J:) 
t Bai&,ent, Richard, the artist; father of Francis Joseph Baibent, the 
ecclesiastical antiquary and author. 
Baigent, The Very Rev. William Joseph, of St Thomas' Seminary, 
London, W.; a Priest; successively chaplain at Glossop Hall, Derbyshire; 
in charge of All Saints, Hassop, Bakewell, Derbyshire; Cathedral Adminis- 
trator; Secretary to the Right Rev. Dr Robert Brindle, D.S.O., fourth 
Bishop of Nottingham; in 1907 he was appointed Canon of Nottingham. 

Bailey, Oaptain Farmer, D.L,; Kent. 
Bailey, George Percy, of Eccles Grammar School; l\I.A., Trinity 
College, Dublin, (B.A., first class Hans., Senior ßloderator and Gold 

ledallist in Experimental Science); successively professor at Lucton 
School, II ere ford ; Demonstrator in Chemistry at Trinity College, Dublin, 
(1895-99); Stonyhurst College, Blackburn (1899-] 903); Principal of tho 
Victoria Institute, '\V orcester (1903-08); now Extension Lecturer for 
Cambridge University. (1909) 
Bailey, IY"rs, wife of Professor George Percy Bailey, l\1.A., Cambridge 
University Extension Lecturer; widow of Dr Cresswell. (1896) 
Bailey, Thomas J.J author. 
Baillie, Rev. Evan, (1816-1899), of Sherborne School; 
I.A. Trinity 
College, Oxford; Rector of Lawsh all , Suffolk; lineal descendant of Sir 
",Villiam 'Vallace, the Scottish patriot; he gave the land for the erection 
of St Bridgett's Abbey of Syon, ChudIeigh, Devonshire. (1858) 
Baillie, Mrs Hope, (née Fairfax-Fearnley), wife of Alexander IIope 
Daillie, brother of Sir 'Villiam Baillie, 2nd Bart., sometime l\I.P. for 
Linlithgowshire. (1892) 
Bainbridge, Arthur Oharles, of the Civil Service. 
t Baines, Oaptain, of the 95th Reg. (1847) 
Baines, Miss Rosa, of Solihull, 1Varwickshire. (1885) 
Baisall, Mrs, niece of Sir 'Valter- Scott (1771-1832), first Bat.onet, tho 
poet and novelist. (18-16) 
Baker, Rev. Arnold S., of Eton College; B.A. Exeter College, Oxford; 
a Priest (Oblate of St Charles) at Our Lady of the Holy Souls, Ken.
al New 
Town, London, 1V. (1879) 
Baker, Miss Elizabeth Anstice, the authoress; fourth daughter of 
the Hon. John Baker, of :Morialta, South Australia; sister of the Hon. 
Sir Richard Baker, K.C.
I.G., K.C., who was first President of the Federal 
Senate of the Australian Commonwealth. 


Converts to Rome 

Baker, Henry Sherston, (1814-1875), J\I,A. Exeter College, Oxford; 
father of /Sir (jeorge Rherston Ðaker, fourth Baronet Recorder of Barn- 
le, and of Lieutenant-Colonel Robert flenry B
ker, of t.he Royal 
Artillery, who served in the late Afghan and Egyptian campaigns' grand- 
Bon of Sir R. Baker, first Baronet, of DW1stable. ' (1850) 
Baker, Mrs Laura Matilda, daughter of Philip Salomons, of 
righton; niece of Sir David SalomonA, first TIaronet, of TIroonlhill, I\:f'nt, 

1.P. for Greenwich and the first Jemsh Lord l\layor of London. (18U7) 
t Baker, The Very Rev. Richard Swinton, a Priest and Vi car- 
General of the diocese of Charleston, U .S..A..; he was born in Ireland of 
})rotestant parents. 
t Baker, Mrs, mother of the late V cry Rev. Richarù Swinton Daker Vicar- 
General of Charleston, U.S.A. ' ' 
t Baker, William A., General :JIanagcr of the 13ank of Inùia in London. 
( 1903) 
Baldwin, Miss, member of an influential Daptist family in Birmingham. 
Baldwin, Miss PlIay, author of "A Popular Girl," "Sunset Rock," etc. 
Bale, Miss A. M., of Ipswich; a nun at the Franciscan Convent, naintree, 
Essex. (1899) 
Balf"our, Reginald, (1875-1907), of 'Vestminster School; 
I.A. FeUowof 
King's College, Cambridge; junior examiner under the Ðoard 'of Educa- 
tion; author and sub-editor of The .J.'lonth and The Dublin Review. (IV01) 
Balf"our, Mrs, the authoress; wife of Reginald Balfour (1875-1907) the 
author; daughter of the Rev. Francis 'Varre Cornish, :ßI..L
" Vice- 
Provost of Eton; grand-niece of "-'-illiam 1\Iakepeace Thackeray (1811- 
1863) the eminent novelist. (1903) 
Ball, Thomas Stanley, at one time Secretary to the Liscard l\Iasonic 
Lodge, a solicitor. (1898) 
Ball, Mrs Alice Caroline, wiff' of 1Tenl'Y Ilouston Ball, of Glenmorc, 
Road, Haverstock Hill, London, N.\V. ; daughter of the late Rev. G. L. 
Langdon, J\l.A., Rector of St Paul's, Cray. 
Ballantine, Miss, daughter of "-'-illiam Ballantine (1812-1887) the well- 
known Serjeant-at-law. 
Ballard, Rev. Edward Humphrey, (1820-1886), 1\I.A., Fellow of 
'Vadham College, Oxford; curate of l)ucklechurch; a Priest and chaplain 
to H.:M.S. f.Ielampus; son of Admiral Ballard, C.B. (1830) 
Ballard, The Very Rev. George Frederick, 1\I.A., 'Y orcester 
College Oxford; formerly a bauister; a Priest, Provost of Portsmouth 
and till recently in charge of the Church of The Immaculate Conception 
and St Joseph, Christchurch, IIampshire; son of Admiral Ballard, C.D. 
Ballard, Captain Volant Vashon, (1817-1890), late of the 44th 
Regiment; eldest Bon of A.dmiral Ballard, C.B. (1848/ 

Converts to Rome 


t Balston, Rev. F. R., 
LA., Christ Church, Oxford; rector of Benson, 
Oxfordshire ; a Priest at Our Lady of Consolation and St Francis, 'Vest 
Grinstead, Sussex. (1850) 
Bampfield, Rev. George Frederick Lewis, (1827-1900), of 
Tonbridge School; B.A., Lincoln College, Oxford; curate of Shoreham, 
Sussex. A Priest and Director of Barnet Schools, Hertfordshire. (1855) 
Sampton, Rev. George, (1816-1865), formerly an Anglican curate; 
a Priest of the Society of Jesus. (1845) 
Banfield, Frank, ßI.A., Oxon. 
Barclay, Alexander, (1827-1897), at one time a leading Freemason in 
Gottenburgh, Sweden. (1878) 
Barclay, Arthur, Professor of the Guildhall School of 
Iusic; Choir- 
:\Iaster of the Brompton Oratory. (1889) 
Barclay, Miss Emma, sister of the Rev. John Barclay, ß1.A., Hon. 
Canon of Chester, Rural Dean and Vicar of Runcorn. 
Barclay, Miss Fanny, sister of the Rev. John Barclay, l\1.A., of 
t Barff; Rev. Frederick Settle, 
I.A., Caius and Gonville College, 
Cambridge; curate of Holy Trinity, Hull; professor of Chemistry at the 
Catholic University College, Kensington, London, 'V., and at Beaumont 
College, 'Yindsor; author of several scientific works and text-books. (1852) 
t BartT, M rs Margaret Bartlett, wife of Professor Frederick Settle 
I.A" Cantab. (1852) 
t Barham, Lady Caroline, sister of the last Earl of Thanet. 
Barham, Mrs Gaggiotti, daughter of the above. 
Barker, Miss Ethel, the archæologist and authoress. (1906) 
Barker, Rev. Thomas Aloysius, (1845-1905), a Priest of the Society 
of Jesus, for twelve years in British Guiana, (1862) 
Barlow, Miss, formerly an Anglican Sister at All Saints, l\Iargaret Streeb 
London, 'V. 
Barlow, Rev. Thomas William, 
I....-\" Cantab; late Vicar of Little 
Bowden. (1874) 
Barnard, E. J., 
I.A., :Merton College,- Oxford. 
Barnes, The Very Rev. Monsignor Arthur Stapylton, of 
Eton College and 'V oolwich Academy; )I.A., University College, Oxford; 
Lieutenant in the Royal Artillery; curate of St Agnes, Kennington Park, 
S.E., and then Rector of St Ives, Huntingdonshire. A Priest and Chaplain 
to the Catholic lTndergraduates at Cambridge; author; son of George 
Cornac Barnes, C.B., and of )Iargaret, daughter of 
Iajor Henry Chetwynd- 
Stapylton. (1895) 
Barnes, Captain, of the Indian Army. (1898) 


Converts to Rome 

Barnes, J. G. H., B.A., 'Vadham College, Oxford. 
Barnes, Rev. Thomas, B.A., X ew College, Oxford; curate of St Peter's, 
Vauxhall, London, 
.E. (1898) 
t Barnes, r'rs, of GilIing Castle, 1:-r orkshire; wife of the Rev. James 
Alexander Barnes, J\I..A., late Rector of Gilling. 
Barnes, Miss, daughter of the Rev. James A. Barnes, 
Barratt, JOhn, (1823-1905), Organist, Choirmaster, and 
lusical Composer 
at 8t John's, Bath; formerly Professor of J\lusic at 8tonyhurst College, 
Blackburn; St :Mary's College, Oscott; and Organist at Downside Abbey. 
Barraud, Rev. Clement William, of Lancing College, Sussex; Poet 
and Playwright. A Priest of. the Society of Jesus in charge of :Mission, 
Rarbadoes, \Vest Indies; then of New Amsterdam, British Guiana; now 
Spiritual Father at 8t Beuno's College, 8t Asaph, North 'Vales; son of 
\Yilliam Barraud, the artist; grandson of Paul Philip TIarraud, the famous 
chronometer maker. (1866) 
Barraud, Edward Frederick, (1817-1901), a lay-brother of the Society 
of .J esus at 
tonyhurst Uollege, ]Jlackburn; studied Art under Abraham 
Cooper, (1787-1868), R.A., the cattle and animal painter; son of 'Villiam 
Barraud, the artist. (1846) 
Barrett, Miss Ella, a nun at the Convent of the Sacred I-Ieart, Armagh 
Ireland (1885) 
Barrett, Rev. Ernest, a Benedictine J\Ionk (Dom l\Iichael) at St 
Benedict's Abbey, :Fort Augustus, N.B., author. (1870) 
Barrett, Rev. George, R.Sc., London University; a Jesuit scholastic and 
Professor, till lately at l\Iount 8t J\Iary's College, Uhesterfield, Derbyshir{', 
now at 8t Francis Xavier's College, Liverpool. (1898) 
Barrett, Rev. John P., a Priest at the Collegio Beda, Rome. 
Barrett, Miss Lily, a nun at tho Convent of the Sacred I-Ieart, Armagh, 
Ireland. (1885) 
Barrett, Lady Maud Edith Gundreda, née Lambart; second 
daughter of the ninth Earl of Uavan, K,P. ; grand-daughter of the Rev. 
John Olive, ßI.A., rector of Ayott 8t Lawrence, Hertfordshire; 
dow of 
IIenry John Barrett, of Swakeley's, Uxbridge, )liddlesex; now a Canoness 
Regular of 8t A.ugustine at the English Convent, BIuges, Belgium. (lR94) 
Barrett, Rev. Sidney Arthur John, curate of 8t Columba's 
Episcopal Church, Bridgeton, Glasgow, N.B. A Priest. (1901) 
Barrie, Miss Dorothea, relative of Admiral Sir Robert Barrie. 
Barrie, Miss Georgina, her sister; a nun who nursed the wounded at 
t Barrie, Captain William, of the Royal Navy; son of Admiral Sir 
Ho bert Barrie. 
t Barrow, Rev. John, D.D., Pl'incipal of St Ednlllnd's IlaU, Oxford. 
A Priest. (1 

Converts to Rome 


Barrow, Lady Emily Jane, wife of Sir John Croker Barrow, (1833- 
1900), third Bart.; daughter of Dr James Xathaniel l\Ierriman, of 
Kensington, London, 'V. (1865) 
Barrow, Sir John Croker, (1833-1900), third Baronet; of Harrow 
School; ::\I.A., University College, Oxford; curate of St Philip's, Kensington, 
London, 'V. ; then a barrister; J.P. for the Cinque Porta and Ramsgate; 
author. (1859) 
Barrow, Miss, sister of Sir John Croker Barrow, (1833-1900), third 
Baronet; a Franciscan nun. (1861) 
Barry, Mrs, wife of Dr Barry, of Bombay. (1889) 
Bartle, Miss Anita, the authoress; wife of Gabriel Brackenbury. (1906) 
Bartlett, J. Harry, of St Edward's School, Oxford; 
fanaging Director 
of the Art and Book Company, '\Yestminster; nephew of the Rev. J. H. 
Bartlett, (1829-1905), a Dominican Friar. (1877) 
Bartlett, Rev. Joseph Henry, (1829-1905), a Dominican Friar at St 
Dominic's Priory, Haverstock IIill, London, N.'V. ; son of Joseph Bartlett 
a Bristol merchant. (1851) 
t Bartlett, Mrs Lucinda Anne Eyes, wife of John Howell Bartlett; 
daughter of the Rev. Joseph Hilton, 
1.A., Trinity College, Cambridge. 
Barton, Mrs Charles, formerly of '\V oodford, Essex (1884) 
Barton, Miss Emily, daughter of the Rev. J. Barton, B.A., an Irish 
clergyman. (1898) 
Barton, Rev. Frederick, Scholar, B.A., St John's College, Cambridge; 
a Priest at St Edmund's, Bolton, Lancashire. 
Barton, Miss Polly, daughter of the Rev. J. Barton, B.A., an Irish 
clergyman. (1898) 
Barton, Mrs Tilney, of Crossways, Parks tone, Dorset. (1906) 
Barnton, Miss, of Rochestone, co. Tipperary; now :Madame Schemanski. 
Barton-Webber, Mrs Pitcairn, of Bideford, Devonshire. 
Basevi, Rev. Charles Lionel, a Priest of the Brompton Oratory, 
London, S.'V.; son of Captain James Palladio Basevi, R.E. ; and a kinsman 
of Lord Beaconsfield. 
Basil, Miss Mary Eliza, a nun, (Mother l\Iary Frances of the Five 
,",Vounda), foundress and first Abbess of 8t 
Iary's Convent, 
Iin Hill, 
London, N. 'V. (1868) 
Bashf'ord, Miss Edith, of Brighton; daughter of Colonel Bashford, 
A.D.C. to Queen Victoria. 
t Bassance, Plunkett Carey, B.A., Trinity College, Dublin; of Rush, 
co. Dublin. (1854) 
t Bastard, Captain, of the Royal 
avy. (1853) 


Converts to Rome 

t Bastard, Edmund Rodney Poll exf'e n, 
I.A" Balli 01 College, 
Oxford; son of Edmund nastaI'd, 1\1. P. for Devonshire; grandson of the 
second Baron Rodney. (1850) 
Bateman, Mrs, wife of Dr Bateman, of Folkestone. 
Bateman, William J., of :\Iarville Road, London, S.'V. (1892) 
Bates, Cadwallader John, (1853-1902), of Eton College; 
I.A., Jesus 
College, Cambridge; author of "History of Northumberland" ; J.P. and 
D.L. of Aydon, IIeddon and Langley Castle, Northumberland; eldest SOI1 
of Thomas Bates, J.P. of Aydon and Heddon, by Emily, only daughter of 
John Batten, J.1). of Thorn :Falcon, Somersetshire. (1893) 
t Bathurst, Captain Allen, of the Royal Navy; grandson of tho 
Right Rev. Dr Henry Bathur
t, (1744-1837), Lord Bishop of 
orwich, and 
of the first Earl of Castle-Stuart. (1853) 
Bathurst, Rev. Mother Mary Catherine Philip, (1825-1902), 
foundress and first ::\lother-Genpral of the Congregation of the Rosary at 
St Dominic's Convent, Harrow-on-the-Hill, l\liddlesex; she founded St 
Philip's Orphanage for noys at Birmingham and the Couvent Anglais at 
::\Ieirelbeke, Belgium; youngest daughter of General Sir James Bathurst, 
1(.C.TI., and of Lady Caroline Castle-Stuart; grand-daughter of the Right 
Rev. Dr Henry Bathurst, (1744-1837), Lord TIishop of Norwich, and of the 
first Earl of Castle-Stuart. (1850) 
Bathurst, The Very Rev. Stuart Eyre, (1815-1900), of 'Yinchester 
College; l\I.A., Fellow of 
Ierton Uollege, Oxford; Hector of 1{jbworth 
Beauchamp, Leicestershire. 1'1. Priest and Canon of Birmingham at St 

[ichael's, Aston, Stone, Staffordshire; son of General Sir James Bathurst, 
ILC.B. ; grandson of the Right Rev. Dr Henry Bathurst, (1744-1837), Lord 
Bishop of X orwich, and of the first Earl of Castle-Stuart. (1854) 
t Bathurst, The Misses, his sisters, both nuns. (1851) 
Baumgardt, rJlrs, 'wife of lIajor-General J. G. Baumgardt, C.B. 
Baxter, Mrs Bessie Alice Ray, wife of 
tafford Stratton Baxter, son 
of Dudley Baxter, of :\Iancetter, Bognor, Sussex, a descendant of the great 
Presbyterian Divine-the Rev. Richard Baxter (1615-1691); daughter of 
Captain Sechwell Ray Buckle, R.:\I.L.I. (1904) 
Baxter, Dudley, B.A., lTniversity College, Oxford; author; founder of 
the Catholic Reading Guild, of St George's Confraternity for Uatholic 
Soldiers, and of the League of Heparation; eldest son of the late Dudley 
Baxter, of I\Iancetter, Bognor. (189(j) 
t Baxter, James, B.A., St John's College, Cambridge. (1848) 
Baxter, Mrs, wife of James Baxter, B.A., Cantab. (1848) 
Baxter, Stafford Stratton, of Copford, Colchester, Essex; younger 
son of Dudley Baxter, of 
Iancetter, Bognar, Sussex. (1902) 
Bayley, Rev. Henry Marmaduke, (1838-1898), B.A., Fellow of Trinity 
College, Cambrige; curate at Harlow, ESRex. A Priest (Oblate of St 
Charles) at St ::\Iary's, Bayswater, 'V., and for eighteen years Uhaplain 
to St Joseph's flome, 
otting Hill, IJonc1on, ,Yo (18G4) 

Converts to Rome 


Baylis, Miss, formerly an .Anglican Sister and ::\Iother Superior of St 
\Vilfrid's Home, Exeter. (1896) 
Bayly, Rev. Francis, (1846-1899), of I(ing's College, London; a Priest 
at St Francis de Sales, Tottenham, London, N. (1869) 
Beacham, Mrs, now a nun. 
Beale, Mrs F. H. A., of :\Iount 
Iellick, Queen's County, Ireland. 
Beale, Rev. H. Ignatius, Priest-in-charge of St Edward's, Blue Bell 
Hill, Nottingham. (1877) 
Beale, Miss Priscilla, (1822-1878), a nun (Sister 
Iary Geneviève) and 
foundress, in Ireland, of the Congregation of the Dames de St Louis. (1845) 
Beamish, Mrs, of Clonakilty, co. Cork, Ireland. (1891) 
Beard, Mrs, wife of the Rev. Edward Beard, :Methodist ::\linister, late of 
Cambridge. (18.6) 
Beardsley, Aubrey Vincent, (1872-1898), of Brighton Grammar 
School; artist in black and white; worked in architect's office, then as 
clerk in Guardian .Assurance Company's office; contributed drawings to 
Pall Jfa'zl Budget; art editor of Yellow Book; helped in production of The 
Savoy .Jlagazi1le. (1897) 
Beardsley, Mrs, mother of Aubrey Vincent Beardsley, the artist. (1898) 
Bearne, Rev. David, a Priest of the Society of Jesus at \Vimbledon 
College, London; poet and author; editor of The l'Iessenger of the Sacred 
Heart and Stella .L1-1aris; has also written many tales for boys. (1877) 
Beaucham p, Rev. Alfred, B.A., Cantab.; an Anglican clergyman. 
Beauchamp, Miss Nadine, second daughter of Sir Reginald 'Villiam 
Proctor Beauchamp. fifth Baronet, by Lady Yiolet Julia Charlotte 
Jocelyn, only child of the fifth Earl of Roden, by the Hon. Sophia Hob- 
house, second daughter of the first Baron Broughton. (1908) 
Beaumont, Mrs, of Guildford, Surrey. 
Beaumont, The Lady, The Hon. Isabella .Anne Browne; wife of the 
eighth Baron; mother of the ninth and tenth Barons Beaumont, daughter 
of the third Baron Kilmaine. (1872) 
Beaumont, The Lord, (18-18-1892) Henry Stapleton, ninth Baron; of 
Eton College; formerly officer in the 1st Life Guard'3, was present at the 
Battle of Ulundi; Knight Grand Cross of the Holy Sepulchre; I(night of 
:ßIalta; Knight of St John of Jerusalem; J.P. for Yorskshire; D.L. for 

Iidd1esex. (1867) 
Beaumont, The Lord, (1850-1895), 
Iiles Stapleton, tenth Baron; of 
Eton College; officer of the Coldstream Guards; served in Canada, and 
afterwards as Lieutenant-Colonel commanding the 20th Hussars in 
Eechuanaland and in tho Sondan. - (1880) 


Converts to Rome 

Beck, The Hon. Mr Justice, of the University of Toronto, Canada; 
Judge of the Supreme Court of Alberta; Grand Knight of the Knights of 
Columbus for Edmonton; Chairman of the Education Council of Alberta; 
one of the Board of Governors of the Catholic Church Extension Society 
of Canada; Bon of the late Rev. J. 'V. R. Beck, for many years Anglican 
Rector of Peterborough, Ontario. (1883) 
Beck, Egerton William, B.A., Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge; 
barrister. (1885) 
Beckett, Rev. Mother Mary Anastatia, (1824-1905), a nun at the 
Convent of !\Iercy, Birr, Ireland. (1843) 
Beckford, Mrs, wife of Commander John Leigh Beckford, H.K. 
Beckwith, M rs, wife of General Beckwith. 
Beckwith, Mrs, of SiIkworth HouBe, Sunderland. 
Bedf"ord, Rev. Henry, (1824-1905), 
I.A., Peterhouse, Cambridge; 
curate of Christ Church, Hoxton, London, N.; professor of Natural 
Science at All IIallows' 
Iissionary College, Ireland; author and edit.or 
of All Hallows' Annual. (1851) 
Beeching, Denis, a Passionist lay-brother. 
Beer, T. d., of Dublin; son-in-law of John Joseph Clancy, l\I.A., 
baITister, journalist and pulitical writer. (1904) 
Beere, Mrs, wife of 
Iajor Beere, of Southampton. 
Belaney, Rev. Robert, (1819-1899), 
LA., St. Catherine's College, 
Cam bridge; Vicar of Arlington, Sussex. A Priest in the Archdiocese of 
'Vestminster. (1852) 
Belfield, M rs Florence, second wife of Captain 'Villiam Belfield, and 
widow of 
Iajor A. C. 'Varner, of the 20th Hussars. (1906) 
Belfield, Captain William, (1824-1909), J.P., of 
Ialmains, Frenchay. 
near Bristol; he served with the 17th Regiment in the Southern 
campaign, 1844-43, being present in all its operations; he took part with 
the 88th Regiment in the Crimean campaign of 1834-5;), iucluding the 
battles of Alma and Balaclava, the siege and fall of Sevastopo1, and the 
attacks on the Redan; second son of T. D. Belfield, of Blagdon, 
Devonshire. (1907) 
Bell, Arthur F., of Powis Square, Brighton 
Bell, Miss, sÎ6ter of Arthur F. BeU. 
Bell, Edward Ingress, the well-known architect of the 'Var Office', and 
with Sir Aston 'Vebb, designer of the new Uni\Tersity of Birminghanl; 
Bell, M rs, wife of Edward Ingress Bell; and her children. 
Bell, Frederick, of Lower Eldon Street, York. 
t Bell, Rev. dohn, Presbyterian ::Minister. (1848) 
Bell, Miss dulia, (1862-1908), l\fother 
lary of St :,Magdalen, of the 
Sisters of 
larie Réparatrice, of Tower House, Chiswick, London, 'V. 

Converts to Rome 


Bell, Rev. William, 
I.A., St John's College, Cambridge; an Anglican 
Bellairs, Miss Ada, younger daughter of Captain E. H. 'V. Bellairs. 
Bellairs, Rev. Arthur, B.A., Cantab; curate of Kuneaton. (1895) 
Bellairs, Miss, daughter of Captain Edmund Hooke 'Vilson Bellairs, 
British Vice-Consul at Biarritz; sister of Lady Louth, wife of the fourteenth 
Baron Louth; niece of General Sir 'Villiam Bel1airs, K.C.
LG., who fought 
in the Boer "\Var, and was for some time Administrator of Transvaal. (1886) 
t Bellairs, Henry, son of the Rev. Charles Bellairs, 
I.A., at one tÏ1ne 
Hector of Condby-l\Iarwood, 1\Ielton 1\Iowbray, Leicestershire. 
t Bellairs, Seaforth Mackenzie, J.P.; of the Colonial Service in 
British Guiana.; son of the Rev. Charles Bellairs, l\I.A., of l\Ielton l\Iowbray. 
Bellasis, FS:dward, (1800-1873), of Christ's Hospital, London; Serjeant-at- 
Law; on the Commission to examine working of Heralds' College; J.P. 
for l\1iddlesex and "\Vestminster; published Philotheus and Eugenia and 
controversial pamphlets, and left manuscript verse and autobiography; 
son of the Rev. Dr George Bellasis (1730-1802), D.D. Oxon., Rector of 
Yattendon and Vicar of Basilden and Ashampstead, by Leah Cooper, 
daughter of Emery Viall of vValsingham, Norfolk; father of the Rev. 
Richard Garnett Bellasis, B.A. Lond., formerly a barrister, now a Priest of 
the Birmingham Oratory; of Edward Bellasis, Lancaster IIerald of the 
College of Arms and author; of 'Villiam Dalglish-Bellasis, a co-" founder" 
of 'Vestminster Cathedral; and of the Rev. Henry L. Bellasis, a. Priest of 
the Roman Oratory. (18.50) 
Bellasis, Mrs Eliza Jane, (1815-1898), wife of Edward Eellasis (1800- 
1873), Serjeant-at-Law; daughter of the late 'V'illiam Garnett, J.P. of 
Quernmore Park, Lancashire, who in 184:3 was High Sheriff. (1851) 
Bellew, Evelyn, son of the Rev. John Chippondall l\Iontesquieu Bellew, 
(1823-1874), the celebrated elocutionist. (1868) 
Bellew, Harold Kyrle, the well-known actor; brother of the above. 
Bellew, Rev. John Chippendall Montesquieu, (1823-1874), 
S.C.L., St l\fary's Hall, Oxford; assumed his mother's maiden name in 
1844; curate at St John's Cathedral, Calcutta, and at several London 
churches, then at St l\Iary's, Oxford; author, preacher and public reader; 
son of Captain Robert Higgins. (1868) 
Bellew Mrs, wife of the Rev. John C. 
I. Bellew, (1823-1874), the 
elocutionist. (1868) 
Bellingham, Sir Henry, fourth Baronet, second creation; of Harrow 
School; l\f.A., Exeter College, Oxford; LL.D., Dublin; barrister; author; 
served as Captain in the 5th Battalion Royal Irish Rifles; Commissioner of 
National Education, Ireland; Senator of the Royal Irish University; 
formerly l\I.P. for co. Louth; Private Chamberlain to Popes Pius IX., 
Leo XIII., and Pius X. ; son-in-law of the second Earl of Gainsborough, 
and of Augustus "\Vykeham Clifton, and Baroness Grey de Ruthyn; 
father-in-law of the fourth 
Iarquess of Eute; father of Captain E. H. C. P. 
Bellingham, of tho 1st Royal Scots, who served in the South African "\Yar. 


Converts to Rome 

Belloc, Madame, a Unitarian, née Bessie Rayner Parkes; the authoress. 
cendant of the 
ev. Dr Joseph Prif'stley, (1733-1804), the theologian: 
phIlosopher and dIscoverer of oxygen; wife of Loui::; Swanton BelIoe a 
}?reneh barrister; mother of :J\Irs 1\larie Adelaide Belloe-Lowndes, the 
authoress; and of Hilaire BelIoe, B.A., BalIiol College, Oxford, journalist, 
author, and 1\I.P. for 1\ orth Salford, Lancashire. (18G4) 
Belton, Rev. Carm ichael, :J\I.A" Trinity College, Dublin; formerly a 
member of the Cowley Brotherhood. (1879) 
Benbow, Valentine, of Torquay, Devonshire. (1886) 
Benbow, Mrs, wife of Valentino Benbow, of Torquay. (1886) 
Benbow, Vernon, brother of Valentine Benbow, of Torquay. (1886) 
Benison, Miss Emily Mary, daughter of James Benison, of Slieve 
Russell, co. Cavan, lreland ; sister-in-law of Thomas Arnold, 
LA. (1823- 
lÐOO), son of the Rev. Dr Thomas Arnold (1795-1842), the famous I-Iead- 
master of Rugby SchooL 
Benison, Miss Henrietta, daughter of James Denison, of SHeve Rus- 
sell, co. Cavan. 

Ben nett, Rev. Alexander H. Morden, :i\I.A., St 1\Iary's I-IaIl, 
Oxford; curate of St Peter's, Bournemouth; author; son of a former 
Vicar of Bournemouth, Hampshire. (1888) 
Bennett, Mrs Anne Ramsden, authoress; cousin of the Right Hon. 
'Villi am Ewart Gladstone, l\f.P. (1809-1898), and of Sir Thomas Gladstone, 
second Baronet. (1870) 
Bennett, Rev. Arthur Wentworth, l\I.A., Pembroke College, 
Cambridge; curate-in-charge of St Gabriel's, Bromley-by-Bow, London, E. 
A Priest, (Oblate of St Charles), at St Francis of Assisi, Pottery Lane, 
K otting Hill, London, 'V. (1898) 
Bennett, Mrs Ethel Maud, wife of the Rev. Alexander H. Bennett. 
1\1.A., late curate of St Peter's, Bournemouth, Hampshire; daughter of 
Generall\Iichael Bruce, formerly commanding the Grenadier Guards. (1888) 
Bennett, JOhn, related to the Tichborne family. 
Bennett, Rev. Reginald G., of St Paul's School; B.A" St Catherine's 
College, Cambridge. A Passionist in Dublin. (1905) 
Bennett, Colonel William Henry. 
Benson, Rev. Robert H ugh, of Eton College; 
I.A., Trinity College, 
Cambridge; curate in East London; at I{emsing, near Sevenoaks, then 
Chaplain to the Anglican Community of the Hesurrection at 1\1irfield, 
'Vakefield, Yorks; fourth son of the l\Iost Rev. Dr Edward 'Vhite Benson, 
(1829-1896), Lord _t\.rchbishop of Canterbury, by 1\Iary, daughter of the 
Rev. 'Villiam Sidgwiek, 1\I.A. of Skipton. A Priest till lately at Our Lady 
and the English 1\Iartyrs, Cambridge; author. (1903) 
Bensted, Rev. Philip Lawrence, B.A., Queens' College, Cambridge; 
a Priest-in-charge of Our Lady of Seven Dolours, Stowmarket, Suffolk; 
Bon of James Bensted, of Longfield, 
Iaidstone, Kent. (1902) 

Converts to Rome 


Bentley, George, of King's College, London. (1884) 
Bentley, John Francis, (1840-1902), the Architect of 'Yestminster 
Cathedral; father of Bede John F. Bentley, the traveller, big game 
hunter, prospector, photographer and motorist; and of OSDlund Bentley, 
the architect. (1868) 
Bentley, Mrs Margaret Annie, wife of John F. Bentley, the 
architect; daughter of .Henry Joseph E'leurs, the artist. (1874) 
Benton, Miss An ne Eliza, sister of the Anglican Order of St 
Etheldreda. (1874) 
Berdoe, Dr Edward, l\I.R.C.S.; L.R.C.P. ; of Regent's Park College, 
and London Hospital; )ledical Advjser to the Anti-Vivisection Society; 
author and editor of The Zoophilist. (1889) 
Berenson, Mrs Mary Whitall, widow of B. F. C. Costelloe, )I.A., 
barrister of London; daughter of Robert Pearsall Smith of Philadelphia, 
U.S.A. (1885 
Beresford, Francis George, of the War Office. 
t Beresford, Miss, niece of George de la. Poer, first 
Iarquess of 
t Beresf'ord, Miss Elizabeth, niece of the 
Iost Rev. Lord Decies, 
Lord Archbishop of Tuam. 
Berington, Mrs Mary Louisa Patricia, second wife of Charles 

Iichael Berington, of Little l\lalvern Court; daughter of the Hon. l\lichael 
Agnew Coxon, late Judge of the Supreme Court of Bombay; mother of 
'Villiam Berington, J.P. and D.L. for 'V orcestershire. (1868) 
t Berkeley, Swinburne, BOD of the Hon. Fitzhardinge {Berkeley, l\I.P. ; 
grandson of the fifth Earl Berkeley. 
Bernard, Lieutenant-Colonel James Walker, of the Royal 
Artillery; Knight of St Gregory the Great; Private Chamberlain to 
Popes Leo XIII. and Pius X, ; Bon of the Rev. S. E. Bernard, 
I.A. an 
Anglican clergyman. (1'869) 
Bernard, M rs Mary Charlotte, wife of Colonel James '\Valker 
Bernard; daughter of General H. Hamilton, C.B. (1879) 
t Bernard, The Hon. Thomas James, member of Council and 
Judge for Jamaica, B.'V.I. (1848) 
t Berney, George, son of Sir John Berney, seventh Baronet. 
Berney, Miss, daughter of Commander John Berney, R.N.; grand- 
daughter of Sir John Berney, seventh Baronet. 
Berridge, Richard, J.P. and D.L. for County Galway; at onp time 
High ::;herifI of the said County; son of Richard Berridge, of Ballynah- 
inch Castle, co. Galway. 
Berthon, Captain Francis, son of the Rev. Edward Lyon Berthon 
(1813-1899), 11.A., inventor of collapsible boats, etc" and vicar of Holy 
Trinity, Fareham, Hampshire. 


.. .IJ 

Converts to Rome 

Berthon, 1\1rs, daughter of General Sir J\Iaurice StL'"ck, K.C.B., by Cecilia, 
daughter of Hugh Spottiswoode, of the l\ladras Civil Service. (1891) 
Bertie, The Hon. Mrs Adelaide, wife of The Hon. Charles Claude 
Bertie; d3.ughter of the Rev. Jeremiah BUIToughes of Lingwood Lodge, 
X orfolk. ' 

[Jertie, The Hon. Charles Claude, of Eton College; formerly an 
officer of the 47th Regt. ; fifth son of the sixt.h Earl of A bingdon, by 
Elizabeth Lavinia, daughter of George Granville Vernon-Ilarcourt, l\LA. 
Bertie, Lady Elizabeth Emily, daughter of tho sjxth Earl of Abing- 
don. (1874) 
Bertie, Lady Evelyn Frances, daughter of the sh:th Earl of Abing- 
don; a nlm at the Convent of the Visitation 'Vestbury-on-Trym, near 
Dristol. ' (1875) 
Besant, Rev. John F., of Christ's Hospital; B.A., London University; 
curate of St J\Iichael's, Shoreditch, London, E. A Priest of the Society of 
.Tesus, successively at St Aloysius, Garnet Hin, Glasgow, N.B.; St 
Aloysius, "r oodstock Road, Oxford; tilllatl'ly Senior Prefect of Philosophy 
tonyhurst Collego, Blackburn, Lancashire; now at St StanislauR' 
College, Georgetown, Demerara. (1891) 
Best, Mrs Harriott, (1810-1R4R), wife of John Richard Digby Best, 
(IH06-18R5), J. P. and D.L. of BoUeigh Grange, II ampshire, son of Henry 
Digby Best, (17ßS-IR:3G), :l\I.A., Oxon; daughter of Uharles Dest of Elmsley, 
Yorks; mother of Rev. Kenehu Digby ] 
est, for over fifty year
 a Priest 
of the Oratory, South Kensington, Londun, S. \Y. (183:3) 
Best, Henry Digby, (1768-1830), of Linf'oln Grammar School; 
Fellow of lUngdalen College, O
ford; noveli:-)t and mi
ce]l:1ne()u s writer; 
sou of tIle Hov. Dr Henry Ecst, 11.A., Cantnb. Prehendary of Lincoln. 
t Bethell, Mrs Alice, daughter of Chnrles John l\fanning, (1799-1880), 
by his first wife, brother of Cardinal J\Ianning; wife of the late Charles 
nethell, nephew of the second Baron Westbury. (1850) 
Bethell, Mrs Alice, wife of Lieutenant Henry Art.hur Bethell, R.A., 
of Henry Slings by Bethell, grandson of the 1] on. John Bet.hel!; daughter 
of Dr Francis Anderson, Inspector-General of IIospitals. (1900) 
Bethell, Miss Coralie Mary, a nun and Supcrioress of the Convent of 
the Iloly Child, St Leonards-on-Sea, Sussex. 
Bethell, I-Ienry Slingsby, (1837-1908), of Eton College; eldest son of 
the lIon. John Bethell- and nephew of the first Ba.ron 'Vestbury (1800- 
1873), I.Jord Chancellor of England; fat.her of Lieutf'nant-Colonel He
Art.hur Betbell, n.A., and of Captain Leonard Arthur Bet.hell, of the IndIan 
Army. (18Gl) 
Bethell, Mrs Hugh Nicholas Fitæ:gerald, ?lée O'Callaghan. (1878) 
Bethell, Miss Jane Rose, now :r.lrs F. P. Roe. 

Converts to Rome 


t Bethell, M rs Joh n, daughter of Richard Abraham, the architect, and 
sister of the first Lady 'Yestbury. (1847) 
Bethell, Mrs Minnie, wife of Henry Slingsby Bethell (1837-1908); 
daughter of the Rev. .A.rthur J., l\1.A';II first Principal of Brighton 
College. (1861) 
t Bethell, William, barrister. (1850) 
Bevan, Mrs, of Queen's Gate Terrace, London, S.'V. 
Bewicke. Mrs Emma, wife of Calverley Richard newicke, of Ripple 
House, Ripple, Kent; daughter of the Rev. Calverley Jolm Bewicke, l\I.A., 
of Ilallaton Hall, Leicestershire. (1877) 
Bewicke, Miss M. Harvey, f\econd daughter of the Hev. Calverley 
John Bewicke, bl...l. (18g
Bewicke, Miss M. Honoria, her cousin; daughter of Calverley Bewicke, 
of .:\fadeÏI'a; a 8ister of Charity. (1870) 
Bickerstaffe-Drew, The Right Rev. Monsignor Francis D., 
of Lichfield Grammar School; 
1.A., Oxon; a Priest and Army Chaplain 
at Plymouth and :\Ialta, now senior chaplain to the Forces at Bulford, 
Salisbury Plain; Domestic Prelate to II.l!. Pope Pius X.; Grand Cross 
"Pro Ecclesia et Pont.ifice" ; son of the late Rev. Harry Lloyd Eicker- 
Rtaffe, l\!.A., of Lancaster, by 
Iona, daughter of the Rev. Pierce 'Yilliam 
Drew, )1.A., Rector of Y oughaI. (1878) 
t Biden, Francis M., son of the late Sir Christopher Biden, of the Civil 
Service. (1839) 
t Biden, Rev. JOhn, l\1.A., University College, Oxford; an Anglican 
curate; a Priest. (1842) 
Biggar, Joseph Gillis, (1828-1890), l\I.P. for co. Cavan; merchant at 
.Delfast; chairman of Belfast ,,"rater Commissioners; treasurer of the Land 
League; one of thelrish politicians whose conduct was investigated during 
the Parnell Commission; he adopted, with considerable success, a policy of 
parliamentary" obstruction." (1876) 

Biggs, Lieutenant-Colonel, late of the 60th Rifles. 
Billington, Mrs, wife of l\fajor TI. Dillington. 


Bingham, The Hon. Albert Edward, fifth Bon of the fourth Earl 
of Lucan; godson of II.::\I. King Edward VII. ; granùson of the fifth Duke 
of Richmond and Gordon, K.G. (1898) 
Bingham, The Hon. Mrs Christine, wife of t.he lIon. Albert 
Edward Bingham; daughter of Archibald Smith. (1898) 
Bird, Captain William Chares. (1891) 
Birdwood, Mrs, widow of :Major George F. Eirdwood, of the Bombay 
Staff Corrs. 


Converts to Rome 

Birks, Rev. B. H., (180--1-1864), I\I.A., St Catherine's Hall, Cambridge; 
curate of Arley, K orthwich, Cheshire. A Priest. (1845) 
Birt, William Radcliff; of the Royal Astronomical Society. 
Bishop, Charles, solicitor and Registrar of the Oxford County Court. 
Bishop, Mrs, wife of Charles Bishop, of Oxford. 
Bishop, Miss, daughter of Charles Bishop, of Oxford. 
Bishop, Edmund, historical and liturgical writer; joint author, with 
Abbot Gasquet, of .Edward ITJ. ancl the Book of Cornmon Prayer. (1867) 
t Bishop, M rs, née O'Connor ::\Iorris. 
Bishop, James Francis Wedderburn, of Bramsdcan IT ouse, 
Bishop, Philip George CrOSbie, brother of James Francis 'Vedder- 
burn Bishop, of Bramsdean IIouse, Hampshire. 
Bittleston, Rev. Henry, (1823-1886), ::\LA. Rt John's College, Oxford; 
curate of All Saints, l\Iargaret Street, London, \V. A Priest-in-oharge of 
SSe Alban and 
tephen, St Albans, IIertfordshire. (1849) 
Black, Miss Grace, formerly of the Carl Rosa Opera Company. (18D3) 
Blackburn. Alan, of Roshven, N.B. 
t Blackburn, J. W. Vernon, barrister, husband of I\Irs Elizabeth 
Vernon Blackburn, the authoress; father of Vernon Blackburn, (18ü6-1907), 
B.A., London University, musical critic of the Pall A/all Gazette, Oond for a 
time sub-editor of The Tablet. 
Blackwell, Mrs, of Eaton Rise, Ealing, London, W. ; wife of a barrister. 
Blake, Rev. Bernard Percy Brightin, formerly a Chartered 
Accountant; a Priest of the Society of tTesus till lately at the College of the 
Holy Family, Cairo, Egypt; for sometime Army Chaplain in Cairo; now 
on the staff of Stonyhurst College, Blackburn. (1888) 
t Blake, Dr Charles Carter, F.G.S. ; Lecturer on Comparative Anatomy 
and Zoology at 'Vestminster 
t Blake, William Andrew, B.A., Trinity College, Dublin; J.P. of 
Rocklands, Oranmore, co. Galway, Ireland. (1848) 
Blakelock, Rev. Ralph Blakelock Salt, (1867-1904.), of Leeds 
Grammar School; B.A., Exeter College, Oxford; Do Priest of the Brompton 
Oratory, London, S. 'V. (1893) 
Blakeney, Captain Edward, of the Army Service Corps; nephew of 
Field-1larshal Sir Edward Blakeney, (1778-1868), who commanded the 7th 
Foot in Peninsular Campaign, was commander-in-chief in Ireland, and then 
Governor of Chelsea IIospital. (1892) 
Blakiston, Mrs Nellie, wife of Ralph Blakiston of 'Vaterloo, Liverpool; 
daughter of the Rev. H. 'Yalker, I\l.A" Vicar of 'Vymeswold. (1889) 

Converts to Rome 


Blakiston, Ralph, of Waterloo, Liverpool; engineer of the Palatine 
Engineering Company, Liverpool; son of John Richard Blakiston, formerly 
one of H.
l.'s Chief Inspectors of Schools, by :Marie, daughter of Dr Pierre 
Simon, F.R.S. ; grandson of the Rev. Peyton Blakiston, 
I.D" F.R.S., son 
of Sir i\latthew 13lakiston, second Baronet. (1880) 
Blanderfield, Mrs Charles, of Pontypod, 'Vales. (1879) 
BEeckley, Mrs, wife of an Anglican clergyman; and children. 
Blennerhassett, Sir Arthur, (1791-1849), third :Baronet. 
Bligh, Mrs Frances Mary, daughter of Frederick IIarris, of Liver- 
pool; wife of Dr J oIm Bligh, J.P. of Liverpool. 
Bliss, Rev. William Henry, (1833-1909), of 'Vinchester College, and 

l.A., B.C.L., of 
lagdalen College, Oxford; curate to his uncle the Rev. 
J ames Bliss of Plymouth, and then Vicar of North Hinksey, near Oxford; 
at one time sub-librarian of the Bodleian; for four years tutor to King 
Victor Emmanuel II., of Italy; for over thirty yearq official representative 
of the British Public Record Office in Rome and Central Italy; archivist 
and author; son of the Rev. 'Villiam Bliss, of Newton St Loe, near Bath; 
son-in-law of the late Rev. Cecil Wray, 
I.A., incumbent of St 
Liverpool; father of the Rev. Geoffrey Bliss, a Priest of the Society of 
Jesus, and Professor at St )lichael's College, Leeds. (1869) 
Blomfield, Mrs, niece of Lady J\latthews. 
Blood, Rev. Howell Pattison, 
1.A., Peterhouse, Cambridge; Rector 
of 'Vest Dergholt, Essex; till lately Assistant Diocesan Inspector of 
Schools in the Arch-diocese of 'Vestminster; now Secretary to the 
Inspector& (1891) 
Bloom, Mark J., L.D.S., R.C.S.l. ; Surgeon-Dentist, of Dublin. 
Bloxam, George William, l\1.A" St John's College, Cambridge. (1900) 
Blunden, Alfred, Bon of Sir David Blunden, Bart. 
Blunt, Lady Anne Isabella, daughter of the first Earl of Lovelace, by 
the lIon. Ada Noel, daughter of George Gordon, sixth Lord Byron (1788- 
1824), the poet; wife of 'Vilfrid Scawen Blunt, the traveller and poet; 
authoress, painter and traveller. 
Blunt, Mrs, wife of Francis Scawen Blunt of Crabbet Park, Three 
Bridges, Sussex; daughter of the Rev. John Flutter Chandler, 1\1. A., of 
Witley, Surrey; mother of the late i\13.ior Francis Scawen Blunt and of 
'Vilfrid Scawen Blunt, author, poet and traveller. 
Blunt, Mrs, wife of General Dlunt; sister-in-law of a former Vicar of Old 
Blunt, Miss, daughter of Charles Blunt, late British Consul at Smyrna; 
sister of John Elijah Blunt, C.B., who was chief interpreter to theJ Cavalry 
Division in the Crimean campaign and then British Consul at Boston, 

Iass., U.S.A. ' 


Converts to Rome 

t Blunt, Major Francis Scawen, eldest son of the late Francis 
Sea wen Blunt of Crabbet Park, Three Bridges, Sussex; founder of the 
Capuchin Monastery, Crawley, Sussex. 
Blunt, Miss N. G., nieco of the la,te Rev. F. G. Kirwan Browne, curate of 
Bawdsey, Suffolk. (187G) 

Blyth, Mrs, wife of tho Rov. Frederic Cavan Dlyth, )1.1\., curato of Kew- 
with-Petcrsharn, and chaplain of Hidmlond \\ orkhouse, Surrey. 

Blythe, M rs, wife of Captain Blythe. 
Bodley, Rev. William Hamilton, (1820-1900), of Kingston College, 
I.A., Queens' <;ollege, Cambridge; curate of St }}aul's, (;helten- 
ham; St l\Iary's, nryanston Sqnare, IJondon, 'V., then chaplain of .Arehbishop 
Tennison's Chapel, Hegent Btrect, London, 'V. ; eldest son of Dr 'Yilliam 
odley, of lIull and Brighton; brother of f:eorge Fr{'cIerick nodley (1R27- 
\.R.A., the well-known architect, F.S.A. .A Priest-in-chargo of 
Our Lady and St l\largaret., Ox burgh, Stoke Ferry, X orfolk. (18G 1) 
Bolton, Captain Gerald. 
Bond, Mrs Anne, (1784-185D), née nennet; mother of the Rev. ''''illiam 
130nd (1811-1888), a Priest, for sixteen years in Ta
mania and then in 
London; of tho Very Hev. Canon .Jos('ph Ðond (1814-1878) of St 
.Andrew's, Grenada, Jt'Y.I.; of t.he 1
ev. John Bond (1817-18--1-1), a 
Scholastic of the Hocietyof .JeHus in Ualcutta.; of the Hev. Janles Bond 
(181Ü-1R87), a Priest, for thirty years :Missionary Rect.or of Duùley, 
'Yorcestershiro; of the Hev. 
tephen Dond (IA
U-IH71), a Priest of tho 
SOf'it,ty of Jeslls at St John's, "\\ïgan, Lancashire; of the Rev. VincC'nt 
Bond (lR28-1Hf)
), a Pri{'st of the Society of JesuH at St .Tohn's, \\ïgan ; of 
l\[issAnne Bond, (1 H07 -187G), Hister Ann(' FranciR of the Fran('iscanConvent, 
Taunton, Bomcrsetshire; of l\liss }\Jary nond (lH21-1892), Sister "'inifred 
Joseph of the }"'ranciscan Conyent, "
oodch('sb'r, (HouceRtershire ; of 
Teresa Dond (182;J-1RG--1), Hister Anne Teresa of the IIoly Family-a 
Carmelito nun at Lanhem(', Cornwall; and of :ßliHs Anne Frances nond- 
Sister Anno 
lary Vincent of 
t Josppb, of tbe sarno Convcnt. (1815) 
Bond, William Vincent, (1782-1873), of 
Iawgan-in-Pyder, Cornwall ; 
husband of the late 
Irs Anne Bond. (1815) 
Booth, Mrs, of Ashby l\Ianor, Lincolnshire. 
Boothby, Rev. Herbert, n.A., Christ Church, Oxford; curato of St 
Augustine's, Stepney, London, E. .A Trappist 
lonk at K otre Dame dn 
Lac, l\lontreal, Canada. (H39 J) 
Boothman, E. Duncan, of Oakleigh, Brb-ton, London, S.'V. 
Borden, Mrs, wife of Admiral Borden. 
Borrowes, Rev. George R., 
LA., Qncen'A Col}('gf:>, Oxford; {'urate of 
St. Peter's, Liverpool. (1887) 
t Bosanquet, Henry, barrister. (1843) 

Converts to Rome 


Bostock, Arthur Reid, Coroner for 'Vest Stt;;se


t Boteler, Captain Henry, of the Royal :Kavy; married a daughter 
of Alan Bellingham, of Castle Bellingham, co Louth, Ireland. (1850) 
Boulderson, Captain Joseph, late of t.he 68th Light Infantry. (1870) 
Boulderson, Mrs Clare, his wife; daughter of the Rev. John Chippen- 
dale )Iontesquieu Bellew, (1823-1874), the celebrated author, preacher and 
elocutionist. (1868) 
Boulger Mrs Dorothy Henrietta, the authoress; contributor to 
The Gal
.cy, Cassell's lUagazine, All the Year llcund and The La1/lp, under 
the pseudonym of "Theo Gift" ; daughter of Thomas Havers, of 'l'helton 
Hall, K orfolk, sometime ßlanager of the Falklands. 
Boulger, George Simonds, F.L.S.; F.G.S.; A.S.T.; of Vlellington 
and Epsom Colleges; formerly professor of Natural History at t.he Royal 
Agricultural College, Cirencester ; professor of Botany and Geology at tho 
City of London College; vice-president of the Selborne Society, Essex 
Field Club, and of the South-Eastern Union of Scientific Societies; 
author, editor of Nature Notes; son of Dr Edward Boulger. 

Boulton, Miss Annie R., (1819-1907), of Haseley Court, Tetsworth, 
Oxfordshire; principal founder of St Catherine's Church, IIorse Fair, 
Birmingham. (1853) 
Boulton, Mrs Adelaide Lucy, third daughter of 0010nel Duncan 
Davidson of Tulloch Uastle, Dingwall, N.D.; wife of Harold Edwin 
I.V.O. (100-1) 
Boulton, Harold Edwin, of Harrow School; 1\I.A., Baniol Col1ege, 
Oxford, (classical honours 1881; Pro
ime accessit for Newdigate prize 
poem). Lyric writer; editor and poet-writer of Songs of the, 
(2 vols.), Songs of the four lYations; Oanti d'Italia; writer of Twelve 
Lyrics, and of many volumes of songs and detached lyrics; author of 
Canadian :Kational song "Canada" ; 
I.V.O., 1903 ; J.P. for 'Vest Ham; 
Knight of Grace of the Order of St John of Jerusalem in England; late 
Capt. 3rd Batt. Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders; an ovate bard of 
'Vales (title Prydydd Genheddlocd Prydain); Ron. Treasurer of Keats- 
Shelley :Memorial Associa.tion, of Queen Victoria's Jubilee Institute for 
Nurses and of Queen's Commemoration Fund for nurses; Chairman of 
People's Palace and East London Horticultural Society; founder and 
Hon. :Manager of House of Shelter; an Hon. l\Ianager of l\Iendicity 
Society; founder and Vice-Presiden.t of Federation of 'V orking 
Social Clubs; on Committee of London Hospital, and Gordon League; 
Director of Rurt, Doulton & Haywood, Ltd. ; of the Dominion Tar and 
Chemical Co., Ltd., and Baths Club, Ltd. ; eldest son of Sir Samuel Bagster 
Boult.on, first Dart., of Copped Ran, Totteridge, Hcrtfordshire; grandson 
of the late Rev. Thomas Doulton. (1897) 
Bourchier, Arthur George Evelyn, son of :Major Bourchier. (1904) 
Bourchier, Eric Ormsby Brian, son of 
Iajor Eourchipf. (1904) 


Converts to Rome 

Bourchier, Miss Ethel, daughter of :Major Bourchier. 
Bourchier, Mrs, wife of 
Iajor Bourchier. 


Bourke, Captain John Paget, (1821-1908), of Burley, Ballina, co. 

Iayo; of the I{ing's Royal Body Guard. 
Bourne, Henry, (182ß-1870), Principal Clerk in the Receiver-General's 
Branch of the General Post Office, London, E.C. ; father of the 
lost Rev. 
Dr :Francis Bourne, Archbishop of 'Vestminster. 
Bovill, Arthur, nephew of Sir "\Villiam Bovill, (1814-1873), Chief Justice 
of Uommon Pleas, who presided at the first Tichborne trial. 
Bowden, Mrs Elizabeth, (1805-1896), wife of John 'Yilliam Bowden, 
(1798-1844), l\1.A., Trinity College, Oxford, the ecclesiastical writer, 
intimate friend of Cardinal Newman and brother of Captain Henry 
Eowden, (1804-1869) ; mother of the Rev. Charles Henry Howden, (1836- 
1906), a. Priest of the Brompton Oratory, London, S.'V.; and of :Miss 
Emily Frances Bowden, (1833-1909), translator of Countess Hahn Hahn's 
Fathers of the Desert; daughter of Sir John Edward Swinburne, sixth 
Baronet; foundress of St Thomas' Catholic Church, Fulham, London, S. 'V. 
Bowden, Captain Henry, (1804-1869), of the Scots :Fusilier Guards; 
of Harrow School; husband of the preceding; founder of the Catholic 
Church of St 
la.ry's, Chislehurst, Kent. (1852) 
Bowden, Rev. Henry G. Sebastian, of Eton College; Catholic 
University, Dublin; formerly lieutenant in the Scots .Fusilier Guards; 
son of Uaptain IIenry Bowden, (1804-1869). A Priest of the Brompton 
Oratory of which he was for some time Superior; author, and translator 
of Hettinger; brother of the late Rev. 'Yilliam J. Bowden, a Priest of 
the Brompton Oratory. (1852) 
Bowden, Rev. John Edward, (1829-1874), of Eton College; 
Trinity Uollege, Oxford; a Priest of the Brompton Oratory, London, S."\V., 
son of John William Bowden, (1798-1844), the ecclesiastical writer; grand- 
son of Sir John Edward Swinburne, sixth Baronet; author of Life of 
Father Faber. (1848) 
Bowden, Mrs Marianne Catherine, (1806-1864), wife of Captain 
Henry Bowden, (1804-1869), of the Scots Fusilier Guards; daughter of 
Colonel Sir John 1\Iontagu Burgoyne, ninth Baronet; and family. (1852) 
Bowdler, Rev. Thomas, 1\f.A., Oxon; curate of Archbishop Tennison's 
Chapel, Hegent Street, London, W. 
Bower, Commander Graham, late of the Royal Navy; Bon of 
Admiral Bower. (1885) 
Bowles, Miss Alice, sister of the Rev. Frederick Selwood Bowles, 1\I.A. 
Fellow of Exeter College, Oxford; daughter of Thomas Bowles, J.P., of 
1\lilton Hall, Berkshire, and Lord of the 1\lanor of Streatley. (1892) 
t Bowles, Miss Emily, sister of the above; author of JJfadame de 
Maintenon, A'ltriel Sehvode, etc. (1843) 

Converts to Rome 


Bowles, Rev. Frederick Selwood, (1819-1902), B.A., Fellow of Exeter 
College, Oxford; of Chichester Theological College; a deacon in Anglican 
orders at Littlemore. A Priest and for twenty years chaplain to the 
Dominican Convent at Harrow, :l\Iiddlesex ; son of Thomas Eowles, J.P., 
of 1\Iilton Hall, Berkshire, and Lord of the :Manor of Streatley. (1845) 
Bown, Rev. Frederick, (1838-1890), of King's College, London; curate 
of St Philip's, Clerkenwell, London. A Priest-in-charge of St Anne's, 
Little Albany Street, Regent's Park, London, N. 'V. (1865) 
Bowrie, Thomas, of Barnhill House, Lanarkshire, K.B. 
t Bowrie, M rs, wife of Thomas Bowrie, of Barnhill House, Lanarkshire, 

Bowring, Algernon Cunliffe, of 'Vellington College; 
I.A., Trinity 
College, Cambridge; barrister; son of Edgar Bowring, sometime :M.P. for 
Exeter, by his second wife, Ellen, daughter of Lewis Cubitt; cousin of 
the first Lord Ashcom be, P. C. 
t Bowring, Charles, Bon of Dr Bowring, of Exeter. (1849) 
Bowring, Rev. Charles Algernon, (1828-1857), B.A., Trinity College; 
Cambridge; a Priest of the Society of Jesus; youngest son of Sir John 
Bowring, (1792-1872), 
I.P., LL,D., the linguist, writer and traveller. (1851) 
t Bowring, Miss Emily, a nun, daughter of Sir John BO"\\'Ting, (1792- 
1872), 1I.P., the linguist, writer and traveller. (1846) 
Bowring, Lewin Bentham, (1824-1910), of Haileybury College, 
C.S.l. ; J.P. and Alderman for Devon County Council; at one time Chief 
Commissioner for 1\Iysore and Coorg; author; third son of Sir John 
Bowring, l\I.P., (1792-1872), LL.D., F.R.S. ; bis second wife wag Katberine, 
daugbter of Edward Bellasis, (1800-1873), Serjeant-at-law; father of 
Commander Vincent Lewin Bowring, R.N. (1846) 
t Bowri ng, M rs Mary Lau ra, first wife of the late Lewin Bentham 
Bowring, J.P. ; daughter of Admiral the Hon. Sir John Talbot, (1769- 
1851), G.C.B., who served under Nelson. (1849) 
Bowyer, Sir George, (1811-1883), cadet of the Royal 1\Iilitary College, 
"\Voolwich; seventh Baronet; D.C.L., Oxon; Knight of the Order of St 
J obn of Jerusalem ; Knight- Grand Cross of the Order of St Gregory the 
Great; Knight Commander of the Order of Pius; at one time 1\I.P. for 
co. 'Vex ford and for Dundalk; founder of the Church of St John, Great 
Ormond Street, London, 'V.C. ; barrister and autbor. (1850) 
Bowyer, Mrs Katharine Emma, daughter of the Rev. George Sandby, 
1\I.A. of Denton, Xorfolk ; wife of Henry George Bowyer; mother of Sir 
George Henry Bowyer, ninth Baronet; and her two daughters. (1851) 
Boyce, Mrs, wife of the Rev. 'Yilliam Boyce, !.I.A. of Cheltenham College. 
Boyce, Malton, son of the Vicar of Ecchinswell, Kewbury. (1904) 
Boycott, Comtesse Ella Geraldine Digby, (1843-1905), canoness 
of the Royal Chapter of St Anne's, :Munich; till lately of the Sacred 
Heart Convent, Ro
a.xnpton, Surrey, S.\V. 


Converts to Rome 

Boycott, Mrs Elizabeth Anne Ellen, (1800-1800), wife of Simon 
Digby Boycott, of Osbert03tonn, co., Ireland. 

Boycott, Essex Digby, brother-in-law of )lrs E. A. E. Boycott. 
Boycott, Mrs, wife of Essex Digby Boycott. 
Boycott, Mrs Mabel Digby, a nun. 
Boyd, Miss C., late of the Infant Sa.viour Orphanage, Kilburn, London, 
'V. (18D4) 
Boyd, M rs, wife of Colonel Boyd, of Jersey ; and family. 
Boyd, Dr, of Hobart, Tasmani . 
Boyd, Richard Charles Arthur, B.A., Corpus Christi College, 
Carn bridge. 

Boynton, Miss Alice, (1867-1005), a nun at the 
acred Heart Convent, 
Roehampton, London, \V ; fourth daughter of the Rev. Griffith E 0)'11 wn, 
)1.A., Rector of Barmston, 1
 orkshire; sister of Sir Griffith Henry 
Boynton, twelfth Baronet. 
Boynton, Miss Constanc
 Mary, daughter of Sir Griffith Boynton, 
twelfth Baronet. (1904) 
Boynton, Mrs Elizabeth, second wife of Captain George Heblethwayte 
Luton Boynton, (182Q-löö8) ; daughter of Colonel Thomas Prickett, of The 

-\. venue, Bridlington, Yorks. 
Boynton, Lady Euphemia Violet, 'wife of Sir Griffith IIenry 
Boynt-on, twelfth Baronet; daughter of John Inglis Chalmers, of Aldbar 
Castle, Brechin, X.E. (190-1) 
Boynton, Captain George Heblethwayte Luton, (1828-1888), 
fourth son of the ninth Baronet. 
Boynton, Miss Gladys Mary, eldest daughter of Sir Griffith Henry 
Boynton, twelfth Baronet. (1904) 
Boys, r .iss Catherine, (1814-1872), foundress of the Orphanage, 
)liddle ðtreet, Deal, Kent; and a benefactor to the Catholic Church of 
that town. (1852) 
Boy ton, r..-'2rs C. A. N., of Do\ercourt, Thornton IIeath, Surrey. (1904) 
Bracey, The Very Rev. Robert, of King Edward's High School, 
Eirmingham; a Dominican Friar and Prior of St Dominic's, Haverstock 
Hill, London, X.""'. (1887) 
Bradf"ord, Mrs Alicia, daughter of Richard Fiennes 'Yykehal)1 
of Leeds Castle, Kent; sister-Ïn-Iaw of Henry )Iurray Lane, Premier 
Herald of England. (1897) 
t Bradf"ord, Major Hamilton, of the 108th Light Infantry; husband 
-\.licia Bradford, 'JL e ,V ykeham )fartin. 

Converts to Rome 


Bradish, Henry B., now a Colonel of -Boys' Brigade; Bon of General 
Bradish. (1891) 

t Bradley, Rev. A. J. D., B.A., Pembroke College, O:\.ford; curate of 
St llartin's, Liverpool. A Priest. (18'ï
Bradley, Miss, the no\elist, who mth 1liss Cooper, writes under the 
nom de gu TTß of " 
Iichael Field" 
Bradley, The ri1isses, of Xewtown, Queen's County, Ireland 
Bradney, Captain John, of Eton College; B..l., Trinity College, 
Cambridge; J.P. of Bayford Lodge, Somerset; son of an Anglican 
Bradney, Mrs Mary, wife of Edgar Joachim Bradney, son of the 
preceding; daughter of T. :Mariott-Doddington, of HOISington Hoasc, 
Bradney, Mrs Ma.ud, second wife of John Bradney, of 
Baytord Lodge, Somerset; daughter of Edgar Disney, of the Hyde, 

Bradney, Miss Lily Mary, wife of George Preston Eradn<:y, .Assi
al Auditor, H,B.)L's East Africa Protectorate. (1905) 
Bradshaw, Miss, of Frilr Oak Park, Hampshire. 
Bradshaw, M rs, wife of John TIradshaw, Inspect-or of Schools, :\Iadras ; 
sister-in-law of Thomas Arnold, (IE
3-1900), son of the Rev. Dr Thomas 
 (1'495-18-12), the famous Headmaster of Rugby SchooL 
Bradshawe, George, sometime asr;;istant master at St Joseph's College, 
Clapham, London, S. \Y. (18'ïl) 
Bradshaw-Isherwood-Bagshawe, Henry, of Cheltenham College; 
B.A., Tri
lity Ha14 Cambridge; barri5t::-r; J.P. for Derbyshire; eldest son 
of John Henry Bradsh:lW'-lsherwood, J.P. of 
Iarple Hall, Stockt{)
Cheshire, and of Bradshaw Hall, Lancashire, by Elizabet
 daughter of 
Thomas Luce, 
I.P., of )Ialmesbury. (1b&8) 
Bradstreet, Sir John Valentine, (1815-1889), fifth Baronet.; B..A.., 
Trinity College, Dublin; at. on'3 time President of the Dublin Council of 
the Society of St Yincent de Paul (1855) 
+ Bradstreet, M iss, da.ugh
er of Sìr :simon Bradstreet., fourth Baronet. 
(1855 ) 
Brady, Rev. George, B.A, Trinity College, Dublin; curate of St 
John's, Cheltenham. 
t Brady, Rev. \ illiam Mazière, D.D.
 :ll....-t., Trinity College, 
Du blin; rector of Kilberry; ,"icar of Donaghpatrick, co., and 
Chaplain to four Lords-Lieutenant of Ireland; Chamberlain to Pope Leo 
XIIi; author; 

oungest son of Sir X. \Y. Brady, and nephew of Sir 
Mazière Brady, (17
6-1871), Lord Chancellor of Ireland. (18'43) 


Converts to Rome 

t Brady, M rs, wife of the Rev. 'Villiam l\Iazière Brady, D.D., vicar of 
Donaghpatrick, co. 
Ieath. (1865) 

Braeme, Mrs Philips, the authoress ,\ ho writes under the name of 
" Bertha 
L Clay," and" Charlotte 1\1. Braem

t Braine, Miss, of Buckfast Abbey, Devonshire. 


Brampton, The Lord, (1817-1D07), Sir IIenry IIawkins; first Baron, 
of Bedford School; P.C., late Judge of the lIigh Court of Justice; with 
hig wife, Jane Louisa, Lady Brampton, (1828-1D07). a great benefactor of 
the Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth, St John's \Vood, London; 
" founder" of 'Vestminster Cathedral; Bon of John IIawkins, solicitor, of 
Hitchin, Hertfordshire. (1898) 
Brand, George Henry, of King's Conege and London University; 
Surgeon to Nazareth House, Northampton; also Surgeon to the Foresters, 
Oddfellows, and Governor of the Northampton X ursing ..A.ssociation, (1892) 
Brand, Mrs, wife of George IIenry Brand, surgeon. (1892) 
t Brand, Miss, sister of the first Yiscount IIampden, (1814-1892). and 
twenty-third Baron Dacre, for twelve speaker of the llouse of 
Commons. (1854) 
Brand, James, (1831-1909), of :r.lontrose Grammar School and Academy; 
I{night Commander of St Gregory the Great; Assoc.lnst.C.E. ; J.P. for 
Glasgow; head of the firm of Charles Brand & Son, who constructed the 
Great North of Scotland Railway, the Highland Railway, Grangemouth 
Docks, Glasgow Underground Railway, and Glasgow Subway Railway; 
Rosslare Harbour, etc., F.8.A. Scotland; father of the Rev. 'Villiam 
Brand, a Priest of the Society of Jesus at St Reuno's College, Xorth 
'Vales; and of the Rev. David Brand, a Scholastic of the same Society at 
St Beuno's College, St Asaph, Xorth \Vales. 
t Brasnell, Rev. Henry George James, B.A., Cantab; curate of 
Brasted, Essex. (183:l) 
Bratt, James, of Scotland; lecturer; descendant of Robert Burns, 
(1759-1796), the poet. 
Bray, Mrs JOhn, aunt of the Rev. Owen King, at one time curate of 
lonmouthshire, then a Priest. (1886) 
t Bray, Rev. Joseph Thomas, a Priest at Ton-y-Pandy, Glamorgan- 
Bray, Rev. Thomas, "Father Dunstan," of Llanthony Abbey, \Vales. 
Brayden, William H., barrister; since 1892 editor of The Freeman's 
Journal, Dublin. 
Braye, The Lady, (1810-1879), Henrietta \Vyatt-Edgell, fourth Baroness; 
only daughter of Sir Thomas Cave, sixth Baronet, of Stanford Hall, 
Leicestershire; wife of the Rev. Edgell 'Vyatt-Edgell, of "
ilton Placp, 
Surrey. (1868) 

Converts to Rome 


Braye, The Lord, Alfred Thom
s Townshend Verney-Cave; fifth Baron, 
of Eton College, :\LA., Christ Church, Oxford; J.P. and D.L., for 
Leicestershire and 
 orthamptonshire; Knight of 1Ia1ta; took part in 
the South African \Var as Lieutenant-Colonel of the Leicestershire 
l\Iilitia. (1868) 
Breach, Miss Anne Emily, formerly an Anglican Sister at Cowley; 
daughter of Francis 'Yllliam Breach, of Shanklin, Isle of 'Yight, a 
descendant of the Blessed Thomas 
Iore. (1898) 
Breach, Miss Mary Antoinette, Or nun; cousin of the preceding; 
daughter of 'Yilliam Breach, of Acton, London, W. (1899) 
Bredin, Rev. James Crawf'ord, a Priest at one time professor at 
Oscott College, Birmingham, then in charg
 of St ::\1 ary's, Abbot's 
Salford, Evesham, 'Varwickshire; till lately at SSe Joseph and Philomena, 
Hednesford, Staffordshire; now at :àIoreton Paddox, 'Varwick. 

Brenan, Mrs, wife of Colonel Brenan, of Clontarf, Ireland. 
Brenan, Mrs William Henry, of Coolbawn, Castle Comer. 


Brent, Mrs Elizabeth Mona Brougham, widow of the Rev. Harry 
Lloyd Bickers taffe, .:\LA., of Bickerstaffe, Lancaster; daughter of the 
Rev. Pierce "'îlliam Drew, 1I.A., of 3Ieanus, co. Kerry, Ireland; mother 
of the Right Rev. 1Ionsignor Francis D. Bickerstaffe-Drew, :M.A., Oxon, 
Or Priest and Army Chaplain at Salisbury Plain j wife of Charles Brent. 

Breton, Arthur Gordon, Solicitor. 

t Brevens, William F., of Oreux, Gallicra. 
Brewer, M rs, wife of Colonel Brewer. 
Brewer, Henry William, (1836-1903), the archæologist, artist and 
well-kno" n architect; son of the Rev. John Sherren Brewer, (1810-1879), 
B.A., Oxon, the historical writer; father of Henry C. Brewer, the artist, 
and of John :Francis Brewer, the novelist, organist and musical critic. 


Brewer, William, solicitor. 
Brewer, Mrs, wife of William Brewer, solicitor. 
Brice, Albert Edward, of Hanover Square, London, 'V.; Assistant. 
Secretary of the Japan Society. 

Brice, Edward Oharles, of Bridgewater, Somersetshire. 
Bridgef'ord, M rs, of "Thalley Grange; wife of Colonel Bridgeford 
Bridgef'ord, Miss, daughter of :àfrs Bridgeford, of 'Vhalley Grange. 
t Bridgeman, Mrs, cousin of the Right Rev. Dr James Laird Patterson, 
(1822-1902), Bishop of Emmaus, and of the late 
Iajor-General Patterson. 

Bride;eman, Mrs, of Frogmore, Herefordshire, 


Converts to Rome 

Bridger, Miss F. H., of Albion Place, Grantham, Lincolnshire. (1897) 
Bridger, Mrs F. L., her mother. (1892) 
Bridges, Mrs, wife of the well-known Positivist writer. (1896) 
t Bridges, Mrs, wife of 
Iatthew Bridges, 
I.A., OXOD, (1800-1894), of 
Ianor, Surrey. (1847) 
t Bridges, Miss, daughter of !\Iatthew Bridges, (1800-1894), of Aldcrshot 

lanor, Surrey. (18--16) 
t Bridges, Rev. Edward, l\I.A., Oriel College, Oxford; a. Priest and 
l\Iissionaryof the Society of Jesus in India; son of the Rev. Brook Edward 
Bridges, !\I.A. -. (1845) 
Bridges, Rev. Sir George Talbot, (1818-1899), l\1.A., Oriel College, 
Oxford; eighth Baronet, of Goodnestone, Kent; barrister; a Priest of 
the Society of J esus, 
lilitary Chaplain and 
1issionary in India; eldest 
son of the Rev. Brook Edward Bridges, 
1.A. (1845) 
Bridges, Matthew, (1800-1894), l\1.A., l\lagdalen RaH, Oxford; author 
and contributor to the Edinburgh Rcview. (1847) 
Bridgett, Charles, (1826-1884), son of the late Joseph Bridgett, silk 
merchant, of Derby. (1877) 
Bridgett, Commissary-General Gregor, (1827-1888); son of the 
late Joseph Bridgett, of Derby. (1850) 
Bridgett, Roland, (1837-1899), for many years British Consul at Duenos 
Ayres; son of the late Joseph Bridgett, of D
rby. (1855) 
Bridgett, Rev. Thomas Edward, (1829-1899), pensioner of St John's 
College, Uam bridge. A Redemptorist Priest; founder of the Confraternity 
of the Holy Family at Limerick; for many years at St l\Iary's, Clapham, 
London, S.W. ; author, who wrote mainly on the history of the Reforma- 
tion; son of the late Joseph Bridgett, of Derby. (1850) 
t Bridg-man, Francis Orlando, relative of the Earl of Bradford 
Bridson, Miss, daughter of Colonel Bridson, of Torquay, Devonshire 
Briggs, Rev. Hugh Cu rrer, l\I.A., "T orcester College, Oxford; curate 
tephen's, Devonport, and of All Saints', Plymouth. A Priest at 
St I\Iary's Hill, Paignton, Devonshire. (1892) 
Briggs, Sir John Henry, (1808-1897), of "Testminster School; Chief 
Clerk to the Admiralty; son of Sir John Thomas Briggs, (1781-1865), for 
some time on the Commission of the Victualling Board, and for twenty- 
two )Tears Accountant-General of the Royal Navy. (1894) 
Brig-gs, Lady, née Elizabeth Charlotte Gruar; wife of Sir John IIenry 
Briggs (180R-1897); authoress, war correspondent., and Rn extensive 
traveHer in Europe and Africa. (1892) 

Converts to Rome 


Briggs, Miss, daughter of Sir John Henry Briggs (1808-1897); a nun of 
Notre Dame de Sion. (1892) 
Bright, W. H., (1846-1908), of The Glen, Bath; captain of the Bath 
Fire Brigade, and for several years member of the Town Council and of 
the Board of Guardians. (1883) 
Bristow, Rev. Frederick Michael, (1842-1865), a Dominican Friar; 
son of the Rev. Edward Bristow, Unitarian :l\Iinister at Birn1ingham. (1860) 
Bristowe, Mrs, wife of Captain S. S. Bristowe. 
Bristowe, Miss, daughter of Captain S. S. Bristowe. 
Bristowe, Miss Florence, daughter of S. S. Bristowe. 
Britten, James, late Senior Assistant of the Natural History l\Iuseum 
(1871-1909) ; for four years editor of The League of the Cross l11agaz'ine ; Hon. 
Secretary of the Catholic Truth Society; F.L.S. ; Knight of tho Order of 
8t Gregory the Great; for eight. years editor of Nat'ure Notc$, now editor 
of Catholic Book Notes, and The Journol of Botany. (1867) 
t Britten, Major-General J. E., of tho Bombay Staff Corps. 
Broadhead, Miss, sister of the late Sir Theodore Broadhead, Bart. 
Brockman, Colonel, of Folkestone, Kent. 
Brodie, Rev. N. Caithness, of Eton College, 
r.A., Trinity College, 
Cambridge; curate of St Stephen's, Kensington, London, ..W. ; third son of 
'Villiam Brodie of Brodie, Lord-Lieutenant of Nairn, and of Elizabeth, 
daughter of Colonel Hugh Baillie, .I\I.P. 
Brodrick, Alan H., of I-Iailpybury College; J.P. for Liverpool; Vice- 
President of Father Berry's Homes, Liverpool; eldest son of the Rev. 
Alan Brodrick, Rector of Broughton Gifford, 
Ielksham, \Vi I ts. (1876) 
Brodrick, Mrs Edith, wife of Alan H. Brodrick, J.P. for Liverpool; 
daughter of Sir 'Villiam Rose Robinson, K.C.S.I. (1882) 
Brodrigan, Mrs, wife of Colonel Brodigan; niece of the fourth Earl of 
Leitrim, and of Lady Winifred Coke, daughter of the second Earl of 
Leicester, K.G. 

Bromage, Rev. Richard Raikes, of Clifton Col1ege; I\I.A., Clare 
College, Cambridge; F.R.G.S. ; vicar. of Christ Church, Frome, Somerset. 
shire; Surrogate in the Diocese of Bath and Wells; Secretary and 
Treasurer of the Universities' Catholic Education Board; son of James 
Bromage, banker, of 
Ionmouth. (1895) 
t Bromby, The Hon. Charles Hamilton, I\I.A., St Edmund's Hal], 
Oxford; barrister, formerly .A ttorney-General of Tasmania; son of the 
Right Rev.Dr Charles II. Bromby, late Assistant-Bjshop of Bath and 'VeIls. 
Bromhead, Miss, daughter of Sir Edmund de Gonville Bromhead, third 
Baronet of Thurlby Hall, Lincolnsbire. 


Converts to Rome 

Bromley, Rev. Henry William, (1858-1906), B.A., Queen's College, 
Oxford A Priest-in-charge of Our Lady Star of the Sea, Ilfracombe, 
Devonshire; a great bencf1.ctor to the said Church. (1880) 
Brookfield, Charles Hallam Elton, of 'Vestminster School; Trinity 
College, Cambridge; barrister, actor and playwright; son of the Rev. Canon 
'V. H. Brookfield, and of Jane Octavia, da/ughter of Sir Charles Elton, 
sixth Baronet, the friends of Thackeray, Tennyson, Carlyle, Coventry 
Patmore and other celebrities of the day. (1900) 
Brookfield, Mrs Frances Mary, the authoress; wife of Charles E. 
Brookfield, the actor. (1900) 
t Brown, Rev. Algernon, a Priest of the Paulist Community, New 
York; son of Dr Brown, of Brighton, Sussex. (1856) 
Brown, Mrs Andrew, cousin of the Right Rev. Dr Alexander Penrose 
Forbes, Bishop of Brechin, intimate friend of Pusey and DöIlinger, and 
grandson of Lord 
Ied.wyn, (1776-1854), a Scottish Judge. 
Brown, Charles Edward, one of the leading merchants at Ra.ngoon. .I 
Brown, Mrs David, wife of Captain Brown, late of the 14th Light 
Brown, Mrs Fanny Mary, (1840-1899), third daughter of l\Iajor 
'Vemyss, of the Scots Guards; wife of Andrew Brown, of Lockton, Perth- 
shire, N. B. 
Brown, Rev. Francis C. G., a Priest-in-charge and Rural Dean at 
8t Joseph's, Ley ton, London, N.E. ; son of the Rev. J. C, Brown, !\I.A., 
Vicar of Great Clacton, Essex. (1883) 
Brown, Rev. Frederick D. H., a Priest-in-charge of All Saints, Ash- 
bourne, Derbyshire; son of the Rev. J. C. Brown, !\I.A., Vicar of Great 
Clacton, Essex. (1886) 

Brown, Frederick, formerly of the East India Company's Service. 
t Brown, Henry, formerly of tho East India Company's Service. 
Brown, Rev. Henry Barton, of Charte-rhouse School and Worcester 
College, Oxford; a priest at the Cathedral Church of St Anne, Leeds; son 
of Dr Bro"wn of Leeds, Yorkshire. (1907) 
Brown, Joseph, (1865-1903), elder brother of the Rev. Prebendary C. E. 
Brown, l\I.A., an Anglican clergyman, 
Brown, Rev. Joseph Moyle Sherrer, 
I.A., St John's College, 
Cambridge; curate at Penkridge and Clewer. A Priest (Oblate of St 
Charles), at Our Lady of the I-Ioly Souls, Kensal New Town, London, 'V., 
and chaplain to the Little Sisters of the Poor; son of the Rev. J. C. 
ßrown, :M.A., vicar of Great Ulacton, Essex. (1882) 
t Brown, Rev. J., an Independent :Minister. (1847) 

Converts to Rome 


t Brown, The Hon. Mrs, granddaughter of the l\Iost Rev. Lord Decies, 
D.D., Lord Archbishop of Tuam. (1830) 
t Brown, Rev. Matthias, a Priest of the Passionist Order in the 
United States; formerly a Scotch Presbyterian :Minister. 
Brown, William, B.L., Glasgow University; formerly Secretary to 
Colonel Olcutt, the Theosophist. (1886) 
Brown, William Henry, B.A., London U'niversity. 
Brownbill, John, }L.Â., 
aden Divinity Student of St .Tohn's College, 
Cambridge; antiquarian, and one of the editors of the new IIistory 
of Lancashire, in the" Victoria. County History" series. (1885) 
Browne, The Hon. Arthur Henry, Bon of the third Baron Kilmaine. 
Browne, The Hon. Mrs Clotilda Georgina, wife of the lIon. 
Arthur Browne; daughter of Sir John Don-'Vauchope, eighth Baronet. 
Browne, Captain E. F., the author. 
Browne, M rs, wife of Captain E. F. Browne. 
t Browne, Rev. Edward George Kirwan, ourate of Bawdsey, 
Suffolk; author of History nf the 1'racta1.ian ][ovement, etc.; professor of 
classics at St Joseph's College, Clapham, London, S. 'Y.; nephew of 

Iajor-General Sir 'Villi am K ott, (1782-18-15), G.C.B. (185-1) 
Browne, E. G. Stanley, B.A., St EdmWld's Hall, Oxford. 
Browne, Geoffrey, Bon of a former vicar of Kiddington, Oxfordshire. 
Browne, Mrs, wife of Geoffrey Browne. (1887) 
t Browne, Mrs Grace Mary, wife of the Rev. E. G. K. Browne, curate 
of Bawdsey, Suffolk; and daughters. (1854) 
Browne, Rev. Henry B., l\I.A., X ew College, Oxford; Fellow of the 
RoyallTniversity of Ireland; a Priest of the Society of Jesus, for three 
years Rector of Clongowes "... ood College, Ireland; Professor of Greek at 
University College, Dublin; son of J. 'Yilson Browne, of Birmingham. 
Browne, James, LL.D., Trinity CoHege, Dublin; of Brownesville, co. 
Galway, Ireland 
Browne, Mrs J. F., widow of J. "F. Browne, of the Indian Civil Service. 
Browne, Joseph M., grandson of Captain Browne, R.X., of Sligo. 
Browne, Mrs J. Wilson, of Solihull, 'Varwickshire; mother of the 
Rev. Henry B. Browne, 
I.A., a Priest of the Society of Jesus at the 
Catholic University College, Dublin. (1890) 
t Browne, Miss L. J., daughter of Colonel Dominick Browne, of Browne 
Hall, co. I\layo, Ireland (18':>3) 


Converts to Rome 

t Browne, M rs, wife of l\lajor Browne; mothpr of the Rev. E. G. 
Kirwan Erowne, curate of Bawdsey, Suffolk. (1854) 
Browne, Rev. Michael Joseph, a Dominican Friar at St Dominic's 
Priory, N ewcastle-on- Tyne, Northumberland. 

t Browne, Valentine, civil engineer. 


Browne, Rev. William James Carr, l\f.A., Can tab.; curate of 
Dudley, Lickfold. 

Browne, William Percy Wilson, son of J. Wilson Browne, of 
Birmingham; brother of the Rev. Henry B. Browne, 1\1..1\., a Priest of the 
Society of Jesus at the Catholic University College, Dublin. (1897) 
Browning, Rev. Cyprian F., of Eton College; B.A., !{ing's College, 
Cambridge; curate of St John's, Longton, Staffordshire. (IÜOi) 
Brownlow, Rev. J Ohn -A., (1795-1888), of Lincoln Grammar School; a 
Priest, for fifty years at Harvington, near Kiddcrminster, 'Yorccstershire. 
Brownlow, Right Rev. William Robert, (1830-1901), of Rugby 
School; l\LA., Trinity College, Cambridgo; curate of l\Iarychurch, Torquay, 
Devonshire. Fourth Bishop of Clifton; author and archæologist ; son of 
the late Rev. 'Yilliam Brownlow, l\1.A., Rector of "\Vilmslow, Cheshire. 

Brownrigg, Miss Eveleen, daughter of Colonel Brownrigg. 
Brownrigg, Miss Viva Stud holme, (1894) 
Bruce, Archibald Dacres, Joint-:\Iaster of the Bath and County 
IIarriers ; son of the late Rev. \Villiam Bruce, l\f.A. ; brother of the first 
Baron Aberdare ; son-in-law of Sir John 'Valter Smythe, eighth Baronet 
of Eshe Hall, Durham. (189--1) 
Bruce, Eric Henry Stuart, of Rad1ey College; l\LA., Exeter College, 
Oxford; inventor of the Bruce system of balloon signalling; Hon. Secretary 
and l\Iem ber of Council of the Aeronautical Society of Great Britain; 
l\Iembre d'honneur Aero Clu b of France; Fellow of the Royall\Ietrological 
Society; only son of General 
Iichael Bruce, of the Grenadier Guards. (1883) 
Bruce, Miss Mary, daughter of the late Rev. 'Villiam Bruce, l\f.A., 
brother of the first Baron Aberdare. (1894) 

t Bruce, General Michael, of the Coldstream Guards; sorved in the 
Crimea with the Grenadier Guards. (1883) 
Brumell, His Honour John, Stipendiaryl\fagistrateforthe 'Vest Coast, 
Demerara, British Guiana. (1886) 
Brundrit, Rev. Robert William, (1824-1879), 
I.A., Christ College, 
Cambridge; formerly an Anglican clergyman; a Priest. 
Bryan, Rev. Edward Henry, B.A., Durham lTniversity; vicar of 
IIensall-cum-Heck, near Selby, Yorkshire. A Priest-in-charge of St 
Joseph's, Pickering, Yorkshire; son of the Rev. E. H. Bryan, formerly 
Anglican Chaplain at If obart Town; author (1900) 

Converts to Rome 


t Brymer, John, late director of The Portsmouth Evening News, and The 
Hampshire Telegraph. 
Brymer, M rs, wife of John Brymer, of Portsmouth, Hampshire. 
Buccleuch, The Duchess of', (1811-1895), Lady Charlotte Anne 
Thynnø, wife of the fifth Duke of Buccleuch, K.G., who was Lord Privy 
Seal, President of the Council and Lord-Lieutenant of J\lidlothian and 
Roxburgshire; third daughter of the second J\Iarquess of Bath, K.O., 
Lord-Lieutenant of Somersetshire; was for five years 
Iistress of the 
Robes to Queen Yictoria. (1855) 
Buchan, The Earl of, (1783-1857), Henry David Erskine, twelfth 
Earl. (1850) 
Buchan, The Countess of, (1802-1893), Caroline Rose J\Iaxwell, third 
wife of the twelfth Earl; daughter of James Primrose 
Iaxwell. (1850) 
Buchanan, Mrs Anne, sister of the Rev. Edward Roper l\Iartin, 
formerly an Anglican clergyman; descendant of the Blessed Thomas 
J\Iore, Lord Chancellor of England. 
Buchanan, Mrs de Villiers, of Inverness, N,B. ; and family. 
t Buchaneer, James, of "\V almgate, York. (1856) 
Buckenham, Miss, daughter of Dr Buckenham, of Huntingdon House, 
Cambridge. (1903) 
Buckenham, Miss Hilda, daughter of Dr Euckenham of Cambridge. 
Buckingham, Rev. George William, }'I.A., Cantab; formerly an 
Anglican Chaplain in Rome. (1876) 
Buckingham, Leicester Silk, (1825-1867), dramatist and popular 
lecturer; youngest son of James Silk Buckingham, (1786-1855), :M. P. for 
Sheffield, author and traveller. (1845) 
Buckle, Colonel, 
Buckle, Mrs, wife of Colonel Budde. 
t Buckle, Rev. Walter, J\I.A., Exeter College, Oxford; a Priest. (1847) 
t Buckle, William Henry, Controller of Customs; father of the Rev. 
"\Valter Buckle, .:\I.A., Oxon. (1846) 
t Buckle, Mrs, wife of "\Yilliam Henry Buckle. (18-16) 
Buckler, Rev. Albert, a Dominican Friar at St Dominic's Priory, 
Haverstock Hill, London N.W.; D.D. of Rome; son of John Chessell 
Buckler, (1770-1851), the topographical artist and architect, F.S.A. (1855) 
Buckler, Charles Alban, (1825-1905), Surrey Herald Extraordinary ; 
Companion of the Order of 
Ialta; son of John Chessell Buckler, (1770- 
1851), the architect. (1854) 
Buckler, Rev. Edmund, a Dominican Friar and till lately Prior of 
Holy GTOSS, 'Vellington Street, Leicester; now at St Dominic's Priory, 
London, N. W.; son of J OM Cheaaell Buckler, (1770-1851), the architect. 
(1855 ) 


Converts to Rome 

BuCk!er! Rev. H. Reginald, ?' Dominican Friar and till rec('ntly l\Iaster 
 OVlces a.t IIawkesyard PrIory, Rugeley, StatIonlshire' now at the 
Dominican Priory, 'Y oodchester, Ht.roud, Glouccstershire. a
thor' son of 
J hn Ch k ... ' , 
 essell Buc ler, (1710-1851), the architect. (1855) 
Buckridge, Rev. George, (18-12-190-1), Professor at IIo1y Cross 
College, Dublin, then a Pricst of the Society of Jesus in Adelaide 
Australia, previously he had been for ten years in India; 8
n of the lat
James Buckridge of Pangbourne, Berkshire. 
t Buckridge, James, of Pangbourne, Berkshire; descendant of an old 
family settled for centuries at Dasildon, among whom was John Buck- 
ridge, Anglican Bishop of Ely in the time of James T. 
Buckridge, Miss Jane, second daughter of James Buckridge, of 
Pang bourne, Berkshire, by hi
 first wife l\lary Anne Acres. 
Buckridge, JOhn, sec,)nd son of James Buckridge, of Pallgbourne, Berk- 
shire, by his first wife l\Iary Anne Acres. 
Buckridge, Miss Rachel, eldest daughter of J am('s TIuckridge, of 
Pangbourne, 13erkshire, by his first wife l\Iary Anne Acres. 
Buckridge, Miss Sarah, (1856-1907), a Sister of the Institute of Notre 
he:ffield; youngest daughter of James Buckridge, of Pangbourne, 

t Bulger, Rev. Francis, a Priest at St John the TIaptist, Felling, co. 
Durham. (1888) 
Bull, Dr George J. 
Bull, Rev. Gilbert Vincent, a Priest-in-charge of St l\Iary's, Louth, 
Lincolnshire; now at l\Iablethorpe-cum-Sutton-on-Sea, Lincolnshire. 
Bull, Reginald, of Corpus Christi College, CambriJge. (1909) 
Bullen, Edward Uttermore, Recorder of Southampton. 
Buller, Captain William Edward, (1816-1903), of the 14th Li
Dragoons; aide-de-camp to General Lord Raglan, (1788-1855), in India; 
for twenty years Deputy-Governor of PentonviHe Prison. (1850) 
BUlley, James, B.A., ::\Iagdalen College, Oxford. 
t Bullman, Edward, of Oldham, a benefactor to the Catholic Church 
of that town. 
t Bullman, Mrs, wife of Edward Bullman, of Oldham, 
Bullivant, Rev. Thomas Pelham, (1864-1901), of Cheltenham 
College ; 
f.A., BallioI College, Oxford; solicitor. A Priest, D.D. and 
Ph.D. of Rome. (1885) 
Bullock, Rev. George, B.A., St 
larY'B Hall, Oxford; an Anglican 
Bulmer, Rev. John, B.D.; l\Ius.Bac.; Fellow of Durham University; 
formerly Chaplain of the Proprietary Chapel of Gibside, K orthumberland.; 
(1891 ) 


With Messrs. SANDS & Co.'s 

, w.c., 

Converts to Rome 


Bunn, Alfred, (1796-1860), nicknamed "Poet Bunn"; librettist and 
managèr of Drury Lane and Co vent Garden theatres. (1845) 
Burbridge, Rev. Alfred, formerly a l\Iethodist Preacher; a Priest of 
the Society of Jesus and )Iissionary in Bl1lawayo, Rhodesia, South Africa. 
Burchett, Philip, author of well-known works on geometry, 
Burchett, Richard, (1815-1875), the historical painter; studcnt of the 
School of Design, Somerset House; IIcadmaster of the 
outh KensingtQn 
Art Schools; exhibited at the Royal Acadcmy, and puhlished treati:;es on 
drawing. (1856) 
Burder, Right Rev. George Bernard, (1R14-1881), l\LA., 
College, Oxford; curate at Ruardean. A Cistercian ::\lonk and Lord 
Abbot of St Bernard's Abbey, Leicestershire; author; son of the Rev. 
George Burder, (1752-1832), a well-known Congregationalist ::\Iinister, 
founder of the London l\Iissionary Society, of the Religious Tract Society, 
and of the British and Foreign :Ui
le Society. (1846) 
t Burder, Mrs Henry, sister-in-law of the Right Rev. G. B. Burder, 
(1814-1881), late Lord Abbott of St Bernard's Abbey, Leicestershire. (1848) 
Burford-Hancock, Lady Alice Maud, daughter of the Rev. John 
K ankivell, of Crediton, Devonshire; wife of the late Sir fl. J. Burfurd- 
lIancoch., C.:\LG., Chief Justice of Jamaica. 
t Burge, Rev. George Lawrence, a Priest; uncle of the Rev. 
Thomas Anselm Burge, a Benedictine )Ionk, formerly Prior of Ampleforth 
Abbey and College, Yorks, now of St .L\..ustin's, Grassendale, Liverpool, 
author. (1831) 
Burgess, Rev. Frederick, B.A., Cantab; an Anglican chaplain in 
Demerara, South America. 

Burgoyne, Oaptain J. O. 
t Burke, Miss Oaroline 
ane, daughter of Sir John Burke, 
Baronet of :Marble Hill, Galway, Ireland 
t Burke, Lady, wife of Sir John Burke, second Baronet; 
the late Right Hon. James Calcraft. 
Burke, Major. 
Burn, Rev. William P., 
l.A., Downing College, Cambridge; Incum- 
bent near Rotherham. 

(1855 ) 
daughter of 
(1855 ) 

t Burnand, Mrs Oecilia Victoria.. née Ranoe; first wife of Sir 
Francis Cowley Burnand 
Burnand, Sir Francis Oowley, -of Eton College; B.A., Trinity 
College,. Cambridge, and Cuddesdon Theological College; barrister; 
dramatIC author; for twenty-six years editor of Punch; editor of The 
Catholic n7
o's 1T7w; father of Charles Hubert Eurnand manaO'er of Sir 
, 0 
S, Scott's Branch of Parr's Bank, Cavendish Square, London, \V.; his 
mother. was a direct, descendant of IIannah Cowley, (1743-1809), the 
dramatISt. (1857) 



Converts to Rome 

Bu rnand, Lady, formerly i\Irs Paysan Jones; second" ife of Sir Francis 
Cowley Burnand. 

t Burnett, Captain. 
t Burnett, Mrs, wife of Captain Burnett. 
Burnett, Miss Gertrude, daughter of 

Captain John Burnett, of 

Burnier, C. H. Ignatius, of Havelock Road, Southsea, IIampshire. 
Burns, James, (1808-1871), publisher and author, of Paternoster Row, 
London, E.C. ; son of a Presbyterian l\linister of ForÍ'1.rshire, N.B. ; father 
of the late Rev. William James Burns, a Priest and chaplain to the Little 
Sisters of the Poor, Nazareth House, Hammersmith, London, 'V. (1847) 
Burns, Mrs Margaret Jane, (1806-1893), wife of James TIurns (1808- 
1871), the publisher and author; formerly a Presbyterian, and then a 
member of the English Church; after her husband's death she became 
a nun at the Ursuline Convent of Pittsburgh, U.S.A., with her four 
daughters. (18--17) 
Burns, Rev. William, B.A., Cantab; curate of Rayle, Cornwall. (1861) 
Burnside, Sir Bruce Lockhart, (1833-1909), Q.C. successively 
Solicitor-General of the Bahamas; Attorney-General on sev
ral occasions; 
member of the Local Legislature; Speaker of the House of Assembly; 
Queen's Advocate of Ceylon, and for ten years Chief Justice of the said 
island; second son of the late HOll. John James Burnside, Surveyor. 
General of the Bahamas. (lÐ08) 
Burrell, Mrs Jane Collingwood, of Bolton Hall, Alnwick, K orth- 
umberland; fourth daughter of )[ajor Alexander Browne, of Doxford 
IlaIl, Northumberland; wife of l\Iajor Bryan Burrell, of the 15th Hussars, 
of Brownepark, Northumberland. (1893) 
Burrows, Mrs, great-granddaughter of the l\Iost Rev. Lord Decies, D.D., 
Lord Arch bishop of Tuam. 
Burrows, Rev. Eric L. B., of Felsted School and Keble College, Oxford; 
a Scholastic of the 
ociety of J eSU8 at St l\lary's Hall, Stonyhurst; son 
of A. Bromley Burrows, of Ramsgate, Kent. (IÐ04) 
t Burton, Cosmo Innes, professor of Chemistry in Shanghai; second 
son of Dr John Hill Burton, (1R09.1H81), the Scottish historian and 
advocate by his second wife, 
Irs Katherine Hill Burton. (1870) 
t Burton, Rev. Edward, D.D., Trinity College, Dublin; chaplain of 
Kilmainham Hospital, Dublin. (1846) 
t Burton, Miss Eliza Paton, the artist in wood carving; eldest 
daughter of Dr John Hill Burton, (180Ð-1881), the Scottish historian and 
advocate by his first wife, l\lrs Isabella Lander Burton. (1869) 
t Burton, Rev. James, B.A., Oxon; curate of Holy Trirùty, Brompton t 
London, S. 'N. (18--14) 

Converts to Rome 


Burton, Rev. J. Ha.rris, of Glenalmond College, Scotland; Incumbent 
of St John's, Selkirk, N.B. 

t Burton, Mrs Katherine Hill, who nursed the \vounded during the 
Crimea 1Var; daughter of Cosmo Innes, (1798-1874), l\I.A., Ballial College 
Oxford, the antiquary and author, sheriff of l\Ioray, professor of Uon- 
stitutional Law at Edinburgh University; second wife of Dr John fIill 
Burton, (1809-1881), the Scottish historian and advocate. (1869) 
t Burton, Miss Mary Rose, the artist; daughter of the late l\Irs 
Katherine Hin Burton, wife of Dr John Hill Burton, (1809-1881), the 
Scottish historian and advocate. (1869) 
Burton, Rev. Thomas dones, (1832-1884), .l\l.A., Peterhouse, Cam- 
bridge; curate of St James', Enfield, l\Iiddlesex; a great benefactor to 
several Catholic l\IissiollS. (1865) 

t Burton, William Kinimond, engineer and Governor of Formosa; 
eldest son of Dr John Hill Burt.on, (1809-1881), the Scottish historian and 
advocate by his second wife, ßIrs Katherine Hill Burton. (1869) 
t Bush, Edward, father of the Very Rev. E. A. Bush, a Priest and 
Vicar-General of the diocese of Pittsburgh, U.S.A. 

t Busk, Miss Rachel Harriette, the authoress; she published under 
her own name Folk Lore of Rome (1874), Folk Songs of Italy (1887), The 
Valleys of Tyrol (1874), anonymously she published Patana3, or Spanish 
Stories (1870), and Sagas from the Par East, Kalmonk and AIongol TaJes 
(1873), a constant contributor to Notes and Queries; youngest daughter 
of Hans Busk, (1772-1862), the elder of Glenalder, a Radnorshire squire 
and poet; granddaughter of Sir 1Vadsworth Busk, at one time Attorney- 
General of the Isle of Man; sister of Lady 1\1. G. Loder, (1826-1907), wife 
of Sir Robert Loder, first Bart.; of IUrs Pitt Byrne, (1819-1894), the 
authoress, and of 1\Irs Ros
lie Vansittart, wife of the Rev. Charles 
Vansittart, 1\f.A., rector of Shottesbrook-cum- 1Vhite-1V altham. (1858) 

Bussy, Bernard Fooks, (1842-1908), journalist and dramatic author; 
"Father of the Press Gallery of the House of Commons." 
Butcher, Miss Ives, a Congregationalist; now a nun; fourth daughter 
of Lieutenant-Colonel Butcher, H.E.IC.S. ; cousin of the Right Rev. Dr 
Samuel Butcher, (1811-1876), Bishop of 
Bute, The Marquess of, (1847-1900), John Patrick Crichton-Stuart, 
of Harrow School; 
1.A., Christ Church, Oxford; second l\larquess, 
K. T. ; Knight Grand Cross of the Holy Sepulchre, Knight of the Order of 
St Gregory tbe Great; translator of the Roman Breviary into English; 
Lord Rector of St Andrews University, and several times 
Iayor of Cardiff; 
was the hero of Lord Beaconsfield's novel Lothair. (1869) 
Butland, Rev. Benjamin doseph, B.A., Trinity College, Cambridge; 
a Priest-in-charge of St .J ohn the Baptist, Great Haywood, Staffordshire. 


Converts to Rome 

Butler, Arthur Stanley G., son of Arthur Stanley Butler, l\I.A., 
Oxon., Professor of K atural Philosophy at St Andrews lTniversity, 
" and son of the late Hev. Dr George Butler, Canon of "Tinchester. (IDOU) 

Butler, Miss Edith Josephine, daughter of Art.hur Rtanley Butler, 
l\l.A., Oxon., Profcssor of .Natural Philosophy at St Andrews University, 
and of his wife Edith, daughter of J aspar Dolton, of Ballykisteen, co. 
Tipperary. (1908) 

Butler, Mrs Edith Rhoda, wife of Art,hur Stanley TIutler, ;\LA., 
Oxon., Professor of Natural Philosophy at Rt Andrews University, N.B. ; 
daughter of Jasper Rotton, of Ballykistecn, co. Tipperary; daughter-in-law 
of the late l\lrs Josephine Butler, the aut.horess who did so much in the 
movements for the higher education of women. (1906) 
Butler, Lady Elizabeth Southerden, the well-known painter; 
wife of General the Right lIon. Sir \Yil1iam Francis Butler, K.C.B.; 
daughter of Thomas L. Thompson, l\LA., Cantab; sister of 1\lr8 Alice 
l\leynell, the poet and essayist. 
Butler, Miss Gertrude, an Anglican nun; daughter of the 'Very 
Rev. George Butler, (1774-18[,3), D.D., for many years IIeadmaster of 
Ha.rrow School, and then Dean of Peter borough. (1886) 
Butler, Colonel James, of Dublin, formerly of the 26th l\Iadra.s 
Infantry. (1893) 

Butler, James, :Fellow of the Linnean Society. 


t Butler, Rev. Robert, l\LA., Brasenose College, Oxford; an Anglican 
clergyman, and 'Varden of the House of Charity, Soho, London, \Y. (1850) 

Butler, Theobald, son of Colonel Butler. 


Butler, Captain William Henry. 
Butt, Lady Anna Georgina, wife of Right Hon. Sir Charles Parker 
Butt, (1830-1892), P.C., formerly President of the Probate, Divorce and 
Admiralty Division of the High Court of Judicature; daughter of 
Ferdinand nodewel
 of Princes' Gate, London, S. '\tV. (1905) 
t Butt, James Palmer, father of the Right Rev. Dr John Butt, (1826- 
1899), fourth Bishop of Southwark. 
t Butt, William Henry, uncle of the Right Rev. Dr John Butt, (1826- 
1899), fourth Bishop of Southwark. 
Butterfield, Henry S., son of the Rev. Henry Butterfield, l\I.A., Recwr 
of Fulmer, Buckinghamshire. 

Byles, Rev. Thomas Roussel David, scholar, B.A., Balliol College, 
Oxford; at one time Professor at St Edmund's College, 'Yare, Hertford- 
shire; a Priest, D.D. of Rome, in charge of St Helen's, Ongar, Essex. (1894) 

Converts to Rome 


Byles, William Esdale, nephew of 'Villiam P. Byles, proprietor of The 
Bradford Standard. 

Byrne, M rs, wife of Colonel Byrne, of the 5th Irish Regiment. 


Byrne, Mrs Julia Clara, (1819-1894), the authoress; wife of 1Villiam 
Pitt Byrne, son of the founder of The Morning Post; daughter of Hans 
Busk, the elder, (1772-1862), a Radnorshire Squire; granddaughter of Sir 
"\ViIliam 'Vadsworth Rusk, at one time Attorney-General for the Isle of 
l\Ian; sister of Lady 
I. G. Loder, (1826-1907), wife of Sir Robert Loder, 
first Bart.; of )Irs Rosalie, wife of the Rev. Charles Vansittart, 
i\I.A., rector of Shottesbrook-cum-\Vhite-\Valtham, and of the late 
Rachel Harriette Eusk, the Folk-Lorist. (1860) 


Converts to Rome 


CAHILL, Mrs, wife of J\iajor Cahill, of the Bombay Staff Corps. 
Calcutt, Francis Macnamara, B.A., Trinity College, Dublin; 
formerly l\I.P. for co. Clare. 
Callender, Mrs Mildred, wife of Leonard Callender, of Edinburgh, 
N.B.; eldest daughter of the late Thomas .Frederic Artindale. (1907) 

Caiman, Alfred J., B.A., 'V orcester College, Oxford: father of the Rev. 
Alfred John CaIman, a Priest at St Benedict's Priory, Colwich, Stafford. 

Calmar, John James, barrister. 

Calvert, Rev. Arthur William P., a Priest and chaplain to the 
Canonesses of St Augustine, Hull. (1891) 
Cameron, Mrs Janet Sarah, daughter of the late Lieutenant-General 
Robert Bruce, brother of the first Lord .Aberdare; second wife of 
Ludovick Charles Richard Uameron, F.Z.S. (1894) 
Cameron, Ludovick Charles Richard, Fellow of the Zoological 
Society; author and contributor to the Field, Ba,iley's Jlagazine etc.; 
correspondent of The TÙnes in Spain, 1898-9; war correspondent 
f 'J7
11'lorning Post in South Africa, (1899-1900); founder of the Celtic-Cornish 
Society; a member of the Gorsedd of the Bards of Bri
ain: son of 
Richard Jewell of Liskeard (1891) 
Camm, Alfred Robert MacLean, of Blundell's School, Tiverton and 
,y orcester College, Oxford; Chamberlain of Honour to Pope Pius X. ; 
son of the Rev. John l\laher BrookeCamm, l\l.A., late rector of Monkton 
Wyld, Dorsetshire. (1891) 
Camm, Rev. John Brooke Maher, l\I.A., Brasenose College, Oxford; 
an officer in the 12th Royal Lancers, then Rector of 1\Ionkton \Vyld, 
Charmouth, Dorsetshire. (1891) 
Camm, Rev. Reginald Percy John, of 'Vestminster School; n.A., 
Keble College, Oxford; curate of St Agnes, Kennington Park, London, 
S.E. 1\ ow a Denedictine l\lonk (Dom Bede) at St Thomas' Abbey, 
Erdington, TIirn1ingham; author; son of the Rev. John l\Iaher Brooke 
I.A., late rector of l\Ionkton \Vyld, Dorsetshire. (1890) 

Converts to Rome 


Camoys, The Lady, Jessie Philippa; wife of the fourth Baron Camoys; 
daughter of Robert Russell Carew, of Carpenders Park, Hertfordshire. 
Campbell, Mrs, eldest daughter of the late Sir Victor Alexander Brooke, 
third Baronet, of Colebrook Park, co. Fermanagh, by Alice, daughter of the 
late Sir Alan Bellingham, third Baronet, of Castlebellingham, co. Louth; 
wife of Colonel Campbell, brother and heir presumptive to Sir Archibald 
Campbell, Bart., of Succoth. 
Campbell, Mrs Alice Mildred, wife of Lieutenant James Ramsay 
Campbell, brother of Sir Archibald Spenser Lindsay Campbell, fifth 
Baronet; daughter of Sir Victor Alexander Brooke, third Baronet. 
t Campbell, Archibald, D.L., of Lochnell, Ärgyllshire, N.B. 
t Campbell, Rev. A. D. R., 1\I.A., Cantab; curate of Ashley, New- 
market. (1844) 
Campbell, Rev. Donald C. V., a Priest in London; son of James 
Archibald Campbell, of Inverane, N.B. 

Campbell, Mrs Edith, wife of Henry Algernon Campbell, (1850-1904), 
of Evenley Hall, Brackley, Northamptonshire; daughter of Prideaux 
Selby, of Pawston, Northumberland; mother of the Rev. Noel J. 
Campbell, a Scholastic of the Society of Jesus at St Beuno's College, 
St Asaph, North "'Vales. · (1875) 
Campbell, Sir Gilbert Edward, (1838-1899), third Baronet; formerly 
an officer in the 92nd Highlanders, serving through the Indian l\lutiny; 
Knight Commander of the Orders of Isabella the Catholic, and Oharles 
III. of Spain, and of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre. 
Campbell, Henry Algernon, (1850-1904), son of Colonel George 
Campbell, Grenadier Guards, of Evenley Hall, Brackley, N orthampton- 
shire. (1875) 
Campbell, Rev. Henry Charles Brabazon, B.A.. Durham 
University; curate of St AJphege, Southwark London, S.E. A Priest at 
Our Lady of Willesden, :Manor Park Road, ",'
il1esden, London, N. 'V.; till 
recently a Redemptorist at Our Lady of the Annunciation, BIshop-Eton, 
\Vavertree, Liverpool; now at St :Mary's, Kinnoull, Perth, N.B. (1902) 
Campbell, Mrs, mot.her of the Rev. Henry Charles Brabazon Campbell, 
B.A., a Redemptori
t priest. (1902) 
Campbell, Miss, of Edinburgh, N.B. ; superintendent of St Vincent's 
Hospital, Dublin. (1889) 
Campbell, Miss, formerly associate of the Clewer Sisterhood, near 
Campbell, Miss, of Craigie, Ayrshire, 
.B. (1893) 
Campbell, M
ss Lilah Oliv
, daughter of Lord \Valter Campbell, 
(1848-1889), thIrd son of the eIghth Duke of A rgyH , K.O.; niece of 
H.R.H. Princpss Louise, ninth DudH'sS of Argyll. (1898) 


Converts to Rome 

Campbell, Mrs Minton, wife of a former l\I.P, for Korth Staffordshire. 
t Campbell
obert, advoc
te; J.P. of Skerrington, Ayrshil'e, X.B.; 
father of WIlham Uampbell, I\..C., now Lord HkerrinO'ton, a Judae of the 
Court of Session, late Dean of the Faculty of Edinburgh Advaca
Campbell, Mrs, wife of Robert Campbel
 J,P., Ayrshire, N.B. . and 
family. ' 
t Campbell, Rev. Robert, l\LA., Trinity Oollege, Cambridge; chaplain 
to the Bishop of Aberdeen, and canon of Perth Cathedral. (1852) 
Campbell, Rev. Thomas, a Benedictine 
Ionk at St Thomas' Abbey, 
Erdington, Birmingham, WWwickshire. (1896) 
Campden, The Viscountess, (1822-1867), Lady Adelaide Augusta 
Hay, wife of the second Earl of Gainsborough, (while Viscount Campden) ; 
daughter of the seventeenth Earl of Erroll, K.T., Lord Steward of the 
Iaster of the Staghounds, and Lord-Lieutenant of Aberdeen- 
shire; niece of the first Earl of 
Iunster. (1851) 
Cannon, Mrs, wife of General Cannon, of Folkestone, Kent. 
Cannon, The Misses, daughters of General Cannon, of Folkestone. 
Canterbury, The Viscountess, Amye Rachel \VaIpole, wife of the 
fourth Viscount Canterbury; only daughter of the Hon. Frederick 
Walpole, :M.P., third son of tbe third Earl of Orford; sister of the fifth 
Ea.rl of Orford (1897) 
Capel, Ceci I, of Spils by, Lincolnshire. (1898) 
Capes, Mrs Bertha Wyatt, (1812-1890), wife of the Rev. John :Moore 
Capes, (1813-1889); niece of the late Rev. Edmund \VilIiam Estcourt, 
l\LA., Rector of Long Newnton, co. \Vilt s hire, and of Shipton 1\Ioyne, 
co. Gloucester; cousin of the Very Rev. Canon Edgar Edmund Estcourt 
(1816-1884), l\I.A" Oxon., of St Chad's Cathedral, Birmingham; mother of 
Bernard Capes, the novelist, and of :l\liss Frances )Iary Capes, the 
authoress. (1845) 
Capes, Rev. John Moore, (1813-1889), of Westminster School; l\f.A., 
Ballio} College, Oxford; curate of Long Newnton, co. \Vilts., then Rector 
of St John's, Eastover, Bridgwater, Somersetshire; author, and editor of 
The Ræmbler. (1845) 
Capes, Frederick, (1816-1888), Solicitor, and at one time Proctor of 
the Prerogative Court of Canterbury; brother of the Rev. John :Moore 
Capes, (1813-1889), IvI.A., Oxon., late rector of St Jolm's, Eastover, 
Somersetshire. (1845) 
Capron, Rev. Thomas J., (1831-1902), a Priest in Paris; for twelve 
years in Lapland and then in England; Bon of a :French Genera], and of 
an English mother. (1848) 
t Carden, Captain Warner William. (1848) 
Carew, Charles, solicitor. 

Converts to Rome 


Carey, Arthur, of \Voolton, Liverpool 
Carlisle, Captai n. 
Carlisle, Mrs, wife of Captain Carlisle. 


Carmichael, Miss Mary, the musical composer and accompanist; 
daughter of John Carmichael, of Corosat 
Carmichael, Mrs Maud, wife of 1tlontgomery Carmichael, and 
daughter of J. W. Parker, the eminent publisher. 
Carmichael, Montgomery, British Yice-Consul for the Provinces of 
Lucca, Pisa, Leghorn and Grasseto; author, F.S.A., Scot; hon. member 
of the Accademia Properziana of Assisi, corresponding member of the 
Accademia Araldica of Italy; youngest son of John Carmichael of Corosal, 
and of Sarah, daughter of John Hutchinson, of Cleator :Moor, Cumberland. 
Carnegie, Miss, niece of Andrew Carnegie, of Skibo Castle, Sutherland. 
Carnegie, John, solicitor; of Uppingham School; B.A., St Catherine's 
College, Cambridge. (1878) 
Carnsew, Miss, sister-in-law of the Very Rev. Benjamin ßlorgan Cowie, 
D.D. (1816-1900), Dean of 
Carr, Mark W., formerly consulting engineer of Natal, South Africa. 
Carri ngto n, Miss, daughter of an Anglican clergyman. 
Carrttt, Joh n Price, of Rugby School; now of Shoreham, Sussex. (1887) 
Carroll, J. J., Bon of Dr Carroll. (1890) 
Carson, Rev. William Robert, (1874-1903), B.A., Trinity College, 
Dublin; a Priest at St Joseph's, Derby; author; son of the Rev. R. B. 
Carson, :ðI.B., vicar of Haynes, Bedfordshire; grandson of the Right 
Rev. Dr Carson, Bishop of Kilmore; nephew of the Rev. Dr Joseph 
Carson, Vice-Provost of Trinity College, Dublin. (1893) 
Carter, Mrs Gordon, of Bournemouth, Hants. (1899) 
Carter, The Very Rev. James, a Priest and 
Ionsignor, in charge of St 
Francis of Assis
 .l\Iidhurst, Sussex; Hon. Chamberlain to Pope Pius IX., 
and Private Chamberlain to Popes Leo XIIL and Pius X. (1852) 
Carthew, Miss, daughter of Admiral Ca.rthew. 
Cary, John, (1812-1893), eldest son of the Rev. J. H. Spelman Cary, 
of Eaubrink and Tilney Hall, Xorfolk. 
Cary-Elwes, Mrs Alice Geraldine, (1844-1907), second wife of 
Valentine Dudley Henry Cary-Elwes, (1832-1909), of Billing Hall, N orth- 
a.mptonshire; daughter of the Hon. and Rev. Henry Ward, !.I.A., rector 
of Killinchey, co. Down, Ireland, brother of the third Viscount Bangor; 
mother of the Rev. Dudley Charles Cary-Elwes, a Priest at All Saints, 
Peterborough, N orthamptonshire. (1874) 


Converts to Rome 

Cary-Elwes, Mrs Mary Helen, (1834-1900), widow of :Francis Cary- 
Elwes, of Queen's Gate Terrace, London, S. 'V.; a nun ()lother :Thlary 
Ignatius) at the Convent, Crieff, Perthshire, N.B. (186-1) 
Cary-Elwes, Valentine Dudley Henry, (1832-190G), of Billing 
Hall, Northamptonshire and Roxby, Brigg, Lincolnshire; F.S.A.; 
F.G.H.S.; at one time Cornet in the 12th Lancers, serving in the lCaffir 
'Var; J.P. and D.L. for Lincolnshire; JIigh Sheriff in 1
7:3 ; J.P. for coso 
Leicester and Northampton; son of Cary Charles Elwes and his wife 
Elinor, daughter of Admiral Hye; father of Gervase IIenry Uary-Ehves, 
J.P. and D.L. for Lincolnshire, J.P. for N orthamptonshire, and Bon-in-Iaw 
of the eighth Earl of Denbigh. (1874) 
Cary-Elwes, Captain Windsor, of Grevel House, Campden, 
Gloucestershire; formerly of the Scots Guards; son of George Cary- 

1.A. Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford, by his wife Arabella, 
daughter of' Thomas Fieschie Ilene age of Cadeby, Lincolnshire; marri
to Augusta, daughter of the Hon. 'Villiam Towry Law, (1809-1886), 
youngest son of the first Daron Ellenborough, (1750-1818); father of the 
Rev. Alastair Cary-Elwes, a Benedictine ':\Ionk, (Dom Luke), at St 
Benedict's Abbey, Fort Augustus, N.B. ; of the Rev. Cuthb2rt Cary-Elwes, 
a Priest of the Society of Jesus, in Dem.Jrara, British Guiana; and of 
Charles Cary-Elwes ; the first of his family to join the Church. (1857) 

t Case, Captain Francis. 


t Case, Rev. F. G., B. A., Oxon; curate of All Saints, 
Iargaret Street, 
London, 'V. (1850) 

Case, Mrs, wife of l\Iajor, of Canterbury, I\:ent. 


Case, Mrs Alice Marston, (née Southey), second ",ife of Captain IIenry 
Ashton Case, J. P. (1889) 
Case, Captain Henry Ashton, of Eton College; late of the 12th 
Lancers; J.P. for Gloucestershire; son of John Ashton Case, of Thing- 
wen Hall, Lancashire, and of Caroline, daughter of Henry 'Valker, of 
Blythe. (1876) 
Case, Mrs Mary, (1851-1888), first wife of Captain IIenry Ashton Case, 
J.P. ; daughter of Colonel 'V. Southey, of the l\ladras Staff Corps. (1882) 
Casson, Captai n, of the 5th \V est York l\Iilitia. 
Casson, Mrs, wife of Captain Casson. 
Castle, Rev. Harold Charles P., (1868-1908), of Charterhouse School; 

1.A., l\Iagdalen College, Oxford; barrister-at-law; law reporter for The 
Times, and author. A Redemptorist Priest, successively at St l\Iary's, 
Clapham, S.'V.; St :Mary's, Kinnoull, Perth, N.B., and at Bishop's 
Stortford, Hertfordshire; son of Edward J. Uastle, I
.C., Recorder of 
Bristol; grandson of l\lajor Heathcote Smith, late 'ïüth Hegiment. (1893) 
Castle-Stuart, The Earl 01", (1794-1857), Edward Stuart-Richardson, 
third Earl; of Christ Church, Oxford. (1834) 

Converts to Rome 


Caswall, Rev. Edward, (1814-1878), .àI.A. Brasenose CoHege, Oxford; 
Perpetual Curate of Stratford-sub-Castle, 'near Salisbury. After his 
wife's death he became a Priest of the Brompton Oratory, London, S.\V. ; 
poet and author; son of the Rev. R. C. Caswall, l\I.A. of Yately, Hamp- 
shire, and brother of the Rev. Dr IIenry Caswall, l\I.A., Prebendary of 
Salisbury Cathedral. (1847) 
Caswall, Mrs Louisa, (1818-1849), wife of the Rev. Edward Caswall, 
I.A., Oxon; daughter of the late General 'Valker, of Taunton, 
Somersetshire. (1847) 

t Caswall, Thomas, 
I.A., Fellow of Clare College, Cambridge; 
brother of the Rev. Edward Caswall, (1814-1878), :ThLA., Oxon. (1846) 

Catlin, Miss, daughter of a former Rector of Broadway. 

t Cato, Rev. Thomas Edward, l\I.A., Oriel College, Oxford; vicar of 
'Vye, Kent. (1891) 

Cator, The Very Rev. Henry William, of Eton College; a Priest and 
Superior of the Oratory, South Kensington, London, S. 'V. ; son of Albe- 
marle Cator, J.P., D.L. ; of 'V oodbastwick Hall, :Norfolk. (1879) 
Cator, William Ralph, of Chippenham; nephew of the Rev. Henry 
'\Villiam Cator, a Priest of the Oratory, London, S. '\V. (1,898) 
Cavanagh, Mrs, of Shinrowe, Birr, Iring's County, Ireland. (1884) 

Cave, Henry H., son of '\Villiam Cave, of Desborough, Hampshire; 
brother of Sir Lewis 'Villiam Cave, (1832-1889), Judge of the !(ing's 
Bench Division. (1881) 

Cave, Laurence Trent, of Ditch1,m Park, Petersfield, Hampshire; 
J.P.; father of Charles John Philip, J.P., formerly Secretary of the 
Cambridge University Catholic Assodation, and member of the 
Universities' Catholic Board, and of Captain Adrian L. Cave, late of 
the lOth Hussars, who served in South Africa. (1892) 
Cave, Rev. Martin William, of !(ing's College; l\I.A., Durham 
University; curate of St John the Baptist, Derby. A Priest-in-charge 
of St :ThIichael's, Ashford, l\Iiddlesex. (1901) 

Cave-Browne-Cave, Rev. Ambrose, (1830-1889), 1\I.A., Corpus 
Christi College, Oxford; rector of Strettou-de-Ie-Felde; son of Sir John 
Robert Cave-Browne-Cave, tenth Baronet. (1888) 
Cave-Browne-Cave, Rev. Verney, (1833-1890), l\I.A., Exeter College, 
Oxford; formerly an Anglican curate; son of Sir John Robert Ca ve- Browne- 
Cave, tenth Baronet. A Priest-in-charge of St Peter's, Leamington, 
'Varwickshire. (1874) 
t Cavendish, Rev. Charles William, l\I.A., Trinity College, Oxford; 
Rector of Little Casterton; member of the Camden Society. (1850) 


Converts to Rome 

t Cavendish, Mrs Mary, wife of the Rev. Charles 'Villiam Cavendish, 
l\1.A., Oxon. (1850) 
Cecil-Kearney, Countess Alice Florence, first wile of Count CeciI- 
l(earney; daughter of Colonel 'Yilliam Perceval, A.B.; granddaughter of 
Sir 'Villia.lll Henry Palmer, third Baronet, of Palmerston and Kenure Park, 
co. Dublin.. 

Cecil-Kearney, Countess Alice Katharine Irma Pcrceval, 
daughter of Count Cecil-l\:earney. 
Cecil-Kearney, Count Robert Cecil Joseph Patrick, formerly 
an officer in the 97th Regt.; J.P. for co. l\Iayo; son of Robert l\.earney, 
J.P. of Ballinvilla, Castlebar, .co. ::\layo, Ireland. 
Challis, Henry William, M.A., scholar of l\Ierton College, OÀford. 
Chamberlain, Dr Basil Hall, professor of the Imperial University of 
Tokio, Japan: author of Things Japanese, etc. (1899) 
t Chambers, AI'fred, of IIenley-on-Thames, a Pap
l Zouvave "ho was 
killed at Spoleto. 
Chambers, Dr Frederick, J.P. for l\Iargate, Kent, of which town he 
was thrice J\Iayor. 
Chhmbers, dames, B.A., '\V orcester College, OÀford 

Chambers, dohn, (1826-1908), of Henley-on-Thames. 


Chambers, The Misses, the six sisters of the late John Chambers of 
Henley-on-Thames. (1846) 
Chambers, Miss, flt>rmerly l\Iother Eldress of the Devonport Sisters 
under Miss Priscilla Lydia Sellon, (1821-1876); now a nun. 
Chambers, Thomas King, l\I.A., Christ Church, Oxford; l\I.D., 
London University; at one time Hon. Physician to King Edward VII. 
when Prince of ,\\r ales; Senior Consulting Physician to St l\lary's Hospital, 
London; author. 
Chander, John, B.A., All Souls' College, Oxford 
Chandless, Miss, daughter of a London barrister; now a nUD. 
Chaplin, Nugent, of London, a. solicitor. 


Chapman, Mrs Charles Capel, daughter of Sir William Crofton, 
Bart. (IÖbO) 
Chapman, Very Rev. Hen ry P., l\I.A., Christ Church, Oxford; 
curate of 
t l)ancras, London. A Benedictine l\Ionk, (Dom John), and 
Prior of St Thomas' Abbey, Erdington, TIirmingham, vVarwickshire; 
author; Bon of the Venerable Frank Robert Chapman, M.A., Canon of 
Ely, a.nd Archdeacon of Sudbury. (1890) 

Converts to Rome 


Chapman, Mrs Adelaide Maria, wife of the Rev. Horace Edward 
Chapman, (1842-1907), 
I.A., Can tab; daughter of Sir Henry }'letcher, 
third Baronet; sister of the Rev. Philip }-'letcher, 
I.A.) the founder and 
J\Iaster of the Guild of Ransom. (1895) 
Chapman, Rev. Horace Edward, (1842-1907), 
I.A., Downing 
College, Cambridge; rector of Donhead St Andrew, near Salisbury; sixth 
son of David Barclay Chapman, of Roehampton, Surrey, by his second 
Iaria., daughter of the Rev. Robert Chatfield, :M.A., rector of 
Chatteris, Cambridgeshire. (1894) 
Chapman, Miss, a Benedictine nun at St Scholastica's Priory, Fort 
Augustus, N.B. 
Chapman, Miss, daughter of the Rev. Horace Chapman, (1842-1907), 
1\I.A., Cantab. (1895) 
Chapman, Rev. John, a Priest, formerly Professor of 
Ioral Philosophy 
at U shaw College, Durham; now in charge of St George, Bell's Close, 
Scotswood -on- Tyne, Northumberland 
Chapman, Rev. J. H., !\I.A., Pembroke College, Oxford; F.S.A., 
formerly an Anglican curate; now a barrister. 
Chapman, Mrs, wife of the Rev. J. H. Chapman, 1\I.A., Oxon. 
Charles, Rev. Sr., of the Friars :\Iinor. 
Charles, Henry Edward Audley, of Orgreane House, Lichfield; 
representative of an old StaffordShire family. (1895) 
t Charles, Rev. John Arthur, a Priest at Torquay, Devonshire. (1850) 
Charleson, Rev. John M. 1\,1., )I.A., B.D., Edinburgh University; 
late J\Iinister of Thornliebank, Glasgow, 
.n.; 1\Ioderator of the Established 
Presbytery of Paisley; Founder and Secretary of the Glasgow Ecclesio- 
logical Society. A Priest-in-charge at Holy Cross, Croy, Glasgow, N.B. ; 
author of Ect'Ïnn .1ilacarthon, TVhat Happened at St lI-IÙhael's, Religion-Ne'lv 
and Old. (1901) 
Charlton, The Very Rev. John, a Redemptorist Priest and Superior 
of St Joseph and the English 1\Iartyrs at Bishop's Stortford, Hertîord- 

t Charlton, Mrs Laura Mary, wife of Captain Edward F. B. Charlton 
of the Royal N a.vy, son of Dr Edward Charlton, D.C.IJ. of N ewcastle-on- 
Tyne, by 
Iargaret, daughter of 
Ir Serjeant Bell asis, (1800-1873); 
daughter of the Hon. Arthur Strutt, third son of tho first Baron Belher. 
Chase, Rev. Charles Rose, (1844-1908), of 1Yellington College, and 
unattached student at Oxford University; formerly captain in the 21st 
Lancers; then for twenty years vicar of All Saints, Plymouth; for some 
time member of Council of the English Church Union. A Priest and 

uperior of the 'Vestminster Diocesan 1\lissionarics of Our Ladv of 
Compassion at 'Yillesden Green, London, N. 'V. ; and at Saffron 'V aide'll, 
Essex; y<?unge-st son of the late Colonel 
Iorgan Charles Chasp, of the 
l\Iadras LIght CavaIIJ.... (1900) 


Converts to Rome 

Chattaway, Rev. Arthur L., So Priest-in-charge of St Joseph's 
N echells, Birmingham; l\Iember of the Aston )[anor Education Committee 
and of t.he Catholic Education Council; Secretary of the Birmingham 
Diocesan Schools Association. 

t Chattaway, Thomas, of Atherstone; brother of the Rev. Arthur L. 
Chattaway, a Priest. 
Chatterton, Lady Henrietta Georgina Maria Lascelles, 
(1806-1876), widow of Sir 'Villiam Abraham Chatterton, Bart., of Castle 
:l\Iahon, co. Cork; wife of Edward Heneage Dering, of the Coldstream 
Guards; daughter of the Rev. Lascelles Iremonger, :\LA., Prebendary of 
V{inchester; sister of Admiral Lord Gambier, (1756-183:3), G.C.B.; 
miscellaneous writer. ill (1875) 
Chatto, William J. P., (1831-18A2), 
I.A., Emmanuel College, Cam- 
bridge; built the Catholic Church at 1\lary Church, near Torquay, Devon- 
shire. (1855) 
Cheeseman, Rev. James Alfred, of the Denominational College, 
York, and the Theological College; for twenty-seven a Primitive 
l\lethodist )linister in several northern and midland towns; now President 
of the Sacred Heart Conference of St Vincent de Paul's Society of Edin- 
burgh; son of a Primitive l\Iethodist l\Iinister, who was for five years 
Secretary of that denomination; four of his brothers are clergymen, one 
being an Angli can vicar. (1907) 
Cheeseman, Mrs, wifE" of the Rev. James Alfred Cheeseman, Primit.ive 
l\Iethodist l\linister; her six sons and two daughters. (1907) 
Cheney, Alfred Denton, F.R.H.S.; l\I.B.A.A.; member of the Kent 
Archælogical Society; head of the firm of :\Iessrs. Cheney, Egger and 
Forrester, of London and Cardiff; son of Dr 1Yilliam Cheney, of Kensing- 
ton, London, ,Yo (186
Chesshire, I'Jliss Laura, daughter of an Anglican clergyman. 
Chetwode, Miss Alice Wilmot, daughter of Edmund and Lady 
Janet "Tilmot Chetwode, of 'Yoodbrook, Queen's County, Ireland; grand- 
daughter of Baron Barton. 
Chetwode, Miss Janet Wilmot, daughter of Edward and Lady 
Janet 'Vilmot Chetwode. 
Chevallier-Tayler, Albert, the artist; member of tho Society of Oil 

Chichester, Captain Nugent, (1828-1908), formerly of the 7th 
Dragoon Guards, sometime adjutant of the:K orth Devonshire Yeomanry 
Cavalry, J.P. for Dorsetshire; eldest son of Joseph Chichester-Xagle and 
Lady Henrietta, daughter of the fourth Earl of Portsmouth. (1850) 
Chichester-Nagle, Lady Henrietta, (1798-1880), Lady Henrietta 
Caroline "
 allop, daughter of the fourth Earl of Portsmouth; grand- 
daughter of the Rev. Castell Sherrard, !\I.A., of Glaston; wife of Joseph 
Chichester-X agle, of Cal verleigh Court, Tiverton, Devonshire; mother of 
the late Captain Nugent Chichester. (1850) 

Converts to Rome 


Childe, Mrs, wife of a Devonshire clergyman. 
Childers, Miss, cousin of the Right Hon. I-Iugh Culling Eardley Childers, 
(1827 -1896), P.C., 
I.P., who held several ministerial posts during 
Gladstone's administrations. 

Chirol, Mrs, wife of the Rev. Thomas Ale-xander A. Chiro
 ::\I.A., second 
master of St Chad's College, Denstone, Derbyshire; mother of Valentine 
ChiroI, author and war correspondent, and one of the Foreign News 
editors of The Times. 

Chisholm, Major Archibald, (1806-1877), of the East India Com- 
pany's Service. (1850) 
Chisholm, Mrs Caroline, (1808-187ï), "the emigrants' friend"; 
authoress; née Jones; opened schools for soldiers' daughters in :Madras ; 
opened home for emigrants in Sydney, Australia; received pension 
from Government; wife of 
Iajor Archibald Chisholm, (1806-1877), of 
the East India Company's Service. (1850) 
Chisholm, Miss, sister of 
Irs Gray, wife of Edmund Dyer Gray, ::\LP., 
(18-15-1888), journalist and politician, Lord )Iayor of Dublin, and son of 
Sir John Gray, (1816-1875), journalist 
LD., :M.P. for Kilkenny, and 
proprietor of lï
e Freeman's Journa,l. , 

t Chisholm, Dr Stewart, Surgeon-1\Iajor in the Royal Artillery, and 
Deputy Inspector-General of Army Hospitals; was present at the Battle 
of 'Vaterloo. 

Ch ittenden, Dr, of London. 
Cholmondeley, Rev. Charles C., (1826-1897), of Rugby School; 
B.A., Balliol College, Oxford; a Priest and Canon of Shrewsbury, at St 
'Yerburgh's, Chester; son of a Rector of :l\Ioreton Say, Shropshire; 
nephew of the Right Rev. Dr Reginald Heber, (1783-1826), Bishop of 
Calcutta and of Richard Heber, (1773-1833), )I.A., Oxon, the celebrated 
bibliographer, scholar, and one of the founders of the Athenæum Club. 
t Cholmondeley, Reginald, nephew of Sir Tatton Sykes, fifth 
Baronet; was murdered in Paris. (1897) 
Christian, Miss Jane, a nun; daughter of the Rev. W. B. Christian, 

LA., of 
lilntown, Ramsey, Isle of 
Christie, Mrs, of Stanley Crescent, :Notting Hill, London, 'V. 
Christie, Rev. Albany James, (1817-1891), of King's College, London; 
LA., Queen's College, Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford; First 
Class in Classics, Second in 
Iathematics. A Priest of the Society of 
Jesus at The Immaculate Conception, Farm Street, London, 'V. ; author 
of several religious dramas. (18-15) 
Christie, Rev. Henry James, of Eton College; B.A" Christ Church, 
Oxford; a Priest of tho Brompton. Oratory, London, S.\V. (1885) 


Converts to Rome 

Christmas, Mrs Annie Madeline, wife of "\VilJiam A. Osborno 
Christmas; daughter of the I
ev. John Hanson Sperling, !\I.A., (1815-1894), 
formerly Rector of Westboume, Sussex, by Anna :Maria, daughter of Sir 
George Barrow, second Baronet. (1870) 
 William A. Osborne, Private Chamberlain to Popes 
Leo XIII and Pius X; officer of the Crown of Siam; Vice-President of 
the Roman Committee; eldest son of Captain Thomas Christmas, of tho 
8th Husf1ars; nephew of 'Villiam Christmas, :M.P. of "\Vhitfield, co. 
"\Vaterford, whose estates he inherited. 

t Church, Rev. Charles, a Priest at Adelaide, U.S.A. 

Church, Miss, sister of tho late Rev. Charles Church, a Priest. 

Churchill, Miss, daughter of 
Iajor-General Churchill. 
Chute, Captain Thomas, J.P., Camp, co. Kerry, Ireland. 


Clare, The Countess of, (1792-1879), Elizabeth Julia Georgiana, wife 
of John, second and last Earl of Clare, R.P.; daughter of Priscilla, Baroness 
"\Villoughby de Eres by and of Sir Peter Burrell, who became Baron 
Gwydyr. . (1839) 

t Clark, Rev. George, a Franciscan Friar; Bon of the Rev. Prebendary 
Clark, of Taunton, Somersetshire. (1877) 

Clark, Mrs, wife of the Rev. Prebendary Clark, !\LA., of Taunton, 
Somersetshire. (1877) 

Clark, Mrs Emma, wife of the Rev. John Clark, 1\I.A., Precentor of 
Gloucester CathedraL 

t Clark, Rev. Joseph George, :\I.A., 1\Iagdalen College, Oxford; a 
Passionist Priest. (1864) 

Clarke, Rev. Albert George, B.A., Trinity College, Dublin; curate of 
St 1\Iary's, York; then at :l\1iddleton, Leeds. A Priest, till lately 
1\Iissionary Rector at St Joseph's, Havant, Hampshire; now on sick leave, 
in Sydney, New South 'Vales; son of the late Rector of Geashill, !{jng's 
County, Ireland (1889) 
Clarke, Miss A. M., the authoress who writes under the name of "Ellis 
Schreiber"; sister of the Rev. Richard Frederick Clarke, (1839-1900), a 
Priest of the Society of Jesus. (1871) 
Clarke, Right Rev. Bernardine Edward Thomas, a Capuchin 
:F'riar and Vicar-Apost.olic of Arabia and Aden. (1872) 
Clarke, Dr Charles Hall, (1815-1865), !\I.A., 11 agdalen Hall, OÀford; 
also studied at the Universities of Paris anù Edinburgh; consulting 
physician to the Bath l\Iineral 'Vater Hospital, and then first resident 
physician at Stonyhurst College, Blackburll. (1858) 

Converts to Rome 


Clarke, Mrs, (1813-1H90), wife of Dr C. H. Clarke, (1H15-1H65), daughter 
of Colonel 'Yilliam Clarke; Illother of tho Rev. C. Cowley Clarke, a Priest. 
Clarke, Rev. Charles Henry, (1858-1902), B.A" Sidney Sussex College, 
Uambridge; assistant-master at the International College, Isleworth; 
at one time lieutenant in the 8th :l\Iiddlesex Hifle Volunteers. A Priest 
at SSe :Michael and l\lartin, Hounslow; and then at SSe l\Iary and 
Joseph, Poplar, London, E, (1886) 
Clarke, David, solicitor, 
Clarke, Rev. Henry Danvers, (1806-1887), l\I.A, , Exeter College, 
Oxford; vicar of Iping, Sussex, and Rural Dean; at one time professor 
at the Catholic University College, Kensington, London, 'V. (1851) 
Clarke, Miss Isabel, poet and authoress; daughter of the late Colonel 
F. C. Hannam Clarke, R.A., C.M.G. (1901) 
Clarke, James, librarian of the Hull Library. 
Clarke, Rev. John N. L., B.A., Trinity College, Dublin; curate of St 
John's, East London, Cape Colony, South Africa; formerly of the 
:Missionary College, Dorchester. (1897) 
Clarke, Mrs, wife of the Rev. John N. L. Clarke, B.A. Trinity College, 
Dublin. ' (1897) 
Clarke, Mrs Lindsay, widow of Dudley Baxter, of A thers tone, 
'Varwickshire; now of Shemming Grange, Birch, Essex. (1904) 
Clarke, Rev. Richard Frederick, (1839-1900), of 
Ierchant Taylors' 
School; l\LA., Trinity College, Fellow of St John's College, Oxford; an 
Old Blue, rowed in winning crew at the University Boat Race in 1858; 
curate of Farm borough, Somersetshire. A Priest oî the Society of Jesus, 
successively Prefect of Philosophers at Stonyhurst College; Headmaster of 
'Vimbledon College; then First 1\Iaster of Campion Hall, Oxford; author. 
Clarke, The Misses, sisters of the Rev. Richard Clarke, (1839-1900), 
l\I.A., Oxon. (1871) 
Clarke, Rev. Robert Francis, (1844-1906), a Priest, D.D., of Rome, 
for several years in charge of the Church of St John of J ersulem, Great 
Ormond Street, London, 'V.C., then Chaplain at St Veronica's Convent, 
Chiswick. I
ondon.. 'V. ; F.L.S. ; author.' 
Clarke, Rev. William Robert, B.A., Christ College, Cambridge; 
curate of Bray, near 1\Iaidenhead; son of a former Archdeacon of Liver- 
pool. (1898) 
t Clavering, Mrs, wife of Edward Clavering, of Callaly Castle, North- 
umberland, mother of Lady Augusta Lucy Bedingfield, wife of Sir Henry 
Paston Bedingfield, seventh Baronet. 
Clayton, Miss Catherine, a Carmelite nun. 


Converts to Rome 

Clemence, Henry George, late organist at Oban Cathedral. 


Clements, Cyril, nephew of tho Rev. Gilbert Vincent Bul1, Priest-in- 
charge of St l\Iary's, Louth, Lincolnshire. 

Clements, Henry JR, B.A., New CoHege, Oxford. 
Clerk,.! George Edward, editor of The 11[rmfrcal Ti'!nrs; grandson of 
the Hight Hon. Sir George Douglas Clerk, (1787-1867), sixth Baronet, 

f.P., successively Lord of the Admiralty, lTnder-Secretary for llome 
Affairs and :Thlaster of the 

Clerke, Miss Agnes Mary, (1842-1907), scientific writer; Hon. Fellow 
of the Astronomical Society; made observations at the Royal Observatory, 
Cape of Good IIope; travelled to ('iopenhagen, Stockholm and St Peters- 
burg in the yacht Palatine; daughter of John 'Villiam Clerke. 
Clerke, Miss Ellen Mary, daughter of John'Villiam Clerke; authoress 
and contributor to The IÙlinburgh Review. 

t Cliffe, Mrs Amy, wife of the late Anthony John Cliffe, D.L.; daughter 
of Sir John Howley, Q.C., Serjeant-at-law. (1856) 
t Cliffe, Anthony John, D.L. of Bellevue, co. 'Vex ford, Ireland (1856) 
t Cliffe, Colonel, son of the late Anthony J obn Cliffe, D.L. (1856) 
Cliffe, Mrs Josephine, wife of Colonel Cliffe. 
Cliffe, Miss Cecilia, (IR34-1863), a Sister of Charity, daughter of the 
late Anthony John Cliffe, D.L. (1856) 
t Cliffe, Charles, son of the late Anthony John Cliffe, D,L. (1857) 
t Cliffe, Captain Edward, son of the late Anthony John Cliffe, D.L. 
Cliffe, Miss Eleanor, a nun; daughter of the late Anthony John 
Cliffe, D.L. (1856) 
t Cliffe, Miss Frances, a Sister of Charity; daughter of the late 
Anthony John Cliffe, D.L. (1856) 
Cliffe, Miss Isabella, daughter of tho lato Anthony John Cliffe, D.L. 
Cliffe, Miss Marianne, daughter of the late Anthony John Cliffe, 
D.L, (1856) 
Clifford, Miss Catherine, daughter of Captain Robert Clifford, of 
Carn Cottage, Belturbet, co. Cavan, Ireland; granddaughter of the Rev. 
Thomas 'Villiams, l\LA., formerly an .Army Chaplain. (1872) 
Clifford, Mrs Catherine, wife of Walter Lovelace Clifford, second son 
of Sir Charles Clifford, first Baronet; daughter of Edward Bath, of 
Bryn-y-l\Ior, Swansea, South 'Vales. (1883) 
Clifford, Rev. Frederick Charles Alfred, l\I.A., Trinity Conege, 
Uambridgo; curate of Eh-'-eden, Suffolk. 

Converts to Rome 


Clifford, Lady Helena, third wife of Sir Geor
e Hugh Charles 
Clifford, second Baronet; daughter of the Rev. J. DennIS. (1891) 
Clifford, The Hon. Lady Josephine Elizabeth, daughter of the 
Rev. Joseph Anstice, :\I.A. ; wife of :\Iajor-General the Hon. Sir Henry 
Hugh Clifford, (1826-1883), K.C.M.G., C.B., V.C., Knight of the Legion 
of Honour; served successively in South Africa, Crimea, China and 
Zululand, third son of the seventh Daron Clifford of Chudleigh. (1845) 

Clifton, Harry, civil engineer under the Government of India. 


l' Clifton, Colonel John Talbot, of Eton Col1ege; B.A., 
Col1ege, Cambridge; of Lytham Hall, Lancashire; brother of the first 
Baron Donington. (1870) 
Clutterbuck, Miss, sister-in-law of Sir John Croker Barrow, (1833- 
1900), third Baronet. (1860) 
Clutterbuck, Mrs Margaret H. G., daughter of the late Richard P. 
Long, :M.P., D.L., of Rood Ashton, \Viltshirc; sister of the Right lIon. 
'Vatter Long, :M.P.; wife of Colonel Hugh P. ClutterLuek, J,P. for 
t Clutton, Henry, the Architect, of Chislehurst, Kent. 

Clutton, Rev. Henry J., (1849-1909), a Priest. 
Coape-Arnold, Henry Fraser James, 
I.A., St John's Col1ege, 
Cambridge; only son of James Co ape, of Goldhanger, Essex, and of 
'Volvey Hal1, 'Varwickshire. 
Coape-Arnold, Mrs Mary Geneviève, wife of H. F. J. Coape-Amold, 
:M.A., Cantab.; daughter of the Rev. J. C. Cummings, 
I.A., late Rector 
of Cheadle, Cheshire; mother of Cranfield Coape-Arnold (1887) 
Coats, Stuart Auchincloss, Private Chamberlain to Pope Pius X; 
:Member of Committee of Catholic Education Council; a "founder" of 
'Vestminster Cathedral; eldest son of Sir James Coats, first Baronet, and 
of Sarah Ann, daughter of John Auchincloss; grandson of Sir Peter 
Coat.s, of Auchendrane, Ayrshire, N.B. (1899) 
Cobbold, Henry Chevallier, (1832-1882), of Holywells, Ipswich, 
Suffolk. _ (1880) 
Cobbold, Mrs, wife of Henry Cheva
lier Cobbold, (1832-1882); daughter 
of the Rev. Henry Patterson, 
LA., late Rector of Drinkstone, Suffolk. 
Cochrane, Commander Archibald, R.
., eldest son of Vice- 
Admiral Basil Edward Cochrane, by Cornelia, daughter of Captain J. 
H. Owen, R.N. ; son-in-law of Colonel Alured de Yere Brooke, R.E. 
Cochrane, Lady Catherine Elizabeth, (1821-1868), daughter of 
Thomas, tenth Earl of Dundonald, (1775-1860), a distinguished Admiral, 
and one of the greatest Naval Commanders of any age, an advanced 
Reformer, an eminent scientist and an inventor of many discoveries. (185G) 


Converts to Rome 

Cochrane, Rev. James, a Presbyterian 
Iinister of Cupar, N.B. (1876) 
Codd, Mrs, wife of Canon Codd, J\I.A., late vicar of Beaminster, Dorset, 
and Rural Dea.n. (1888) 
t COdd, Mrs, wife of the Rev. Edward Thornton Codd, :\I.A., vicar of 
Bishop's Tachbrook, 'Varwickshire. (1877) 
Coddrington, William W., of 'Vroughton flouso, Swindon. (1869) 
Coddrington, Mrs, (1827-1909), wife of 'Vil1iam 'V. Coddrington, of 
Swindon. (1869) 
Codrington, Miss Dorothy, daughter of the late Rear-Admiral 
\V il1iam Codrington, C.B. (1896) 
Codrington, Humphrey William, B.A., New College, Oxford; son 
of the late Rear-Admiral 'V. Uodrington, C.B. (1897) 
Codrington, Lieutenant John Robert Auber, of the Royal Navy, 
younger son of the late Rear-Admiral 'Villiam Oodringtan, C.B. (1896) 
Codrington, Miss Margaret, daughter of the late Rear-Admiral 
'V. Oodrington, O.B. (189G) 
Codrington, The Hon. Mrs Mary Auber, wife of Rear-Admiral 
'Yil1iam Codrington, C.B. ; daughter of the first Viscountess Hambleden, 
by her first husband Benjamin Auber Leach; step-daughter of the 
Right Hon. 'Yilliam Henry Smith, (1825-1891), J\I.P., P.O., leader of the 
House of Commons. (1897) 
Coe, Frank, B.A., St Edmund's Hall, O
ford; of Brooklyn House, 
Roath, Cardiff, South 'Vales. (1885) 
t Coffin, Rev. A. Edmund, of Harrow School; 
r.A., )Iagdalen College, 
Oxford; curate of East Farleigh, Kent. (1851) 
Coffin, Right Rev. Dr Robert Aston, (1819-1885), of Harrow School; 
.l\l.A., Christ Church, Oxford; vicar of St J\Iary J\Iagdalen's, O
a Redemptorist Priest, for some time Provincial of the Order, and then 
third Bishop of Southwark; ascetical writer; brother of the Hev. A. E. 
Coffin, J\I.A., Oxon. (1845) 
t Coghlan, Major-General, of the Indian Army. (1870) 
Coghlan, Mrs Josephine M., wife of Colonel Charles Coghlan, J.P; 
daughter of the Rev. T. Kenworthy, J\I.A., Rector of Ackworth, Y ork- 

Coghlan, Rev. Thomas Lloyd, (1804-1873), J\I.A., Trinity College, 
Dublin; Senior Rector of J\Iourne Abbey, co. Cork A Priest. (18t>1) 
Coghlan, Rev. Thomas Lloyd, (1832-1906), unattached student of 
Oxford University; curate at Stonehouse. A Priest and Army Chaplain; 
eldest son of the late Rev. T. Lloyd Coghlan, J\I.A., Dublin. (1851) 
t Coghlan, Mrs, wife of the late Rev. T. Lloyd Coghlan, J\I.A. (1851) 
Coghlan, Miss, daughter of t.he late Rev. T. Lloyd Coghlan, 
I.A. (1331) 

Converts to Rome 


Coke, Lady Katharine, Lady }{atharine Grey Egerton, was Lady- 
in-"\Vaiting for several years to H.R.II. the late Princess l\Iary Adelaide 
'Vilhelmina Elizabeth, Duchess of Teck j daughter of the second Earl of 
'Vilton, G.O.H.; and wife of the Hon. Henry John Ooke, of Longford 
Hall, Brailsford, Derbyshire, Bon of the first Earl of Leicester. 
Coke, Mrs, wife of Colonel Coke, of Brookhill Hall, Pinxton, Alfreton, 
:K ottinghamshire. (1905) 
Colby, Rev. Frederick Clarence Copleston, of King's College, 
London; B.A., Durham University; curate of St Peter's, Fulham, London, 
S.'V. (18DG) 

Cole, Rev. Osmer L., late curate of St John's, Sutton-on-PlYIn, 
Devonshire; till recently of the Austin Canons Regular at Bodmin, 
Cornwall. (1904) 
Coleman, John, B.A., Worcester Oollege, Oxford. 
Coleman, Rev. John Chrysostom, a Franciscan Friar at St 
Joseph's, EdgeclifIe, Sydney, :K ew South 'Vales. 
Coleridge, Miss, cousin of the Rev. Henry James Coleridge, (1822-1893), 
a Priest of the Society of Jesus. 
Coleridge, Miss E., a. nun; cousin of the Rev. Henry James Coleridge 
(1822-1893), a Priest of the Society of Jesus. 
Coleridge, Rev. Henry James, (1822-1893), of Eton College; 
Scholar of Trinity College and Fel10w of Oriel College, Oxford; First 
Class in Classics; Incumbent of a district church, near Ottery St l\Iary, 
Devonshire. A Priest of the Society of Jesus at Farm Street, London, 
'V. ; ascetical writer; son of Sir James Taylor Coleridge, (1790-1876), 
Judge of the Court of Queen's Bench; grand-nephew of Samuel Taylor 
Coleridge, (1772-1834), the poet and philosopher; brother of Lord 
Coleridge, (1820-1894), Lord Chief Justice of England, who was chief 
counsel for the defendants in the first Tichborne Trial; brother-in-law of 
the Right Rev. Dr John Fielder lUackarness, (1820-1889), Lord Bishop of 
Oxford. (1852) 
Coley, Francis, Bon of the Rev. James Coley, l\f.A., vicar of West 
Hampstead, London, :N.VV. (1893) 
Collard, Captain, of 'Valthamstow, Essex. 
Collard, Mrs, wife of Oaptain Collard. 
Collinge, Miss Winif'red F., of Silverlands, Bowdon, Cheshire. (1905) 
Colli ngwood, S. Dodgson, B.A., Christ Church, Oxford (lÐoo) 
Collins, Miss Decima, daughter of Captain Collins, R.N. 
t Collins, Rev. Henry, :M.A., Durham University; curate of St 
George's-in-the-East, London. A Cistercian :t.lonk, formerly chaplain to 
the Convent of Our Lady of Dolours, 'Vimborne, Dorset; author and 
pûel (1857) 


Converts to Rome 

Collins, H. B., 
lu8.Eac., New College, Oxford; Fellow of the Royal 
College of :L\lusic; formerly Organist of St 1\largaret's, Lym; now at the 
Italian Church, IIatton Garden, London, E.C. (18D8) 
t Collins, Rev. John F. C., 1\I.A., University College, Oxford; eurate 
at Birkenhead, Lancashire. (1851) 
Collins, John Stratford, B,A., St John's College, Cambridge; son of 
Colonel John 
. Collins. (ID04) 

Collins, Miss Lota, of Cadogan Square, London, S.'V. 


t Collins, Rev. Thomas, B.A., Ca.ntab; curate of St Y cep, Cornwall. 
Collis, Ve.ry Rev. William, (1832-18D3), a Priest and Canon of North- 
ampton diocese at St George the :l\Iartyr, Shefford, Eedfordshire. 
t Collyns, Rev. Charles Henry, B.A., Christ Church, Oxford; 
curate of St 
Iary 1\lagdalen's, Oxford. (1845) 
Colman, Very Rev. Prior Eurico, of the Discalced Carmelites at 
1\ aples; son of an East Anglian Rector. (1876) 
t Colpman, Rev. Henry Charles, a Priest, for thirty-seven years at 
Our Lady and St Charles Borromeo, 'Yisbech, Cambridgeshire (1854) 
Colthurst, Colonel David La Touche, (182R-1D07), of Eournemouth, 
Hampshire; served with the 17th Regt. in the Crimea campaign, includ- 
ing the siege of Sebastopol and the assault on the Redan; formerly 1\1.1>. 
for co. Cork; son of Sir Xicholas Conway Colthurst, fourth Baronet; he 
married Frances, daughter of 'Villiam Douglas Dick, (1802-1872), 
Oxon, of Pitkerro, N.H. (1878) 
t Colthurst, Robert, son of Sir Nicholas Conway Colthurst, fourth 
Baronet, of Ardrum, co. Cork. 
Comberbach, Rev. Charles, (1801-1891), a Priest, at one time chaplain 
to the last Lady Holland, and then in charge of St Anne's, Chertsey, 
Surrey; son of an Army Officer. (1821) 
t Comberbach, Robert, brother of the Rev. Charles Comberbach, 
(1801-1891), a. Priest; and family. (1830) 
Conder, Rev. Rén
 F. R., B.A., Oxon; curate of St George's, Botolph 
Lane, London, E,C. ; Librarian to the l\Iarquess of Bute. (1887) 
Conder, Mrs, wife of the Rev. Réné F. R. Conder, B.A., Oxon; daughter 
of the late Robert l\Iachonachie of Gattonside, 
Ielrose, K.B. (1887) 
Conron, Mrs Evelyn. wife of Stanislaus Conron, of 'Yiltsfort, Horn- 
ch urch, Essex. (1909) 
Consett, Mrs Harriet Georgiana Edith, eldest daughter of 
Lord Oharles Lennox Kerr, Bon of the si
Iarquess of Lothian, K. T. ; 
and her ten children among whom is Commander 
lontague Consett, R.N. 

Converts to Rome 


Consett, William Warcop Peter, B.A., Oriel College, Oxford; of 
Crosby Court, X orthallerton: Brawith Hall, Thirsk and Château du 
Champ de Bataille, Eure, France; husband of the above; formerly 
lieutenant Yorkshire Hussars; J.P. and D.L. for the Korth Riding of 
Yorkshire; son of the Rev. John D'Arcy Jervis Preston, )1. A., of Askham 
Bryan Hall, Yorkshire. 
Considine, Heffernan, (1816-1895), B.A., Trinity ColJege, Cambridge; 
D.L.; J.P.; of Derk, co. Lim
rick, Ireland; eldest Bon of Heffernan 
Considine by Elizabeth Patten; he married l\liss l\Iac:ðlahon, of Firgrove, 
co. (jlare; father of Sir Heffernan J. F. Oonsidine, C.B., 1\1.V.O., D.L., 
Deputy-Inspector-General of the Royal Irish Constabulary; and of the 
Rev. Daniel Considine, a Priest of the Bociety of Jesus &nd Rector of 
"\Yimbledon College, London, S.'Y. ; father-in-law of the late Lieutenant- 
Colonel 'Yilliam l\IcCarthy-O'Leary, South Lancashire Regiment, of 
Coomlagane, co. Cork, who was killed in the last South African "Tar, and 
to whom a sta.tue has been erected in "r arrington, Lancashire; grand- 
father of Captain John l\IcCarthy-O'Leary, South Lancashire Regi- 
ment and of Lieutenant Henry 'Yilliam Denis 
IcCarthy-O'Leary, of the 
Royal Irish Fusiliers. (1858) 
Considine, Count James, (1824-1907), educated in }Ì'ance and at the 
University of Heidelberg; of the British CO
1sular Service; younger 
brother of Heffernan Considine, (1816-189;)), J.P., D.L., of Derk, co. 
Limerick, Ireland; his title was a Roman one. (1880) 

Constable-Maxwell, The Hon. Mrs Mary, (1814-1884), wife of 
the Hon. )Iarmaduke Constable-:
\Iaxwel], brother of the thirteenth Baron 
Herries; d3.ughter of t.he Rev. Anthony 
Iarden, )I.A., of Uargrave. (1840) 
Conway, Miss, daughter of an Anglican clergyman. 
Conyers, Miss, formerly Superioress of St Agnes' llome, Torquay; 
daughter of an Anglican Rector. 
Cook, Alfred Joh n, of the Royal Army )Iedical Corps. 
Cook, Mrs Austin, of Bamford Grange, Adswood 
Cook, Miss, of St James' Square, X otting Hill, London, 'V. 
Cook, Miss Caroline, a. nun. 
Cook, Miss Frances, a Carmelite nun. 
Cook, J. A., barrister. 
t Cook, Rev. \Villiam Wishaw, a Priest (Oblate of St Charles), at 
St Charles' College, St Charles' Square, London, ,Yo (186--1) 
Cooke, Rev. Osmund, a Passionist Priest, late of Paris. 
Cooke, Mrs Rose, .wife of the ReV'. 'V. A. Cooke, 
I.A., Oxon; née 
Brown; and family. (1894) 


Cooke, Rev. William Albert, 
I.A., 'Vorcester College, Oxford; 
Incumbent of St 
.lar:fs, Cuddington, \Y orcester Park, London, S.\\


Converts to Rome 

Cookesley, Dr doh n, of London. 
Cooksey, Charles, J.P. for Southampton. (1888) 
Cooksey, Mrs, wife of Charles Cooksey, J.P.; daughter of J. Soper, J.P., 
Iayor of Basingstoke, Hampshire. (1888) 
Cooksey, Rev. Charles, a Priest of the Society of Jesus in Eritish 
Guiana; late editor of The Catholi
 Standard of that Colony; Bon of 
Charles Cooksey. J.P. of Southampton. (1888) 
Cooksey, Rev. Walter, a Priest, till lately at St J\Iary 1\Iagdalen's, 
Brighten, Sussex; then at Southwark Cathedral; now at St Joseph's, 
Bromley, Kent; son of Charles Cooksey, J.P. of Southampton. (1888) 
Combes, Arthur, B.A., Oriel College, Oxford 
t Coombes, Rev. Henry, 
I.A., Fellow of St John's College, Oxford; 
curate of St Saviour's, Leeds. (1851) 
Coombs, Captain Arthur V. L, 1\I.A., Oriel CoHege; Private 
Chamberlain to Popes Pius IX and Leo XIII. 
t Coope, Rev. Henry Geor&,e, J\I.A., Christ Church, Oxford; curate 
of Bucknell. (1845) 
Cooper, Charles David, B.A., University College, O
ford. (1890) 
Cooper, dohn, Burgeon. 
Cooper, M rs, wife of John Cooper. 
Cooper, Mrs, wife of Colonel J\Ioore Cooper. 
t Cooper, Mrs Moss, sister of John "Talter, (1776-1847), l\I.P. for 
K ottingham, chief proprietor of The Times. 
Cooper, Miss, the novelist who writes in conjunction with J\Iiss Bradley 
under the n01n de guen'e of ")lichael Field ". 
Cooper, Thompson, (1833-1904), journalist and author; F.S.A., of 
The Times staff; son of Charles Henry Cooper, solicitor, and Town Clerk 
of Cambridge. 
t Cooper, Mrs, wife of Thompson Cooper, (1833-1904), journalist.. 
Cooper, William, Burgeon. 
Cooper, Mrs, wife of 'Villiam Cooper. 
Cooper, Mrs, now of Rome, widow of Captain Bernard Cooper, R.N.; 
a relative of General Robert E. Lee, and mother of the Marchesa Patrigi, 
of Rome. 
Coore, George Barnard Milbank, of Bath College; B.A., Scholar of 
Corpus Christi College, Oxford; barrister; son of Henry Foster Coore, 
.T.P., D.L. of Scrutton Hall, Yorkshire, by Augusta (;aroline, daughter of 
l\Iark !\Iilbank, of Thorp Perow; and a relative of the last Duke of 
Cleveland; son-in-law of His Excellency Burkhardt von Schmeling, 
Lieutenant-General Prussian Army. 

Converts to Rome 


Cope, Sir Anthony, thirteenth Baronet, of Bramshill Park, 'Vinchfield, 
HampshiI'e; formerly Lieutenant-Colonel of the Rifle Brigade, serving in 
the Ashantee 'Var; son of the Rev. Sir 'Villiam Henry Cope, 12th Baronet. 
Cope, Antony Fryar, of ,V oodford, Essex. 
Cope, James Canby Biddle, M.A., Worcester C011 ege, Oxford; 
received the title of :Marquis from Pope Leo XIII; author. (1882) 
Cope, Lady Mary Leckonby, wife of Sir Anthony Cope, thirteenth 
Baronet; daughter of John Lewis Phipps, of Leighton, 'Yiltshire; widow 
of the Rev. Henry Tudway, an Anglican clergyman. 
Cope, Miss, daughter of the Rev. Sir 'Villiam Henry Cope, 1vI.A., twelfth 
t Copeland, Dr, of Cheltenham. 
Copeland, M rs, wife of Dr Copeland. 
Copus, Rev. John Edwin, a :Priest of the Society of Jesus in the 
:Missouri Provin('e of the U.S.A.; author; he was born ana educated at 
Guildford, Surrey. (1876) 
Corbett, The Hon. Mrs Mabel Beatrix, (18"0-1
99), Hon. ltlabel 
Shut; daughter of the first Baron Alington; sister of Yiscountess 
Chelsea; granddaughter of the third Earl of Lucan; w!fe of Sir Vincent 
Edwin Henry Corbett, K.C.V.O. (1891) 
Corbett, Sir Vincent Edwin Henry, of 'Yellington College; 1\I.A., 
Trinity CoHege, Cambridge; R.C.Y.O., for four years financial adviser to 
If.H. the Khedive of Egypt; at one time Secretary to the British 
Legation at Athens; now British ltIinister at Caracas, Venezuela, South 
America; son of Edwin Corbett, sometime British Envoy to Norway and 
Sweden. (1886) 
Corbyn, Rev. Henry Fisher, 
I.A., Jesus College, Cambridge; formerly 
Benior Church of England Chaplain to the Forces in India. (1881) 
Corke, Benjamin S., solicitor, of Cheltenham, late of Brigg. (1896) 
Cormack, Rev. James Ross, of Edinburgh University; successively 
curate of St .J ames, Cupar-:Fife, N.B.; Kirby-l\1isperton, Pickering, Yorks.. 
Kirkcaldy, N.B.; then Priest-in-charge of St Ulement's l\IisRion, Aber
deen, N.B. (1910) 
Cornes, Rev. John Allen, a Priest in the Archdiocese of Adelaide, 
South Australia. (1883) 
Cornes, M rs Mary Frances, mother of the Rev. John Allen Cornes 
a priest; wife of Captain 
 ?hn E. Cornes, of the Royal Engineers 
daughter of J. P. A. Lloyd-PhilIpps, of Dale Castle, Pembrokeshire. (1892) 
Cornish, Mrs Blanche, wife of the Rev. Francis 'Varre Cornish, l\I.A., 
rovost of Eton College; daughter of the late Hon. "Tilliam 
RItchIe, Legal 
Iember of the Oouncil of India; niece of 'Villi am 
l\Iakepeace Thackeray, (1811-1863), the novelist; mother of l\Irs Reginald 
BaHour. (1903) 


Converts to Rome 

Cornthwaite, William Walter, of Castle Villa, Kenda

Corrance, Rev. Henry Clemence, B.A., Christ Church, Oxford; 
rector of 'Yest Bergholt, Essex; author; son of the Rev. Charles T. 
Corrance, J.P., vicar of Parham-with-Hacheston, Suffolk. (1898) 
Cory, Mrs, wife of the Rev. 'Villiam Johnson Cory, 
I.A" master at Eton 
College, and author. (1887) 
Costelloe, Mrs Wallace, of Borriskane, Parsonstown, co. Tipperary, 
Ireland. (1888) 
Cotten ham, The Countess of, Theodosia Selina Dallas, wife of the 
third Earl of Cottenham; only daughter of Sir Robert Charles Dallas, 
second Baronet; granddaughter of Lord Ellenborough, (1750-1818), Lord 
Chief Justice of England (1895) 
Cotton, Lady, wife of Admiral f1otton. (1898) 
t Cotton, Miss, daughter of the Rev. Richard Lynch Cotton, D.D., (1794- 
1880), Provost of "T orcester College, Oxford; niece of the Rev. Edward 
Bouverie Pusey, (1800-1882), Professor of Hebrew and Canon of Uhrist 
Church, Oxford (1853) 
Cotton, Charles B., of St Sunivra's, Great 
Ialvern. (1889) 
Cotton, Major Walter, of the Royal Artillery. (1891) 
t Counsellor, Dr Richard Francis, of "
halley, Lancashire. 
Coupe, Mrs, mother of the Rev. Oharles Coupe, 
I.A., with I-Ionours in 
Classics, London University, a Priest of the Society of Jesus at the Church 
of the Sacred Heart, Bournemouth, I-Iants., author, and a much appreciatRd 
preacher and lecturer. 
Courtauld, George, junr., l\LA., Trinity College, Cambridge. 
t Courtayne, Henry de Villiers, B.A., Trinity College, Dublin; 
of Killarney, co. Kerry, Ireland. (1860) 
+ Courtnay, Admiral George. 
Courtney, Miss, sister of a former Anglican Bishop of Jamaica. 
t Courtney, Thomas, l\I.A., Cantab. 
Coventry, Lady Alexina, (1851-1882), daughter of the fifth Earl of 
Fife, K..rr. ; sister of Alexander \Villiam George Duff, first Duke of Fife, 
K.U., and sister-in-law of H.R.R. Princess Louise Victoria Dagmar, 
Princess Royal of Great Britain and Ireland; wife of Henry Aubrey 
Coventry. son of the Hon. Henry Amelius Coventry, son of the eighth 
Earl of Coventry; granddaughter of the seventeenth Earl of Erroll. 
Coventry, Mrs Catherine, (1818-1901), daughter of Colonel Seton, 
of Brookheath, Hampshire; wife of the Rev. John Coventry, :\1. A., anp 
family. (1875) 

Converts to Rome 


Coventry, Mrs Ella Gordon, wife of Bernard Coventry, Principal of 
the Agricultural College, Poona, India, son of the Rev. John Coventry, 
(1819-1897) ; daughter of Edward Dalgleish, of Dalsing Serai, Tirhoot, 
Bengal. (1906) 
Coventry, Rev. John, (1819-1897), 
I.A., l\Iagdalen Hall, Oxford; 
Rector of Tywardreath, Cornwall; son of John Coventry, of Burgate 
IIousp, Hampshire; grandson of the sixth Earl of Coventry; founder of 
the Catholic ,Mission, (Our Lady of Seven Dolours) at Fordingbridge, 
Hampshire; father of John Coventry, J.P., and of the Very Rev. 
Ioray Alphonsus Coventry, Commissary-General, and Prior of 
Our Lady of Seven Dolours, Bognor, Sussex. (1857) 
Coventry, Mrs Maud, wife of Francis Coventry, son of the Rev. John 
Coventry, (1819-1897); daughter of Colonel IIenry HiD, of Bahar, India. 
Coward, Walter Scott, B.A., Trinity Hall, Cambridge; for twcnty- 
seven years H.J\I. Inspector of Schoo]s; subsequently Inspector of Training 
Colleges, and Chief Inspector in the North 'Vestern Division. 
Cowell, Edward, a Baptist, brother of the Rev. II. II. C. Cowell. 
(1846-1895), a Priest of the Society of Jesus. (1863) 
Cowell, Rev. Henry Hugh Church, (1846-1895), a Baptist; a 
Priest of the Society of Jesus at St .Toseph's, Redford Leigh, :Thlanchester. 
Cowell, John, a Baptist, brother of the Rev. IIenry Cowell, (18--16-1895), 
a Priest of the Society of Jesus. (1863) 
Cowell, Joseph, a Baptist, brother of the Rev. Henry Cowell, (1846-1895), 
a Priest of the Society of Jesus. (1863) 
Cowley, Rev. Alban, (1828-1892), a Passionist Priest at St Joseph's 
Retreat, I-lIghgate, London, N. 
Cox, A. J., collector of His J\Iajesty's Inland Revenue for East Anglia. 
t Cox, Rev. Charles, B.A., Exeter College, Oxford; curate of Allerton, 
Somersetshire. (1846) 
t Cox, Captain John Pope, of the 1st Royal Surrey :Thli1itia. 

t Cox, Richard, of Carrickpatrick, co.. Limerick, Ireland. 
Coxon, Miss Atwell, of Hong Kong. 
t Coxon, Mrs Fanny, wife of :ThIichael Agnew Coxon, of the Rombay 
Civil Service; daughter of Sir George 'Villiam Anderson, (1791-1857), 
R.C.B., successively Governor of Bombay, :Mauritius and Ceylon; mother 
of Commander Lionel H. St Croix Coxon, R.N. 


Cracroft-Amcotts, Mrs, wife of Colonel 'Veston Cracroft-Amcotts, 
l\LP. of Hackthorn Hall, Lincolnshire; mother of Edward 'Veston 
Cracroft, J.P., and at one time High Sheriff of Lincolnshire. 


Converts to Rome 

Craig, J. Young. 
Craig, Mrs, wife of J. Young Craig; and three sons. 
Craig, William Young, of 
IiJton House, Alsger, Cheshire; J.P. for 
counties Cheshire and Stafford; formerly l\I.P. for North Staffordshire. 
(1891 ) 
Craigie, Mrs Pearl Mary Teresa, (1867-1906), "John Oliver Hobbes" 
the well-known novelist and playwright; contributor to The Times, The 
1/01.tnightly Review, 'Phe Anglo-Saxon Review, and The lVnrth-Arnerican 
Review; eldest daughter of J ohn 
Iorgan Richards; granddaughter of 
the Rev. James Richards, D.D., of New York, and of Laura Hortense 
Arnold, granddaughter of the Hon. Peter Spearwater, who represented 
Shelbourne in the Colonial Parliament at Halifax; wife of Reginald 
\Valpole Craigie grandson of Colonel John Craigie, Bengal J\Iilitary 
Board, and of th
 Rev. Edwin Jfatch, l\I.A., Rector of "Talton. (1892) 
Craigie-Halkett, Mrs, of Crmuond, Jlidlothian, N.B. ; wife of John 
Uraigie-Halkett of Cramond; daughter of the late Duncan Davidson of 
Tulloch; and tlupe daughters. 
t Craven, Augustus, private Secretary to Lord Palmerston, (1784- 
IRG,j), then successively attllché of Leghorn, Paris and Brussels; chargé 
tl'a.ffaircs at Darmstadt; translated Lord TIulwer and Evelyn Ashley's 
Life of Palmerston into French, and at the request of Queen Victoria 
made an abridged translation into the same language of the Life of 
the p'J'ince (
01lS07.t; son of the lIon. Richard Keppel Craven, (1779-1851), 
youngest son of Lord Craven by Lady Elizabeth Berkeley, afterwards 
l\largravine of Brandenburg, Anspach and Baireutte, 
Craven, Lad Mary Catherine, (1837-1891), daughter of the fourth 
Earl of Hard\\icke, Lord Lieuten
nt of (1ambridgeshire, and succesively 
Postmaster-Goneral and Lord PrIvy Seal; granddaughter of tho first 
Baron Ravensworth; wife of Captain "Tilliatn George Craven. (18(j,j) 
Craven, Mrs Pauline Maria Armande Aglae, (1808-1891), wife of 
Augustus Craven; authoress; daughter of Comte Auguste 
Iarie de la 
Ferronays, a French Huguenot; her chief work was Hécit d''Une Sæul'. 

Crawford, Francis Marion, (1854-1909), of St Paul's School, IT.S.A. ; 
:àl.A., Trinity College, Cambridge; Roman University; journalist, 
novelist, and playwright; son of Thomas Crawford, (1814-1857), the 
American sculptor, who settled in Rome; Bon-in-Iaw of General Hiram 
Berdan, of the United States Army. (1880) 
t Crawford, Mervyn, J\I.A., 
I.D., LL.D., Trinity College, Uambridge. 
Crawford, M rs, wife of the above; and family. (1850) 
Crawford, Mrs Virginia Mary, journalist and essayist; daughtrr of 
Thomas Eustace Smith, 
L P., of Oosforth Park, Newcastle-on-Tyne; a 
most active mClnber of the Catholic Guardian's Association and an 
untiring worker in t.he cause of Poor Law Reform, author of Ideals of 
Clzarity, etc. (1889) 

Converts to Rome 


Crawley, Rev. George dohn Lloyd, (1820-1874), 1\I.A., Christ Church, 
Oxford; curate of St Saviour's, Leeds; a priest, (Oblate of 1\Iary 
Immaculate), at St 1\Iary's, Leeds, Yorkshire. (1851) 
Crawshay, Mrs William Thomas, of Glamorganshire; daughter of 
Colonel Woods, of Llandaff; granddaughter of 'Villiam Crawshay, at one 
time High Sheriff of Glamorganshire. (1896) 
Crewe, The Hon. Henrietta Hungerford Offley, (1808-1879), 
daughter of John, second Baron Urewe; a great benefactress to several 
Catholic 1\Iissions. (1842) 
t Crichton-Kinmond, Mrs Marian Teresa, wife of the late 
James Crichton-Kinmond, of Sunnycroft, Leamington Spa, 'Var- 
wickshire, and of Cardney, Dunkeld, N.B.; she founded the Convent 
of the Sisters of 1\Iarie Réparatrice in Edinburgh as a thank-offering for 
her conversion, (1899) 
Crichton-Stuart, Patrick dames, of Eton College; formerly 
lieutenant in the Grenadier Guards; D.L. for Buteshire, N.B.; son of 
Lieutenant-Colonel James Frederick Dudley Crichton-Stuart, (1824-1891), 
M.P. for Cardiff, by Gertrude Frances, daughter of the Right Hon. Sir 
George IIamilton SeYlllour, G.C.B., (1797-1t380), the diplomatist; great- 
grandson of the first 1\Iarqueas of Bute, K. T. (1884) 
t Crispin, Admiral. 
t Crispin, Mrs, wife of Admiral Crispin. 
Crispin, Miss Alberta, daughter of the late Admiral Crispin; godchild 
of Queen Victoria. 
Crispin, Rev. Neil, (1828-1880), a Priest at St I\Iary i\Iagdalen's 
Brighton, Sussex; son of th(j late General Crispin, 
Crispin, Miss Sarah, daughter of Captain Benjamin Crispin, R.N. 
Crispin, Miss Victoria, daughter of tbe late Admiral Crispin. 
t Crispin, General, brother of the late Admiral Crispin, 
Croft, Lieutenant-Colonel dames Henry Herbert, formerly of 
the Kings's lUfles and Staff-Paymaster, A.P.D. ; served in the Royal Navy 
as l\Iidshipman, (1854-7), including service with the Baltic Fleet during 
the Russian War. (189-1) 
Crofton, Morgan William, l\LA., Trinity College, Dublin; D.Sc., 
F.R.S.; late Fellow of the Royal University of Ireland; sucæssively 
Professor at the Royal 1\Iilitary Academy, ,V oolwich, Queen's College, 
Galway, and at the Catholic University College, Dublin; author of 
scientific and philosophical essays; son of Rev. "\Villiam Crofton, 1\1. A., 
Rector of Skreene, co. Sligo, by 1\Ielesina, daughtt'r of the Rev. Henry 
Woodward; father of the Rev. William Crofton, of Stonyhurst 
College, 1\I.A. (first on list, and 1\Iathematical Honours), London 
University, a Priest of the Society of Jesus, and Rector of St Aloysius' 
College, Glasgow, N. B. 


Converts to Rome 

Croker, Arthur Charles, formerly lieutenant of the 77th Regt. ; son 
of Colonel Croker, and cousin of the third Earl of Listowe
 R.P. (1858) 
Cross, Miss Alice, superintendpnt of the Evelina IIospital for children, 
Southwark Bridge Road, London, S.E. 
Cross, Rev. Henry M'lntosh, B.A., Scholar of Pembroke College, 
Oxford; curate of Lenton, Northampton; curate-in-charge of Arkley, 
Barnet, :Middlesex; and then chaplain and Form 1\Iaster at Eastbourno 
College. (1R96) 

Crosse, Rev. Herbert L. Aloysi us, of "rinchester CoJIege; formerly 
a solicitor, of 'Vigmore Street, London, 'Y.; a Dominican Friar 
till lately at St Peter's Priory, Hinckley, Leicestershire; then at Th
Immaculate Conception, Stroud, Gloucestershire. (1882) 
Crosse, Miss Phyllis, daughter of A. "\V. Crosse, of Newton Court, 
Sunbury-on-Thames. (1905) 
Crosse, Miss Mary Eliza, now wife of Signor :\Iortarotti, Italian Army. 
Crowe, Lieutenant-Colonel John Henry Verinder, R.A., of 
Charterhouse School; R.)I.A., "r oolwich and 
ta:ff CoJIege; Private 
Secretary to the Governor of the Punjab, (1892-7), D.A.Q.l\I.G., In- 
telligence Department, War Office, (1899-1902); Chief Instructor in 
1\Iilitary Topography, 1\Iilitary History and Tactics at the R.l\f. Academy, 
'Y oolwich, (190-1-8); now Commandant of the Royal ::\1ilitary College, 
Kingston, Canada; Knigbt Commander of the Danebrog, (Denmark); 
Order of l\ferit, (Spain); Officer of the Order of St Bente, (Portugal); 

Crowther, Rev. Thomas A., (1820-18!-)8), 1\Ius.Doc. ; a Priest, fOflllcrIy 
l\Iilitary Chaplain in China and India, then in charge of St 'Vinefrid's, 
'Velshpool, 1\Iontgomeryshire, and finally chaplain at St Joseph's College, 
Dumfries, N.B. (1849) 
Croxton, Miss, daughter of Captain Croxton, of Landels, Carmarthen- 
shire; late of Oswestry. 
Cruikshank, Rev. Alexander Patrick John, (1830-1900), of Rugby 
School; a Priest, D.D., of Rome; for some time Vice-Rector of the Collegio 
Pio, Rome; then a Cistercian l\Ionk at St BEirnard's Abbey, Leicestershirc ; 
author. (1850) 
Cruse, David Arthur, 1\I.A., Exeter College, Oxford. 
Cruse, David Augustus, l\I.A., Us haw College, the Leeds Grammar 
School, and University College, Oxford; president of the Leeds Catbolic 
Federation; in the foundation of this body in September, 1906, he took a 
leading part. Governor of two Catholic secondary schools in L
member of the Leeds Diocesan Association of l\fanagers and of the 
(1atholic Education Council; spoke on behalf of the Leeds Catholic 
deputation to :\Ir Birrell on t.he Education Question in l\larch, 1906, on 
bchalf of t.he Catholics in the Dioceses of Leeds and 
Iiddlesborough in 
the Deputa.tion to Lord Lansdowne in November, 1906. 

Converts to Rome 


Cubitt, Mrs Charlotte Anne, wife of the late Captain Charles Lewis 
Cubitt. of the 26th Cameronians; a cousin of the first Baron Ashcombe; 
second daughter of R. 'V. Kinnard, sometime 
I.P. for Newport, Isle of 
Cuffe, Captain, of Connaught, Ireland. 
Cuffe, Joh n Otway, of St Albans, co. Kilkenny, and of Grange, Queen's 
County, Ireland; grandson of the last Earl of Harborough. 
Culley, George Christopher Bolton, fourth son of the late 
Tewart Culley, 
1.A., University College, Oxford, J.P., of Coupland 
Castle, Northumberland, by Harriet 
lary Jane, daughter of the Rev. 
Thomas Knight, 1\I.A., J.P., rector of Ford. (1894) 
Culley, Rev. Matthew, educated at 'Viesbaden, 1\Iunich and Oscott 
College; a Priest at Coupland Castle, Northumberland; J.P. for the same 
county; Lord of the :l\1anor of Akeld; eldest son of :l\Iatthew Tewart 
I.A., Oxon., J.P. of Coupland Castle, Northumberland, by Harriet, 
daughter of the Rev. Thomas Knight, 1\I.A., J.P., rector of Ford. (1879) 
Cullin, Mrs, wife of J. R. Cullin, of Warwick Gardens, Kensington, 
London, VV. 
Cumberland, James Bentinck, son of 1\Iajor-General "Tilliam 
Bentinck Cumberland, R.A., late of the Bengal Army. (1894) 
t Cumberlege, Rev. Arthur B., B.A., Trinity College, Cambridge; 
curate at Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire. A Priest of the Brompton 
Oratory, London, S.W. (1857) 
Cumíng, Gordon, tutor to the son of Prince Doria. of Rome. 
Cummings, Rev. Walter, a. Priest of the Society of Jesus at StAloysius', 
CundaU, Mrs Elizabeth Ellen, daughter of the Rev. Sayer Stone 
'Varmoll, l\1.A., rector of Sotterby, Suffolk; sister of the late Rev. 
Francis James 'Varmoll, a Priest at Our Lady of Seven Dolours, 
Stowmarket, Suffolk, and of the Very Rev. John Priestley 'Yarmoll, 
(1830-1885), B.A., Oxon, a. Priest and Provost of Northampton. 
Cundall, Mrs Emily, of St Helen's, Chingford, Essex. 
Cundy, Spon Alphonsus, son of the late Samuel Cundy. 

Cundy, Charlotte Mary, wife of the above. 


Cuninghame, Captain, of the Guards; son of the late George 
,,y enceslaus Cuninghame. (1865) 
t Cuninghame, George Wenceslaus. 

Cuninghame, Mrs, wife of George Wenceslaus Cuninghame. 


Cuninghame, Miss Margaret Mary, sister of George Wenceslaus 
Cuninghamc. (1865) 


Converts to Rome 

Cuninghame, William, son of George WenceslauI) Cuninghame. (1865) 
Cunliffe, Henry d., !lA., Exeter College, Oxford, 
Cunningham, Rev. A. H., of Kensington Grammar School; King's 
College, London; B.A., Queen's College, Oxford: curate of !\Iinchead, 
Somersetshire. . (1900) 
Cunningham, Rev. James Charles, B.A., Cantab; formerly an 
Anglican clergyman. 
Cunningham, R. B. D., J.P. of Hensol, N.B. 

Cunnington, Miss L. A.J the authoress. 


Cunynghame, Miss, formerly of the Anglican Siswrhood at 'Vantage; 
a nun. (1880) 
Curling, Mrs, wife of Admiral Curling. 
Curran, Mrs, wife of James Curran, a Quaker; of Dublin. 
Currey, Mrs E. E., of 1\Iilton House, Swindon, 'Viltshire. 


Currie, Andrew, the sculptor. 
Currie, Mrs Caroline Louisa, (1837-1902), youngest child of Sir 
'V. L. Young, fourth Baronet; wife of 'Villiam Bertram \Vodehousc Currie, 
(1827-1896); author of Sidelights of the Oxford 
110vement. (1858) 
Currie, William Bertram Wodehouse, (1827-1896), of Eton 
College; Banker: President of the City of London Liberal Association; 
son of Raikes Currie, 1\I.P. of l\Iinley 
fanor, Farnborough, Hampshire; 
grandson of the second Baron Wodehouse; brother of Lord Currie, P.C., 
at one time British Ambassador at Rome. (1895) 
Currie, Mrs, formerly of the Convent of l\Iercy, Great Ormond Street, 
London, W.O (1888) 
Currie, Miss Florence, a nun; daughter of l\Irs Currie. (1888) 
Currrie, The Hon. Ellen M, daughter of the first Baron Currie, 
P.C., formerly British Ambassador at Rome. (1899) 
Curtis, Admiral Sir Lucius, (1778-1869), second Baronet of Gat- 
combe, Hampshire; K.C.B. ; a. naval officer for nearly seventy-four years. 
Curtis, Lady, (1796-1854), wife of Admiral Sir Lucius Curtis, (1778-1869), 
second Baronet. (1848) 
Curtis, Robert L., J.P., at one time l\Iayor of West Ham, London, E. ; 
Lord of the ßfanor of Vang'\ Essex. 
Curtis, Miss, daughter of Robert L. Curtis, J.P. 
t Curzon, Mrs, daughter of Ince and Lady Emma Anderton; "\\ife of 
Colonel George A, Curzon. 

Converts to Rome 


Curzon, Major Nathaniel William, (1871-1899), of the lOth 
Huòsars; only Bon of Robert Curzon of Alvaston, Derbyshire, and of 

lrs Hibbert of Ashby St Ledgers, Northamptonshire. (1899) 
Curzon-Howe, Lady Edith Cecilia, daughter of Lieutenant-General 
the third Earl Howe, C.B., who served in the Indian 
Iutiny and the 
Kafih'Var, at one time A.D.C. to H.R.H. the Duke of Cambridge; grand- 
daugbter of l\Iajor-General George Anson, (1797-1857), l\I.P., who served 
with the 3rd Guards at "T aterloo, second Bon of Admiral of the Fleet 
Viscount Anson, (1697-1762), who was :first Lord of the Admiralty. (1892) 
Cusack, Mrs Veronica, wife of James Cusack, LL.D. of Richmond 
Hill, London, S."\V.; daughter of the Rev. Albert Sidney Labouchere- 
Sparling, (1838-1906), rector of Trevalga, Cornwall. (1895) 


Converts to Rome 



D'ALBANIE, Countess Alice, (1835-1881), Lady Alice l\laryEmily IIay, 
daughter of the seventeenth Earl of ErroU, IC T., Lord lIigh Steward, and of 
Lady Elizabeth Fitz-clarence, sister of the first Earl of )[unster; wife of 
Count Edward Stuart d'Albanie, a descendant of rrince Charles Edward 
Stuart, the Young Pretender. (1868) 
Dalbiac, Lieutenant-General Sir James Charles, (1776-1848). 
K.C.H., fought at Talavera and Salamanca; commanded the Goojerat 
district of the Bombay Army; 
I.P. for Ripon. (1843) 
t Dalbiac, Lady, wife of General Sir James Dalbiac, (1776-1848) K.C.II., 
Dale, Rev. J. D. Hilarius, (1822-1908), 
1.A., Oriel College, Oxford; 
curate of Frome Selwood, Somersetshire; a Priest, for some time in 
charge of St John's, Brentford, 
liddlesex; author. (1846) 
Dalgairns, Rev. John Dobree Bernard, (1818-1876), )I.A., Exeter 
College, Oxford; a. Priest of the Brompton Oratory, of which he was 
for Borne time Superior; author of several mystical and metaphysical 
works; son of 'Yilliam Dalgairns, an officer of Fusiliers, who did gallant 
service in the Peninsular 'Var. (1843) 
Dalrymple, Sir Walter Layard Hamilton, eighth Baronet; J.P. 
and D.L. for Haddingtonshire, K.B.; son-in-law of .:\Iajor-General Sir 
Henry Hugh Clifford, (1826-1883), K.C.l\1.G., C.B., V.C., third son of the 
seventh Baron Clifford of Chudleigh. (1882) 
Dalton, Mrs Mabel Selina M., wife of the Rev. H. A. Dalton, 
late Headmaster of Felsted School, Essex, now IIeadmaster of Harrison 
Coliege, Barbados; daughter of Captain Charles Simeon by Sarah, 
daughter of P. 'Villiams, Q.C., and niece of Sir John Barrington Simeon, 
(1815-1870), third Baronet, l\f.P. for Isle of 'Vight; and her four children; 
authoress. (189ï) 

Daly, Mrs Dominic, wife of a former Governor of Borneo. 


t Daly, The Hon. Mrs, only daughter of the second Baron Heytesbury. 
Dalziel, Mrs, wife of Captain Dalziel. 

Converts to Rome 


Dance, Rev. Henry Anderson, (1824-1908), B.A., Queen'
Oxford' an Anglican clergyman; at one time professor ot Enghsh 
re at the Jesuit College, Santa Clara, California, U.S.A. (1865) 
d'Anethan, Baroness, wife of the Belgian :Minister to Japan; 
daughter of 'Villiam 
Ieybohm Rider Haggard, of BradenhaD?- 
Norfolk, by )Iarianna Louisa, daughter of )Iajor 
Iargitson, of DItclllng- 
ham Norfolk; sister of Henry Rider Haggard, tbe author and poet, and 
of r\Iajor Edward Arthur Haggard, who took part in the late South 
African'Var. (1900) 
Daniel, Ivor, of Holmwood, Anfield, Liverpool. (1901) 
Daniell, Rev. E. M., of Harrow School; formerly an artist; a P
in-charge of St Anselm and St Cecilia, Kingsway, Lincoln-Inn-Flelds, 
London, E.C. (1883) 
Daniell, Robert, B.A., Trinity College, Dublin; J.P., of Xew Forest, 
Tyrel1spass, co. 'Vestmeath, Ireland , 
Daniels, Rev. AI."gustine, B.A., King's College, Cambridge; formerly 
an Anglican curate; a. Benedictine 1\Ionk. 
d'Arcis, Comte, (François Louis de Ruvigny), now of Bath; second son 
of the late 
!arquis de Ruvigny, descendant of the celebrated )Iarquis de 
Ruvigny, the leader of the French Protestants in the reign of Louis XIV. 
D'Arcy, Mrs, wife of Colonel D' Arcy, late Governor of the Falkland 

Darlington, Rev. Joseph, of Rossall School; 
I.A., Brasenose College, 
Oxford; Cuddesdon Theological College and the University of Louvain; 
rector of Thornden, Eye, Suffolk; a Priest of the Society of Jesus of the 
Irish Province; Fellow, Examiner, 
I.A., Gold l\Iedalist in :l\Iental 
Science of the Royal Irish University; Dean of Faculty and Professor 
of the Catholic University College, Dublin; Dean of Residence and 
Governor of the Catholic 
Iedical School, Dublin; author; son of Ralph 
Darlington, who was 
Iayor and Town Clerk of Wiga.n, Lancashire. (1878) 
Darnell, Mrs Jean Margaret, wife of l\Iajor ,,"'illiam Nicholas 
Darnell; da.ughter of Alexander Smith, C.E. 
Darnell, Rev. Nicholas, (1818-1892), of 'Vinchester College; 1\1.A. 
Fellow of .K ew College, Oxford; an Anglican curate; a Priest-in-charge 
of St John of Beverley, Haydon Bridge, Northumberland; son of a 
former Rector of Stanhope. (1847) 
Darnell, Major William Nicholas, of Winchester College; late of 
the 84th Regt., successively Governor of Chelmsford 
Iilitary Prison and 
Inspector of Prisons; eldest son of the Rev. 'Villi am Darnell, 
vicar of Bamburgh, Northumberland; grandson of tbe Rev. 'Villiam 

icholas Darnel
 (1776-1864), Prebendary of Durham, theological writer 
and antiquary, and of the Venerable Dr Charles Thorp, (1783-1862), Arch- 
deacon of Durham and first appointed 'Yarden of Durham University; 
nephew of the Rev. Nîcholas Darnell, (1818-1892), 
I.A., Oxon. 


Converts to Rome 

Darnley, Mrs Charles, sister of the Rev. Sebastian B, Gates, a 
Dominican Friar at St Sebastian's, Pendleton, J\Ianchester. 

d'Arras, Madame Louisa Augusta, (1830-190G), wife of the late 
:Monsieur Lambert Louis d'Arras, of Picardy, France, Chamberlain to H.H. 
Pope Leo XIII; daughter of Sir Edmund Lechmere, second Baronet. by Clara 
Augusta Murray, maid of honour to Queen Charlotte, wife of George III ; 
mother of Père H. d'Arras, a Priest of the Society of Jesus. (1851) 
t Dashwood, Captain Charles, of the Royal Navy, son of Admiral 
Sir Charles Dashwood, G.C.B.; father of the late Lieutenant .J u1ia.n 
Agnew Da.shwood, R.N. (1851) 

t Dashwood, Frederick, of St l\lichael's Torre, Devonshire; son of 
Admiral Sir Charles Dashwood, G.C.B. (1851) 
t Dashwood, Mrs, wife of Frederick Dashwood (1851) 
Dashwood, The Misses, daughter of the late Admiral Dashwood. 
t Daunt, Mrs Anne Maria O'Neill, of I{Jlcastle, co. Cork, Ireland; 
daughter of Bartholomew CorbaIlis, of Berwick-on-Tweed. (18-16) 
Daunt, Mrs Ellen O'Neill, daughter of Daniel Hickey; wife of 
'Yilliam Joseph O'Neill Daunt, of KilcaRsan Castle, co. Cork, formerly 
:\I.P. for J\Iallow. (18-16) 
Daunt, Richard Gumbleton, of Campinas, Brazil; father of the 
Right Rev. J\Ionsignor Fergus O'Connor de Camargo Daunt, l")rotonotary 
Apostolic in that country. 
t Daunt, William O'Neill, of Kilcastlo, co. Cork; author. 
Davenport, Joseph Lancelot, 1\I.A., Fellow of Jesus College, 
Davey, Arthur Hammond, B.A., Downing College, Cambridge. (1905) 
Davey, Henry, of the 'Var Office. 
Davey, Rev. Charles Walter, B.A., I{ing's College, Cambridge; 
curate of J\Iarnhull, Dorsetshire; a Priest at IIoly Cross, Victoria. Street, 
Bristol (1903) 
Davidson, Captain, of Folkestone, Kent. 
Davidson, Mrs, wife of Captain Davidson, 
Davie, George, :\I.A., Exeter College, Oxford; Headmaster of I{onsing- 
ton Collegiate School 
Davy, The Hon. Theodore, Chief Justice and ex-Premier of British 

Davies, Miss, r.. nun. 

Converts to Rome 


Davies, Mrs C. Temple, wife of Dr Herbert Davies, formerly senior 
physician to the London Hospital; mother of Ernest Reuter 'Vyatt- 
Davies, (1862-1907), author and historian. (1906) 
t Davies, Rev. John, B.A., Cantab, an Anglican curate; a Priest. (1849) 
Davies-Cooke, Mrs Clara Louisa, daughter of John 'Vebb; mother 
of Lieutenant Arthur G. R. Davies-Cooke, of the lOth Hussars. (1882) 
t Davies-Cooke, Major James Robert, of the Royal Artillery; 
h\!sband of )Irs Clara Louisa Davies-Cooke. (1884) 
D' Avigliano, The Princess, Lady Emily Augusta 
Iary Pelham- 
Clinton, wife of Prince Alfonso Doria Pamphilj, of Palazzo Doria, Rome; 
second daughter of the sixth Duke of Newcastle. (1879) 
Davis, Francis, of Holywood, Belfast, Ireland; a well-known North of 
Ireland poet, under the nom de g'Ucrre of "The Belfast 

Davis, George E. B., B.A., London University. 
Davis, G. H. Leighton, of Ardmulchan House, N avan, Ireland; son of 
the Rev. Dr Davis, Secretary of the Religious Tract Society. 
Davis, Rev. Henry, B.A., Cantab; curate successively of St John's, 
Torquay, Devonshire, and of St Cuthbert's, Philbeach Gardens, Kensing- 
ton, London, W. (1893) 
Davis, Mrs, wife of the Rev. Henry Davis, B.A., Cantab. (1891) 
Davison, The Hon. Mrs Caroline, (1807-1861), daughter of the 
second Baron Graves; granddaughter of the first Earl of Uxbridge; wife 
Iajor-General Percy Davison; sister-in-law of the Hon. 'Villiam Towry 
Law, (1809-188G), fifth son of the first Baron Ellenborough. (1854) 
Davison, M rs, l\Iadame Arabella Goddard, who was a wen-known 
pianist; wife of J. ,y, Davison, musical critic of The Times. (1901) 
Davison, Mrs, wife of the Secretary of the Prisoners' Aid Society. 
Davoust, The Baroness, née Amy Phipps; daughter of the Rector of 
Selsea, Chichester, Sussex. 
Davy, Rev. George James, 
I.A, Exeter College, Oxford; an 
Anglican clergyman. 
Davy, The Hon. Theodore, Q.C., member of the Provincial Parlia- 
ment, Victoria, British Columbia. (18b8) 
Dawe, Rev. George Edward, B.A., Oxon: a.
Carmelite l\fonk. 
t Dawe, Rev. John, B.A., St 
Iary's IIalI, Oxford; a Priest. 
t Dawson, Rev. B. V., formerly vicar of Alfrick, 'Yorcf'stcrshire, a 
Priest; father of Forbés Da.wson, the well-known actor. 


Converts to Rome 

Dawson, Charles, 
I.A., Pembroke College, Oxford. 
Dawson, Charles Alfred, !\1.A., Balliol College, Oxford 


Dawson, Rev. Charles B., l\I.A., Exeter College, Oxford; curate of 
All Hallows, Southwark, London, S.E. ; a Priest of the Society of Jesus, 
till lately at Santa Cruz High School, Co chin, India, then at St Aloysius', 
'Y.oodstock Road, Oxford, llOW at the Cathedra,], Georgetown, Demerara, 
Eritish Guiana; author. (1891) 
Dawson, Mrs, daughter of Admiral :Michael Seymour; wife of Colonel 
Dawson, of the 90th Hegt. 
Dawson, Miss, daughter f Colonel Dawson. 
Dawson, Miss Effie, daughter of Colonel Dawson. 
Dawson, Ernest, B.A., Queen's College, Oxford. 
Dawson, Mrs Frances Edith, wife of :\lichael 'Varton Dawson, n.A., 
Cantab, professor of )Iusic at Stonyhurst College, TIlack burn; eldest 
daughter of the Rev. J. B. Sidgwick, )I.A" rector of Ashby .Parva, 
Lutterworth, Leicestershire. (1906) 
Dawson, Miss Lina, daughter of Colonel Dawson. 
t Dawson, Miss Massey, granddaughter of the thirteenth Baron 
Sinclair. (1851 ) 
Dawson, Michael Warton, of Harrow School; B.A., (Classical Tripos), 
Emmanuel College, Cambridge; professor of :\Iusic at 
tonyhurst Col!ege, 
Blackburn, Lancashire. (1900) 
t Dawson, Rev. William, ::\I.A., St :
\IarY'B Hall, Oxford; vicar of 
l\Ioor Allerton, (1866) 
t Dayman, Rev. Alfred J., B.A.. Exeter College, Oxford; curate of 
St John Baptist, "\Vasperton, "\\Tarwickshire. (1850) 
t Dayman, Mrs, wife of a former Rector of Shillingstone, son of the 
Rev. Charles Dayman, 
I.A., vicar of Great Tew, Oxfordshire. (1850) 
t Dayman, Mrs, wife of the Rev. CharI
s Dayman, l\I.A., curate of St 
James', Dover, Kent, and then vicar of Great Tew, Oxfordshire. (1850) 
Dayman, Miss Flavia, daughter of the Rev. Charles Dayman, 
t Dayman, Miss Helen Mountjoy, daughter of the Rev. Charles 
Dayman, .M.A. (1850) 
Deacon, Mrs, great-granddaughter of the 
rost Rev. Lord Decies, D.D., 
formerly Archbishop of Tuam. 
t de Ainslie, General Charles Philip, of the 1st Dragoon Uuards ; 
cousin of the fourteenth Earl of l\loray. 

Converts to Rome 


Deane, Rev. Edward Brietreke, l\I.A., D.C.L., Fellow of All Souls' 
College, Oxford; rector of Lewknor, Oxfordshire. (1855) 
t Deane, Mrs Charlotte Mary, wife of the Rev. E. Brietreke Deane, 

I.A., Oxon; daughter of the Rev. Henry Taylor, 
I.A., of Stoke Rock- 
ford, Lincolnshire. (1855) 
Deane, Thomas Robert, solicitor. 
De Bary, Richard Lerins, (1841-1891), J.P., of 'Veston Hall, near 
Rugby, ",.. arwickshire; son-in-law of Sir Edward 
Iostyn, seventh Baronet, 
of Talacre, Flintshire, :North 'Vales; father of the Rev. Richard Brome 
de Bary, a Franciscan Friar. (1864) 
De Betham, Rev. Frederick, (1815-1886), of Christ College, Cam- 
bridge; a solicitor. A Priest of the Society of Jesus at St Edmund's, 
Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. (1838) 
de Bless, AI"red Herewyt, 
r.A., L.L.:M., 'frinity Hall, Cambridge; 
barrister; formerly of the Diplomatic Service; son-in-law of Valentine 
Dudley I-Ienry Cary-Elwes, (1832-1909), J.P. and D.L. of Billing Hall, 
N orthamptonshire and of Roxby, Brigg, Lincolnshire. (189-1) 
de Burgh, Rev. Hubert, (1831-1901), B.A., Trinity College, Dublin; 
curate of St George's, London, S.E. and an Army Chaplain during the 
Crimean "Val'. A Priest at St Edward the Confessor, Newhall, Burton- 
on-Trent, Staffordshire; son of the Rev. 'Villiam Ilde Burgh, 
1.A., of 
Oldtown, N aas, Kildare, Ireland. (1858) 
de Bur
h, Mrs, wife of the late Rev. R. L. de Burgh, vicar of 'Vest 
Iiddlesex. (1881) 
t De Castro, d. C., of 'Y oodend (1852) 
t De Castro, Mrs, wife of J. C. De Castro. (1852) 
de Castro, Mrs Maud, wife of l\Iajor de Castro and sister of Colonel 
Graham, commanding 1st Bat. Suffolk Regiment. 
de Charmoz de Bressan, The Baroness, niece of Rear-Admiral 
Sir Richard O'Conor, R.C.H. ; sister of Lady Emily Clunes O'Connell, 
wife of Sir :ì\Iaurice James O'Connell, second Baronet; and of the Countess 
de 'Vatteville de Loins. (1855) 
oetlogon, Colonell-!enry Watts R
ssell, (1839-1908), served 
W1th the 15th East YorkshIre and other regIments; then with Generals 
Hicks and Gordon in the Sudan; was acting Governor of Khartum till 
Gordon's arrival there; subsequently British Consul for the X avigators 
Islands, New Caledonia, New Hebrides, and finally to the States of North 
Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee. (1865) 
de Condeixa, The Countess, belonging to an old English family. 
de Cosson, Baron C. A., of Pycroft, Chertsey, Surrey, F.R.G.S. (1877) 
de .Courson, Countess Barbara Francis Mary, daughter of 
RIchard Keave, (1808-1877), relative of the third Baronet, by Anna )Iaria. 
Dorothe!l', (181.4-1888), daughter of the Rev. John Eyton, }I.A., of Eyton, 
ShropshIre; W1fe of Count Roger de Courson; authoress and contributor 
to The Ptlonth and Dublin Review. 



Converts to Rome 

t de Courson, Baroness Elizabeth, a relative of Cardinal 
de Dalmatie, The Duchess, an English lady. (1899) 
de Damas de Haute"ort, Countess, née Young. 
t Dees, dames, J.P. of Riversdale, Bellingham, Northumberland; a, 
well-known Freemason; father-in-law of Colonel 'Yilfrid Gibson, V. D. 
Dees, Mrs, wife of James Dees, J.P., mother of James Gibson Dees, 
J.P. for Cumberland. 

de Frauconpret, Countess, great-granddaughter of the Rev. John 
Wesley, (1703-1791), the evangelist and leader of :Uethodism. 
De Forest, Baron, (
Iaurice Arnold Bischoffsheim), of Eton College and 
Christ Church, Oxford; was for sometime Lieutenant in the Staffordshire 
Imperial Yeoma.nry; adopted son of the late Baron Hirsch; son-in-law 
of the second Baron Gerard. (1903) 
de Freyne, The Lady, (1855-1881), Lady Laura Octavia Dundas, first 
wife of the fourth Ba.ron de Freyne; da.ughter of the Hon. John Charles 
Dundas; granddaughter of the first Earl of Zetland, who was Lor
Lieutenant of the Orkney and Shetland Islands. (1876) 
t de Giberne, Miss Maria Rosina, a nun, (Sister 
Iaria Pia) of the 
Visitation Order at Autun, }-'rance; authoress. (1845) 
de Gramont, The Dowager Duchess, daughtpr of ,rillia.m A. 
l\Iackinnon, l\I. P. 

de Hamel de Manin, Countess. 


de la Bedoyère, The Marquise, (1850-1906), Hon. 
Charlotte Greville-N ugent; daughter of the first Baron Greville, who was 
Lord-Lieutenant of co. \Vestmeat.h; granddaughter of the firAt l.Iarquess 
of 'Vestn1Path; wife of Alexis IIuchet, Marquis de la Bedoyère. (1869) 
de la Bedoyère, The Vicomtesse Sybil, daughter of the Right 
Rev. ])r Anthony'Vilson Thorold, (18:!::>-18D5), successively Lord Bishop 
of Rochester and ""'inchester. (1898) 
de la Cherois-Crommelin, Andrew Claude d., of 
College; scholar, 27th wrangler, ß.A., Trinity College, Cambridge; Assistant 
at the Royal Greenwich Observatory; Fellow of the Royal British Astro- 
nomical Society; President of the British 
\.stronomical Association, (190-1- 
1906); third son of Kicholas de la Cherois-Crommelin of Rockport, 
Cushenden, co. Antrim. by Annie, daughter of Andrew l\l ulholland of 
Springvale, co. Down, Ireland; descesdant of Samuel Louis Crommelin 
(1652-1727), Huguenot, director of Irish Linen enterprise in :Delfast. (1891) 
de la Cherois-Crommelin, Mrs Letitia, wife of Andrew (1laudp J, 
de la Cherois-Crommelin, B.A., Uantab.; daughter of tbe Rev. Robert 
Noble, 1\tA., fnrmC'rly rC'('tor of 
ibson, Atherstone, Leiccstershire. (1898) 

Converts to Rome 


de la Felde, Rev. Count John Leopold Ferdinand Casimir, 
(1803-1866), l\f.A., Oriel College, Oxford; vicar of Tortington, near 
Chichester, Sussex; son-in-law of the first Earl of Limerick. (1854) 
t de la Haye, Mrs, sister of the thirteenth Baroness Inchiquin. 
de la Mothe, Mrs, née Hargrave, wife of John de la l\lothe, of 
Ballhegan Estate, Grenada, British 'Vest Indies. (1902) 
Delaney, M rs, wife of Philip Delaney, of N ewtown, Queen's County, 
Ireland. (1880) 
de Las Casas, Mrs Imogen Carmen, wife of Juan Clemente de 
Las Casas of Tiverton; daughter of the Rev. John Dene of Bideford. 
( 1908) 
t de la Torre Diaz, Countess Sophia Anne, daughter of 
f'Ghie ""Yilcox, formerly l\f.P. for Southampton; grandmother of 
His Eminence Cardinal Raphael l\ferry del Val, Archbishop of Kicæa, and 
Secretary of State to His Holiness Pope Pius X. 
De La Warr, The Countess, Hon. Constance l\Iary Elizabeth Cochrane- 
Baillie; wife of the seventh Earl De La '\Varr, High Steward of Stratford-on- 
Avon; daughter of the first Baron Lamington, eldest son of Admiral of 
the :Fleet, Sir Thomas John Cochrane, G.C.B. ; authoress. (1905) 
t de Ligne, Princess Augusta, daughter of Sir David Thurlow 
Cunynghame, sixth Baronet; wife of Prince Edward de Ligne, formerly 
President of the :Belgian Senate. 
de Lisle, Mrs Agnes Henrietta Ida, wife of Edwin Joseph Lisle l\Iarch 
Phillipps de Lisle, F.S.A., D.L. for Leicestershire, Private Secretary to Sir 
:F. Weld when Governor of the Straits 
ettlements, then to Lord John I\Ian- 
ners when Postmaster-General, was M.P. for I\:1id-Leicestershire, (1896-1D02), 
author, seventh son of Ambrose Lisle l\Iarch Phillipps de Lisle, (1809- 
1878), and his wife Laura l\Iary, daughter and co-heiress of the Hon. 
Thomas Clifford, fourth son of Hugh, fourth Baron Clifford of Chudleigh 
and of his wife Philipina, Baroness von Lützow; eldest daughter of Adrian 
Elias I-Iope; niece of the first Duke of Fife, K.G. (1889) 
de Lisle, Ambrose Lisle March Phillipps, (1809-1878), of Trinity 
College, Cambridge; J.P. and D.L.; theological writer; of Garendon Park 
and Grace-Dieu :'l\Ianor, Leicestershire; he gave land in Charnwood Forest 
to found the Cisterican :Monastery of .Mount St Bernard, the first mitred 
abbey established in England since the Reformation; a great benefactor 
to several Catholic :Missions; principal founder of the Association for the 
Promotion of the Unity of ChrisÌf>ndom; .was High Sheriff of Leicestershire 
in 1868; eldest son of Charles l\Iarch Phillipps, J.P. and D.L., by Harriet, 
youngest daughter of Gerard Gustavus Ducarel, of Walford, Somerset- 
shire; father of Ensign Everard Aloysius Lisle l\Iarch Phillipps, (1835- 
1857), of the 11th Bengal Kative Infantry, who for his gallantry obtained 
a commission in the 60th Royal Rifles, and was gazettBd for the Victoria 
Cross for several deeds of heroism, but he did not live to receive it as he 
was killed at the seige of Delhi, in 1907 the Cross was given by the l{ing 
to his surviving brother Edwin; and of Lieutenant Rudolph Edward Lisle 
l\Iarch PhilJipps de Lisle, (1853-1885), of the Royal Navy who was killed 
at the battle of Abu Klea. (1825) 


Converts to Rome 

de Lisle, Mrs Frances Amelia Victoria, (18--10-1871), first wife of 
Ambrose Charles Lisle 
Iarch Phillipps de Lisle, son of Ambrose Lisle 
Phillipps de Lisle, (180D-1878), the distinguisbed convert; daughter of Sir 
Richard Sutton, second Daronet,ofNorwood Park, :Nottinghamshire; mother 
of Everard 
Iarch Phillipps de Lisle, 
Iajor in the Leicestershire Imperial 
Yeomanry, J.P. and D.L., Lord of the )Ianors of Garendon, Shepshed, 
Hathern, Thorp-Acre, Knight Thorpe, Dishley and Grace-Dieu. (IH62) 
Dell, Robert Edward, B.A., University College, Oxiord; journalist; 
late Organising Secretary of the Committee of Church Defence and 
Church Instruction; editor, in turn, of The TVeekly BLgister, The J..Vew ETa, 
'l'he Connuisseur and 1'he Burlington ltlagazine; son of the Rev. Robert 
Dell, l\I.A., }'ellow of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, and vicar of 
South Baddesley, Hampshir
; now resident in Paris. (1897) 
delta Marmora, The Oountess, nte 

della Rocca, The Oountess, née Harriet Louisa Venables. 


de Lubersac, Viscountess Augusta, daughter ot the Rev. 
Percival Fyre, 
I.A., rector of St \Vinnow, Cornwall, formerly rector of 
Holy Trinity, Brompton, London, S. 'V. (1882) 
de Manin de Hamel, Comtesse Clotilde. (1890) 

de Martine Nosedo, Baroness, (1820-1890), nee Barker; wife of an 
Aust.rian Field-
Iarshall ; sister of the Hev. )Tichael \Vatts-Russell, (1813- 
1875), rector of Benefield, 
orthamptonshire. (1846) 
de Mattos, Rev. Richard, of \ViInbledon College and St Andrew's 
University, N.B.; a Priest at St Hugh's, TIroadgate, Lincoln; son of 
Sydney de :Mattos, B.A., Cantab, by Katherine, daughter of Alan 
Ste\TenSOn; descendant of the Stevensons, the eminent engineers, and a 
relative of Hobert Louis Stevenson, (1850-1894), the author and traveller. 
de Moleyns, The Hon. Mrs, "ife of Colonel de 
Iolcyns, son of the 
third Baron Ventry. 
de Montgelas, Oountess Jemima, (1826-1881), second daughter 
of Jesse \Vatts-Russell, (17R7-1875), of Kam Hall, Staffordshire; daughter- 
in-law of Count do 
Iontgelas, formerly Prime :\linÍ8ter of Bavaria; tho 
first member of her family to join the Church. (1844) 
de Moro, The Duke, of IIill Hall, Epping, Essex. (1903) 
Denbigh, The Earl of", (1823-189i), Rudolph 'Villi am Basil Feilding, 
eighth Earl; of Eton College; 
I..A., Trinity College, Cambridge; Count of 
the Holy Roman Empire; Knight Grand Cross of the Orùer of Pius; Colonel 
of the second V.B. Royal 'Velsh Fusiliers ; founder of the Catholic Church 
and Capuchin :àlonastery at Pantasaph, :x orth 'Vales. (1850) 
Denny, Rev. Harmar Charles, B.A., St John's College, Oxford; a 
Priest of the Society of Jesus at St Francis Xavier's, New York, U.S.A. 
Dent, Rev. Frederick, Priest-in-charge of St John's, Rhymney, 

Converts to Rome 


t de Pambour, The Comtesse Harriet, wife of Comte do 
Pambour, of Château de Ia Filonnière, near Tours, France; daughter 
of John Falconer AtIee, of 'Vandsworth, London; sister of l\Irs Eleanor 
Leslie, (1800-1892), wife of Archibald Leslie, (1789-1851), last of Balna- 
geith, l\Iorayshire, N.B. (18-17) 
de Paravicini, Baroness, wife of Baron de Paravicini, J\I.A., Fellow 
of BaHiol College, Oxford; daughter of the Rev. \Villiam Dodson, 
rector of \Vell-with-Claxby, Lincolnshire; authoress. 
t de Pearsall, R. L., of WiUsbridge; musician and composer. (1856) 
t Dering, Edward Heneage, of Baddesley Clinton Hall, \Varwick- 
shire; formerly of the Coldstream Guards; cousin of Sir Edward 
Cholmeley Dering, eighth Baronet of Surrenden Dering, Ashford, Kent; 
author. (1863) 
Dering, Mrs Emma Cordelia, wife of Evelyn J. Heneage Dering. 
de Ruvigny and Raineval, The Marquis, l\Ielvil1e Amadeus 
Henry Douglas de Ruvigny; was for four years President of tho 
Legitimist Jacobite League of Great Britain and Ireland; Knight of 
the UoyaI Order of Charles III. of Spain; author; son of the eighth 
:Marquis, by 
Ielville, daughter of George J\Ioodie, of Cocklaw 
N.B. (1902) 
de Salis, Count dohn Charles Francis, of Eton College; J.P., 
D.L, of the Diplomatic Service successively at Brussels, ]\Iadrid, Cairo, 
and Berlin; son-in-law of Prince Eugène de Caraman-Chimay, of Be1gium. 
de Saldanha, The Duchess, an English lady; wife of Field- 

Iarshal the Duke de Saldanha, formerly Portuguese :JIinister to the Court 
of St James'. (1862) 
Des Champs, Mrs, of Babbacombe Cliff, Torquay, Devonshire; 
adopted daughter of Lady ]\Iount-Temple, sister of the first Baron 
Tollemache and second wife of the first and last Baron J\Iount-Temple. 
de S'forza, Cæsarini, The Duchess, née Caroline Shirley. 
Despard, Mrs Charlotte, daughter of Captain French, R.N., of 
Ripple Vale, Kent; sister of General Sir John French; has served on the 
Clapham, Wandsworth, and Lambeth Boards of Guardians. 
de St Remy, Miss Rebecca Emily, daughter of Count de St Rémy. 
de Trafford, Lady Adelaide, (1825-1871), Lady Adelaide Cathcart 
youngest daughter of General the second Earl Cathcart, (1783-1859) 
G.C.B., served in the Peninsular and at \Vaterloo, and was Commander- 
in-Chief in British North America; wife of John Randolphus de Trafford, 
(1820-1879), third son of the first Baronet. (1850) 
de Trafford, Lady Victoria, Lady Victoria Frederica Wilhelmina 
Georgina Seymour; daughter of the sixth Marquess of Hertford, P.C., by 
the Hon. 
Iary Hood, daughter of the first Viscount Bridport. wife of 
Captain Charles Alan Cathcart de Trafford, fourth son of J ohn Ra
de Trafford, (18iO-1879), and grandson of the second Earl Cathcart. (1900) 


Converts to Rome 

de Trevelec, Rev. Harry, (Marquis de Trévelec), F.R.G.S. ; D. Litt, 
Alfred University, New York; 
1.A. Caius College, Cambridge; 
successively curate of St Luke's, Chorlton-on-!\ledlock, 
Ianchester, and of 
All Saints' in the same district; chaplain of Hemham Blind Asylum and 
of the Royal School for the Deaf and Dumb, Old Trafford; curate-in 
charge of Claygate, Surrey; curate of St Peter's, Bournemouth. (1908) 
de Valmer, The Vicomtesse, née Wyndham. (1868) 
Devas, Charles stanton, (1848-1906), of Eton College; !\1.A., Balliol 
College, Oxford; the political economist and author; for some time 
examiner in Political Economy at the Royal University of Ireland; father 
of Bertrand Devas, assistant-editor of The lhtblin llcvicw ; of the Rev. Francis 
Devas, a Priest of the Bociety of Jesus, and Professor at Beaumont College, 
Old 'Vindsor; and of the Rev. Philip Devas, a Franciscan }'riar. (1869) 
de Vere, Aubrey Thomas, (1814-1904), the poet; B.A., LL.D., Trinity 
College, Dublin; son of Sir Aubrey de Vere, second Baronet. (H351) 
de Vere, Lady Mary Lucy, (1814-1866), wife of Sir Vore Edmund 
Percy de Vere, (1810-1880), third Baronet; granddaughter of tho first 
Earl of Limerick. (1851) 
de Vere, Sir Stephen Edward, (1812-1905), fourth and last Bu/rollet, 
B.A., rrrinity College, Dublin; barrister; author; for some time High 
Sheriff and 1'1. P. for co. Limerick; grandson of the first Baron J\Ionteagle, 
P.C., F.R.S. ; brother of the third Baronet, and of Aubrey de Vere, the 
poet. (1848) 
de Vere, Sir Vere Edmond Percy, (1810-1880), third Baronet; 1\I.A., 
Trinity College, Cambridge. (1851) 
de Ville1"ranche, The Baroness, an English lady. 
Devitt, Dr. 
Devitt. Miss, daughter of Dr Devitt. 
Devon, The Earl 01", (1836-1891), Edward Baldwin Courtenay, twelfth 
Earl; of 'Vestminster School; B.A., Christ Church, Oxford; J.P. and D.L. 
for Devonshire; for sometime Captain in the 1st Devon Yeomanry Cavalry, 
and formerly 
1.P. for Exeter and East Devoll. (1870) 
Dewar, Rev. David Erskine, (1825-1906), of 'Vinchcster College; 
J\1.A., B.C.L., Fellow of New College, Oxford; rector of Yedgolt, 
Buckinghamshire, and then of Friesthorp, Lincolnshire. After his wife's 
death he became a Priest at St :I\lary's, Chelsea, London, S. 'V. ; and then 
in charge of Our Lady of the Rosary, Staines, :\1iddlesex ; son of the Hon. 
Sir James Dewar, at one time Chief Justice of Bombay. (1866) 
t Dewar, Mrs, wife of the Rev. David Erskine Dewar, (1825-1906), J\I.A., 
Oxon. (1875) 
Dewar, The Misses, daughters of the Rev. David Erskine Dewar, 
(ì825-1906), :\I.A., Oxon. (1878) 

Converts to Rome 


Dewar, Captain James Cumming, (1857-1908), of the 1st Dragoon 
Guards; served in the Zulu Campaign of 1879, and was severely wounded 
at Sekukini ; served in India with the Guards and then exchanged into 
the 11th Hussars; :Member of the Royal Company of Archers; J.P. for 
l\lidlothian; Private Chamberlain to Popes Leo XIII and Pius X; Knight 
of the Sovereign Order of i\lalta; Knight of the Sacred 
Iilitary Order 
of the Holy Sepulchre; a great benefactor to several Catholic 
Iissions in 
Scotland; son of Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander Cumming Dewar, of 
Vogrie, N.B. 

de Watteville, Rev. Edward, (1818-1869), an undergradua,te of Oxford 
University; native of Switzerland A Priest of the Society of Jesus at 
Glasgow, N.B. (1846) 

de Watteville de Loins, The Countess, daughter of Rear- 
Admiral Sir Richard O'Conor, K.C.B.; sister of Lady Emily Clunes 
O'Connell, wife of Sir :I\laurice James O'Connell, second Baronet, and of 
the Baroness de Charmoz de Bressan.. 

Dewell, Rev. Charles George, (1834-1899), a Lay brother of the 
Society of Jesus; formerly a captain in the 91st Regiment of the line; a 
generous benefactor to several Catholic 
Iissions. (1858) 

t Dewhurst, Rev. Henry William, l\l.A., Cantab; curate of St 
Barnabas, Southwark, London, S.E. (1852) 
t D'Eyncourt, Miss, daughter of the Right Hon, C. T. D'Eyncourt, of 
Bayon's :I\Ianor, Ireland. (1846) 

di Azevedo, The Countess Augusta Frances, daughter of the 
Rev. Alexander Cosby Jackson, ::\l.A., and of the Hon. 1\lrs Susan Frances 
Jackson; sister of the fourth and fifth Barons Hotham. (1897) 
Dick, Mrs Jane, (1814-1888), wife of vVilliam Douglas Dick, (1802-1872), 
i\l.A., Oxon, D.L., of Pitkerro, N.B. ; daughter of the late Sir F. 'Villiams- 
Drummond, second Baronet of Hawthornden, l\Iidlothian, N,B.; a 
descendant of Drummond of Hawthornden, the poet. (1854) 
Dick, Miss Louisa P., daughter of George Stuart Dick, of Edith 
Lodge, St Lawrence, Thanet, Kent; granddaughter of General George 
Dick, late of the Bengal Army. 
Dick, William Douglas, (1802-1872), of Pitkerro, N.B. ; 
I.A., Christ 
Church, Oxford; D.L. for Forfarshire, N.B.; son-in-law of the late Sir 
F. "\Villiams-Drummond, second Baronet, of Hawthornden, 
N.B., and a descendant of Drummond of IIawthornden, the poet; father 
of Lieutenant-Colonel Archibald Campbell Douglas Dick, C.B., who 
commanded a battalion of Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders in South 
Africa during the late war; and of the Rev. Barrington Douglas Dick, a 
Priest at New Abbey, Dumfries, N.B. (1859) 
Dickens, Miss Mary Angela, the authoress; daughter of Charles 
Dickens, R.C.; granddaughter of Charles Dickens, (1812-1870), the 
novelist. (1907) 


Converts to Rome 

Dickins, Mrs, wife of the Rev. R. Herbert Dickins, 
I.A., chaplain to 
the \Yarwick County Asylum, son of the Rev. Dr T. B. Uickens, vicar of 
Emscote, \Varwick. (1890) 
Dickinson, Mrs E. J., wife of the late Samuel Dickinson barrister. 
e!dest daughter of William Fairbairn, late of Heppington, èanterbury: 
ent; and her five daughters, one of whom is a nun of the Order of 
Canonesses of the Holy Sepulchre, New IIaU, Chelmsford, Essex. (1899) 
t Dickson, Lieutenant, of the Royal Navy. 
Digby, E. Duffield, B.A., New College, Oxford 

(1894), Kenelm. Henry, (l800-1880), B.A., Trinity College, Cambridge; 
mIscellaneous "TIter and poet; son of the Very Rev. \Villiam Digby, 
Dean of Clonfert, Ireland; grand-nephew of the first Baron Digby. (1824) 
t Digby, Rev. Mother, Superior-General of the Nuns of the Sacred 
Heart; relative of Kenelm Henry Digby, (1800-1880), B.A., Can tab. 

di Gianotti, The Con tessa, of Rome, an English lady. 
Dill, Mrs, wife of the Rev. Dr Dill, of Clonmell, Ireland. 
Dill, Miss Evelyn, daughter of the Rev. Dr Dill; a nun in England. 


t Dillon, Mrs Dorothy, of Adare, co. Limerick, Ireland. 


di Salvo, The Marchioness, née Claxton; relative of Cardinal 
ning. (1845) 
Dix, Cornelius Malpas, 
1.A., Oxon; for several years 
Iaster at the 
Oratory School, Edgbaston, Birmingham. (1878) 
Dix-Dix, Rev. Arthur George Gerald Fabian, of I\:ing Edward 
VI's School, Norwich; B.A., Selwyn College, Uambridge; Ely Theo- 
logical College; curate of St German's, Roath, Cardiff. A Dominican 
Friar; son of \Yilliam Frederick Dix-Dix by his wife Eli7abeth l\fary 
Victoria Dix-Dix, of 8mallburgh, Norfolk. (1904) 
Dixie, Sir Archibald Beaumont Churchill, eleventh Baronet; 
of Harrow School; formerly Lieutenant in the Leicestershire Yeomanry 
Cavalry; J.P. for Leicestershire; at one time High Sheriff of the same 
county; son-in-law of the seventh 
Iarquess of Qlleensberry, P.C. ; grand- 
son of the Rev. Charles tV alters, :M.A., Rector of Bramdean, Hampshire; 
father of Lieutenant George Douglas Dixie, 3rd King's Own Scottish 
Borderers; and of Lieutenant Albert Edward \Volstan Beaumont Dixie, of 
the Royal Navy. (18R8) 
t Dixon, Rev. Joshua, 
I.A., Brasenose College, Oxford; curate of 
Feweston, Yorkshire; a 
Iissionary :Priest in Texas. (1850) 
Dixon, Miss, a nun; daughter of General Dixon. 
DObrée, Miss Louisa Emily, the authoress and Rome correspondent 
for several newspapers. (1887) 

Converts to Rome 


Dobson, Mrs Martha, (1837-1879), second wife of 'Villiam Ebenezer 
Dobson, (1826-1901), of The Park, Nottingham; widow of the Rev. 
Brooke Stevens, J\.1.A., vicar of Sutton-in-Ashfield; daughter of Richard 
and of Ann Downing Adlington. (1869) 

Dobson, William Ebenezer, (1826-1901), J.P., lace manufacturer, of 
The Park, Nottingham; founder of the" Dobson" scholarships at Stony- 
hurst College, Blackburn, Lancashire; his first wife was Sabina, daughter 
of George Pearson of Nottingham; he had eleven sons, three daughters, 
and two step-children; among whom is Lieutenant Theodore Dobson, 
late of the Royal West Kent Regiment, by his third wife l\Iary, daughter 
of William Wadham Young, of Salisbury. (1845) 
Dockrell, Dr Morgan, of Cheltenham College; :M.A. and l\1.D., Trinity 
College, Dublin; physician and skin specialist; Fellow of the J\.Iedical 
Society of London; Physician to St John's Hospital for Diseases of the 
Skin; Chesterfield Lecturer on Diseases of the Skin; Dermatologist to 
the National Society for the Prevent
on of Cruelty to Children; author. 
Dodson, Richard Ball, formerly Lay-Secretary of the Chichester 
Diocesan Conference; Hon. Secretary of the Brighton Church Conference; 
member of the house of laymen of the Province of Canterbury, 1897- 
1904; on the Council of the Southwark Rescue Society. (1904) 
Dodsworth, Rev. William, (1798-1861), l\f.A., Trinity College, 
Cambridge; :l\Iinister of An Saints, J\.largaret Street, London, 'V; and 
then Vicar of St Pancras, London, N. 'V.; theological writer; father of 
the Rev. Cyril Dodsworth, (1843-1907), a Redemptorist Priest in the 
'Vest Indies and Canada. (1851) 

Doe, Rev. J. H.., :M.A., Trinity ColJege, Cambridge; vicar of Eaton Bray, 
near Dunstable. (1890) 
Dolling, Miss, niece of Admiral Brooking 
Dolman, Mrs Mary, (1838-1907), wife of :Marmaduke Dolman, barrister; 
daughter of 
lajor 'V and, late of Chester Court and 
fanston Hall, 
Yor kshire. 

Domvile, Sir Charles Compton William, (1818-1884), second 
Baronet. (1861) 
Domvile, Lady Margaret, Lady 
largaret St Lawrence, wife of Sir 
Charles Compton WilHam Domvile, (1818-1884), second Baronet; 
daughter of the third Earl Howth, K.P., by Lady Emily de Eurgh, 
daughter of the thirteenth Earl of Clanricarde; authoress. (1861) 
Donaldson, Rev. Alexander Melbourne, (1844-1904), curate of 
Farmborough, Somersetshire. (1877) 
Donaldson, Archibald, a soHci tor; nephew of Professor Donaldson. 
Donaldson, James Kennedy, l\I.A., Edinburgh University 


Converts to Rome 

Donington, The Lord, (1822-1895), Charles Frederick Abney-Hastings; 
first Baron; of Eton College; 
I.A., Christ Church, Oxford; J.P. and D.L. 
for Leicestershire; father of the eleventh Earl of Loudoun and of Flora, 
(1854-1877), first wife of the fifteenth Duke of Norfolk, K.G. (1892) 
Donovan, Mrs, of Great J\Ialvern, wife of Charles J. Donovan, a govern- 
ment engineer. 

Dorat, Mrs, wife of Colonel Dorat. 
Dormer, The Hon. Lady Ella Frances Catherine, (1832-1906), 
ughter of Sir Archibald Alison, (1792-1867), the first Baronet and 
historian; widow of Robert CutIar Ferguson, of Craigdarrock, X.B. ; then 
wife of Lieutenant-General t.he Hon. Sir J amps Charlemagne Dormer, 
(1834-1893), K.C.B., son of the eleventh Baron Dormer; mother of th
thirteenth Baron Dormer, and of Gwendoline, seventh Countess of 
Abingdon. (1862) 
Dormer, Mrs Miles, relative of the late Lady Ella. Dormer. 
Dormer, Mrs Vanessa Margaret, daughter of Sir Robert TIorwick, 
of Eden Lacy, Cumberland; wife of Edward IIenry Dormer, son of the 
Hon. Hubert Francis Dormer, late of the Admiralty, and son of the 
eleventh and uncle of the thirteenth Baron Dormer. 

Dornf"ord, The Misses, daughter9 of the Rev. Joseph Dornford, 
(1794-1868), Fellow, Dean and Proctor of Oriel College, Oxford, vicar of 
Plymtree, Devonshire. 
Dougham, Mrs, of Orrel Park, Aintree. 
Doughty, Dr Arthur George, l\I.A., Kew Inn Hall, Oxford; Litt. D. 
of Laval Vniversity; the Canadian archivist; C.
I.G.; son of 'Villiam J. 
Doughty of :ðlaidenhead. 
Douglas, Miss, formerly of an Anglican Sisterhood at 
I arket Har- 
borough, Leicestershire ; sister of an Anglican clergyman. 
t Douglas, Sir Charles Eurwicke, first Baronet; J\I.A., St John's 
College, Cambridge; K.C.M.G., formerly l\I.P. for Warwick and Banbury; 
author. (1870) 
t Douglas, Lady, wife of the late Sir Charles Douglas, Bart. ; daughter 
of Sir Charles Des V æux, second Baronet; granddaughter of the thirteenth 
l\Ia.rquess of 'Yinchester. (1870) 
Douglas, Rev. Edward, (1819-1898), l\I.A., Christ Church, Oxford; 
a Hedemptorist Priest, rector of St Alfonso's, Rome; for forty years 
Consultor-General of the Redemptorists; cousin of the sixth l\Iarquess of 
Queensberry; grandson of the Rev. Richard Bullock, 
I.A., rector of 
Streatham, London, S.'V. (1842) 
Douglas, Mrs Florence, of I
ansas City, U.S.A. ; formerly a Protestant 
Episcopalian; great-grand niece of Sally Braddock, sister of General 
Braddock, British General in American Revolution; she was born in 

Converts to Rome 


Douglas-Hamilton, Lord Charles George, (1848-1886), Lieutenant 
of the 11th Hussars, A.D.C. to Field-l\Iarshal Lord Napier of :\Iagdala, 
(1810-1890), during the Abyssinian campaign; son of the eleventh Duke 
of Hamilton, and of Princess 1Iary of Baden, daughter of Charles Louis 
Frederick, late Grand Duke of Baden, and cousin of the Emperor 
Napoleon III (1885) 
Douglass, The Very Rev. Edward Bosworth, (1841-1900), a 
solicitor, then curate at Elnscote, 'Varwickshire. A Priest, D.D., of Rome, 
Canon and Rural Dean at St Barnabas Cathedral, Nottingham. (1868) 
Douglass, The Misses, both nuns; sisters of the late Very Rev. Canon 
Edward B. Douglass. (1869) 
t Dove, Rev. Thomas David, :\I.A., Emmanuel Col1ege, Cambridge; 
curate of St l\Iary l\Iagdalen's, l\Iunster Square, London, 'V. (1866) 
Dover, Rev. George, 
I.A., Exeter College, Oxford; a Priest at Our 
Lady of Ambleside, Ambleside, 'Vest.moreland. (1872) 
Dowdeswell, Mrs Emily, (1847-1909), daughter of Sir Thomas George 
Augustus Parkyns, sixth Baronet, of Ruddington l\Ianor, N otts; wife 
of \Villiam Edward Dowdeswell, of Pull Court, "Torcester, formerly l\I.P. 
for ".,. est 'Y orcestershire. (1899) 
Down, Mrs Charlotte Amphillis Sarah, daughter of the Rev. 
John Finde, l\I.A., formerly vicar of Ludford, Shropshire; wife of Philip 
Patton Down, son of Rear-Admiral E. A. Down. (1871) 
Down, Hen ry, manager of the Provincial Bank, Ledbury, Herefordshire. 
Down, M rs, wife of Henry Down; and family. (1904) 
Down, Philip Patton, (1836-1907), of I1fracombe, Devonshire; Ron of 
Rear-Admiral E. A. Down; son-in-law of the Rev. John Finde, l\l.A., 
formerly vicar of Ludford, Shropshire. (1861) 
Downes, Rev. James Francis, a Priest in London. 
t Dowson, Ernest Christopher, B.A., Queen's College, Oxford; the 
poet and author. (1890) 
Draffen, Mrs Katherine, (1861-1885), daughter of Edwin Rowley, of 
Gawthorpe Hall, 'Vakeficld, Yorkshire; wife of J. Algernon Draffen, 
son of Colonel 'V. Pitt-Draffen, R.:U.A., J.P. for Hampshire. (1883) 
Drage, Rev. William Henry, B.A., :\Ierton College, Oxford; curate 
of All Saints, Plymouth, Devonshire. A. Priest at t.he :ßlilitary Chapel of 
St Hugh, lnkerman Barracks, Kna.phil1, Surrey. (1903) 
Drane, Miss Augusta Theodosia, (1823-1894), Prioress and Pro- 
vincia1, (Rev. l\Iother Francis Raphael), at the Dominican Convent of St 
Catherine of Siena, Stone, Stafford8hire ; historian and poet. (1850) 
t Drane, Miss Louisa, sister of l\Iiss Augusta Theodosia Drane, the 
historian and poet. (1852) 


Converts to Rome 

t Drew, Rev. Joseph William Wright, :M.A., St Alban's Hall, 
Oxford; a Priest-in-charge of St Edward the (;onfessor, Homford, Essex. 
Drew, Rev. W. B., 
I.A., St 
Iary's Hall, Oxford; for thirty-six years 
r of Longstock, Hampshire. A Priest, till lately at Portsmouth; now 
retIred (1885) 
Drinkwater, The Very Rev. Thomas Alexander, (1830-1881), of 
Harrow School; a Priest and (;anon, at one time Vice-Rector of the Eng1ish 
ColJege, Rome, then in charge of Our Lady of 
Iount Carmel and St Joseph 
Battersea, London, S. 'V. ; chaplain to Countess Tasker. (1850) 
Drought, Charles James, of Keble College, Oxford; son of all 
Anglican clergyman. . 
Druce, Edward William, Bon of the Rev. G. \V. Drucl'", 
I.A., vicar 
of Harwich, Essex. 
Druitt, Lieutenant-Colonel Edward, of the Royal Engineers; for 
five years Secretary of tho Royal Engineer Committee, and member of 
Orònance Committee for Lydd experiments at Chatham, Kent; Inspector 
of Railways since 1900 ; son-in-law of Sir Frederick 'Veld, G.C.
f.G. (1887) 
Drummond, Mrs, wife of Charles Drummond, of Eroadway, Worcester- 
shi reo 

Drummond, The Hon. M rs Adelaide, eldest daughter of the 
second Baron Ribblesdale; wife of l\Iaurice Drummond, C.B., (1825-1891), 
grandson of the fir
t Baron Auckland, who was Chief Secretary for Ireland, 
and then British Amba
sador to France and Spain. (1896) 
Drummond, The Hon. James Eric, of Eton College; formerly an 
officer of the Black "\Vatch; son of the eighth Viscoun
grandson of the fourteenth Earl of Perth and 
Ie1fort; son-in-law of the 
fourteenth Baron Herries, (1837-1908), and brother-in-law of the fifteenth 
Duke of Norfolk, K.G. (1903) 
Drummond, Mrs Mauldwin, of London; widow of 
larshall Field, 
junior, of Chicago, U.S.A. 
Drummond, Lister Maurice, barrister, K.C. ; Secretary and one of 
the founders of the Guild of Our Lady of Ransom for the Conversion of 
England; Knight of St Gregory the Great; son of ßlaurice Drummond, 
C.B., (1825-1891), and of the Hon. 11rs Adelaide Drummond; grandson of 
the second Baron Ribblesdale. (1875) 
Drummond, Miss M., daught,pr of 1Iaurice Drummond, C.B., (1825- 
1891), and of the Hon. 1Irs Adelaide Drummond (1896) 
Drummond, Richard Hay Walker, of I-Iawthornden; son of Sir 
:Francis 'V alter Drummond, second Baronet; and descendant of 'Villiam 
Drummond, (1585-1647), the poet. 
t Drummond-Steuart, Sir William, Baronet, of Grantully; D.L. 
for Perthshire; Knight of the Order of Christ; fought at 'Vaterloo with 
the 15th 

Converts to Rome 


t Dubois, Rev. William N., of the Free Church of Scotland 


Du Boulay, Miss, of Torquay; now a nun; daughter of an Anglican 
Duff, Groves, :fil.D., Edinburgh University; for.merly member of the 
Iedical Service; son of the Rev. Dr Duff, of Calcutta, (1880) 
t Duff-Gordon, Lady, wife of Sir Alexander Cornewall Duff-Gordon, 
third Baronet, of H
lkin, Ayrshire, N.B, (1847) 

Duffus-Harris, dohn, of Trinity College, Cambridge. 

Dugmore, The Hon. M rs Emily Evelyn, daughter of the second 
Baron Brougham and Vaux; granddaughter of Sir Charles \Villiam 
Taylor, first Baronet; wife of the late Captain Francis Sandys Dugmore. 
Dugmore, Captain Francis. Sandys, (1846-1898), of the 64th 
(Prince of \Vales') Rf'gt.; husband of the preceding; son of William 
Dugmore, Q.C. ; father of Captain vVilliam Francis Brougha.m Radclyffp 
Dugmore. D.S.O., of the North Staffordshire Regiment; of Commander 
Eric F. R. Dugmorf', R.N. ; and of Captain \Vilfrid Lawrence Radclyffe 
Dugmorc, of the Cheshire Regiment, (1878) 
t Duke, Dr William, 
I.A., 1\Iagdalen Hall, Oxford; was Assistant- 
Surgeon of the International Ambulance during the Franco-Prussian \Yar. 
t Duke, Mrs, wife of the late Dr 'Villiam Duke; mother of Francis 
William Duke, barrister, of Penang, Straits Settlements, and of the late 
Rev. Herbert Cox Duke, a Priest at St Anne's, Keighley, Yorkshire. (1846) 
t Duke, Miss, daughter of Dr William Duke; a nun at St n-lary's Priory, 
Torquay, Devonshire. (1846) 
Duncan, The Hon. Lady, (1805-1885), daughter of Captain James 
Coutts Crawford, R.N.; wife of Captain the Hon. Sir Henry Duncan, 
R.N., R.C.H., C.B., brother of the first Earl of Camperdown, the 
celebrated Naval Commander. (1855) 
Duncan, Miss, daughter of Captain the Hon. Sir Henry Duncan, R.N., 
K.C.H. . (1855) 

Duncombe, Miss Caroline Alicia Georgiana, eldæt daughter 
of Sir Everard Philip Digby Pauncefort-Duncombp, first Baronet. 
Dundas, The Hon. Blanche Cecil Jane, sixth daughter of the 
second Viscount 1\Ielvillf'. R.T. (1889) 
t Dundas, Lady Margaret Matilda, a Benedictine nun of the 
Perpetual Adoration at St Scholastica's Priory, Athprstone, \Varwickshire ; 
third daughter of the first Earl of Zetland. 
Dundas, Miss Mary, daughter of Joseph Dundas, of Carron Hall and 
11'ingask, N.D. ; a nun, (1882" 


Converts to Rome 

DunlOp, Archibal
 Claude, of Harrow School; )LA., )Iagdalen 
College, Oxford; KnIght of St Gregory the Great; late President of the 
Southampton Chamber of Commerce; for many years Chairman of the 
Southampton Conservative Association; J.P. for Southampton; Vice- 
President of the Portsmouth Diocesan Voluntary Schoolg Association; 

Iember of the Catholic Education Council; first local President of the 
Society of St Vincent de Paul; son of George Dunlop, at One time 
Chairmpn of the Southampton Conservative Association. (1879) 
t Dunlop, Vice-Admiral A. R., son of Admiral Hu
h Dunlop, C.B. 
Dunlop, Mrs Helen Clementina, wife of Admiral IIugh Dunlop 
C.B. ; daughter of Robert Cockburn Ormiston. 

Dunlop, Malcom George, formerly Chairman of the Bishopgate 
(London) Branch of the English Church Union. (1900) 

Dunn, Major Frederick, formerly of the Royal Canadian Rifles. 
Dunn, Mrs, widow of George Dunn, of Harley Street, Cavendish Square, 
London, \V. ; now a nun; mother of the Yery Rev. ::\Ionsignor Thomas 
Dunn, a Priest and Canon in charge of Our Lady of the Rosary, Staines, 


t Dunn, James Colmore, (H:
51-1908), B.A., New College, Oxford; 
pector of Religious Education in the Archdiocese of \Vestminster. (1870) 

Dunn, Miss Maude, niece of :\Iajor Frederick Dunn. 

Dunn, Philip Vincent, nephew of ::\Iajor Frederick Dunn. 
Dunn, Mrs Sara H., daughter of Hugh Clayton Armstrong, of 
X ewcastle-on-Tyne ; wife of Archibald Dunn, the eminent architect, son 
Iatthias Dunn, of \Yylam-on-Tyne; authoress. (1864) 
Dunraven, The Earl of', (I81
-1871), Edwin Rich3rd \Yindham-Quin, 
third Earl; R.P., of Eton College; B.A. Trinity College, Dublin; F.R.S. 
F.S.Å. ; Lord-Lieutenant of co. Limerick; J.P. for Glamorganshire, and 
for fourteen years l.1.P. for that county; a zealous archæologist. (1855) 

Durell, Rev. J. P., l\I.A" University College, Oxford; an Anglican 
('urate; at one time tutor a1; the Catholio Unhersiiy College, Kensington, 
London, \Y. 
Durell, Rev. John Tindall, :\1. A., Petf'rhouse, Cambridge; an 
Anglican clergyman. 

Du rham, Rev. Dr, a clergyman of the Iri"h Church. (1907) 
Durnford, Miss Emma, daughter of the Rev. Prebendary Durnford, 
!\1.A. (1898) 

Durn'ford, Miss Esther Mary, daughter of the Rev. Prebendary 
Durnford, l\I.A. (1895) 

Converts:to Rome 


Duthie, Rev. Charles dames, B.A., Trinity College, Oxford; curate 
of 'Valmersley, near Bury, Lancashire; chaplain to H.)I. Forces. Curate 
of St Paul's, Knightsbridge, and later of St Andrew's, Clewer; some- 
time chaplain to the Earl of KinnoulI; now Priest-in-charge of the mission 
of Our Lady Star of the Sea, X orth Berwick, Haddingtonshire, N.B. 
Duthoit, Rev. William, (1835-1907), B.A., LL.D., D.C.L., Exeter 
College, Oxford; for some time Anglican chaplain at Gotha; then 
bacrist-er in the Bengal Civil Service. (18D9) 
Dyer, Arthur Stephen, of Teddington, 
Iiddlesex; second son of 
William Stephen Dyer, C.E., by his wife Emily Augusta, only child of 
'Villi am Richard Buckridge, of Pangebourne, Berkshire; grandson of Henry 
Stephen Dyer, R.N., Secretary to Admiral Sir Edward Codrington. 
Dyer, Rev. William Bernard, formerly an Anglican c1ergyman; a 
Priest (Oblate of St Charles), at Our Lady of the Holy Souls, E.ensal :Kew 
Town, London, \V. 
Dyfigg, Rev. Father, of Llanthony Abbey, 'Yales; now a Priest of the 
Society of Jesus in India. (1890) 
Dykes, Rev. Thomas, (1820-1888), M.A., Clare College, Calnbridge; 
curate of Holy Trinity, Hull. A Priest of the Society of Jesus at St 
\ViIfrid's, Preston, Lanrashire; hrother of the Rev. John Barchus Dykes, 
(1823-1876), )1. A., Cantab, )1us.Doc., Durham, vicar of St Oswald's, 
Durham. (1851) 
t Dyson, Rev. Owen, formerly an architect; a D01ninican Friar. 


Converts to Rome 


Eaglesim, Rev. T. P.O., (1845-1894), 
1.A., 'Vorc('ster College, Oxford; 
curate of St Paul's, Oxford. A Priest of tho Birmingham Oratory. (1877) 

Eames, George, of South \V oodford, Ess


Earle, Miss, daughter of the Rev. Henry J. Earle, 
I.A" rector of High 
Ongar, Essex. 

Earle, Rev. John Charles, (1814-1885), 
t Edmund's .Hall, 
Oxford; rector of Christ Church, Bradford, 'Viltshire; poet and author. 
(1851 ) 

Easton, Rev. Alf'red Harold, n.A., 'Vadham College, OAford; curate 
successively of St Francis, Ashton Gate, Bristol; Codrington College and 
St Cyprian, Barbadoes, B. "T.l ; St Peter's, Folkestone; chaplain at the 
'V orcester Diocesan House of 
Ialvem Link; and finally curate of 
St Peter's, Folkestone, Kent. (1908) 

Eastwick, Mrs Mary E. Egerton, the authoress; daughter ot 
Captain E. Bunbury Nott, R.N.; wife of Robert 'Villi am Egerton 
Eastwick, sometime Sheriff of Singapore. 

Eaton, Charles Ormston, (1827-1907), of I-Iarl'ow School; )LA., 
Trinity College, Cambridge; D.L. of Tolethorpe Hall, Stamford, Rutland- 
shire; formerly captain of the North Lincolnshire 
Iilitia; J.P. for 
Northamptonshire and Rutlandshire; son of Stephen Eaton, of I{elton 
Hall, Rutland; father of Lieutenant Stephen Ormston Eaton, late of the 
60th Rifles, son-in-law of the late IJord Edward Tbynne; of Hubert Francis 
Joseph Eaton, (1864-1910), :ðI.A., Trinity College, Cambridge, High 
Sheriff of Rutland in 1906, J.P.; and of the Rev. Robert Ormston Eaton, I 
B.A., Lond., a Priest of the Oratory and Headmaster of St Philip's 
Grammar School, Birmingham. (1860) 
Eaton, Mrs Elizabeth Jane, (1835-1909), wife of Charles Ormston 
Eaton, (1827-1907); daughter of Robert Hedley of Sidbrook and Long 
13enton. (1860) 

Converts to Rome 


Eaton, John Richard, of Harrow School; 
I.A., Trinity College, 
Cambridge; barrister; brother of Charles Ormston Eaton, (1827-1907), 
)I.A., Cantab. (1862) 
Eaton, Mrs, wife of John Richard Eaton, 
I.A., Canta.b. (1862) 
Eccles, Francis Yvon, author and contributor to the QUßrterly Dublin 

Eckett, S. Barton, journalist and author, of Birmingham. 
Eden, The Hon. Ashley Morland, son of the fourth Baron 
Auckland; grandson of Sir 'Yil1iam Eden, sixth Baronet. (1898) 
Eden, Lady Sybil Frances, wife of Sir '\Villiam Eden, seventh 
Baronet; daughter of Sir 'Yillialll Grey, (1818-1878), K.C.S.I., lieutenant- 
governor of Bengal, and then governor of Jamaica. (1898) 
t Eden, Rev. William Martin, .a Priest, formerly Professor at the 
English College, Lisbon. 
Eden, Colonel William Thomas, late of the Bombay Staff Corps; 
youngest SOIl of General John Eden, C.B., by Anne, only daughter of Sir 
John Caldwell, Bart. 
Edgar, Mrs Austin, of Kreithood, N.B. 
Edgar, The Misses, daughters of l\Irs Austin Edgar, of Kreithood, N.B. 
Edgar, Miss Caroline E., the authoress. 
t Edgcome, Rev. Richard, a Priest of the Society of Jesus; son of Dr 
James Edgcome, of London. (18G4) 
Edgcome, Rev. William Philip, (1845-1899), a Priest of the Society 
of Jesus at St )Iary's, Bristol; son of Dr James Edgcome, of Newcastle- 
on-Tyne and then of London. (1864) 
Edger, Miss C. A., a Benedictine nun. 
Edmonds, Rev. George, a Benedictine l\Ionk (Dom Columba) at St 
Benedict's Abbey, Fort Augustus, N.B. Educated at Abbey School, Fort 
Augustus, and S. Anselmo, Rome. Author of The Early Scotti$h Church. 
Edmondstoune-Cranstoun, Charles Edward Harris, (1841- 
1888), of Eton College; B.A., Chri
t Church, Oxford; younaest son of 
John Cunninghame, of Laim;haw, A,yrshire, N.B. ; he assumed the name 
of EdmonBtoune-Cranstoun on succeeding, in 1869, to the estate of Core- 
house, Lanarkshire, N.R.; father of Charles Joseph Edmondstoune- 
Cranstoun, J.P., D.L., for Lanarkshire, and Captain in the Lanarkshire 
Yeomanry. (1863) 
Edwards, Albert, engineer, 
Iadras Railway. (1891) 
Edwards, Arthur Charles, barrister. 


Converts to Rome 

Edwards, Rev. E. Gianni, late rector of Llandawke and Ppndine, South 
'\Vales. (18Ð4) 

Edwards, Rev. Frederick T. A., a Priest, now rf'tired. 

Edwards, J. B., (1R23-1884), formerly Deputy-Accountant of the Dank of 
England; an Ascribed Brother of the Order of Charity; founder of the 
Parochial Savings Bank in connection with St Etheldreda's, Ely Place, 
London, E.C. 

Edwards, Martin, coroner of the Newport District of J\Ionmouthshire. 
Edwards, M rs, née )1001'0, of '\Y oodbridge, Suffolk; wife of Partick J. C. 
Edwards, of Blakesley, :\1erton Park, Surrey. 

Egerton, Frederick Charles Christie, only son of the Vicar of 
l(nottingley. (1899) 
Egerton, Rev. John Majoribanks, of Cheltenham Col1ege; )f.A., 
Keble College, Oxford; rector of Odd Rode; Private ChR.mberlain to Pope 
Piua X ; f'ldest son of Philip Henry Egerton by ::\Iarv, daughter of Sir 
Iajoribanks, second Baronet. . (189--1) 
Egerton, Mrs Mary, daughter of th
 Hon. .John Baker, of Adelaide, 

outh Australia.; mother of Lieutenant \Vilfrid AUan Egerton, R.K., who 
served during the late South African 'Var. (1878) 
Egerton, Reginald Arthur, of the Ceneral Post Office; second 
Private Secretary to ßlr Henry Cecil Raikes, Postmaster-General; 
Surveyor at the G.P.O. ; at one time Secretary to the General Post Office 
in Ireland; C.B.; son of 1\1ajOl'-Genel'al Caledon Richard Egerton; husband 
of 1\1rs l\1ary Egerton, née Baker. (1878) 
Egerton, Miss Ruth, the authoress; daughter of Philip I-Ienry 
Egerton, lC.S., by :i\Iary, daughter of Sir William ßlajoribanks, second 
Ba.ronet; sister of the Rev. John 1\Ia.rjoribanks Egerton, l\I.A., late Rector 
of Odd Rode. (18D6) 
Elam, Rev. Edward Descou Dudley Vallance, B.A., Keble 
College, Oxford; curate of St Augustine's, Highgate, London, X. (1903) 
Elam, Mrs, wife of the Rev. Edward D. D. Vallance Elam, B.A., Oxon. 
Eland, M rs, wife of the Rev. Henry George Eland, :1\I.A., vicar of 
Bedminster, Somerset. (1884) 
Elden, Mrs, sister of ßlrs Afred Scott-Gatty. 
Eliot, Henry Arthur, 
I.A., l\Ierton College, Oxford 
Ellenborough, The Lady, Beatrice, widow of the third Baron Ellen- 
borough; daughter of Sir Norton Knatchbull, tenth Daronet. 
Ellerby, Major, of the Royal Artillery. 

Converts to Rome 


Elliot, stanislaus, (1850-1907), of the City of London School; musical 
composer and organist; for several years Professor of .:\1usic at Stonyhurst 
College, Blackburn, Lancashire. (1875) 
Ellis, The Hon. Mrs Alberta Mary, daughter of General the Hon. 
Sir Arthur Edward Hardinge, R.C.B., (1828-1892), Bon of the first 
Viscount Hardinge, P .C. ; wife of the Hon. Evelyn Henry Ellis, son of 
the sixth Baron Howard de 'Valden, G.C.B. 
Ellis, Mrs Edith, wife of Guy Ellis, solicitor; daughter of Captain 'V. 
Pearce-Scrocold, late of the 66th Regt. 

Ellis, Francis Charles, l\I.A., Queen's College, Oxford 
Ellis, Guy, of "Cppingham School; solicit.or ; has held Commissions in the 
Leicestershire, and in 3rd )Iiddlesex Artillery Volunteers; son of the late 
Alfred Ellis; for many years Treasurer of the Association for the Propa- 
gation of the Faith; Solicitor to the Catholic Education Council. 

t Ellis, JOhn, .:\I.A., St John's College, Oxford 
t Elmes, George, of Cushintown, co. 'Vexford, Ireland 


Elrington, Rev. G. Aidan, of Sherborne School and King's College, 
London; D.Sc. of Louvain lTnivel'sity; F.L.S.; a. Dominic:::n Friar till 
recently at Hawkesyard Priory, Ru ge ley, Staffordshire; now Professor of 
Scripture at the newly-erected International Dominican College of San 
Clemente in Rome; Bon of Lieutenant-Genera] Frederick R. Elrington, 
C.B., by a daughter of George Best, of East.bury .:\1anor, Guildford, Surrey. 

Elton, Commander Frederick, of the Royal Navy. 
Elwell, M rs, wife of an Anglií'an clergY1nan. 
Embury, John Henry, n.A., St Edmund's Hall, Oxford. 


Emery, Charles Frederick, Treasurer of the Guild of Our Lady of 
Ransom for the Conversion of Ell glanrl. (1878) 
Emly, The Lord, (1812-1R9--1), 'Yilliam :Monsell, first Baron; P.C.; of 
Harrow School and 'Vinche
ter College; 
I.A., Oriel Co]]ege, Oxford; 
Under-Secretary of State for the Colonies and Postmaster-General during 
1\11' Gladstone's admini8trations; Lord-Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorulli 
for co. I.Jimerick; son of '\Villiam l\lonsell, .of Tervoe, Limerick. grand
of Sir John Allen Johnson \Ya18h, second Balonet. ' (1830) 
Emmet, Commander Cherry, descendant. of Robed Emmet, (1778- 
180;3); fat.hf'r-in-bw of General Louis Botha, Premier of South Africa. 
Encombe, Viscount, (1870-1900), John Scott; of '\Vinchester College; 
1agdalen College, Oxford; officer of the 3rd X Ol'thuIllberland 
ilierR; at onp time Asgistant Privette Becretary to Lord G08chen, ,\hen 
first Lord of the Admll'a.lty; eldest son of the third Earl of Eldon; 8on- 
in-law of the fifteenth Baron LovaL (1897) 


Converts to Rome 

England, Paul, musician, composer, and poet. (1907) 
Engledow, Charles John, of Cambridge Unhrersity ; formerly A.D.C. 
to the Governor of the 'Vindward Isles and a in the Barbados 
l\Iilitia; High Sheriff of co. Carlow for 1893; J.P. for COSo Carlow and 
Kildare; was for five years l\I.P. for North Kildal'e, now of Burton Hall, 
co. Carlow; son of the Rev. 'V. H. Engledow, LL.D., and Clara, daughter 
of John Boyd, J.P. 

t Ensor, Captain, of the Royal Navy. 


Errington, George Henry Francis, B.A., Queen's College, Oxford. 
Erskine, Mrs Amy Gertrude, daughter of Lieutenant-General Robert 
Bruce, brother of the first Baron AbercL'1re, by Rachel :Frances, daughter 
of the late Richard Corbet, second son of the first Baronet; wife of 
Thomas Edward Erskine, British Vice-Consul at Chicago, U.
.A., and 

Erskine, Rev. George Eden Biber, (1802-1866), of Dryburgh Abbey, 

t Boswell's, N.R. ; :\1. A., :Merton College, OÀford; formerly an Ang1ican 
clergyman; descendant of the Earls of 
Ial' and Buchan, and of J
Erskine. (1854) 

Erskine, The Hon. Stuart Ruadri, Gaelic and English man of 
letters, editor of Ant Bard, the nat'onalist Gaelic Newspaper; second son 
of the fifth Baron Erskine. (1897) 

Erskine, Thomas Edward, British Vice-Consul at Chicago, U.S.A. ; 
second son of the Rev. Thomas Erskine, (1828-1878), by Emmeline Augusta, 
daughter of H.ènry John Adeane, of Babraham Hall, Cambridgeshire; 
great-grandson of the late Hon, Thomas Erskine. 
Eskrigge, Rev. doh n B., curate of The Annunciation, Brighton, Sussex; 
a Priest (Oblate of St Charles) at St Francis, Pottery Lane, Notting Hill, 
London, \V. (1881) 
Estcourt, The Very Rev. Edgar Edmund, (IRJ 5-18R4), l\I.A., 
Exeter College, Oxford; curate at Uirencestcr, Somerset.shirc. A Priest 
and Canon at St Chad's Cathedral, Birmingham; author; son of the Rev. 
Edmund 'Villiam Estcourt, l\I..A., rector of Long N ewnton, 'Viltshire, 
and of Shipton 
Ioyne, Gloucestershire; grandson of the second Viscount 
Grimston, ancestor of the first Earl of Verulam. (1845) 
Euan-Smith, Colonel Sir Charles Bean, K.C.R., Hon. Fellow of 
St John's College, Oxford; served in the Abyssinian and Mghan 'Vam; 
C.S.I., D.C.L. ; successively Secretary to Sir F. Goldsmid's Special 
to Persia; :Military attaché and Private Secretary to Sir 13artle Frere's 
Special Anti-Slave Trade l\lission; First Assistant Resident at Hydera bad; 
Chief Political Officer with Ghazni Field Force, and "ith Sir :Frederick 
Robert's Force on march from Kabul to Kanda.har; formerly Resident at 
Oodeypore, Bhu1'tpore and Dholepore; was Consul-General at Za.nÚbar, 
and Envoy Extraordinary and l\Iinister Plenipotentiary to 1\lo1'occo; 
:Minister at Bogota, COlulllbia, South America. (190R) 

Converts to Rome 


Euan-Smith, Lady Edith, wife of Colonel Sir Charles Bean Euan- 
Smith, K.C.B. ; daughter of General Frederick Alexander, R.A. ; musical 
Eustace, Mrs, of Newtown, Tunon, co. Carlow, Ireland; daughter of 
General Sir 1\Iaurice Stack. 
Evans, Charles Smart, (1778-1849), the vocalist and musical com- 
poser; at one time chorister of the Chapel Royal, London. (1808) 
Evans, Miss Francisca, of Newport, l\Ionmouthshire; a nun at 
Bayeux, France. (1887) 
Evans, Rev. Theodore, a Priest of the Society of Jesus at the Church 
of the Sacred Heart, Leeds, Yorkshire. (1891) 
Evans, Rev. William, 1\1....\., Brasenose College, Oxford; curate at 
Roath, Uardiff, South 'Vales. (189
Evans, Mrs, wife of Captain Arthur Evans, of Lb,ngibly Court, 
:Thlonmouthshire. (1896) 
Evelegh, Major Edmund George, of the Royal 
[arine Light 
Infantry; son-in-law of General Hamond \Ve
ton Uwyn. (1 D(8) 
t Evershed, Dr Charles Lambert, of Arundel, Sussc
Evershed, M rs, wife of Dr Charles Lambert Evershed, of Arundel. 
Evershed, Rev. Douglas St George, a Priest at SS. Peter and 
Paul, Dolton, Lancashire; now chaplain to CrumpsaH \V ol'khouse, 
J\Ianchester; son of Dr Charles Lambert Evershed, of Arundel. 
Ewart, Dr. 
Eye, Rev. William, B.A., Oxon; curate of St George's, London, E. 
t Eyston, Mrs, wife of Charles Eyston, of Buckland, Farringdun, Bed- 
fordshÏ1'e. (1887) 
éyston, Mrs, wife of Edward Eyston, of l\Ianor House, Brampton, 
Oxfordshire. (1887) 


Converts to Rome 



FABER, Rev. Frederick William, (lHI4-1R63), of Shrewsbury and 
Harrow Schools; ::\LA., winner of the Johnson Divinity Scholarships, and 
Fellow of r ni versity College, Oxford; rectür of Elton, Huntillgdonshire. 
A Priest and for some time Superior of the Brompton Oratory; poet and 
ascetical "\\-Titer; D.D., of Rome; son of Thomas Henry Faber, secretary 
to the Right Rev. Dr Shute Darrington, (1734-1826), Lord Bishop of 
Durham; grandson of the Rev. Thomas Faber, 'LA., Incumbent of 
Calverley, Yorkshire. (18-15) 
t Faber, Major, brother of the Rev. Frederick 'Villi am Faber, (1814- 
1863), a Priest of the Brompton Oratory. (18--18) 
Fagge, M rs Jessie, née Clark; second wife of the Rev. John Frederick 
Fagge, (1814-1884), formerly Vicar of Aston Cantlow, \Yar"ickshire; with 
her four sons and five daughters, onp of the latter, now deceased, was a 
nun of the Sacred Heart. (1877) 
Fagge, Rev. John Frederick, (1814-1884), l\I.A., ITnivcrsity College, 
Oxford; Vicar of Aston Cantlow, "r arwickshire; fourth Bon of the late 
Rev. Sir John J'agge, 
I.A., Oxon, sixth Baronet of :\lyshole, Kent, and 
Rector of Chartham in the same county. (1877) 
Fagge, Miss Mary, a Carmelite nun at 
t 1\lary's Convent, 'Yells, 
:::;omersetshire; daughter of the Rev. John Frederick Fagge, (1814-1884), 
Vicar of Aston Cantlow, 'Varwickshire, by his first wife Rosa Emily 
\Vard; the first member of the family to join the Uhurch. (1877) 
Fairhall, Miss, late of the Anglican Sisterhood of lCilburn Orphanage; 
London, 'V. (1893) 
Fairlie, Francis Archibald, of Trinity College, Glenalmond; son of 
Colonel James Ogilvy Fairlie, of the 2nd Life Guards, and J.P. and D.L., 
of Coodhalll, A.Yl'shire, X.D. (1875) 
Fairlie, James Ogilvie Reginald, of :\Iyres Castle, Auchtcrmuchty, 
N.D. ; B.A., Christ Church, Oxford; rrivate Chamberlain to Popes Leo 
XIII and Pius X; J.P., for Fifeshire; third son of Colonpl .T amPR Ogilvie 
u.irlie of t.he 
lld Life Guards and J. P. n,nd D. L., of Cooùham, ..\yrshire, 

Converts to Rome 


Fairlie, Mrs Jane Mary, wife of the preceding; daughter of John 
Buchanan, of Dowanhill, K.B. 
Falcon, Major Charles Gordon, of the Royal Engineers; took part 
in the late 80uth African 'Var, and was wounded at Spion Kop and 
mentioned in despatches. (1888) 
Farman, Rev. Samuel, I\I.A., St John's College, Cambridge; vicar of 
St John's District Church, Colchester, and then vicar of Harwich, Essex ; 
secretary to .:\1rs l\1ackey. (1877) 
t Farmer, Dr Cottenham, of I-Iexham, K orthumberland. 
Farmer, Mrs, wife of Dr Cottenham Farmer, of Hexham. 
Farmer, Rev. Henry, a Priest of the Society of Jesus at St Joseph and 
St Francis Xa.vier, Richmond, Yorkshire. 
Farmer, Henry, formerly organist of St Bartholomew's, Brighton, 
Sussex. (1879) 

Farren, William, (182ñ-1B08), t.h
 well-kno\\n actor; the" third Farren," 
who during his father's life played under the name of "Willianl Forrester." 
t Farren, M rs, his wife; aunt of the late Nellie Farren; and family. 
Revs. Ambrose 

Fatcher, James Stansell, (1832-1900), father of the 
a.nd 'Yilliam Fatcher, Carmelite I\Ionks. 
Fatcher, Mrs, wife of the late James Stansell Fatcher. 
Fawkes, Rev. Alfred, of Eton College; l\I.A., Bnlliol College, Oxford; 
curate of St Bartholomew's, Brighton. A Priest, till lately at St 

1agdalen'8, Brighton, Susse:\.; author. (187ü) 
Fayers, Rev. George F. D., a Priest, (Salesian) at The Sacred Heart, 
Battersea, London, S.\V. 
Feasey, Rev. Henry John, (1863-1908), formerly of Llanthony .A.bbey, 
North 'Vales; a Benedictine 
lonk, (Dom Philibert) of St Augustine's 
Abbey, Ramsgate ; Fellow of the Royal Historical Society; author. (18Ð.!) 
Fegen, Captain Frederick James, (1822-1885), of the Royal 
Navy; C.B., J.P., of Ballinlonty, co. Tipperary, Ireland; barrister, at one 
time Naval Counsel to the late Admiral H.R.H. the Duke of Edinburgh, 
K.G.; son of Captain Richard Fegen, R.N.; father of Rear-..Admiral 
derick Fogarty Fegen, )I.V.O., J.P., for Tipperary. (1877) 
Feilding, Viscountess, (1828-1853), Louisa, daughter of David anù 
Lady Emma Pennant, of Downing, J!-'lintshire; first wife of the eighth 
Earl of Denbigh. (1850) 
Feilding, Rowland Charles, of Haileybury College; youngest son of 
the Hon. and Rev. Charles ",Villiam Alexander Feilding, (1833-1893), 
(fourth son of 'Villi am Basil Percy, seventh Earl of Denbigh, and 
of the House to Queen ..Adelaide), by Lucy, daughter of the late John 
Grant, of Kilgraston, Perth, X.B.; son-in-law of Frederick Annesley 
Stapelton-Brcthel'ton, J,P., for Hants. and J.P. and D.L. for Lancashire. 


Converts to Rome 

t Felgate, Rev. William, l\I.A., Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge; 
an Anglican clergyman. (1847) 
Fell, Samuel Johnson, Insurance Secretary, of Iluddcl'sfield, Y ork- 
shire. (IDOO) 

Fell, M rs, his wife; with her two sons and three daughters. 


Fellowes, Mrs Eliza Sophia, (1815-1874), wife of Thomas Abdy 
FelJowes, of Donnington Priory, Newbury, Berkshirc; daughter of Captain 
Frederick \Villiam Rooke, R.N., of Lackham House, Wiltshire. (185ü) 
Fellowes, The Misses, daughters of the late 
Irs Eli,a Sophia FclJowes. 
Fellows, Reginald Bruce, of Eton College; !\I.A., L.L.l\I., Trinity 
College, Cambridge; ban'ister, l\liddle Temple IDOO; Assistant Dis- 
trict Auditor of the Local Government Board 1897; Auditor 1901-1906. 
At present preparing for the priesthood; son of Colonel Robert Bruce, 
C.D., till lately Chief Clerk to the Privy Council Office, J.P. for Hertford- 
shire, for thirty-seven years in the Hertfordshire l\Iilitia which he com- 
manded for fifteen years. (1898) 
Fenn, Rev. Thomas William, (1830-1908), a Priest, till recentJy in 
charge of Rt Joseph, Tewkesbury, Uloucestershire. 
Fennings, Dr Allen, member of the British l\Iedical Association; of 
Notting Hill, London, \Y.; at ono time House-Surgeon at Charing Cross 
Fennings, Mrs, wife of Dr Allen Fennings; and family. 

Fenton, Rev. Robert George, (U
20-1873), of Gloucester; a. Dominican 
lay-brother at \\ Priury, Gloucestershil'e. (1853) 
Fenwick, V. J., :ðI.A., Caius and Gonville College, Cambridge. 
Ferguson, Surgeon-General Charles JOhnston, (1831-1890), of 
Iedical Staff Corps. (1867) 
Ferguson, Captain E. F. T., latf' of the Indian A.l'my. 
uson, Rev. Edward, of 
t l\lary's Episcopal Cathedral, Edin- 
burgh, N.B. (1898) 
Ferguson, M rs, wife of the Hev. Edward Ferguson. (1898) 
Ferrario, M rs Flora, sister of George Craig Saunders Pauling, contractor 
for Railways and Public \Vorks. 
Ferrars, Hugh Norman, foundation Scholar of Sherborne School; 
1\l.A., first class in History, King's College, Cambridge; barrister at Hong 
Fetherstone, Robert, B.A., Trinity College, Dub1in; J.P., for co. 
Limerick, Irelanù. 

Converts to Rome 


Wrench, Miss Kathleen Emily Sophie Alexandra, of l\Ionivae 
Castle, Athenry, co. Galway, Ireland; only child of Robert Percy ffrench ; 
granddaughter of Colonel Alexander de Kindiakoff. 
Wrench, Miss M. Rosamund, cousin of I\IisB Kathleen Emily Sophie 
Alexandra ffrench, of l\fonivae Castle. (188Ð) 
Wrench, Robert Percy, (1832-18U6), relative of I\Iiss Rosamund 
ffrench; of the Diplomatic Service; Knight of :l\Ialta; chargé d'aff(tircs at 

Fickling, Rev. Duncan, a Priest till lately at St James the Less, Raw- 
tens tall, :l\Ianchester, now in charge of St Joseph's, Todmorden, Lanca- 
shire. (1893) 

Field, Rev. Alfred James Perrott, 
I.A., St John's College, 
Cambridge; successively curate of Holy Trinity, South 'Vimbledon; St 
Luke's, Jersey; St Saviour's, Cheetham, J\Ianchester; Holy Trinity, 
Stratford-on-A von, (with charge of Luddington); Priest-in-charge of 
\Vilmcote, Stratford-on-A von; curate of All Saints, J\Iargaret Street, 
London W., and Headmaster of Resident Choir School; from 1904 
Vica.r of All Saints, Ravensden, Bedfordshire. (1909) 
Field, Henry Ibbot, (1797-1848), of Grammar School; the well- 
known pianist. (1835) 
t Field, James Philip, journalist and manager of The Sydney Nation, 
New South 'Vales. (1859) 

Fielder, Miss, daughter of General Fielder; a nurse in the Jubilee 
Institution, Dublin. 

Fieldwick, Robert Wulstan, of Cromer House, Putney, London, 

Filmer, Rev. John Henry, B.A., I{ing's College, London; curate of 
St :Margaret's, Roath, Cardiff, South "\Yales. A Priest, (Diocesan J\Iissionary 
of Our Lady of Compassion) till lately at The Close, Saffron 'Yalden, Essex; 
now at The Sacred IIeart, Caterham, Surrey. (1900) 
Fincham, Dr George Thomas, (1818-1890), of "\Yestminster School; 
l\I.A., St John's College, Oxford; F.R, C.P.; Senior Physician to Westminster 
Hospital. (1855) 

t Fincham, Mrs, wife of Dr George Thomas Finchaln, (1818-1890), l\I.A., 
Oxon. (1855) 

t Finlason, William Frederick, barrister. 
t Finlason, Mrs, wife of "\Villiam Frederick Finlason. 


t Firebrace, James, barrister; brothel' of the Hon. Samuel Firebrace 
(1800-1849), LL,D. (1848 


Converts to Rome 

Firebrace, The Hon. Samuel, (1800-1849), LL.D., of Leyden 
University; second Puisne Judge in Demerara, British Guiana; wit.h his 
three sons and three daughters. (1845) 
t Firth, Rev. John Antony, B.A., Trinity College, Dublin; curate of 
Creeting St Peter's, Suffolk. (1903) 
Fischer, Ernest, formerly of Claybury, Essex. 

Fish, Mrs, wife of the Rev. Canon .T. Leonard Fish, J\I.A., rector of St 
Gabriel's, Fenchurch wit.h St 1\largaret Pattens, London E.C.; and her 
children. (1

Fisher, Miss, daughter of the Rev. Canon Fisher, l\LA., Vicar of Ht 
Peter's, Bournemouth, Hanlpshirc. (1893) 
Fisher, J. Brewster, the artist. 

Fisher, Mrs, wife of J. Brewster Fisher. 

Fisher, William, of Swindon; Jnusical coJnposel'. 


Fitch, Rev. Thomas Henry, (18
2-1D07), of University College, 
T.Jondon; a Priest CMarist) at N ntre j)ame de France, T.Jcicester Place, 
Leicester Square, London. "T.C.; for several years in eharge of t.he 
(1atholic rTniversity 
chool, Dublin; son of Thomas Fitch, of Colchoster, 
'Essex, and brother of Sir Joshua Girling Fikh, the wcll-knnl\'1l educa- 
tionalist and author. (18;)!)) 

t Fitzgerald, Sir Edward. 

( 1850) 

Fitzgerald, Gerald Charles Purcell, l\I.A., Trinity College, Cam- 
bridge; son of Edward Fitzgerald, (1
09-1883), B.A.., Can tab, the puet 
and tranAlator of Gmar Khayyám. 
Fitzgerald, Gerald, cousin of Gerald Charles Purce1l1"itzgerald, J\l.A., 

Fitzgerald, Miss Geraldine, sist-cr of 'Villiam Penrose FiÞgerald, of 
COl'kbegg Uastle, co. Cork, Ireland. 
Fitzgerald, Miss, da.ughter of Dr Fit.zgerald. 
Fitzgerald, Field-Marshall Sir John Foster, (1784-1877), G.C.B. ; 
fought during the Peninsular "Tar; held commands in India and Canada; 
at one time J\I.P. for co. Clare, Ireland. (1849) 
t Fitzgerald, Miss Mary, a nun of the Congregation of the Sacred 
Heart, France. (1858) 
Fitzgerald, The Hon. M rs Percy, ( -1876), Hon. Dorcas Skeffing- 
ton. of the tenth Viscount ßlassereene and Ferrard, K.P. ; wife 
of Percy Hetherington Fit.l.gcrald, the author, }'.B.A., I\I.A., Trinity 
Cullege, Dublin. (1859) 

Converts to Rome 


Fitzgerald, Mrs, wife of Thomas Edward Fitzgerald, barrister. 


Fitzpatrick, Lady Mary, daughter of Colonel H. Butter, of the 94th 
Regt. ; wife of Sir Dennis :Fit
patrick, R.C.S.l. ; 1[ember of the Council of 
India, was Chief Commissioner of Assam; Resident at Hyùel'abad and 
Lieutenant-Governor of the Punjab. 

t Fitzpatrick, The Hon. Richard, son of the last Earl of Upper 

Fitzwilliam, Lady Alice Mary, fouL,th daughter of the Earl 
Fitzwilliam; granddaughter of the nineteenth Earl of J\Iorton. (1900) 

t Flamstead, Colonel. 

Flamstead, M rs, wife of Colonel Flamstead. 
Flesher, John Henry, l\LA., Christ CoJlege, Cambridge. 
Fletcher, Miss Constance, grand-niece of the Hev. Dr Edward 
Bouverie Pusey, (1800-1
82) one of the leaders of the Oxford :Movement. 
Fletcher, Miss Margaret, daughter of the Rev. C. J. J1""letcher, :àI.A.' 
formerly Rector of Carfax, Oxfordshire; authoress and editor of The 
Ol'ucible. (1898) 

Fletcher, Rev. Philip, l\I.A., Exeter College, Oxford; curate of St 
Bartholomew's, Brighton, Susse
 ; a Priest in the \Vestminster Archdiocese, 

laster and founder with J\[ r Listel' J\Iaul'ice Drumm(lnd, of the OuiJd of 
Our Lady of l{ansom for the Conversion of England; fifth son of HiI' 
I-Ienry Fletcher, third Baronet, of Ham :\Ianor, _\ngmering, Sussex. (1878) 
Fletcher, Miss, sister of the Rev. Philip Fletcher, l\I.A" Oxon, Rnd of 
Sir Henry Fletcher, fourth Baronet. (1
Fletcher, Miss Philippa, daughteL' of tho Rev. C. J. Fletcher, 
formerly Rector of Carfax, Oxfordshire. (1898) 
Flint, Miss, an Anglican nun at Clewer Convent, near 'Yindsor; sister of 
Captain Flint, R.A. (1889) 
Flint, Miss Constance, sister of Captain Flint, R.A. (1885) 
Flockhart, John Francis, B.A., Jesus College, Cambridge. 
Flowers, George French, (1811-1872), B.A., 1Ius.Doc., Lincoln 
College, Oxford; musical composer; foundf:'r of the Contrapuntists' Society; 
son of the Rev. Field Flowers, 1I.A., Oxon, rector of Partney, Lincolnshire; 
brother of Frederick Flowers, (1810-1886), barrister, Recorder of Stamford, 
and then :1\Iagistrate at Bow Street, London, 'V.C. (18G9) 
t Fooks, Octavius Edward, father of Edward John Fooks, solicitor, 
of the firm of :Fooks, Chadwick, Arnold and Fooks. (1850) 


Converts to Rome 

Floyd, John Arthur, of .Bury St Edmunds, Suffulk. 


Floyer, Rev. Thomas Burnes, l\I.A. Oxon; an Anglican curate; J.P. 
for Staffordshire. 

y, Lady Emily, (1805-187D) Lady Emily Craham; daughter of the 
third Duke of )lontrose I{.G.; wife of Ewa1'd Thomas .Foley, of Stnke 
Edith Park, Herefordshire. (18;:)0) 
Foley, Rev. Henry, (1811-18Ð1), furmerly a solicitor ; a Jesuit lay-brother; 

uthor of Records of the English P1.ovince of the Society of Jesus; son of the 
Rev. John Foley, 1\l.A" curate-in-charge of Astley, 'Vorcestshire. (1846) 
ambe, Mrs Savile, relative of Selina, Viscountess :\lilton, da.ughter 
of the third Ea.rl of Liverpool, wife of Viscuunt 
Iilton, son of the fifth 
Earl Fitzwilliam and then married to George Savile Foljambe, of IIa/.el- 
beach Hall, 
orthamptonshire. (1850) 
t Foljambe, Miss Catherine Savile, daughter of ::\11'8 
Foljambe. (1850) 
Forbes, Dr, of London. 
t Forbes, Miss Christina, of Inverernan, Aberdeenshire, N.B. 
Forbes, Miss, daughter uf the Rev. 'Villiam Forbes, 1\1....\., formerly 
rector of l\1anchcster, Jamaica, B. 'V.I. (1878) 
Forbes, Reginald, grandson of Sir 'Yilliam Forbes, Baronet of 
Pitsligo, and cousin of the Bishop of TIrechin, N.B. 
Forbes, Miss Ruth, daughter of the Rev. 'Villiam Forbes, 1\I.A., late 
rector of :J1anchester, Jamaica, B. 'V.I. (1878) 
Forbes-Robertson, Miss, sister of the well-known actor and uf 1\I1's 
IIem'y Dawes Harrod, of Amlwch, Anglesea, North 'Vales. 
t Ford, Rev. Frederick William, B.A., Cantab; an Anglican vicar. 
Ford, Rev. George, 1\I.A., Oxon; curate of St 1\1ary's, Soho, London, 'V. 
Ford, James, (1813-1889), J.P. of 'Vra)""all Court, Somersetshire; for 
twenty-six years Alderman for Bristol; father of Andrew Hamin Ford, 
J.P.; and of the Right Rev. IIugh Edmund }-'ord, a Benedictine 1Ionk and 
Abbot at 
t Benedict's Priory, Ealing, London, \V., author. (1849) 
Ford, Miss Mary Dominica, a nun and foundress of St 1\Iargaret's 
Forman, Dr, of London. (1860) 
Formby, Rev. Henry, (1816-1884), of Charterhouse School; 
Brasenose College, Oxford; vicar of R u al' de an, Gloucestershire; anthor. 
A Priest, for many years chaplain at the Dominican Priory of St Peter, 
Hinckley, Leicestershire; son of IIenry Grenehalgh }-'ormby, of }-'ormby 
Hall, Lancashire. (1846) 

Converts to Rome 


Forster, Rev. Charles John Prate, B.A., Oriel College, OÀford; 
curate of Stoke Abbas, Dorsetshire. (1860) 
Forster, Mrs, wife of the Rev. Charles John Prate Forster, B.A., Oxon. 
Forster, M rs, wife of General Forster, formerly Secretary to H.R.H. the 
late Duke of Cambridge, K.G. 

t Forster, M rs, wife of Dr Thomas Forster. 
t Forster, Edward, son of Dr Thomas Forster. 
Forster, Mrs Elizabeth M. R., daughter of E. L. S. Beni'on; wife of 
'V. Stuart Forster. (1887) 
Forster, Dr Thomas Ignatius Maria, (178!)-1860), B.A.; 
Corpus Christi College, Cambridge; naturalist, astronomer and poet, 
)Iem bel' of the Astronomical Society of London and of the Academy of 
Natural Sciences of Philadelphia; son of Thomas Furly Forster, (1761- 
1825), the botanist, r
uthor and original member of the Linnean Society. 
Fortescue, Rev. Edward Bowles Knottesf'ord, (1816-1877), of 
"\Vinchester College; 
I..A., \Vadham College, Oxford; Provost of St 
Ninian's, Perth, N.B.; author; brot,her-in-Iaw of the l\Iost Rev. Dr 
ArC'hibald Campbell Tait, (1811-1882), Lord Archbishop of Canterbury. 
Fortescue, Mrs Gertrude Mary, (1839-1885), wife of the Rev. 
Edward Bowles Knottesford Fortescue (1816-1877), 
I.A., Oxon. ; daughter 
of the Rev. Sanderson Robins, 
I.A., an Anglican clergyman; grand- 
daughter of Lady Caroline Barham; mother of the Rev, Adrian Fortescue, 
D.D., D.Ph., a Priest at the Garden City, Letchworth, Hertfordshil'e, 
author and orientalist. (1872) 
Fortescue, Mrs Sophia Charlotte, wife of the late Captain Edmund 
Fortescue, of the 1st Batt. Rifle Brigade; daughter of Sir George Albert de 
Hochepied-Larpent, third and last Baronet. (1887) 
Fortescue, Miss, daughter of the late Captain Edmund Fortescue, of the 
1st Batt. Rifle Brigade. (1887) 
Fosberry, Miss Florence, of Clorane, Adare, co. Limerick, Ireland. 
Fosberry, Miss, niece of J\Iiss Florence Fosberry. (1880) 
Fosbery, Miss Cecilia, eldest daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel George 
Vincent Fosbery, (1832-1907), V.C., inventor of the "Paradox" gun and 
of the automatic revolver which bears his name. (1891) 
Foster, Lady, wife of Sir Charles Foster, Bart. 
Foster, Rev. Charles George, (1835-1904), of Christ's Hospital; 
Iagéblen Hall, Oxford; curate of St l\I ar tin's, Scarborough, 
Yorkshire. A Priest at St James', Spanish Place, London, "\V. (1886) 


Converts to Rome 

t Foster, George Harvey, of Sheffield, Y ol'kshire; benefactor to 
several Oatholiü )1issions. (189-1) 
Foster, Harvey, 
I.A., Pcterhouse, Cambridge; of tho Indian Civil 

Foster, Thomas, LL.D., Trinity ColI ego, Cambridge. 
Foster, Thomas, a Quaker; author of The Perpetual Calendar. 
Foster, William, sulicitor, of Alnwick, X orthurnber1a.nd. 
Fothergill, Joseph, of "\Vickham Park, Newcastle-on-Tyne. 
Fothergill, Rev. William, 
 Oxon; curate uf St Paul's, Kllights- I 
bridge, l
ondun, 'V. (1859) , 
Foulds, Miss Josephine, of Old Hall, Droom Hall Park; founùress uf 
the" Legitimist :Forgot-me-nut Club." (1900) 
Foulkes, Mrs, widow of a former Vicar of St )Iary's, Oxford. 
Fountaine, Miss, daughter of Andrew Fountaine, D.L., of N arfol'ù 
waffham, :K orfolk, formerJy High Sheriff of that ('ounty. 
Fowell, Rev. Charles Wellesley, vicar of Otterford, Chard, 
SomerRetshire; and then of Corton, Lowestoft, Suffolk; younger son of 
Hear-Adluil'al \\'ilIiam 
ewton J:!'owel], of J'owellscombe, Devonl:lhire. (1887) 
Fowell, Mrs Frances, wife of the Rev. Charles 'Vellesley Fowell; 
eldest daughter of the Rev. l1harles Leigh-Pemberton, !\I.A., rector of 
Curry l\Ia.llet, Taunton, Surncrsetshire; mother of the Rev. N ewtoll 
Dighy :Fuwell, a Priest at the Church of the IIoly Ghost, Balham, Lond( 111, 
S. 'V. (lR87) 
Fowke, M rs Dora, widow of Richardson Fowke, of Singapore. (190-1) 
Fowler, Miss Amy C., daughter of the Rev. F. 'V. }"owler, 
I..A." at 
one time chaplain of the Dath Unif)n "\V ol'khouse; for some time matrun 
of }-'ather Damien's Leper IIospital. (1882) 
Fowler, M rs, sister of George Craig Salulùers Pauling, cuntractor for 
Railways and Pub1ic ,r orks. 
Fownes, Rev. John Edward Curtis, :1\1._\., Pembroke College, 
Oxford; curate of St 
Iary \V oolnoth, London, E.U. (18UO) 
Fox, Dr Charles James, of London. 
Fox, M rs, wife of Dr Charles Fox. 
Fox, Dr Francis, of London. 
Fox, Mrs J. A., youngest daughter of Count 'V. F. 'Vratislaw, of Rugby. 
Fox, Rev. Lawrence C. Prideaux, ( -1905), member of a Quaker 
family; a dentist; then a Priest, (Oblate of l\Iary Immaculate) at the 
h !\lartyrs, Tower Ifill, London, E.U.; till lately in the United 

Converts to Rome 


Fox, Miss, daughter of Dr Fox, of Falmouth, Devonshire; a QuaKer, 
now a nun. 

Fox, Miss Sophia, daughter of Dr Fox, of Falmouth. 
France, Miss Ellen, ( - ), who built the Catholic Church, (St 
Peter's), at Leamington, vVarwickshire. (1854) 
Frances, The Rev. Mother Mary, formerly an Anglican Abbess of 
:Mill Hill, a branch of the East Grinstead Sisterhood 
Francillon, Robert Edward, of Cheltenham College; L.L.
I., Senior 
in Law Tripos, Trinity Hall, Cambridge; barrister; novelist and journalist, 
for over twenty years 8r contributor to The Globe; eldest son of James 
Francillon (1802-1866), legal writer and Gloucestershire District County 
Court Judge. (1890) 

Francillon, Mrs Rosamond, 
ife of Robert Edward Francillon, 
I., Cantab; daughter of John Barnett, (1802-1890), the singer and 
musical composer. (1899) 
Franklin, Rev. Albert Edward, of Brighton College and St Augustine's 
College, Canterbury; successively curate attached to the Oxford 
to Calcutta, 1891-94; Ferry Hill, Durham, 1894-95 ; St :Matthias', Stoke 
:Kewington, London, N. ; 1891-96; Oxford :Mission to Calcutta, 1896-98; 
Rector of St James' High School, Calcutta, 1899-1902; then curate-in- 
charge of St 
Iary's, Buxton, Derbyshire, 1903-03. A Priest, ordained 
in Rome, 1908 ; now attached to St :Mary's Cathedral, Edinburgh, .N.B. 
(1905 ) 
Franklin, Lady Edith, Lady Edith Cecilia Curzon-Howe, spcond 
da,ughter of General the third Earl Howe, C.B., who served in the Kaffir 
'Val' and in the Indian 
Iutiny; of I\Iajor-General the 
lIon. George Anson, 
LP., (1797-1857), second son of the first Viscount 
Anson; wife of Harry 'V. Franklin, son of Captain l?rankHn. (1894) 
Fraser, The Hon. Mrs Georgina Mary, only daughter of George 
Fieschi Heneage, of Hainton Hall, 'Yragley, :M.P. for Lincoln; wife of the 
late Lieutenant-Colonel the Hon. Alexander Edward Fraspr, second son 
of the fourteenth Baron Lovat; foundress of the Training Home for Young 
Servan ts a t Brook Green, London, 'V. 

Fraser, Gilbert Baird, of Holywell, S
 Ives, Huntingdonshire. 
Fraser, r.1rs, wife of Gilbert Baird Fraser. 

Fraser, Mrs Hugh, novelist and writer of travels; daughter of Thomas 
Crawford, (18] 4-18b7), the American Sculptor who settled in Rome; 
Rister of )Iarinn Crawford, (1854-1909), the novelist; widow of Hugh 
l?l'aser, late British :Ministel' to .Japan. (188-1) 

Fraser, Rev. James Chalmers Dean, (1850-1906), of the AcadelllY, 
Edinburgh; B.A. Edinburgh .Pniver:sity; Trinity Coilt>gp, Clknn,]mond; 
}'(-'ctor of Bancll'Jry- Ternan, Deesid{', N.D. ; poet. A priest. (190j) 



Converts to Rome 

t Frazer, Major. (1852) 
Frazer, Miss, formerly an Anglican nun. 
Freeland, Rev. Jonn, Priest-in-charge of The IIoly Child Jesus and 
St Joseph, Dedford; author. 
Freeman, M rs Ellen Maria, 1l" e Dickinson; and her three children, 
among whom is 
Iiss "\\Tinefride Freeman, the artist and exhibitor at the 
K ew Gallery and Burlington Hou
e. (1856) 
Freeman, Rev. William George, of Noncomforn1ist parentage; 
curate of St Peter's, Plymouth, Devonshire; husband of \hs Ellen :Uaria 
:F'I'f'ell1an. (IR56) 
Fremantle, Miss Cecilia, daughter of Vice-Admiral T. F. Fremantle. 
Fremantle, Miss Emma, of Vice-Admiral T. F. FI'mnantle. 
Freme, Lieutenant-Colonel. 
Freme, Miss, daughter of Colonel Frmne. 
Fricker, The Very Rev. Mark Anthony, a Priest nnd Canon a.t St 
l\Iary's, Rathmines, DuLlin. 
Frisbie, Captain. 
t Froude, Lieutenant Arthur HoldswDrth, of the Royal Navy; 
son of 'Vil1iam Froude, (IHIO-1879), engineer and naval architpct, 
F. R.S. ; nephew of James Anth( Iny Froud{', (lR18-lH
--t), the historian and 
man of letters, and of the Rev. Richard Hurrell Fronde, (1803-183G), 
friend of ('al'dinal Newman, and contributor of three of the "Tracts for the 
Times." (1861) 
Froude, Mrs Catherine Henrietta Easterbrook, née IIolds- 
worth; wife of 'Villiam Fronde, (1810-1879), F.R.S., the engineer and 
naval architect. (IH55) 
Froude, Richard Hurrell, son of 'Villian1 Fronde, (1810-1879), F.R.A., 
the engineer and naval architect. (1859) 
Froude, Robert Edmund, of Bradfield College; F.R.S., superintendent 
of the Admiralty 'Yorks at Ilaslar, Gosport; third son of 'Villiam Froude, 
(1810-1879), F.R.S., the engineer and naval architect. (18G3) 
Frye, Lieutenant Arthur Henry, late of the l.Iadraa Army. (1887) 
Fullager, Miss, of )Iount Carmel Chambers, Kensington, London, W. 
Fuller, Miss Annie Eleanor, daughter of George A. Fuller, Postal 
Surveyor of the N orth 
Iidland District of England. (1886) 
Fuller, Miss Emma Blagden, daughter of George A. Ful1er, Postal 
Surveyor of the North l\Iidland District of England (1883) 
Fuller, Rev. Harry Albert, l\LA., Trinity College, Dublin; vicar of 
Llanfair, Ki]geden, Abergavenny, 'Yales. (1898) 

Converts to Rome 


Fuller, Miss Mary Constance, daughter of George A. Fuller, Postal 
Surveyor of the :Uidland District of England (1885) 
Fuller, Mrs, wife of George A. Fuller, Postal Surveyor of the :Midland 
District of England. (1882) 
t Fuller, Mrs Mary Emily, wife of the Rev. Charles James Fuller; 

LA., late vicar of St l\Iary the Virgin, Primrose Hill, London, N. 'V. (1899) 
Fuller, Mrs, wife of Captain Charles Fuller, late of the 12th Royal 
Lancers, the sculptor; niece of Sir 'Villiam Bagge, :M.P.; mother of 
Francis Charles Bernard Dudley Fuller, C.
I.G., Resident and Chief 
Commissioner in Ashanti. (1865) 
Fullerton, Major Alexander George, (1808-1Ð07), of Eton College; 
of Ballintoy Ca.
tle, Antrim, h'eland, and Tockington 1tlanor, Gloucester- 
shire; late of the Horse Guards Blue; at one tim6 altf.!Jché a.t the British 
Embassy, Paris. (1843) 
Fullerton, Lady Georgiana, (1812-1885), Lady Georgiana Charlutte 
Leveson-Uowcl' ; novelist and philanthropist; she brought the Sisters of 
St Vincent de Paul to England and founded the Order of the" Poor Servants 
of the 1\<fother of God Incarnate"; daughter of the first Earl Granville, 
G.C.B.; granddaughter of the fifth Duke of Devonshire; wife of .fifajor 
Alexander George Fullerton, (1808-1907), of Ballintoy Castle. (1846) 
Fullerton, Miss Emily, niece of Lady Georgiana FuUerton, (1812-1885), 
the novelist and philanthropist. (1884) 
Fulton, Major-General John Jeffreys, (182ß-188ß), G.C.B. ; of the 
Madras Staff Corps; Chamberlain to Pope Leo XIII. 

t Fyrell, Thomas, a Government official at Singapore. 




Converts to Rome 

- G 

GABB, Baker, D.L. and J.P. of Abergavenny, 'Vales; coUateral 
descenda.nt of the martyred Father Charles Baker, (1617-1679), a Priest of 
the Society of Jesus, and a victim of Titus Oates' plot., and of the 
Venerable Augustine Baker, (1575-16-:11), a Benedictine :l\lonk. 
Gabb, Charles Baker, youngest son of Baker Gabb, D.L. and J.P. of 
Abergavenny; now resident in New Zealand 

Gabb, John Baker, eldest son of Baker, D.L, and J.P. ; Privat.e 
ChamberJain to Pope Leo XIII, and Knight of St Gregory the Greut. 
Gabb, Powell Baker, youngest son of the Rev. Baker Gabb, 
1.A" an 
Anglican rector. 

Gainsborough, The Earl o'f, (1818-1881), Charles George Noel; 
second Earl; l\I.A., Trinity CoJ1ege, Cambridge; Knight of the Order of 
Christ; founder of the Cambridge Calnden Society; at one time 1\1. P. 
for Rutland; Lord-Lieutena.nt and Custos Rotulorum for Rutlandshhe; 
grandson of the first Earl Grey. (18rn) 
Gais'ford, Lady Alice, (1836-1892), Lady .Alice .Mary Kerr, daughter of 
the sevpnth )Iarquess of Lothian; granddaughter of the second Earl 
Talbot; third wife of 
aptain Thomas Gaisfol'd, (1816-1898); mother of 
:ì\[ajor 'Valter Thomas Gaisfúrd, of the Seaforth Highlanders, who took 
part in the late Egyptian campa.ign, and of Hugh 'Villiam GaisIord of t.he 
])iplomatic Service, :First Secretary at the Lisbon Leg3,ti(Jn. (185:3) 

Gais'ford, Captain Thomas, (1816-1898), of Rugby School; B...\., 
Uhrist Church, Uxford; J.P. anc! ..!J.L. for Sussex; J.P. for "riltshil'e; of 
the 79th Highlanders; eldest son of the Very Rev. Dr Thomas _ Gaisford. 
(1779-1R35), l\LA., Dean of Christ Church, OÀford; grandson of the Rev. 
Archibald Douglas. 
LA., of Salwarpe, 'V orcestcrshin'; father of Lieu- 
tenn,nt Julian Charles Gaisfol'd-St Lawrence, late R.
., J. P. for Sussex, 
by his second wife, Lady Elnily St Lawrenct', daughter of the third 
Earl of Howth; and of the Very Rev. Basil St Lawrence Gaisford, a 
Rederuptol'ist. Priest and Prodncial for England, at St :Mary's, ClaphaIll, 
ondon, s."r. (18,)8) 

Converts to Rome 


Gale, Miss A. M., niece of the second Baron Belper, P.C. ; grand-niece 
of Sir Frederick Acclom )lilbank, first Baronet. (1893) 

Gale, Thomas, musical composer; iormer1y organist of 
t Agatha's, 
Fins bury, London, 
.'V. ; assistant-organist at Christ Church, Clapham, 
S. 'V. ; now organist at St 
Iary's Catholic Church, Park Road, Clapham. 
Gallwey, Mrs Augusta, wife of Colonel Edmund Joseph Gallwey 
C.B., late of the Somersetshire Light Infantry, who took part in the Zulu 
and South African 'Val'; daughter of A. Burtchaell, J.P., of Corbally, 
co. Clare, Ireland. 

Gallwey, Mrs Flora, wife of Colonel Patrick Fitzgerald Gallwey, R..L\.' ; 
daughter of Colonel Oxenden, 

Galton, Miss, of Glengariffe, Boul'nemou th Hampshh e 

Galton, Mrs Frances Amelia, (1826-1898), daughter of General the 
Right Hon. Sir George 
-\.rthur, (1784-1850), first Baronet, K.C.H., D.C.L. 
Oxon, Colonel of the 50th Foot, successively Governor of Honduras, Van 
Dieman's Land, Upper Canada, Bombay and Provisional Governor-General 
of India; wife of the late Theodore Howard Galton, 1\I.A., Cantab, J.P. 
dnd D.L. of Hadzor House, 'V orcestershire. (1860) 
t Galton, Mrs Louisa Mary, wife of the Rev. Juhn Lincoln Galton, 
1\1.A., late Rector of St Sidwell's, Exeter, Devonshire. (1852) 
Galton, Theodore Howard, (1820-1881), i\1.A., Trinity College, 
Cambridge; J.P. and D.L. for ,\rorcestershire ; of Hadzor House, 'Vorcester- 
shire; father of :Major Hubert George Howard Galton, late of the Royal 
Artillery, he served in Egypt in 1882, J.P. and County Councillor for 
'V orcestershire, son-in-law of General the Hon. Sir Henry Hugh Clifford, 
Y. C. ; of the Right Rev. Compton Theodore Galton, of the Society of J esllS, 
Titular Bishop of Pentissus and Vicar Apostolic of Demerara; of Howard 
Douglas Leonard Galton, B.A., Lund, barrister; and of the Rev. Char!e 
Sigismund Gal ton, a Priest of the Society of Jesus, late Rector of The 
Immaculate Conception, Farm Street, Berkeley Square, London, "\tV., now 
Rector of Beaumont College, Old 1Vindsor. (1860) 
Gandy, The Very Rev. Monsignor Charles Edward, of Truro 
Theological College; curate of St James', Plymouth and then of St 
::\Iichael's, Edinburgh, K.B.; Priest-in-charge of Our Lady, Star of the 
Sea, Ilfracombe, Devonshire; Private Chamberlain to Pope Pius X; 
formerly secretary to the Right Rev. Dr 'Yilliam Vaughan, (1814-1902), 
Bishop of Plymouth; son of the Rev. James Hunter Gandy. (1888) 
t Gandy, George Alfred, son of the Rev. James Hunter Gandy. (1897) 
Gape, George William, eldest surviving son of :Major James John 
Gape, (1826-1904), J.P. for Hertfordshire. (1902) 
Gape, Major James JOhn, (1826-1904), J.P. for Hertfordshire; Lord 

f the 
Ianors of Caxton and Croydon, Oambridgeshire; son of George 
Gape, J.P. of St l\Iichael's ì\Ianor, St Albans, Hertfordshire. (1874) 


Converts to Rome 

t Garcia, Mrs, née "\loon, wife of the Rev. Hpnry Garcia, (1833-1885), 
who after her decease became a Priest of the Society of Jesus. (1862) 
Gardiner, Rev. Lawrence Leonard, (1838-1884), a Dominican 
Friar and chaplain of the Convent of St Rose, Stroud, Gloucestershire; 
son of John Francis Gardiner, merchant of Leicester. (1856) 
Gardiner, Mrs, wife of Captain Gardiner. 

Gardner, Hilary, formerly professor at Stonyhurst College, Blackburn, 

Garman, Dr Cornelius, (1828-1905), of \V oodford, Essex. 



Garman, Mrs, wife of Dr Cornelius Garman, (1828-1905); and family 
among whom is the Rev. Henry Garman, a scholastic of the Society of 
Jesus, till recently at Stonyhurst College, Black burn, Lancashire, now 
at St Beuno's College, St Asaph, Wales, (1867) 
Garner, Thomas, (1839-1906), architect and designer of the reredos of 
St Paul's Cathedral, London E.C. 

Garnett, Mrs Adeline, wife of Colonel l<'rcderick 'YiUocl\. Garnett.; 
daughter of Colonel Sir Hambleton Custance, 1\...C.B. 
Garnett, Arthur William, B.A., }3alliol Conege, Oxford 

Garnett, Rev. Edmund Peel, (18-1=>-1896), of Eton College; 
Brasenose Conege, O
ford; curate of Holy Trinity College, Oxford 
A Priest of the Brompton Oratory, Londun, s.,V. (1871) 
Garnett, Mrs Ethel Mildred, of KOl'ton Hal], '\Torcestershire ; wifo 
of Lieutenant Herbert .Keville Garnett, R.N., third son of Colonel 
Frederick 'Villock Garnett, of Easton Lodge, N urfolk, and Château 
l'Echappc, Dinan, France. 

Garnett, Colonel Frederick Willock, formprly of the 83th ){egin1ellt 
and then Colonel of the Norfolk Regin1ent; of Easton Lodge, X orfolk, and 
of Château l'Echappe, Dinan, France; father of Lieutenant Uecil Frederick 
Garnett, late of the Royal Scots Fusilers; of the Rev. Ernest Edmund 
Garnett, a Priest-in-charge of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour and St 
Edmund, King and 
Iartyr, iIullst
Lllton, Korfolk; and of Commander 
Herbert Keville Garnett, l{,.
.; third son of the late Robert Garnett., J. P., 
loor Hall, Sutton-Coldfield; I:\on-in-Iaw of Colonel Sir I-Iambleton 
Custance, l{.C.B., of 'Yeston IlaU, Korfolk. 

Garnett, Herbert, J.P. for "'\orfolk; fourth son of Robert Garnett, 
J.P., of l\loor IraIl, SuttDn Cold field, \Varwickshire; brother of the Huv. 
Edmund Peel Garnett, (1845-1896), a Priest of the Brompton Oratory, 
London, b. \V. 

Garnett, Major Henry Percy, (1853-]908), late of the 32nd Duke of 
Cornwall's Light Infantry; youngest son of Robert Garnett, J.P., of 1\1001' 
Ilall, Sutton Uoldfield. 

Converts to Rome 


Garnett, Captain Philip. 
Garnett, Major Thomas William, late of the 85th Regiment. 
Garratt, Rev. William Frederick Henry, 
I.A., formerly an 
. Anglican l\lissionary in India; Chamberlain of the I-Ioly IIouse of Loretto ; 
I{night of St Gregory the Great; author. (1884) 
Garrett, Reginald W. Burnham, of Dulwich College; B.A" King's 
College, Cambridge. (1905) 
Garrold, Rev. Richard Prys, B.A., Pope's Hall, Oxford; a scholastio 
of the Society of Jesus, and till lately professor at St Francis Xavier's 
College, Liverpool; now at St Beuno's College, St Asaph, North \Vales; 
author. (1897) 

Garside, Rev. Charles Brier;ey, (1818-1876), of 
Ianchester Grammar 
School; Hulme Exhibitioner, scholar, :\1....\.,., Rrasenose College, Oxford; 
curate of Tetbury, Gloucestershire; and of Christ Church, Albany Street, 
London, \V., then of All Saints', 
1argal'et Street, London, \V. A Pl'Ïest at 
St AloYRius', Somers rrown, London, N. \V.; au thoI'; son of the late Joseph 
Garside, surgeon, :\Ianchester. (1850) 
t Garside, Miss, daughter of the late Jo
eph Garside, surgoon, 
ß1anchester. (1854) 

t Gasson, Rev. Thomas Ignatius, a Pri0st of the Society of Jesus; 
President of Boston College, U.S.A.; formerly Professor of Ethics and 
Political Economy at the SaIne College; a native of England (1874) 
Gates, Charles Leopold, brother of the Rev. Sebaatian Gates, a 
Dominican Friar. 

Gates, Mrs Emma Cordelia, mother of the Rev. Sebastian Gates 
a Dominican Friar. ' 

Gates, Miss Evelyn Adelaide, daughter of l\11's Emma Uordelia Gates. 

Gates, Rev. Sebastian B., a Dominican Friar at St Sebastian's 
Pendleton, l\1anchester. ' 

Gatty, Charles Tindall Scott, of CharterhoUße School; F.S.A.; for 
twelve years Curator of tho Liverpool 1Iuseum. at one time Pl'ivato 
Secretary to the third l\Iarquess of ilute; Ru per
isor of the Irish Art 

ompanions; co-Editor, with the Duke of Norfolk, of the Arurulel Hymns' 
 of the Rev. Alfred Gatty, D.D., vicar of Ecclesfield, Sheffield, .y ork
shire, and of 111'S )Iargaret Gatty, (1807-1873), writer for children' 
grandson of the Rev. Alexander John Scott, (1768-1840), B.A., Cantab: 
Naval Chaplain of the" Victory" and private Secretary to Admiral Lord 
N elsun. 

,Qaun.t, Miss Mary, (1836-1903), an Oblate Sister (
Iary .Joseph) of the 
PrecIOus Bloud, and )lother Superior of St Vincent's Home, Leeds. (1878) 


Converts to Rome 

Gaunt, Miss, sister of tho preceding and a nun in the same Order. 
Gauntlett, Henry, of I{ensington Square 
Iansions, London, 'V.; 
formerJy of the Charity Commission. 
Gauntlett, Mrs, wife of Honry Gauntlett, of London, "r. 
Gauntlett, Vincent, son of IIenry Gauntlett, of London, 'V. 
t Gavin, Mrs Jane, wife of the late l\Iajor Oeorge O'IJalloran Gavin, 
of the 17th Lancers, 
I.P. for Limerick; daughter of l\Iountiford\Yest.ropp, 
J.P., of )lellon IIouse, co. Limerick; sister-in-law of the l{ev. l\Iichael 
Gavin, a Priest of the Soci ty of Jesus at The Immaculato Conception, 
Farm Street, Berkeley Rquare, London, 'V. 

Gawthorn, William Rees, (1816-1886), at one time Secretary to II. E. 
Cardinal Kicholas Patrick 8tephen "Tiseman, (IH02-1
6j), Archbishop 
of "'tVestminster; and then to the :\Iost Rev. Dr English, Archbishop of 
Port of Spain, Trinidad, 13.'''.1.; founder of several Catholic Schools in 
the 'Vest Indies; author, and editor of The Star of the IV,'st. (18-iD) 
t Gawthorn, Mrs, wife of tho late 'Vil1iam Roos Cawthorn. (18-19) 
Gawthorn, Miss, daughter of the late 'Villi am Roes Uawthorn. (1849) 

Gayton, Miss, of Brighton; now a. Carmelite nun. 

Geary, Rev. William, a Benedictine 
Ionk, (Dorn Gabriel) in charge of 
St Et.
de's, Clayton-Green, Chorley, Lancashire. (1877) 
Gerard, Colonel Archibald, (1812-1880), J.P.; D.L., of Rochsole
N.B.; Lieutenant in the 92nd llighlander::;, then Colonel in tho IJanark- 
shire Yeomanl'Y; son of Lieutenant-Colonel J oIm Gerard, of the IIun. 
East India Company's Service, by 
Iontague Alison, sister of Sir Archibald 
Alison, (1792-1867), D.C,L., LL.D., F.R.S., first Baronet, the eminent 
lawyer and historian. (1848) 
Gerard, M rs Eu phemia Erskine, (1818-1870), wife of Colonel Archi- 
bald Gerard, (1812-1880); daughter of Sir John Robinson Jean Grahame; 
mother of the Rev. John Gerard, a Priest l)f the Rociety of Jesus, for three 
years Provincial of the Eng1ish Province, author, twice editor of The 
111onth, 11'el1ow of the Linncan Society; of General Rir :r.lontagu Gilb(,J't 
ner.a,rd, (1843-190;)), R.A., K.C.ß., K.C.S.I., author, who served wit.h mlH'h 
distinction in the Abyssinian, Afghan, and Egyptian Campaigns; and (If 
-l\Iadame Dorothea de Longgarde, the authoress and wife of Field-l\larshal 
Julius Longud do Longgarde, of the Au;;.trian Army; grandmother of 
Lieutenant Gilbert 
Ieade Gerard, of the Highland Light Infantry. (184R) 
Gerard, Mrs Mary Anne, (1811-1883), wife of l\Iajor Frederic RewaHis 
Gerard, J.P. and D.L. of Aspull House, Lancashire; daughter of the Rev. 
'l'homas 'Vilkinson, 
I.A., vicar of Kirk I-Iallam, Derbyshire; mother of 
Captain Frederic Gerard, late of the 23rd Regt., J.P. for 'Yarwi('kshire 
and 'V orcestershire. 

Converts to Rome 


Gernon, Mrs Alice Louisa, wife of the late Colonel Henry Chester 
Gernon, J.P. of Athcarne Castle, co. ::\Ieath; daughter of Lieutenant- 
Colonel .li. F. Braham; niece of Frances, Countess 'Valdegrave. 
Gerrard, Mrs, nfe Goodench; of Eyark, Ruthin, Korth 'Vales. (1887) 
Gerrard, Rev. Thomas, a Priest and chaplain at Kew Hall Convent, 
Chelmsford, Essex; author and contributor to The Dubl-in lleview, J. ' he 
Homiletic 1J[onthly, The NiW York Revie7.v, The Am,erican Catholic Quarterly, 
The Month and The Catholic TVorld. (lBÐ1) 
Gibbs, Mrs Agnes, the authoress; wife of Philip Gibbs, author and 
journalist; daughter of the Rev. '\Y. Rowland, :\I.A., Rector of 1Iiddle 
Chinnock. (1898) 
Gibbs, Harold A. E. T., a well-known musician. (1904) 
Gibbs, Henry, of the Board of Education; author of A Long P1.obrr,tion. 
Gibbs, Mrs, wife of Henry Gibbs; and family, among whom is Philip 
Gibbs, author and journalist, and at one time literary editor of The Tribune. 
Gibson, The Hon. Violet Albani, second daughter of the first Baron 
Ashbourne, P.C.; authoress. (1902) 
Gibson, The Hon. William, of Harrow School; Trinity College, Dublin, 
and l\I.A., .Merton College, Oxford; J.P., for counties Dublin and )Ieath ; 
founder of the Roger Bacon Society; Vice-President of the Irish Literary 
Society; President of the Gaelic League of London; author and 
contributor to The Dublin Review, etc.; eldest son of the first Baron 
Ashbourne, P.C., for several years Lord Chancellor of Ireland (1892) 
Gibson, The Hon. Mrs, nCe :Marianne de 
Iontbrison; wife of the 
Hon. ,\Yilliam Gibson, l\I.A., Oxon; sister of the Comtesse Edmund de 
Pourta.lès, of an ancient French Calvinist family; daughter of Roger de 

Iontbdson. (1896) 
Gifford, The Lady, Sophie Catherine, daughter of General John Alfred 
Street, C.B. ; wife of Edric Frederick Gifford, V.C., third J3aron Gifford; 
an Hon. Serving Sister of the Order of St John of Jerusalem in England. 
Gifford, The Hon. Mrs Mary, widow of Thomas Booth, of "
Ashby .i\Ianor, Horncastle; wife of the Hon. Edgar Berkeley Uifford, 
second son of the second Baron Gifford; daughter of J oIm Osborne, Q.U. 
t Giles, Felix, 'father of the Rev. Charles Giles, Priest-in-charge of SSe 
Peter and Paul, Newport, Shropshire. (1863) 
Giles, Mrs, ",ife of the late Felix Giles; her three sons and a daughter 
who is now a nun. (1863) 
Giles, The Right Rev. Dr William, 
I.A., London University; Rector 
of th
 English and I3eda Colleges at Rome; Domestic Prelate to Pope 
Leo XIII; now titular Bishop of Philadelphia. 
Gill, Miss Mary, a nun at the Convent of the Sacred Heart Wandswol'th 
, London, S. '\V. ' (1891 ) 


Converts to Rome 

Gilliat, Mrs Lilian Florence Maud, daughter of Sir George Chet- 
wynd, fourth Baronet, and of Lady Florence Paget, daughter of the 
Ial'quess of ....\.nglesey, and widow of the fourth :Marquess of 
Hastings; widow of IIenry Cyril Paget, (1875-1905), fifth 
Iarquess of 
Anglesey; wife of John Gilliat, of Honington Hall, 'Varwickshire. (1896) 
Gilliat-S.mith, F. Ernest, of Bruges, Belgium; author of Songs from 
Prudentuu, etc. (1883) 
Gilliat-Smith, Mrs, wife of F. Ernest Gilliat-Smith; formerJy a novice 
of the East Grinstead Sisterhood (1883) 
Gilliat-Smith, M rs, mother of F. Ernest Gilliat-Smith. (1880) 
t Gilmour, Mvs Marian
 formerly a Scotch Presbyterian; mother of 
the late Right Rev. Dr Gilmour, Catholic Bishop of Cleveland, U.S.A. 
Girdlestone, Rev. James Hammond Le Breton, 
r.A., St 
Edmlmd's Hall, Oxford; successively curate of St Paul's, Brighton, 
Sussex, chaplain of the Devon House of :Mercy at Bovey Tracey, and 
vicar of 
t Andrew's, '\' orthing, Sussex. (1906) 
Gisborne, Mrs H. F., of Derby; sister of Lady Evans. 
t Gladstone, Miss Helen Jane, sister of the Right 1-Ion. 'Yillinm 
Ewart Gladstone, (1809-1898), statesman, author, and four times Prime 
l\Iinistor of England 
t Gladstone, Hugh, grandson of Sir Thomas Uladstone, second Baronet 
and brother of the ltight Hon. ". E. Gladstone. 
t Gladstone, Miss Lucy, sister of the Right Hon. ,Yo E. Gladstone. 
Gladstone; Mrs, wife of Francis Edward Gladstone, :\Ius.Bac.; Cantab. 
Glasson, William d. Wharton, :\LA., Bursar of St John's College, 
Oxford. (1888) 
Glasson, M rs, wife of 'Yo J. 'V. Gla
son, ::\LA., Oxon; and family, among 
whom is Lif'utRnant Bernard Glasson of the Antrim Artillery. (188h) 
Gledhill, Rev. Adolphus Ethelbert, l\I.A" Caius and Gonville 
College, Cambridge; curate of Hornslea, Yorkshire. (1899) 
Glen, Mrs, "ife of Alexander Glen, ::\I.A., ban-ister, of 
ylvester, 1Vood- 
ford, Essex. (1902) 
Glennie, The Very Rev. John Melville, (181G-1878), :\L...\., St 

Iarys Hall, Oxford; Perpetual Curate of :\Iark, Somersetshire. A Priest 
and Canon. (18-!G) 
t Godard, John, celebrated in early photography. 
Goddard, The Right Rev. Monsignor Isaac, (1836-1909), of 
London University. A Priest, succcs..,ively at Bermondsey, Chatham, 
Gravesend, Port Uuernscy, Bromley, St l\[ary Cray; Vice-President of St 
Edmund's (
onege, 1Vare; and then in charge of St !\Iary's, Chiselhnrst, 
for over twenty-two years chaplain to the Empress Eugénic; DOlnestic 
Prelate to Pope Leo XIII; author. 

Converts to Rome 


t Goddard, Miss Hannah, sister of )Ionsignor Goddard. 
God'frey, Mrs Margaret Cleland, of 'Vhetson, Xewport, 'Vales; 
cousin of the second Baron Inverclyde. (1893) 
Godley, Rev. Richard James Dyne, ?\1.A., Emmanuel ColIege, 
Cambridge; curate of St John's, Bathwick, Bath, Somersetshire. (188;

Goff, Mrs Clarissa Catherine, wife of Colonel R. C. Goff, late of the 
Coldstream Guards; daughter of the eighth Baron de Hochepied Larpent., 
by his wife Catherine, daughter of the late Sir P. 
I. )Ielville, R.C.B. 
Cam bridge; 

Goldie, Rev. Alexander R., l\1.A., Trinity College, 
successively rector of Elvaston, Derby; and of Gawsworth, 

Goldie, Mrs Sophia, (1752-18
8), daughter of Captain William 
)I'Dougall, R.K., brother of Patrick, fifth Earl of Dumfries; wife of 
Captain J. Osborne; then of George Sharpe Goldie, younger son of Thomas 
Goldie, of Goldie Lea, co. Dumfries, by his second wife, Henrietta Sharpe, 
of Hoddam Castle; mother of Dr Ueorge Goldie, (1784-1853), author and 
archæologist; grandmother of George Goldie, (1828-1887), the eminent 
architect; Charles C-:oldie, (1833-1906), the well-known artist; the Very 
Rev. ioIonsignor Edward Canon Goldie, (18:30-1896); the Rev. Francis 
Goldie, a Priest of the Society of Jesus at St 'Valburge's, Preston, 
author, for some years on the staff of the Month; and of the Rev. 
)Iother )Iary 'Yalburga, a nun at St )Iary's Convent, York. (1789) 
Golding-Bird, Rev. John Percival, )1....\.., Trinity College, Cambridge; 
late chaplain to the second Viscount Halifax, President of the English 
Church Union. A Benedictine l\Ionk (Dom Augustine) in charge of Our 
Lady and St Benedict, Birchington, Kent; till lately at San Silvestro 
in Capite, Rome. (1900) 
t Goldney, Arthur Charles Nelson, surgeon. (1899) 
t Göltz, Rev. Dr George, 
I.A., Christ College, Cambridge; rector of 
Christ Church, Southwark, London, S.E. (1850) 
Goldstone, Mrs Frances, (1795-18ü8), daughter of 'Yilliam and Lucy 
Clarke; "\\ife of ""îlliam Bryant Goldstone; mother of the Rev. 'Villiam 
Goldstone, (1826-1903), l\I.A., Oxon, and curate of St )Iichael's, '\Yakefield, 
Yorkshire. (1861) 
Goldstone, Mrs Frances Elizabeth, daughter of Edwin and Eliza. 
Bosanquet ; wife of the Rev. 'Yil1iam Goldstone, (1826-1905), l\I.A., Oxon, 
and Curate of St )'Iichael's, 'Yakefield, Yorkshire. (1868) 
Goldstone, Rev. William, (1826-1905), of Bath Grammar School; :\LA., 
Lincoln College, Oxford; curate of St :Michael's, "
akefield, Y orkshil'e ; 
son of ,\Yilliam Bryant and. Frances Goldstone. (1869) 
t Goldsmith, Nathaniel AI'fred, 
I..A., E
eter College, Oxford. 
t Goldsmith, Mrs, wife of Nat.haniel Goldsmith, 
I.A., Oxon. (1850) 


Converts to Rome 

Gonne, Miss Maude, the Irish Patriot. 
t Gooch, Captain, of the Royal Navy. 
Gooch, Miss, daughter of Captain Gooch, R.N. 
t Good, Captain, of the Royal Navy. 


Good 'fellow, General Charles Augustus, V.C., formerly of the 
Royal Bombay Engineers; won his Victoria Cross for valour during the 
Indian :Mutiny in which he took part with the Central India Field Force; 
he also scrved in the Abyssinian campaign; J.P. for Kent; son of General 
\V, B. Goodfellow, R.E. (1867) 

Goodrich, Rev. James, a Priest of the Pious Society of :\Iissions at 

Ion te Video, South America. 
Goodrich, Rev. Lionel, formerly a barrister; a Priest and to 
the Visitation Uonvent, Harrow, )liddlesex. 
t Goodwin, Rev. Thomas Gordon, of rhrist Church, Oxford; a Priest, 
chaplain at Tooting College, London, S.\V., then at the Sacred Heart, 
Brighton, Sussex, and final1y in charge of St Philip 
 eri, Uckfield, Sussex; 
author. (1884) 
Goolden, David Henry, solicitor. 
Goolden, Mrs, wife of David Henry Goolden. 
Goppet, Charles Edward, for ten years churchwarden of St John's 
Anglican Church, Hammersmith, London, \V. (1895) 
t Gordon, Rev. Arthur Byrom, 
I.A., Trinity College, Cambridge; 
an Anglican curate. A Priest. 
Gordon, Rev. Charles Dickens, Theological Associate of )(jng's 
College, London; Vicar of \V alsham-Ie- 
rillows, Bury St Edmunds, 
Suffolk; Private Secretary to Lord 
Iilner ; contributor to The lVestminstrr 
Gazette and other periodicals; godson of Charles Dickens, (1812-1870), tb
novelist; grandson of Professor John \Vilson, (1785-1854), "Christopher 
North" the poet and author; also of Professor "Vi11iam Edmondstone 
Aytoun, (1813-1865), the poet. (l!')OO) 
Gordon, Miss E. A., of Oldbury, Bridgnorth, Shropshire. (1891) 
t Gordon, The Very Rev. Edward, a Priest and Vicar-General uf the 
Diocese of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. 

Gordon, Mrs Eleanor, (1824-1863), eldcst daughter of Archibald Leslie, 
(1789-1851), last of Dalnageith, ::\Iorayshire, N.B. ; wife of the late Fraser 
Gordon, \Vriter to the Signet. (1850) 
Gordon, Francis James, B.A., Peterhouse, Cambridge. 
Gordon, George John Robert, of Ellon Castle, Aberdcen
hire, N.E. ; 
.T.P. and D.L. for that county; for some time Envoy Extraordinary and 

Iinister Plenipotentiary t.o the IGng of '\Vurtemberg. (1871) 

Converts to Rome 


t Gordon, Rev. John Joseph, B.A., Trinity College, Cambridge; an 
Anglican curate at 'Vandsworth, London, S. W. (18--18) 
Gordon, Rev. Joseph John, (1811-1853), of King's College, London; 
:r.I.A., Brasenosp College, Oxford; curate of Christ Church, St Pancra8, 
London, .'jL\V. A Priest of the Brompton Oratory, London, S.'V. (1846) 
Gordon, Rev. Richard, 
I.A., Oxon; an Anglican clergyman. 
Gordon, Rev. Thomas William Philip, (1827-1900), of King's 
College, London; :l\I.A., Christ Church, Oxford. A Priest of the Brompton 
Oratory, London, S.\V. ; brother of the Rev. Joseph John Gordon, (1811- 
1853), of the Oratory, Brompton. (1847) 
Gordon, Miss, of Princes' Gate, Kensington, London, 'V. 
Gordon-Lennox, Lord Alexander Francis Charles, (1825-1892), 
Captain of the Royal Horse Guards Blue; J.P., for Hussex and Banffshire ; 
at one time ::\I.P. for Shoreham ; fourth son of the fifth Duke of Richmond 
and Gordon, R.G. ; grandson of the first 
Iarquess of Anglesey; son-in- 
law of Colonel Charles Towneley, of Towneley, Lanoashire; father of 
Cosmo Charles Gordon-Lennox, the actor and playwright. (1878) 
Gore, Colonel Pollock. 
Goring, Miss Emily Mary, (1846-1903), daughter of Sir Harry Dent 
Goring, eighth Baronet, 1I.P., for Shoreham. 
Gorman, Rev. William Timothy, B.A., Royal University of Ireland; 
curate of St Clement's, City Road, London, N.'V. (1900) 
Gormanston, The Viscountess, Georgina Connell an, second wife of 
the fourteenth Viscount Gormanston, (1837-1907). G. C.1\1. G., D.L., late 
Governor of Tasmania; daughter of Peter Connellan, D.L., of Coolmore, 
co. Kilkenny; granddaughter of the Rev. Sir Hercules Richard Langrishe, 
third Ba.ronet. (1880) 
Gosselin, Sir Martin Ie Marchant Hadsley, (18-17-1905), 
K.C.:U.G.; C.B. ; of Eton College; )I.A., Christ Church, Oxford; attaché to 
the English Embassy at 
t Petersburg; First Secretary at the Embassy in 
Paris and then 
Iinister-Plenipotentiary at Lisbon; G.C. V.O.; Bon of 

Iartin H. Gosselin, of 'V are Priory and of Dlakesware, HertfordQhire; 
grandson of Admiral Sir John :Marshall, K.C.I[; Bon-in-law of the first 
Baron Gerard; father of Lieutenant Alywn Bertram Hobert Raphael U08- 
selin, of the Grenadier Guards. (1878) 
Gosselin-Grimshawe, HeUer Robert Hadsley, J.P., for Hertfol'd- 
shire; on two occasions )Iayor of IIertford; I-ligh Sheriff for the same 
county in 1906 ; son-in-law of Samuel Grimshawe, (1808-1888), of Errwood 
Han, Buxton, Derbyshire; son of the late l\Ial,tin H. Gosselin, of 'V are 
Priory, Hertfordshire. 
Gough, Major Alan Percy George, of Castle Armstrong, King's 
County, and J.P. for Tipperary, Ireland; D.S.O. ; served with the Royal 
"r clsh Fusi1iers in Burma and in South Africa; son of the Very Rev. 
Thomas B. Gough, 
I.A., Dean of Derry; nephew of the second Viscount 
Gough. (1880) 


Converts to Rome 

Gough, Arthur William, of Rherborne School; B.A., Emmanuel 
College, Cambridge. (1900) 
t Gough, George, of Clensmore flouse, 1Y oodbridge, Suffolk. (1858) 
Gough, Miss, of Rathronan, Clonmel, Ireland; granddaughter of the ,-rery 
Rev. Thomas B. Gough, )LA., Dean of Derry; grand-niece of the second 
'Tis count Gough. (1880) 
Gould, Gerald, (1832-IRR3), C.B.; British 
Iinister at the Court of 
1Vurtemberg. (1867) 
Graham, Rev. Henry Grey, of Kelso High School; 
I.A., and B.D., St 
Andrews V"niversity; Scots College, Rome; Parish 
Iinister of the Presby- 
terian Church at Strathaven, Lanarkshire, K.B. ; now a Priest at Our Lady 
of Good Aid, l\Iotherwell, Lanarkshire; son of the Rev. 1\1. II. Graham, 
Illinister of 
Iaru5e, Hoxburghshire; his grandfather and great- 
grandfather were ministers of the Established Church of Scotland (1903) 
t Graham, Lieutenant-Colonel William Henry, of the Royal 
Engineers; father of the Hight Rev. Dr (1harlcs 
roric{> Graham, 
third Bishop of Plymouth. (1844) 
Grahame, Rev. Francis, B.A., Cantab; formerly an Anglican curate. 
Granard, The Earl of', (1836-1889), George Arthur IIastings Forbes, 
. P. ; seventh Earl; of Eton College; Knight and President in Great 
TIritain and Ireland of the Sovereign Ordcr of :L\Ialta; Kni
ht Orand Cross 
of the Order of St Gregory the Ureat; President of t.he Catholic lTnion 
of Ireland; Lord-Lieutenant of co. I_JCitrÏ1n; son-in-law of the t"\\elfth 
Baron Petre. (lHfJ9) 
Granard, The Countess 0", (lR-tO-1872), Jane C'olclough Grogan- 

[organ, first wife of the sevpnth Earl of GranaI'd, K. P. ; daughter of 
JIamilton !{nox Grogan-l\Iorgan, of Johnstown Castle, co. ,r exford, 
Ireland. (1869) 
Grant, Rev. Ignatius Johnson Horace, (1820-1904), of St John's 
Conege, Oxford; a Priest of tbe 
ociety of Jesus at St Ignatius', Stamford 
Hill, London, N.'Y.; son of the late Vicar of Somerstown, London. (18-11) 
Grant, James, (1822-1887), t.he novelist and contributor to The Dublin 
University ldaga;.ine, The r:nited Sercice 111agazine, etc. ; most of his works 
were printed in tbe United States; all \\ere translated into German and 
Danish, and sevcral into }'r('nch; for a t.ime en'3ign in the 6
Regiment of the line; son of t.he late Captain John Urant; father of 
Captain James S. Grant, (1839-188,j), of the Scotch Rifles and tben in 
tbe 1st Batt. Cheshire Regiment, and of tbe Rev. Roderick Grant, a Priest 
at Ingatestone Hall, Essex. (18';!>) 

t Grant, JOhnson, B.A., St John's College, Oxford. 
Grant, Mrs, wife of an Anglican clergyman. 
Grant, Miss, sister of Hir Alexander Grant, (1826-1884-), eight Baronpt, at 
one time Principal of Edinburgh University. 

(1841 ) 

Converts to Rome 


Grant, William Augustine Ignatius, (1838-1883). artist and 
Theological controversialist. (1857) 
Grant, Mrs, wife of 'Yilliam Augustine Ignatius Grant, (1838-1883), the 
artist. (1880) 

Grant, Miss, the actress. 
Grantham, Rev. Thomas Henry, )I.A., Oxon; curate of Slinfold, 
Sussex. (1875) 
Grantham, Mrs, wife of the Rev. Thomas Henry Grantham, 
Oxon. (1875) 
Graves, Mrs Antoinette, (1820-1909), of The Elms, 'Yarborough, 
'Yallingford, Berkshire; wife of :Major 'V. H. Graves, of the 18th Royal 
Irish (1891) 
Graves, Miss Clotilde Inez Màry, journalist, novelist, and dramatist, 
third daughter of 
Iajor 'V. H. Uraves, 18th Royal Regiment and of 
Antoinette, daughter of Captain Crl}orge Anthony Deane, at one time 

Iayor of Harwich, Essex. 
Graves, Colonel H. Affleck, formerly Superintending Engineer, :\Iilitary 
"r orks Department, Peshawar, Punjaub, India. (1902) 
Gray, Edward Dwyer, (1845-1888), 
I.P. for Dublin; Lord l\layor of 
Dublin, (1879-80); proprietor of the Free'lìwu,'s Jour'nul; son of Sir John 
Gray, (1816-1875), :M.D., journalist and author, 
LP. for Kilkenny. (187G) 
Gray, Henry J., advocate, of Aberdeen, N.B. (1903) 
Gray, Rev. JOhn, poet and author; a. Priest at St Pewr'R, Falcon Avenue, 
Edinburgh, :X.B. 

t Gray, The Lady, l\Iary Anne Ains1ie, eighteenth and last Baroness 
Gray; daughter of Lieutenant-General Charles Philip Ainslie, of the 4th 
Dragoon Guards. 
Gream, Miss, daughter of the Anglican Rector of Rotherfield 
Gream, Miss Hilda, daughter of the Rev, Kevill Grea'll, 
I.A., one of 
His )Iajesty's Inspectors of Schools. 
t Greata, James Richard, solicitor. of Blandford, Dorsetshire. (1848) 
Greathead, Mrs, wife of the Rev. Stevenson Greathead, 
I.A., an 
Anglican clergyman. 
Green, Rev. Andrew, :\I..A., Trinity College, Cambridge; curate of St 
Paul's, Oxford. 
Green, Mrs, ,"ife of the Rev. Andrew Green, l\I.A., Can tab. 
Green, Rev. Charles Valentine, (1855-1883), of Radley College; 
B.A., Keble College, Oxford; a. Priest (Oblate of St Charles) at. St Francis, 
Notting lIill, London, 'V. (1880) 


Converts to Rome 

Green, Mrs, wife of Dr R. P. Green, of Ripon, Yorkshire. 
Green, Rev. Eric F., a Priest at The Immaculate Conception and St 
Bridget, Isleworth, !\Iiddlesex ; son of Robert Ellis Green, of Fo\.hillbank 
IIaIl. Church, Lancashire. (1887) 
Green, Miss E., sister of the Rev. Eric F. Green, a. Priest. (1888) 
Green, Everard, Rouge Dragon Pursuivant of the Royal College of Arm'3 ; 
l(night of the Order of 
t Sylvester; F.S.A. ; Vice-President of the Society 
of Antiquaries in 1897 ; author; youngest son of Charles Green, of Holditch 
palding, Lincolnshire. (18G3) 
t Green, Rev. dames Spurgeon, !\I.A., Christ College, Cambridge; 
for forty-five years rector of "\Yit.ton-culu-Drundall, Norwich, Norfolk. 
Green, The Hon. dohn Philip, (1831-1883), B.A., London University; 
judge of the High Court of Bombay, India. (1874) 
Green, Rev. Robert, a Benedictine 
Ionk (Dom Isidore) at Downside 
A.bbey, near Bath, Somersetshire. 
Greene, Rev. dose ph dames, :\I.A., Peterhouse, Cambridge; curate- 
in-charge of 
t Bartholomew's, Brighton, Sussex. A Priest (Oblate of St 
Charles), in charge of Our Lady of the Holy Souls, Kensal Xew Town, 
London, 'V. (1876) 
Gregory, Mrs Gwendolin Lind, wife of John Duncan Gfl.gOry, H.B.
Cha'1'gé d' A.ffaire8 at Bucharest; daughter of the late Raymond !\Iaude, and 
only granddaughter of Jenny Lind, the famous prima donna. 
Gregory, Mrs W. V., (1869-1907), of 
IaisonDette, Queen's Road, 
Llandudno, Korth 'Vales; daughter of Charles Playfair, J.P., of Acock's 
Green, TIirmingham, 'Varwickshire. (1891) 
Greig, Captain Philip Henry, of the Bombay Staff Corps. 
Gretton, Geor
e, (1813-1873), of Swindon Ilall, Gloucestershire ; son of 
an Anglican clergyman; father of the Rev. John George Gretton, (183G-190-1), 
a Priest of the Society of Jesus, poet, author, and editor of The lJlfssenger. 
Gretton, Mrs, (181G-1889), daughter of the Rev. Charles Eyre, :\I.A., of 
Upper .Park, lJedham; wife of George Gretton, (1813-1873), of Swindon 
IIal1, Gloucestershire. (1850) 
Greville, Henry Algernon Fulke, of the 18th Hussars. (1891) 
Grey, Miss E., a nun at the Con\Tent of the Sacred I-Ieart, Dundrum, 
co. Dublin, Ire1and. (IB78) 
Grey, Francis William, author; fifth son of Admiral the Hon. George 
Grey, fourth son of the second Earl Grey; son-in-law of Charles Rolland, 
of Hainte 1\larie de 
[ounoir, Quebec, Canada; grandson of General the 
Hon. Sir Patrick Stuart. (1885) 
Grey, Prof'essor Frederick, now of 
Iontreal, Canada; nephew of 
the third Earl Grey. (1886) 

Converts to Rome 


Grey, Lady, (1823-1898), wife of the Right Ron. Sir George Grey, (1812- 
1898), K.C.B., Colonial Governor, explorer of Australia, and authQr; 
daughter of Admiral Sir Richard Spenser, K.C.B. (1851) 
t Griffiths, Mrs, daughter of George Roe, of Loran Park, co. Limerick, 
Ireland; wife of the J.P. (1832) 
Grigson, Rev. Francis D., of King's College, London; B.A" Durham 
University; successively curate in Colombo, 1\orfolk, Bethnal Green, 
I.,jondon, E., Canon and vicar of Townsville, Korth Queensland, Australia. 
A Priest at Our Lady of Victories, Kensington, London, ,,,,.. (1897) 
Grimes, Rev. Ernest Rich, of the Cowley Fathers, Oxford; a Priest, 
till recently at the Sacred Heart, X ewnham Paddox, Lutterworth, 
'Varwickshire, and chaplain to the Earl of Denbigh; then Domestic 
Chaplain at Normanton Hall, Hinckley, Leicestershire; now in charge of 
St Peter, Earl Shilton, Hinckley. (1903) 
Grimshaw, Reginald, son of O'Donnell Glimshaw, of Be]fast; cousin 
to Dr Thomas Grimshaw, C.B., Registrar-General for Ireland. (1893) 
Grimshawe, Mrs Jessie H., (1828-18Ð3), wife of Samuel Grimshawe, 
LA., Oxon. (1851) 
Grimshawe, Samuel, (1808-1888), 
LA., Brasenose College, Oxford; 
J.P. of Errwood HalJ, Buxton, Derbyshire; father of the tIon. l\lrs 
Genevieve Preston, wife of Captain the lIon. Edward Francis John 
Preston, son of the thirteenth Yiscount Gormanston. (1851) 
Grindle, Mrs Bernard, daughter of Dr Grey, of Oxford. (1899) 
Grindle, Rev. Edmund Samuel, i\LA., scholar of Queen's College, 
Oxford; curate of St Paul's, Brighton, Sussex; author; for many years 
!\Iaster of Grindle's Hal
 Oxford. (1876) 
Grinfield, Thomas, son of the Rev. Thomas Grinfield, 
I.A., an Anglican 
t Grisewood, M rs Elzabeth, wife of the late Harman Grisewood, sen., 
of D ayles ford, Gloucesìershire; daughter of the late Richard 'Vinch, of 
Cran brook, Kent. 
Grisewood, Harman, (1844-1909), of Harrow School; l\I.A., Christ 
Church, Oxford; J.P. for Gloucestershire; Bon of Harman Grisewood, 
of Daylesford, Gloucestershire, by Elizabeth, d
,ughter of Richard "Tinch- 
of Cranbrook, Kent; father of Lieutf'nant Harman :Mary Joseph Grise- 
wood, late of the 4th Hussars, who served during the late South African 
'Var ; son-in-law of Count 
Iessina, of :L\1alta; was for a time a deacon in 
Anglican Orders. (1871) 
Grissell, Hartwell de la Garde, (1839-1907), of Harrow School; 
J'tI.A., Brasenose College, Oxford; Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries, of 
the Roya.l Academy of Raphaello in Urbino; of the Roman Arcadia, 
and of the Numismatic Society of London; author; Chamberlain to 
Popes Leo XIII and Pius X ; Commander of the Order of Pius IX ; son of 
ThOlnas Grissell, F.S.A., of Norbury Park, Dorking, late High Sheriff of 
Surrey. (1868) 


Converts to Rome 

Grogan, Rev. Philip Arnold, of Jesus College, Cambridge; curate of 
Ha.ckney Parish Church, London, N.E. (1910) 
Groom, Rev. Thomas Morell, (1840-1871), a. Dominican Friar; 
nephew of Thomas 
Iorel1, the lexicographer. (1858) 
Grossmith, George, the actor; author of several musical comedies; 
son of George Grossmith, the actor and entertainer, and of Rosa eldest 
daughter of Dr E. .Koyce. ' (1907) 
t Grouse, Frederic Salmon, 
I.A., Queen's College, Oxford; nengal 
Civi 1 Bervice ; of Thursley I-IalI, lIaslemere, Surrey. son of Robert Grouse, 
of Bildeston, Ipswich, Suffolk. ' 
Grove, Miss Olivia Frances, youngest daughter of Sir Thomas 
Fraser Grove, 
I.P., first Baronet, of Ferne, 'Viltshire, by Frances llinton, 
his second wife. (1906) 
Groves, Dr Edward, of Leeds, Yorkshire; President of the Leeds 
Catholic Choral Society. (1899) 
Gruggen, Mrs Emily Eustasia, (1828-190D), nle ::\Iorgan, of 
.:\lecklenberg Ifouæ, Sew :\Ialden; wife of the Rev. l"redcrick .J. Gruggcn, 
1\1.1\..., (1
20-1872), an Anglican clergyman and lleadnlaster of Pocklington 
Grammar School, Yorkshire; mother of the Rev. George Gruggen, a 
Priest of the Bociety of Jesus at Chesterfield. (18G2) 
t Gruggen, F. H., brother of the Rev. Frederick J. Gruggen, l\LA. 
Gruggen, F. W. E., solicitor; brother of the late Rev. Frederick 
Gruggen, .JI.A. 
Gulson, Miss, niece and heiress of Josiah Bpode, J.P., of R uge ley, 
S tafIordshire. (1886) 
Gunn, Rev. Andrew R. L., late Anglican ...'\.rmy Chaplain, served in the 
Gordon Relief Expedition, and then in Jamaica, B.'Y.I. (1900) 
Gurdon, Rev. Anselm Bertrand, (1830-1899), of 'Vinchester College; 
a Priest-in-charge at the Saered IIeart, Hampton ,rick, 1\liddlesex; eldest 
son of John Gurdon, J.P., of AssingLon Hall, Suffolk. (18::J6) 
Gurdon, Rev. Philip, of Radley College; )l.A., University College, 
Oxford; rowed in the Oxford boat against Cambridge in 1856 and 18;)7 ; 
late Vicar of Assington, Suffolk; son of Jolm Gurdon, J.P., of Assington 
II all, Suffolk, by his second wife Anne, daughter of Colonel Charles P. 
l.P., of Ula.slough. (1866) 
t Guy, Lady, wiie of Sir Philip Guy, last Baronet. 
Gwyn, Captain Reginald Preston Jermy, of the Royal Fusi1iers, 
formerly of the 5th Lancers; served in the late 
outh African 'Var; 
Adjutant 4th (ßIilitia) Batt. Korfolk Regiment; only child of Captain 
Reginald T. Gwyn, of the King's Royals, by Sophia, daughter and heiress 
of Isaac Jermy, of Stanfield Hall, 'Yymondham, Xorfolk. (1906) 
Gwynn, Mrs Mary Louis, the authoress; daughter of the Rev. JameR 
Gwynn; wife of 
tcphen Gwynn, the author, and :M.P. for Galway. 

Converts to Rome 



HADDON, Trevor, the artist; paints principally portraits and landscapes. 
Haddon, M rs, wife of Trevor Haddon, the artist. (1897) 
Haggerston, Mrs Florence, daughter of 'V. II. Perrin, of Dublin; 
wife of Edward Charlton de :I\larie Haggerston, of EIlingham II all, 
N orthumberIand, son of Captain Sir John IIaggerston, eighth Baronet and 
heir presumptive to the ninth Baronet. (1905) 
Haig, Captain William Price, of the Inverness l\IiIitia; now a 
Redemptorist priest at St l\lary's, Clapham, London, S.'V. (1902) 
Haigh, Rev. David Henry, (1819-1877), a Priest, antiquary and 
author; built the Catholic Church at Erdington, near Eirmingham, 
chiefly at his own expense; Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries; the 
chief English authority on Runic literature; son of Ceorge Haigh, of 
Brinscall IIalI, 'Vheelton, Lancaahire. (1847) 
Haldon, The Lord, Lawrence 'Villiam Palk, third Daron; of Eton 
College; formerly captain in the Royal Fusiliers; served with the 
Imperial Yeomanry in the late Souih African 'Var; grandson of the 
seventh Viscount Darrington. (1898) 
Hale, Edward Hunter, son of a well-known Anglican clergyman. (1891) 
Hales, Lieutenant, of the Boyal London l\Iilitia. 
t Hales, Miss Mary Barbara Fclicité, daughter of 8ir Edward 
IIales, of Hales Place, Canterbury, Kent
t Haliburton, Major John F., of the ïöth Regiment. (1851) 
t Haliburton, Mrs, wife of the late :Major Jobn F. II aliburton. (1851) 
Haliburton, Miss, daughter of the late 1\Iajor John F. IIaliburton. (1851) 
Halkett, Baroness Emily Mary, daughter of Colin, second Baron 
Halkett, (1816-1879), who was Colonel of Hussars and A.D.C. to the late 
King of Hanover, and a member of the German Reichstag. (1889) 
t Hall, Charles, of Liverpool, son of the Rev. Charles Hall, ltI.A., of 
'Vadebridge, Cornwall. (1850) 


Converts to Rome 

tHall, Mrs, wife of the late Charles Hall, of Liverpool. 


Hall, Rev. Herbert F., a Prie8t at the Cathedral Choir School, \Vest- 
minster, London, S. 'V. 

t Hall, James, scholar of Balliol College, Oxford. 

Hall, Vice-Admiral Robert, (1817 -18R2), commanded l1.:\1.S. Stronlboli 
in Baltic and Black Seas, 1834-55; took part in the Kertch Expedition, and 
for ten years was X aval Secretary to the Admiralty. 
Hall, Thomas, of IIove, Brighton, Sussex; formerly lay-worker in the 
Choir and night schools of 
t Alban's IIolborn; St 
Iichael's, Shoreditch, 
and at St Paul's, Lorrimore Square, L
ndon. (1871) 
Hall, Colonel William Monck, late of the 74th Highlanders. (1890) 
Hallé, Sir Charles, (1819-1895), pianist and conductor; IJL.D. of 
Edinburgh University; came to England in 1848 and made it his home; 
first Principal of the Royal College of 
[anchester; second husband 
of :Madame Xorman Xcruda, the well-known violinist; father of Charles 
HalIp, the portrait painter. 
Hallé, Miss, a sister of Charity; relative of Sir Charles IIal1é, (1819-1RÐ3), 
the pianiRt and conductor. 

Hallett, Mrs V., of Steventon, \Yhitchureh, IIampshire. 


Halliday, John, (1843-1908), of Pudsey; a great benefactor of the 
1issiùn in that town. (1!)05) 
Hamer, Mrs Maria, daughter of C. TIlake Allnat t, barrister of 

hrew8bury, Shropshire; 
ife of John flamer, of Glenrafon, Oswestry. 
Hamilton, The Duchess of, (182] -lR88), Princess 
rarie Amdia 
Elizabeth Caroline of Baden; wife of t.he eleventh Duke of llamilton; 
daughter of Prince Charles Louis Frederick. Grand Duke of Baden; cousin 
to the Emperor Napoleon III. (1853) 
t Hamilton, Rev. Charles, 
I.A., Balliol College, Oxford; curate of 
Christ Church, New Kent Road. London, S.E. (1854) 
Hamilton, Miss Mary, daughter of \Yilliam J. IIamilton formerly 
,:U.P. ; niece of t.he sixteenth Viscount Dil1on. ' 
Hamilton, Mrs, wife of Captain 
T. F. C. Hamilton, of the Royal Navy. 
Hamilton, Robert Richard, journalist and author. 
t Hamilton, Rev. Thomas Henry, B.A., Trinity College, Dublin; 
curate at N avan, Ireland. (1853) 
Hamilton, Thomas S., of the Bombay Civil Service. (1883) 
Hamilton, M rs, wife of Thomas S. Hamilton, B,C.S., and family. (18

Converts to Rome 


Hammet, Vice-Admiral James Lacon, (1849-1905), C.V.D.; 
formerly Superintendent of :Malta Dockyard; son-in-law of Sir Henry 
George Paston-Bedingfield, seventh Baronet. (1904) 
Hammond, Colonel Dayrell Talbot, C.B., of the 4th Connaught 
Rangers; son-in-law of 'Yilliam Ince Anderton, of Euxton. (1887) 
Hammond, Rev. James, 
I.A., Cantab; curate of St George's, 
London, E. (1868) 
Hammond, Miss, granddaughter of the )Iost Rev. Lord Decies, late 
Arch bishop of Tuam. 
Hammond-Spenser, Harry Adrian,lof Bournemouth, Hants; late 
of Teignmouth, South Devon. (1910) 
Hands, Colonel William, of the 
Iad.ras Staff Corps. 
Hanmer, Rev. Anthony John, (1816-1903), i\I.A., St John's College, 
Cambridge; curate of Tidcombe, Tiverton, Somcrsetshire ; Bon of the Rev. 
.J ohn Hannler, .ßL..\.., Cantab, vicar of Hanmer, Flintshire, \Vales. (1850) 
Hanmer, Miss Caroline Mary, (1818-1908), of The Rosary, 
Hill, London; founder of tho Altar 
ociety; daughter of Lieutenant- 
Colonel Hanult'r. (1851) 
Hannaford, William Henry, (1836-1907), of Plymouth; musician 
and orgarist of Plymouth Cathedral. 
Hanson, Rev. Eric D., of Dulwich College; l\I.A., and Fell Exhibitioner 
of Christ Church, Oxford; a Priest of the Society of Jesus at St Aloysius' 
College, Glasgow, N.B. (1886) 
Hardcastle, Major John Herschell, of the Royal ArtilleIY. (1894) 
Harden, Miss, daughter of Colonel Harden, of Tenby. (1893) 
Harden, Robert Manners, (186:3-1910). son of the late Rev. Archibald 
Harden, of II arrybrook, co. Armagh, Ireland. 
Harding, E. B., B.A., EÅeter College, Oxford; formerly organist at the 
Birmingham Oratory, now at St Dominic's Priory, Newcastle-on-Tvne; 
nephew of the Rev. Dr Edward Bouverie Pusey, (IHOO-1882), Hèaius 
Professor of Ilebrew and Canon of Christ Church, Oxford. 0 
t Harding, Egerton William, J.P., of Old Springs, 
Iarkct Drayton, 
Shropshire. (1879) 
Harding, Francis Egerton, of Eton College; late lieutenant in tho 
9 t th Regiment; founder of the Catholic l\Iission of S
. Thomas and 
Stephen, l\Iarket Drayton, Shropshire; son of the late Egerton 'Villialll 
Harding, J.P. of Old Springs, I\Iarket Drayton, Shropshire; grandson of 
Sir "\Villiam How 
lulcaster, ICO.H., C.B. ; son-in-law of the eiO'hth Baron 
Clifford of Uhudleigh. 0 (1882) 
t Harding, Miss Harriett, youngest daughter of the Rev. "'''ìlliam 
Harding, )LA., vicar of Sulgran, Hampshire. 
Hardy, Rev. Henry J., 11...--\., Rt \JLan's TIal1, Oxford; curate uf Ht 
Peter's, Vauxha.l1, London, 
. E. t\. l'l'iest at Do'-moor, IIert.forùshire. 



Converts to Rome 

t Hare, Mrs, daughter of Sir Aubrey John Dean Paul, third Baronet. 
sister-in-law of the Venerable Julius Charles Hare, (1795-1855), Arch
deacon of Lewes. 
t Hare, Miss Esmeralda, of Grosvenor Street, Grosvenor Square, 
London, 'v. (1868) 
Hare, Francis, brother of the late 
Ii'3S Esmeralda IIare. (186G) 
Hare, Thomas Leman, of The Firs, Streatham, London, S. 'V. 
Harford, Rev. Henry Edwin, (1837-1896)) a Priest of the Society of 
Jesus, for some time Army Uhaplain in India. (1857) 
H argitt, M rs, wife of Dr IIargitt, of Leicester. (1885) 
Harland, Henry, (1861-1ÐOG), author of The Cætdinal's Snuff Box, etc.; 
educa.ted in Rome, l)aris, and Harvard College, U.S.A. ; received into the 
Church in England (1900) 
Harper, Rev. Ernest, a Priest of tho Society of Jesus at Frenburg, 
Linz, Upper Austria.. 
Harper, Rev. George, (1811-1864), !\LA., Pembroke College, Oxford; 
curate at Dorchester. A Priest of the Society of Jesus; brother of a 
former Anglican Bishop in Australia. (1851) 
Harper, Herbert E., proprietor of Harpe'f's Gazette. 
Harper, Mrs, wife of Herbert E. Harper, and family. 
t Harper, Philip, surgeon. 
t Harper, Rev. Samuel B. A., 
LA., Trinity College, Cambridge; 
curate under Cardinal 
lanning when rector of Lavington, Sussex; rector 
of St Ninian's, Perth, K.B.; founder of the Glasgow Northern Htar; 
afterwards he became editor of the New l'ork Tablet. (1851) 
t Harper, Mrs, first wife of the Rev. Samuel B. A. Harper, !\I.A., Can tab, 
and rector of St Ninian's, Perth, 
.B. (1851) 
Harper, Mrs, second wife of the late Rev. Samuel B. A. IIarper) 1\I.A., 
Uantab, editor of the New York 'Tablet; wklow of St John Eckel; daughter 
of cC 
lonk," the author of a book which appeared in 1836 entitled 
A WillZ Disclosures of l.Iaria J[onk, which was a tissue of calumnies against 
the inmates of the Hôtel Dieu or Black 
unnery in 1\lontreal. The 
fa.lsity of the allegations wa.q conclusively proved by the late Co]onpl 
'V. L. Stono, a rrotestant) who personally investigated them. (1867) 
Harper, Rev. Thomas Norton, (lR21-1893), of St Paul's School, 
1.A., Queen's College, Oxford; curate at BarIlBtaple, then 
Incumbent of St Peter's, Buckingham Palace Gate, London, S. ,V. A 
l)riest of the Society of Jesus at 
tonyhurst College, Blackburn, Lanca- 
shire; author. (1851) 
Harper, Rev. William, :M.A., Pembroke (1 0 1lege, Oxford; an Anglican 

Converts to Rome 


Harris, Rev. Edward Arthur, B.A., Emmanuel College, Cambridge; 
for thirteen years curate and Precentor at St Alban's, Holborn, London, 
E.C. (1900) 
Harris, Rev. James, (182--!-IR83), a Priest of the 
ociety of Jesus and 
rector of St Francis Xavier's College, Liverpool. (1848) 
Harris, Miss Maud, a nun at the Convent of Prudence, IIampstead, 
London, N.\V. (1890) 
t Harris, Miss, author of From Oxford to Rome, etc. (184G) 
Harris, Rev. Thomas, (1799-18-19), of Stratford Grammar School and 
the Independent Academy, IIoÀton, London, N.; a Noncomformi'it 
:Minister at Alford, Lincolnshire. A Priest and Chaplain of The Uonvent, 
Queen's Square, London, 'V.C. ; author. (1846) 
Harris, Walter B., of Harrow School; B.A., Trinity College, Cambridgo ; 
F.S.A., F.R.G.S.; traveller, explorer and author; was member of 
Arthur Nicholson's Special Embassy to 
ultan of 1\lo1'occo; son-in-law of 
the fourth Earl of 
fex borough. 
Harrison, Bernard, the artist, son of Frederic Harriaon, 
I.A., Oxon, 
the Leader of the English Positivists. (189,)) 
Harrison, Captain Cecil E., of Eton College; served with the Rifle 
Brigade in the late South African 'Val', and was wounded at Ladysmith. 
t Harrison, Sir Henry, B.A., Christ Church, of the Bengal Civil Service; 
father of Lieutenant-Colonel Gilbert Harwood I-Iarrison, and of 
\Villiam IIarrison, both of the Royal Engineers. (18ùü) 
Harrison, Rev. Herbert, (1813-1867), formerly captain of \Vestminster 
School; a Priest of the Brompton Oratory, London, 8. \V, ; brother of Sir 
Henry Harrison, B.C.S. (1861) 
Harrison, Mrs, wife of Dr Harrison, of Ambleside, Westmoreland. 
Harrison, Mrs Mary St Leger, (" Lucas 
lalet") the novelist; 
youngest daughter of the Rev. Charles Kingsley, (1819-1875), the poet and 
novelist; widow of the Rev. "\\'l11iam Harrison, :\LA., vicar of Clovelly, 
Devonshire. (190-1) 
Harrison, M rs Rose Elizabeth, wife of 
fajor 'Villi am A. Harrison, 
of the Royal Engineers, son of 
ir Henry L. Harrison, B.C.S. ; daughter 
of Robert Parnall, J.P. of Llanstephan, South 'Vales. (1903) 
Harrison, Captain William, of the Royal Artillery. 
Harrod, Mrs Frances Mary Desirée, the novelist; wife of IIenry 
Dawes Harrod, B.A., Oxon; daughter of John Forbes-Robertson art critic' 
sister of the well-known actor. " 

Harrod, Henry Da
es, of King's College School; B.A., Xew College, 
Oxford; F.S.A., barrIster; son of Henry Harrod, F.S.A., late Secretary 
of the Norfolk Archæological Society and author of the Records of 
Lynn, etc.; of Amlwch, Anglesey, Xorth 'Vales. (1879) 


Converts to Rome 

Hart, Rev. Charles AI'fred Burleigh, :\I.A. Oxon; curate of 
Carrington, Lincolnshire. (IR85) 
Hart, Rev. Herbert Leslie, B.A., Pembroke College, Oxford; chaplain 
of the 'V orcester Diocesan IIouse of :\Iercy) 
Ial vern, 'Y orcestershire ; 
successively curate at St Catherine's, · Burnley ; St Alban's) Ventnor, Isle 
of'Vight; and of St Androw's, 'Vorthing, Sussex. (1DÛü) 
Hart, William Henry, solicitor, fellow of the Society of Antiquaries. 
Harter, Charles, of Bath; B.A., Corpus Christi College, Oxford. (1890) 
Harter, Mrs, wife of Charles Harter, B.A., ()xon. (]P90) 
Harter, Mrs Frances Geraldine, wife of George Lloyd Foster 
I.A., J.P., of Salpertün Park, Gloucestershire; daughter of 'V. 
Sacheverell Coke) J.P., D.L., of Brookhill Hall, Derbyshire. 
Hartland, Henry Albert, the artist; of 
Ial1ow, co. Cork, Ireland. 
Hartley, Edward, of Spinney Oak, Addlestüne) Surrey. 
Harvey, Thomas, B.A., Oxon; cou
in of the Right ]{ev. Dr Alexander, 
Protestant Bishop of Derry. (IRS7) 
Harvey, William Bcevor, cousin of Sir Charles 1 Iaryey, second Baronet. 
Harvey, William F., 
LA., Hertford College, Oxford; barrister; for some 
time Professor of English Literature in the University of ::\[alta; author 
of Digest of the lt01lwn Lctw of Contracts, ûtc. (187G) 
Haskett-Smith, Lieutenant-Colonel William, late of the 79th 
(Iameron llighlander
; sc>rved in the Nile and Sudan f'xpeditions; member 
of the Uouncil of the Bouthwark Rescue Society; two of his sons are Army 

t Hassell, Dr, of London. (1849) 
Hatchell, Mrs, daughter of Sir Robert .Talnes Stuart Graham, tenth 
Baronet; wife of (Iaptain IIatchell, of the üf)th Bengal K ative Infantry. 
Hathaway, Rev. Frederick, (1814-1891), scholar. 
I..Â., Fenow, 
Tutor, Dean and BurRa.r of \V orcester College, Oxford; curate of St 
.:\lary 1\fagda.len's, Oxford; and then Incumbent of Shadwell, near Leeds, 
Yorkshire. A Priest of the 
ociety of Jesus in Jamaica, B.'V.L ; son of 
Dr \Vil1imn t;i1as IIathaway, of \Vimblcdon, Surrey. (185]) 
Hatton, Miss Bessie, the actress; daughter of Joseph Hatton, (18-11- 
luü7), the author, journalist) playwright, and editor of fhe People. (189G) 
Haward, Mrs, wife of Dr II award ; da.ughter of the Dean of I.Jichfield 
Hawker, Mrs Pauline Anne, second wife of the Rev. Robert 
Hk>phen Hawker, (1 S0:3-H375). 
1.A., Oxon: daughter of a Polit;;h noble- 
ma.n; and her three daughters. - (J S7fi) 

Converts to Rome 


Hawker, Rev. Robert Stephen, (1803-1875), :M.A., :Magdalen Hall, 
OÀford; vicar of )Iorwenstow-with-\Vellcombe, Cornwall; poet and 
antiquary; son of the Rev. Dr James Stephen IIawker, 
I.A., vicar of 

tratton, Cornwall; grandson of the Rev. Dr Robert Hawkf;r, (1733-1R2í), 
the celebrated Calvinist Divine, and author. (1873) 
t Hawkins, The Rev. Mother Agnes Mary, a nun in Dublin; 
daughter of the Rev. Charles IIawkins, B.C.L., Oxon, an Anglican 
t Hawksley, Edward, 'Lnitarian; of Eloomsgrove, near Nottingham. 
Hawtrey, Miss Mary Louise, cousin of Dr l-Iawtrey, of Eton, father 
of Charles Hawtrey, the actor. (18D7) 
Hay, Miss Charlotte Georgiana, (1824-1903), daughter of Lord 
James IIay, of Seaton, son of the seventh 
Iarquess of Tweedale. (18407) 
Haycock, Captain Joseph Boardman, of the Buffs. 
Hay-Coghlan, The Hon. William Mant, (1833-1903), formerly 
Judge oi the High Court of Bombay; Privatf\ Uhamber1ain to Pope Leo 
XIII; eldest son of General 
ir \Villiam :i\Iarcus Coghlan, K.C.B., of the 
Royal Artillery. (1879) 
Haye, Davie, barrister, of London. 
Hayne, Miss, daughter of an Anglican clergyman. 
Haynes, Mrs Frances Sophia Vaughan, da.ughter of Sir 
Edmund Colt, shth Baronet; wife of 
lajor \Valter Illingworth I-Iaynes, 
formerly of the 2nd Battalion Royal Sussex Hegiment. (1899) 
Hayward, Rev. Francis M., of St Augustine's Theological College, 
Canterbury. ,1\. Priest-in-charge of St Henry's, Derwent, Sheffield, 
Hazell, Rev. James J., a Priest, till lately in charge of Our Lady and 
St Joseph, Enfield, ::\Iiddlesex; now at the Queen of 1\Iartyrs and St 
Pancras, Little Albany 
treet, Regent's Park, London, N.'V. (1873) 
Head, James, of 
Iarlborough College; J.P. for Inverness-shire, formerly 
Captain in the :L\Iiddlesex Yeomanry, and :3rd Battalion of the Buff8: 
fourth son of Captain Sir Frances E. Somerville Head, second Baronet. 
Head, Mrs Christian Helen Jane, wife of James Head, J.P.; 
daughter and heiress of Duncan Cameron, of Inverailort, Loch Ailort, 
N.B.; granddaughter of General. Sir Alexander Cameron, (1781-1850), 
K.C.B., who served at Quatre Bras and \Vaterloo. 
Headlam, Gerald Erskine, of Sherborne School; B.....\.., Bible Clerk of 
AU Souls' College, O
ford; assistant-master at the Oratory School, 
I Edgbaston, Birmingham. (18D7) 
! t Headlam, Rev. John, 
I.A., Pembroke College, Cambridge; an 
Anglic..'l.u clergyman. 


Converts to Rome 

Heathcote, Miss Agnes, a Benedictine nun (Dame l\Iary l\tichael), 
 t;cholastica's Abbey, Teignmouth, Devonshire; daughter of the Rev. 
1\' Ilham Beadon lIeathcote, (1812-1Rü2), 
I.A., Fellow of K ew College, 
Oxford, Prebendary of Salisbury Cathedral, and descendant of the second 
Baronet. (1862) 
Heathcote, Cecil Hamilton, son of the Rev. 'Yil1iam Beadon 
Heathcote, (lR12-1862), l\I.A., Oxon, and Prebendary of Salisbury 
Cathedral. (1862) 
Heathcote, Mrs Elizabeth Mary, (1816-1892), wife of the Rev. 
'Yilliam Headon Heathcote, (1812-1862), 
I.A., Oxon, and Prebendary of 
Ralisbury Cathedral; daughter of the late Rev. George Deane, 
Rector of TIighton. (1862) 
Heathcote, Sir William Perceval, (1826-1903), sixth Baronet; of 
, }
ton and \Vinchester Colleges; formerly an officer in the 7th II ussars ; 
J.P. for Hampshire; grandson of the first Baron Arden; son of the Hight 
ir \Villiam lIeathcote, fifth Baronet, P.C., D.C.L., l\1.P. for OÀford 
University; father of the Rev. Hir 1Villiam Arthur Heathcote, sevpnth 
Baronet, a Priest of the 
ociety of J esllS at St 'Vilfrid's, Preston, 
Lancashire; and of Lieutenant-Colonel Gilbert Redvers Heathcote, late 
of the Cameronians, who served in South Africa during the Gaika and 
Zulu 'V ars. (1850) 
Heaven, Mrs Willie, of Ashfield, Queen's County, Ireland, and of The 
Old l1a11, near Chester. (1906) 

Hector, Miss Margaret, a Sister of Kazareth; daughter of Thomas J. 
I1ector, Clerk to tho School Board of Aberdeen, N.R. (1888) 

Hemans, Rev. Philip Wynne, B.A., Durham University; successively 
curate of Upton, Torquay, Devonshire; of St Bartholomew's, Bethnal 
Green, E. ; St 
Iary's, in the parish of St George's-in-the-East, London; 
then In charge of St Kieholas, Blackwell Stairs, Poplar, London, E. (1908) 
t Hemy, Henri Fréderic, for a. considerable time Professor of :Music 
at U shaw College; Durham; author of Crown of JeS1.LS ,ft:lusic; father of 
Charles Napier Hemy, R.A" the marine painter. 
Henderson, E. B., ::\I.A" Scholar of Pembroke College, Cambridge; 
barrister, of Leeds. 
Henderson, Rev. Francis, a Priest of the Pious Society of 
Iissions in 
Piedmont, Italy. 
t Henderson, Sir George Francis Robert, K.C.B. ; for many yea
Director of l\Iilitary Art and History at the Staff College; served ill 
Egypt; was Director of l\Iilitary Intelligence during the late South African 
'Var; author. 
Hendricks, Rev. Father, a Carthusian l\Ionk. 
Hendricks, Miss Elizabeth, sistcr of the Rev. Father IIcndricks. 

Converts to Rome 


Heneage, The Hon. Mrs Arabella, (1783-1871), lIon. _-\..rabella 
Anderson Pelham; daughter of the first Lord Yarborough; wife of 
Thomas :Fiechi fleneage, of Cada by, Lincolnshire; mother of Arabella, 
wife of George Cary-Elwes, 
LA., of Cadogan Place, London, S. 'Y., and 
of the Rev. Henry Pelham Heneage, (1810-1875), first resident Priest at 
Erdington, 'VarwickBhire. (18-14) 
Heneage, Miss Georgiana Caroline, (1815-1869), younger daughter 
of the lIon. 1\lrs Arabella IIeneage, (1783-1871), of Cadeby, Lincolnshire. 
(1844 ) 
t Henn, Rev. John, l\I.A., Cantab; curate of St James', Bristol. (1850) 
Henn, Mrs Margaret Agnes Vaughan, wife of Edward Lovett 
IIenn, l\I.A., late Fellow of Trinity Hall, Cambridge; daughter of _Mitchell 
Henry, formerly 1\I.P. for Galway and Glasgow, of Kylemore Castle, 

t Henniker, The Hon. M rs Mary Eliza, wife of the Hon and Rev. 
'Villiam Chafle Henniker, 
I.A., son of the third Baron I-Ienniker ; daughter 
of Edward Farnham. (1855) 
Henry, Miss Margaret, niece of Sir Thomas Henry, (1807-1876), Chief 
Police l\lagistrate of London. 

Hepburne, Mrs Cosmo, sister-in-law of the Rev. Henry Hepburne, 
a Priest of the Society of Jesus. 
Hepburne, Miss C. Gordon, daughter of 1\lrs Cosmo I-Iepburne. 
Hepburne, Rev. Henry Seymour, (1846-1910), a Priest of the Society 
of Jesus at 'Yardour Castle, Tisbury, 'Viltshire. (1861) 
Hepburne, J. S., relative of the preceding. 
Herbert, The Hon. Lady Albertina, Hon. Albertina Agnes l\Iary 
Denison, youngest daughter of the first Baron Londesborough; niece of 
the second 1\Iarquess of Conyngham: wife of Colonel Sir I VOl' John Caradoc 
Herbert, C.B., C.)1.G., first Baronet, 1\1.P. for South l\IonmouthBhire, son 
of John Arthur Edward Herbert, of Llanarth Court, Raglan, South 'Yales, 
by the Hon. Augusta, daughter of the first Baron Llanover. 
Herbert, Angelo, (1825-1907), an ecclesiastical furnisher, brass and 
metal worker; at one time Professor of drawing at St Edward's College, 
Everton, St Francis Xavier's College, Liverpool, and at the Catholic 
Institute in that city; brother of John Rogers Herbert, (1810-1890), R.A., 
the portrait and historical painter; benefactor of St Alban's l\Iission, 
Liskeard, Cornwall. (1848) 
Herbert, The Hon. Mrs Augusta, Hon. Augusta Charlotte Elizabeth 
Hall, daughter of the first Baron Llanover; wife of John Arthur Edward 
Herbert, of Llanarth Court, of Raglan, South 'Yales; mother of Colonel 
Sir I vor John Caradoc Herbert, Bart., 1\1.P. for 
outh l\lonmouthshire, 
and of Sir Arthur James Herbert, K.C. V.O., British 1\Iinister to Norway. 


Converts to Rome 

Herbert, Mrs Caroline, of the Right lIon. Sir Edmund 
'Valker l-Iead, (] 805-IR68), eight.h and last Baronet, K.C.H., P.C., D.C.L., 
LL.D., .F.R.S. ; wife of Commander Charles 'Villiam Herbert, R.N.; J.P. 
for Devonshire. (18iD) 
Herbert, Commander Charles William, (1 846-1 D03), of the 
Royal Navy; J.P., of 'The Grange, Ralcolnbe, Devonshire; son of Admiral 
Sir Thomas Herbert., (1793-1R61), K.C,B., served in the 'Ycst Indies and 
<.;hina, and wa.s J\I.P. for 1}art.mout.h. (I87D) 

Herbert, Mrs, of l\Iuckross Abbey, co. Kerry, Ireland. 


t Herbert, Miss Elizabeth, a nun at the Convent at IIandsworth, 
near Birmingham; sister of .]ohn Rogers IIerbert, (18IO-18UO), H..A. ; the 
port.rait and historical painter. (1845) 
Herbert, George, solicitor. 
Herbert, Mrs, wife of George Herbert.. 
Herbert, John Alexander, B.A., Rt John's College, Cambridge; 
Assistant in t.he :Manuscript JJepartment of the British :l\Iuseum since 
188i; son of the Jate Rev. S. .1\.. Herbert, rector of 
t James', Gateshead, 
co. Durham. (190D) 
Herbert, John Rogers, (1810-18
)o), R.A., of 
Ialdon, Surrey; t.he 
portrait and historical painter; Officer of the Legion of Honour. (1843) 
Herbert, Lady Mary Catherine, of the second Baron 
lIe'rbert of Lea; sister of t.he thirteenth Earl of PeInbrcke; "\\ ife of Raron 
Frederick yon IIügel, member of the Cambridge Philological Societ.y, 
aut.hor, and scholar, son of H. E. Baron Charles von IIügel, the 
Cluinent Austrian bot.anist and diplomatist, by Elil.abeth, daughter of 
General Farquharson, and niece of General Rir James Outram, (1803-H3();3), 
ILC.TI., one of the heroes of the Indian )Iutiny. (1873) 
Herbert, William Green, brother of John Rogers, (1810-1890), R.A., 
the portrait and historical painter. (1846) 
Herbert, Rev. William J. A., of Sudbury, Suffolk; an Augustinian 
:Monk in Ireland. (1HDG) 
Herbert of' Lea, The Lady, Elizabet.h, daughter of General Charles 
.Ashe A'Court, C.B. ; wife of the Hight, lIon. Sidney lIerbert, (] 810-18(j]), 
first Baron IIerbert of Lea, t;ecretary of 8tate for \r ar, and a great Army 
Reformer; mother of the fourteenth Earl of Pembroke; authoress. (1866) 
Hesketh, Miss, sister of 
ir Thomas George Fermor Fermor-Ileskett, 
seventh Baronet. 

Heurtley, Rev. Archibald Charles, of Shrewsbury School; B.A., 
Christ. Church, Oxford; curate of St Peter's, London Docks, and then in 
charge of Bt l\lark's, J arrow; grandson of the Rev. Dr Charles Al)f'] 
IIeurt.ley, (180G-18D:'), Lady 
largaret professor of Divinity, O
University. .A Priest of the Birmingham Oratory. (1900) 

Converts to Rome 


t Hewitt, The Hon. Mrs Annie Frances, wife of thp lIon. Jamm
\\rilfrid lIcwitt, son of the fourth Yiscount Liffol'd, and grandson of the 
second Earl of Gosford, G.C.B., who was for a time Governor of Canada; 
daughter of Arthur Hodgson, of Eton Vale, Darling Do\vns, Queensland, 
t Heydon, Jabez King, of New South 'Vales; editor of the Sydney 
Freeman's Journal; father of His IIonour Charles Gilbert IIeydon, District 
Court Judge of New South 'Vales. 
Heys, The Right Rev. Mother Mary Magdalene, (182
Prioress of Syon Abbey, Chudleigh, Devonshire; daughter of the Rev. 
J. Heys, :ÞtI.A., an Anglican clergyman, of Staffordshire. (1859) 
Heysham, Henry Nunez, of Riverside, 'Valtham Cross; formerly of 
Ayles fo rd. 
Heywood, Mrs Florence Monica Cecilia, wife of Francis Isidore 
Heywood, only son of Henry Heywood, J.P., for :Thlonmouthshire; daughter 
of the Rev. H. :Þtlorris, rector of Llantwit :\[ajor, Glamorganshire, South 
"r ales. (1908) 
Heywood, Lady Margaret, (1833-1894), wife of Sir Thomas Percival 
Heywood, second Baronet, of Claremont, Lancashire; daughter of Thomas 
I-Ieywood, of Hope End, IIerefordshire. (187G) 
Hibbert, Captain Washington, (1805-1875), of Billing Hall; son-in- 
law of Sir Henry Tichborne, tenth Baronet; father of Paul Edgar 
Tichborne Hibbert, J.P., and formerly High Sheriff for Northamptonshire. 
Hibbert, Captain William George, of the Royal Engineers; served 
in the Uhitral Relief Expedition. (1890) 
Hibgame, Miss Emma Gray, (1830-190G), a Dominican nun (Sister 
:Mary 'Vilfl'id); contributor to The Catholic Pinside, llionth, and Rosa7"Y 
][a[]azine; daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel E. F. Hibgame, II.E.I.C.S. ; of 
 orfolk. (1884) 

Hibgame, Frederick Thurlow, fourth brother of :ThIiss Emma Gray 
Hibgame, (1830-190G), a Dominican nun. (1877) 
Hickey, Miss Emily, the poet and authoress; daughter of the I{ev. 
Canon Hickey, an Irish Clergyman; granddaughter of " 1\Iartin Doyle". 
(1 DOl) 
llickie, of East- 

Hickie, Mrs Alice Mary, wife of Dr-Robert Eustace 
Hickman, Major, of St Leonards, Sussex. 
Hickman, Mrs, wife of )Iajor Hickman. 
Hickman, The Misses, daughters of :Major IIicl\.man 
, Re
. Huber
, l\I.A., St Catherine's College, 
VIcar of 
t l\Iary s, Frome, Somersetshire. 

Cambridge ; 

Hickman, Major J. M., of the Royal .ÂrIuy l\Iedical Corps, London. 


Converts to Rome 

Hickman, Robert Nugent, of IIurstspicrpoint Collegc; son of a fOrIner 
vicar of St Jalnes', Croy..lon, Surrey. (Lt'Hl) 
t Hicks, Rev. John, a Priest of the Order of 
Iarists, formerly at Kotre 
Dame de France, Leicester Place, London, "T.U. 

Hicks, Major-General, of the Royal Artillery. 


Hicks, Mrs Seymour, née Ellaline Terriss ; daughter of lVilliam Terriss, 
(18--17-1897), the actor; wife of E. Seymour Hicks, the actor and dramatic 
author, Bon of 
Iajor E. Hicks, of the 42nd lIighlanders. (lÐ03) 
t Higgins, Lady Hilda, Lady IIilda Jane Sophia Finch-IIatton 
first wife of lIenry Vincent ]liggins, C.V.O., for seven years a Bubaltern 
in the Life Guards; daughter of the tenth Earl of 'Vinchilsea. (1877) 
t Higgins, Rev. JOhn, B.A. St John's College, Cambridge; curate of 
St l\lary 
lagdalen, Taunton, Bomersetshire. A Priest. (1872) 
Higgins, Matthew James, (1810-1868), of Eton College; B.A., 
University Col1ege, Oxford; journalist and author; the "
racob Omniuln" 
of The Tinws; contributor to The 11Iorning Post, Pall ldnll Gw:dtc, and 
Corn hill l1Iagazine; father of Henry Vincent Higgins, C.V.O. ; t:ion-in-law 
of Sir Ilenry Tichbornc, eighth Baronet. (1852) 
Higginson, Rev. W. H., B.....\" Exeter Conege, OÀford; a Priest, till 
recently at St }-'ilumena, Stoke-on Trent, Staffordshire; now retired. 
Hildreth, Rev. Charles Ernest Augustus, a Priest of the Society 
of JesUB, Assistant-Prefect of Philosophers at Stonyhurst CoUege, lUack- 
burn, Lancashire. (1892) 
Hill, Rev. Benjamin, of Tonbridge School. B.A., St John's College, Cam- 
bridge; a Passionist Priest, at VaJparaiso, Chili, South 
\.merica. (1866) 
Hill, Rev. Ernest Samuel, a Priest of the Order of Charity at clt 
:l\lary's, K ewport, 
t Hill, Rev. George James, :\L...1., Trinity College, Cambridge; vicar 
of Salford, near Bath, Somersetshire. (1854) 
Hill, Miss Georgina Dora, of Thomastown, co. l{ilkenny, Ireland; 
grandniece of the. Rev. James Charles Connolly, l\I.
\., Chaplain of 
'Voolwich Dockyard. (1874) 
t Hill, Rev. James, 
I.A.) Cantab; an Anglican clergyman. 
Hill, Rev. John Crassweller, B.A., Durham University; successively 
curate of St Andrew with St )1ichael, Greenwich 
Iarsh; and of St 
:Mary's, Sunbury-on- Thames. (1908) 
Hill, Percival George, brother of the Rev. Benjamin I-lil1, B.A., 
Cantab, a Passionist Priest in South America. (1889) 
Hill, William James, l\I,A.) Trinity College, CaDlbridge. 
Hilliard, Miss, a Sister of :l\Iercy. 

Converts to Rome 


Hilliard, Miss Cecilia, a nun in Baltimore, U.S.A.; sister of the 

Hinde, Colonel, of the Indian Army. (1866) 
Hine, Harold Egerton, grandson of Henry George Hine, (l
the landscape painter. (lfJüO) 
Hingeston, Miss Pauline Mary Agatha, (1841-1Ð06), a great 
benefactress to the Catholic :\Iission at Sidmouth, Devonshire. 
Hinson, Miss Margaret, daughter of the former Rector of Horton. 
tHirst, Mrs Anna Maria, mother of the late Rev. Joseph Hirst, a. 
Priest of the Order of Charity, and President of Ratcliffe College, 
Leicester. (18--19) 
t Hirst, Joseph, J.P. for Leeds; at one time President of the Leeds 
Chamber of Commerce; husband of . the above. (18--1G) 
Hislop, Stephen, (J 848-1908), of Edinburgh, N.B. ; son of a Protestant 
:Missionary in India. 
Hitchcock, Rev. George Stewart, B.A., London "Gniversity; 
Anglican Chaplain at the 
Iedway Union, Chatham; then a unitarian 
l\Iinister; a Priest; D,D. of Rome; author. (1903) 
Hitchcock, Stephen, son of the Rev. H. 'V. Hitchcock, l\I.A., late 
vicar of St John's, Tor quay, Devonshire, and of St l\Iary 

Iunster Square, London, X. 'V. (1893) 
Hitchings, Rev. Edward B., a Priest, till lately in charge of St 
Hilda's, N orthenden, Cheshire. (1887) 
Hoare, Rev. Edward, of Dulwich College; London University; a Priest 
of the Order of Charity at St :\Iary's, Kewport, 
Ionmouthshire; son of 
the Rev. J. 'V. D. Hoare, B.A., formerly vicar of St Philip's, Sydenham, 
London, S.E. (1881) 
Hoare, Rev. Francis O'Donoghue, of Dulwich College; B.A., 
London University; a Priest, (Oblate of St Charles) at St :\Iary of the 
Angels, 'Vestmoreland Road, Bayswater, London, 'V.; brother of the 
preceding. (1881) 
Hoare, Rev. J. W. D., TI.A., Trinity College, Dublin; vicar of St 
Philip's, Sydenham, London, S.E.; son of a former Dean of Achonry, 
Ireland; father of the above. (1881) 
, M rs, wife of the Rev. J. ,Yo D. Hoare, B.A., Trinity College, 
DublIn. (1890) 
t Ho
ges, Nicholas William, at one time Editor of l'he lreckly 
8ter. (1857) 
Hodgson, Miss, one of the Anglican Sisters who accompanied the Cowley 
Fathers to India. 


Converts to Rome 

HOdson, Rev. Charles Edward, Ì\1.A., Trinity Ilall, Cambridge; 
Anglican chaplain to .Admiral 
ir George :x are's Arctic Expedition, and 
then to 11.1\1.8. Aboukir. (1877) 
ey, Mrs Frances Sarah Cashel, (IR30-1D08), authoress and 
]ournalist; daughter of C. B. Johnston of Dublin; wife of John Cashcl 
Hoey, C.1\1.O., who was for a time Sub-Editor of The Dublin Rcvic'lv. 
Holden, Henry, solicitor. 
Holdsworth, Mrs
 (1805-1874), née Eliza !\Iary Anne Clarke; relative of 
the }-'roude family. (1855) 
Holland, The Lord, (180 -1839), Henry Edward Fox, fourth and last 
Baron. (1850) 
Holland, The Lady, (1812-1889), Lady Augusta Coventry, wife of the 
fourth Baron Holland; only daughter of the eighth Earl of Coventry. (1850) 
t Holland, Mrs Mary Sibylla Frances, wife of the late Rev. Canon 
Francis lfolland, 
1.A., of (ianterbury Cathedral, and Chaplain to Queen 
Victoria and I{.ing Edward VII; daughter of the Rev. Alfred Lyall, l\1.A., 
(1785-18G3), the philosopher, traveller, author and rector of Harbledown, 
Kent. (1889) 
Holland, Lady May, wife of Sir \Villiam flenry Holland, J.P., formerly 
::\1.P., of Poole IIall, Nantwich ; eldest daughter of James Lund, J.P. and 
D.L. of l\Ialsis Hall, near Leeds, Yorkshire. (1904) 
Holland, Stephen Taprell, of Otterspool, Aldenham, 'Vatford, 
Ifertfordshire; J.P.; built at his own expense tho Church of the Holy 
Rood, 'Vatford; IIon.-Treasurer of the Benevolent Rocipty ; a ".founder" 
of \Vesiminster Ca.thedral; eldest son of James Holland, J. P., of 
House, t;ussex, 

Hollish, Miss, daughter of Colonel fIollish, of Lodsworth, Sussex. (18D
Holmes, Miss, daughter of 
ir Richard Jlolmes, for many years librarian 
at \Vindsor UastIe; granddaughter of the late Rev. Vr Uee, Vica.r of 
\Vindsor and Canon of 
t t;eorge's. (19üU) 
Holmes, Miss Annie Emma, a nun and Uanoncss of St Augustine's 
Convent, Bruges, Belgium. 
Holrnes, Miss Mary, (1853-1903), the authol'CSS. 
Holmes, Mrs Augusta, the musical composer. (18fJD) 
Holmes, Colonel Richard, late of the 39th Regimcnt. 
Holmes-a'Court, The Hon. Mrs Annie, wife of the lIon. Arthur 
",Vyndham Holmes-a'Court, surveyor of Public 'Yorks, Antigua, Captain 
t\.ntigua Artillery, son of thc second Baron Heytesbury, and grandson 
of Sir Leonard 'V orsley llolmes, Bart.; daughter of the lIon. Thomas 
Berkeley Hardtman-Berkeley, C.:i\1.G., late President of the General 
Council of the Leeward Islands. (1888) 
HOlms, Douglas, son of John llolms, formcrly I\LP. for Ha.ckney, 
L d N E ( 1890 
on on, .. 

Converts to Rome 


Holms, Rev. J. Charles, at one time a member of an .Anglican TIrother- 
hood in the Lichfield Diocefm. (1900) 
Holt, Arthur, son of Colonel Holt. 
Honywood, Sir John William, (1857-1907), eighth Baronet, of Evington 
Place, Kent; J.P. for Kent; formerly an officer in the 2nd Derby 
and in the East Kent Yeomanry Cavalry. (1893) 
Hood, Rev. Edward Theophilus, (1808-1886), barrister; son of an 
Anglican clergyman. A Priest of the Society of Jesus, for twenty-seven 
years at 
\.11 Saints, 'Vardour Castle, Tisbury, 'Viltshire. (18-15) 
Hooke-Robinson, Mrs Noel, of Ovington Square, London, S.'V. (1866) 
Hoole, Rev. Arthur Stanley, formerly lieutenant in the Royal 
Artillery; a Priest of the Birmingham Oratory. (1891) 
Hooper, Dr, B.A., Caius and Gonville College, Cambridge; ßI.B., London 
"Gniversity. ' 
Hope, Mrs Anne, (1809-1887), the historian and authoress; wife of Dr 
James fIope, (1801-1841), };-".R.S., of St George's IIospital, London, "T. ; 
author of Conversion of the Tt-utonic Races, etc.; mother of Sir Theodore 
Cracroft IIope, R.C.S.l., C.I.E., formerly of the Indian Civil Service. 
t Hope, M rs, daughter of General de Rapp, of Paris. (18:J8) 
Hope, Rev. Douglas, (18-18-1889), of Eton College; ßI.A., Christ Church, 
Uxford; curate of St .Jo1m the Divine, Kennington, London, S.E. A Pri('st 
(Oblate of 
t Charles), and Director of 
t Yincent's Home for noys, Harrow 
Road, London, 'V. ; son of George 'Villiam frope, )L P. of Luffness, N.B. 
grandson of the third Duke of TIuccleuch; great-grandson of the second 
Earl of Hopetoun. (1877) 
Hope, JOhn, grandson of General de Rapp, of Paris. (18;)8) 
Hope-Johnstone, Lady, (1805-1R91), wife of Admiral Sir 'Yil1iam .J. 
Hope-Johnstone, l\::.C.B.; daughter of Sir 'I'homas Kirkpatrick, fifth Baronet. 
(18:) 1 ) 
t Hope-Johnstone, Miss Alicia I
abella, a sister of 
daughter of Admiral 
ir \Villiam J. Hope-Johl1,:;tone, K.l!.B. (18,)1) 
Hope-Johnstone, Miss, daughter of Admiral Sir 'rillimll J. Hope- 
.J ohnstÐne, K. U. B. (18;") 1 ) 
Hope-Scott, Mrs Charlotte Harriet Jane, (182R-18:JR), first 
wife of Jamcs Roùert Hope-Scott, (1812-1
ï3), l\LA., Oxon; daughter of 
John Gibson Lockhart, (179-1-185-1), B....\.., Balliol College, Oxford, 
advocate, novelist, biographer of Scott and Burns, by Sophia, daughter of 
Sir "-'-alter Scott, (1771-1832), of Abbotsford, first Baronet, novelist and 
poet; mother of the lIon. 
Irs )Iary _Monica 
Iaxwell-Scott, the 
authoress, wife of the Hon. Joseph Constable :\faxwell-Scott, J.P. for 
hire, third son of the thirteenth Baron Jlerries, by :\Iarcia, 
daughfRr of Sir E. 1\1. -Va\Tasonr, Bart. ; grandmother of Captain "Talter 
.Joseph :Maxwell-Scott, of the ( iaulCroni.-tns, who served in the la
t Ronth 
African 'Val', including the defcnpe of Ladysmith; of Lit-'utenant 
In.xwell-f'cott, n.
.; and of Lieutenant, 
falcolm eapha,pl 
.Joseph :\Ia\.well-Scott, R.X. (Ui;)]) 


Converts to Rome 

Hope-Scott, James Robert, (1812-1873), of Eton College; )I.A., 
Uhrist Church, Fellow of :Merton College, Oxford; D.O.L.; parliamentary 
barrister, Chancellor of the Diocese of Salisbury; author; a great 
benefactor to several Scotch Catholic )Iissions and (ion vents; founder of 
the Uhurch of Our Lady and St ..A..ndrew, Galashiels; Our Lady and St 
Joseph, Selkirk; and of The Immaculate Conception, Kelso, N.B., which 
in 1b3ü was burnt to the ground together with the schoolhouse and 
rectory, by a Protestant IDO b; t.hird son of General the Hon. Sir 
Alexander Hope, (17üÐ-18:37), G.C.B., of Rankeillour and Luffness, who 
Aerved in Flanders and IIolland, Governor of the Royal 
Iilitary College, 

andhur8t, and LiputRnant-Governor of Chelsea Ifospital, l\I.P. for 
J )umfries and l.inlithgowshire, by his wife Georgina Alicia, youngest 
da.ughter of George nrown of Elliston, Rox burghshire ; grandson of .J oIm, 
second Earl of Hopetoun; father of James Fitzalan Hope 9 l\1.P. for the 
Central Division of Sheffield, J.P. for Sussex, by his second wife the late 
Lady Victoria IIoward, daughter of the fourteenth Duke of 
Hopkins, Rev. Gerald M., (1844-1889), scholar, l\I.A., (First-Olass 
Honours in the final Schools), Baniol College, Oxford; Fellow of tho 
Royal Uni versity of Ireland; a Priest of the Society of Jesus, and 
Professor of Olassics at the Catholic University Oollege, Dublin. (1866) 
Horan, Rev. Arthur James, a Franciscan Friar, (Oapuchin) in the 
United States; formerly of the Departlnent of Justice, Odana, Conn. ; 
son of the Rev. J. Horan, 
I.A., vicar of Bapchied, Kent. (1888) 
Horan, M rs, daughter of an Irish Clergyman in Dublin; mothcr of tho 
late Hev. 
Iary ...t\.ustin, of the Sisters of 
Iercy, N ew York. 
Horn, Miss Flora, a nun j daughter of a fornlcr Rccorder of lIercford. 
t Hornby, Edward Owen, )I..A., St John's College, Cambridge j of 
The Hook, :Fareham, IIampshire; and of Portland Place, London, 'V. 
t Hornby, Mrs Martha, wife of Edward Owen Hornby, l\f.A., 
Canta b. (18G8) 
t Horne, Rev. Edward, 
I.A., St John's College, Cambridge; vicar of 
St Lawrence, Southampton, Hampshire. (18-17) 
tHorne, Mrs, wife of the Rev. Edward IIorne, :\I.A., Cantab. (18<17) 
Horne, The Misses, daughters of the Rev. Edward Horne, ßI.A., 
CantaL; both nullS. (1847) 
Horne, Rev. Percy, a Benedictine :Monk (Dom Ethelbert) at Downsiùe 
Abbey, near Bath, 
omersetshire. (1874) 
Horsley, M rs Mary Anderson, wife of Dr Reginald IIorsley ; daughter 
of ",Yilliam Inglis, of l{.irkmay, X.B. 
Horsley, Dr Reginald, F.R.C.8. (Edin.) ; J.P., Sydney Grammar School, 
and the Universities of l\lelbourne, Berlin, and Edinburgh; author; son 
of Captain Charles II. Horsley, late of the Indian Army. (1881) 
t Hoste, Wyndham Horatio Nelson, 
I.A., Oriel College, Oxford; 
ban'istcr ; son of Uaptain 
ir \Villianl Hostp, (1780-1828), first Baronet, 
K.C.D., who fought under Nelson off Toulon, at 
t Vincent and Banta 
Cruz; brot.her of Hcar-Admiral 
ir \Yillimll Lcgge t:eorgc lloste, second 

Converts to Rome 


Houghton, Rev. JOhn, 
I.A., Trinity College, Cambridge; an Anglican 
t Houghton, Rev. Matthew Philip, B.A., Caius and Gonville College, 
Cambridge; curate at Aston, Birmingham. (1854) 
t Houldsworth, Mrs Henry, of Carrick House, Ayr, 
.B. (1872) 
Household, Miss, formerly Associate of the East Grinstead Anglican 
Sisterhood; now a nun at ::\Iill Hill Convent. (1868) 
t Howard, The Hon. Lady, wife of the law Sir Henry Francis lroward, 
G.C.B., Envoy Extraordinary to Bavaria; daughter of the second Baron 
Erskine; mother of Sir Henry Howard, K.C.:\I.G., British :Minister to the 
Netherlands and to the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg. (1842) 
t Howard, Mrs Catherine Mary, of Corby Castle, Cumberland; 
daughter of Sir Richard X eave, Bart., of Dagnam Park, Essex. 
Howard, Esme William, C.)1.G. C. V.O.; of HalTow School; 
successively Assistant Private Secrètary to Lord Carnarvon at Dublin 
Castle; Third Secretary in Rome and Berlin; Assistant Private Secretary 
to Lord Kimberley; Hon. Attaché at Rome; Consul-General for Crete; 
Councillor of H.B.)l's Embassy of "Tashington, U.S.A., now Consul- 
General for the Kingdom of Hungary ; youngest son of Henry Howard, 

I.P., of Greystoke Castle, Cumberland; son-in-law of Prince Giustiniani 
Bandini, tenth Earl of Xewburgh. (1898) 
Howard, Mrs Frances Ann, née Heneage ; widow of Captain Edward 
Howard, grandson of the twelfth Duke of X orfolk. 
Howard of Glossop, The Lady, (1860-1887), Clara Louisa Greenwood, 
first wife of the second Baron Howard of Glossop, cousin to the fifteent.h 
Duke of Xorfolk, K.G. ; daughter of John Greenwood, 
I.P., of Swarcliffe 
Hall, Ripley, Yorkshire. (188
Howard 0" Glossop, The Lady, Hyacinthe Scott-Kerr, second wifo 
of the second Baron Howard of Glossop ; daughter of 'Yilliam Scott-Kerr, 
of Chatto and Sunlaws, Roxburghshire, N.B. (1890) 
Howard-Hodges, Miss, now the Rev. 
Iother Fidelis and Superioress 
of the Convent of St Philomena, Rome. (1875) 
Howard-Hodges, Miss Edith, her youngest sister. (1897) 
Howarth, Rev. Arthur William, a Priest-in-charge of Our Lady of 
:l\Iount Carmel, Corby, near Grantham, Lincolnshire 
Howden, The Lord, (1799-1873), G.C.B., second and last Baron Howden; 
diplomatist and successively British :\Iinister at Brazil and 
better known as General Sir John Hobart Caradoc; only child of Sir John 
Francis Caradoc, (1762-1839), first Baron Howden; grandson of the l\fost 
Rev. Dr John Caradock, (1708-1778), Protestant Archbishop of Dublin. 
Howden, Richard Armaral, of Wellington College and Downing 

ollege, Cambridge. (1905) 
Howell, Mrs Julia Eliza, (1829-1896), wife of the Rev. Russell Howell, 

1.A., Oxon; daughter of the late Robert Saunders, of the BenO'al Uivil 
Service, by Elint "\Yallace Barnett 0 (1857) 


Converts to Rome 

Howell, Rev. Russell, (lR2G-1906), of Harrow School; ::\LA., f1hrist 
Church, Oxford; vicar of St Veep, Cornwall; Private Chalnberlain to 
H.H. Pope Leo XIII; son of David Howell, of Ethy, Uornwall ; father of 
the Rev. Bernard Howell, a Redemptorist Priest at Sant Alfonso, Via 

lerulana, Rome; of the Rev. Edmund .T. Howell, a Redemptorist Priest 
at St Edmund's, Lo\\er Edmonton, London, N. ; of David Howell, J. P. for 
Uornwall, son-in-law of \Villialn E. Segar
 barrister, of Preston, 
Lancashire; and of Captain \ViIfrid RusseU Howell, D.S.O., of the South 
African Constabulary, who served during the late South African \Var, 
son-in-law of Colonel Lucius Falkland Uarey, of TOITe Abbey, Devon- 
shire. (183G) 
Howes, William, of Portman Square, London, 'V. (190ß) 
Howitt, Miss Margaret, the authoress; daughter of 'Villiam Howitt, 
(17U:l-187U), the Quaker poet and author. (1880) 
Howitt, Mrs Mary, (1799-1888), '}lIe Botham; authoress; publi
translations (If Fredrika Bremer and IIans AndC'rsen, and successful 
chilùren's books; wife of 'Villialll Ho\\itt, (l79
-lH7!)), poet and author. 
Huddlestone, John Gilbert, B.A., Keble Uollege, Oxford (189:-,) 
Hudson, Henry J., the artist. 
Hughes, Miss Catherine, a Dominican nun; da.ughter of 'Yil1iam .T. 
Il ughes, of Ulancothy, Carnarvonshh-e, North 'V ales. (1
t Hughes, Rev. Hen ry B3.iley, a Priest in Uarnarvonshire, North 
\\Tales; son of the Hev. 1I0wd I Iughes, l\1.A., rector of Tl'efriew, 
Carnal'vonshirc; great-grandson of <:enel'al Hit, Edmund Heilly (1 ope , 
Hughes, Rev. Henry George, of the Coll(
gio Deda, ROllIO; a Pr'iest, 
tin recently at 
t Francis, 
hetrord, eeùfoL',l'-Jhire; now at St Jolm the 
Baptist, l\or\\'ich, Korfolk. (l
Hughes, Rev. James Barrett, formerly a member of the Rev. 
Father Ignatius' Community at Norwich, Norfolk. (18û Q ) 
Hugo, Miss Charlotte, a Rister of 
l8L'cy in 'Vashington, U.S..\.; 
niece of the )Iost Rev. Dr Temple, Lord Archbishop of Canterbury. 
Hull, Rev. Ernest R., a Pl'Îest of the Society of .ksus in India; author 
and editor of The Bwrn1Jay Catholic E.non iner. (188:!) 
-t Hulme, The Right Rev. Monsignor Benjamin, of Longton, 
BtatIoL'dshire; a Priest and chaplain at l\lawley Hal), 
hropshire; author. 
t Hulme, Mrs, mother ûf the ate Right !lev. 
lonsignor TIf'njanlÎn 
IIulme. (lK
t Humble, Rev. Henry Martin, ::\1...:\.., Cant.ab; curate of Newbourne, 

orthumber1and (1847) 
Humphrey, Rev. William, of ::\Iarischal College, Abcrdeen; l\LA., 
Edinburgh l""nivel'sity; adyoca.te, then Ineulllbent of St ::\lary )lagJalpn's, 
Dundee; and chaplain to the Bi
hop of Brcl'l1Ïn. A Priest of the Socit>ty 
of .J{'sus at 
t Beunds ('ollege, Ht ..\saph, K ol,th "
ales; author; son of 
.folul HurnpIl1'e
T, of Pit.nlPdden, X.H. (l368) 

Converts to Rome 


Hunnybun, Mrs Phoebe Anne, wife of the Rev. 'Vil1iam
L IIunnybun, 
I\1.A., Cantab. (1869) 
Hunnybun, Rev. William Martin
 !\I.A., Fellow of Caius and Gonville 
College, Cambridge; some time curate at All Saints, !\1argaret 
London, 'V., then vicar at Bickernoller; formerly Professor at the Catholic 
University College, Kensington, London, 'V., and for many years Secretary 
of the Catholic School Committee. (U3G9) 
Hunt, Dr Lewis Gibson, 
LA., Acadia College, Nova Scotia; 
l\['Gill College, !\1ontreal, Canada; L.R.C.P., Edinburgh; L.F.P.S., Glasgow; 
J.P. for Sheffield; son-in-law of the Rev. Jame::; Stuart Vaughan, :i\I.A., of 
Clif ton. 
Hunt, Rowland, of Eton College and !\1agdalene College, Cambriùge; 

I.P. for the Ludlow Division of Shropshire; J.P. for Shropshire and Lord 
of the l\1anol' of Baschurch; late !\Iaster of the Shropshire Hounds; served 
as an officer in the late South African 'Var with Lord Lovat's 
eldest son of Rowland Hunt, J.P. of Eoreattun, Shropshire. (1899) 
Hunt, Mrs Veronica, wife of Rowland Hunt, 
1.P. for the Ludlow Divi
of Shropshire; daughter of Colonel Duncan Davison, of Tulloch Uastle, N.B. ; 
sister of )1rs Adelaide Boulton, wife of Harold Boulton, !\LV.O. (1888) 
Hunter, Assistant-Commissary, of Dublin, 
Hunter, Rev. Evan Haynes, (1812-1874), :M.A., Trinity College, 
Cambridge; an Anglicd.n clergyman. A Priest. (18-!ö) 
Hunter, Rev. Sylvester Joseph, (1829-1896), of St Paul's School, Lon- 
d07), 'V.; )I.A., wrangler, Trinity College, Cambridge; barrister; a Priest of 
the Society of Jesus, for some time Professor of Law at S tonyhurst College, 
Blackburn, Lancashire, and Rector of St Beuno's College, St Asaph, Xorth 
'Vales; author; son of the Rev. Joseph Hunter, (1783-1861), Presbyterian 
:Minister at Bath, antiquary, sub-commissioner, then assistant-keeper of 
Public Records, author and Vice-President of the Society of .Antiquaries. 
t Hunter, Miss, a Benedictine nun; daughter of the Rev. Jos
Hunter, (1783-1861), a Presbyterian !\1inister at Bath; sister of the Rev. 
Sylvester Joseph Hunter, l\I.A., Cantab, a Priest of the Society of Jesus 
at St Beuno' B UoUege, S t ABa ph, X ortb 'Vales. (1860) 
Hunter, Rev. Thomas William, )LA., Hertford College, Oxford; 
rector of Callander, :K.B.; Secretary and Treasurer to the 'Vestminster 
Diocesan Education Fund for Poor Children; Secretary of the 'Vestlninster 
Diocesan Schools' Association; Secretary to Catholic Emigration Bociety ; 
on Catholic Guardians' Executive Committee; Knight of St Gregury 
the Great, eldest son of the late Thomas Hunter, of Clive Vale, Hastings, 
Sussex. (1897) 
Hunter-Blair, Rev. Sir David, fifth Baronet; of Eton College; l\I.A., 
:Magdalen College, OÅford; formerly captain Ayr and 'Yigtown I\Hlitia; 
Private Chamberlain of the 
word and Cloak to Pope Pius IX and Leo 
XIII; a Benedictine l\lonk (Dom Oswald), for five years Rector of Fort 
Augustus Abbey School, N.B., till lately 
1aster of Hunter-Blair's Ha.ll, 
Oxford; author. (1873) 


Converts to Rome 

Hunter-Blair, Lieutenant-Colonel David, (1827-1869), of the 8cots 
Fusilier Gua.rds; fourth son of 
il' David Hunter-Blair, third Baronet. 
Hunter-Blair, Mrs Emily, (182:)-1885), wife of John Hunter-Blair, 
third son of Sir Da.vid Hunter-Blair, third Baronet; youngest daughter 
of Edward Grant. 

Huntingtower, Lord, (1800-1872), \Yil1iam Lionel Felix Tollcmaeh
of Eton College; 1\LA., Christ Church, Oxford; eldest son of the eighth 
Earl of Dysart. (1870) 
t Husenbeth, Mrs Elizabeth, mother of the Very Rev. Frederick 
Charles Husenbeth, D.D., a Priest, formerly Provost and Vicar-Gencral of 
Northampton Diocese. 
Huskisson, Paul Lawrence, grandson of 'Villiam IIuskisson, (1770- 
1830), l\1.P., the statesman and economist. (1892) 
Huson, Rev. William Bernard, l\I.D., of Bellevue IIospital, Kew 
York; B.D., of the Episcopal Theological Seminary at Nashotah, 'Vis., 
U.S.A. ; he nursed the yellow fever sufferers in 
l\1emphis; formerly of the 
Cowley Brotherhood, and 
linister of All Saints' Episcopal Cathedral, 
l\Iilwaukee. A Priest of the Society of Jesus at the Church of the Sacred 
Heart, Blaekpool, Lancashire. (1885) 
Hussey-Walsh, Mrs Mary, wife of 
lajor \Yil1iam II. IIussey-\Valsh, 
of the 4th Battalion Essex Regiment, son of "TaIteI' Ifussey-"Talsh, of 
Cranagh and l\lulhussey ; daughter of the Rev. E. R. Evered 
Hutcheon, John, banker, of Aberdeen, X.B. 
t Hutchins, Edward John, l\f.A., Trinity College, Ualnbridge; for ' I 
Borne time l\f.P. for Lymington. 
t Hutchins, Mrs, wife of Edward John IIutchins, l\1.A., Cantab. 
Hutchison, John, barrister. 
Hutchison, Miss, daughter of a Rector of Cheekley. 
Hutchison, Mrs Isabella, (1782-18ß6), wife of the late Colonel 
Hutchison, of Edinburgh, X.D. ; daughter of the late IJord Cunningham; 
part foundress of St Uatherine's Convent, Lauriston Gardens, Edinburgh; 
and her children. (1835) 
Hutchison, Rev. William Antony, (1822-1863), B.A., Trinity Col1ege, 
Cambridge; a Priest of the Brompton Oratory, London, S."'" (1845) 
Hutchison, Rev. William Corston, (1819-1883), S.C.L., l\I.A., 
l\Iary's Hall, Oxford; rector of St Endellion, Trigg, Cornwall; author; 
for some time tutor to the late Prince Louis Kapoleon, son of Napoleon 
III; Knight of the Holy Cross of Jerusalem; Private Cha
bel'lain to 
Popes Pius IX and Leo XIII; father of the Rev. FranCIS Ber
Hutchison a Benedictine )Ionk at St. Lawrence's, Petersfield, Halnps}Ul'e. 
, (1851) 

Converts to Rome 


t Hutchison, Mrs, wife of the Rev. 'Villiam Corston IIutchison, (181Ð- 
1883), !\1.A., Oxon. (1851) 

Huyshe, Wentworth, journalist and author; an expert in the 
literature of lnediævalism; was war correspondent in the Soudanese 
campaigns of 1b84-86; fourth son of General Alfred IIuyshe, C.B., of the 
Royal 1101'se Artillery, and of Julia, daughter of the Rev. George Hagar. 

t Hynes, Mrs, wife of :l\Iortimel' Hynes, late Supervisol' of Excise. (1847) 


Converts to Rome 


ILES, Richard Albert, (1817-1902), uf Rcevey, Fairford; formerly 
Chairman of tho Cirencestcl' Board of Guardians. (1844) 
lies, Mrs, wife of Richard Albert Iles, (1817-1D02), of Reevcy, Fairford, 
mother of the Rev. Canon Daniel Iles, L.D., of Louvain l!niversity, 
a Priest and Professor at Oscott College, Birmingham. (1843) 
Imray, Mrs, of Fort Augustus, N.B. 
Incledon, Lewis, of the General Post Office, London, E.C. 
Ingle, Rev. Frederick Alfred, of l\Ierchant Taylors' School; B.A., 
St J oIm's College, Oxford; curate of Great lIford, Essex. A Priest, at 
ono timo Professor at St Edmund's College, \\T are llertfol'dshire; till 
recently at Tho Assumption, 'Yarwick Street Golden'Square London, 'V.; 
now in charge of St George, Shoeburyncss, Essex. ' (1902) 
Ingleby, Mrs Harriet Jane, second daughter of Charles Fawcett 
Keville-Rolfe, J.P. of Heacham Hall, :Norfolk; wife of I-Iolcombe Ingleby, 
of Valentines, lIford, Essex. 
Inglefield, Mrs, 'wife of 
Iajor Inglefiold. 

Ingpen, John Abel, solicitor, 
London, 'v. 

of 1Vinstay Gardens, Kensington, 

+ Innes, Lieutenant, of the 1st European Regiment; son of an 
Anglican clergyman. (1852) 

tin nes, M rs, wife of Lieutenant Innes. 


Iredell, Miss Rose, daughter of Colonel Iredell. (1884) 
Irons, Miss Geneviève, the authoress; youngest daughter of the Rev. 
1Villiam Josiah Irons, (1812-1883), D.D., !\I.A., Queen's College, Oxford, 
successively Vicar of Darkway, Hertfordshire, for thirty years Vicar of 
Brompton, :Middlesex, Rector of 'Vadingham, Lincolnshire, and Rural 
Dean, Rector of St J\Ial'Y, 'V oolnoth, London, E.C., and Prebendary of 
St Paul's Cathedral; granddaughter of the Rev. Joseph Irons, (1785-1H52), 
an Evangelical preacher and 
liniBter of Grove Chapel, Camberwe]
London, S. E. (H3D3 ) 

Converts to Rome 


Irvine, Mrs, wife of Admiral St George Caulfield d'Arcy Irvine, C.B. 
t I rwin, Rev. Hen ry, :.\I,A., Oxon; an Anglican clergyman; resident in 
New York. (1902) 

Isaacson, M rs, 1lée Campbell; wife of !\Iajor J. de S. Isaacson, of the 
Royal Scots Guards. (1908) 

Ives, Mrs, wifo of Charles H. Ives of the Indian Civil Service. 

Izard, Rev. Francis, a Benedictine 1\[onk at Erdington Abbey; formerly 
a surgeon in practice at TIrownedge, near Preston, Lancashire. 


Converts to Rome 


JACKSON, Lieutenant Arthur, late of the 6th Regiment, 
Jackson, Miss, a nun; daughter of the Rev. Canon Jackson, :ThI.A" an 
Anglican clergyman. 
Jackson, Rev. Edmund, late curate of St Peter's, TIarnsley, Yorkshire; 
author. (1899) 
Jackson, Miss Frances, the authoress; daughter of the late Peter 
Uothwell .Jackson, of Blackbrooke, l\Ionmouthshire. (1879) 
Jackson, Captain Sir Henry Moore, (1849-1908), G.C.1\I.G. ; R.A., 
of l\larlLol'ough and Clifton Colleges, the Royal l\lilitary AcaænlY; 
successively Private Secretary to Sir H. Irving in Trinidad; to Sir John 
Olover in .Newfoundland; for five years 
ommisioner of Turks Tslands; 
('olonial Secretary for the Bahamas and Gibraltar; Governor of Leeward 
Islands; Governor of Fiji; Governor of Trinidad and Tobago, (1904-1908) ; 
youngest son of the Right Rev. 'Villiam 'Yalrond .Tackson, D.D., Bishop of 
Antigua, B.'''.I.; son-in-law of the late Sir Edwarù Ð' Alton Shca, 
President of the Newfoundland Legislative Council. (1882) 
t Jackson, Miss Mary Elizabeth, a nun (l\lother Aloysia) and 
Superioress of St Anne's Convent, Camp Hill, Birmingham. (18 L 10) 
t Jackson, Richard Charles, of South Lodge, Limerick, Ireland; 
B.A., Trinity College, Dublin. (1853) 
t Jackson, William, a Presbyterian; of Rea 1\Iills, TIallybay, Ireland. 
James, Miss Edythe Augusta Prisca, daughter of General 
IIaughton James. . (1893) 
James, Hen ry, barrister, of London. 
James, Rev. Henry, (1809-1878), l\I.A" 'Vol'cester College, Oxford; 
vicar of St Andrew's, 'VeIls Street, I
ondon, 'V. A Priest of the Society 
of Jesus at The Annunciation, Chesterfield, Derbyshire. (185]) 
James, Major John Edgcumbe, of l\Iarlborough College; served 
with the Royal Field Artil1el'Y in the Jate South African 'Val'. (1895 

Converts to Rome 


James, Miss Julia, a nun at Hammersmith, London, 'Y.; daughter of 
Edwin John James, (1812-1882), barrister, Q.C., recorder of Brighton, 

I.P. for 
Iarylebone ; authoress. 
t James, Miss Laura Harriet, daughter of the Rev. Edward James, 
:\I.A., late vicar of Hindringham, X orfolk. 
James, Miss Margaret E., the authoress; of Tenby, South '\Vales. 

t Jarrett, Colonel, J.P. for Lanarkshire, N.D. 

t Jarrett, M rs, wife of Colonel Jarrett; and family. 


Jarrett, Mrs Agnes, wife of Colonel Henry Sullivan Jarrett, C.I.E., 
who served during the Indian )Iutiny, second son of Thomas Jarrett, of 
Speldhurst, Kent; daughter of Francis Beaufort, of the Bengal Civil 
Service. (1874) 
Jarvis, George Harvey Thompson, (1822-1881), surgeon, L.S.A., of 
London; father of the Rev. Stephen Eyre Jarvis, a Priest of the Order 
of Charity, for several years Rector of St Etheldreda's, Holborn Circus, 
London, E.C., now Rector of St 'farie"s, Rugby. (18-18) 

, Jarvis, Mrs Sophia Mary Ann, (1821-1907), wife of the late George 
H. T. 
r arvis, surgeon, of London. (18-18) 

Jaxon, Miss Heise, the singer. 

t Jee, Deputy-Inspector-General Joseph, C.B., Y.C., of Queni- 
borough llaIl, near Leicester; honorary 
ul'geon to Queen Yictoria. 

Jeffcoat, Rev. James Winiam, (18-15-1908), of Gloucester; a. Priest 
of the 
ociety of Jesus of the Irish Province (188
Jeffries, M rs, wife of Colonel Jeffries. 

t Jenkins, Frederick, of Aberdare, Abergavenny, "Tales. 


Jenner, Henry, the author; of the British ltIuseum ; son of the late Right 
Rev. Henry Lascelles J eImer, first Anglican Bishop of Dunedin, 1\ ew 

Jenner, Mrs Katherine Lee, the authoress; daughter of ,Yo J' 
Rawlings, of Downes, Hayle, Cornwall; wife of Henry Jenner, of the 
Eri tish 1\1 useum. 

t Jephson, Rev. John Michael, B.A., Trinity College, Dublin; curate 
of 'Vilby, Korfolk. (18-t8) 
t Jephson, Mrs, wife of the late Rev. John 
Ii('hael Jephson. (18
Jerningham, Mrs Frederick William, daughter of the Rev 
George :Mangles, 1\I.A., an Anglican clergyman. 


Converts to Rome 

t Jerrard, Rev. Joseph Henry, (IR02-1853), 
I.A., D.C.L., tutor, 
and Fellow of Caius and Conville College, Cambridge; Principal of 
Bristol Oollege; Fellow and Examiner of the London "Gniversit.y; College 
Preacher of Great St 
Iary's, Cambridge; refused the Bishopric of 
:ßlanchester. (1851) 
Jerrard, Mrs Louisa, (1813-]882), wife of the Rev. Joseph Henry 
Jerrard, (1802-1853), 
LA., Cantab; daughter of Admiral .James Young, 
of Darton End, Gloucestershire; and family, among whom were the 
Toseph IIenry Jerrard, (1846-1896), and the Hev. Ueorge Frederick 
.Terrard, at St David's, Dalkeith, N.B. y Priests of the Society of Jesus. 
(1851 ) 
t Jervis, Rev. James Walter, B.A., Cantab; an Anglican chaplain 
in Bombay, India. (1859) 
Johns, Rev. Thomas Raymond, a Dominican Friar, now in 
Ualifornia, U.S.A. 
Johnson, Dr Alice Neville Vowe, F. R.C.S., D. P.IL, f1antab; mcnIber 
of the Committee of the Catholic \Vomen's League; authoress. 
Johnson, Arthur, D.A., I\:eble College, Oxford (1878) 
Johnson, George Frederick, son of the late Brit.ish Consul at 
Antwerp, :Belgium. 
Johnson, Mrs, mother of George Frederick Johnson. 
Johnson, Mrs Frances Grace, wife of John George Johnson, D.L., 
late 1\1.P. 10r Exeter; daughter of Sir Theodore lienry Lavington 
Brin('kman, first Haronet, at one time :\I.P. for Yal'mouth. 

 JOhnson, Captain Henry, of th
[erchant Service. (1851) 
t Johnson, James, of 
Iullinahone, co. Kilkenny, Ireland. (1848) 
Johnson, Lionel Pigott, (1867-1902), of ,\Yinc})(>stel' f1ol1ege; B.A., 
Xew College, OÀford; poet and critic; youngest son of Captain Johnson. 
Johnson, Samuel Fell, Insurance Secretary of IIuddersfield, Y01'l
Johnson, Mrs, wife of Samuel Fell Johnson; and family. (1901) 
Johnston, Harold, B.A., Trinity College, Oxford. (1894) 
Johnston, S. Sinclair, B.A., Scholar of Trinity College, Ox
rd; in 
IH07 he was 
ecretary of the Union and of the Newman Society. (1905) 
t Johnstone, J. Augustus J., Laird of Alva and President of the 
Catholic Caledonian Society of Edinburgh. 
Johnstone, J. S., ßI.A., Pembroke College, Oxford (18ü3) 
t Johnstone, Major Robert Beckford, of the Sherwood Forest.ers. 
JOhnstone, The Misses, daughters of :Major Robert BeckfOl-d 

Converts to Rome 


JOlley, Gwilt, the artist, of the K ewlyn School. 
JOlley, M rs, wife of Gwilt Jolley, the artist. 
Jones, Arthur Barclay, choirmaster of the Brompton 
Professor at the Guildhall School of :L\Iusic, London, E.C. 


Oratory and 

Jones M rs A. D., daughter of 'Villiam Bowen Rowlands, (1840-1906), 
K.U., 'County Court Judge. (1896) 
Jones, Arthur Daniel Dewicke, of \Vinchester College; a solicitor in 
Jones Miss Bertha Parry, daughter of Dr Jones, of Ruthin, North 
,y ale

Jones, Mrs, née Deighton, of Dereham, Norfolk; wife of an Anglican 
Jones, B. W., solicitor. 
Jones, Charles, of the Custom IIouse. (187G) 
Jones, Mrs Coventry, granddaughter of the eighth Earl of Coventry ; 
sister of the Rev. John Coventry, (1819-1897), :M.A., O
()n, Rector of 
Tywardreath, Cornwall. (1860) 
Jones, The Misses, daughters of !\Irs Coventry Jones. (1860) 
Jones, Mrs E. 0., of Brook Green, London, 'V. ; sister of 'Villiam J. 

Ianbey, solicitor, of Oak Lake, l\Ianitoba, Canada. 
Jones, Ernest Seymour, B.A., Christ College, Cambridge. (1893) 
Jones, Rev. Frederick Foster', (1837-1906), of University College, 
LA.., Bt John's Uollege, Cambridge; successively curate (If 
Great Bl'adford, Essex; Kemerton, Gloucestel'shire, then at St Andrew's, 
'VeIls Street, London, 'V. For five years a secular Priest when he joined 
the Society of Jesus, his last post being at St Benno's College, St Asaph, 
Korth \VaIes. (1871) 
Jones, Griffiths Coventry, relative of the eighth Earl of Coventry. 
Jones, Rev. Henry Francis JOhn, 
I.A., Christ Church, Oxford; an 
Anglican clergyman of Humpheston Hal_I, Shropshire. 
t Jones, Mrs Henshawe, wife of an Anglican clergyman. (184R) 
Jones, Rev. John Hugh, of Jesus College, Oxford; a Priest, for several 
years in charge of St Helen's, Carnarvon, North 'Vales; now Professor of 
'Velsh at St 
Iary'8 College, Holywell; author. (186;j) 
t Jones, Rev. Joseph, formerly a "'1'"esleyan l\linister. A Priest. 
Jones, Miss Mary, a Carmelite nun. 
Jones, M rs May, (1833-1882), née Laurence, wife of Lieutenant-Colonel 
Richard Jones. 


Converts to Rome 

t Jones, Mrs, wife of Owen Jones, (1809-1874), t.he architect, author and 
ornamental designer, son of Owen Jones, (1741-1814), the 'Yelsh Antiquary. 
Jones, Richard, architect, of Ryde, Isle of 'Yight. 
Jones, Mrs, wife of Richard Jones, of Ryde. 

Jones, Lieutenant-Colonel R. Wallen, late of the 84th Regiment; 
served in India, Eurmah, etc. (1875) 
Jones, M rs Sarah Jane Clifford, wifo of Ernest Seymour Jones, 
B.A., Cantabj and child. (189;1) 
Jones, Thomas Suffield, B.A., New Inn Hall, Oxford. 

Jowitt, Mrs MacKintosh, mother of :\11'8 Tilney Barton, of Crossways, 
Parks tone, Dorset. (1903) 
Jowitt, Miss Mary Amy, daughter of 1\lrs 1[acKintosh Jowitt. (1903) 

Joyce, Rev. George Hayward, of Charterhouse School; 
I.A., Oriel 
College, Oxford; curate of Holy Trinity, Shrewshury, Shropshire. A 
Priest of the Society of Jesus, till lately Professor of Logic at 
t 1\fary's 
flaIl, Stonyhurst, Blackburn, Lancashire; now at 
t Beuno's College, 
Asa ph, Korth 'Yales; son of the late Rev. }--'rancis I r ayward Joyce, 1\I.A., 
Christ Church, Oxford, and Yicar of IIarrow-on-the-llin, 1\Iidùlesex. (1893) 
Joyce, Sydney, l\I.A., Christ Church, O'\.ford. 

l' Judge, James Robert, barrister. 

(I 8-1!)) 

Jungman, Miss, the artist, of London. 
Justice, John Russell, (1842-1903), of Stapleton, near Bristol; for 
several years he laboured alnong the Catholic roor of the East end of 
London; son of Commanùer F. "T. Justice of the Royal Navy. (18ß3) 

Converts to Rome 



KARSLAKE, Rev. Charles .I., a Priest of the Society of Jesus at OUf 
Lady of the Assumption, Rhyll, North 'Vales; son of the late Henry 
Karslake, solicitor, of Queen Square, Bloomsbury; brother of Sir John 
Burgess Karslake, (1821-1881), Q.ç., P.C., on two occasions Attorney- 
General during Lord Beaconsfield's administrations. (1862) 
t Karslake, Rev. Henry J., a secular Priest at Dartmouth, Devonshire; 
formerly Religious Inspector of Schools in the Archdiocese of 'Vestminster ; 
son of the late Henry Karslake, solicitor, of Bloomsbury, London, 'V.C. 

Kavanagh, Mrs C. A., of Craigie flouse, co. Carlow, Ireland. 
Keating, Rev. John Lloyd, i\LA., I{ing's ColJege, 'Vindsor, Nova 
Scotia; rector of 1\Iapel'ton, 'Vincanton, Somersetshire. (1904) 
 Keatinge, Baroness Annie, daughter of the late Right lIon. 
Ricard Keatinge, P.C., Irish Judge of Probate. 
Keble, Lewis Henry, solicitor. 
Keith, Captain Blake, late of the 39th Regiment. 
Kekewich, Miss Anna Maude, daughter of the late Samuel Trehawke 
Kekewich (successively l\l.P. for Exeter and South Devon), of Pe am ore, 
Devon, by Louisa, daughter of Lewis 'Villiam Buck, l\l.P. for North 
Devon. (1905) 
Kelke, Rev. William Hastings, !\I.A., Brasenose College, Oxford; 
curate of Bedfol'd Leigh, Lancashire; now a bal'ristel'; author of An 
Epitome of Constitutional Law ancl Cases; son-in-law of John Sparrow, of 
Puddington I-IalI, Cheshire. 
Kelly, Mrs J. P. H., sister of the Rev. Gilbert Vincent Bull, a Priest-in- 
charge of St :L\Iary's, Louth, Lincolnshire. 
Kempe, Mrs Fanny, daughter of Benjamin Baker, of co. Carlow, 
Ireland; sister of Sir Benjamin Baker, K.C.l\I.G., LL.D., F.R.S., tho 
eminent engineer. 
Kempe, Rev. Reginald Bristowe, (1862-1908), l\I.A., l\Iagdalen 
<';oUege, Oxford; an Anglican clergyman; a generous benefactor to tho 
Oratol'Y of The Sacred IIeart, Shanklin, Isle of 'Vight. 
t Kenmare, The Countess of; second wife of the third Earl of 
Kenmare; daught('r of the Right Hon. Sir Robert .fohn Horton "'îlmot, 
P.C., third Baronet, at one time Covernor of Ceylon. (lR52) 


Converts to Rome 

Kenmare, The Countess of; Gertrude IIarriet Thynne, wife of the 
fourth Earl of _Kenmare; daughter of the Rev. Lord Charles Thynne, 
l\I.A" Oxon, Canon of Canter bury, and Bon of the second !\Iarquess of 
Bath. (1853) 
Kenmare, The Countess of; lIon. Elizabeth Baring, wife of the 
fifth Earl of !{enmare; daughter of the first Lord Revelstoke; grand- 
daughter of the second Earl Grey. (1902) 
Kennard, The Right Rev. Monsignor Charles Henry, of 
IIarrow School; 
I.A., University College, Oxford; curate of Newland, 

[alvern. A Priest and Canon, till recently in charge of 'The IIoly Name, 
Cannington, Bridgewater, Somersetshire; now chaplain to the Catholic 
Undergraduates of Oxford; son of John Peirse Kennard, of Hordle 
(;liff, Lymington, IIampshire; youngest brother of Coleridge John Kennard, 

T.P.. D.L.!þ late l\LP. for Salisbury, on whom a Baronetcy was about to be 
conferred, but having died before the pa.tent was ga7.etted, the dignity 
passed to his grandson. (1868) 
Kenny, Courtney Birmingham, (1799-1863), B.A" Trinity College, 
Dublin; landed proprietor in co. 
Iayo, Ireland. (1857) 
Kent, Mrs Ann, the novelist, eldest daughter of l\Iurdo Young, author 
and playwright, of Ross, N.B.; wife of Charles K_ent, journaJist, at one 
time editor of the TVeelcly Register; grandson of Captain William Kent, 
R.N., discoverer of Kent's Islands; mother of :\Iiss l\Iarianne l{ent, the 
novelist, and of the Rev. 1Villiam Henry Kent, a Priest, (Oblate of St 
Charles), at St :Mary's, 1Vestmoreland Road, Bayswater, London, 1V.; 
author, an expert in Biblical and Talmudic studies, Oriental Languages, 
etc.; and of Edward Kent, the musical composer and song-writer. (1851) 
t Kent, Lieutenant William, of the Royal Navy; son of Captain 
'Yilliam Kent, (1751-1812), R.:X., first Government Burveyor of the (;oast 
of Australia and discoverer of Kent Islands; father-in-law of the preceding. 
Kenworthy-Browne, William, :r.I.A., LL.D., Exeter College, Oxford; 
(;hamberlain to Pope Pius X ; now resident in Florence. (1882) 
Kenyon, John George, of Harrow School, :r.I.A., S.C.L., Christ Church, 
Oxford; Knight of St Gregory the Great; Private Chamberlain to Popes 
Leo XIII and Pius X ; formerly a Papal Zouave; J.P. for Norfolk; built tho 
(;hurch of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour at Gillingham; only son of the 
lIon. Edward I(enyon, of 
Iaesfen, Cheshire; grandson of the second Baron 
I{enyon, and of Lord George TIeresford, G.(;.H.; son-in-law of the late 
Lord Henry Francis Kerr, son of the sixth )Iarqucss of Lothian. (1870) 
Keon, Mrs, (1816-1901), daughter of 
Iajor IIawkee, of Leamington; wife 
of the Hon. IUiles Gerald l{eon, (1825-1875), the novelist and Colonial 
Secretary at Bermuda. (1864) 
Kerby, Miss Louisa, daughter of the Recorder of !\Iayfield. 
Kernahan, Mrs Jeanie Gwynne Coulson, the novelist; daughter 
of S. G. Gwynne; grandniece of the Rev. John flicking, the last minister 
sent out by the Rev. John 'Vesley, (1703-1791), J\I.A., Oxon, the envangelist 
and leader of ]Hethodism ; widow of Professor G. T. Bettany, 
r.A" B.Sc. ; 
wifo of Coulson Kernahan, the author and lecturer, son of Dr James 
Kernahan, the Scientist, Biblical Scholar and Commentator. (189R) 

Converts to Rome 


Kerr, Miss Agnes, a nun at the Convent of the Sacred Heart, DWldrum, 
co. Dublin, Ireland. (1880) 

Kerr, Lady Amabel, (1846-1906), Lady Amabel Cowper, daughter of 
the sixth Earl Cowper, and co-heiress to the Barony of Butler; wife of 
Admiral of the Fleet Lord \Valter Talbot Kerr, G.U.B., son of the seventh 
l\Iarquess of Lothian; authoress; mother of the Rev. Ralph Francis I{err, 
B.A., Christ Church, Oxford, a Priest of the Brompton Oratory, London, 
S.'Y.; of Lieutenant Andrew \Villiam Kerr, R.N.; of .:\Iiss Catherine 
Cecil Kerr, a nun; and of Lieutenant John David Kerr, of the 5th Battalion 
Sherwood Foresters, was Gold Staff Officer at 
the Coronation of King 
Edward VII.; foundress of the Church and Presbytery of Our Lady 
of Good Counsel at Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, and the Church of Our 
Lady of 
Iel'cy at :Melbourne, Derbyshire. (1872) 

Kerr, Lady Cecil E., (1835-1866), a religious of the Sacred Heart; elder 
daughter of the seventh l\Iarquess òf Lothian. (1852) 

Kerr, Rev. Lord Henry Francis Charles, (1800-1882), of Eton 
College; ßI.A., St John's College, Cambridge; rector of Dittisham, Devon- 
shire; J.P. for Devon; Bon of the sixth :\Iarquess of Lothian, K.T., Lord- 
Lieutenant of 
Iidlothian and co. Roxburgh. (1852) 

Kerr, Rev. Henry Schomberg, (1838-1893), of 'Vinchestel' College; 
Commander in the Royal Navy. A Priest of the 
ociety or JesuliJ, and 
Army Chaplain at Cyprus, then Superior-General of the ZamLesi :Jlission; 
Bon of the Rev. Lord Henry Francis Charles Kerr, (1800-1882), 
Cantab; grand.qon of the sixth 
Iarques8 of Lothian, K.T. (1855) 

Kerr, Lady Louisa Dorothea, (1811-1884), wife of the Rev. Lord 
Henry Francis Charles Kerr, (1800-1882), i\I.A., Cantab; daughter of 
General the Hon. Sir Alexander Hope, (1769-1837), G. G.B., Governor of 
the Royal College, Sandhurst, and of Chelsea Hospital, ßI.P. for Dumfries 
and Linlithgowshire; granddaughter of the second Earl of Hopetoun; sister 
of James Robert Hope Scott, (1812-1873), ßI.A., Oxon; mother of 
Francis Earnest Kerr, (1840-1884), of the Rifle Brigade, son-in-law of 
Robert l\Ionteith, J.P. of Carstairs, X.B.; and of the Rev. 
Iother Henrietta 
:Mary Emma Kerr, (1842-1884), re1igious and Superioress uf the Sacred 
IIeart Convent, Roehampton, S. "'V.; grandmother of Captain Henry 
Fra.ncis Hobart Kerr, late of the Cameronians. (1852) 

Kerr, Miss Rachel, a nun at the Convent of the I::;acred Heart, 
Dundrum, co. Dublin, Ireland. (1880) 

K<<;rr, Major-General Lord Ralph Drury, of Trinity College, 
hlenalm<:nd; q.B.; Colonel of .the 
Oth Hussars; served in the Afghan 
'Var, (1818-9), In c
mmand of hIS regIment; was for five years in command 
at the Curragh ; thIrd son of the seTenth i\larquess of Lothian. son-in-law 
of the fourteenth Dukð of Xorfolk; heir-presumptive of the tenth :\Iarquess 
of Lothian. (1853) 


Converts to Rome 

Kerr, Admiral of' the Fleet Lord Walter Talbot, G.c.n., served 
in the Baltic during the Crimean \Var; during the Indian J:\Iutiny he book 
part in the Relief of Lucknow; late Commander of the Channel Squadron, 
and First Sea Lord of the Admiralty; Grand Cross of Charles III of 
has the Royal Humane Society's silver medal for saving life; was an A.D.C. 
to Her J:\Iajesty the late Queen Yictoria; chairman of the Royal United 
Service Institution; President of the Kottingham Diocesa,n Schools 
Association, and a member of the Catholic Education Council; fourth 
son of the seventh )Iarquess of Lothian; son-in-law of the Earl 
Cowper. (1854) 
Kerr, Rev. William Hobart, formf'rly of the )fadras Civil Service; 
a Priest of the Society of J
sus at \Vimbledon, London, S.\V., of which 
Jnission ho was for many Yf'ars in charge; Bon of the Rev. IIenry Francis 
Charles I{err, (1800-1882), l\I.A., Cantab; grandson of the sixth :l\Iarquess 
of Lothian, K. T. (1852) 
Kerrick, Thomas, of IIarlestone IIouse, X orfolk. 
Kerrick, Mrs, wife of Thomas l{errick. 
Kershaw, The Right Rev. JOhn, (1816-1890), a Unitarian of Liver- 
pool. A Priest, 
lonsignor, Rural Dean anù Canon at .All 
aints', ßarton- 
on-Irwell, Lancashire. (1838) 
Kiernan, Francis, surgeon. 
Kilmaine, The Lady, (1816-1R88), ::\Iary Law, second wife of the third 
Baron Kilmaine ; daughter of the lIon. Charles Ewan Law, (1792-1850), 
Q.C., Recorder or London, I\I.P. for Cambridge University, seconù son of 
the first Baron Ellenborough. (1875) 

King, Edwin, B.A., Christ Church, Oxford. 


t King, Mrs Elizabeth Augustine, wife of Dr Richard King, (1811- 
1876), the artic traveller and ethnologist, assistant-surgeon to the Resolute 
to find Sir John Franklin, originated the Ethnological t;ociety. 
King, Miss Elizabeth, authoress and editor of The .Angellts lJ,Iaga
ine ; 
daughter of Richard King, of the Ordinance Department. 
King, Mrs Hamilton, the poet and aùthoress; daughter of Admiral 
'Villi am Alexander Baillie-Hamilton, R.N., and of Lady IIarriet TIaillie- 
IIamilton, sister of the first Duko of Abercorn; wife of IIenry SaIlluel 
l{ing, the publisher, of :\Ianor IIouse, Chigwell, Essex. (1890) 
King, Rev. Henry Ernest, a. Priest of the Order of Cha.rity till 
lately at St Peter's, (;ardiff, Glamorganshire, 'Vales, now at St Ethel- 
dl'eda, Ely Place, Holborn, London, E.C. 
King, Miss Isabella Lichfield, a. Sister of 
t King, Mrs JOhn, sister of the Rev. Owen C. H. King, a Priest. (1886) 
King, Miss Martha, daughter of Richard King, of the Ordnance 
Depa.rtmen t. 

Converts to Rome 


King, Rev. Owen C. H., of King's College, London; curate of Llanfi- 
hangel, Llantarnan, Newport, l\fonmouthshire. A Priest. (1885) 
t Ki ng, Thomas, 1\I.A., Fellow of Clare College, Cambridge; Chief 
Inspector of Schools, C.B. (1883) 

t King, Rev. Thomas Alfred, l\I.A., Exeter College, Oxford; an 
Anglican clergyman, then a solicitor. (1844) 
King, William Francis H., curator of the Catholic Biblical 1\Iuseum, 
(;helsea, London, S. 'Vo; relative of the late Right Rev. Dr l{jng, Lord Bishop 
of Lincoln. (1890) 
Kingdon, Rev. George Renorden, (1821-1893), of St Paul's School, 
London; scholar, :l\I.A., Trinity College, Cambridge. A Priest of the 
Society of J esliS at Beaumont College, Old 'Yindsor; author of several 
school text books, etc. (1847) 
t King-Salter, Captain Edward Philip. 
Kingsford, Mrs Anna, (1846-1888), doctor of medicine and religious 
writer; wife of the Rev. Algernon Godfrey Kingsford, l\I.A., vicar of 
Atcham, Shropshire. (1870) 
Kinloch, Miss M. G. J., of Kinloch; daughter of the late Sir John 
Kinloch, of Kinloch, Baronet; author of Scottish Ecclesiastical History, 
St Catherine of Siena, etc. 
Kirk, Rev. Francis Johnston, B.A., Trinity College, Dublin; curate 
of Gorey, co. 'Vexford, Ireland. A Priest, (Oblate of St Charles) at St 

Iary of the Angels, \Yestmoreland Road, Bayswatcr, London, 'V.; 
author. (1854) 
Kirk, Joseph Robinson, (1830-1894), B.A., Trinity College, Dublin; 
brother of the Rev. Francis Johnston I{jrk, B.A. (1850) 
t Kirke, Rev. Osmund, a Priest of the Canons Regular of the Lateran. 
t Kirwan, John Forbes Stratford, B.A" Trinity College, Dublin; 
J.P. of 1\Ioyne, co. Galway; IIigh Sher
ff of co. Longford; nephew of 
the seventh Viscount K etterville; father of 
Iiss Flora Kirwan, the 
philantrophist. (1852) 
Kirwan, Lady Victoria, (1837-18B8), Lady Victoria Rawdon-I-Iastings; 
wife of the late John Forbes Stratford Kirwan, J.P. ; third daughter of 
the second :L\Iarquess of Hastings, by Barbara, Baroness Grey de Huthyn ; 
goddaughter of the Duchess of Kent, mother of Queen Victoria. (1874) 
Kitchener, Harold, )I.A., Oxon; for five years assistant-master at 
Bishop Stortford Grammar School, Essex; now Headmaster of St :Mary's 
College, Castries, St Lucia, B. 'V.I. (190-4) 
Kitson, Samuel James, (1842-1906), a well-known English Sculptor, 
formerly of Leeds, then resident in the United States. (1880) 


Converts to Rome 

Kitson, Miss, sister of Samuel James l{itson, (1842-1DUü), the sculptor. 
Knapp, Rev. Albert, a Dominican Friar. 
Knight, Rev. Alfred C., a Priest of the Order of Charity at St 

Iagdalen'8, :Bexhill-on-Sea, Sussex, 
Knight, Rev. William, of Charùstock College; formerly lieutena.nt in 
the znd 'Vest India Regiment; a Benc(lict.ine 
lonk (Dom Osmund), some 
time Sub-Prior of Downside Abbey, flath, then (jhaplain at Btanbrook 
Abbey, \V orcester, till recently in charge of 
t Denet's 
Iinster, Deccle
Suffolk, now at St John's Priory, Bath, Somersetshire; son of 'V. 
l(night, of the P. 'V.D., India. (1879) 

t Knill, John, of Elliott Lodge, Blackheath, London, S.E. 
Knill, Sir Stuart, (1824-1898), first Baronet; lIon. LL.D., of Edinburgh; 
I{night of St Gregory the Great; Officer of the Order of Leopold of 
Belgium; was Sheriff of London, 1889-90, and Lord :l\1ayor of London, 
1892-93; a member of the Archæological Institute of Great Britain and 
Ireland, and of Goldsmiths' Co., :'Master and Past-1\laster of the Plumbers' 
Co., a Commissioner of the Patriotic }'und; J.P. for London and I{ent, 
and one of H.
l'B Lieutenants for City of London; father of Sir John 
Knill, 2nd Bart., Lord 
Iayor of London, 1909-10, and President of tho 
Superior Council of the Society of St Vincent de Paul in succession to tho 
larquis of IUpon. (1844) 
Knott, George R., Inember of Council of the Guild of All Souls, a.nd 
churchwarden of St Columba's, IIaggerston, London, 
. (1891) 
Knowles, Richard Brinsl
y, (1R20-1RR2), barristA.
r, dramatic author 
and journalist; editor of The TVeekly Rcgister, The Ill'llstrntell Londún 
lrlagazine; on the staff of The Standa7'd; was engaged, in 1871 on the 
Royal commission on historical manuscripts; son of James Sheridan 
Knowles, (1784-1862), the dramatist; father of Richard Brinsley Sheridan 
Knowles, of the Civil S
vice, author. (1849) 
Knox, Mrs Anna S., 'l1ée Longridge; wife of Dr Charles F. Knox, of 
Trinidad; sister-in-law of the Ron. Charles Léotaud, for many years 
member of the Legislative Council of Trinidad, B.'V.I. (1875) 
Knox, Lady Louisa, (lR23-1904), Lady LouÏ.sPe Georgiana Dawson- 
Darner; daughter of Captain tho Hon. llünry Daweon-Damer, brother of 
tho second Earl of Portarlington; wife of Captain John Chichester Knox; 
of the Earl of Ranfurly's family. (1866) 
Knox, Rev. Thomas Francis, (182;J-1882), scholar, B.A., Trinity 
College, Cambridge, First Class Classical Tri pos and Chancellor's 
A Priest and for some time Superior, of the Brompton Oratory, IJondon, 
S.'V. ; D.D., of Rome; author; son of the Hon. John IIenl'Y Knox, (17R8- 
1872), l\I.P., third son of the first Earl of Ranfurly, by Lady :Mabella 
Josephine Needham, daughter of the first Earl of Kilmorey. (1845) 
Koch, Rev. Ignatius, a Priest of the Society of Jesns in India; formerly 
a captain in the Royal :K avy. 

Converts to Rome 


KOlbë, Rev. Frederick C., of Blackheath :Missionary Col1ege; South 
African College; B.A., London l--;-niversity, First Class Honours in 
:Mathernatics, Jurisprudence and Roman Law. Å Priest, author and 
editor of The Catholic South African ll[nf!azine; a well-known botanist 
and geologist; member of Council of the University of Cape Town; D.D. 
of Rome; son of the Rev. F. 'V. Kolbë, a well-known Congregationalist 

Iissionary in South Africa. (1877) 
t Küttner, Rev. Samuel William, chaplain to the Protestant Bishop 
of Jerusalem. (1856) 

Kyle, Henry Greville, B.A., :L\Ierton College, Oxford. 


Kynaston, Rev. John, (1825-1899), 
I.A., Trinity Hall, Cambridge; 
vicar of St Briavel's, nea.r Coleford, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire; then 
a solicitor; father of the Rev. Anthony Kynaston, a Benedictine :Monk 
(Dom Lawrence) at Downside Abbey
 near Bath. (1855) 
Kynaston, Mrs Mary, wife of Rev. John Kynaston, (1825-1899), 
Cantab.; daughter of the late John Peel, of 
Iiddleton Hall, and 
I.P. for 
Tamworth; niece of the fa.mous statesman, the Right Hon. Sir Robert 
Peel, (1788-1850) 
I.P., second Baronet of Drayton )Ianor, Tamworth, 

 ta fford
hire. (1855 ) 



Converts to Rome 


LABOUCHERE-SPARLING, Rev. Albert Sidney, (183R-1906), of St 
Aidan's Col1ege, Birkenhead; for several years an officer in the Italian 
Army from which he retired with the rank of 
fajor ; curate in l\Ianchestcr 
and then rector of Trevalga, Cornwall. (189.')) 
Labouchere-Sparling, Mrs, wife of t.he Rev. Albert Sidney 
Labouchere-Sparling, (1838-1906); daughter of Admiral Glasse, C.B.; and 
family. (189j) 
Laing, Rev. Francis Henry, (18H>-1889), 1\LA., Queens' College, 
Cambridge; curate of Eglingham, l\orthumberland. A Priest.; D.D. of 
Rome; in charge of Our Lady and St Joseph, HanweU, 
Iiddlesex; author. 
Laing, MrsJanie, wife of Frederick Robert Ninian Laing, K.C. ; daughter 
of Admiral Sir 'Vi11iam N. Hewitt, V.C. (1897) 
Laing, Mrs Mary Catherine, daughter of John Vesey, Judge in the 
Bengal Vivil Service; wife of 'Varrington Laing. (1904) 
t Laing, Robert, formerly Town Clerk of Jedburgh; fat.her of the Rev. 
Robert Charles Laing, (1858-1897), B.A. Lond., a Priest at St Herbert's, 
Croxdale, Durham, and of Frederick Robert :Kinian Laing, ILC. (1845) 
Laing, Thomas Ward, (1841-1894), solicitor of the High Court of 
Laing, Rev. William, (IRI0-1889), 
I.A., Peterhouse, Cambridge; an 
Anglican clergyman; elder brother of the Rev. Dr Francis Henry Laing, 
:\LA., of Hanwell, ::\Iiddlesex. (1888) 
t Laing-Meason, Rev. Alf'red, 1\LA., ÜÀon; an Anglican clergyman. 
t Laing-Meason, Major, of t.he 8th Hussars. (1839) 
t Laing-rJleason, Lieutenant Malcom, of the lOth II ussars; then 
a journalist. (1839) 
Lamb, Mrs, wife of Francis Lamb, barrister. 
Lamb, Miss, daughter of Francis Lamb. 
Lamb, Charles Emilius, Bon of the Rev. Henry 'Villiam Lamb, _M.A. ; 
rector of 
Iarstun-oll-Dove, Derbyshire. (1899) 
Lamb, Frank, B.A., Cm'pus Christi College, Cmubridge. 

Converts to Rome 


Lamb, Francis, solicitor, of London. 


t L'"lmb, Mrs, wife of Francis Lamb; mother of the Rev. Laurence Lamb, 
a Carmelite 
Ionk at Our Lady of )Iount Carmel and St Simon Stock, 
Church Street, Kensington, 'V. 
Lambart, AI'fred, grandson of the ninth Earl of Cavan, K.P. 
Lam bart, Lady Ellen Olive, eldest daughter of the ninth Earl of 
Cavan, K.P., P.U., who served as a Naval Officer in the Crimean 'Val'; 
granddaughter of the Rev. .John Olive, :M.A. ; sister of La.dy :Maud Edith 
Gundreda Barrett, late of Swakeleys, Uxbridge, :l\Iiddlesex. (1908) 
t Lambe, Rev. David, a Priest. 
Lambert, George, formerly an Irvingite; the artist and illustrator of 
The Poor Sisters of N a,xu'cth, etc. 
t Lambert, Lady Katherine Mary, daughter of Frederick 'VeLh; 
wife of Admiral Sir George Lambert, K.U.D. (1870) 
Lambert, Miss, daughter of Admir3.1 Rir George Lambert, K.C.D. (1870) 
Lambert, Mrs Thomasine Caroline, youngest daughter of 1\Iajor- 
General George Shaw, (1822-1cl9i), U.B., son of the third Baronet, of 
Bushy Park, co. Dublin; widow of :
\Iajor [1harles Aloysius R
yan, R.A., 
son of the late George Ryan, J.P. and n.L. of Inch, co. Tipperary; wife of 
:Major Lan1bert, R.A. ; mother of Lieutenant Denis George Jocelyn Ryan, 
of the 6th Gúrkha Rifles. (188
Lamont, Miss, daughter of :Major Lamont; niece of the Baroness Keith 
and Nairne. (18(31) 
Lamotte, Digby H. R. N., 
I.A., Trinity College, Oxford. (1896) 
Lam prell, The Misses, daughters of Captain Thomas George 
Lander, William Walter, the banker. 
e, Henry Murray,. of tho College of Arms and Trinity College', 
.B. ; Prellller Herald of England, Bluemantle Pursuivallt 
then Chester Herald; sixth son of the Rev. Charles Lane, 
I.A., rector of 
'Vortham, Kent, aud Hon. Canon of Uanterbury ; author. (186-1) 
Lane, Mrs Mary IsabeUa, (1836-1881), first wife of Henry 
Lane; eldest daughter of Richard _Fiennes 'Vykeham 
Iartin of Leeds 
Castle, Kent. ' (1867) 

Lane, Mrs, wife of 
Iajor Lane, of Uske. 


t Lane-Fox, Mrs Fanny Maule, daughter of General Sir 1\In.rcus 
John .Slade, by Charlotte, d
ughter of .the lIon. Andrew Ramsay, son of 
the eIghth Earl of Dalhousie; first WIfe of Ceorge 8a.ckville -Frederick 
Lane-Fox, of Bramhill Park, Yorkshire. (1867) 


Converts to Rome 

Lane-Fox, George Sackville Frederick, of Eton College; 
Christ Church, Oxford; J.P. for the 'Vest Riding of Yorkshire; formerly 
officer of the Yorkshire Hussars; Yice-Uhancellor of the Primrose League; 
eldest son of George Lane-Fo'.:, of Bramham, by Katharine, daughter of 
John Stein, :M.P.; father of Captain Francis E. Lane-:F'ox, (1872-190R); 
of Dom Hildebrand Lane-Fo
, and of Dom John Lane-Fox, Benedictine 

Ionks at The Abbey, Fort Augustus, N.B. (1867) 
Lane-Fox, The Hon. Lora Mary, (1
32-1908), daughter of Sackvillo 
\ralter Lane-Fox, 1\1.P.; sister of the twelfth Baron Fauconberg and Conyers. 
Lane-Fox, Miss Louisa, daughter of George Lane-Fox, of Bramham. 
by Katherine, daughter of John Htein, 
I.P. (1893) 
Lang, Rev. Algernon Herrmann, of :Merchant Taylors' School; 
Hebrew :\Iedalist, St .Tohn's College, Oxford; successively curato at 
Thatcham, nerks; Swanmore, Ryde; seven years curate at St Paul's, 
Brighton; for nearly tWf'nty years connected with tho ....\.rchbishop of 
Cantcl.bury's ASRYl'ian :\Iission, both in l>ersia and as Organising Secretary 
in England, under three Archbishops; till lately one of the Six Preachers 
in Canterbury Cathedral. A Priest at St Joseph's, Brighton, Sussex; 
descendant of tlw Hev. Isaac 'Yatts, (1674-1748), the Xoncomformist 

linister and hymn writer. (190G) 

Langdon, Very Rev. Canon Charles Baskerville, 
elli\prsity College, O\; curate of Plynlpton St 
lary's, Plymouth, 
ne\Tonshire. A Priest and founder of the Catholic )lission at Launceston, 
Cornwall; author; son of 'Villiam Gregory I
angdon, of Glasgow, N.B. 
The Rivers of 

t Langdon, Henry Dominic, l),uthor of L'Avenir, 
Dll'rnascus and the Jordan. 

Langrishe, Mrs Helen Amelrosa, of I{nocktoper Abbey, co. 
Kill,.enny, Ireland; daughter of the late Hight lion. Fitzwillialll Hume- 
Dick, of IIumewooo, co. ,ricklow; wife of Hercules Robert Langdshe, 
J.P., only son of Sir James Langrishe, fourth Baronet. (1
Langston, Miss, foundress of an Anglican Sisterhood. 
La Primaudaye, Mrs Anne Francesca, (1812-1834), wife of the 
Rev. Charles James La Primaudave, (1807-]859), l\LA., Oxon; daughter 
of the late John Hubbard, of 
tratford Grove, Essf'x; sister of John 
Gellihrand Hubbard, (1805-1
89), P.C., first Baron Addington. (1831) 
La Primaudaye, Mrs Blanche, wife of Captain Charles Henry La 
l)rimaudaye, eldest son of the Hev. Charles James La Prima.udaye, (1807- 
1859), 1\1.....'1., O:\.on; daughter of Sir Gaspard Le 
Iarchant, K.C.B., 
I.G. (18GR) 

La Primaudaye, Captain Chac-Ies Henry, eldest son of the Rev. 
Charles J-anles La Primaudaye, (1807 -lts59), 
LA., O'-on; father of 
(1ommander (1lement La PrÜnaudaye, H.N., (\V.O., Superintf'ndent of 
Yolice, )lemLer of the E\.ecutive Council and Collector of Customs at 

I alt.a, Ron-in-lHo"- of Sir Henry Paston-l
f'dingfeld, seventh Baronet. (1 HfiO) 

Converts to Rome 


La Primaudaye, Rev. Charles James, (1807-18
)Ð), l\1..,A., St John'
College, Oxford; rector of Lavington-cum-Graffham, Sussex. After his 
wife's death he became a Priest, (Oblate of 
t Charles) at St )fary of the 
Angels, Bayswater, London, \Y. (18-19) 

t Lacelles, Rev. Francis, 
I.A., Trinity College, Cambridge; curate 
of 1\lerevale, \Varwickshire; then a barrister. (185!1) 

La-scelles, Miss M. A., daughter of Rowley Lascclles, J.P., of Pencraig, 
Boneath, Cal'diganshire, \Yales. 

Lassetter, R
v. Leslie B., (186:'-1906), B.A., 
lagdalen College, 
Oxford; curate of St German's, Roath, Cardiff, South 'Vales. A 
Redemptorist Priest at St 
lary's, I{.innoull, Perthshil'e, K.B. (188D) 

t Latham, Mrs, wife of the Hon. Justice Latham, of Bombay; daughter 
of the Rev. George E. Hutchinson, 1\1....:\.., Canon of Chichester; niece of 
the Right Rev. Dr George :ill oberly, (1803-1883), Lord Dishop of BalisbUl'Y. 

Latham, Frank, of {;ival Lodge, East 

Latham, Mrs, wife of :Frank Latham, of Cival Lodge, East Sheen. 

Latouche, Miss Elizabeth Louisa, of Bellevue, Delgany, co. \Vicklow, 
Ireland. (1891) 

Latouche, Miss Fanny, sister of :Miss Elizabeth Louisa Latouche. (1860) 
Laughlin, Thomas R. N., proprietor and editor of The Port of Spa/in 
G((,zette, Trinidad, B. \\T. I. 

Laughton, Rev. Herbert Richard, a Priest-in-charge of St James', St 
Andrews, Fifeshire, N.D. ; son of Dr Laughton, of Herne Bay, Kent. (1885) 
Law, Rev. Augustus Henry, (lR33-1880), formerly a midshipman in 
the Royal Navy; a Priest of the Society of Jesus and :\lissional'Y in the 
Zambesi; son of the Rev. and Hon. \\Tilliam 'Towry J,3.W, (180D-18H6), and 
of the Ron. )lrs Augusta Champagne Law, daughter of the second :Baron 
Graves, and granddaughter of the first Earl of Uxbridge; grandson of the 
first Baron Ellenborough. (183
Law, Benjamin Augustin, (181-1-185D), Clerk to the Doards of 
Guardians of Hinckley, Leicestershire. (1838) 
Law, Captain Cecil Arbuthnott, of 'Vinchester College, and Orid 
College, Oxford; Duke of Edinburgh's 'Yiltshire Regiment; son-in-law of 
A. G. Forestier-\Valker, of the Bengal Civil Service. (1898) 
Law, The Hon. Mrs Elizabeth, (1792-1864), daughter of Sir Edward 
Kightingale, sixth Baronet; wife of the Hon. Charles Ewan Law, (1792- 
1850), :M.P., for Cambridge University, and Recorder oÍ London, son of the 
first Baron Ellenborough, and brother of the first Earl of Ellenborûugh. 


Converts to Rome 

Law, Miss Elizabeth Sophia, a nun, (J RI7-1888), (Sister Elizabeth of 
St Ulare), at Vrulllshanbo <- 'onvcnt, co. Lcitrim, lrela.nd; eldest daughter of 
the Hon. Charles Ewan Law, (1792-1850), l\LP. for Cambridge University, 
and Recorder of London. (1851 ) 
Law, Mrs Frederica, (1826-1871), wife of Edmund Law; daughter of 
the Hon. Charles Ewan La\\, (17U2-1t).j0), 
LP. for Cambridge University, 
and Recorder of London. (18;jI) 
Law, Commander Frederick Charles, of the Royal Kavy, lServeù 
in the Baltic and Crimcan during the Russian \\r ar ; son of the lIon. 
"ïlliam Towry Law, (It;OD-188G), by hif:J first wife, tho lIon. 
Irs Augusta 
Chanlpagne Law, daughter Q.f the second Daron Graves; grandson of tho 
tirf:Jt Daron Ellenborough. (1851) 
Law, Miss Helen Ann, (18:32-1890), a Sister of 
rercy ; daughter of tho 
] {on. \VïlIianl Towry Law, (1809-1886), by his first wife, tho lIon. l\[rs 

\ugusta Champagne Law, daughter of the second Daron Craves; gra.nd- 
daughter of the first Baron Ellenborough. (1851) 
Law, The Hon. Mrs Matilda, (1812-18fJ-t), s('cond daughter of Sir 
llenry Conyngham 
[ontgomery, first Baronet, who grea.tly distinguished 
himself in the war with Tippoo Sultan, and was subsequently:M.P. for St 

Iichael's, Yarmouth, and for co. Donegal, and was descended from the 
first Earl of Eglington; second 'wife of the Hon. \Villiam Towry Law, 
(1809-1886), son of the first Baron Ellenbol'ough. (1852) 
Law, Miss Matilda Isabella, a nun of the Yisitation Order, (
,1 ane :l\Iargaret }\[ay), at IIal'row-on-the-llill, l\IiddI('sex ; daughter of the 
lIon. \rilliam Towry Law, (1
09-18HG), by his first wife, the lIon. 1\l1's 
....\ugusta Champagne Law, daughter of the second Baron Graves. (1851) 
Law, Major-General Victor Edward, (l
-1i-l!nO), served, \\ith 
:Madras Cavalry 18;)9-72, and in lndian Political Departnlent, IH72-97; 
I\:night of 
t Uregory the Ureat: son of the lIon. \Villiam Towry Law, 
(1809-1886), l\1.A., Can tab ; son-in-law of <- 1 ap tain Henry Bowden, (1804- 
186!)), then of the late lIon. John \Vil1oughby t;rawford, Lieutenant- 
Governor of Ontario. (18;) 1) 
Law, The Hon. and Rev. William Towry, (1808-1886), of Eton 
I.....\.., Peterhouse, t;ambl'idge; at onetime oUicer of the 31stRegiment 
and of the Grenadier Guards; successively vicar of East Brent, Somerset- 
shire, and of I-Iarborne, near Birmingham, Warwickshire; Chancellor of 
the Dioccse of Bath and \Vells; fifth son of Edward Law, (1750-1818), first 
Daron Ellenbol'ough and Lord Chief Justiee of England (1851) 
t Lawfield, Miss, who nursed the wounded during the Crimean 'Var. 
Lawless, Rev. Edward, a Priest of the Society of Jesus, tin lately at 
Corpus Uhrist
 Uhristchurch Road, Boscombe, Boul'nemouth, Hampshire. 
Lawlor-Huddleston, Mrs Alexandrina, wife of Denys Alexander 
Lawlor-Huddleston, J.P. for (
ambridgeshire, elder son of Denys Shyne- 
Lawlor, of 
astle Lough; daughter of the lIon. Alexander Keith, of IIalifax, 
Nova Scotia. (1888) 

Converts to Rome 


Lawrence, Hugh Mulleneux, of Thorpa.rch Grange School, Tadcaster; 
successively assi8ta.nt orga.nist at Leeds Parish Church, (18
-1-88), Organist 
to the Hon. !\Irs 
Ieyncll Ingram at Templenewsa,m. near Leeds, (1R84-87); 
at St J\Iargaret's, I-Iorsforth, near Leeds, 1887 ; All Souls (Hook !\Temorial) 
Church, Leeds, (1887-95); IIcsslc Parish Church, (Hull), 18Dß; Organist to 
the Leeds Philharmonic Society, (1888-90), and accompa.nist to the Leeds 
Festival Choruses of 1889-Ð2-95 ; Professor of 
Iusic and Org
Jnist at )Iount 
St )[ary's College, Chesterfield, (1897-1900); Organist at St }larie's, 
Sheffield, (IDOO-01:); St Joseph and St Francis Xavier, Richmond, York- 
shire, (1905-07); till lately Professor of 
Iusic at Stonyhurst College, 
Blackbul'n; now Organist and Choirmaster to St Peter's !\Iission, I:;tonyhurst. 
Lawrence, Peter, of Lisreaghan, Lawrencetown, co. Ga.lway, Ireland. 
(186.-) ) 

t Lawrie, Richard, Revising Barrister for Korthumberland. 
t Lawson, Henry Graham, 
I.A., 'Vadham College, Oxford. 
Lawton, Joseph, editor of a newspaper at 'Vellington, Shropshire. 
t Layard, Rev. Alphonsus, a Priest of the Canons Regular of 


Layton, M rs Bertha, of J3rampton Grange, I-Iuntingdon; daughter of 
the Rev. George Phipps, of Bosworth; and three children, among whom 
was Lieutenant George Vivian Temple Layton, (1880-1902), of the Royal 
Horse Artillery. (1882) 
Layton, Charles Temple, husband of 
Irs Bertha Layton; J.P., and 
County Councillor for Huntingdonshire; formerly of The Croft, :i\Iitcham, 
Surrey; founder of St Hubert's, Huntingdon; second son of Janles Templp 
Layton, J.P., of Baldock, Hertfordshire. (1882) 
t Leadbitter, Mr" Fanny, daughter of L!olonel Francis Skelly Tidy, 
C.B.; wife of Xichola'3 Leadbitter, of Low 'Varden, Northumberland; 
gra.nddaughter of the Rev. Thomas Holmes Tidy, 
LA., of Redmarshell, 
co. Durham. 
Leader, Major, war correspondent for the Daily Telegraph; son of Henry 
Leader, of Clonmoyle, Ireland. 
Leader, John Temple, (1810-190:3), !\I.P. for TIridgwater and \Vest- 
minster. (1903) 
Lean, Arthur Stuckey, 
I.A., Trinity Collcge, Oxford. 
Lean, Mrs Florence, (18:38-18!)9), the nO\ielist; daughter of (;aptaill 
Iarryat, (1792-18-18), R.:K., C.B., :F.R.S., luember of the 
Legion of Honour, the novelist; successively wife of Colonel T. Ross 
Church, of the 
Iadras Staff Corps, and of Colonel Francis Lean, of the 
Iarine Light Infantry; granddaughter of Dr Thomas 
(1730-1 ï92), the Physican and 'Vita 
Lean, Rev. Hugh Vincent, :\LA., Xew College, Oxford; formerly a 
curate of the Church of England; a Priest, since 1900 Chaplain to the 
nuns of La Retraite, Burnham, Somersetshire; son of the lIon James 
Lean, Judge of the I-ligh Court of Justice, Agra, India. (1885) 


Converts to Rome 

Leathley, Mrs Mary Elizabeth Southwell, (1818-18D!J), authoress; 
daughter of George Dudl
y, of Clonmell, co. 'Tipperary, Ireland; wife of 
'Villiam IIenry Leathley, barrister, and nephew of Sir 'Villiam 1\Iaule, 
(1788-1858), Judge of the Common PIcas Division; mother of the late 
Dudley ,\Yilliam Beresford Leathley, solicitor, of London. (1847) 

Lechini, Mrs Anna Grace, daughter of I-iarvey James Sperling, of 
Lattenbury; niece of the Rev. John llanson Sperling, 1\I.A., (1
formerly rector of \Vest bourne, Sussex. 

Lechmere, Joscelyne Alban, son of Sir Edillund Anthony l-Iarley 
Lechmere, .M.P., third Baronet, of the H,hydd, 'Vorcestershire. (18Dl) 

t Le Courteur, Colonel, of Jersey, Channel Islcs. 

(1848 ) 

t Lees, Mrs CarOline, daughter of t;ir John IIenry Cotterell, second 
Baronet, of Carnons, IIerefordshire. 
Lee, Rev. Edgar, of King's College, London; vicar of Christ Church, 
Doncaster, Yorkshire, (1903) 

t Lee, E. W. B., banker, of Leanungton, '\Varwickshire; proprietor and 
editor of The 

Lee, Mrs Elvira Louisa Mary, (1838-18!)()), hymnologist and aut.horess ; 
da.ugh tel' of the He v. Joseph J)uu('u,n Ostrehnn, B.A., vicar of (il'cech St 

etshi 1"0 ; relative of ....\..dmiral the first rlt)couut Duncan of 
Oamperdown, (1731-1804) ; cousin of Cardinal Kewman, (IHO] -1
DO) ; wife 
of the Rev. Dr F. G. Lee, 
1..A., Vicar of All SainÌ8, Lambeth, London, S.E. 
(1881 ) 
Lee, Rev. Dr Frederick George, (1832-1D0:2), of Thalue (jl'ammal' 
School; 1\l.A., St Edmund's If all, O:\Jord; I-Ion. D.D. of \Yashillgton and 
Lee Pniversity, U,S.....\... ; _F.S.A. ; Incumbent and founder of St )[m'y's, 
Aberdeen, N.H., then vicar of All Saints, Lambeth; author; one of the 
founders and honorary Secretary of the Association for the "Cnity of 
Christendom; one of the founders and officers of the Order of Corporate 
Reunion; son of the Rev. Frederick Lee, l\LA., rector of Easiugton, (IDOl) 

Lee, George Augustus James, of 'Yinchester College and Edinburgh 
University; 'Vriter to the 
ignet; Private Recretary to the 
ecretary for 
Scotland, (Lord Balfour of Burleigh, I\:.T.) 1898-]903; Deputy-Keeper of 
the Records of 
cotln,nd since 1D03 ; son of the late Hon. Hobert Lee, one 
of the Hcnators of the College of J u
tice in Scotla.nù, by Catherine ..Alleyne, 
daughter of G. ....\. Borthwick, of Edinburgh; grandson of the Very Rev. 
John Lee, D.D., sometime Principal of Edinburgh University; son-in-law 
of B. J. Cuddon-Fletcher and of the law 
IrB Cuddon-Fletcher, of Dunans, 
Argyllshire, and Homerton Hall, Norfolk. (1900) 
Lee, Gordon Ambrose de Lisle, of St :Mary's College, Harlow and 
'\Vestminster School; successively Bluemantle Pursuivant and York Herald 
in the College of Arms; author on genealogical and archæological subjects ; 
second Bon of the Rev. Dr Frederick Ueorge Lee, (1832-1902), l\LA., OÀon. 

Converts to Rome 


Lee, Lady Madeline de Wolf', wife of Sir Henry ,Austin Lee, K.C.R., 
first Secretary of the :British Embassy at Paris; daughter of Benjamin 
Franklin Smith, of New York. (18Ü9) 
Lee-Dillon, Augustus Fitzgibbon, son of the Iloll. Gerald 
N ormanby Dillon Fitzgibbon Lee-Dillon, son of the thirteenth Viscount 
Dillon, and son-in-law of the third and last Earl of Ulare. (1876) 
Lee-Dillon, Charles Fitzgibbon, Bon of the late Hon. Gerald 
X ormanby Fitzgibbon Lee-Dillon. (1876) 
Lee-Dillon, Miss Florence Fitzgibbon, daughter of the late I-Ion. 
Gerald X ormanby Fitzgibbon Lee-Dillon. (1876) 
Lee-Dillon, The Hon. Gerald Normanby Fitzgibbon, (182:3- 
1880), formerly of the Honle Office; son of the thirteenth Viscount DiJlon, 
son-in-law of the third Earl of Clare. (1876) 
Lee-Dillon, The Hon. Harry Lee Stanton, uf Charterhouse 

chool; lieutenant 1st Battalion Rifle Brigade; eldest son of the seventeenth 
Viscount Dillon. (1908) 
Lee-Dillon, John Fitzgibbon, son of the Hon. Gerald Normanby 
Dillon Fitzgibbon Lee-Dillon, (1823-1880), Bon of the thirteenth Viscount 
Dillon, son-in-law of the third and last Earl of Clare. (187G) 
Lee-Dillon, Louis Fitzgibbon, brother of John Fitzgibbon Lee- 
Dillon. (187G) 
Lee-Dillon, Lady Louisa, (1826-1899), second daughter of the third 
and last Earl of Clare; wife of the lIon. Gerald :K orman by Dillon 
Fitzgibbon Lee-Dillon, (1823-1880), son of the thirteenth Viscount Dillon, 
after whose death she married General Carmelo Ascemm Spada.fora, 
':Marquis dell a Rocella, second Bon of the Duke di Santa. Hosalia. (1876) 
Lee-Dillon, Valentine Fitzgibbon, son of the late Lady Louisa 
Lee-Dillon. (1876) 
Leeds, The Duchess of; (1807-1874), Louisa Catherine; wife of the 
seventh] >uke of Leeds; foundress of a.n orphanage for Boys at J\Iayfield, 
t;ussex, and an orphanage for Girls at Blelchingley, Sussex. 
t Leeming, Mrs Charlotte Aubrey Arethusa, wife of 'Villictm 
LeenlÎng, Alder-Hay, 'Vest Derby, Liverpool. 
Lees, Miss Alice, an Anglican Sister at Clmvel' Convent, 1Vindsol'; 
granddaughter of Sir Harcourt Lees, first Baronet, of JJlac1\.rock, Dublin. 
I Lees, John Cathcart, (1777-1853), second son of Sir Harcourt Lees, 
first Baronet. 
, t Leeson, Miss Frances Mary Gertrude, daughter of the Rev. 
Francis Thomas Charles Leeson, an Anglican clergyman of Bath. (1850) 
Leeves, Rev. Mother Mary Ignatius, FOlmdress and Superioress 
of tho Frsuline Convent at Tiros, Greece; second daughter of the Rev. 
Henry Da.vid Leeves, 
I.A., British Chaplain at Athens. 


Converts to Rome 

gatt, .Mrs I;-illian Marian, the autho
ess; sist,er or.(i}aude Phillips, 
ItA, barrIster, l\.ceper of the 'Vallace CollectIOn and art-crItic. (lÐ05) 

Leggatt, Philip Henry Walters, husband of l\lrs 
Leggatt, the authoress. 
Legge, Edward, nephew of the fifth Earl of DartnlOuth. 
Leigh, John, n.A., Brasenose College, Oxford. 
Leigh, M rs, wife of J sanc L. J..jeigh, J.P., of Beaconsfield, Davenport 
Btockport; daughter of (1olonel Scott, J.P. and IlL., of Ilandford IIouse' 
Cheshire, and of "r csthide Court, Ilereford. (lÐO-L) 
t Leigh, Mrs Caroline, wife of 'Yilliam TJeigh, (1808-1S73), J.P. and 
D.L., Lord of the 
Ianor of 'Voodchestcr and Kympsfield; daughter of the 
late Colonel Sir John Geers Cotterell, first Baronet, :\I.P. fur Herefordshiro. 
(I 8;);) ) 
Leigh, Miss Marjorie, third daughter of Isnac J. Leigh, J.P., of 
Btockport. (I DO.!) 

Lillia.n I\larian 
(1 nor)) 

Leigh, William, (1808-1R73), of Eton College; scholar of Brasenose (1olI('ge, 
Oxford; U.C.L. ; Knight of Ht t:-regory the Oreat; J.P and D.L. ; Lord of 
the Dlanor of 'Yoodchester and Kynlpsfield; founder of the DOIninican 
Uhurch and Priory at tY oodchester; son of 'Villi am Leigh, J. P., of l{o by 
HaH, Lancashire. (1844) 
Leigh-Bennett, Mrs Beatrice Honora, eldest daughter of Sir George 
Francis Coventry Pocock, third Baronet; granddaughter of thp Rev. (:eorgl' 
Henry RavenhilI, ::\LA., vicar of Lemnister; wife of HerbCl,t James Leigh- 
]Jennett, son of the Rev. Henry Leigh-Bennet, J.P. (189G) 
Leitch, Miss, a wcll-l,nown lady journalist of (:Iasgow, K.B. 
t Leith, Mrs, 7lée Levicke, of 'Vorksop; wife of 
ratthias Leith, of 
\Vestonby, Yorkshire; mother of the late Rev. Thomas 
Iatthias Leith, 
a Priest and author, of Cobridge, Staffordshire. 
Le Mesu rier, Alfred, 
I.A., Oriel College, Oxford. 
Le Mesurier, Henry, brother of Alfred Le l\Iesurier, 
LA., Oxon. 
Le Mesurier, Mrs, mother of Alfred and Henry Le 
Le Mesurier, The Misses, daughters of 
Irs Le 
Lennox Lady Sussex, (180-1-1883), the Hon. 1\Iary 
largaret Lawless; 
r of the second Baron Uloncurry; wife of Lord Sussex Lennox, son 
of the fourth Duke of Richmond, lCG. (18;)0) 
Leslie fJlrs Alice, wife of Colonel Archibald Young Leslie, late of the 
on Highlanders, J.P. and D.L. for Banff, Laird of Kininvie ; daughter 
of Lieutenant-Colonel R. Cantley. 
t Leslie, Mrs Anne Louisa, wife of Antony Leslie, of Balquhain, N.B. 
Leslie Archibald, (1789-1851), last of Balnageith; son of the Rev. 
m Leslie) last laird-minister of Balnageith, 
lorayshire, N.D. ; nephew 
of the twelfth :Earl of Caithness. (1850) 

COllverts to Rome 


Leslie, M rs Barbara, daughter of General 'Yil1iam Stewart, of LcsIDurwe, 
('0. Banff, N.B.; wife of George Abercromby Young Leslie, of Kininvie, 
N.R.; mother of Colonel Archibald Young Leslie, late of the Cameron 
Les!ie, Miss Charlotte Cumming, a nun in France; youngest 
daughter of ..A..rchibald Leslie, (17H9-1851), last of Balnageith, l\lorayshire, 
N.ll. (1847) 
Leslie, Mrs Eleanor, (1800-18Ð2), wife of Archibald Leslie, (17HÐ-1H,:)I), 
last of Balnageith, l\Iorayshire, :K.B. ; eldest ùaught
r of the late John 
Falconer Atlee, of \Vands\yorth, London; of this lady, (1harlotte, fifth 
})uchess of l
uccleuch, (1811-189:)), wrote :-" I look upon her as onr 
'mOthC1' who helped to bring us into the true Church. \Ve are all her 
children-good Father Robertson, his aunt and her children, deal' Lady 
Lothian and her children, myself, and I do not know how many others." 
LesUe, Rev. Eric William, a Priest of the Society of Jesus for many 
years at The lIurnaculate Conception, Farm Street, London, 'V. ; now è1t 
l\Ianresa, Roehampton, London, S. 'Y.; only Bon of Archibald Leslie, 
(178Ð-1851), last of Balnageith, l\Iorayshil'e, :X.D. (1848) 
Lesl.e, Mrs Katherine, daughter of Harvey Drummond; wife of 
Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Radcliffe Aloysius Leslie, J. P. of Hassop Hall, 
Hasaop, Derbyshire, late of the Gordon Highlanders, son of Charles 
Stephen Leslie, of Fetternear, Hassop and Slindon. (1897) 
Leslie, Mrs Mary, daughter of l\Iajor-General Sir Charles Holloway; 
wife of Colonel Charles Leslie, K_.H., of Balquhain, N.B. 
Leslie, Miss Mary Margaret, second daughter of Archibald Leslie, 
(1789-1851), last of Balnageith, l\lorayshire, N.B. ; a nun, (l\Iother l\Iary 
ùe Sales) at St l\Iargal'et's Convent, Edinhurgh, N.B. (1847) 
Leslie, Shane John Randolph, of Eton College; University of 
Itaris; B.A., King's College, Uambridge; poet; eldest son of Uolonel John 
Leslie, J.P., D. L., of Ulaslough, co. :\lonaghan, Ireland, by Leonie Blanche, 
daughter of the late Leonard Jerome, of New York, U.S.A., and younger 
sister of Lady Randolph Churchill; grandson of Sir John Leslie, first 
Baronet, and of Lady Constance 'Vi1helmina Frances Dawson-Darner, 
sister of the fourth Earl of Portarlington. (1908) 
Lester, Rev. Edmund, a Priest of the Society of Jesus at the Sacred 
Heart, Accrington, Lancashire. 
Lethbridge, Alan Bourchier, of Sherborne School and Heidelberg 
University; formerly Assistant-Resident in the Political Service in tho 
Kontagora Province, N" orth Nigeria, British \Vest Africa"; youngest son of 
Sir \Vroth Acland Lethbridge" fourth Baronet, of Sandhill Park, Taunton, 
Somersetshire. (1900) 
Levett, Rev. Lawrence L., (1843-1905), formerly a physician in 
I..jondon; a Priest, for some time chaplain at Brough Hall, Yorkshire, 
then in charge of :Jlissions at \Vem and Ludlow in the Diocese of 
Shrewsbury. (1873) 
Le Verrier, Rev. Raymond, a Dominican Friar at Pendleton, Salford, 
I..jancashire; lately at St Dominic's Priory, Haverstock Hill, London, N. \V.; 
now in British 'Vest Indies. (1893) 


Converts to Rome 

Le Verrier, M rs Sarah Margaret, wife of Rurgeon-Dentist Le 
Verrier, of 
windon; mother of the ltev. Haymond Le Verrier, a 
Dominican :Friar. (1897) 

Levick, Rev. Ernest E., a Priest, till recently at 
t 1\Iary's, Allerton 
I>ark, l\:naresborough, now ill charge of Ht 'Vilfrid's, IUpon, Yorkshire. 
t Lewington, Rev. J. B. L., a Priest and Secretary to the Hon. and 
Right Hev. Dr 'Yilliam Joseph llugh Clifford, (18i3-18!);3), third Bishop of 
Uliftoll. (lö:>2) 

Lewis, Mrs, wife of IIenry Lewis, of New Hond Street, London, 'V. (IR81) 

Lewis, Sir Charles Edward, (1828-189;3), the first and last Baronet. 

Lewis, Rev. David, (181--1-1HÐf>), of's College, IJundon; :!\L..\., 
Fellow and Vice-Principal of Jesus C1ollege, OÀford; curate of St 1\Iary 
the Virgin, Oxford, thon rector of Chislehurst, I\:ent; author and 
translator of the works of St Teresa. (18.16) 

t Lewis, Mrs Emily, wife of 1\[a.jor George Lewis, R.E. ; daughter 
of the late lIon. 'Villiam Frederick 'Vyndham, son of the first Baron 

Lewis, The Hon. Mrs Janc, (1814-1R82), lIon. Jane 
Iati1da )Iethuen, 
daughter of the first Baron !\lethuen; granddaughter of Sir Henry 
1\lildmay, third Baronet; wife of the Rev. David Lewis, (181--1-18Ð5), 
formerly rector of Chislehul'st, Kent, (1830) 

Lewthwaite, Rev. William Henry, (181G-1R92), of :\Iarlborougb 
College; 1\1.1\.., Trinity Uollege, Cambridge; vicar of Ulifford, .A Priest of 
the Order of Charity and f'haplain to St 'Yilliam's Catholic Reformatory 
School, :\[arket 'Veighton, Y orkRhiro; son of the Rev. George Lewthwaite, 
:\LA., J.P., rector of Adel, Yorkshire. (1851) 

t Leyland, Francis Alexander, of Jlalifa
, Yorkshire; son of ]
IJeyland, the distinguished naturalist and author. 
Leys, John K., (18--16-1909), a barrister; of .AmC'rsham IIall, High 
"Tycombe; son of the late Hev. P. Leys, :\1....\..., a Scotch Presbyterian 

Iinister at 
trathaven, Lanarkshire, N.D. (1880) 
t Lickfield, Rev. Ch"rles Frederick, curate of St 1\Ial'Y's, Poplar, 
London, E. (1858) 
Liechtenstein, Princess Mary, (18;)0-1878), 1\Iarie Fox; daughter 
adoptive of the fourth and last Baron Holland; wife of Prince Aloysius 
Liechtenstein; author of N O'l'U: OJ" God's FlowC1'S can Bloom Oil Every 80il. 
t Lillie, Mrs Mary Gascoigne, wife of the Rev. John Lillie, D.D., 
linistel' at lIobaL't Town, Tasmania; daughter of John 
Burnett, of Countessville, Aberdeenshil'e, 
.B.; mother of the late 
!{athlf'p.n Allies, first wife of Cyril Allies, J.P. 

Converts to Rome 


Lillingston, Rev. Septimus Ernest Luke Spooner, 1\I.A., 
l\Ius.Dac., Hertford College, Oxford; successively curate at Paignton, 
Devonshire; Clayworth, N ottinghamshire; St Paul's, Knightsbridge, 
London, S. 'V.; St Cuthbert's, 
outh Kensington; St Augustine's, 
Kilburn, N.'Y. ; and at St Thomas', Regent Street, 'V. (1909) 
Lilly, Rev. Richard George Braikenridge, l\I.A., Selwyn College, 
Cambridge; successively curate at St l\I ark' s, Gloucester; St :l\[ary's, 
IIighgate Rise, London, 
.; St George's, Perry Hill, Catford, London, 
S.E. ; St Alban's, Streatham Park, London, S.'V., and at Goring-on-Thames, 
Oxfordshire. (190G) 
t Lilly, Mrs Susannah Louisa, second daughter of the Rev. George 
Hall, J.P., an Anglican clergyman; first wife of 'Villiam Samuel Lilly, :M.A. 
Lilly, William Samuel, 1\I.A., L.IJ.:\L, Hon. Fellow of Peterhouse, 
Cambridge; at one time Under-Secretary of the Government of :\ladras; 
barrister; J.P. for London and 1\Iiddlesex; Secretary of the Catholic 
Union of Great Britain since 1873 ; a well-known author; son of 'Yilliam 
Lilly, of 'Vindont House, near EÀeter, Devonshire. (18l59) 

Lindsay, The Hon. Colin, (1819-1892), of Eton College ; 
I.A., Trinity 
College, Cambridge; J.P for Devonshire and Lanca.shire; founder and 
first president of the 
lanchester Church Society, which developed (1890) 
into the English Church Union; theological writer; fourth son of the 
twenty-fourth Earl of Crawford, seventh Earl of Balcarres and first Baron 
'Vigan. (18G8) 

Lindsay, Miss Harriett Maria, a nun at the Visit.1.tion Convent, 
\Vestbury-on-Trym; daughter of the Hon. Colin Lindsay, (1819-1892), 
)I.A., Cantab. (1868) 

Lindsay, Lady Louisa, (1821-1897), Lady Louisa Frances Howard, 
daughter of the fourth Earl of "Ticklow, K.P. ; granddaughter of the first 
:l\Iarquess of Abercorn; mother of the Very Rev. 
lonsignor (ilaud 
Reginald Lindsay, a Priest at San Silvestro in Capite, Rome, and of 
Leonard Cecil Colin Lindsay, F.S.A., secretary of the Kew Gallery, and 
Hon. Bursar of the Catholic Record Society; wife of the Hon. Colin 
Lindsay, (1819-1892), l\I.A., Cantab. (18G6) 

t Linstead, Thomas Samuel, for twenty-five years connected with 
the Portuguese Embassy; schol ar and linguist. (18-1:3) 
Lister, JOhn, of vVinchester College; 1\LA., Bmsenose College, Oxford; 
a well-known archæologist ; Vice-President of the Bradford Historical and 
Antiquarian Society; founder and first secretary of the Catholic \Yorking 

Ien's Association, Halifax; HaJifax Town Councillor; barrister; member 
of the Halifax School Board and its Vice-President for three years; 
founder of Slúbden Industrial School; served on the \Vest Riding County 
(1ouncil; some time secretary of the Halifax Dist.rict Tpchnical J nstruction 
(iommit.tee; President of the Halifax I
ranch of the Fabian 
t Stln of Dr .John Li.;;ter, .J.P., of Shihden Jlal1, Yorkshire hv Louisa 

r of tlu:" latp 
la.ior Ch::t.f'le
 Urant. ' 


Converts to Rome 

tle, Rev. Charles Hardy, l\I.A., Trinity College, Dublin; B.A., 

t Edmund's Hall, Oxford; successively chaplain at St Petersburg and 
vicar of 8t 
lartin's, Brighton, Sussex; son of John Little, of Ste
town, co. Tyrone, Ireland; brother of the late Lieutenant-General Henry 
Alexander Little, C.E., who served in the Crimea and India. (1903) 
Little, Rev. Sydney Hamilton, (1843-1895), ::\I.A., Exeter College, 
Oxford; curate of St Peter's, Bournemouth, Hampshire; l\Ietropolitan 
Recretary of the Addit.ional Curates' Society; for some time editor of 
The UaÛwlic Tirrncs, then British ConsuJ at Cadiz; son of John Little of 
, ' 

tewartstown, co. Tyrone, Ireland. (1881) 
Little, Mrs, wife of the late Rev. Sydney IIamilton Little, l\I.A., Oxon; 
sister-in-law of the Rev. 'Vil1iam John Knox-Little, l\1.A., vicar of IIoar 
Cross, Burton-on-Trent, and Canon of '\Vorcester. (1881) 
t Littleboy, Rev. William Henry, B.A., Oxon; curate of Sheston, 
Leicestershire. (1836) 
Livius, Rev. Thomas S., (1828-1902)# of Clifton College; 
I.A., Oriel 
College, Oxford; curate of SS. Kenwyn and I(ea, Cornwall A Re- 
demptorist Priest at St l\lary's, Clapham, London, S. 'Y.; authol'. (1837) 
Lloyd, Rev. Arthur, B.A., Exeter College, Oxford; curate of All 
H a.llows, Southwal'k, London, S.E. (1802) 
t Lloyd, Mrs EIi:c:a Anne, nle "Tilson, wife of the Rev. Howel "T oltram 
Lloyd, (UH6-1893), Perpetual Curate of Pentrevoelas, near Cerrig-y-Drudion, 
'Vales. (184G) 
Lloyd, Rev. Howel Woltram, (181G-18f)3), of Rugby School; scholar, 

1.A., of Jesus College, and menl bel' of Balliol College, Oxford; Perpetual 
Clll'ate of Pentrevoelas, Cerrig-y-Drudion, XOl'th "Tales; an mninent 
\Velsh a.rchæologist; for some time professor at the Catholic University 
College, l(ensington, London, 'V.; son of Edward Lloyd, barrister, of 
Berth and Rhagalt. (1846) 
Lloyd, J. J. Hinde, B.A., 'Vadham College, Oxford 
Lloyd, M rs, daughter of Sir John Craven Carden, third naronet; wife of 
Henry Lloyd, of Farinora, co. Tipperary, Ireland; mother of Julia Ellen 
J ospphine, second wife of the third Baron Rossmore. 
Lloyd, Miss Margaret, daughter of the Rev. Thomas Lloyd, 
l.A. of 
Lois "T eedon, N orthamptonshire. 
Lloyd, Trevor, l\I.A., 1Iagdalen Hall, Oxford. 
Lloyd, Thomas Edwd.rd Alf'red, B.A., :l\Iagdalene College, Cambridge. 
Lloyd, Thomas John Edward Arthur, B.A., :\lagdalen HaIl, 
t Lloyd, Rev. William James, 
LA., Cantab; curate of Kevidiog, 
'Vales. (1845) 
Lloyd-Davies, Miss, relative of Sir l\Ial'teine Owen 
lowbray Lloyd, 
second Baronet. 
Lloyd-Thomas, Rev.. David, l\I.A., Jesus College, Oxford; rector of 
(:I'ainsby, near (:rim.qhy, Lincolnshire. (1896) 

Converts to Rome 


Lloyd-Thomas, Mrs, wife of the Rev. David Lloyd-Thomas, l\I.A., 
Oxon; and family. (1896) 
Locke, M rs, wife of 
Iaj 01' Locke, son of General and Lady 
Iatilda Locke. 
Lockhart, Miss Elizabeth, (1812-1870), a Franciscan nun; authoress; 
foundress of one of the earliest Anglican Sisterhoods at \Vantage; daughter 
of the Rev. Alexander Lockhart, lrl.A., only son of Rear-Admiral 'Yilliam 
Lockhart, by his first wife née Carl'-Newnes. (1848) 
Lockhart, Mrs Matilda, (1798-1872), authoress; second wife of the 
Rev. Alexander Lockhart, l\LA., J.P., rector of Hartwell, Buckingham- 
shire; daughter of 'Villiam Jacob, (1762-1851), F.R.S., and 
LP. for Rye, 
Sussex. (1846) 
Lockhart, Rev. William, (1819-1892), of Bedford Grammar School; 
B.A., Exeter College, Oxford A Priest of the Order of Charity, Pro- 
curator-General at St Etheldreda's, Ely Place, Holborn, London, E. C. ; son 
of John Gibson Lockhart, (1794-18
4), l\I.A., BallioI College, O
Jord, the 
biographer of Scott and Burns. (18i3) 
Lockyer, Miss, daughter of Captain Lockyer, R.X. 
LOder, Mrs Annie Katharine, wife of Captain Alfred Basil Loder, 
J.P., son of Sir Robert Loder, first Baronet; daughter of the Rev. Uhar1es 
IIenry Crosse, 
I.A., rector of Fincham, Norfolk. (1908) 
Loder, Lady rJlaria Georgiana, (1826-190ì), wife of Sir Robert 
Loder, first Baronet; daughter of Hans Busk, the younger, (1815-1882), 
barrister, author, High Sheriff of Radnorshire, and a pioneer of the 
Volunteer :l\Iovement. (1897) 
Logan, Rev. Henry Francis Charles, (1800-1884), of Cowbridge 
Grammar School; Corpus Christi College, Cambridge; LL.D.; a Priest, 
and for some time Vice-President of Oscott College; son of Brigadier 
Logan, of Poole, Dorset. (1818) 
Loisette, Professor, the well-known Lecturer on l\Iemory. (1885) 
Londonderry, The Marchioness o
 (1813-1884), Lady Elizabeth 
Frances Charlotte Jocelyn; wife of the fourth l\Iarquess of Londonderry, 
K.P., P.C.; widow of the sixth Viscount Powerscourt; daughter of the 
third Earl of Roden, K.P., P.C., Åuditor-General of the Exchequer in 
Ireland and Custos Rotulorum of co. Louth. (1855) 
Long, Maurice St Clair, E.A.. l\Ierton College, Oxford. 
Long, Mrs Winif'red Mary, of Ramsgate, Kent; wife of Brandon J. 
Long, the journalist. (1899) 
t Longe, Mrs d. A., daughter of Colonel 
I. Haffe, of Torrehouse-
\rigtonshiro, N.B. (1852) 
Longlands, Miss Ellen, of Torquay, Devonshire; daughter of the Rev 
\V. D. Longlands, :'M.A., rector of GerI'ans, Cornwall 
Longridge, Captain Cecil, relative of the Hon. Charles Léotaud, of 
Trinidad, R. \\T J. (1882) 


Converts to Rome 

Longueville, Mrs Mary Francis, only daughter of Alexander 
Robertson, of Balgownie Lodge, A\berdeenshire, K.B.; mother of :Uajor 
Heginald Longueville, of the 1st Coldstream Guards, served throughout 
the South African 'Var, J.P. for 
hropshire, and of Uaptain Edward 
Longueville, of the Cold8tream Guards, who servpd in the 
outh African 
'Var and was named in despatches; wife of Thomas LongueviIle, J.P., 
of Oswestry. (1877) 
Longueville, Thomas, of Christ Church, Oxford; J.P. of Llanfol'da, 
Oswcstry, Shropshire; author; creator of the "Prig" series, and for 
t"enty years a regular contributor to The Satu'rday Review; son of Thomas 
Longueville, of Pen-y-llan, Shropshire, and of Anne, daughter of <;harles 
Thomas Jones. (1877) 
Lord, Miss Emily, only daughter of a Somersetshire clergyman and sister 
of the Rev. }""rederick .Bayley Lord, 
I.A., rector of Farmborough, Bath. 
Lord, Rev. Frederick Bayley, (1840-1Ü05), l\I.A., St John's Uollege, 
Oxford; cura.te of ('hilton Foliatt, Berkshire, and then rector of his 
father's church at .Farmborough, near Hath, Somcrsetshire. (1877) 
Lord, Mrs, wife of the Hev. Frederick Bayley Lord, (1840-1Ü05), 
Oxon; and family. (1877) 
Lorie, Rev. Charles, a Priest of the Pious Society of 
Ii3sions in Chili, 

outh America. 
Lothian, The Marchioness 0"-, (1808-1877), Lady Cecil Chetwynd 
Talbot, wife of the seventh :Marquess of Lothian, K. T. ; daughter of the 
second Earl Talbot; she built the Catholic Church at Dalkeith, N.B. (1851) 
t Louis, Major-General Sir Charles, fourth Baronet; served in 
Syria and the Baltic. 
Louth, The Lady, Eugenie de 
1iarritze Bell airs, wife of the fourteenth 
Baron Louth; daughtpr of Captain }
dmund Hooke 'Yilson Bellail's, 
H.B.:M.'s Yice-CollSul at Biarriti'. (1 HS8) 
Lovell, Mrs, niece of Sir Henry Howley Bishop, (1786-1855), the musical 
Lovell, Rev. William, J\I.A., Exeter College, Oxford; curate at 
'Vantage. (187G) 
t Low, Miss, of the Anglican Sisterhood, at 1\:ïlburn, London, 'V. (1890) 
t Low, Hugh Brooke, Resident of the Regang District; only son of 
Sir Hugh Low, H.B.:U.'s Resident at Perak; brother-in-law of Sir John 
Pope-Hennessy, (1834-1891), Governor of :Mauritius, and then 
I.P. for 
Kilkenny. (1887) 
Lowe, William, till recently British ConBul at 1\fentone, France. (189G) 
Lowrie, Mrs, wife of Captain LO\\Tie, for many years Governor of York 
(1astl('. and President of the Korth and East Riding District Branch of t.he 
English (1huJ'('h IT nion. (1887) 
Lowrie, Miss Anna S., daughter of Captain Lowrie. (1888) 
Lowrie, Sydney, son of Capt'lÏn J.owTie. (1888) 

Converts to Rome 


Lowry-Corry, Rev. Gerald, of Uharterhouse School; fOI'merly 
Lieutenant in the 2nd Battalion CheHhire l.{egiment; a Priest, till lately of 
the Brompton Oratory, London, S. 'V., second son of Admiral the Hon. Armor 
Lowry-Corry, son of the third Earl Belmore, by Geraldine, daughter of 
J ames King-King, late 
I.P. of Btaunton Park, Staunton-on-Arrow. 
Lucas, Edward, (1822-1899), son of Samuel Hayhurst Lucas, J.P., a 
prominent Iuember of the Society of Friends; brother of Samuel Lucas, 
editor of The j\Jorning StaT, and of Frederick Lucas, 
I.P., (see below); 
father of Rev. Herbert Lucas, S.J. ; was received into the Catholic Church 
in 1833, and soon afterwards became Hecretary of the Catholic Academiæ, 
which post he held for about twenty years; Author of The Life of Frederick 
Lucas, l'l.P., (2 vols.), of The Church in the First t1ro Cent'ltries, and 'of 
several papers- in Essays on Religion and Literature, edited by Archbishop 
(afterwards Cardinal) )Ianning. 
Lucas, Frederick, (IRI2-1855), journalist, barrister and politician; D....\., 
University College, London; 1\I.P. for co. .i\Ieath; first editor of The 1'flblet; 
son of Samuel Hayhurst Lucas, a London :\Ierchant a.nd member of the 
Society of Friends. (1839) 
t Lucas, Mrs, wife of .Frederick Lucas, (1812-1855), née Ashby, of Staines. 
t Lucas, Hen ry, of the Australian Civil Service; brother of :Frederick 
Lucas, (1812-1853), first editor of The Tablet. (1853) 
Lucas, Mrs, wife of t;aptain Lucas. 
Lucas-Shadwell, Miss Beatrice, daughter of 'Villiam Lucas- 
Shadwell, B.A., Cantab. (1902) 
Lucas-Shadwell, M rs Beatrice, wife of 'Yilliam Lucas-Shadwell 
B.A., Cantab; daughter of J. Duc1dey Rutherford. (1902) 
Lucas-Shadwell, William, B.A., Pembroke College, Cambridge; J.P. 
and H.L. for Sussex.; for five years 1\I.P. for Hastings, Sussex; Private 
{;hamberlain to Pope Pius X; only son of 'Villiam Drew Lucas-ShadwelJ, 
J.P., D.L., of Fairlight, Sussex, and of Florentia, daughter of the Rev. 
Henry "
l.A., rector of Petta (1902) 
Lucie-Smith, The Hon. Alfred Van Waterschoodt, of Rugby 
School; one of the Puisne Judges in Demerara, British Guiana; son-in-law 
of Surgeon-General Sir David Palmer Hoss. (1889) 
t Luck, Rev. F. Augustine, a Benedictine 
t Luck, Right Rev. J. E., a Benedictine 
Ionk and Bishop of Auckland, 
New Zealand. 
Ludlow, Sir Henry, (183-1-1903), of Christ's Hospital; 
f.A., Fellow of 
St John's College, Cambridge, barrister; successively Attorney-General of 
Trinidad, and Chief Justice of the Leeward Islands, B.'V.I. ; son of.George 
Ludlow, of Hertford. 
Lumbaye, Aloysius, chairman of the Thames Valley Legitimist Club. 
. (1869) 
It Lumley, Edward, the wen-known London publisher. (1843) 


Converts to Rome 

Lumsden, Hugh Gordon, J.P. and D.L. for Clova and Auchindoir, 
Aberdeenshire, N.B. ; Private Chaluberlain to Popes Leo XIII and Pius 
X; F.R.S.A., (Hcot) ; son of Harry Lumsden the younger, of Auchindoir, 
by Anne, daughter of Hugh Gordon, of 
Ianor, Abel'deenshire ; son-in-law 
of Carlos Pedro Gordon, K.:\I., J.P., D.L., of \Vardhouse and Kildrummy, 
N.B., father of the Rev. Pedro Carlos Gordon, (1852-1907), a Priest of the 
Society of Jesus, and rector of Stonyhurst Uollege, Blackburn. (1873) 
Lunn, William, the architect. 
Lyall, Rev. William Hearle, ( -1900), of Eton College; 
LA., St 
l\lary's Hall, Oxford; rector of St Dionis, Backchurch, London, E.C. (1880) 
Lyall, Mrs Susan Hen ietta Elizabeth, ( -1908), wife of the 
late Rev. 'Villiam Hearle Lyall, 
I.A., Oxon. (1880) 
Lyle, Rev. John Stevenson, B.A., Trinity College, Dublin; an Anglican 
clergyman. A Priest in oharge of SS.l\Iary and David, Hawick, Ro
shire, :x. D. 

Lynch, Mrs Elizabeth Charlotte, wife of Charles J. Lynch, J.P., of 
Peters burgh Uastle, Ulonbur and Ashbrook, co. Galway, Ireland. 
Lyne, Miss, cOUt
in of the la.te ({ev. Father Ignatius, of Llanthony Abbey, 
Lyons, Earl, (1817-1887), Richard Bickerton Pennell Lyons, of 'Yinchester 
College; :M.A., Christ Church, Oxford; second Baron and first Earl Lyons ; 
attaché at ...-\.thens, Dresden and Florence; 
linister at 'Vashington, U.S.A. ; 
Ambassador at Constantinople, and then for twenty years in the same 
capacity at Paris; P.U. ; son of Admiral Lord Lyons, (1790-1858), G.C.B., 
first Baron; brother of the fourteenth Duchess of Norfolk. (1887) 
Lyons, Miss, daughter of Captain Lyons, R.N. 
Lyons, The Hon. Therena Bickerton, (1815-1894), daughter of 
Admiral Lord Lyons, (1890-185R), G.C.B. ; sister of Earl Lyons, (1817-1887) ; 
wife of Baron Philip von 1\T ür tzburg, of Bavaria, A.D.C. to }{jng Otho; 
sister of the fourteenth Duchess of 1\ orfolk. (1853) 

Converts to Rome 



MACCALL, Rev. Archibald S., B.A., l\Iagdalen College, Oxford; a. Priest 
in charge of St Philip Neri, Arundel, Sussex. 
MacCartan, Mrs, wife of John James !\IacCar
n, of Thomastown, co. 
Kilkenny, Ireland. (1861) 
Macdonald, The Hon. Lady Adelaide Louisa, daughter of George 
John, fifth Baron Vernon (1803-1866) ; wife of the late Admiral Sir Reginald 
Iacdonald, K.C.B., K.C.S.l., chief of Clanranald; authoress. 
Macdonald, Sir Archibald Keppel, (1820-1901), of Harrow School; 
third Baronet; captain of the Scots _Fusilier Guards and Equerry to H.R.H. 
the late Duke of Sussex; J.P. and D.L. for Hampshire; Bon-in-law of thc 
first Earl of Leice8ter. (1870) 
Macdonald, Colonel Donald, late of the Indian Staff Corps; son of 
the late Generall\Iacdonald 
Macdonald, Rev. Hamilton Francis, l\I.A., King's College, 
Cambridge; late Anglican chaplain to H.
I.S. Vernon. 
\. Priest, till 
recently Uhancellor of the Archdiocese of "T estminster, now Secretary of 
Naval Chaplains' Department at Portsmouth; editor of The Altar Scrvt-r's 
111an-wÛ; son of the late General J. A. 
f. l\Iacdonald, C.B., of the Bombay 
Staff Corps. (1898) 
MacDonald, Mrs, née 'Vaggaman, daughter of a "Cnited States Senator; 
wife of the late Hon. John Stanfield 1\IacDonald, Prime l\Iinister of Quebec, 
Macdonald, Mrs Minna, wife of Loohlin l\Iacdonald, J.P. and D.L. of 
Skeabost, Isle of Skye, N.B.; and family. (1898) 
MacDonnell, Colonel Alexander, of Belfast, Ireland (1870) 
MacDougall, Charles Edward, son of the Hon. Justice l\IacDougall. 
MacDougall, M rs, wife of Charles Edward l\facdougall; daughter of 
Colonel J. Jackson, of the }Iadras Army. 
t MacEvoy, Mrs Theresa, wife of James l\I acE v oy, of Tobertynan, 
co. l\ieath, Ire] and; daughter of Sir Joshua CoHes :Meredyth, eighth 
Baronet, of Greenhills, Kildare. 


Converts to Rome 

Macf"arlane, Sir Donald Horne, (1830-1904), :M.P. for Carlow, and 
then for Argyllshire, N.B. ; son of Allan 
Iacfarlane, J.P., of Caithness. 

Macf"arlane, Lady Fanny, wife of Sir Donald Horne :Macfarlane, 
(1830-1904); daughter of James Robson, of Pontefract, Yorkshire. 
MacGill, Vice-Admiral Thomas, of \Vestern College, Brighton; 
C.B., served in the Egyptian 'Val' and in the Renin Expedition. late 
Superintendent of Bermuda Dockyard; second son of the Rev. Thomas 
l\IacGill. (1904) 
Mackay, Mrs Christina Dominica Duncan, wife of John 
Francis :Mackay, of Highgate, London, 1\. (188!)) 
Mackay, Miss Elizabeth Marie Margaret Hel'ds, of St 
Andl'e\\s, N.B. ; daughter of a clergyman of the Church of 
Mackay, doh n Francis, of "Thitehall Parade, Highgate, London, N. 
Mackenzie, Major B. G., (1817 -1t'9::>), formerly of the 50th and 59th 
Hegiments, and Adjutant of the Tippel'al'Y l\Ii1itia. 
Mackenzie, The Hon. Gordon Thom2's, District Judge of 
Godavery; President of the 
Iadras Catholic U ruon. (1877) 
Mackenzie, Lieutenant dohn, of the Royal Navy; son of Captain 

Mackenzie, Mrs, wife of Lieutenant John :Mackenlie, R.
t Mackenzie, M rs, mother of the late 
Iajor B. G. :MackenÛe. 
Mackenzie, Lawrence Martin, B.A., Exeter College, Oxford. 
Mackinnon, Rev. Campbell, B.A" Queen's College, Oxford; Con- 
sular Chaplain a.t Lima, Peru; and then Incumbent of Port Royal, 
Jamaica, B.'V.I. (1879) 
Mackinnon, Mrs, wife of the Rev. Campbell 
lackinnon, B.A" Oxon; 
and family. (1878) 
t Mackinson, Rev. Henry Robert, l\I.A., Cantab; vicar of St 
Andrew's, Sydney, Australia. (1848) 
t Macki nson, M rs, wife of the Rev. Henry Robert l\I acId n!j on, l\I.A., 
Cantab; and family. (1848) 
Mackintosh, William, (1832-1906..), of Oxford Street, Edinburgh, N.B. 
Maclean, Charles Donald, of Shrewsbury School; scholar, :\Ius.Doc., 
Exeter College, Oxford; formerly Government Under-Secretary; son of 
the Rev. A. J. l\faclean, 1\LA., an Anglican clergyman. (1899) 
Maclean, f/liss, daughter of Sir Louis 
IacleanJ Bart. 

Converts to Rome 


Maclean, Hecto;- George, engineer at "Las minas de Rio-Tinto," 
Spain. (1895) 
Maclean, Miss Louisa, daughter of Sir Louis l\Ionro 1\Iac1ean, Dart. 
MacLeod, Rev. John George, 1\I.A., Exeter Colle
e, Oxford; ('urate 
of St l\[atthiaH, Stoke N ewington, London, X. A Priest of the 
ocicty of 
Jesus at l\lanresa flouse, Roehampton, London, S.'V.; son of Roderick 
:MacLeod of London; brother of Janet, sixteenth Countess of Caithness. 
Macmullen, Rev. Richard Cell, (181-1-18Ð5), ::\I.A., B.D.; Fellow, 
Latin Reader and Dean of Corpus Uhristi College, Oxford; vicar of St 
1\Iary 1\fagdalen's, Oxford A Priest and Canon of ,V C'stminster. (1847) 
t Macmullen, Major-General S. F., brother of the Rev. Richard 
Gell :\lacmuIlen, (1814-1895), !I.A., Oxon. (1855) 
Macmullen, Mrs, (1820-1900), wife of l\Iajor-General S. F. 1\IacmuIlen; 
and family. (1855) 
Macnab, Sir Allan Napier, (1798-1862), first Baronet; Canadian 
soldier and politician; joined the Army and then the eN avy at the time of 
the American invasion; barrister; member of the House of A.8sembly of 
which he was three times Speaker; father-in-law of 'Villi am Coates 
Keppel, (1832-1894), seventh Earl of Albermarle, P.C. (1845) 
MacNicol, M rs, née Davidson, wife of Ca.ptain l\IacNicol. 
Maconechy, Rev. James, 1\I.A., Balliol College, Oxford; for several 
years vicar of All Saints', Paddington, London, 'V., then rector of 
'Vaggonholt, Pulborough, Sussex. (1901) 
Macpherson, William A. Gordon, J\I.A., Edinburgh ITniversity; 
formerly Principal of the High School, Neuilly, Paris. 
MacRae, Captain Colin W., late of the Black 'Vatch; Exon. of the 
King's Body Guard; served in the last South African "Tar; third son of 
Duncan 1\IacRae, of Walmer Castle, Buteshire, .N.B.; brother-in-law of 
the fourth 
farquess of Bute. (1903) 
Madan, Rev. James Russell, (1841-1905), l\I.A., Queen's ColleO'e, 
Oxford; Principal of the Anglican Theological ColIe(fe at 'V armins
A Priest at St Joseph's :ßIissionary College, 
Iill Hill, L
ndon, N.'V. (18'73) 
Maguire, Mrs, wife of l\Iajor ßlaguire, of Cheltenham. 
Vlaguth, Miss Rossita, only daughter of the Rev. Dr 
IaO'uth, member 
of the Senate of Cambridge U ni versi ty. 0 

'. Mahoney, John, J.P., of Cragg, co. Clare, Ireland 


Vlaidstone, Viscountess, Louisa Augusta Jenkinson, widow of 
, Viscount :\1 aids tone, Bon of the eleventh Earl of 'Vinchilsea. dauohter of 
I ' Sir George Samuel Jenkinson, eleventh Baronet, who was 1\1: P. fo


Converts to Rome 

Maillard, Thomas, B.A., London University. 
Maister, Rev. Reginald, a monk of Llanthony Abbey, North 'Vales. 
Maitland, Miss Frances Mary, of Kenmure Castle, :Kew Galloway, 
N.B. ; authoress, contributor to The Month, 1.!lerry Engl{Lnd, and The Ave 

Maitland, Miss Helen Stuart, daughter of Stuart Cairne 
of DundJ'cnnan and Compstone, N.D. (1877) 
Maitland, Miss, daughter of the Rev. J. :Maitland, 
f.A., J.P. and D.L. 
for Kirkcudbl'ight, N.B.; .grnnddaughter of 
Il's Bellamy Gordon, of 
Kenmul'e, N.R. 

Maitland, Captai n Wi lIiam, of the Bengal Staff Corps. 
Major, Miss, rlaughter of the Rev. Seymour :\Iajor, :M.A., formerly curate 
of St Paul's, Lorrimer Square, 'Valworth, London, S.E. (1869) 
Malcolm, Mrs, wife of 
Iajor :ßIalcolm ; daughter of the l\Iost Rev. Dr 
\ViUiam Dalrymple !\Iac1agan, Lord Archbishop of York. (1808) 
Malet, Major, formerly of the 1st Battalion Northumberla.nd FusiIiers; 
son of the late Octavius 'Yarre 
lalet, Bengal O.S. Judge. 
Malins, David, (1836-1886), of Birmingham and G1asnevin Lodge, co. 
T>ublin; sp('ond son of David l\Ialins, (180:
-1881), J.P. of l
dgbaston, who in 
lRJG was High Bailiff of Birmingham; brother of l\lary, Lady "riggin, 
wife of Sir Henry \Viggin, (1824-1905), first Baronet, of JUetchley Grange, 

I.P. (1880-1892), for the Handswct:,th Division of Stafford- 
shire. (1875) 
Malins, Mrs Eliza Mary, wife of David :ßlalins, (1836-188G), of 
Birmingham and Glasnevin Lodge, co. Dublin; daughter of George 
Theodore Bolton, of :\Ianchester, by Eliza 
Iatilda Halstead, daughter of 
the late Rev. Peter Halstead, rector of Grappenhall, Cheshire; and children, 
among whom is 
Irs Eleanor 
rarguerite l\1'Elligott, wife of :\[aurice Gerald 
l\I'Elligott, F.R.C.S. (Ire1.) of 'Vigan, I.Jancashire, and of 
Iolmt Rivero, 
Eallyg'rennan, co. Kerry, Ireland (1875) 
Malins, Miss M. S. B., a Good Rhepherd nun; only daughter of Edward 
illalins, l\I.D., _F.R.C.P., consulting Obstetrical Physician, General Hospital, 
Dirmingham, ex-President of the Obstetrical Society of London; she hns 
written several of the Catholic Tl'Uth Society's publications. (1895) 
Malleson, Colonel Geore-e Bruce, (1825-1898), e.S.I.; of 'Vinchester 
Uollege; Bengal Stall COl'pS; was in Indian :Military Finance Depal'tment, 
Sanitary Commissioner to Government of India; Controller of Indian 

lilitary :Finances during 1868 ; for Beven years Guardian of the l\Iah3.l'ajah 
Iysore; author of History of the Pnnch in India, lIistorical Sl.:dch of 
the lVati?Je Stat
s oj India, IIÙ;túry of the Indian 111utiny, HistU'}'ies of 
Afglumist(('fl and Hernt, Life of Lord Clive, etc. (1891) 
Mallet, Miss, daughter of IIugh l\IalIet, of .Ash House, Korth Devon. 

Converts to Rome 


Mallock, Miss M. M., the authoress; daughter of 'Villiam :\Iallock; sister 
of 'V. R. :\Ial1ock, the political and philosophic writer; niece of James 
Anthony Froude, '(1818-1894), the historian, and of the Rev. Richard 
Hurrell Froude, (1803-] 836), one of the authors of the" Tracts for the 
Times," etc. 

t Malpass, Rev. Thomas, a. Priest. 
Manbey, Mrs Mary Elizabeth Antoinette, 'J1ée 
descendant of Sir Thomas 1\1 ore. 

Breach; a 

Manbey, William John, husband of 
tlary Elizabeth Antionette 
l\Ianbey; solicitor, formerJy of London; now of Oak Lake, l\lanitoba, 
Canada; elder brother of the Rev. G. H. 
Ianbey, l\I.A., late vicar of St 
Alban's, Acton, London, 'V. (1892) 
Manley, Mrs Isabel, (1800-1850), daughter of Jesse 'Vatts-RusselI, 
(1787-1875), of Kam RaU, Staffordshire; sister of the Rev. l\Iichael 
'Vatts-Russell, (1815-1875), rector of Benefield, N ol'thamptonshire; wife 
of General :Manley. (1846) 
t Mann, James, of King's College, London; Chamberlain to Pope Leo 
XIII; son of James l\Iann, of Topfie1d Lodge, Tufnell Park, London, N. 
t Mangles, Frederick Scott, B,A., :\Iagdalen College, Oxford. (1894) 
t Manners, Mrs Frances, née Simpson; wife of l\Iajor l\IannerR, of 
the Duke of Rutland's family; a generous benefactress to several Catholic 
UhuI'ches and Convents. 

Manners, Lady Katherine Selina Janetta, (1866-1902), daughter 
of the seventh Duke of Rutland, K.G. ; granddaughter of Thomas IIughan, 
of Airds, N.R. (1900) 
t Manners, Admiral Russell Henry, F.R.S.; of the Duke of 
Rutland's family. 
t Manners, Mrs, wife of Admiral Russell Henry 'lanners, F.R.S. 
Manners, Miss, daughter of Admiral RusRell Henry Þ.lanners, F.R.S. 
t Manning, rv1iss Catherine Constance, daughter of Charles John 
l\'lallning, (179B-1880), by his first wife. (1850) 
t Manning, Captain Charles Downes, of Eton College; 1st Royal 
a.goonf] ; eldest son of Charles John l\lal1l1ing, (1799-1880), by his first 

fe. (1852) 
Manning, Charles John, (1799-1880), of Harrow School; eldest son of 
\Yilliam :Manning, of Combe bank, 
evenoaks, Kent, for many years 
for Evesham and Lymington, and sometime Governor of the Bank of 
England, hy his second wife l\Iary, daughter of Henry Lannoy Hunter, 
of ßeech Hill, Heading. (1851) 
t Manning, Mrs, first wife of Charles .Tohn l\Ianning, 
daughter of Sir Richard Downes Jackson, of the Coldstream Gu'ards. (1851) 


Converts to Rome 

Manning, His Eminence Henry Edward, Cardinal, (1808-1892), 
of Harrow School; 
1.A, Balliol College, (First Class Honours); Fpllowof 
!\Ierton College, O.\.ford ; held post in the Colonial Office for two years ; 
curate, and then rector of Lavington-cum - Graffham, Sussex, in 
succession to his father-in-law the Rev John Sargent; Rural Dean, 
Archdeacon of Chichester, and Select Preacher to Oxford lTniversitv. A 
Priest; D.D. of Rome; founder in Enghnd and first Superior õf the 
Oblates of f4t Charles Borromeo; Protonotary Apostolic and Domestic 
Prelate to IT. H. Pope Pius IX; Canon of ,restminster, nnd then 
Arph hishop and (1ardinal Pripst of SSe Andrew and Gregory on the [iælian 
Hill; ecclesiastical statesman, philanthrophist and author; Hon of 1Yi11iam 
!\[anning, of Combebank, Sevenoaks, Kent, for man.,. years 1I.}J. for 
Evesham and Lynlington, a
d for sometime Governor of the Hank of 
Eng]and, by his second wife !\Iary, daughter of IIenry Lannoy Hunter, of 
Reec h Hill, Reading. (1851 ) 
t Manning, Mrs Louisa Augusta, second wife of Charles John 
l\Ianning, (17D9-1R80); daughter of the Rev. Sir Augustus Brydges 
LA., third Baron(>t; mother of the 1\1 issps Agnes, Yera, 
Oertrude, and Bertha ::\[anning, two of whom are nunH, and of Lady 1\Iary 
Augusta l\Iiller, wife of Sir 'Villialn Frederic :\Iiller, fifth Baronet. (185ß) 
t Manning, Miss Mary, then 
[rs J. Raymond Gasquet, of Brighton; 
daughter of Charles John 1\lanning, (1799-1880), by his first wife. (1851) 
t Manning, The Right Rev. Monsignoi'" William Henry, of 
Radley and Ushaw College's; a Priest (Oblate of St Uharles) ; AonletÏJne 
Hector of St Charles College, llayswater. London, W.; second son of 
Charles John l\Ianning, (1799-1880), by his first wife. (1852) 
Mansel, Miss Winifred, sister of 
Ir8 Algar Thorold, sister-in-law of 
the Right Rev. Dr Anthony 'Vilson Thorold, (1825-1Sg5), Lord Bishop 
of 1Vinchester; a Sister of Charity. 
Manser, Rev. Wilfrid, a brother of thp Assumptionist Order at, Old 
Ford, London, E. (188ß) 
Maphson, Rev. James, B.A., Oxon; curate of St 
IaI'Y'8, Soho 
London, ,Yo ' 
t Maples, Rev. Frederick George, B.A., St John's College, Cam- 
bridge; curate of St 
Ial'y's, Soho, London, 'v. A Priest at Our Lady and 
St Patrick, Limehouse, London, E. (1868) 
t Marah, Rev. William Hennessy, for many years vicar of Little 
Compton, Gloucestershire. (1885) 
Marchant, E. T., of Tany Bryn, Deaumaris, North 1Vales. (1904) 
Mark, Rev. A. Levelis, l\LA., Trinity Hall, Cambridge; curate of St 
Jo]m's, Hammersmith, London, 'V. (1884) 
Markes, Captai n J. Carlon, of the Leinster Regiment; late of the 
IJancashire J.i'usiliers; sevel'('ly wounded at Fort Itala during the South 
..\frican 'Val'; son-in-law of Dr (Iharles E, Ryan, of Glen]ara, co. Tipperary. 
(1908 ) 

Converts to Rome 


t Marriott, Miss, daughter of an Anglican clergyman. (1844) 
Marro Mrs Rachel, daughter of the Rev. Frederick Sperling, 
forme:ly rector of Pepworth St Agnes, Huntingdonshire ; niece of the Rev. 
John Hanson Sper1in cr , (1825-1894), late rector of "\Vestboul'ne, Sus
b (1897) 
Marryat, Miss Augusta, of TIl'uges, Belgium; relative of Captain 
larryat, (17
2-1S48), the novelist. 
Marsh, The Very Rev. Ernest, a Priest of the Salesian Order, till 
recently at The Bacred Heart, \Vest Battersea, London, S. 'Y.; now 
Superior at St 
\Iary :l\Iagdalen, 'Vandsworth Common, London, S.'V, 
Marsh, Dr Gideon William Barker, of Darlington Grammar School; 
shaw College; B.A., London University; F.R. Hist. S.; Fellow of the 
Royal Society of 
Iedicine; :\Iember of the Council of the Association of 
Physicians and Rurgeons; :Member of the British 
Iedical _Associn,tion; 
author; son of 'Villiam l\Iarsh, solicitor, of l\1iddleham, Yorkshire. (1877) 
Marshall, Miss, stepdaughter of the Rev. Baring Gould. 
Marshall, Rev. Arthur George, (1832-1897), B.A., St l\Iary's Hall, 
Oxford; curate of St :Matthew's, Liverpool; author of CO'lnedy of 
Convocation, etc. (1859) 
Marshall, Francis Albert, (1840-1889), of Harrow School; B.A., Exeter 
College, Oxford; at one time clerk in the Audit Office; dramatist and 
editor of " Henry lrving Edition" of Shakespeare; husband of :Miss Ada. 
Cavendish, (1839-1893), the actress; son of 'Villiam 
larshaII, J.P. and 
D.L., of Patterdale Hall, and Halstead, 'Vestmol'eland, at one time l\I.P. 
for Carlisle and East Cumberla.nd. 
Marshall, Frederic, at one time attaché to the Japanese Legation in 
Paris; author of .F'rench Hoyne Life, International rarieties, etc. ; brother 
of Francis Albert 
rarshall, (1840-1889), B.A., Oxon. 
Marshall, Mrs Harriet, (1822-1894), wife of the Rev. Thomas 'Yilliam 
l\larshall, (1818-1877), vicar of SwallowclifIe, \Viltshire; daughter of the 
Rev. 'Villiam Dancey, 
I.A., reCWr of Donhead St Andrew, Wiltshire. 
(1845 ) 
Marshall, Rev. Henry Johnston, (1818-1875), l\I.A., Pembroke 
College, Oxford; curate of Burton Agnes, Y orkBhhe, then of St l\lartin's, 
Liverpool. A Priest, D.D. of Rome, at Ross, Hereford; author. (1843) 
rshall, Sir James, (18:29-1889), C.1\1.G.; 
r.A., Exeter CoHege, 
Oxford; curate of St Giles', Uripplegate, London, E.C.; then barrister 
and Chief Justice of the Kiger Territories, Gold Coast; Hon. Treasurer 
of the Catholic Truth Society; Knight Commander of St Gregory the 
Great; son of the Rev. James :L\1arshaU, l\1.A., vicar of Christ Chul'ch, 
CHfton, Gloucestershil'e; grandson of the Rev. Leigh Richmond, 
rector of Turvey, Bedfordshire. (1857) 
.Marshall, Rev. Thomas William M., (1818-1877), :M.A., Trinity 
I College, Cambridge; vicar of SwallowclifIe, 'Viltshire; Inspector of 
Schools; Knight of St Gregory the Cheat; LL.D., of Georgetown College, 
U.S..L1.. ; author of C'hristiltn JJlissions, and several controvel:sial works; 
son of .J ohn _Marshall, GoVel'nnlent Agent for colonising K ew Bouth \Vales. 


Conyerts to Rome 

Marsham, Hubert Wheler, third son of the Hon. and Rev. John 

Iarsham, .i\I.A., rector of Larnton Segrave, Kettering; nephew of the 
fourth Earl of Romney; grandson of the Rev. 'Yilliam \Vheler Hump, 
of St Leonards-on-
usse,-; son-in-law of Charlcs Joseph Stonor, J.P., 
son of Charles Henry Stonor, (1798-1840), brother of the third. Baron 
Camoys. (1904) 
Ma tin, Mrs, wife of the late Dr J. X. H. 
IaI,tin, J.P., and one of the 
wa.ding physicians of Bla.ckburn, Lancashire. 

MartÏl1, Miss Barbara, daughter of Captain Ceorge Dohun l\Iartin, 

Martin, Rev. Edward R., ( -18/i), at one time a student for 
.A..nglican Orders; a Priest at 
Ionk's l{irby, Lutterworth, Leicestershire. 

Martin, Miss Eliza Vere Wykeham, (1838-1900), daughter of 
Hichard Fiennes 'Yykeham )fartin, of IJeeds Castle, Kent; sister-in-law 
of Henry 
furray Lane, Premier Herald of England, and of l\Iajor 
Hamilton Bradford, of the 108th Light Infantry. 
Martin, Mrs, wife of :\fajor 

Martin, Miss, of 
fill House, Chelnlsford, ESRex, 


Martin, Miss Jane, sister-in-law of the Right Rev. Dr James Atlay, 
(Un 7-1894), Lord Bishop of Hereford. (1882) 
Martin, Lady Sarah, wife of Sit- Thomas Acquin :\Iartin, (1850-1896), 
Agent-Ucneral to the Amcer of ...\.fghanistan, head of the firm, l\ & Co., 
of Ca.lcutta and London; dau;;hter of .John Humphrey I-Ial'l'by, of 
B o arwi thy, Herefordshil'e; mother of Captain Cuthbert T. l\Iartin, of the 
Highland Light Infantr)"'; who serycd in the last South African War. (1869) 
Martindale, Rev. Cyril Charles, of Harrow School; 
1.A., Pope's 
 Oxford; first (
Iods., tlw Hertford (Latin) and Craven (Latin 
and Greek) Scholarships in l!J03; Rt..ood second in this and the following 
year for the Ireland 
cholarship; Chanccllor's Latin Verse and Gaisford 
Greek Verse Pri7es 190--1; First Class in Final Lit. Hum. Exam. 190;:;; 
awarded Derby Scholarship 1906; and the Ellerton Theological Essay 
Prize in 190i; author and contributor to The P.Iorrth, Å7ne'1'ican Catholic 
Encyclopædia, etc.; a Scholastic of the Society of Jesus at St Beuno's 
College, St Asaph, Korth vVales; SOIl of Sir ...\I'thur Henry Temple :ì\Iartin- 
dale, K.C.S.I., Agent to the Viceroy and Governor-General of India for the 
province of Rajpu tana; grandson of Colonel B. Hay 
Iartindale, C.B. 
Martindale, Miss Laura, cousin of l\fajor J. R. Davies-Cooke, of 
Rutland nate, London, S. 'V. (1884) 
Martin-Edmunds, William Michael, of Rugby School; 
Trinity College, Cambridge; D.L. for Yorkshire; formel'ly :i\I.P., son of 
'Villiam Bennet l\Iartin-Edmunds, J.P. and D.L. of 'Y orsborough Hall, 
Yorkshire; grandson of the Rev. John Chaloner, 1\I.A. of Newton, Kyme, 
Y orkshil'e. (1869) 

Converts to Rome 


Maskell, Rev. William, (1814-1890), 
LA., University College, Oxford; 
rector of Corscombe, Dorset, then vicar of St 
Iary Church, near Torquay, 
Devonshire; Examining Chaplain to the Right Rev Dr Henry Phillpotts, 
(1778-1869), the Bishop of Exeter who opposed Catholic emancipation, 
and who refused to institut.e the Rev. George Cornelius Gorham, (1787- 
1857), to the living of Brampford Speke on account of the latter's 
Calvinistic views on baptismal regeneration; J.P. and D.L. for Cornwall ; 
author and ecclesiastical historian of high rank; son of 'Villi am 
solicitor, of Shepton 
IaJllet, Somf'rsetshil'e; father of Alfred Ogle 
l\IaskeU, Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries, and author. (1850) 
Mason, Frank, son of the Rev. Jacob J\Iontagu l\Iason, B.A. (1879) 
Mason, Rev. H. St Leger, a Priest-in-charge of The Sacred Hoort, 
Southwold, Suffolk. 
Mason, Rev. Jacob Montagu, B.A., Durham University; rector of 
Silk 'Yilloughby, Lincolnshire. (1879) 
Mason, Rev. James Austin, (1785-1844), a 
Iinister. A 
Priest at Rainhill, Prescot, Lancashire; author. (1819) 
t Mason, Mrs Louise Ma.ria, wife of the Rev. Jacob 
Iontagu l\Iason, 
B.A. (1879) 
t Mason, Mrs, mother of the late Rev. James Austin l\Iason, a Priest. 
t Mason, Miss, sister of the late Rev. James Austin l\Iason, a. Priest. 
gberd-Mundy, Charles John Henry, (1808-1882), Gcntle- 
m',n (;Olnmoner of Christ (;hurch, Oxford; J.P. and D.L. of Ormsby flaB, 
Alford, Lincolnshire. (1861) 
Massingberd-Mundy, Mrs, (1817-1892), wife of Charles John flenry 
l\Iassingberd-l\[undy, (1808-188z), fifth dauerhter of .J ohn Y oun er , of 
"Vestings, Isle of 'Vight, descendant of the Y;ungs of Castle Kinross,t'l N . n . 
Mather, Rev. F. H. V., B.A., Keble College, Oxford; curate of St 
Bartholomew's, Brighton, 8ussex. A Priest-in-charae of St Catherine's, 
Campden, Gloucestershire; son of the Rev. Canon o ],Iather, 
LA. of St 
Paul's, Bristol. (1897) 
Mathew, Lady Eliz.... beth, wife of the Right Hon. Sir James Charles 

Iathew, LL.D., P.C.; Lord Justice of Appeal; daughter of the Rev. 
Edwin Biron, 
I.A., vicar of Lympne, Kent. (1861) 
Mathew, Mrs Ruth, wife of rrheobald :Mathew barrister, eldest son of 
the Right Hon. Lord Justice l\fathew, P.C. ; daughter of the Rev. Georere 
Rigby, l\LA" and niece of Lord Justice Rigby. (1897) 

lathews, Rev. Charles, formerly a member of Father I!!Iln.tius' 
Anglican B;:othm'hood, in which he was known as" Br. Patrick." C 
Mathias, Mrs Caroline, wife of OeOl'ge :L\1atthias, of Tenby; mother 
of Colonel Henry Hm'ding l\Iathias, c.n., who lpd the charCle of the 
Gordon Highlanders at Dargai. t"> (1 


Converts to Rome 

Mathias, Miss Florence, daughter of George 1\Iathias, of Tenby. (1896) 
Matthews, Colonel, of the Royal Artillery. 
t Matthews, Alf'red Philip, the actor. 
Matthews, rJlr's Florence Charlotte, wife of James 

Iatthews, of the Bombay Port Trust. (1897) 
Matthews, Miss, daughter of an Anglican clergyman. 
Matthews, John Hobson, of Blackheath Proprietary School and Leys 
School, Cambridge; solicitor; archivist to tho Cardiff Corporation, and 
editor of the C((rd
ff Records; Hon. Secretary and founder of St Teilo's 
Historical Society; archivist to the County of .Monmouth; author; Bon 
of John T. 1\fatthews of St Iv-es, Cornwall, by his wife Emma, daughter 
of John Hobson, of Grove House, Great Grimsby. (1877) 
Matthews, Miss Louisa, daughter of Captain James 
Iatthews, of tho 
TIombay Port Trust. (1897) 
t Matthews, Rev. Mother Mary Teresa, Foundress and 1\fother- 
General of the Congregation of St Rose of Lima, Stroud, Gloucestershire. 
l\.'1aturin, Rev. Basil William, B.A., Trinity College, Dublin; curate 
of Peterstow, Herefordshire; then a member of the Society of St John 
the Evangelist, Cowley, in charge of St Clements' Church, Philadelphia, 
'U.S.A. A Priest in London; aut.hor; a well-known preacher; son of a 
former Vicar of All Saints', Grangegorman, Ireland. (1897) 
Maude, Rev. Arthur V., (1832-1888), R.A., Durham University; formerly 
lieuteJL.1.nt in the 77th Rcgt. ...\. Priest of the Brompton Orat.ory, London, 
S.'Y. ; Ron of Captain the Hon. Francis 1\faude, (1798-1886), of the Royal 
Navy, son of the first Viscount Hawarden. (1855) 
Maude, Mrs Sophie Dora, the authoress; daughter of 
laior J.'Y.G. 
Spicer, J.P., D.L., of Spye Pa.rk, "\Viltshire ; cousin of 
Iay Probyn, 
the poet. 
Maule, William Cassell, of Radley College; 
r.A., .Exeter College, 
Oxford, barrister, B.U.L., .T.P.; Hon. Counsel Catholic Guardians' 
Association, Income Tax Commissioner, Guardian of Christchurch IT nion ; 
author; Bon of Arthur 1\[aude, J.P. of Rose Hill, Rotherham, Yorkshire; 
husband of the preceding. 
Maule, Caterat, son of an Anglican clergyman. 
Maurel, Mrs, née 
Iackay, daughter of John 1\lackay, banker, of Inver- 
ness, N. n. 
Maurice, Rev. Robert Roberts, (1823-1908), B.A., Oxon; a Priest, 
successively professor of English in a Belgium College, missionary in 
Canada and l\Iexico, at St Vincent. de Paul, I{nutsford, Cheshire, and 
chaplain to the Prison; finally at 
Iold, Flintshire, North 'Vales. (1845) 
Mawson, Mrs Blanche Parry, daughter of Baker Gabb, D.L. and 
J.P. of Abergavenny, Moumonthshire; wife of Jo
eph )lawson, of Ken- 
sington, London, "T. 
May, Rev. Herbert H., _M.A.. 'Vadham College, Oxford; curn,tp of St 
Paul's, Oxford. (J 

Converts to Rome 


t May, Mrs, wife of the Rev. IIeroort H. l\Iay, l\1.A., Oxon. (1891) 
t May, Rev. Felix Henry, a Priest 
Maycock, George Bernard, (1826-1907), of Harborne, Birmingham. 
Maycock, Mrs Mary Elizabeth, widow of Bernard Joseph l\laycock, 
B.A., L.L.B., solicitor, son of the late George Bernard 
Mayne, Mrs, widow of 
Iajor-General John E. 
Iayne, of the Indian 
Army. (1909) 
Mayne, Captain Jasper Graham, late of the 27th Inniskillings; 
successively A.D.U. to Governor Sir ..F'rederick 'Veld in the Straits 
Settlements; Acting :i\Iilitary Secretary and A.D.C. to Sir IIercules 
Robinson, High Commissioner for South Africa; for five years \Ving 
Instructor, Hytbe Staff; DistIÍct IIllipector of 
lusketry, Home District; 
Chief Constable for East Suffolk; omy son of Lieutenant-Colonel Charles 
Otway :\layne; son-in-law of Sir Frederick Aloysius 'Veld, G.C.l.1.0. of 
Chideock. (1884) 
Mayo, Rev. Arthur, B.A., Magdalen College, Oxford; curate of StPeter's, 
Plymouth, Devonshire; previous to his taking Anglican Orders he served 
in the Indian Navy and took part in the 
Iutiny; his conduct is alluded 
to, in 
Ir Edward Fraser's Rm1tctnce of the King's NCtvy, as foHows :-" A 
Victoria Cross was awarded to IVfidsbipman Arthur _l\Iayo, for having very 
gallantly headed a charge on November 22, 1857, in an action between 
the Indian Naval Brigade and the mutineer Sepoys of the 73rd Native 
Infantry and the Bengal .Artillery. The Naval Brigade on the occasion 
were ordered to charge two six-pounders with which the mutineers were 
keeping up a destructive fire. They did so and captured both guns. 
l\1idshipman ::\Iayo led all the way, a clear twenty yards in advance of 
everybody." (1867) 
Mayo, Mrs Ellen Horser Catherine, née Baker; wife of the Rev. 
Arthur :Mayo, B.A., Oxon; mother of the Rev. Edward l\Iayo, a Priest of 
ociety of Jesus and Professor at Beaumont College, Old \Vindßor; 
the Rev. Francis 
Iayo, a Priest of the Society of Jesus and Professor at 
1\Iount St :Mary's College, Chesterfield, Derbyshire; and of the Rev. Ray- 
mund :Mayo, a Priest of the Society of Jesus at Stonyhurst College, 
Black burn. (1867) 
M'Christie, Mrs, wife of a former Revising Barrister for the City of 
M'Creath, Rev. Mother Mary, of the Convent of l\Iercy, Crispin 
Street, Spitalfields, London, E. 
M'Donnell, Mrs Mary, daughter of Colonel IIann,ay; widow of Captain 
Charles l\1ilford of the Royal 'Velsh Fusiliers; wife of Colonel John 
l\l'Donnell, C.B., late of the Royal Artillery. · 
t M'Gowan, General, who served during the Indian :Mutiny. 
M'Gree, Miss, a nun at Gibraltar; daughter of an Anglican clergyman. 
M'Kee, Rev. John Reginald, 
I.A., Exeter College, Oxford; curate 
of SS. Agnes and John the Baptist, Tuebrook, Liverpool. A Priest of the 
Brompton Oratory, London, S. ,V. (1901) 


Converts to Rome 

M'Kenna, Miss Alice, daughter of the late 1Villiam Columban ]\[,Kenna; 
sister of the Rio'1t Hon. Reginald 
l'Kenna, P.C., )I.P., President of the 
Board of Education. 
t M'Kenna, Mrs William, granddaughter of Sir Joseph Barrington, 
Bart., of Limerick, founder of the Hospital and Infirmary of that city. 
t M'Kenna, Mrs, of Ballyhea, near Dingle, co. ICerry, Ireland. (1850) 
M'Laren, Dr Agnes, :ðI.D.; ::\I.R.C.S.I. ; Fellow of the Academy of Dublìn ; 
l\Iember of tho Arca,dia of Rome; Hon. Secretary of the Catholic _Medical 
l\Iission to the 1Vornen and Childron of India; member of the International 
Federation for the .A_bolition of the State Recrulation of Vice , . daurrhter of 
o 0 
Duncan :\I'Laren, (1800-1bbtJ), at one time J\I.P. for Edinburgh, anù of 
Priscilla, sister of the Right Hon. John Bright, (1811-188fJ), sister of Sir 
Charles Benjamin Bright :\I'Laren, :U.P. 
t M'Laurin, Julius, at one time Professor of 
lathematics at Stonyhul'Bt 
College, Blackburn, Lancashire; Bon of the \-r ery Rev. 1V. C. A. :ßI'Laurin, 
Dean of J\Ioray and ROSE. (1850) 
t M'Laurin, Miss Violet, daughter of the '
ery Rev. W. C. A. ::\l'Laurin, 
an of 
Ioray and Ross. (1850) 
t M'Laurin, Very Rev. William C. A., Dean of :\Ioray and Ross. 
t M'Laurin, Mrs, wife of the Very Rev. ,Yo C. A. l\l'Laurin, Dean of 
:.Moray and Hoos. (1850) 
M'Lean, Rev. Hugh, )LA., Cantab., an Anglican clergyman. (1893) 
M'Lean, Miss Jane, formerly a member of 
Iildmay Association of 
Female 'V orkers in London, then an ..:\.nglican 
Iissionary in China. (1876) 
r,,'I'Lennon, rJliss Effie Blanche, only child of Alexander 
of the Union Dank of London. 
"\" M'Murdie, Rev. Henry Spencer, an Anglican clergyman; a Priest, 
at one time Professor of Logic and :Metaphysics at St l\lary's UoIl ege, 

Iaryland, U.S.A. (1848) 
Meady, Richard, of Cloudesley Lodge, Southampton; son of an .A,nglican 
Measures, Robert, of 'Voodlands, Streatham Common, London, S."? ; 
father of the Rev. Robert Measures, a Priest, in charge of Our Lady of 
Conso]ation and St Francis, 'Vest Grinstead, Sussex. (1902) 
Mee, Arthur, journalist, scientific and anäquarian writer; editor. of 
Cambnan N oies and Queries; one of the founders of the 
Society of 'Valæ; member of the British Astronomical Association, etc. ; 
son of George 
Iee, some time Editor of The Bradford Observer. (1902) 
t Meers, Rev. Alfred, B.A., Cantab, curate at Douglas, Isle of 
Mellor, tv.iss Katharine, only daughter of the Right lIon. Sir John 

Iell()r, (1809-1887), P .C., Judge of the High Court of Justice, Queen's 
Dench Vi visioll. 

Converts to Rome 


Mellor, Walter Clifford, Count of the IIoly Roman Empire and of the 
Pa pal Uourt; Knight Uommander of the Order of Ht George of Constantine; 
son of Colonell\Iellor, l\I.P. ; son-in-law of the ninth Earl of Galloway. 
Melsom-Smith, Geoffrey, of Sherborne School and Trinity College, 
Cambridge. (1908) 
Mends, Mrs, wife of Captain )Iends, R.X. 
Meredith, Rev. William Henry Stewart, B.A., :Merton College, 
Oxford; an Anglican curate. (1887) 
Merewether, Charles James, B.A., Christ Church, Oxford; son of 
the Very Rev. Dr John J\Ierewether, (1797-1850), Dean of Hereford 
t Merewether, Mrs, wife of the Very Rev. Dr John 
Ierewether, (1797- 
1850), Dean of Hereford. 
Merewether, The Misses, daughters of the Very Rev. Dr John 

lerewether, (1797-1850), Dean of Hereford. 
Merivale, Herman Charles, (18:39-1906), uf Harrow School; B.A., 
Balliol College, Oxford; author and dramati
t; son of Herman :\Ierivale, 
C.B., at one time Perma.nent Under-Secretary of State fur the Colonies. 
Merton, Viscount, Hon. Thomas Horatio Xelson, B.A., I(eble College, 
Oxford; eldest surviving sun of the third Earl Nelson, by Lady J\Iary 
Jane Diana Agar, (1822-1904), daughter of the second Earl uf Xurmanton. 
Mesnard, Mrs Sarah Isabel, (1828-1906), daughter of Alderman 
Clay, thrice :\Iayor of Sunderland; wife of Charles Leonard J\Iesnard, 
solicitor, of the same town. 
Metcalfe, John Henry, of Crayke Castle, near Easingwuld, Yorkshire; 
son of Captain J\Ietcalfe; grandson of the former Rector of Kirkbride, 
Cum berland. 
Metcalfe, Lieutenant Eric, of the Indian Army. (190
t Metcalfe, Mrs Inez, wife of John I-Ienry l\Ietcalfe, of Crayke Castle. 
Mexborough, The Earl of', (1810-1899), John Charles George Savi1e, 
fourth Earl; of Eton College; 1\1. A., Trinity College, Cambridge; at one 
time :M.P. for Garton and Pontefract; J.P. and D.L. for the 'Vest Riding 
of Yorkshire; grandson of the third Earl of llardwicke; sun-in-Iawof the 
third Earl of Orford (1894) 
Meynell, Mrs Alice Christina Gertrude, the poet and essayist; 
younger daughter of Thomas J. Thompson, 1\1.A., Ca.nta.b; sister of Lady 
Butler, painter of the "Roll Call," etc.; mother of Everard J\Ieynell, the 
artist and art critio; wife of 'ViIfrid 
Ieynel1, journalist and author. 
Meynell, Wilf'rid, journalist, was editor of The Weekly Register, and lJIerry 
England; Hon. Secretary, with the Duke of X orfolk, of the )Ianning 

femorial Committee; at one time literary adviser to 
Iessrs Burns & Oates; 
author; contributor to Thc Tablet, Daily Chronicle, Athenæum, Academy, 
Satunlny Re'Vic1li, Illustrated Lvndon Ne.u's, .1vincteenth Ct-nt'l
ry, and Con. 
tcmporary Rcvicll.;, etc. (1870) 


Converts to Rome 

Meyrick, Rev. Thomas, (IRI7-1903), scholar, 
LA., Corpus Christi 
College, Oxford. A Priest; author. (1845) 
Middlemass, Miss Jean, the authoress. 
Middleton, Miss, an Anglican Sister attached to All Saints', 
Street, London, ,V. 0 
Middleton, Rev. Warren B., a Priest-in-cha.rge of The Sacred IIeart, 
lJidefurd, Devonshire. 
t Miers, Captain Ronald C., of the 2nd Somerset Light Infantry, and 
then of the South African Uonstabulary; son of Lieutenant-Colonel C. II. 



Miles, Mrs, wife of Francis l\liles, of the Admiralty. (1867) 
Miles, Mrs Emily, daughter of :\Iajor J. ,Yo G. Spicer, J.P. and D.L., of 

pye Park, \Viltshil'e; sister uf 
ll's Suphie Dora l\Iaude, wife uf -\Villiam 
Casselll\[aude, J.P., B.U. L., 
I.-,-\.., OÁun.; wife of Colonel Charles K apier 

liles, C.H., 
1. V.G. ; of Burton Hill, .l\1almesbury ; Dame of the 1\lalmesbury 
1180 bi tation of the Primrose League; President of the Soldiers' and Sailors' 
:Families Association fur 
Ialmesbury; authoress. (I <)03) 
Milford, The Lady, (1824-1909), Lady Anne Jane Howard, widow of the 
first Baron :Milford, then wife of the late Thomas Joseph Eyre, of Freshford, 
co. Kilkenny, Ireland; daughter of the fuurth Earl of Wicklow; sister uf 
Lady Louisa Frances Lindsay, (1821-1897); granddauçhter of the first 

Iarq ness of A bercorn; a "founder" of 'V estminster Cathedral 
Millage, Mrs H. Clifford, wife vf the late Clifford :Millage, an English 
journalist resident in Paris. 
Millar, Miss Muriel, daughter of Lord Craighil
 Senator of the College of 
JUßtice in Scotland. (1903) 
Millard, Christopher, :\I.A., Keble Cullege, Oxfurd; for a time a student 
in the 
alis bury Theological College; author; son of the Rev. Canun 

1illard, .nLA., formerly vicar of Basingstoke, I1ampshire. (1897) 
t Miller, James, the publisher, of Edinburgh, K.B. 
Miller, Mrs, of Panmure House, Forfarshire, N.B. 
Miller, Dr Norman H. J., of RothamstefA,d Laboratory, .Harpendcn, near 
St Alhans, Hertfordshire. (lR94) 
1'v1iller, Stephen Peter, (1831-1896), of St Leonarda-on-Sea, Sussex; 
father of the Rev. Bernard :\1iller, D.D., Ph.D., professof_ at Oscott College, 
Birmingham, and of the Rev. Edmund J. 
Iiller, Priest-in-charge of Bt 
Richard, South Street, Chichester, Sussex. 
Mills, Mrs, wife of an Anglican clergyman. 
Mills, B. R. V., B.A., Christ Church, Oxford; son of Arthur Charles 
1.P. for Ex.eter. 
Mills, Francis M., B,A., Corpus Christi College, Cambridge; son of an 
...\.nglican clergyman. ( [609) 

Converts to Rome 


Mills, Rev. Henry Austin, (1823-1903), B.A., Trinity College, Cambridge. 
A Priest of the Birmingham Oratory. (1846) 

t Mills, Rev. H. E. Stuart, an Anglican rector. A Priest-in-charge 
of St 
Iary's, Chepstowe, 

Mills, Richard, B.A., BrasenoBe College, Oxford; solicitor. 


Mills, Mrs Emma Jane, wife of Richard 
filIs, B.A, Oxon; daughter 
of Captain Henry Bowden, (1804-1869), of the Scota Fusilier Guards. (1852) 

Milne, Mrs Gordon, wife of the late Incumbent of St James', Cupar, 
Fifeshire, N.B. (1864) 

Milner, Rev. Henry, B.A., Oxon; curate of Barnoldgwick 
t Milner, Rev. Henry James, 1\I.A., Cantab; rector of Penrith, 
Cumberland (1846) 

Milner, Rev. Wilfrid Leahy, B.A., St John's College, Cambridge; a 
Redemptorist Priest and l\linister at Our Lady of Perpetual SUCCOUl', 
l\:innoull lIill, Perth, N.B. (1892) 
Minster, Rev. Thomas, (1813-1852), of King Edward VI's School, 
LA., St Catherine's Ran, Cambridge; successively curate of 
Holy Trinity, Coventry; II unsingore, near "\V etherby, Yorkshire; 
Incumbent of Farmley Tyas, Yorkshire, and then Vicar of St Saviour's, 
Leeds; he died in minor orders at St 
lary's, Hanley, W orcestershire. (1851) 
Mitchell, Captain, of Beldovie and Balfour, N.B. 
Mitchell, Rev. William Henry, 
I.A., Trinity College, Oxford; Rector 
of \Vashford Pyne, Devonshire, and then vicar of Elberton, Gloucesterspire; 
Secretary to the Solesmes Community of Benedictines settled in the Isle 
of "\Vight; author. (1902) 
Mitton, Rev. Arthur Tennant, 
f.A., St Catherine's College, Cam- 
bridge; vicar of Stowmal'ket and 
larkyate, DWlstable. (1899) 
t Mivart, Mrs Caroline Georgina, mother of Professor Rt George 
Jackson J\Iivart, (1827-1900), the biologist and author. (1846) 
Mivart, Charles Lister, son of the late 1\11'8 Caroline Georgina 1\Iivart, 
Mivart, Mrs Mary Ann, widow of Professor St George Jackson 1\Iivart 
(1827-1900); mother of Dr Frederick St George J\fivart, 'Iedicallnspecto; 
under the Local Government Board (1856) 
t Moberley, Rev. William, l\LA., Cantab; vicar of Easton. (1851) 
Mole, Mrs Bernard, founder of St J\Iary's Nursery College,
 High gate, 
London, N. 


Converts to Rome 

Molesworth, Lady Jane Frances, wife of the late Rev. Sir Paul 
1Villiam lHolesworth, l\l.A., Cantab; daughter of Gordon 1VilJiam Francis 
Gregor, of Trewarthenick; a benefactress to the Catholio l\Iission of 
Newquay. (1852) 
Molesworth, Rev. Sir Paul William, (1821-1889), of Eton College; 
l\I.A., St John's College, Cambridge; tenth Baronet; rector of Tetcott, 
Devonshire, then a barrister. (1852) 
Molyneux, Miss, a nun of the Canonesges of St Augustine, IIoddeston; 
formerly an Anglican Sister attached to All Saints, l\Iargaret Street, 
Lond, In, 'V. 
Molyneux, The Hon. Ro
er Gordon, (1849-1893), of Eton College; 
Cornet of the lOth Hussars and then Lieutenant of the 1st Dragoon Guards; 
son of the third Earl of Sefton, Lord-Lieutenant of Lanca.ghire; grandson 
of Robert Gregge- Hopwood, of Hopwood Hall, Lancashire; son-in-law of 
'Villiam Dickinson, Dcputy Finance ::\Iinister of Canada. (1892) 
Monro, Mrs, wife of the Rev. 'Villi am Charles 1\Ionro, l\I.A., of King's 
Uollege, London, formerly curate of St Paul's, Knightsbridge, London, 'V. ; 
and her two children. 
Monsell, Lady Anna, (1818-1853), Lady Anna l\l ari a ( 'Vyndham- 
Quin; daughter of the second Earl of Dunraven, K.P. ; wife of the Right 
lIon. 'Villiam 1\Ionsell, P.C., who became first Baron Emly. (1850) 
Montagu, Mrs Annie Margaret, wife of Robert Acheson Cromie 

luntagu, formerly a lieutenant in the Royal Navy, son of the Right lIon. 
Lord Robert 
Iontagu, P.C., :M.P., son of the sixth Duke of l\Ianchester; 
daughter of Gilbcrt :ßI'
Iicking, of l\Iilwnise, 'Vigtonshire, N.B. ; sister of 
J---4ady lIenry Primrosc. (1880) 
t Montagu, The Hon. Henry, of the Duke of 1\Ianche.ster's family. 
( 1839) 
Monteiro, The Baroness Monteiro, an English lady. (1905) 
Monteith, Robert, (1810-1884), J.P., D.L., of Carstairs, N.B.; l\I.A., 
Trinity College, Cambridge; father of Joseph l\Ionteith, J.P., D.L. for 
Lanarkshire ; grandfather of Lieutenant Edmund 
Ionteith, of the Indian 
Army; of Lieutenant J. Basil L. l\Ionteith, Gordon Highlanders, and of 
the Rev. Robert J\Ionteith, l\I.A., Oxon., a Scholastic of the Society of 
Jesus, till lately Professor of :\Iathematics at Stonyhurst College, Blackburn, 
now at St Beuno's College, St Asaph, North 1Yales. (184i) 
Monteith, Mrs Wilhelmina Catherine Annà, (1819-1884), wife of 
Robert :\Ionteith, (1810-18b-!), .J.P., D.L., of Carstairs, N.B. ; daughter of 
.T. 1\Iellish, of Blythe, Nottingham, by the Baroness de Stein, oÎ Nordheim, 
Bavaria. (1847) 
Montgomery, The Hon. Mrs Fanny, (1820-1893), Hon. Fanny 
Charlotte \Vyndham; the authoress; daughter of the first Baron Leconfield; 
granddaugbter of the third and last Earl of Egremont, and of the Rev. 
'Villiam IHunt, 1\1....\.., of Crabbet, Crabbet Park, SUf::sex; mother of Sybil, 
eighth Marchioness of Queensberry; wife of Alfred 1\Iontgomery, (1814- 
1896), of The Den, Crawley, Sussex, Commissioner of Inland Revenue, son 
of Sir IIenry Conyngham J\Iontgomery, fir
t Baronet, who greatly 
distinguished himself in the war with Tippoo Sultan, and was successively 
1\1. P. for St 1\Iichael's, Yarmouth, and co. Donegal. 

Converts to Rome 


Montgomery, Rev. George, (1 R18-1R71), B.A., Trinity College, Dublin; 
curate of Castle Knock, Dublin. A Priest and founder of the Catholic 
:Mission of St :Mary's, V{ ednesbury, Staffordshire; author; Bon of a former 
Lord :Mayor of Dublin. (1843) 
Montgomery, Captain H. F. Lyons, of the Bengal Staff Corps. 
(1891 ) 
Montgomery, James Wallace, 
I.A., Trinity College, Dublin; of 
The Castle, Garvaghy, Aughnacloy, Ireland (1891) 
Moody, Mrs Ellen, (1824-1908), née Sedgwick, wife of the Rev. Robert 
Sadleir :Moody, (1823-1907), 
I.A., axon. (1854) 
Moody, Rev. Robert Sadleir, (1823-1907), of Eton College; }I.A., 
Christ Church, Oxford; curate of Aston, Shropshire; son of the Rev. 
Henry Riddell :l\Ioody, J\f.A., rector of Chartham, near Canterbury, Kent. 
(1854 ) 
t Moore, Captain, of the Royal Navy. (1849) 
t Moore, Rev. Algernon, B.A., London University; a Priest; son of 
an Anglican clergyman. (1858) 
Moore, Charles, J\I.P., of !\Iooresfort, co. Tipperary; father of Count 
Arthur J. l\Ioore, formerly J\I.P. 
Moore, Charles Harrington, solicitor, of 'Yoodbridge. Suffolk. 
Moore, Right Rev. Clement Harington, (1845-1903), J\LA., Christ 
Uhurch, Oxford; curate of \Vantage and St Barnabas, Oxford A Priest 
and Protonotary Apostolic; successively chaplain to the KenRingt.on 
Catholic Public School; assistant-Priest and Administrator of the Pro- 
Cathedral; Domestic Prelate and Chamberlain to Pope Leo XIII; founder 
and rector of St Joseph's, Via Santa Caterina, Florence; son of the Rev. 
Robert l\Ioore, l\LA., rector of St Giles', and Prebendary of Salisbury, by his 
wife Sophia Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Henshaw. (1872) 
t Moore, George, solicitor, of 'Yigan, Lancashire. (1848) 
t Moore, George F., of Latchford House, Cheshire; barrister; Town 
Clerk of 'V arrington, Lancashire; sun of Dr 
Ioore, of Liverpool. (1854) 
Moore, Major E. St F., of 'Voodbridge, Suffùlk. 
Moore, Rev. James B., a Priest-in-charge of Our Lady and St :\Ioluog, 
Clova, Lumsden, Aberdeenshire, N.B. 
Moore, Rev. John E., a Priest of the Society of Jesus at l\Ianresa 
House, Roehampton, London, S. ,Yo 
Moore, Rev. Richard, an Anglican 
Iissil)nary of the Society for the 
, Propagation of the Gospel in India. 
t Moore, Rev. Roderick, late of the Civil Service; a Priest at St 
George's Cathedral, Southwark, London, S.E. 
t Moore, Thomas, son of Ca.ptain Thomas l\Ioore, of Liverpool. (1884) 


Converts to Rome 

Moore, William Hibbert, Burgeon, of 'Voodbridge, Suffolk. 
Moore, Mrs, wife of \ViIliam lIibbel't ::\Ioore, of 'Voodbridge, Suffolk. 
t Mordaunt, John, brother ùf the former Rector of Beckworth. (18GB) 
t Mordaunt, Mrs, wife of Jobn 
Iordaunt. (18G8) 
Mordaunt, Miss, daughter of John 
Iordaunt. (18ß8) 
Mordaunt, Rev. Wil'-rid, (18--17-18D;")), Do Priest of the Society of 
Jesus at St 'Valburge's, Preston, Lancashire; author; son of an Indi3.n 
Officer. (18G2) 
Morell, J. Reynell, of the TIrit.ish 
luseum. (1857) 
t Moreton, Francis, son of Captain the Hon. Percy 
Ioreton; grandson 
of the first Earl of Ducie, and of Sir Rose Price, second Baronet. 
Morgan, AI'-red, Librarian of \ValsaIl, Staffordshire. 
Morgan, Rev. Arthur Napier, TI.A., Corpus ChriRti College, 
Canlbridge; curate of 
t Paul's, ]
arking, London E. A 1)riest at St 

ad()gan Street, Chelsea, London, S.'Y. (1D02) 
Morgan, Mrs, of Bryn-y-Garn, St Davids, 'Vales. (lH97) 
t Morgan, Rev. Charles, a. Priest 3J1d Army Chaplain in the Crimea 
and India. 
1 Morgan, Joh n, of Latham IIouse, Penwortham. 
Morgan, Miss Mary IIltyd, Superioress of St :Michael's IIome, 
Tl'efol'est, Glamurganshire, :::;outh 'Yales. 
Morgan, Thomas, at one time a member of the Llantaram School 
Board (18b7) 
t Morland, Rev. Henry, B.A., IIertford College, Oxford; curate of 
:Middle Ulayton; a 
riest. (1855) 
t Morley, Miss Elizabeth W., in religion Sister 
Iary Joseph, of the 
lares, .Evansville, Indiana, U.S.A. ; a d{'scendant of Oliver Cromwell ; 
cousin of the Right lIon. Viscuunt )Iorley, of B1ackbul'n, Secretary of 
Rtate for India. (18ÐÐ) 
Morley, William Stephen, (1822-1906), schoolmaster, organist
choirmaster of 8t George's, Taunton, Somersetshire. (1852) 
Morrell, M rs, widow uf the Rev. Baker :Morrell, 
f.A" curate of St 
Cuthbert's, Earl's Court, London, \V. ; mother of Lieutenant John Baker 

Iorrel1, :M.V.O. (1885) 
Morris, Charles Smyth, 1LA., K ew College, Oxford; eldest son of 
Thomas Uharles :Morris, of Drymmyrddin, 'Vales; nephew of \Yilliam 
:Morris, formerly 
Lr for the Carmarthen Burghs. (1883) 
Morris, David Henry r,nartin, fìfth son of John 
lorris, uf Duddington 
House, Sunbury-on-Thames. 

Converts to Rome 


1Y1orris, Lady Elizabeth, wife of Sir Georgo :Morris, K.C.B., brother of 
tbe late Lord l\Iorris, late High Sheriff of Galway, formerly l\LP. for 
Galway, Commis
ioner, and for eight years Vice-President of the Irish 
Local Government Board; daughter of David O'Connur-Henchy, l\I.P. 
Morris, Lady Isobel Langrish, wife of the Hon. Sir Edward Patrick 
l\Iorris, K.C., Attorney-General of Newfoundland, son of the Hon. Edward 
l\Iorris; daughter of tbe Rev. 'Villiam Le Gallais, of Jersey, Channel 

Morris, Rev. John, (1826-1893), of Harrow Rchool; Trinity College, 
Cambridge. A Priest, Vice-Rector of the English College, Rome; then 
Canon of 'Vestminster, and Secretary to Cardinal Nicholas Patrick 
Stephen 1\Tiseman, (1802-1863), first Archbishop of 1Vest:minster; sub- 
sequently a. member of the Society of Jesus, and for some time Rector of 
St Stanislaus', Roehampton, London, S.1V. ; ecclesiastical historian, son of 
John Carnac l\forris, (1798-1858), Telugu Scholar, F.R.S., and author, of 
the l\Iadras Civil Service. (1846) 
Morris, The Very Rev. John Brande, (1812-1880), l\LA., Balliol 
Cullege; Felluw and IIebl'cw I.Jecturer of Exeter UolIcge, Oxford. A Priest, 
Uanun of Plymouth, then Chaplain to the Sæurs de la l\IiséIicorde, 
Ifammersmith, London, '\V; mystical and devutional writer; son of the 
Rev. John l\Iorris, D.D. of Brentford, l\Iiddlesex; nephew of 'Villiam 
Thomas Brande, (1788-1866), the chemist and author. (1846) 
Moreton, Rev. Thomas Naylor, (1816-]898), B.A., Durham 
University; curate of Devizes, 1Viltshire; then Recurd Clerk to the 
Liverpool Corporation; author of the Ch:urrhes of the Holland lJivisinn of 
Lincolnsh-i're; son of Thomas 
Iorton, of Sibsey, Lincolnshire. (1833) 
Mossman, Rev. Thomas Wimberley, (1826-188f>), B.A., St 
Edmund's Hall, Oxford; D.D., of the University of the Southern States of 
America; rector of East and 1Vest Turrington, "\Vragby, Lincolnshire; 
author of various contruversial works. (1885) 
t Mostyn, Rev. Thomas, B.A., Trinity College, Dublin; rect-Jr of 
Annaghdown, co. Galway, Ireland (1854) 
Moultrie, Rev. John, B.A., X ew College, Oxford; curate of Christ 
Church, Doncaster, Yorkshire. (1890) 
Mowbray, William J., a 1Vesleyan; author. 
Mowbray, Mrs, wife of "\Villiam J. :I\Iowbray. 
I Moxon, Charles J., member of the Institute of British Architects. 

Muddiman, J. G., l\1.A., Exeter College, Oxford; solicitor. 


I Mudge, Dr Thomas, of Bodmin, Cornwall; nephew of the famous 
doctor and temperance reformer of the same name. (1901) 
Mundie, Charles Stanley, of Newsham Park, Liverpool; member of 
the Liverpool Committee of the Catholic Truth Society. (1902) 


Converts to Rome 

t Muldary, Mrs J. Mill, niece of the second Earl of Limerick. 
Mullins, Mrs, wife of Colonel )lulJins. (1881) 
Mulvaney, William, B.A., Trinity College, Dublin; J.P. of Bil1indaggin, 
Enniscorthy, co. ,rexford, Ireland. 
t Munro, Right Rev. Alexander, a Priest, Domestic Prelate to 
Pope Leo XIII, and Provost of the Cathedral of Glasgow. (1838) 
Munro, Rev. Philip Gun, (18
5-1901), B.A., l\Iagdalen IIall, OÀford; 
curate at 'V are, He rtfordsh ire. .A Priest-in-charge of St J uhn's, Horsham, 
SusseÀ; sun of the Holl. George Gun 
l\Iunro, of Grenada, B.'Y.I. (1852) 
t Munro, Miss, daughter of Lady Doherty. (1845) 
Munroe, Miss, of Seymour Street, Portman Square, London, 'V. 
Murphy, Mrs, widow of an Irish clergyman; a nun at Gibraltar. 
t Murray, Lady Agnes, Lady Agnes Graham, eldest daughtpr of the 
fourth Duke uf )lontrose, lCT., by the Hon. Caroline Agnes Bcresford, 
daughter of the second Baron Dccics; first wife of Colonel John :l\Iul'ray, 
of the Grenadier Guards; of Polmaise Castle, Stirlingshire, N.B. 
t Murray, Mrs, wife of John .Murray, J.P. of Philiphaugh, N.B. 
Murray, JOhn, son of John 
lurray, J.P. 
Murray, M rs, wife of John 1\1 urray, junr. 

Murray, Miss lone Keith, daughter of Rir Patrick l(eith 
eighth Baronet, by Ioné Campbell Penney, da.ughter of the late 11011. Lord 
Murray, Johnston, B.A., Edinburgh Uniyersity, x.n. (18!H) 
Murray, Rev. William, 
LA., Cantab; late Incumbent at Colchcstor, 

Myers, Mrs, of Hyde Park Court, London, 'V. 
Myers, Rev. Frederick, (1829-1906), a Priest of the Society of Jesus, 
and for thirty years in charge of St Peter's, Swnyhurst, :Dlack burn, 
Lancashire; son of a Liverpool merchant. (1849) 

Converts to Rome 



t NANGLE, Miss, niece of t.he Rev. Edward Nangle, B.A., a clergyman of 
the Irish Church in Achill Island, lreland (1844) 
t Nash, Rev. Francis Lewis, 
I.A., X ew College, Oxford; curate of 
All Saints, Oxford; son of the Rev. Dr Nash, an Anglican clergyman. (1855) 
Nash, Mrs, wife of the late Rev. Francis Lewis Nash, l\I.A., Oxon. (1865) 
Nash, Mrs de Lacy, niece of General de Lacy. 
Nasif; Amine, late Director of the Protestant ::Missions in Cairo, Egypt. 
(1881 ) 
Naylor, Rev. George, a Dominican Friar, till recently at Holy Cross 
Priory, Leicester, now in Grenada, 'Vest Indies. 
Nears, Rev. Henry E., a Priest of the Paulist Community in the 
United States; formerly an Anglican clergyman in l\Iontreal, Canada. 
Neave, Mrs Anna Maria Dorothea, (1814-1888), wife of Richard 
Keave, (1808-1877), of the )Var Office; daughter of the Rev. John Eyton, 
:\1.....\..., of Eyton, Shropshire. 
Neave, John Arthur, B.A., Oxon 
Neave, Richard, (1808-1877), of the 'Val' Office; grandsun of the first 
Baronet, of Dagnam Park, Essex; father of the Rev. Richard Lewis 
Irvine N eave, a Priest-in-charge of St Catherine's, Littlehampton, Sussex; 
and of Barbara Frances IUary, wife of Count Roger de Courson. 
t Neligan, Very Rev. William Hayes, B.A., Trinity College, 
Dublin; curate of Cashel, Irela.nd, then at l\Ielton l\Iowbray, Leicestershire. 
A Priest and Vicar-General of the Bahamas Islands, B. )V.I., pouthor. (1860) 
Nelson, The Countess, (1822-1904), Lady l\Iary Jane Diana Agar, wife 
of the third Earl Kelson; daughter of the second Earl of X ormanton, 
(1778-1868) ; granddaughter of the eleventh Earl of Pembroke. (1896) 
Nelson, The Hon. Charles Horatio, (1856-1900), of Radley 

 College; second son of the third Earl Nelson; grandson of the second Earl 
of Normanton. (1896) 


Converts to Rome 

Nelson, The Hon. Edward Agar Horatio, fourth son of the third 
Earl Nelson; was Lieutenant 3rd Battalion 'ViJtshire Regiment, and served 
in the Nile Expedition; grandson of the second Earl of Kormanton; 
Bon-in-law of Henry H. Cave, of IIorton Crescent, Rugby. (1888) 
Nelson, The Hon. Mrs Ellen, daughter of George 'Yilliam Petty; 
wife of the Hon. Charles Horatio Nelson, (1856-1ÐOO), second son of the 
third Earl Nelbon, and grandson of the second Earl of Normanton. (1896) 
Nesbitt, Captain, late of the Royal Artillery. 

Nethercott, Miss Maria, the authoress, of Dublin. 


Neve, Very Rev. Frederick Robert, (1806-1886), of Eton (1011ege; 
l\1.A., Oriel College, Oxford; rectOr of Poole Keynes, nea.r (1irencester, 
'Yiltshire. A Priest, D.D. of Rome, at one time Rector of the English 
College, Rome; then Provost of the Chapter of Clifton Diocese. (1845) 
Nevile, Ralph Henry Christopher, of Eton College; B.A., Trinity 
College, Cambridge; J.P. for Lincolnshire and Peter borough, formerly 
High Sheriff of Lincolnshire; only son of IIenry Nevile, J.P. and D.L. of 
'Yalcot II all, Northampton, and of Ellen, daughter of the Rev. C. Bryan, 
(who afterwards married ,Veston Cracroft-Amcott.s, of Ilackthol'n); 
Bon-in-Iaw of Charles Robert Scott-I\Iul'ray, of Danesfield. (1871) 
Nevill, Lord William Beauchamp, of Eton College; formerly 
lieutenant Queen's Own (Royal 'Yest Kent) Regiment; ..L\.D.C. to the 
cnth Duke of l\Iarlborough, I{.G., when Viceroy of Ireland; fourth son 
of the first J\Ia.rquess of A bergavenny, I\:.G., grandson of the first Baron 
Derwent; son-in-law of Jose de l\Iurrieta, I\Iarquis de Santurce. (1886) 
Neville, Francis Henry, l\I.A., Fellow of Sidney But:;::;ex College, Cam- 
bridge ; I(H,.
., Lecturer in Physics and Chemistry in the University of 
Cambridge; author. (lÐ04) 
Neville, Mrs, wife of Francis Henry Neville, 
I.A., Uantab. (1905) 
Neville, Rev. William Payne, (1824-1905), of 'Vinchester (1011ege; 
l\1.A., Trinity College, Oxford. A Priest of the Brompton Oratory, and 
Secretary to Uardinal KewmaI\. (1847) 
New, Rev. Francis T., (1830-1896), of IGng's College, London; :M.A., St 
John's College, Oxford; curate of 8t Pan Cl'as, London, N. 'V. ; then a 
solicitor. (1847) 
t New, Colonel Selwyn, of the l\[adras Army. (185
t New, Mrs, wife of the Re\T. Francis T. New, (1830-1896), l\I.A., Oxon ; 
curate of St Pancras, London, N.'V. ; cousin of the Right Rev. Dr George 
Augustus Selwyn, (1809-1878), Lord Bishop of Lichfield, and of Sir Charles 
Jasper Selwyn, (1813-1869), Lord Justice of Appeal. (1847) 
Newburgh, The Countess, (1800-1877), Lady l\Iargaret Kennedy, 
wife of the seventh Earl of Newburgh; daughter of the first I\Iarquess of 
Ailsa, K. T., F.R,S. (1850) 

Converts to Rome 


Newcastle, The Duchess o
 IIenrietta Adela Hope, wife of the 
E!ixth Duke of Newcastle; daughter of Henry Thomas Hope, of Deepdene, 
Surrey. (1879) 
Newdigate, Rev. Alfred, of Eton College; J\LA., Christ Church, 
Oxford; curate of Aylesbury, then vicar of Kirk Hallam, Derbyshire; 
cousin of Charles Kewdigate Kewdigate, (1816-1887), 
LP. for Xorth 
'Yarwickshire; son of Francis Newdiga.te, J.P., D.L., of Astley Castle, 
'Varwickshire, by Lady Barbara Legge, daughter of the third Earl of 
Dartmouth. (1875) 
Newdigate, Mrs Selina Charlotte, wife of the Rev. Alfred 
N ewdigate, 3I.A., Oxon; daughter of the Rev. Griffith Boynton, 
rector of Barmston, Yorkshire, son of the ninth Baronet; mother of the 
Rev. Charles Alfred 
ewdigate, B.A., (Classical Honours), London 
University, a Priest of the Society of Jesus, and Prefect of Studies at St 
Ignatius' College, Stamford Hill, London, N. ; and of Bernal'd H. Newdigate, 
B.A., London University. (187f')) 
Newell, Rev. Regi nald, a Duminican Friar; nuw in California, U.S.A. 
Newenham, Major Henry E. B., of the Royal Fuöilierò. 
Newman, His Eminence John Henry, Cardinal, (1801-1890), 
of Ealing School; scholar, 
l.A., B.D., Fel]ow of Trinity Cullege, l
and Tutor of Oriel College, Oxford; successively curate of St Clement's, 
Oxfurd; Vice-Principal of St 
\J.ban's Hall; Whitehall Preacher; vicar of 
8t :\Iary's, Oxford; he was for a considerable time, in conjunction with Dr 
Pusey, the recognised leader of the High Church Party; he took a promin 'nt 
part in the publica.tion of the Tracts for the Time.-:, being tl,e author oÌ the 
fa.mnus trap.t "DO" ; retired to Littlemore in 184:3. For sume time Rector 
of the Ca.tholic University, Dublin; founder and Superiur of the Birnung- 
ham Oratory and School; proclaimed Carclinal-deacon of St George in 
Velabro in 1879; poet and author; SOll uf Jolm Kewman, banker, of 
London. (184,")) 
Newnham, Captain Frederick George, late of the Bombay 
Army. (18'ïü) 
Newnham, Mrs, wife of Captain Frederick George Newnham. (187D) 
Newton, F., master at the Oratory School, Edgbaston, Birmingham. 
Newton, Lieutenant Robert, of the Royal Navy. 
t Nichol, John Pringle, 
I...A., Ballio
 College, Oxford; author of :Phe 
Life of Victor Hugo, and contributor to the J/o1"tnijhtly Revieu' and the 
Revue df.,s Deux l1Iondes; son of Professor John Pringle Nichol, (1804-1859), 
Professor of English Literature in the University of Glasgow. (189--1) 
Nicholl, Captain IItyd Thomas Mansel, of the Royal Navy; son 
of the Right Hon. John Nicholl, ::\I.P., father of the Hon. Bernard Vincent 
Xicholl, an Indian Judge. (1852) 
Nichols, Dr, of London. 
Nicholson, Beckett, solicitor. 


Converts to Rome 

Nicholson, Miss, of Inglewood, 'Vimbledon, London, S.'Y. 
Nicholson, Mrs Constance Ferrers, (1831-1903), wife of the ]ate 

lajor 'Villiam Nicholson. (1847) 
Nicholson, Major William, (1816-1888), of the 3rd Lancashire l\Iilitia;1 
Solicitor at 'Varrington, Lancashire; son of Peter 1\ icholson, of Thelwall 
1Iall, Cheshire; author. (18-17) 
Nicholson, M rs, Lady Principal of the Convalescent Home at Hemel: 
Hempstead (1869) 
Nicols, Rev. David Charles, (1830-18ü8), Cross University Scholar, 
1.LA., Peterhouse, Cambridge; curate of All Saints, :r.largaret Street,: 
London, ,V. A Priest-in-charge of St IIelen's, Ongar, Essex. I 
Nightingale, Lieutenant Ernest, (1821-1868), youngest son of Sir 
Charles .Kightingale, seventh Baronet; nephew of the first Baron 
Ellenborough, (1750-1818), Lord Chief Justice of England. (1851) 
t Nightingale, Mrs, wife of Lieutenant Erncst Nightingale, (IR21-1868), 
daughter of Thomas .Kimmo; niece of 8ir 'rhomas Gladstone, second 
TIaronet, and uf the late Right Hun. 'Vil1iam Ewart Gla.d8tone, 
LP. (1851) 
Nimmo, The Misses, both nuns; sisters of the late i'll's Xightingale. 
t Noble, Lieutenant John Edmund, of the King's Own Yorkshire 
Light Infantry. 
Noel, Miss, a nun at the Sacrf'd IIeart Convent, Roehampton, London, 
S.'V.; daughter of Admiral Sir Gerard IIcnry Koel, R.C.B.; granddaughter 
of the Rev. Augustus 'V. K oel, 1\1.A., rector of Stanhoe, X orfolk. 
Noel, Miss Charlotte, the artist in "ater Colours; daughter ,-,f Admiral 
Sir Gerard flenry Koel, K.C.R. 
Norfolk, The Duchess of; (1821-1
R6), I-Ion. August.a 1\lary :Minna 
Catherine Lyons, wife of the fourteenth Duke of K orfolk, who was for 
a time 
1.P. for Limerick; daughter of Admiral the first Baron Lyons, 
G.C.B., and sister of the first and lust Earl LyoIlB, G.C.B., the diplomatist. 
Norfolk, The Duchess of; (1854-1877), Lady Flora Paulyna Hetty 
Barbara Abney-I-Iastings; first wife of the fifteenth Duke of K orfolk, 
lCG.; daughter of Charles Frederick ALney- IIastings, the first Earon 
Donington, (1822-1893), by Edith :L\faud Abney-Hastings, (1833-1874), tenth 
Oountess of Loudoun. (1875) 
Norgate, Rev. Cecil Francis, curate of St John's, Sutton-on-Plym, 
Plymouth, Devonshire. A Priest (Diocesan :l\íissiona.ry of Our Lady of 
Compassion) at The Close, Saffron 'Yalden, Essex. (1903) 
t Norman, Rev. George B., 
I.A., Trinity College, Cambridge; curate 
at "\Veston. (1852) 
Norman, Herman Cameron, B.A., Trinity College, Cambridge; now 
at the British Emba.s..c:;y at Cairo, Egypt. 

Converts to Rome 


Norris, Rev. Henry, (1840-1906), author and Fellow of the Society of 
Antiquaries. A Priest, for thirty years in charge of St John the Baptist, 
Tamworth, Staffordshire. (1860) 
North, The Lord, 'Villiam Henry John North, eleventh Baron; of Eton 
College; B.A., Christ Church, Oxford; formerly lieut:mant in the 1st Life 
Guards; )Iajor in the Oxfordshire Hussars; Colonel of the 2nd Battalion 
Oxfordshire Light Infantry; A.D.C. to the thirteenth Earl of Eglington 
when Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland; Knight of :Malta ; J.P. for'Vestminster 
and for count.ies Oxford, Cambridge, Suffolk, and l\Iiddlesex; County 
Councillor for Oxford; Vice-President of the Fifteen Club; only child of 
the tenth Baroness North, and of Colonel the Right Hon. J. S. Korth, 
:ßI.P. ; grandson of the third Earl of Guilford. (1879) 
I\.orth, The Lady, Frederica, wife of Lord North, elevf'nth Baron; 
daughter of Commander Richard Howe Cockerell, of the Royal 
mother of Captain the Hon. 'Villiam Frederick North, J.P. for Oxford, 
late of the 3rd Batt. Norfolk Regiment, and Lieutenant Oxfordshire 
Yeomanry. (1879) 
Northcote, Very Rev. James Sp
ncer, (1821-1907), of Ilmington 
Grammar School; Scholar, 
I.A., (First Class in Classics), Corpus Christi 
College, Oxford; curate of Ilfracombe, Devonshire. After his wife's death 
he became a Priest, D.D. of Rome, President of Oscott College, and then 
Provost of the Cathedral Chapter of Birmingham, in charge of Our Lady 
of Angels and St Peter's Uhains, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire; author; 
son of George Barons Northcote, of Pemton Court, Honiton, Devonshire, 
and of Somerset Court, Somerset. (1845) 
t Northcote, Miss, a nun; daughter of the Very Rev. James Spencer 
Xorthcote, (1821-1Ð07), l\I.A., Oxon. (1843) 
Northcote, Rev. Philip, of I-Ioniton Grammar School, I-Iailebury College, 
a.nd Edinburgh Episcopal Training College. A Priest (Servite) on the 
)Iissions at Begbrooke, Oxford, Dundee, Natal. St l\Iary's Priory, Fulham 
Road, London, S.'V.; now at OUf 
Iost Holy Redeemer, Keyham, 
Devonport, Devonshire; author. 
t Northcote, M rs Stafford, sister-in-law of the first Earl of Iddesleigh, 
(1818-1887), the statesman and author. (18.16) 
Northcote, 1\1rs Susannah Spencer, (1825-1833), wife of the Very 
Rev. James Spencer Xorthcote, (1821-1D07) ; daughter of Joseph Ruscombe 
Poolp, solicitor, of Bridgwat-er, Somersetshire. (18-15) 
t Nutt, The Misses, of Queen's Square,- London; two ladies who showed 
much kindness to the" Tractarian" Converts. (1846) 


Converts to Rome 



OAKELEY, Very Rev. Frederick, (IR02-1 RRO), (Chancellor's Pri7CnlaIl 
for Latin EHSa.y and Ellel'ton Prizeman); ::\LA., Christ Church, Uhaplaill- 
Fellow uf Balliol College, Oxford; '\'llitohall Preacher; Preben<b,ry 
of Lichfield; author; Incumbent of All Saints', l\Iargaret 
tl'('et, London, 
,Yo ; a prominent tractarian. A Priest, Canon of 'Vestminster, in charge 
t John's, Duncan Terrace, London, N. ; youngest son of Sir Charles 
Oakeley, (17[)1-1826), first Baronet, a most successflÙ Governor of I\In.drn.s, 
by IIelena, only daughter of Robert Beatson, of Killerie. (1845) 
t Oates, Thomas, the publisher; at one time a student for Anglican 
Orders. (1851) 
Oates, William WB'frid, (IR28-1876), brother of the la.te Thomas Oates; 
master uf Hte Clifton Pro-Cathedral School; subsequently partnpr in the 
well-known publishing firm of Burns & Oates; Fon of Goorge Oates, of 
IIorsforth, near Leeds; father of the Rev. l\lother I\Iary Salome, the 
authoress, of St 
lary's Convent., Cambridge. (1851) 
O'Brien, Mrs Bertha, wife of James Hevey Archer O'Brien, I\I.R.I.A ; 
of St Ita's, co. Dublin, and of, co. 
Ieath, Ireland. (1880) 
O'Brien, Miss Charlotte Grace, (1845-1909), the poet, of Ardnoir, 
Foynes, co. Limerick; daughter of 'Villi am Smith O'Brien, (1803-1864), 
the Irish Nationalist, of Harrow School, B.A., Trinity College, Cambridge, 
and ::\I.P. for Ennis and Limerick; niece of the thirteenth Lord Inchiquin. 
t 0' Brien, Rev. James, ::\I.A., Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge; vicar 
of Lyneham. (1856) 
O'Brien, The Hon. Louisa Anna Maria, youngest daughter of 
Lucius O'Brien, (1800-1872), thirteenth Baron Inchiquin, by Louisa, 
daughter of I\Iajor James :Finucane, of Ennistymon House, co. Clare. (1908) 
O'Brien, Mrs Maria, néc Procter, formerly an Anglican Sister at East 
Grinstead, Sussex; wife of F. Lucius O'Brien. (1866) 
O'Brien, Mrs Phillis Isobel, sister of 
fichael Da.wson, B.A., Cantab., 
professor of :l\Iusic at Stonyhurst College, Blackburn, Lancashire; wife 
of Ja.mes 
Iichael O'Brien, of the Civil Service. (1905) 

Converts to Rome 


O'Brien, Mrs Sophie, the authoress; daughter of Herman Raffalovich, 
banker, of Paris; wife of 'Villiam O'Brien, I\I.P., foundel of Unital Ireland 
and The IrÙh People. (1890) 
O'Caliaghan, The Hon. Mrs Rosina, widow of Edward Charles 
FoHett; wife of the Hon. George Cornelius Gerald O'Callaghan, son of the 
second Viscount Lismore ; daughter of the Rev. 1Villiam Henry 1Villiams, 
!\I.A., of 1V olverhampton, Staffordshire. (1879) 
O'Connell, Mrs Ellen M., only daughter of Ebenezer Foster, of The 
Elms, Cambridge; wife of the late Daniel O'Connell, ]}I.P. for Tralee, 
youngest son of Daniel O'Connell, (1775-1847), the Liberator. (1875) 
O'Connell, Lady Emily Clunes, daughter of Rear-Admiral Sir 
Richard O'Conor, R.C.B.; wife of Sir !\Iaul'ice James O'Connell, second 
Baronet and grandson of the Liberator; mother of Sir !\Iorgan Ross 
O'Connell, third Baronet, J.P. and D.L., Lord of the )Ianor of Bally- 
carberry; and of :\Iajor James Ross O'Connell, who served in the Dongola 
and I
hal'toum Expeditions. (1860) 
O'Connor, Mrs, wife of Dr D. i\I. O'Connor of 1Vorksop. (1883) 
t O'Connor, Rev. Michael, B.A., Trinity College, Dublin; rector of 
Culdoff, Ireland. (1857) 
t O'Conor, Mrs Alice Mary, wife of Charles l\Iatthew O'Conor, .J.P. 
a.nd D.L. of i\Iount Druid, Roscommon, Ireland; daughter of James Hale, 
of Temple View, Sligo. (1891) 
O'Conor, Mrs Ellen Isabella, daughter of the Rev. 'v. Kevill-Davies, 
of Croft Castle, Herefol'dshire; wife of the late Denis 
laurice 0'( i onor , 
some tiTUe 
I.P. for co. Sligo, and High Sheriff of co. Roscommon. 
O'Conor, M rs Evelyn, wife of Charles 1Villiam O'Conor, only son of 
Iaurice O'Conor, 
I.P. for co. Roscommon; daughter of Admiral 
the Hon. Armar Lowry-Corry, son of the third Earl Belmore. (1906) 
O'Conor, Mr's, wife of Denis 
Iaurice O'Oonor, sometime 
LP. for co. 
Roscommon; daughter of the Rev. 1Villimll I\..evill-Davies, ]}LA., of Croft 
Castle, Hertfordshire. (1878) 
Oddie, Arthur, of Colney House, St Alban's, I-Iertfordshire. (IR76) 
t Oddie, Rev. Claude, a Redemptorist Priest; son of Captain Henry 
J. Oddie, late of the 15th Regiment. (1876) 
Odd ie, Miss Georgina, daughter of Captain Henry J. 

Oddie, late 15th 

t Oddie, Captain Henry H., of the 15th Regiment. 
Odd ie, Mrs, v.ife of Captain fIenry J. Oddie. 

Oddie, Miss Katherine, daughter of Captain II. J. Oddie. 
Oddie, Philip, son of Captain Henry J. Oddie. 


Converts to Rome 

t O'Donnell, Mrs Margaret, daughter of ("'faptain Thomas Hobson of 
the 34th Regiment; niece of Samuel Hobson, LL.D.; wife of .T. O'Don
of Kil bready, Ireland. (lRf>í) 
0' Flaherty, M rs, wife of .Anthony O'Flaherty, at one time 
I.P. for 

02'den, Booth, of Broadbottom, ::\Ianchester. 


ilvie-Forbes, Rev. John Charles Matthias, 
LA., Keble 
College, Oxford; 
LA., ..A..berdeon University; formerly an Anglican 
ry in Colombo, Ueylon; J.P. and D.L. for Aberdeenshire; only son 
of Professor George Ogi1vie-Forbe
r.A., of Boyndlie, Fra
.Abel'deenshire, N. B. ; son-in-law of Colonel Lenox Prendergast. (18R2) 
O'Gorman, Mrs, daughter of Dr :\Iervyn N. Crawford, of :\Iillwood, co. 
Fermanagh, Ireland; wife of Edmund O'Gorman, of co. Clare. (18ûO) 
O'Grady, Mrs, of Onslow Square London, S.'V. 
Okely, William Sebastian, (1830-1878), scholar, 'LA., Trinity Conege, 
Cambridge; University Travelling Bachelor; author. (l8[)ï) 
Oldham, Rev. George AI"red, (1820-1875), 
r.A., Trinity College, 
( 'ambridge: curate of Dorking, Sussex. A Priest and founder of St l\Iary 

fagdalen's, Brighton, Sussex. (18GO) 
Oldmeadow, Mrs Annie Cecilia, wife of Ernest Jamps Ol<IIl1eadow; 
daughter of the Rev. Joseph Dawson. (1907) 
Oldmeadow, Ernest dames, of King's School, C'hester; the novelist 
and musical critic; late editor of The IJO'Jne, for four years lllusical critic of 
The Outlook; was for a. time no X onconformist ::\rinister, (1901) 
Oliver, Miss Lætitia Selwyn, the authoress; daughter of the late 
Rev. \V. 1\1. Oliver, Rector of Bovinger, Essex, and cousin of the late 
Right Rev. Dr J. A. Selwyn, Lord Bishop of Lichfield
Oliphant, Mrs Ruth, wife of Lieutenant Henry Gerard L. Olipha.nt, 
R.N., Ron of General Sir Lawrence .Tames Oliphant, 
LV.O., by the Hon. 
:l\Ionica :Mary Gerard, eldest daughter of the first Baron Gerard; only 
daughter of Rear-Admiral Sir Henry Deacon Barry. 
O'Mahoney, Mrs William, daughtE'r of Colonel Peisley L'Estrange; 
sister-in-law of the 
Iost Rev. Dr 
Iarcus Gervais Beresford, (1801-188f>), 
Lord Archbishop of Armagh. 
O'Neil, Arthur, D.A., .Jesus College, Cambridge. 
Orf'ord, The Earl 0", (1813-18D4), Horatio 'Villi am 'Valpole, fourth Earl, 
of Eton CoHege; B.JL., Trinity College, Cambridge; at one time :\I.P. for 
X orfolk ; J.P. and D.L. for the county. (1834) 
Orford, The Countess 0", (1819-1886), Harriet Bettina Frances Pellew, 
wife of the fourth Earl of Orford; daughter of the Hon. Fleetwood 
Broughton Revnolds Pellew, son of Aruniral Sir Edward Pellew, G.C.8., 
(17,;)7'--lR33), who became t.he first Baronet and first Viscount Exmouth. 

Converts to Rome 


Ornsby, Rev. Robert, (1820-1889), )L
\.., Lincoln College, Fellow of 
Trinity College, Oxford; First Class in Classics; successively curate of 
St Olave's, Chichester, Sussex; tutor to the fifteenth Duke of X orfolk, 
K.G. ; professor of Greek and Latin at the Catholic University College, 
Dublin; Fellow of the Royal University of Ireland; author, classical 
scholar and bioòrrapher, at one time sub-editor of The Tablet; brother of 
Rev. George Ornsby, (1809-1886), the antiquarian, :\LA., Durham University, 
vicar of Fishlake, and Prebendary of York; son of George Ornsby, of 
Lanchester, Durham. (1847) 
t Ornsby, Mrs, wife of the Rev. Robert Ornsby, (1820-1889), 
LA., Oxon ; 
daughter of "Tilliam Dalgairns, an officer of Fusiliers who did ga]]ant 
service in the Peninsular 'Val'; sister of the Rev. John Dobree Dalgairns, 
(1818-1876), a Priest of the Brompton Oratory, author of several mystical 
and metaphysical works. (1848) 

Orr, Rev. James, 
I.A., Oriel College, Oxford; curate of St James', 
Bristol. (1870) 
Osborne, Rev. Lord Francis George Godolphin, (1830-1907), of 
Eton College; 
I.A., l\Iagdalene College, Cambridge; rector of Great Elm, 
near Frome, Somersetshire; J.P. and D.L. for Berkshire; second son of 
the eighth Duke of Leeds. (1873) 
Osborne, Lady Katharine Matilda, wife of Lord F. G. G. Osborne, 
(1830-1907); daughter of John S. Rich. (1875) 
Osborne, Rev. Riversdale Godolphin, (1848-1892), of l\Iarlborongh 
and 'Yells Theological Colleges; vicar of Dunston, Lincolnshite; a Priest 
of the Brompton Oratory, London, S. W. ; son of the Rev. Lord Sidney 
Godolphin Osborne, (1808-1889), B.A., Oxon, rector of Durweston, 
Dorsetshire, by Emily, daughter of the late Pascoe Grenfell, of Taplow; 
grandson of the eighth Duke of Leeds. (1879) 
O'Shee, Lady Gwendolina, Lady Gwendolina Isabella Anna l\laria 
Anson, daughter of the first Earl of Lichfield, (1795-1854), wife of Nicholas 
Poer O'Shee, J.P. and D.L. of Gardenmorris, co. "\Yaterford; mother of 
l\Iajor Richard Alfred Poer O'Shee, R.E., who served in the Benin 
Expedition. (1865) 
t Ostrehan, Miss Georgiana Augusta, a. Franciscan lllm; daughte, 
of the Rev. Joseph Duncan Ostrehan, B.A., vicar of Creech St 
SomerF{etshire ; relative of Admiral the firRt Viscount Duncan of Camper- 
down, (1731-1804); sister of 
Irs Elvira Louisa 
Iary Lee, (1838-1890), 
wife of the Rev. Dr Frederick George Lee, (1832-1902), vicar of All Saints, 
Lambeth, London, S.E. (187B) 
Ould, Rev. Samuel, the musical composer; a Benedictine )[onk (Dom 
Gregory), till lately at Downside Abbey; now at St Benedict's Priory 
Fort Augustus, N.B. (1879) 
Ouseley, Rev. Gideon Jasper Richard, B.A., Trinity (iollege, 
Dublin; late chaplain to the Rev. Father Ignatius' Community a.t 
Korwich. (1894) 


Converts to Rome 

Owen, Mrs Hannah Maria, daughter of James and Sarah Blakey, 
of Leeds; wife of \Villi
\'m Owen, of Caledonian House, Leeds, Bon of 
\Villiam Owen, (1822-1860), of vVoodlesford, near Leeds; mother of Leslie 
Owen, solicitor and member of the Leeds City Council, and of John 
Atkinson Owen, civil engineer, Burveyor, and lieutenant in the Army I 
Service Corps. (1878) 
Owen, Mrs Jane Lucinda, (1808-1882), wife of the late Rev. Canon 
Owen, I\I.A., rector of Llaniestyn, Carnarvonshire, North 'Vales. (1861) 
Owen, Mrs Mary Hurdus, (1824-1905), wife of William Owen, (1822- 
18GO), of \r oodles ford, near Leeds. (1843) 
Owen, Octavi us, Bon of the late Rev. Canon Owen, I\I.A., of 
Llaniestyn. (1861) 
Owen, William, (1822-1860), of 'V oodles ford, near Leeds,Yorkshire. (1840) I 
t Owen, Rev. William Eddowes, I\I.A., Emmanuel College, Cam- 
bridge; curate of Glenogwen, Bethesda, Bangor, North "'Vales; Bon of the 
late Rev. Ca.non Owen, I\l.A. A Priest. (1861) 
Owen-Lewis, Mrs Frances Sophia, first wife of Henry Owen-Lewis, 
of Inniskeen, formerly 1\1. P. for co. Carlow; daughter of Francis U. 
Elsegood, of Upper Brook Street, Grosvenor Square, London, W. (18G7) 
Owen-Lewis, Henry, B.A.., Trinity College, Dublin; J.P. and D.L. for 
co. :i\fonaghan ; 
l.P. for co. (ladow, High Sheriff of co. I\[onaghan ; son of 
Lieutenant-Colonel Arthur Owen-Lewis, of lnniskeen; father of l\1ajor 
Arthur :Francis Owen-Lewis, n.H.O., late of the Y ol'kshire Regiment, Aervcd 
in the last South African "Tar, now Governor of Sunday's \Vell Prison, co. 
Cork; husband of 1\11"s Frances Sophia Owen-Lewis. (186G) 
Owens, rJliss, of The Abbey, North 'Vales. (lSg5) 
Oxenf'ord, John, (1812-1877), dramatist and translator of many plays 
from French, Spanish, Italian, and Gennan; poet, and for more than a of a century dramatic critic to The Times. (1876) 
Oxen ham, Rev. Henry Nutcombe, (1R29-1RRR), of Harrow School; 
l\1.A., BaHio) College, Oxford; curate of St Bartholomew's, I\1oor Lane, 
l.ondon, :E.U. A Priest, at one time Professor at St Edmund's t;ol1ege, 
(Hdhall, \\T are, Ifertfordshire; and at t.he Oratory School, Edgbaston, 
Birmingham; author and traIlslator of Döllingcr; son of the Rev. \Villiam 
Oxenham, 1\I.A., second at Harrow 
chool. (1R57) 
Oxenham, Miss, a nun; daughter of the Rev. \Yillimll Oxenham, ßL.:\.., 
second I\1aster at Harrow School. (1858) 

Converts to Rome 



PACKMAN, William Vance, of Linden Gardens, London S. 'V. ; formerly 
editor of The Church Review; Organisi
g Secrctary of the 
Iidland ])istrict 
of the English Church Union; now editor of various trade journals; 
founder and organiser of the Apostolate of the Press, the Fraternal 
of Con verts and of the Historical Research Society; son of Dr Augustus 
T. Vance Packman, of Folkestone, Kent. (1887) 
Packman, M rs, wife of ,V il1iam Vance Packman. (1890) 
Page, The Hon. William Humphrey, of 'Vinchester [101]ege; late 
Indian District Judge and for sometime member of the Tasma.nian 
Legisla.ture; Knight of St Gregory the Great; Private Chamberlain to 
Pope Pius X. (1878) 
Page, Mrs, wife of the lIon. 'V. II. Page; daughter of Richard Pope, of 
Bon chur ch, Isle of 'Vight. (1878) 
Paget, Commander Claude, of the Royal Navy, formerly Inspecting 
Officer of Coast Guard at Deal; took part in the Abyssinian Expedition 
in 1868; second son of Colonel Leopold Grimston Paget, (1824-1HÐ2), by 
Georgiana Theodosia, daughter of the Rev. John Fitz l\Ioore-Halsey :\1.A. 
of Gaddesden Park, Hertfordshire ; grandson of the Hon. Berkeley Paget, 
fifth son of the first Earl of Oxbridge and brother of the first :Marquess of 
Anglesey. (1887) 
Paget, Mrs Elizabeth, of Portland Place, London, 'V. (1857) 
Paget, Miles, (1854-1882), son of Captain Catesby Paget, (1809-1878), by 
Adelaide, (his second wife), daughter of the Rev. the Hon. 
liles John 
Stapleton, (1801-1830), third son of the twenty-second Baron Le Despencer ; 
son of the Hon. Berkeley Paget, fifth son of the first Earl of Ox bridge and 
brother of the first :Marquess of Anglesey. (1881) 
Paget, Miss Ruth Anna, (1852-1903), daughter of the late Captain 
Catesby Paget. (1894) 
Paine, Rev. Arthur Heintz, IvLA. Trinity College, Cambridge; curate 
of St :Margaret's Liverpool. A l)riest at St James', 1\Ianehester Square, 
London, 'V. (1896) 


Converts to Rome 

Pakenham, The Hon. and Rev. Charles Reginald, (ltl21-1857), 
of 'Vinchester College; lieutenant of the 7
nd lIi
hlanders anù of the 
69th Regiment, then Captain of the Grenadier Guards and A.D.C. to 
Queen Victoria. A Passionist Priest and Rector of the Retreat, IIarold's 
Cross, Dublin; son of the second Earl of Longford; grandson of the first 
Earl Beauchamp; nephew of the first Duke of 'Vellington, K.G. (1850) 
Paley, Frederick Apthorp, (1815-1888), of Shrewsbury School; 
St John's (1 o llf'ge, Cambridge; classical author; at one time Profe:::sor of 
Classics at the Cat.holic University College, Kensington, London, 'V. ; son 
of an Anglican rector of Easingwold, Yorkshire; grandson of t.he Venerable 
"Tilliam Pal('y, (1743-1805), Archdeacon of Carlisle and author of Th
Evidences of Christianity. (1846) 

Paley, Rev. J. P., a member of an Anglican Brotherhood. 
Palgrave, William Gifford, (1826-1888). of Charterhouse School; B.A., 
Trinity College, Oxford; diplomatist and author; \Vas for a time a 
member of the Society of Jesus, and a I\lissionary in Syria and Arabia; 
son of Sir Francis Palgrave, (1788-1861), the historian; brother of Francis 
Turner Palgrave, (1824-1897), the poet and critic. (1833) 
Panes, M rs, of Canada, wife of Andrew Panes, brother of the Right lIon. 
Lord Chief Baron PaHes, P.C. (1888) 
Palmer, Lieutenant-Colonel, of Alnwick, Xorthumberland. 
Palmer, Rev. Charles Ferrers Raymund, (1819-1900), of Tamworth 
Grammar School and Queen's College, Birmingham; a surgeon. A 
Dominican Friar at St Dominic's Priory, IIaverstock Hill, London, N.W. ; 
a.uthor; son of Dr Shirley Palmer, (1786-1832), the medical writer. (1842) 
Palmer, Rev. Frederick William, a Priest of the Order of Cha.rity 
a.t St Albans, East 
Ioors, Cardiff, South 'Yales. 
Palmer, Sir James Frederick, (1804-1871), first President of the 
Legislative Council of Victoria, Australia; author; son of the Rev. John 
Palmer, l\1.A., rector of Great Torrington, Devonshire; great-nephew of 
Sir Joshua Reynolds, (1723-179:2), the portrait painter. (1860) 
Palmer, Right Rev. John Bernard, (1782-1852), a Cistercian ,rank 
and first 
Iitred Abbot of I\lount St Bernard, Leicestershire; author. 
Palmer, William, B.A., 'V orcester College, Oxford. 
Palmer, Rev. William, (1811-1879), of Rugby School; I\I.A., Fellow, 
tutor of :\Iagdalen College, Oxford; author, theologian and archæologist; 
son of the Rev. ,ril1iam Jocelyn Palmer, 1\I.A., rector of 
{exbury; brother 
of Sir Roundell Palmer, (1812-1895), Lord High Chancellor of England, 
and first Earl of Selborne; he tmvelled extensively in the East, before his 
conversiun, with the object of drawing together the bonds of union between 
the English and Oriental Churches. (1857) 
Palmer, William Z., 
I.A., Bra8enose College, Oxford. 
t Parfitt, Mrs Anna, and family. (lR60) 

Converts to Rome 


Parfitt, Right Rev. Charles, (1816-1886), a Priest, Protonotary 
Apostolic, V.D. of Home, and Uanon Theologian of the Diocese of Clifton; 
Bon of the above. (1839) 
Parker, Rev. Ernest Neville, of King's College, London; B.A., Durham 
University; missionary under the Society of the Propagation of the Gospel 
at Lebomba, chaplain of 'V adding ton Hospital, Clitheroe, Lancashire, then 
curate of St Bartholomew's, Bethnal Green, London, E. (IDOl) 
Parker, The Hon. Mrs Fanny Emma, daughter of Captain 'V. 
Baldwin, late of Dunedin, New Zealand; wife of the lIon. Edmund 
"\Villiam Parker, son of Thomas, (1811-1896), sixth Earl of 1\Iacclesfield, 
T Lady :l\Iary Frances Grosvenor, daughter of the second 
Iarquess of 
'tV estminster. (1899) 
Parker, Miss Gwendoline Mary, daughter of the Hon. Edmund 
'Villiam Parker, son of the sixth Earl of 1\Iacclesfield. (1904) 
Parker, Rev. Hen ry rw'!artyn, of Epsom College, l\I.A., Lincoln College, 
Oxford; curate of St Bartholomew's, Brighton, Sussex. A Priest of the 
Society of Jesus, successively in Jamaica, Bristol, Great Yarmouth, St 
Beuno:s College, St Asaph, North Wales; now at St 
Iary's II all, Stony- 
hurst; son of a Liverpool medical man. (1877) 
Parker, Sir Henry Watson, (1825-1894), solicitor, at one time 
;, President of the Incorporated Law Society; head of the firm of .ßlessrB 
Parker, Garrett & Parker, of Cornhill, London, E.C. (1848) 
Parki nson, Claude, B.A., Jesus College, Oxford. 
Parkinson, Rev. Thomas Brown, (1819-1904), scholar, 1\1.A., 
Queens' College, Cambridge; Incumbent of St l\Iary's, 'Vakefield, Y ork- 
shire. A Priest of the Society of Jesus, for many years in charge of St 
EdmUIld's, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk; then at St J\Iary's Hall, Stonyhurst, 
Blackburn, Lancashire. (1851) 
Parr, Mrs Harriet, (1828-1900), the novelist who wrote under the n07n 
de guerre of "Holm Lee." 

Parr, Mrs Luisa, (1849-1903), the novelist; wife of Dr George Parr, of 
Kensingt<>n, London, 'V. 
Parry, Rev. Charles Edward, (1826-1894), B.A., Cantab; curate of 
St Paul's, Knightsbridge, London, 'v. A Priest. (1854) 
Parry, Edward, (1827-1897), of London and Ramsgate, I{ent. 
Parry, Mrs Mary, (1828-1901), née Holdsworth; sister-in-law of the 
Rev. Charles Edward Parry, B.A., Cantab, a Priest. (1855) 
I Parry, M. Sidney, of University College, Oxford; formerly Hon. 
Secretary of Newman House, Kennington, London, S.E. (1887) 
Parsons, Rev. Daniel, (1811-1887), of Sherborne School; :r.I.A" Oriel 
College, Oxford; curate of l\iarden, 'Viltshire, then of St James', Longton; 
son of the Rev. John Parsons, 11.A., vioar of Sherborne, Sussex. (1843) 


Converts to Rome 

Parsons, Mrs Gertrude, (1812-1891), the novelist; contributor to 
The Lalnp, Once a TVeek, Notes ltnd Queries, London Hociety, etc., wife of the 
neve Daniel Parsons, (1811-1887), 
I.A., Oxon; fourth daughter of Captain 
John Hext, of Trenarran, Cornwall, by Elizabeth, youngest daughter of 
Thomas Stainforth, of Liverpool. (1844) 
Partridge, Mrs, wife of Professor Richard Partridge, (1805-1873), F.R.S., 
for thirty years surgeon at King's College Hospital, London, holding all 
the chief posts at the Royal UoUege of Surgeons; mother of John Bernard 
Partridge, the artist, on staff of Punch. 

Patmore, Coventry Kersey Deighton, (1823-1896), the poet and 
essayist; contributor to The Germ, the pre-Raphaelite organ and to The 
St James' Gnzette; founder of the Uhurch of Our Lady Star of the Sea; son 
of Peter George Patmore, (17R6-1855), author and editor of The New 
1'Ionthly .1Jlagazine; father of I-Ienry John 
atmore, (1860-1883), the poet. 
t Patmore, Mrs MarZanne Caroline, second wife of Coventry 
Patmore, (1823-1896), the poet and essa.yist; da.ughter of the Right Hon. 
Sir Jolm Barnard Byles, (1801-1884), Lord JustIce of the Common Pleas. 
(1865 ) 
Patmore, Dr Tennyson Deighton, till lately resident physician at 
'V ormwood Scrubbs Prison, London, W. ; son of Coventry Patmore, (1823- 
1896), the poet, by his first wife Emily Andrews, the original of The 
Anyd in the House. (1865) 
Patterson, Rev. George Hare, Unitarian J\Iinister of Stanhope Street 
Church, Belfast, Ireland (1898) 
Patterson, Miss Gwendoline Josephine, daughter of the Rev. 
George Hare Patterson. (1898) 
Patterson, Right Rev. Dr James Laird, (1822-1902), 
1.A. Trinity 
College, Oxford; curate of St Thomas, Oxford A t one time President of 
St Edmund's College, Old Hall, "Tare, IÜ
rtfordshire; then Bishop of 
Emmaus. (1852) 
t Patterson, Major-General William Thomas Laird, of the 
91st HigWanders; brother of the Right Rev. Dr James Laird Patterson, 
I.A. Oxon, Bishop of Emmau
. (1866) 
t Patterson, Mrs, mother of the Right Rev. Dr James Laird Patterson, 
(1822-1902), and of General Patterson. 
Patton, Richard Winsloe, of Newton College, South Devon; B.A. 

Iagdalene College, Cambridge; now Headmaster of St Anthony's Pre- 
paratory School, Eastbourne, Sussex; second son of Lionel Patton J.P. 
of Yarcombe 
Ianor, near Chard, DevoDBhire; son-in-law of l\lajor George 
Elliot Salter. (1893) 

Paul, Mrs, mother of the Rev. Canon James Paul, a Priest in charge of 
St Andrews', Braemar. Aberdeenshire, N.B., and of the Rev. John Paul, a 
l)riest-in-charge of St Thomas, Keith, Banffshire, N.B. 

Converts to Rome 


Paul, Rev. Charles Kegan, (1828-1902), of Eton College; M.A. Exeter 
College, Oxford; for some time Assistant-l\!aster at Eton; curate of Great 
Tew and Bloxham, then vicar of Sturminster, Dorsetshire; head of 
the well-known publishing firm; author. (1890) 
Paul, William Frederick, of the Colonial Office. 
Paulet, Stuart Etienne, of Dunvegan, Isle of Skye, N.B. ; son of the 
Rev. Charles X. Paulet, :M.A., of Scarborough, Yorkshire. (1874) 
t Pauli, Captain William P., of the Royal Navy; then of the Consular 
Service at Buenos Ayres, South America. (1866 
Pauli, Mrs, wife of Captain William B. Pauli, R. N. (1866) 
Pauling, George Craig Saunders, engineer and contractor for 
Railways and Public 'Vorks. (1892) 
t Pauling, Mrs Edith Kate, second wife of George Craig Saunders 
Pauling; and children. (1890) 
t Pauling, Henry Richard, 
I.I.C.E.; of Holland Villas Road, 
London, 8. W.; brother of the preceding. (1893) 
t Paulucci, The Marchesa, an English lady. 
Paxton, Hen ry Alfred, of Charsley Hall, Oxford; son of General 
Paxton, of 
Iidhurst, Sussex. (1889) 
Payne, Mrs Alice, wife of the Rev. John Orlebar Payne, 1\I.A., Cantab; 
daughter of the Rev. Joseph Stevenson, 
:f.A., (1806-1895), who after his 
wife's death became a Priest of the Society of Jesus. (1863) 
Payne, Arthur George, B.A. Peterhouse, Cambridge. 
Payne, Captain J.B. 

Payne, M rs, of Brighton, Sussex; and her two sons, 
Payne, M rs, of Cromwell Place, London, S. 'Y., and family. 
Payne, Rev. Joh n Orlebar, :M.A., Peterhouse, Cambridge; curate of 
Linsdale, Buckinghamshire; is on the Council of the Catholic Record 
Society; editor of Old English Catholic _Z"lissions, Catholic Non-Jurors of 
1715, Records of the Engl-ish Catholics of 1715, etc. (1877) 


Paynter, Major Alflred, late of the 96th Regiment; son of a former 
President of St John's College, Oxford. (1881) 
Peacock, Edward, of Dunstan House, Lincoln; J.P. for Lincolnshire; 
author and Fellow of the Society of Antiquarians; son of Edward S. 
Peacock, of Bottesford 
Ia.nor, Kirton-in-Lindsey. 
Peacock, Mrs Lucy Anne, wife of Edward Peacock, J.P., F.S.A.; 
daughter of John Swift \Vetherell, of Kew York. 
, Peacocke, Miss Harriet Elizabeth, sister of Sir Joseph Peacocke, 


Converts to Rome 

Pearce, Rev. Thomas George, B.A., Trinity College, Cambridge; an 
Anglican clergyman. 

Pears, Lancelot, B.A., Exeter College, Oxford. 
Pearse, Captai n, of the Royal Navy. 
Pearse, Major Sydney Arthur, late of the Indian Army; second 
son of the late :JIajor E. o. Pearse, J.P., D.L., of Bryn Celyn, Beaumaris, 
North 'Vales, and of Jane Elizabeth, daughter of flenry 'Villiams, of Tre 
Arddur and Tre Castell, Ang]esey. (1893) 


Pearse, Miss, daughter of the Rev. John Gilbert Pearse, M.A., vicar of 
All Hallows, Essex. (1896) 
t Pearson, Rev. Edward, a Priest and Canon. 
Pearson, Miss Em ma, nurse of the Red Cross Society during the 
Franco-Prussian 'Var; authoress and traveller; daughter of a British 
officer. (1876) 
Pearson, Rev. John, 
I.A., Queen's College, Oxford; an Anglican 
Peart, Dr, J.P., of l{ildare, Ireland. 
Peel, Miss, sister of Sir Lawrence Pee], (1799-1884), Chief Justice of 
Calcutta, nephew of Sir Robert Peel, (1750-1830), first Baronet. (1850) 
Peel, Edmund, of Tonbridge School, son of Sir Lawrence Peel, (1799- 
1884), Uhief Justice of Calcutta. (1850) 
Peel,' Miss Emily, daughter of Sir Lawrence Peel, (1799-1884), Chief 
Justice of Calcutta. (1850) 
Peel, William, son of Sir Lawrence Peel, (1799-1884), Chief of 
Calcutta. (1850) 

Peirce, Admiral. 

Pelham-Clinton, Lord Albert Sidney, (1845-1887), of Eton College; 
on of the fifth Duke of Xewcastlc, I
.G. ; grandson of the tenth 
Duke of Hamilton. (1884) 

Pelham-Clinton, Lady Emily Augusta Mary, daughter of the 
sixth Duke of Newcastle; wife of Prince Alfonzo Doria Pamphi1j, of the 
Palazzo Doria, Rome. (1879) 
Pelly, Rev. Frederick W., educated at Oxford and Cambridge; 
formerly Principal of St 
Tohn's Coll
ge, Qu'Appelle, Canada; Secretary of 
the Propagation of the Gospel Society; "icar of })ellichamps, then rector 
of St Andrew's Episcopal Church at K orwich, Conn.; son of Admiral 
Pelly, of the Royal Navy. (18!)6) 
Pelly, M rs, wife of the Rev. Frederick 'V. Pelly; and three children. (1896) 

Converts to Rome 


Pemberton, Max, of :Merchant Taylors' School; l\I.A., Caius and 
Gonville College, Cambridge; author, was on the staff of Vanity Fair, 
first editor of (;ll/l17ns; J.P. for Suffolk; editor of Cassell's !Jlagazine; son of 
Thomas Joshua Pemberton, and Catherine, daughter of Thomas Fisher, of 
the 'V oodlands, Staffordshire. 
t Pen nee, Madame, of Canada; writer on religious subjects; daughter 
of 'Villiam 'Yard, (1787-1849), :M.P. for London and Director of the Bank 
of England; sister Qf Dr 'Yilliam George 'Vard, (1812-1882), the theologian 
and philosopher. (1848) 
Pennell, Mrs Croker, daughter of Sir 'Villiam Follet, Bart. 
Pennell, Miss, daughter of Admiral Pennell. 
Penney, Mrs, wife of Arthur O. Penney, of Ingrave Road, Brentwood, 
Essex. (1908) 
t Penny, Rev. William Goodenough, )I.A., Christ Church, Oxford ; 
curate of Dorton and Ashenden, Essex. A Priest of the Oratory. (1844) 
Pen rice, Dr. 
Pen rice, M rs, wife of Dr Penrice. 
Pentony, M rs, wife of Dr Pentony, of 
Iiddlesborough, Yorkshire. (1890) 
Pepper, John Henry, (1821-1900), of King's Collegp, London; A.IE.S., 
F.C.S., Professor of Chemisty and Lecturer at the Royal Polytechnic, 
Regent Street, London, ,Yo ; author. 

Pepys, Lady Mary, daughter of the third Earl of Cottenham; grand- 
daughter of Sir Robert Charles Dallas, second Baronet. (1895) 
Perceval, Lady Jessie, wife of Sir Westby Brook Perceval; daughter 
of the Hon. J oIm Johnston, member of the Legislative Council, of 
'Vellington, New Zealand. (1880) 
t Perceval, M rs Sarah Brook, wife of 'Vestby Hawkshaw Perceval; 
daughter of Dr John Bailey, of Brooklands, Great Oakley, Essex. (1874) 
Perceval, Sir Westby Brook, K.O.l\I.G., of Christ's Collegiate 
Grammar School, Christ Church, K ew Zealand, and Stonyhurst College, 
Blackburn, Lancashire; barrister; formerly Agent-General in London for 
New Zealand and Tasmania; Knight Commander of St Gregory the Great. 
Perceval, Westby Hawkshaw, late of Knightsbrook, co. l\Ieath, and 
of Carrick-makegan, co. Leitrim, Ireland; then of Rangiora, New Zealand; 
father of Sir "\Yestby Brook Perceval. (1874) 
Perceval, The Misses, daughters of an Anglican clergyman; one a 

perram, George James, C.I.E., chief Engineer of the Public 'V orks 
Department at Shillong, Assam; father of Lieutenants George and Henry 


Converts to Rome 

Perring, Cyril Augustine, son of the Rev. Arthur Perring, I\I.A., vicar 
of Norton-by-Daventry, Northamptonshire. (1898) 
Perry, Captain, late of the 36th Regiment. 
Peterki n, Regi nald, the artist in stained glass. 
Petheram, Lady Isabel Christine, (1828-1907), daughter of I\Iajor- 
General Sir "Tilliam Congreve, second naronet, the inventor of the 
" Congreve Rockets". (1889) 
Petheram, The Hon. Sir William Comer, R.C.; late Chief 
Justice of the North \Yest Provinces, lndia, and then of the IIigh 
Court of Dengal; husband of the preceding; son of 'Villiam Petheram of 
Pinhoe, Exeter, Devonshire. (1889) 
Petre, The Lady Audrey, wife of the fourteenth Baron Petre; daughter 
of the Rev. Canon "\Villiam Robinson Clark, D.D., l\tA., vicar of Taunton 
and then President of the Royal Society of Canada; sister-in-law of the 
thirteenth Baron Petre who was the first priest to sit in the Iiouse of 
Lords since the Reformation. (1881) 
Petre, Lady Catherine, (1832-1882), Lady Catherine Howard, 
daughter of the fourth Earl of "\Vicklow, lLP.; granddaughter of the first 
I\farquess of Abercorn lLG. ; wife of the Hon. Arthur Charles Augustus 
Petre, son of the eleventh Raron Petre; mother of Lawrence Joseph 
Petre, li'eHow of the Royal l\letcorological Society and of I\fiss I\f aude 
D. Petre, the philanthropist, authoress and "founder" of 'VestIninster 
Cathedral. (1856) 
Petre, The Hon. Mrs Elsie, wife of the Hon. Albert Henry Petre, 
sixth son of the eleventh Baron Petre; daughter of the Rev. \Villiam 
Robinson Clark, D.D., vi"ar of Taunton, then President of the Royal 
Society of Canada j sister of the fourteenth Baroness Petre. (1883) 
Petre, The Hon. Mrs Georgiana, (1826-1868), wife of the Hon. 
Frederick Charlcs Edmund Petre J.P. of Oak Hurst, Essex, BOn of the 
eleventh Baron Petre; daughter of Sir Christopher I\fusgrave, ninth 
Baronet, of Eden Hall, Cumberland; sister of Augusta, second Countess of 
Stradbroke. (1849) 
Petre, Mrs Maud Ellen, wife of Francis IJoraine Petre, son of the lIon. 
Edmund George Petre, (1829-1889), fifth son of the eleventh Baron 
Petre; daughter of the Rev. 'V. C. Rawlinson I\I.A. rector of Chedburgh, 
Suffolk. (1887) 
Peuleve, Augustus Albert, manager of the Royal Theatre, Bury St. 
Edmunds, Suffolk; mem her of an old Huguenot family. 
Phelan, Colonel, of the Indian Army. (1894) 
Phelan, Mrs, wife of Colonel Phelan; and family. (1894) 
Phibbs, Miss Isabella Mary, the authoress; daughter of Colonel 
Richard Phibbs, of Rutland Gate, London, S. 'V., and Spot field, co. 
Sligo. (1883) 

Converts to Rome 


Philips, John, the publisher. 
t Philipps, Mrs Caroline Henrietta, daughter of CaptaIn H. J. 
Lacon, of the Royal Navy, of Goldrood, Ipswich, Suffolk; niece of Sir 
Edmund Henry Knowles Lacon, third Baronet, and late 
i.P. for North 
Norfolk. (1882) 
Philipps, Owen Charles, B.A., Trinity College, Cambridge; husband 
of the late 1Irs Caroline Henrietta Philipps; son of Charles Philipps, of 
Barham II all, Suffolk; son-in-law of the late Captain Lacon, R.N. (1882) 
Philipps, Miss Henrietta, daughter of Sir Thomas Philipps, F.S.A., 
F.R.S. ; first Baronet. 

Phillimore, John Swinnerton, of Westminster School; 1\LA., Tutor, 
Christ Church, Oxford; :First Class Classical l\Ioderations, First Class 
Literæ Humaniores; won the Hertford Craven and Ireland University 
Scholarships; Chancellor's Prizeman for Latin Verse. Now Professor at 
Glasgow University, author; member. of t.he Council of the Liberal League; 
on Council of proposed Catholic College for "\Vomen at Cambridge; con- 
tributor to The Dublin Review; son of the late Admiral Sir Augustus 
Phillimore, K.C.B., J.P. for Hampshire, by Harriet, daughter of the Hon. 
George 1\latthew Fortescue, (1791-1877), :M.P., second son of the first Earl 
Fortescue. (1905) 
Phillimore, Commander Valentine Egerton Bagot, of the 
Royal Navy; served in China in 1900, and after Tientsin was awarded 
the D.S.O. ; son of Admiral Sir Augustus Phillimore, K.C.B., by Harriet 
Eleanor, daughter of the Hon. George Matthew Fortescue, (1791-1877), 
M.P., son of the first Earl Fortescue; grandson of Lady Louisa Elizabeth 
Ryder, daughter of the first Earl of Harrowby. (1898) 
Phillipps-Treby, Rev. Edward Mowbray, ALA., St 1\Iary's Hall, 
Oxford; J.P. for Uornwall ; rector of Boscastle, Cornwall. (1895) 
Phillipps-Treby, Miss, sister of the Rev. Edward 
fowbray Phillipps- 
Treby, l\1.A., Oxon. (1895) 
Phillips, Miss Gertrude, a nun; daughter of the Rev. George Philip 
Phillips, l\LA., an Anglican clergyman. 

PhillipS, Mrs Lucy, wife of the Rev. George Philip Phillips, M.A.; 
sister of the Very Rev. Dr Charles John Vaughan, (181ü-1897), Dean of 
Llandaff, and at one time l\Iaster of the Temple, and Headmaster of 
Harrow School. ' 

t Phillips, Major. 

( 1848) 

Phillips, Robert Biddulph, M.A., Trinity College, Oxford; D.L. and 
High Sheriff, of Longworth, Herefordshire. (1851) 
Phillips, Mrs, wife of Robert Biddulph Phillips, 
I.A., Oxon. (1851) 
t Phillpotts, Miss, niece of the Right Rev. Dr Henry Phillpotts, (1778- 
1869), Lord Bishop of Exeter. 


Converts to Rome 

Phillpotts, Miss Clara, granddaughter of the Right Rev. Dr IIenry 
Phillpotts, (1778-1869), Lord Bishop of Exeter. 
Pidcock, Rev. Hugh, scholar, B.A., Corpus Christi College, Cambridrre . 
curate of St l\Iary's, Paddington, London, ,Yo After his wife's deathl"'h
became a Priest of the Society of Jesus in the Irish Province. (1882) 
t Pidcock, M rs, wife of thc Rev. IIugh Pidcock, B.A., Cantab. (1882) 
Pigot, Mrs, wife of Rev. T. I)igot, vicar of l\Iorthoe, N. Devon, 
Pigott, Miss Harriet, (1766-1839), niece of Robert Pigott, (1 ï36-17Ð-t), 
the food and dress reformer. 
Pigott, William, solicitor, of Portarlington, Ireland. 
Pinder, Mrs J. Bourne, daughter of Andrew Bathgate, of Liverpool. 
Pitman, Mrs, wife of Dr Pitman, of Highgate, London, N. ; and her four 
Pittar, Mrs Fanny Maria, (1813-1890), author of Conversion by ]'Iy Bible 
and Prayer Book; wife of John Pittar, of 'Vestminster; and three children 
among whom was the Rev. John Pittar, (1837-1889), a Priest of the Society 
of Jesus at Galashiels, N.B. (1842) 
Pitts, William, of Elton; formerly organist of the Brompton Oratory, 
London, S. 'V. 
Place, George GOdfrey, ba.rrister, of Dublin, 
Plater, Edward Angelo, (1834-1897), of l\Iarlborough College; of the 
'Var Office; Fellow of the Royal IIorticultural Society; musician and 
author; son of the Rev. Charles Eaton Plater, l\LA., vicar of River, near 
Dover, Kent; father of the Rev. Cbarlf's Dominic Plater, l\I.A., Pope's 
Ran, Oxford, of the Society of Jesus, and author, at St Beuno's College 
St Asaph, North Wales. (1851) 
Platt, Rev. Joseph Dominic, (1824-1879), of Leicester; a Dominican 
lay-brother at 'Voodchester Abbey, Gloucestershire. (1842) 
t Plowden, Mrs Dorothea, daughter of George Griffiths Phillips, :M.P., 
of Cwmgwilly, Carmarthcnshire, \Vales; wife of Francis Peter Plowden, 

t Plowden, Sir Trevor John, of the India.n Civil Service; K.C.S.I. ; 
son-in-law of Basil Fitzherbert, J.P. and D.L. of Swynnerton. 
Plowden-Wardlaw, Mrs Edith, wife of James Plowden-Wardlaw, of 
Edenbridge, Kent; daughter of the late Campbell of Craigie, N.B., D.L., 
at one time I\I.P. for the Ayr Burghs. (1898) 
Plowden-Wardlaw, James, I\I.A., King's College, Cambridge; 
barrister; Advocate of the Supreme Courts of the Transvaal and Cape 
Colony; late Public Prosecutor of Pretoria, and J.P. in the Transvaal; 
in 190] he assumed in Chancery the additional surname Plowden; eldest 
Ron of .J ames Campbell 'Vardlaw, and his wife Augusta Chichell Plowden. 

Converts to Rome 


t Plues, Miss Mary Margaret, Superioress of the Ladies' Home, 
Kensington Square, London, W.; a nun at the Convent of St Thlaur, 
Weybridge, Surrey; daughter of the Rev. "\Villiam Plues, l\I,A., of Ripon, 
Yorkshire. (1866) 
t Plumer, Rev. John Julius, 
I.A., Fellow, BaHiol Col1ege, Oxford; 
an Anglican curate. (1846) 
Plummer, Richard, solicitor, of Falmouth, Cornwall. 
Plummer, Mrs, wife of Richard Plummer. 
Pollard, Arthur R.t solicitor, of Llandrindod, 'Vales. 
Pollard, Y/illiam Henry, of Rugby, "\Varwickshire. (1892) 
Pollen, Rev. John Hungerford, (1820-1902), of Eton College; 
Christ Church, Fellow of :\Ierton College, Oxford; curate of St Saviour's, 
Leeds, Yorkshire; F.S.A. ; member of the Royal Academy of 
fadrid and 
of the Archæological Society of Belgium; official editor, Science and AI't 
Department, South Kensington 
fuseum; Cantor Lecturer, Society of Arts, 
1885 ; sometime Professor of Fine Arts at the Catholic U niversity Uolle
Dublin; author; second son of Richard Pollen, of Rodbourne, 'Viltshire; 
uncle of Sir Richard Hungerford Pollen, fourth Baronet. (1852) 
Pollen, Mrs Maria Margaret, wife of the Rev. John Hungerford 
Pollen, (1820-1902), l\I.A., Oxon; daughter of the Rev. John Charles La 
r.A., rector of Lavington-cum-Graffham, Sussex; mother of 
the Rev. John Hungerford Pollen, a Priest of the Society of Jesus at The 
Immaculate Conception, Farm Street, Berke]ey Square, London, 'V. ; of 
Lieutenant 'V alter Hungerford Pollen, (1860-1889), of the Royal Engineers; 
ot the Rev. Anthony Cecil Hungerford Pollen, a Priest of the Birmingham 
Oratory; of Commander Francis Gabriel Hungerford Pollen, of the Royal 
Navy, who served in the Gordon Relief Expedition and in Burma; of the 
Rev. George Hungerford Pollen, a Priest of the Society of Jesus at the 
Immaculate Conception, Fann Street, Berkeley Square, London, W. ; of 
Arthur Joseph Hungerford Pollen, 
I.A., Oxon, barrister; of Captain 
Stephen Hungerford Pollen, late of the Duke of Edinburgh's (Wiltshire) 
Regiment, A.D.C. to Viceroy of India, 1894-1898, served in South 
Africa, son-in-law of Sir John Thluir, first Baronet; of Clement Hungerfol'd 
Pollen, }1-'.G.S., formerly assistant private secretary to Sir Ambrose Shea, 
K.C.ThI.G., when Governor of the Bahamas; of 
Iiss Anne 
Hungerford Pollen, a nun of the Sacred Heart, in London, and of 1Iiss 

fargaret Pollen. (1851) 
Pollen, Mrs Maud Beatrice, wife of Arthur Joseph Hungel'Íord 
Pollen, son of the Rev. John Hungerford Ponen, (1820-1902), 
f.A., Oxon ; 
daughter of Sir Joseph Lawrence, of Oak]ands, Henlev, Surrey, one of 
the principal and earliest pioneers of the 
lanchestcr Ship Canal, and 
f.P. for 
Ionmouth. (1898) 
Pollen, Sir Richard Hungerford, (1815-1881), third Baronet; of 
Eton College, and Christ Church, Oxford; J.P. for Wiltshire. (1852) 
Pollend, Dr George E., of Corby, Lincolnshire. 


Converts to Rome 

Pomeroy, The Hon. Esther Caroline, daughter of the fifth Viscount 
Harberton; granddaughter of the Rev. Sir John Robinson, Bart. 
Poock, Rev. Anselm, a Priest, D.D., of Rome, formerly at SaIford 
Cathedral, now Rector of St Bede's College, :Manchester; a well-known 
preacher and lecturer. (1886) 
Poole, Miss, daughter of Charles IIenry Poole, B. L, Oxon; 3. nun. 
Poole, Charles Henry, B.L., St Alban's Han, Oxford. 
t Poole, Mrs Charlotte Anne, wife of James Ruscombe Poole, solicitor. 
(1845 ) 
Poole, Miss E., daughter of Charles Henry Poole, B.L., Oxon; a nun. 
Poole, Rev. James Arthur, B.A., Trinity College, Dublin; curate of 
St John's, l\Iiles Platting, Lancashire. (1877) 
Poole, James Ruscombe, (1818-1890), solicitor, of Brockley Court, 
Somersetshire. (1845) 
Poole, Miss L., daughter of Charles Henry Poole, B.L., Oxon; a nun. 
t Poole, Rev. Louis Henry, a Brother of ltlercy at St ltlary's Schools. 
North Hyde, :Middlesex. (1864) 
Pope, Miss Amy M., the authoress; daughter of the Hon. "\V. H. Pope, of 
Prince Edward Island. 
Pope, Frederick, 1\I.A., 'Yadham College, Oxford j son of the Rev. 
Septimus Pope, l\I.A., rector of Chiston, Somersetshire. (1874) 
Pope, Miss Georgina F., Royal Red Cross; she accompanied the 
Canadian contingents as nurse in t.he South African \Var; daughter of 
the Hon. 'V. H. Pope, of Prince Edward Island 
Pope, Rev. John, (1837-1908), a Priest of the Society of Jesus at St 
l\Iary's Hall, Stonyhurst, Blackburn, Lancashire; son of the Rev. F. S. \V. 
Pope, l\1.A., vicar of St Ninian's; nephew of the l\-Iost Rev. Dr Richard 
'VhateIy, (1787-1863), Protestant Archbishop of Dublin. (1857) 
Pope, Rev. John O'Fallon, l\1.A., Christ Church, Oxford A Priest of 
the Society of Jesus, and 1\1 aster of Pope's IraIl, Oxford; son of Dr 
Charles Alexander Pope, of St Louis University, U.S.A.; grandson of 
Colonel John O'Fallon, of the Revolutionary 'Val', and one of the founders 
of St IJouis; brother-in-law of Colonel Francis Baynham Vaughan. of 
Courtfield, Herefordshire. 
Pope, Joseph, C.l\1.0., ITnder-Secretary of State of Canada since 1896 ; 
was Private Secretary to Sir J. l\[acdonald, 1882-91 ; author; son of the 
Hon. 'V. H. Pope, of Prince Edwarù Island; son-in-law of Sir Henri T. 
'faschereau, brother of the Cardinal. 
Pope, Miss, sister of the Very Rev. 'Villiam Pope, (182f>-1905), l\LA., 
Can tab, curate of Seven Bridges, Dolton, then a Priest and Canon at 
II arrogate. (1855) 

Converts to Rome 


Pope, Miss L., sister of th
 Very H.ev. 'Villiam Pope, (1825-1905), 
Cantab. (1855) 
Pope, Miss S., sister of the Very Rev. 'Villiam Pope, (1825-1905), 
Cant-ab. (1855 ) 

Pope, Rev. Richard Vercoe, (1830-1903), B.A., London Univorsity; 
:Missionary of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in India. For 
a considerable time :Thlaster at the Oratory School, Edgbaston, Birmingham; 
father of Frank Pope, (1874-1907), F.R.C.S., :ThLR.C.P. 
Pope, Mrs, wife of the Rev. Richard Vercoe Pope, (1830-1903), niece of 
the Very Rev. Dr Charles John Yaughan, (1816-1897), Headmaster of 
Harrow School, l\Iaster of The Temple, then Dean of LlandafI. 
Pope, Rev. Thomas Alder, (1819-1904), Fellow-Commoner of Jesus 
College, Cambridge; curate, and then rector of St l\Iatthias', Stoke 
Newington, London, N., in succession to his father-in-law t.he Rev. 
Archdale Wilson Taylor, l\I.A. A Priest of the Birmingham Oratory; 
author; son of Thomas Pope, of Plymouth, Devonshire. (1854) 
Pope, The Very Rev. William, (1825-1905), of St Peter's School, York; 
1\LA., Christ Uollege, Cambridge; curate of Seven Bridges, Bolton, 
Lancashire. A Priest and Canon in charge of Our Lady and St Robert's, 
Harrogate, Yorkshire; son of the Rev. F. S. 'V. Pope, )LA., vicar of St 
Ninian's; nephew of the 
Iost Rev. Dr Richard 'Vhately, (1787-1863) 
Protestant ..A.rchbishop of Dublin. (1853) 
Pope-Hennessy, Lady Catherine, only daughter of Sir Hugh Low; 
widow of Sir John Pope-Hennessy, (183--1-1891), K.C.:\LG., sometime 
Governor of 1\Iauritius, then :ThLP. for X orth Kilkenny; now wife of 
Edward Francis Thackwell, of Rostellan Castle, co. Cork; mother of 
Lieutenant-Colonel Ladislas H. Pope-Hennessy, D.S.O., Commandant of 
the 4th King's African Rifles. (1868) 
Portarlington, The Countess o
 (1810-1874), Lady Alexandrina 
Octavia l\I ari a Vane - Tempest-Stuart; wife of the third Earl of 
Portarlington, K.P. ; second daughter of the third l\Iarquess of London- 
derry, (1778-1854), R.G., G.C.B., G.L.Il., Colonel of the gnd Life Guards, 
a distinguished General and diplomatist; sister-in-law of the seventh 
Duke of :Thlarlborough, (1822-1883), K.G., D.C.L., for four years Lord- 
Lieutenant of Ireland (1876) 
Porter, Lieutenant-Colonel Geoffrey M., of the Royal Engineers, 
at one time :Thlaster of the l\Iint, 
Calcutta, India; he served in the last 
Afghan War. (1901) 
Porter, Mrs, wife of Colonel Geoffrey 1\1. Porter, R.E., and family. (1901 
t Potter, Miss Ann, of Tuam, Ireland. (1852) 
t Potter, Dennis R., solicitor; senior Proctor of the Ecclesiastical 
Court of Tuam; father of the above. (1852) 

t Potter, Dennis, of Tuam; Bon of the late Dennis R. Potter. 

(1852 ) 


Converts to Rome 

Potter, Miss Edith, only daughter of Thomas Bayley Potter, (1
l\I.P. for Rochdale and founder and first Secretary of the Cobdcn Club; son 
of ,Sir Thomas Potter, (1773-1845), founder of the J[anch
stcr Guardian 
and first l\Iayor of l\Ianchester. 
Potter, Norman F. J., of St Paul's School, London, W. ; B.A., Exeter 
College, Oxford; founder and director of St IIugh's IIome for Doys, Ulapham 
Park, London, S. 'V. ; St Francis' Cottage, Amberley, GloucesterRhire; St 
Vincent's Cripples' Home, Kings Avenue, Clapham Park; The _Fisher 
Institute, Rose Court, Dockhead, TIermondsey, London, S.E. (1904) 
Potter, Rev. Thomas, (1827-1873), l\LA., l\Ierton College, Oxford; 
poet and author; an Anglican clergyman; son of Thomas Bayley Potter, 
(1817-1888), ::\I.P. for Rochdale; grandson of Sir Thomas 1) otter, (L773- 
1845), first 
Iayor of l\Ianche
r. (1847) 
t Potter, Rev. Thomas, a Priest of the Society of Jesus. 
Potter, Rev. Thomas Joseph, (1828-1873), a Priest and l)rofessor of 
Belles Lettres and Sacred Eloquence at All Jlallows' College, Dublin; 
author; son of George Potter, of Scarborough, Yorkshire. (1848) 
Potts-Chatto, Mrs Katherine Elizabeth, wife of Denis Potts- 
Chatto, of the D
ison, St i\Iarychurch, Torquay, Vevonshire; daughter of 
the late General Uharles Curtis Drury, by his wife Charlotte Anne, daughter 
of Captain Henry Charles Dyer, R.N. (1892) 
Powell, Mrs, daughter of Captain J. Lumsden, of Clova, Aberdeenshire, 

Powell, Rev. Arthur Wentworth, B.A. Corpus Uhristi College, 
Cambridge; rector of Disserth, Radnorshire, 'Vales. 
ow Private 
Secretary to the ninth Earl of Denbigh; nephew of Bishop Basil Jones of 
'Yashington, U. S. A. (1894) 
Powell, Rev. Edward, TI.A., scholar of l\Iagdalen College, Oxford; 
curate of Sedburgh. (186;)) 
Power, Samuel Massy, son of Richard Power, of Ballinakill House, 
Ballingarry, Ireland; grandson of George .Massy, J.P. of Glenwilliam 
Castle, Ballingarry, co. Limerick. (1897) 
Powles, Lewis David, barrister. 
t Pownall, Arthur, architect; father of the Rev. Arthur H. Pownall, 
a Priest and :Missionary Rector of The Assumption, 'Varwick Street, 
Golden Square, London, 'V. (1846) 
Pownall, Frederick Hyde, (1832-1907), of Rugby School; architoct, 
of Cross Deep, Twickenham, l\liddlesex; County Surveyor for l\Iiddlesex; 
Bon of Henry Pownall, J.P., of Spring Grove, Isleworth, 1\Iiddlesex. 
Pownall, Mrs Jane, (1833-1883), wife of Frederick Hyde Pownall, 
-1907), the a.rchitect; mother of the Rev. Dernard H. Pownall, a. 
Priest-in-charge of The Holy Ghost and St Stephen, Ashchurch Grove, 
Shepherd's Bush, London, 'V. 

Converts to Rome 223 

Pownall, Henry William, (I R 2L-190S), of 'Vhitford House, St 
l\largarets, Twickenham; their brother. 
Poyer, The Very Rev. Monsignor Charles, of Haileybury 
College; a Priest, successively Professor at the Institut Goin-Lambert, 
Rouen; Vicaire of St Romain and Aumônier de I'Assomption, :l\1inor 
Canon of Rouen; Private Secretary to Cardinal Vaughan (1832- 
1803); l)rivate Chamberlain to Pope Leo XIII; Chaplain of Tyburn 
Convent, :L\1arble Arch, London, 'V. ; formerly Secretary of the Ladies of 
Cha.rity; _Member of the Committee of the British Institute of Social 
Scrvice; Director of St Vincent's :Musical Society. (1880) 
Poynter, William Edward, 
I.L., Queens' College, Cambridge. 
Powys, The Hon. Stephen, B.A., Trinity Hall, Cambridge; together 
with his friend, Ernest Reuter "Tyatt-Davies, (1862-1907), 3I.A., Trinity 
Uollege, Cambridge, he presenwd the altar and reredos for the Catholic 
Chapel for members of the University at Llandaff House, Cambridge; 
son of the fourth Baron Lilford. (1898) 
t Pratt, Mrs Harriet Agatha, néc Lethbridge; the poet and 
authoress. (1835) 
Prendergast, Colonel Lenox, (1830-1907), of the Royal Scots 
Greys; served with distinction in the Crimean 'Val'; J.P., member of the 
first London School Board; son of the Hon. Guy Lenox Prendergast, 
member of the Supreme Council of Bombay. 
Prendergast, Mrs Marion, wife of Colonel Lenox Prendergast, 
(1830-1907), daughter of N eiU :Malcolm, of Poltalloch, 
.B. ; mother of 
:Major Gerald Neill Prendergast, late of the King's Royal Rifles, served in 
the Gordon Relief Expedition, and in the last South African 'Val'; and of 
Commander Edmund James Prendergast, of the Royal Navy. 
Prendergast, Mrs Violet, wife of Commander Edmund James 
Prendergast, R.N., younger son of Colonel Lenox Prendergast, (1830- 
1907); daughter of Charles Pratt-Barlow. 
t Prentis, Captain William Taylor, of the Royal Scots Greys. 
Prentis, M rs, née :l\Iorphew; wife of Captain 'Villiam Taylor Prentis. 
Press, William Henry, at one time editor of the Bury Free Press; 
author; son of Captain B. 31. Press. (1890) 
t Press, Mrs, wife of 'Villiam Henry Pr
ss; daughter of Frederick '\V ood, 
banker, of 'Veston-super-:\Iare, Somersetshire. (1890) 
Prestage, Edgar, of Radley College; B.A., BaHiol College, Oxford; 
solicitor; Examiner in Portuguese to the lændon University; Kniaht of St 
Thiago; editor and translator of various Portuguese works; m
mber of 
the Lisbon Royal Academy and of the Lisbon Geographical Society; only 
son of John Edward Prestage; son-in-law of Gonçalves Crespo, the 
Portuguese poet. (1886) 
Prestage, Mrs Elizabeth M., of 
Ianchester; wife of John Edward 
Prestage; mother of Edgar Prestage, Bu\." Oxon. (1884) 


Converts to Rome 

t Prestage, Miss Etheldreda, daughter of John Edward Prestage. 
(1 R84) 
t Prestage, Franklin, railway engineer in India. (1897) 
Preston, M rs, wife of Thomas Preston, uncle of the fourteenth Viscount 

Preston, M rs Blanche Margaret, wife of 'Villiam l\Iassey Preston, 
J.P. for co. Cork; daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel J. II. Wyatt, C.B., 
J.P. for co. Carnarvon. (1906) 
t Prestwich, Miss, sister of Sir Joseph Prestwich, (1812-1896), F.R.S., 
the geologist and author. 
Prevost, Rev. Pierre Guillaume, of Collège de Genève; IIeidelberg 
University; :M.A., Downing College, Cambridge; a Priest, and tin recently 
Cathedral Chaplain of 'Vestminster, now in charge of SS. l\Iary and .f ude, 
Johnson's Place, Lupus Street, 'Vestminster, S.\V.; son of .f. L. Prevost, 
l\I.A., l\1.D., Professor of Physiology at the University of Geneva. (1903) 
Price, Rev. Edward, (1805-1858), a Presbyterian. A Priest at the 
Sardinian Chapel, Lincoln's Inn Fields, London, 'V.C. ; author and for a 
time editor of Dolrnan'$ .L"Iaga
jne. (1825) 
Price, Thomas, of !\layfiüld Lodge, Cashel, Ireland. (1866) 
Prickett, Mrs Anna Maria, daughter of Sir Charles Smith-Dodsworth, 
fifth Baronet; wife of Colonel George Prickett., of Boreas IIal1, near IIulI 
Yorkshire. ' 

Priest, Rev. Burnett Charles, (1853-1888), of St Augustine's College, 
Canterbury, Kent. A Dominican Friar, Classical l\laster and Prefect at 
the Dominican College at lIinckley, Leicestershire; author; eldest son of 
Captain Priest, of the Royal Navy. (1876) 
Priestman, M rs, of Benwell House, N ewcastle-on- Tyne. 
Prime, Rev. Francis, a Redemptorist Priest and 1\Iinister at St Joseph's, 
I\.ingswood, Bristol. 
Primrose, Lady Helen Mary, wife of Sir Ilenry 'Villiam Primrose, 
R.C.B., C.S.J., chairman of the TIoard of Inland Revenue, grand"3on of 
the fourth Earl of Rosebery ILT. and of the first Viscount Anson ; daughter 
of Gilbert 1\Icl\Iickling, of l\Iiltonise, 'Vigtonshire, N.B. (1899) 
Prior, Arthur Richard, B.A., Balliol Col1ege, Oxford. 
Prismall, Captain Edwin, of the 2nd V.B. Duke of Cambridge's 
1\Iiddlesex Regiment; late of Drentford, London, 'V., now of 'Vindsor; 
and family. (1897) 
Prismall, M rs, wife of Captain Edwin Prisman. (1880) 
Pritchard, Miss, a nun; daughter of the Rev. Professor Pritchard, l\I.A., 
an Anglican clergyman. 

Converts to Rome 


Pritchard, Mrs C. H., daughter of the Rev. IIenry Stewart, B.A., Trinity 
College, Dublin, an Irish clergyman. 
Probyn, Miss Juliana Mary Louisa, (1856-1909), poet, authoress 
and contributor to Thc lrlessenger of thc Sam"cd Heart and to S'ellct .11/Iaris; 
daughter of the Rev. Julian Probyn, of Court lIiIl, Potterne, '\Viltshire. 
Procter, Miss Adelaide Anne, (1825-1864), the poet; daughter of 
Bryan 'VaIleI' Procter, (1787-1874), "Barry Cornwall," the poet and 
biographer of Charles Lamb. (1849) 
Procter, The Misses, younger daughters of Bryan 'Valler Procter, 
(1787-1874), the poet. 
t Proctor, Rev. Richard, a Christian Brother, on the 
J osenh's Uollege, Clapham, London, S. W. 
Prole, Mrs, wife of the Vicar of Alborough. 

Prosser, Alfred A., solicitor, of Aberdeen, N.B. 
Prothers, George, B.A., Brasenose College, Oxford. 
prower, Nelson, l\I.A., Brasenose College, Oxford; at one time professor 
at St l\tIary's Training College, Hammersmith, London, )V. (1897) 

staff of St 

Pryor, Alfred Reginald, (1839-1881), of Tonbridge School; B.A., 
University College, Oxford; botanist and author; F.L.S.; bequeathed 
;t60,OOO for Catholic educational purposes; son of Alfred Pryor, of Hatfield, 
Hertfordshire. (1859) 
Puckle, Bertrand Saward, the artist; founder of the Newman Art 
Gallery, and of the Guild of Decorators. (1905) 
Puckle, Mrs Caroline Georgiana, (1832-1907), wife of ì\Iajor 'Villiam 
Puckle. (1899) 
Puckle, Miss Evelyn, daughter of l\Iajor 'Villiam Puckle. (1898) 
Pugin, Augustus Welby Northmore, (1810-1852), of Christ's 
Hospital, London; architect, ecclesiologist and writer; his reputation 
lies chiefly in his chronological position as a Gothic architect; son of 
Augustus Charles Pugin, (1762-1832), a French architect, archæoloaist and 
architectural artist. 0 (1834) 
t Pugin, Mrs, néc Burton, second wife of the above. (1839) 
Purbrick, Rev. Edward, of Christ Church, Oxford; author. A Priest 
of the Society of Jesus, at one time Rector of Stonyhurst and 'Vimbledon 
Colleges, and Provincia.l in England and America; now at The Holy 
Name, :Manchester. (1850) 
Purbrick, Rev. James, (1828-1900), of Christ Church, Oxford. A 
Priest of the Society of Jesus at Stonyhurst (4 o lJege, Blackburn, Lancashire; 
elder brother of the Rev. Edward Purbrick, a Priest of the Society ,of 
Jesus. (1850) 


Converts to Rome 

Purcell, Lady Alice Fanny, wife of Sir John Purcell, K.C.B. ; daughter 
of Captain Charles Leighton J(ennet. (1868) 
Purcell, Mrs A. W., the actress, best known as Flora 
lyerB. (1877) 
Pu rcell, M rs Jane, wife of Edmond Sheridan PurceU, the journalist, 
author and biographer of Cardina.l 
Ianning; youngest daughter of Sir 
Francis Desanges, the last Baronet; mother of Edmond Desanges Purcell, 

Purcell, Mrs R. Lindsay Dillon, aunt of 
Iajor Frederio Carne Rasch, 

I.P. for Essex, 

Pu rdon, Rev. James, a Priest-in-charge of Our Lady of the AngelA, 
\V orthing, Sussex. · 
Purdue, William, (1833-1R96), the architect; son of Thomas Purduf', of 
Somerset House, and of Ringwood, Hampshire. (1 H63) 
Pybus, M rs, granddaught.f'r of thp sixth Earl of Coventry. 
Pye, Captain Charles Colquhoun, (1834-1872), youngest son of 
the late Henry John Pye, Lord of the 
Ianor of Clifton and I-Iaunton; 
brother of the Rev. IIenry John Pye, (1827-1903), 
LA., Cantab, rector 
of Clifton CampvilIe, Staffordshire, and Lord of the \fanor of Clifton and 
Haunton. (1868) 
pye, Miss Elizabeth Marianne, youngest daughter of the late IIemy 
.John Pye, Lord of the :\Ianor of Clifton and IIaunton; sister of the Rev. 
Henry John Pye, (1827-1903), ::\I..A., 0antab. (1897) 
Pye, Mrs Emily Charlotte Mary, only daughter of the Right Hev. 
Dr Ramuel "\Vilberforce, (180[)-1873), successively J..Aord TIishopof Oxford and 
\VinchpBter; granddaughter of 'ViUiam 'Vilberforce, (1759-1B33), the states- 
num. philanthropist and slave emancipator, and of the Hev. John Sargent, 
:1\1.A., Oxon, rf'ctor of Lavington-cum-Graffham, Sussex; wHe of the Rev. 
Henry John Pye, (1827 -1903), 
LA., Cantab, Lord of the ::\Ianor of Clifton 
and Haunton. (1868) 
Pye, Rev. Henry dohn, (1827-1903), of Eton College; 
LA., Trinit,y 
College, Cambridge; curate of Cuddeston, then rector of t;lifton Campville, 
Staffordshire; Lord of the 
Ianor of Clifton and IIaunton ; barrister; J.P. 
for Staffordshire; eldest son of the late Henry John Pye, Lord of the 
1\[anor of Clifton and Haunton ; grandson of Jlenry .Tames Pye, (1745-1813), 

I.A., D.C.L., Oxon, and poet laureate. (1868) 
t Pym, Mrs, wife of R. Ruthven rym, the philanthropist and junior 
partner in Coutts' Dank. 
Pynsent, Miss Katie, a Benedictine nun and abbess; daughter of the 
Ir Justice Pynsent, D.C.L. 
Pynsent, Miss Maude, a Benedictine nun; sister of the above. 
Pyrrell, M rs Dora, daughter adoptive of !\Irs Anne Ramsden Dennett, 
niece of Sir Thomas Gladstone, and of the Right Hon. \ViUiam ]
Clad:;:tone. four tinH's Prpmipr of England. (1870) 

Converts to Rome 



QUEENSBERRY, The Marquess of; Percy Sholto Douglas, ninth 
:Marquess; formerly midshipman in the Royal Navy; then Licutenant in 
the !{ing's Own Scottish Dorderers. (1908) 

Queensberry, The Marchioness of; (1823-1Ð04), Caroline l\Iargaret, 
wife of the seventh 
Iarquess of Queensberry, P.C. ; daughter of General 
Sir \YiHiam Robert Clayton, ICO.D., fifth Baronet, a distinguished 
'\Vaterloo Officer, and 
I.P. for Great :Marlow; mother of the late Lady 
Florence Dixie, and of the 'T ery Rev. Lord Archibald Douglas, a Priest 
and Canon at St Patrick's, Troon, N.B. (1862) 

Quill, John Jerome, \VelIington College; B.A., Clare College, Cam- 
bridge. (19m

t Quill, Mrs Margaret, wife of Albert \Villiam Quill, l\I.A., Trinity 
College, Dublin, author and poet; daughter of the Rev. James P. Chbte, 
reC'tor of Ballyheigue, co. Kerry, Ircland. 

Quin, Mrs, (1840-1896), of "-'-hitelandq, Clapham, London, S.W. 



Converts to Rome 



t RABNETT, Miss, of Clifton Lodge, IIanwell, i\IiddlesBx. 


Radcliffe, Captain Godf'rey Edward Allaster, formerly of the 
'Yest Yorkshire Hegiment; Bun of HiI' Joseph RadclifIe, second Baronet. 
Radcliffe, Mrs Geraldine Mary, wife of Capt.ain Godfrey Edwa.rd 
Allaster Radcliffe; daughter of the late Anthony George 'Vlight Biùdulph, 
of Burton Park, Petworth, 

Radcliffe, Sir Joseph Perceval Pickf'ord, (182G-190R), third 
Ðaronet, of Rudding Park. \r orkshire; B.A., St l\ttherine's Hall, 
Canlbridgp; J.l>. for 
tafIordshire and tho 'Yest Hiding of Yorkshire; 
son-in-Ia'" of Sir Edward Doughty Tichborne, ninth Baronet. (1854) 
Radcliffe, Miss Louisa, of ::\f orehampton Ilouse, Donnybrool\:, Ireland. 
t Radolinksi, Countess Lucy, wife of the Prussian peer and 
diplomatist; daughter of Colonel Thomas Henry 'Vakefield 

Raffalovich, Mark Andre, author anù contributor to for('ign journals; 
Bon of llerman HafI:tlovich, banker, of Paris; brother of 
lrs 'Villi am 
O'Brien, ",ife of \Villiam O'Brien, :l\I.P., leader of the Independent 

Rains, Dr John, of J\Ianchester. 
Ram, M rs Abel, wife of the third son of Stephen Ram, D. L. of Ramsfort, 
Gorey, co. "Texford, Ireland. 
Ram, M rs Blanche Lof'tus, the novelist, \\ife of Arthur Archibald 
Ram, (1832-1905), fourth son of Stephen Ram, D.L. of Ramsfort, Gorey, 
co. \Yexford, Ireland; daughter of A. Loftus To ttenh am, 
LP., of 
Glenfarnf" Hall, co. Leitrim, Ireland (1898) 
Ram, Stephen, (1820-1899). D.L. of Ramsfort, Gorey, co. 'Vexford, 
Ireland. (1855) 
Ram, Mrs Mary Christian, (1823-1880), Ilée Casamajor; wife of the 
late Stephen Ram; and family. (1855) 
t Ram, Stephen Jam

, of Eton CoJIf"gf"; an officPl" in the Scots 
Guards: eldest son of the late Stephen Ram. (1856) 

Converts to Rome 


Ramsay, Right Rev. David Shaw, (1825-1906), of Edinburgh 
University; at one time ::\Iajor in a Canadian troop of cavalry. A Priest, 
Domestic Prelate to Pope Leo XIII, at Salfol'd Uathedral, for several years 
in charge of St Bede's, South Shields, then retired to his est.ate at Kilkenzie, 
!\Iagog, Quebec, Can'l,da; son of David Ramsay of Grimmet, Ayrshire, 
N.B. ; brother of the late Hon. Thomas Kennedy Ramsay, Judge of the 
Supreme Court of Quebec and :l\Iontreal; nephew of General Sir James 
Shaw Kennedy, (1788-1865), K.C.B., who fought with distinction at 
'\YaterJoo. (1859) 
Ramsay, Rev. Henry Havelock, of King's College School, London; 

I.A., Exeter College, Oxford; Vice-Principal of '\Vells Theological College. 
A Benedictine :l\Ionk (Dom Leander), and Headmaster of Downside College, 
near Bath, Somersetshire. (1896) 
Ramsay, James, (1786-1856), the artist and portrait painter. (1825) 
Ramsey, Rev. Charles George, B.A., Cantab; an Anglican clergy- 

Ramsey, Mrs George Dalhousie, of Edinburgh, N.B. 
Randall, Rev. Giles, a member of the Brotherhood of the Common Life, 
an Anglican Society at Ramsgill, Yorkshire. (1887) 
Randolph, Rev. Edmund, (1821-1892), !\I.A., Jesus College, Cambridge; 
vicar of St Clement's, Cambridge; son of the Rev. Herbert Randolph, 
1\1..,..'\,., rector of Latcombe Basset, Berkshire. (1837) 
Randol ph, M rs Georgiana Harriet, wife of the Rev. Edmund 
Randolph, (1821-1892), :M.A., Can tab; daughter of Colonel Francis Sherlock, 
of the 4th Dragoon Guards; mother of Edmund Randolph, the architect 
and novelist. (1857) 
t Randolph, Lieutenant, of the Royal Kavy. (1849) 
Ranken, George Elliot, (1828-1889), of Eton College; 
LA., scholar of 
University College, Oxford; captain of the Royal Glamorgan Artillery; 
Private Chamberlain to Popes Pius IX and Leo XIII; for fifteen years 
editor of The Tabld. (1851) 
t Ranken, Mrs, wife of George Elliot R
:-cn, (1823-188D), :\I.A., O
on ; 
daughter of the Rev. H. 'V. Buckley -:r. .\., rector of Hartshorne, Derby- 
shire; and family, among whom is 
Iiss Teresa Elliot Ranken, Hon. 
Secretary of St Gregory's Reading Union. (18--17) 
Rann, Rev. Richard Edward, (1830-1903), !\I.A., Queen's College, 
Oxford; vicar of Thatcham, Buckinghamshire. (1866) 
Ransf'ord, Edward, B.A., St John's College, Cambridge. (1885) 
Rasch, Miss, cousin of :l\Iajor Frederic Carne Rasch, 
I.P. for Essex. 

t Rasche, Miss, of Blandford Square, London, W. 


Ratcliffe, Rev. William Henry, 
I.A., Oxon; curate of St r.,Iary 
l\Iagdalene's, Paddington, London, \\T. 


Converts to Rome 

t Rathbone, Mrs, wife of Captain 'Vilson, (1748-1831), C.B., of the 
Royal Navy, rising from the ranks. 
Raupert, Rev. J. GOdfrey, successively curate at Ley ton, Essex; 
Christ Church, Heckenham, Kent; then incumbent of a Proprietary Chapel 
in Bath, Somersetshire; author and lecturer. (189j) 
Ravenscrof't, Humphrey, Solicitor of Lincolns' Inn, London, 'V.C. 
t Ravensworth, The Countess of', Emma Sophia Oeorgi'1na 
Dennlan, second wife of the second Earl of Ravcnsworth; widow 
of Captain Oswin Cumming TIaker-Cresswell; daughter of the lIon. 
Richard Denman, son of the second Baron Denman. (1879) 
Rawes, Rev. Henry Augustus, (lR
()-1885), of Houghton-Ie-Spring 
Grammar School; !\I.A., Trinity College, Canlbridge; curate of St 
Botolph's, Aldgate, I.Jondon E.C., then warden of the House of Charity, 
Soho, IJondon, \V. A Priest, (Oblate of St Charles), D.D. of Rome, at St 
l\[ary of the Angels, Bayswatc r , London, ,V. ; poet and author. (1856) 
Rawlinson, Miss, daughter of the Police ßlagistrate. 
t Rawlinson, Thomas, 
I.A., Oxon; brother of Sir Henry Creswicke 
Rawlinson, (1810-1895), the first Baronet, a distinguished Orientalist; 
father of John Francis Alexander Rawlinson, Knight of the Order of Pius; 
and of the Rev. Stephen Rawlinson, a l1enedictine :f\1onk (Dum Bernard) 
at Downside Abbey, Bath. (1861) 
Rawlinson, Mrs, wife of Thomas Rawlinson, !\1.A., Oxon; and family. 
Rawson, Miss, Hon. Organist ofSt 
Iary :Magdalene, Chiswick, London, 'V. 
Rawson, Charles, architect of Rotherham, Yorkshire. 
Raymond-Barker, M rs Elizabeth, the authoress; wifo of the Rev. 
Frederick l\1ills Raymond-Barker, .M.A., J.P. of Risley, Glouccstcrshire, 
nephew of the Rev. Dr Edward Bouverie l)usey, (1800-1882); daughter of 
\Villiam IIackett of Aylestone II all, I..iecestershire; and family, among 
whom is the Re;". Charles Raymond-Barker, B.A., London University, 
author, musical composer, and a Priest of the Suciety of Jesus at Our 
Lady of the Assumption, Rhyl, North 'Vales. (1867) 
Rayner, Captain, late of the 5th Royal Lancashire :Militia. 
Reade, M rs Com pton, wifo of the Rev. Compton Reade, ::\I.A., form{'rly 
Chaplain of :Magdalen College, Oxford, then rector of Elton, Stockton-on- 
Tees, nephew of Uharles Heade, (1814-1884), the novelist and dramatist. 
Reade, Rev. Francis Vincent, B.A., Pembroke College, Cambridge; 
curate of St Clement's, Cambridge; a Priest of the Birmingham Oratory: 
Bon of the Rev. Henry St John Reade, an Anglican clergyman; brrand- 
nephew of llharles Reade, (1814-1884), the novelist and dramatist. (190-1) 
Reade, John Edmund, (H3oo-1870), the poet and novelist; Bon of the 
fourth Baronet. 

t Reade, Mrs, wife of Edmund Reade, (1800-1870), the poet and novelist 

Converts to Rome 


t Reade, Miss Mary, niece of Charles Reade, (1814-1884), the novelist 
and dramatist; daughter of 'Villiam Barrington Reade. 
Reader, Rev. Harry Charles Lyon Peter, 
Ierton College, 
Oxford A Dominican Friar at Holy Cross Priory, Leicester. 
Reay, Miss, sister-in-law of the Rector of Eaithby, Lincolnshire. 
Redding, Miss Alice Mary, niece of the Right Rev. Dr Samuel 
'Vilberforce, (lS05-1873), successively Lord Bishop of OÀford and 'rin- 
chester; daughter of Dr John Redding, and of :Mary Anne Jones, daughter 
of Thomas Jones, of Pentyr IlaIl, Carnarvonsrure. (1873) 

Redman, Miss Ann, a Sister of Charity, (
ister Clare), and Superior of 
the Uonvent, .Fair Street, Drogheda, Ireland; eldest daughter of John 
Redman, (1817-1886), and his wife the late 
lr8 :\Iercy Redman. (1864) 
Redman, John, (1817-1886), father of the Rev. John Redman, a Priest 
of the Society of Jesus, and Professor at l\lount St :Mary's College, 
Chesterfield, Derbyshire; and of the Rev. Charles Ignatius Redman, a 
Priest of the Society of Jesus at St Joseph's, Leigh, Lancashire. (1870) 

Redman, Rev. Joseph W., (1838-1896), formerly a lay-worker at St 
Peter's, London Docks; a Priest, D.D. of Rome, for sometime in charge of 
St John's, Brentford, 
Iiddlesex; then Army Chaplain; eldest son of the 
precedÙ1g. (1864) 
Redman, Mrs Mercy Olive, (1817-1887), née To\\nend, wife of John 
Redman, (1817-1886); mother of the late .Miss l\Iercy Redman, (Sister 
l\Ionica.), of the Order of Charity, and Superior of the Convent at 

Iedlock, _Manchester. (1864) 
Reed, Lincoln, barrister, nephew of Sir Charles Reed, !\LP. (1891) 
Reed, Mrs, wife of Lincoln Reed; and five children. (1891) 
Reed-Lewis, Mrs Mary Salmain, daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel 
Alexander 'V ynch, R.A.; second wife of "\Villiam Reed - Lewis, of 
Crowthorne, Berkshire; and five children. (1895) 
Reed-Lewis, William, of the Protestant Episcopalian Academy, 
Philadelphia, U.S.A.; of Quaker and Presbyterian descent; United States 

on.sul at Tangier; then Plenipotentiary with Dr J. L. :U. Curry, to the 
Treaty Conference summoned to 
Iadrid re 
Iorocco affairs; now resident 
at Crowthorne, Berkshire. (1895) 
Rees, Rev. Alfred, a Passionist Priest in Australia. 
es, John David, of Cheltenham College; C.I.E., author; Private 

ecretary to three Governors of :Madras, then British Resident in Travan- 
core and Cochin; son-in-law of General the Hon. James Charlemagne 
Dormer, (1834-1893), K.C.B., second son of the eleventh Baron Dormer. 
Reeves, Major Frederick, late of the 103rd Regiment. 


Converts to Rome 

Reid, Joseph D. Gilzean, at one time a Student for the Nonconformist 

Iinistry; son of Sir Hugh Gilzean Reid, D.L., author, (1899) 
Reid, Robert, banker, of Friockheim, N.B. (1876) 
Remington, Miss Frances Mary, (1833-1907), daughter of the Rev. 
Canon Richard Remington, ::\I.A., of :t\Ianchester. (1874) 
Remington, Rev. Frederic, (1837-1899), of Halifax Grammar School; 
lagdalene Uollege, Uambridge; rector of l{irkley, Suffolk; then 
. Headmaster of St Aloysius' School, Bournemouth, Hampshire; son of the 
Rev. Canon Richard Remington, :\I.A., of l\Ianchester. (1872) 
Remington, Mrs Lyilia Marianne, wife of the Rev. Frederic 
Remington, (1837-1899), B.A, Cantab; daughter of Lieutenant 'Villi am 
Romaine, R.A., of Surat, Bomoay. India. (1872) 
Renout; Sir Peter Le Page, (1824-18D7), egyptologist, oriental 
scholar and theologian; of Pembroke College, Oxford; at one time 
Professor of Ancient and Eastern Languages at the Catholic University 
College, Dublin; then Government Inspector of Schools and Keeper of 
Egyptian and Assyrian Antiquities in the British l\luseum; author; son- 
in-law of Christian Brentano. (1842) 
Reynolds, Ronald Grant, B.A., Pembroke College, Cambridge. (1904) 
Reynolds, Charles Henry, (1846-1908), C.IE.; general l\Ianager of 
the Pacific (;abLe Board; formerly Director-General of the Indian Govern- 
ment Telegraph Department. (1877) 
Rhodes, Matthew JOhn, (1817-1891), 
1.A., Trinity College, Cambridge; 
author of The Visible Unity of the Catholic, etc. (1852) 
Riband, William, B.A., St T\Iary's Hall, Oxford 
Riccardi-Cubitt, Count Thomas, of l\Ierton College, Oxford; oilly 
son of Captain Lewis Cubitt, 26th Cameronians, of Eden Hall, Edenbridge, 
l(ent, by Charlotte daughter of R. W. Kennard, sometime ::\I.P. for 
K ewport; son-in-Ia
 of Count Riccardi. (1893) 
Rice, M rs, wife of the Rev. Howard Rice, 
r.A" vicar of Sutton-Courtney. 
Richards, Rev. David, B.A., Oxon; a Dominican Friar at Colorado 
Springs, U.S.A. 
Richards, George J., B.A., St 
Iary's IIalJ, Oxford. 

Richards, Rev. Morly J., of :\Iarlborough College; B.A. 
College, O
ford; Chaplain of 
lalling Abbey, Kent. 


Richards, Rev. Walter J. B., ( -1904), a Priest, (Oblate of St 
Charles), D.D. of Rome; at St Charles' College, Bayswater, London, ,Yo ; 
Inspector of Schools in the Archdiocese of 'Yestminster. (1857) 
Richarc:;tson, Rev. Charles Haslewood, 
I.A., Durham University; 
successIvely second master at Llandaff Cathedral School; assistant-master 
at Hull Grammar School; curate of St John the Baptist, Hulme, 

Ianchester. (1907) 

Converts to Rome 


Richardson, Miss Edith Mary, of Sunnyhurst, Bournemouth, Ilamp- 
sture. (1900) 
t Richardson, Mrs Elizabeth, daughter of James Butler Leech; 
mother of the Yery Rev. Uanon George Ri('h
rdson, (1847-1009), of St 
Augustine's, York Street, :Manchester, (18-13), of which church he was 
rector for over twenty-two years. 
Richardson, George, (1813-1901), of Dudley Grammar Schuol: solicitor 
. of the firm of Richardson, Son and Cooke, :Manchester; author, of Thorne 
t. Lea, Alma Park, Levenshulme, Lancashire; husband of the late 
Elizabeth Richardson. (1833) 
t Richardson, Mrs Harriette Annie, daughter of the Rev. Charles 
'Villiam Davy, l\1.A. of Heathfield, Southamptün. 
Richardson, General, of Bath. 
Richardson, Rev. Richard, (1817-1905), a Priest, (Order of Charity) 
at The :l\fount, 'Vadhurst, Sussex; for over fifty years on the :Missions at 
Rugby, K ewport, Cardiff, London and Bexhill, Sussex; brother of George 
Richardson, (1813-1901), solicitor, of )Ianchester. (1841) 
t Richardson, Thomas, the publisher. (1853) 
t Riddell, Mrs Miriam Cuthbert, granddaughter of the sixth Duke 
of :l.\lanchester; mother of the Right Rev. Dr Arthur Riddell, (1836-1907), 
third Bishop of Northampton. (1838) 
Rieu, Alfred, B.A., Christ Conege, Cambridge; son of Ch
rles Rieu, :l\LA., 
Ph.D., Professor of Arabic at Cambridge, and Professor of Arabic and 
Persian at University College, London. (1900) 
Rimington, F. C., author and contributor to Indian periodicals; J.P. 
in India; son-in-law of Baron von Rösenberg. 
Ring, Rev. William M. Joseph, a Priest, (Order of l\Iary Immaculate) 
in Ireland; D.D. of Rome; has been Superior and Provincial of his Order; 
son of Dr Ring, of BelÏast. (1853) 
Ripon, The Marquess o
 (1827-1909), George Frederic Samuel 
Robinson, first l\Iarquess, K.G., P.U., G.C.S.I., F.R.S. ; was Grand 
of English Freemasons; on several occasions :Minister of State during !\Ir 
'V. E. Gladstone's administrations; sometime Viceroy of lnùia; Lord 
Privy Sea], under Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman; son of the second 
Earl of Ripon; grandson of the fourth Earl of Euckinghamshire. (1874) 

Ritchie, Rev. Sebastian Sartoris Charles, of St Paul's School; 

I.A., Trinity College, Cambridge. A Priest of the Birmingham Oratory. 

Ritchie, William G. B., B.A., Trinity College, Cambridge. 
Rivers, Rev. Charles Edmund, of l\Iarlborough College; ]'I.A., 
Oriel College, Oxford A Priest-in-charge of Our Lady of Lourdes, 
Acton, London, "\V; son of J. C. Rivers, late of the {;ivil Service; nephew 
of Luke Oliphant, cousin of La"rence Oliphant, (1829-1888), the novelist 
war correspondent and mystic. ( 1883 


Converts to Rome 

Rivington, Rev. Luke, (U338-1RD9), of lIigbgate Grammar School; 

LA., Demy, :\Iagdalen College, Oxford; successively curate of All 
Saints, l\Iargaret Street, London, 'V. ; Superior of the Society of the Holy 
Ghost. at Stoke; 
Iember of the Society of St John the Evangelist, 
a.t Cowley, Oxford; for sometime l\Iissionary in India and Africa, and 
once in charge of St Clement's. Oxfonl A Priest, D. D. of Home, at St 
J ames', Spanish Place, Londun, "r; author; son of Francis
(1803-1885), of the wen-known London publishing firm. (1888) 
t Roberts, Charles Henry, l\1.A., Fellow of Christ Church, Oxford. 
(1904 ) 
Roberts, A. E., eldest snn of the Rev. George Ba.yfield Roberts, :M.A., 
vicar of Elmstow, II ardwi eke. (1895) 
Roberts, Rev. Charles, a priest. (1901) 
Roberts, E. G. Kenneth Dale, of King Edward's School, nirmingham; 
B.A., Keble College, Oxford; now a student for the Priesthood in the Beda. 
College, Rome. (1907) 
Roberts, Emmanuel Usher, (182D-1897), Government Surveyor in 
Queensland, Australia, and founder of the Irish Lodge of Freemasons in 
that colony; cousin of Field-)Iarshal Lord Roberts. (1896) 
Roberts, Miss, sister of the Rev. J. Roberts, l\I.A. of Cowley, Oxford 
Roberts, John, of the 'Var Office. 
Roberts, Miss M., daughter of 'Villiam Roberts, of Harborne Hall. 
t Roberts, Mrs, wife of Captain Roberts, of the Royal Navy; sister úf 
the Rev. John Sargent, (17HO-1833), vicar of Lavington-cum-Gra.fIham, 
Sussex, and son-in-law of 'Villiam 'Vilberforce, (1759-H333), the statesman 
and philanthrophist; aunt to Cardinal !\lanning. (1852) 
Roberts, William Henry, 1\1..A..., Emmanuel Col1t>ge, Cambridge; D.I.J.; 
late Recorder of Grantham, Lincolnshire. 
Roberts, Rev. William Pender, l\1.A., St John's College, Cambridge; 
vicar of Boscastle, Cornwall. 
Roberts, Mrs, daughter of the Hon. William Henry Yelverton, (1791- 
1884), J.P., D.L., and )I.P. for Carmarthen, second son of the second 
L. Yicount A vonmore; wife of the Rev. 'V. P. Roberts, 
Robertson, Miss, an Anglican :::;ister at Clewer Convent, near 'Vindsor; 
now a nun. 

Robertson, Charles, Knight of St Gregory the Great; "founder" of 
' Cathedral; established the Institute of St Charles at 
Begbroke, Oxfordshire; son-in-law of Captain 'V. Baldwin, formerly of 
Dunedin, Kew Zealand (IH91) 
t Robertson, Rev. James, l\I.A., Edinburgh lTniversity; incumbent 
of the Episcopal Church at Dalkeith and Chaplain to the l\larquis of 
Lothian. (1848) 

Converts to Rome 


Robertson, James Burton, (IROO-IR77), the historian; Professor of 
. Geography and 
lodern History in the Catholic lTniversity College, Dublin; 
t translator of Schlegel's Philosophy of History and of 
Jöhler's Symbolism. 
Robertson, Rev. John C., (18-17-1892), M.A, UniversityCoHege, O,-ford; 
rector in TIuckinghamshire. .L
 Priest of the SocÏ<:>ty of Jesus in N ew York. 
t Robertson, Rev. Thomas Charles, l\I.A., Edinburgh University; 
Chaplain to the Duke of Buccleuch; a priest. (1858) 
Robins, Miss, of "Timbledon, Surrey; granddaughter of Lady Caroline 
Barham; an Anglican Sister at Clewer Convent, near "\Vindsor. 
Robins, Miss Katharine Gertrude, (1837-1D07), daughter of the Rev. 
Sanderson Robins, !\I.A., an Anglican clergyman. (1870) 
RObinson, Charles, of the firm of Riccardo & Robinson, of London, E.C. 
(1885 ) 
RObinson, Miss, daughter of Captain Robinson, of Armagh, Ireland; 
niece of Sir George Gabriel Stokes, first Baronet, Professor of 
at Cambridge University. (1892) 
RObinson, Denham, of the 'Var Office. (1860) 
RObinson, Miss G., daughkr of the Rev. Francis Robinson, 1\I.A., rector 
of Stonesfield, Oxfordshire; sister of the Right Rev. :Monsignor Croke 
Robinson. (1873) 

Robinson, Mrs Martha Walker, (1822-1888), née Freer; writer on 
French history; wife of the Rev. John Robinson, 
I.A., an Anglican 
Robinson, Lady Mary Edith, daughter of Richard 
Iartin, of 
Blackrock, co. Cork; wife of Sir James Clifton Robinson, the well-known 
RObinson, Captain T. A., of the Royal Artillery; B.A., Corpus Christi 
College, Oxford; son of the Rev. Francis Robinson, rector of Stonesfield, 
Oxfordshire; brother of the Right Rev. :Monsignor 'Valter Croke Robinson. 
RObinson, Right Rev. Monsignor Walter Croke, of 'Vinchester 
College; l\I.A., :F'ellow of Xew College, Oxford; the first (jatholic FeUow of since the Reformatiun; successively curate of St John's Commun, 
Burgess Hill, Sussex; of Clewer Parish Church, and in charge of St 
Andrew's, 'Vest Bromwicb, Staffordshire. A Priest, Domestic Prelate to 
His Holiness; for three yearf;J Vice-Rector of the Catholic University College, 
Kensington; was chaplain of l
ensington vVorkhouse and Infirmary, now 
Preacher and Lecturer of the Archdiocese of Westminster; author; son of 
the late Rev. Francis Robinson, 1\I.A., rector of Stonesfield, Oxfordshire. 

Robson, Robert, of II is 1\Iajestys Customs. 
Robson, Mr
, wife of Robert Robson. 
Roche, Mrs Jane E. Redington, wife of Thomas Redington Roche, of 
Rye IIill, co. Galway, and Granagh Uastle co. Kilkenny; daughter of the 
late .Anthony Cliffe, of Bellevue, co. 'Vexford (1856) 


Converts to Rome 

Rockstro, William Smith, (1823-18D5), of Plymouth; musician, pianist, 
and Inusical composer; professor of counterpoint and plain-son rr in the 
Hoyal Coll{'ge of l\Iusic, London; author. 0 
Rodney, r.'iss Diana Caroline, daughter of 'Villi am Powell Rodney, 
of Llanchangel Court, .Abergavenny, 'Vales, (grandson of the sixth Baron 
Rodney), by his wife Diana Hotham Lubbock, daughter of t.he third 
Daronct, and of IIarriet, daughter of the late Captain IIotham, of York' 
niece of the first Baron Avebury, P.O. (lD03) 
Roe, Robert Gordon, of IIaileybury College; late of Selwyn Oollege, 
Cambridge; Secretary of the Cambridge noy Scouts, (ID09) 
Rogers, Alfred, assistant-librarian of Cambridge 'Cniversity. (1901) 
Rogers, Mrs, wife of Alfred Rogers; and daughter. (1901) 
Rogers, Colonel Henry d., of the Royal Engineers. 
t Rogers, J. T., late superintendent of the Bombay Tramway Company; 
formerly in the Army; fought in the Crimea. 
Rogers, Mrs, wife of General Rogers. 
t Rogers, Frederick, 
" Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford -(1845) 
t Rogers, Miss, daughter of Francis James Newman Rogers, (1791-1851), 
barrister, Deputy Judge-advocate-general. 
t Rogers, Rev. Thomas, B.A., Cantab; an Anglican Prison Chaplain. 
.. (1830) 
Rohrs, dohn Henry, (1822-1875), 
l.A., Fellow, 12th wrangler, Jesus 
College, Cambridge; the poet. (1835) 
ROkeby, Miss, of Arthingworth l\Ianor, Northamptonshire. 
Rolfe, Frederick William, sometime l\Iaster at Grantbam Grammar 
School, Lincolnshire; journalist. (1887) 
Rolph, dames, of the 'Yar Office. 
Rooke, Rev. Seton Pattßrson, (1824-1901), l\l.A., Oriel College, 
Oxford; curate of St Saviuur's, Leeds. .A Dominican li'riar at St Dominic's 
Priory, Haverstock llill, London, N. 'V.; fifth son of Captain Frederick 
'Yillia.m Rooke, of the Royal Navy, of Gr(,endour, Litton, Somersetshire; 
a descendant of the celebl'atetlAdmil'al 
ir George Rooke. (1851) 
Roope, Charles, of Pembruke Square, Kensington, London, 'V. 
t Roope, Right Rev. William, a Priest, 
IoDsignor, D.D. of Rome, at 
noncburch, Isle of \Vight. 
Roper, Alfred Francis P., of I
ancing College; M.A., Keble College, 
Oxford; Headmaster of Ladycross School, 
eaford, Sussex; son of the Hev. 
T. H. Roper, sumetime rector of Puddle Hinton, Dorchester; and family. 
Roper, Mrs, wife of Alfred Francis P. Roper, 
I.A., Oxon. (1888) 

Converts to Rome 


t Roper, Joseph, director of the Catholic Standard, of Hobart Town, 
Tasmania. (1860) 
t Roscommon, The Earl of', the last. (1845) 
Rose, Sir Cyril Stanley, third Baronet, of ::\Ioor Park, Farnham, 
Surrey. (1905) 
Rose, Rev. George, (1817-1882), 
I.A., ::\Iagdalen Han, Oxford; curate 
at Camberwell, then at Christ Church, Bri
ton; assistant-reader at the 
Temple; tutor to the fifteenth Duke of Norfulk, lCG.; dramatist, novelist 
and humorous entertainer who wrote under the pseudonym of "Arthur 
Sketchley"; son of James Rose, nephew of the Right Hon. Sir George 
Rose, (1782-1873), P.C., 
laster in Chancery. (1835) 
Rose, Rev. H., founder and Superior of the Brotherhood of the Common 
Life, an Anglican Society at Ramsgill, Yorkshire. 
Rose, Lady Ka theri ne, daughter ùf Ale
ander l\Iacalister, of Torres- 
dale Castle, co. Argyle, K.B.; wife of the Jaw Sir 'Yilliam Rose, second 
Baronet, of 
Iontreal, Canada. . (1908) 
Rose, Sir Philip Frederick, second Baronet, of Hm'row School; 
solicitor, member of the well-known firm of Baxter, Rose & Norton; J.P. 
and, and at one time High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire. (1885) 
Rose, Lady Rosa Anne, wife of Sir Philip Frederick Rose, second 
Baronet; daughter of the Rev. 'Yilliam 'V(,llaston Pym, l\l.A., rector of 
'VilHan, Hertfordshire; and her five children. (1885) 
Rose, William, director of the Submarine Telegraph Cable C0Iupn.ny at 
Yigo, Spain. (189,,)) 
Ross, Rev. JOhn, a Priest of the Society of Jesus at St Francis Xavier's, 
Salisbury Street, Liverpool. 
Ross, Robert, of King's College, Cambridge; art critic and journa.list; 
son of the Hon. .John Ross, Q.C., 
olicitor-General of Canada; grandson of 
the Hon. Robert Baldwin, C.B. (189--1) 
Ross, Colonel, of 'Vimbledon, Surrey. 
Ross, Miss Rita, a nUll of the Sacred Heart Convent, Dundrum, Dublin. 
Ross, Colonel William Henry, late of the Indian Army, of Glasgow 
Collegiate School and Glasgow University; served in Persia and in the 
Indian :Mutiny; son of Captain 'Yilliam Russ, Gentleman Usher to Queen 

Ross, M rs, wife of Colonel 'Yilliam IIenry Ross; daughter of Colonel C. 
S. '\Thi tehill. 

Ross of' Bladensburg, Mrs Alexina Frances, (1859-18ÐG), wife 
of {;olonel Edmunrl James Thomas Ross, of TIladensbul'g: ûf th
Hon. Culin Lindsay, (IRI9-1892), sun of tht:' twcnty-fuurth Earl of Cra." ford 
and scv('nth Earl of Balcarres. ' 


Converts to Rome 

Ross 0" Bladensburg, The Hon. Lady Blanche, Hon. Blanche 
Amelia Foster-Skeffington; wife of Lieutenant-Colonel Sir John Foster 
George Ross of Rladensburg, K.C.B.; daughter of the tenth Viscount 

Iassereene and Ferrard, R.P. (1876) 
Ross 0" Bladensburg, Colonel Edmund James Thomas, of 
St Peter's College, Radley; late of the Royal Engineers; youngest son of 
])avid Ross of Bladensburgh, of Rosstrevor, co. Down, and of the lIon. 
IT arriet l\[argaretta Ross of Bladensburg, (1816-1883), daughter of tho 
second Viscount Ferrard (1876) 
Ross 0" Bladensburg, The Hon. Mrs Harriet, (1816-1R83), 
]-Ion. IIarriet 1tlargaretta Foster-Skeffington, eldest daugter of the second 
Viscount Ferrard; and of Harriet, ninth ViscounteRs 
Iassereene; wife of 
David Ross of Bladensburg of Rosstrevor, co. Down. Ireland (1864) 
Ross 0" Bladensburg, Miss Harriet Margaret, daughter of 
David Ross of Bladensburg; widow of \V. A. Ross, of Dunlewey IIouse, 
co. Donegal, Ireland; now a nun at the Sacrcd IIeart Convent, :Malta. (1863) 
Ross 0" Bladensburg, Lieutenant-Colonel Sir John Foster 
George, K.C.B., of St .Peter's College, Hadley and 'V oolwich Acadmny ; 
late of the Coldstream Guards, with whom he served in thE" Suakim 
Campaign of 1885; now Chief Uommissiuner of the Dublin Police, J.P. and 
D.L. fur co. Down; author, eldest surviving son uf David Ross of 
Bladensburg, of Rosstrevor, co. Down, Ireland. (1878) 
Ross of Bladensburg, Rev. Robert Skeffington, (1847-18Ð2), 
t Peter's College, Radley ; :\I.A. Exeter Uollege, Oxfurd; an Old Blue, 
rowing in the winning crew against CaIn bridge in 1867; 
T._l? anù D.L. 
for co. Down, Ireland; barrister; captain in the Royal South Down 
l\[ilitia. A Priest of the Society of Jesus at St 'Vilfred"s, Prestun, Lanca- 
shire; eldest Bon of David Ross of Bladensburg, of Rosstrevor, co. Down, 
Ireland (1875) 
Rosslyn, The Countess o
 Rlanche Adeliza Fitzroy, wife of the fourth 
Earl of Rosslyn; widow of Colonel the Hun. Charles Henry 
only son of the third and last Viscount :t\Iaynard; mother of l\lilHcent, 
fourth Duchess of Sutherland, of Frances Evelyn, fifth Countess of 
Warwick and of Sybil 
Iary, thirteenth Countess of 'Vestmoreland; 
daughter (If Henry Fitzroy, of Salcey"Lawn, Northamptonshire. (1905) 
Rossmore, The Lady Julia Ellen, Josephine Lloyd, second wife of 
the third Baron Rossmure; then wife of Lieutenant-Colonel George 'Yilliam 
Stackpoole, of Eden .Vale, Ennis; daughter of Henry Lloyd, of Farinora, 
co. Tipperary, Ireland (1879) 
Rothwell, Rev. George, (1855-1882), of Liverpool; for two years chorister 
at the Temple Church, London. A Scholastic of the Society of Jesus. 
Round, Frederic Peel, (1818-1884), of Eton College; B.A., B alIi 01 
College, O
ford; for forty-two years Gentleman esber of the Green Rod; 
snn of .T ohn Round, of Danbury Park, Esse"\: and for many years _l\l.P. for 
] pswich and .Malden, and lIigh Steward of Colchester, Essex. (1850) 

Converts to Rome 


t Rousby, Wybert, the Jersey actor and manager; husband of :\lrs 
Clara :Marion Jessie Rousby, (1852-1879), the actress, daughter of Dr 
Dowse, inspector-general of hospitals. 
Rouse, Charles, an Anglican deacon. (1882) 
Rouse, Rev. W. G., an Anglican curate; brother of Charles Rouse. (1881) 
Routh, M rs, wife of the Rector of Tilehurst. 
Rowbotham, Mrs, wife of Herbert Rowbotham, chief clerk to the 
Department of 
Iines, Salisbury, l\Iashonaland, South Africa. (1897) 
Rowe, Rev. James Boone, (1825-1888), of St John's College, 
Cambridge; a Priest of the Brompton Oratory, London, S. 'V. (1845) 
Rowlands, Mrs Adeline, wife of 'Villiam Bowen Rowlands, (1840-1906), 
ICU., )I.A., Oxon; only child of J. D. Brown, of Kensington House, 
Haverfordwest. (1896) 
Rowlands, Miss Lillian, daughter of the late 'Villiam Bowen Rowlands, 
R.C., l\I.A., Oxon. (1896) 
Rowlands, Miss Teresa, daughter of the late 'Villi am Bowen Rowlands, 
K.U., ßI.A., Oxon. (1869) 
Rowlands, His Honour William Bowen, (1840-1906), l\I.A., Jesus 
UoUege, Uxford; (2nd Ulass Classical Honours); barrister, 1st Class Certifi- 
cate of Honour, General Examination for the Bar; R.C., County Court Judge 
for the Birkenhead [1ircuit; for nine years 
I.P. for Cardiganshire; Recorder 
of Swansea, 1894; D.L. for Cardiganshire; J.P. for Pembrokeshire, 
Cardiganshire and Haverfordwest; l\Iember of Council of Legal Education; 
l\Iaster of Library of Gray's Inn; member of the Catholic School 
Committee; eldest son of Thomas Rowlands, of Glenover, Pembrokeshire. 
Rowlatt, Rev. Charles Robert, l\I.A., St John's College, Cambridge; 
curate at Thurrocks. (1858) 
Rowles, Miss Mary, late of the 'Vantage Anglican Sisterhood in India. 
Royds, Rev. Francis Twemlow, of Rugby School; 
I.A., Christ 
College, Cambridge; J.P. for Lancashire; late curate of the Parish Church, 
Leamington; eldest son of the Rev. Charles Twemlow Royds, l\I.A., J.P., 
rector of Heysham, Lancashire. (1901) 
t Rule, Mrs Martha Le Marchant, wife of the Rev. l\Iartin Luther 
Rule, B.A., Cantab. (1869) 
Rule, Rev. Martin Luther, B.A., Pembroke ColJege, Cambridge; curate 
of St Paul's, Brighton, Sussex; author; son of the Rev. Dr Rule, a 
"\Vesleyan l\Iinister. (1869) 
Ru m ball, M rs, daughter of Charles Simpson Hanson; wife of IIenry 
Rumball, Treasurer to !LB.
I.'s Supreme Consular Court at Constantinople. 
and her five children. (1880) 


Converts to Rome 

Rumbold, Colonel Sir Arthur Carlos Henry, (1820-18GD), fifth 
l1aronet; was President of :K evi<; and of the Yirgin Islands, and 
Administrator of St Christopher; fought in the Crimea with the Turkish 
contingent; grandson uf Sir George Herriman Rumbold, (17G4-180i), the 
second Baronet and diplomatist. 
Rusdell, Miss, daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Joseph Rusdell, 1\.C. 
1\1. G., of the Grenadier Cuard
, sometime Chief Secretary to the l-iigh 
Commissioner of tho Ionian Isles. (lH60) 
Rusdell, Miss Mary, daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel Sir J0seph Rusdel1, 
K.C.l\LG. (IReO) 
Rushbrooke, Mrs Anne Frances, (1820-1906), of Leapale Ilouse, 
Guildford, Surrey; mother Qf Capt.ain 'Villi am IIenry Rushbrooke, of the 
1st East Yorkshire Hegiment, served in the Afghan 'Val', created Count by 
rope Leo XIII in lR92, Lord of thp 1\[annr of Hingmen, co. Cork, J.P. for 
Surrey and co. Cork, and on council of Cathulic Soldiers' Association; 
daughter of Dr 1\Iathias, R.
., of Gibraltar. 
Rushbrooke, Captain William Henry, (lRl:J-1883), of the Royal 
Navy; husband of !\Irs Anne Frances Rushbrooke. 
Ruspoli, Princess Margaritta, daughtf'r of the late Ri
ht lIon. Sir 
(1harles Parker Butt, P.U., who was Presi(h'nt of the l)roha.te, lJivorce and 
Admiralty Division of the High Court of Judicature. (lfJ03) 
Ruspoli, Princess, ?lét> Capel Broadwood. (18H3) 
Russell, Lady, (17U3-1874), wife of l\[ajor-GeneraJ Lord George \VilliaIll 
Russell, (17UO-IR-!6), Ci-.(1.n., son of tllP sixth Dukf' of ]
('dford, and for 
some time English .Âlllbassador at Uerlin; daughter of the Hon. Theophilus 
Rawdon, a.nd of Lady .E1ií'abcth Ifastings; granddaughter of the ninth 
Earl uf Huntingdon; mother of Lord Odo 'Yilli3.m Leopold Russell, (18
188--1), first Baron Ampthill, P.U., G.C.B., (1.C.
J.G., an eminent diplomatist, 
and for thirteen years English Ambassador to the Court of Germany. 
Russell, Right Rev. Arthur A. E., a Priest, DOllwstic Prelate, Provost, 
and till lately Yicar-General of the diocese of Clifton; son of the Rev. 
A. n. Russpll, 
I.A., rector of Laverton. (1867) 
Russell, Rev. Cyril, an Anglican clergyman; author. (1889) 
Russell, Mrs, wife of the Rev. Cyril Russell; and family. (1898) 
Russell, The Hon. Mrs Helen Mary, wife of the Hon. Cyril Russell, 
third son of Lord Russell of Kill owen, (1832-1900), Lord Uhief Justice of 
England; daughter of Alexander Pirie, of Leckmelm, N.n. (1898) 
Russell, Miss, daughter of the second Baronet; sister of Colonel 
Charles Russell, (1826-1883), third Baronet, V.C., 1\1.P., for Berkshire and 
Russell, Rev. Henry Patrick, of Gknalnlond, Haileybury and 

andhurst Colleges; for sometime Sub. Lieutenant 18th Royal Irish 
RegiInent; rector of St 
Iarytavy, Devon. 1881-9
; Vicar of St Stephen's, 
Devonport, Devonshire, 1892-ÐG; author; son of Alexander '''ood Rns'iel1, 
of the Bengal Uivil Service. (1896) 

Converts to Rome 


Russell, Mrs, wife of the Rev. I-Ienry Patrick Russell, and family; now 
of Leamington. (1896) 
Russell, Rev. dohn, curate of l\Iaindel, Newport, and then of St Paul's, 
Ionmouthshire. (1902) 
Russell, The Hon. M rs Mary, wife of the Hon. Frank Russell, 
fourth son of Lord Russell of Killowen, (1832-1900), Lord Uhief Justice of 
England; daughter of the first Baron Ritchie, of Dundee. 
Russell, Rev. Vernon William, B.A., Trinity College, Dublin; curate 
of St James', Plymouth, Devonshire. A Priest of the College of Cathedral 
Chaplains, 'Vestminster, London, S.'V. (1888) 
Russell, William M., B.A., Christ Church, Oxford 
Rutherford, Claud Hamilton, of Dulwich College; B.A., Exhibitioner 
of !(ing's College, Cambridge; second in Natural Science Tripos, President 
of the Fisher 
ociety while at Cambridge; a Benedictine at Downside 
Abbey, near Bath; son of George Rutherford, of the Home Civil 
brother to two Anglican clergymen. (1906) 
t Ryan, M rs, wife of Dr Ryan, of the 56th Regiment. (185:3) 
Ryder, Lady Edith, daughter of the late Rev. Henry Dudley Ryder, 
.M.A., Oxon., (1803-18ï7), by Eliza .Julia, daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel 
John Tucker; granddaughter of the Right Rev. the Hon. Dr Henry Ryder, 
(177ï-lR36), successively Bishop of Gloucester, Lichfield and Uoventry; 
wife of 
ir George Lisle Ryder, (1838-190;:>), K.C.B., chairman of the Board 
of Customs, Bon of the Rev. George Dudley Ryder, (1810-1t)80), 
Oxon, rector of Easton, Hampshire, by Sophia Lucy, daughter of the 
Rev. John Sargent, (1780-183:3), rector of Lavington-cum-Graffham, Sussex, 
grandson of the Right Rev. the Hon. Dr Henry Ryder, (1777-1836), Lord 
Bishop of Lichfield and Covenky. (1882) 
Ryder, Rev. George Dudley, (1810-1880), 
I.A., Oriel College, Oxford; 
rector of Easton, Hampshire; son of the Right Rev. the Hon. Dr Henry 
Ryder, (1777 -1836), successi vely Bishop of Gloucester, and of Lichfield and 
Coventry; grandson of the first Baron Harrowby. (18-16) 
Ryder, Mrs Sophja Lucy, (1815-1850), "ife of the Rev. George Dudley 
Ryder, (1810-1880), 
I.A., Oxon; daughter of the Rev. John Sargent, (17RO- 
18R:3), :\I.A., Oxon, rector of Lavington-cum-Graffham, Sussex; sister of ßIrs 

Iary 'Vilberforce, (1810-1878), daughter-in-law of William 'Vilberfurce, 
(17:)9-1833), the philanthropist and slave emancipator; mother of the Rev. 
Charles Edward Ryder, a Priest-in-charge of St Philip's, Bmeth"\vick, 
Birmingham; of the Rev. Cyril Ryder, a Redemptorist Priest at St 
Kinnoull, Perth, 
.B.; of the Rev. Henry Ignatius Dudley Ryder, (1837
1907), D.D., a Priest and Superior of the Birmingham Oratory; and of Sir 
George Lisle, (1838-190Ö), K.C.E., Chairman of the Board of Customs. 
( 1846) 
! Ryder, Miss Sophia, (1817-1901), a nun and Superioress of the Convent 
of the Good Shepherd, East :Finchley, London, N.; YOilllgest daughter of 
! the Right Rev. the Hon. Dr Henry Ryder, (1777-1836), successively Bishop 
of Gloucester, and of Lichfield and Coventry. (1847) 


Converts to Rome 


SACHWELL, Miss, daughter of General Sachwell. (1888) 
t Saint, John James Heath, B.A., christ Church, Oxford; son of the 
Rev. J. J. Saint, l\LA., of Uroombridgo Place, }{ent. 
Sala, George Augustus Henry, (1828-18Dü), author and journalist; 
successively clerk, scenic-artist at the Princess and Lyceum Theatres, 
London; then for many years on the staff of tho Daily Teleqraph; contributor 
to Chat, Household 
Vortls, All the Year Bound, Illustn;tcd London lVC
Sunday 1'Ùnes, Te'lnple Bnr, ete. (1895) 
t Salamon, Madame, wife of Captain Louis Gaston Salamon, of the 
}'rench Army; daughter of the lIon. 'Yilliam Henry Yelverton, (1791-1884), 
J.P., D.L.; and 1\1.1>. for Carrnarthen, second son of the second Viscount 
Avonmore; sister-in-law of the H,ev. 'Villiam Pender Hoberts, ThLA., 
Cantab; late vicar of Boscastle, Cornwall. 
Salisbury, Richard Anthony, (1761-1829), B.A., Edinburgh Univcl'sity; 
the botanist and author. 

Salt, M rs, wife of Colonel T. H. Salt, of the Royal Artillery. 
Saltiam, Captain, of the Royal Xavy. 
Saltiam, Mrs E., his wife; daughter of the Rev. 'Villiam Forbes, 1\I.A., 
rector of !\lanchester, Jamaica, B."\Y.I (1881) 


Samler, Miss Fanny, daughter of :\Iajor Samler. 
Sammons, Rev. Edward, of Tonbridge School, TI.A., Lincoln Uollege, 
Oxford. .A Priest, Drighton, SusseÀ. 
Sanders, Miss Florence, directress of the Beethoven School of Thlusic, 
"\Villesden, London, 'V. (1889) 
t Sanderson, Miss Eliza, daughter of the lIon. John Sanderson, of 
Urenada, B. 'V.I. (1849) 
t Sanderson, The Hon. dohn, Chief Justice of Grenada, B.'Y.I. (1849) 
Sanderson, R. d., at one time licensed lay-reader at St Faith's, Stoke 
N ewington, London, X. (1884) 

Converts to Rome 


Sanderson, Mrs, wife of R. J. Sanderson; and five children. 


Sands, Miss Frances Wemyss, daughter of the late 'V. J. Sands, 
Writer to the Signet, Edinburgh. (1906) 

Sands, William Henry Bethune, of Charterhouse ;::;chool; B.A., 
Oriel Uollege, Oxford; of the firm of Sands & Co., publishers, of Edinburgh 
and London; son of the late \V. J. Sands, \Vriter to the Signet, 
Edinburgh, and of Augusta Sophia, daughter of the late General 
,y mnyss, U.B. (1897) 
Sandys, M rs, wife of the Rev. George Sandys, J\I.A, an Anglican 
clerb'Y man . 
Sandys, Miss, sister of the Rev. George Sandys, 1\1.A. 
Sandys, Mr3 Mary Grainger, daughter of the Rev. II. IlaU, :\I.A., 
late vicar of St Paul's, Cambridge; wife of Dr John Edwin Sandys, Public 
Lecturer of Cambridge University; member of Council of proposed 
Catholic College for 'V omen at Cambridge. (1903) 
Sankey, Rev. Richard Boyer, (1837-190-1), :\I..A., l\Ius.Doc., :\Iagdalen 
Hall, Oxford; curate of Bt Paul's, Leicester. A Priest at St James', 
Spanish Place, :àlanchester Square, London, 'V; son of an Anglican 
clergyman. ( 1881 ) 
t Sankey, Wílliam, :\I.A., Trinity College, Dublin. (1846) 
t Sankey, Mrs, wife of \Villiam Sankey; and her four children. (1846) 
Sant, Mrs, wife of A D. Sant, of Palazzo Gharixam, Uitta Vecchia, l\Ialta. 
Santley, Sir Charles, the well-known baritone and musical composer; 
Knight-Uommander of St Gregory the Great; author of Stude/
t and 
Hinger, etc. (1880) 
Sass, Dr E. E., of London. 
Sass, Mrs, wife of Dr E. E. Sass. 
t Sass, Frederick A., surgeon-dentist of Gloucester Place, London, 'V.; 
brother of Dr E. E. Sass. 
t Saunders, Lady Christina Sophia, daughter of Charles K. 
Freshfield, )LP., of Upper Galton Park; snccessively wife of Captain 
Clifford Fortescue Borrer, late of the 60th Rifles, of Pickwell, Uuck- 
field, Sussex; then of Sir :F'rederick Richard Saunders, K.C.:\I.G., late 
Treasurer and :\Iember of the Executive a.lîd Legislative Councils of the 
Island of Ceylon. (1894) 
Saunders, Rev. Godfrey W. St George, 
L...-\.., Christ Church, 
Oxford; curate of St Paul's, Brighton, Sussex. (190-1) 
! Saunders, Mrs, wife of the Rev. Godfrey 'V. St George Saunders, l\I.A., 
: Oxon, and children. (1904) 


Converts to Rome 

Saunders, Colonel Henry George, of the Bengal 
tafI Corps. (1880) 

Sau nders, M rs, wife of Colonel IIenry George Saunders. 

( 1880) 

Saunders, H. Percy, second son of the late Major-General E. 'V. 
Saunders, of \Yeymouth, Devonshire. (190R) 
Saville, The Hon. George, of Eton College, and Trinity College, 
8ambridge; late Lieutenant in the 3rd Battalion Yorkshire Regiment; 
a "founder" of \Vestminster Cathedral; third son of the fourth Earl of 
)Iex borough. 

Savory, Rev. Frederick William, of London ITniversity; a Priest-in- 
charge of St 'Vilfrid, 13ishop"Auckland, co. Durham. 

Savory, Sydney, father of the Rev. Frederick \Yilliam Savory, a Priest; 
at one time Headmaster of the Nottingham Diocesan College. 
Savory, Mrs, wife of Sydney Savory. 
Say, Major, of tho Bombay Staff Corps. 
Say, Mrs, wife of l\Iajor Say; with her two sons and a daughter. 
Scargill, Edward, l\I.A., wrangler of Queens' College, Cambridge. 
Schmitt, Mrs Eleonora, wife of Oscar Schmitt, professor at Lynn 
Grammar School. (1899) 
t Schofield, Rev. Richard, a Redemptorist Priest, who died in his 
101st year. (1850} 
Scholfield, Edward, brother of the late l\I.P. for Birmingham. 
Scholfield, Rev. John Faber, of Eton College; :\I.A.,; Trinity College, 
Cambridge; late rector of 
t )Iichael's Episcopal Church, lIill Square, 
Edinburgh, N.B. Author: Divine Author-ity, (Longmans, 1905), The Servants 
of the Sick, (Sands & Co.), Catholic and Roman, (C.T.S. 1909), Abbo
Sllinday Epistles, (Sands & Co., 190-1.) (190--1) 
Scholfield, Mrs, wife of the Rev. John Faber 
cholfield, l\l,A., Can tab; 
and children. (190--1) 
Schomberg, Arthur, of \Vinchester College; B.A., Oriel College, 
Oxford; author; son of Joseph Trigge Schomberg, Q.C., Recorder of 
Aldborough, 'Viltshire. 
Schomberg, Reginald Broderick, of 'Vinchester College; 
New College, Oxford; barrister, second son of Joseph Trigge Schomberg, 
Q.C., Recorder of Aldborough, \Viltshire; father of Lieutenant Reginald 
Charles Francis Schorn berg, of the Seaforth Highlanders. 
Schomberg, Mrs Frances Sophia, daughter of T. C. :Morris, of 
Llanstephan Castle and Bryn 
lerddyn, Carmarthen, Wales; wife of 
Reginald Brodrick Schomberg, B.A., axon. 

Converts to Rome 


Schreiner, Mrs, wife of a Lutheran l\fissionary in South Africa; mother 
of the Hon. 'V. P. Schreiner, K.C., C.
LG., at one time Prime :l\Tinister of 
Cape Colony; and of l\Iiss Olive Schreiner, the novelist. 

Schwenk, Baroness Mabel, an English lady, 


Sclater, Lieutenant Bertram Lutley, (1866-1897), of the Royal 
Engineers; second son of Philip L. Sclater, Ph. D., F.R.A.; Secretary of thp 
Zoological Society; grandson of Sir David Hunter-Blair, third Baronet. 
t Sconce, Rev. Robert R., l\LA., Brasenose College, Oxford; curate 
of St Andrew's Cathedral, Sydney, New South 'Vales, Australia; author 
of The Testimony of Christictnity, etc. (1848) 
t Sconce, Mrs, wife of the Rev. Robert R. Sconce, 
I.A., Oxon. (1848) 
Scott, Rev. Alexander G., a Priest-in-charge of Our Lady Star of the 
Sea, Lowestoft, Suffolk. (1870) 
Scott, Right Rev. Christopher, a Priest, Domestic Prelate, D.D. 
of Rome, and Yicar General of the diocese of Northampton, in charge of 
Our Lady and the English )Iartyrs, Cambridge. 
Scott, Clement, (1841-190--1), of l\Iarlborough College; at one time at 
the 'Var Office; poet, journalist, for many years dramatic critic to the 
Daily Teleg'raph, sometime editor of The Thectt?'e, then editor of The Free 
L(WrÆ and dramatic critic of the New York Herald; second son of the Rev. 
1Villiam Scott, l\LA., incumbent of Christ Church, Hoxton, London, K., 
then vicar of St Olave's, Old Jewry and rector of St 
Iartin's, Pomeroy; 
father of l\Iajor Philip Clement Scott A.S.C., who served in South Africa 
during the last war, and of Eric Clement Scott, the dramatic critic. (1865) 

t Scott, Rev. Edward, 
I.A., Oxon; an Anglican clergyman. 


Scott, M rs Ernest, daughter of the Rev. Frank Besant, )I.A., vicar of 
Sibsey, Lincolnshire, and of 
Irs Annie Besant, of the Theosophical Society. 
t Scott, George Gilbert, :i\I.A., Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge; 
architect; F.S.A.; son of Sir George Gilbert Scott, (1811-1878), the architect 
and author; father of Giles Gilbert Scott, the architect and designer of the 
new Anglican Liverpool Cathedral. (1880) 

Scott, M rs, wife of George Gilbert Scott, :\LA., Cantab. 
Scott, Miss, Abbess of the Protestant Convent at Perth, X.B. 
Scott, General Walter. 
Scott, William A., of Leigh House, East )Iolesey. 
t Scott, Rev. William Henry, l\LA., Fellow of Brasenose CoUege, 
ford; curate of Emmanuel Church, Bolton, Lancashire; grandson of 
SIr Joseph Scott, Bart., of Great Barr, Staffordshire. (1854) 

(1880 ) 
(188] ) 


Converts to Rome 

Scott-Murray, Charles Robert Scott, (1818-1882), of Eton College; 

LA., Christ (1hurch, Oxford: J.P. and D.L.; for some time :\I.P: for 
Buckinghamshire, and High Sheriff of the same co un ty; Knight of St 
Gregory the Great; father of Charles Aloysius Scott-l\Iurl'ay, (1848-1909), 
late Lieutenant in the 1st Life Guards, J.P. for Buckinghamshire, High 
Sheriff in 1890, Lord of the 
Ianor of llambledon, by the Hon. Amelia 
(1harlotte Fraser, daughter of Thomas Alexander Fraser, twelfth Baron 
Lovat, (1802-1875), and of the Hon. Charlot.te Georgina Jermingham, 
daughter of the seventh Baron Stafford; of )lnjor RasH Henry Scott- 
]\[urray, late of the Scots Guards, who served in the 
uakin Expedition oi 
1885; grandfather of Lieutenant Francis Joseph Scott-J\Iurray, late of the 
Oxfordshire Light Infantry; son of Charles Rcott-)Iurray, of Danes fiel d, 
by his wife, Augusta Eliza, daughter of John Xixon, and widow of John 
nulloI', J\l.P.. (1844) 

t Scrattol'l, Rev. James, ßLA., St John's College, Cambridge; curate 
at Sittingbourne, Kent, and of Emmanuel Church, Dolton-le-:\Ioors. A 
Priest-in-charge of The Immaculate Conception, Deal, Kent. (18Gl) 

Scratton, Rev. Thomas, (1821-1895), 
I.A., Christ Church, Oxford; 
curate at Benson; for sometime Secretary of the Catholic University 

ollege, Du bUn. (1850) 
Seager, Mrs Anna, (1816-1893), wife of the Rev. Charles Seager, (1808- 
187H), J\LA., Oxon: and family, among whom were Osmund Seager, late an 
Assistant Principal at the Admiralty, \Vhitchal1, and of the late Hev. 
Ignatius L. Seager, (1845-1870), a priest. (1844) 
Seager, Rev. Charles, (1808-1878), :M.A., J\lagdalcn llall, and scholar 
of \rorcestel' CoHege, Oxford; an Anglican curate; prufessor of Hebrew 
and of Comparative Philulogy at the Uatholic University Col1ege, 
ensington, London, 'Y.; member of Council of the Society of Biblical 
Archæology; urientalist and author; son of the Rev. .Tohn Seager, 
rector of 'Velsh Eicknor, IIerefordshire; he left several bequests to Catholic 
Societies and missions. (1843) 
Seally, Major A. St John, of His 
[ajestY'B Artillery 1\filitia; grandson 
of thè Rev. John Seally, (1747-1795), LL.D., vicar of East 1\leon, 
Seally, Mrs, wife of J\Iajor A. St John Seally, and her three daughters. 
Searle, The Very Rev. Joseph, (1817 -1889), of Rugby School; a Priest 
and Uanon in charge of St Augustine's, Tunbridge vVells, I{ent. 
dley, Lieutenant-Colonel Frederick, (l\larquis of Taflia, 1\Ialta). 
formerly Uaptain 5th Lancers and 48th Regiment; served in Uhina 'Val' 
1RGO, (medal with two clasps); son-in-law of the late Rev. G. II. Langdon, 
Yicar of Oving, Sussex. (1906) 
Selby, Mrs Margaret Pearl, widow of "TaUer Charles Selby, J.P., 
of Bid,-llestone }Iall and Alnl11outh, Xorthumberland; daughtpr of Henry 
Ceorge Hron1ilow. of 
out.hport, Lancashirp; nlnt.hpr of J.if'utf'na.nt'V"a1t(f 
Arthur Helby, of the Hoyal :Kavy. (1899) 

Converts to Rome 


t Selle, Rev. Edward, a Priest. 
Selley, Rev. E. A., (1843-1910), an Augustinian Friar at St Augustine's 
Priory, Limerick, Ireland; he founded the Church of The Virgin 
of Good Counsel at Hythe, Kent. (1863) 

t Sellon, Ernest L, Profedsor of Literature; formerly a Papal Zouave; 
relative of the Rev. 1Iother Priscilla Lydia Sellon, (18
1-1876), foundress 
of the Anglican Society of the Sisters of )Iercy of the IIoly Trinity, 
Devonport, Devonshire. (1870) 
Sellon, Rev. Marmaduke St Juste, brother of the preceding; 
a Priest, till lately one of the 'Vestminster Cathedral chaplains, now in 
· charge of St Alban's, Dale Grove, North Finchley, London, N. (1870) 
Sells, Lionel, of the General Hospital at Pretoria, Transvaal, South 
Africa. (1901) 

Sergeant, Miss Emily Frances Adeline, (1851-1904), the novelist; 
daughter of the Rev. Richard Sergeant, a 'Vesleyan :'i\Iinister. (1899) 

Serle, Philip, B.A., Balliol College, OÀford. 


Serpentelli, Mrs Nellie, née }1'letcher, wife of Giovanni Serpentelli, 
journalist, of Exeter, Devonshire. 

Sewell, Rev. John D. W., former1y a 
Iajor in the Army; a Priest of 
ociety of Jesus and Director of St Joseph's Uollege, Tri chino poli, 
India; received the Kaiser-I-Hind :Medal of the First Class at Delhi 
Durbar, held in 1903. 

Sewell, William, formerly organist at Christ Church, Clapham, London, 
S.'V.; for several years at the Birmingham Oratory; member of the Royal 
Academy of :l\Iusic; Vice-President of the Society of St Cecilia; musical 
composer; now assistant-organist at 'Vestminster Cathedral. (1885) 
Shakespeare, M rs, wife of Colonel Shakespeare, of the RoyalEngineers. 
Shakespeare, Miss, daughter of Colonel Shakespeare. 
Shapcote, Rev. Edward Gifford, (1827-1886), B.A., Corpus Christi 
College, Cambridge; 3Iissionary in the Orange Free State, then curate of 
St George's-in-the-East, and of St Peter's, London Docks; for fourteen 
years Bub-editor of The Tublet; and Secretary of St Joseph's Association 
for foreign missions; son of Commander Thomas Shapcote, of the Royal 

avy. (1868) 
Shapcote, Mrs Emily Mary Gordon, (1828-1909), neé Steward; 
author of several religious works in prose and rhyme; wife of Edward 
Gifford Shapcote, (1827-1886), B.A., Cantab; mother of the Rev. Edward 
Laurence Shapcote, S.T.L., a Dominican Friar at St Thonlas' Priory 
Rugeley, Staffordshire, and till lately, l)rovincial of his Order in England. ' 


Converts to Rome 

Shapter, Rev. William, a Priest of the Society of Jesus at Rt Edmunds, 
Bury St Edmunds, 
uffolk; Bon of Dr t'hapter, of Exeter, Devonshire. 
(1865 ) 
Shapter, Miss, a Poor Clare; daughter of Dr Shapter, of Exeter. (1865) 
Sharpe, Rev. Alf'red Boyer, of 'Vestminster School; 
I.A., Christ 
Church, Oxford; successively vicar of St Agnes, Xewmarket, rector of St 
Clement's, Philadelphia, U.
.A., and vicar of St Peter's, Vauxhall, 
London, S.E. A Priest, ("T estminster Diocesan 1\Iissionary); till recent]y 
chaplain to the Convent of the Daughters of the Cross, Carshalton, 
Surrey; now at the 1\lission House, Brondesbury Park, London, N.'V.; 
author. (1898) 
Shaw, Frederick, (1799-1852), of the Indian Civil Service; Bon of Sir 
Frederick Shaw, third Baronet, l\I.P., and Recorder of Dublin. 
Shaw, Thomas H., author of Rea-sons for Ret'llrning to the T,'ue Faith, 
The lloll of Honour, etc. 
Shaw-Kennedy, Major J. F., late of the 79th Regiment; son of .Tohn 
Shaw-Kennedy, of Kirkmichael, l\laybole, Ayrshire, N. B.; grandson of 
General Sir James Shaw-K_ennedy, (1788-1865), 1\:_.C.]3., who distinguished 
himself at V{ a terloo. (1880) 
Shaw-Stewart, Miss, a nun in Edinburgh, N.B. 
Shawe-Storey, Mrs Emmeline Anne, of ...-\rcot IlaIl, Korthumber- 
land; daughter of Henry Shum-Storey, by Emma, daughter of Hobert 
(;hcster Cooper, of Sussex; wife of J
aurence Paulet Shawe-Storey, late 
R.N.; donor of site and church at Annitsford; benefactor to Bursledon 
mission, II ants. (1900) 

t Shea, Alexander B., solicitor, Crown Solicitor at Gibraltar. 
t Shea, Mrs, wife of Alexander B. Shea, solicitor. 


Shea, Rev. Henry, (1827-1897), a Priest of the Society of Jesus, and 
for some time a 
Iissionary in India; son of the late Alexander B. Shea, 
solicitor. (1845) 
Shears, Dr, of Streatham, London, S. 'V. 
Shebbeare, Wilf'rid, formerly organist and choirmaster at the Cowley 
Father's Church, Oxford; collaborated in ThtJ Uowlcy Carol Boo!;" and other 
restorations of mediæval music there; now organist at Downside Abbey, 
Bath, 8omersetshire. (1905) 
t Shelley, Arthur John, nephew of Rir John Shelley, sixth Baronet, of 
Castlp Goring, l\LP. for "T estminster. 
t Shelton, Captain Frederick, of Thathley IIouse, Prestbury; 
formerly of the 9
rd and 9
th Highlanders, 
Shelton, Mrs Jane, wife of the late Captain Frpderick 
h('lton; eldest 
daughter of the Venerablp Archdeacon Timbrill, D.D., the last of the 
Tim brill family. 

Converts to Rome 


Shepheard, M rs H. H., of The Adyar, :Madras, India. 
Shepheard, Dr Philip, of London. 
Shepheard, The Misses, sisters of Dr Philip Shepheard. 
t Shepheard, Rev. Samuel Marsh, B.A., Can tab; for forty-five 
years vicar of Calthorpe, X orfolk. (IS9-1) 
Shepheard, The Misses, sisters of the late Rev. Samuel )[af!
Shepheard, B.A., Canta.b. (189-1) 
Shepherd, Dr, of Richmond, Surrey. 
Shepherd, M rs, wife of Dr Shepherd, of Richmond. 
Sheppard, Rev. James Henry, )LA., Queen's College, Oxford; an 
Anglican clergyman. 
t Sherborne, The Lady, Susan Elizabeth, second wife of the third Baron 
Sherborne; daughter of James Block, of Charlton, '\Viltshire. 
Sherer, John Walter, of Rugby School and_ Haileybury College; C.S.I. 
of the Bengal Civil Service; Judge of l\Iirzapore; Fellow of the University 
of Calcutta; author of Daily Life during the Indian 
i'utiny, etc.; son of 
J. W. Sherer, of thc Bengal Civil Service; grandson of the Rev. ,John 
I.A., rector of :\Iorcott, Rutlandshire; nephew of the Right Rev. 
Dr Daniel Corrie, (1777-1837), Bishop of :Madras. (1875) 
Sherlock, Miss, daughter of Colonel Sherlock; sister-in-law of Sir John 
Sutton, third Baronet, of Norwood Park, Kottinghamshire. 
t Sherson, Lady Anne, Lady Anne 
Iaria Townshend, daughter 
of Rear-Admiral the fourth :Marquess of Townshend, (1798-1863), by 
Elizabeth Jane, daughter of Rear-Admiral Lord George Stuart, C.B., 
seventh son of the first :\Iarquess of Bute; wife of Captain Alexander 
K owell Sherson, of the 72nd Highlanders. 
Sherwood, Frederick William, 
I.A., scholar of BaUiol College, 
Oxford; barrister; sometime President of the Hardwicke Society; Revising 
Barrister of the Oxford Circuit, then Recorder of '\V orcester. 
Sherwood, Mrs Hilda Clare, wife of Frederick ,\Yilliam Sherwood, 

I..A., Oxon; daughter of Dr John Kent Spender, of Bath and of l\Irs 
,J. K. Spender, the novelist; sister of E. Harold Spender and of Hugh F. 
Spender, the well-kno'\\"ll authors and journalists. 
Shield, Miss Alice, the authoress, of a Northumberland family formerly 
sea ted at Allendale. 
Shipley, Rev. Orby, l\I.A., Jesus College, Cambridge; an Anglican 
clergyman for twenty-two years; author of several essays, lectures and 
sermons; editor of old English ascetical works, of Ânnlls Sailct1.lS and 
C(lrrnilla Al arianfl; for a time editor of The TVeekly Rcgister; s< n of the 
Rev. Charles Shipley, 
I.A., of Twyford House, Hampshire. (1878, 


Converts to Rome 

Shipley, Mrs Zoe, wife of the Rev. Orby Shipley, 
r.A., Cantab; 
daughter of the Right Hon. James 'Vilson, (1803-1860), P.U., politician, 
political economist and author. (1878) 

Shipman, Miss, a nun. 

Shortland, The Very Rev. dohn Rutherford, (lR14-1RRl), of 
chool; l\LA., Oriel ('ollege, Oxford; curate successively at (}uildford, 
J Jeicester, St 
lary's, .PClwance and at Kihworth Beauchamp. A Priest and 
Canon of the PlYlllouth Dioceso: author; son of Uaptain Thomas nf'orge 

hordand, (1771-1Hi7), of the Hoya.l Navy, resident CommisRioner of 
.J amaica, R. 'V.l; elder brother of Vice-Admiral Peter Frederick Shortland, 
(1815-1888), who surveyed the coast of Nova. Scotia, author. (1851) 
Shuttleworth, Dr. Robert. 
Sibley, The Very Rev. Arthur FUllerton, of Charterhouse School; 
a. TIenedictine 11onk, (Dom Dunstan), })rocurator of the International 
Benedictine College of S. Anselmo, l\lonte A ventino, Rome, for six years, 
then Canon of the Chapter of 1\ ewport; now Organist and Precentor a.t St 
:\lichael's .Priory, JIereford; son of 
Iajor-(;eneral Thomas lIarmer 
of the Bengal Staff Corps, J. P. and County Councillor for Surrey. (1880) 
t Sibley, Mrs Marian Monica, wife of )[ajur-General Thoma.
Sibley, of the Dengal Staff Corps; daughter of Ca.ptain'ViIliam Antey, of 

oyal Navy. (1883) 
Sibthorp, Rev. Richard Waldo, (1792-1879), of 'Vestminster School; 
.àLA.; B.D.; :Fellow of l\lagdalen College, Oxford; successively vicar of 
Tattersall; minister of Percy Chapel, St Pancras, London, N."\V.; Incumbent 
of St James, llyde, Isle of "Tight; founder of St Anne's Bede-Iluuse 
Charity at Lincoln; a. noted Evangelical preacher. A Priest at St Chad's 
Cathedral, Ðirmingham; he left the Uhurch in 1843 and returned in 1865 
when he became attached to St TIarnabas Cathedral, Nottingham; author 
of devotional and apologetical works; fifth son of Uùlonel IIumphrey 
'Yaldo Sibthorp, :\LP. for Lincoln; nephew of .Tohn Sibthorp, (1758-1796), 
the botanist; brother of Colonel Charles de Lact vYaldo Sibt.horp, (178;3- 
1855), :\LP. for 'Lincoln, the opposer of Catholic Emancipation, l>arlia- 
mentary Reform and Free Trade. (1842) 
Sidebottom, Miss, daughter of Joseph "Tatson Sidebottom, formerly 
l\I.P. for the IIyde Division of Cheshire. (1894) 
Sidebottom, Miss Frances, daughter of an Anglican clergyman. 
Sidley, Dr, councillor of 
Ianchester. (1906) 
Sidley, Mrs, wife of Dr Sidley. (1906) 
y, William Marlow, (17fi2-1R39), n.A., Cantab; of Cowpen II all, 
K orthumberland; son of Lawrence Ridney, of Queen's Square, London, 
'Y.C., and of Homerton, :Middlesex. (1771) 
t Sidney, Mrs Mary, née 
rangaar; wife of 'Villiam 1\farlow Sidney. 
) B 1 b ( 1771 ) 
-lb39, .A., Canta . 

Converts to Rome 


Silk, Mrs, wife of Dr Silk, of Harrow, :Middlesex. 
Sills, Henry, solicitor, of London. 

(1891 ) 

t Simeon, The Hon. Lady Catherine, HOllo Catherine Dorothea 
Uolville, sister of the eleventh Baron Colville of Culross, K.P.; second wif<:> 
of Sir John Barrington Simeon, (1815-1870), thirù Baronet; sister of the 
late Viscountess X ewry. (18Gl ) 
t Si meon, Lady Jane Maria, first wife of Sir John Barrington 
Simeon, (18Lj-1870), third Baronet; daughter of Sir F. F. Baker, first 
æonet and Under-Secretary of State for Ireland. (1851) 
Simeon, Sir John Barrington, (1815-1870), l\I.A., Christ Church, 
ford; third Baronet, :L\I.P. for Isle of 1Yight; J.P. for Southampton; 
author. (1851) 

Simeon, Mrs Laura Jane, daughter of Captain \YestJ'opp-Da"WSon, 
of Charlesfort, co. \Vexford; by Laura Felicia Susan, sister of Sir Arthur 
Temple :Felix Clay, fourth Baronet, wife of Edmund Charles Sinleon, 
second son of Sir .John Barrington Simeon, (1815-1870), third Baronet: 
heir to his brother, the present Baronet. (18R;3) 
t Simmonds, Mrs Elizabeth Susannah, daughter of Sir Rob('rt 
Oraham, eighth Baronet, of Esk; mfe of Lieutenant-Colonel Simmonùs, 
late of the 55th Regiment. 
Simmonds, Robert, son of Lieutenant-Colonel Simmonds. 
Simmonds, William Henry, son of Lieutenant-Colonel Simmond..
Simpson, Rev. Charles Ernest Fox, of Tonbridge School; LL.B., 
London Gniversity; a solicitor. A Priest of the Society of Jesus; 
Professor of Law and Senior Prefect of Philosophers at Stonyhurst College, 
Blackburn, Lancashire. (1892) 
Simpson, Edward, B.A., St John's College, Cambridge. (1846) 
Simpson, Miss Emily, a nun. 
Simpson, John Palgrave, (1807-1R87), 1\LA., Corpus Christi College, 
Cambridge; aut.hor and dramatist; Secretary of the Dramatic Authors' 
Society. (1860) 
t Simpson, Rev. Joseph P., l\I.A., Trinity College, Cambridge; 
curate of Langton, Yorkshire. A Priest at St John the Eaptist, Brighton, 
Sussex; Bon of the Rev. Joseph Simpson, 
I.A., vicar of Horsted, Sussex. 
Simpson, Rev. Richard, (1820-1876), 
r.A., Oriel College, O\:ford; 
vicar of )Iitcham. Surrey: author and Shakespearpa,n Scholar; editor of 
The Rambler and The HO'lne and }j oreign Revie'w; son of 'Villi am Simpson, 
of 1Vallington, Surrey. (184,j) 
t Simpson, Mrs Elizabeth Mary, wif<:> of t.lw Rev. Rirhard Simpson, 
I.A" Oxon, (1845) 


Converts to Rome 

Simpson, Rev. Robert, (1819-1887), B.A., St John's College, Oxford; 
an Anglican curate. A Priest and founder of the Catholic 
,Iission at 
::\[itcham, Surrey; son of '\Villiam Simpson, of 'Yallington, Surrey. (18-16) 
t Simpson, William, )LA., Trinity College, Cambridge; I.oI'd of the 
)Ianol" of 
Jitcham, Rurrey; descendant of A.rchbishop Cranmer; brother 
of the Rev. Robert Simpson, (1819-1887), B.
\., Oxon. (1843) 

t Sims, Rev. Austin, a Passionist Priest and RC'ctor of St Paul's 
Iount Argus, Dublin. (1853) 

t Sims, Miss Emily, sister of the late Rev. Austin Sims. 

(1831 ) 

t Sims, Miss S. A., sister ()f the late Rev, Austin Sims. 

Sisley, Charles Percival, of St Olave's Grammar School, Southwark; 
publisher; editor of Oycling, then of The London 
f((gazinf, etc.; son of 
Charles Towers Sisley. (1893) 
SitweU, Mrs Margaret Elizabeth, daughter of 
Iatthew Tewart 
Culley, :\LA., J.P., of Coupland Castle, Northumberland; wife of Captain 
Francis Honorius Sisson Sitwell, of the Durham Light Infantry; sister of 
the Rev. l\Iatthew Culley, a Priest, J.P., of Coupland Castle, Xorthumber- 
land, and Lord of the 11anor of Akeld. (1894) 

Skeet, Major Francis John Angus, of FcIsted School; served with 
the 4th RattaIion Royal Dublin Fusiliers in the late South African 'Val', 
member of the Catholic Union and Catholic Record Society. 

t Skelton, Miss Gwendoline Graham, of Colonel J. 
Skelton. (1900) 

Skene, Arthur Philip, B.A., Durham University. 
Skrimshire, Mrs Emilie, (1828-1895), daughter of Lieutenant l{entish, 
of the Royal Navy; wife of the Rev. Henry Skrimshire, B.A., rector of 
I-Iertford; mother of the Rev. Donald Skrimsbire, a Priest and :Missionary 
Rector of Our 
Iost Holy Redeemer, Chelsea, London, S. '\V. (IR6R) 

Slade, Mrs Charlotte, (1822-1909), wife of Generall\Iarcus John Slade, 
(1802-1872), daughter-in-law of the late General Sir John Slade, G.C.H., 
first Baronet; granddaughter of the twelfth Earl of Dalhousie. (18ü7) 
Slade, Lady Janet, daughter of General R. B. 'Y God, C.B.; second wife 
of ::\Iajor-General Sir John Ramsay Slade, R.H., K.C.B. (1882) 
Slade, Major-General Sir John Ramsay, of the Royal Artillery, 
.B.; served in Afghan '\Var, 1878-80, and Transvaal Campaign, 
1881; D.A.H. and Q.l\LG., 1882-87, A.D.C. to Queen Victoria; :Military 
attaché at British Embassy at Rome; commanded Royal Artillery in 
K.E. District" and in Egypt, 1903-05; Gentleman Usher to the King; 
('ldest son of G{'neral 
laI'cnR Slade, (1
02-1872), C.D., third son of the 
first Baronet. (I8ü7) 

Converts to Rome 


Slade, Major Montagu Maule, (1849-1881), of the lOth IIussars; 
was killed at the battle of EI Teb; younger son of General 3Iareus .John 
Slade, (1802-1872), C.B., third son of the late General Sir John Slade, 
G.C.H., first Baronet, who served in the Peninsular 'Var. (1883) 
Slater, John Anderson, of Polsham Park, Paignton, Devonshire. (1885) 
Slatter, William Walter, D.A., Queen's College, Oxford; son of an 
Anglican clergyman. (1880) 
Sleeman, Captain J. L., of the Royal Sussex Regiment; Adjutant t.o 
the Officer's Training Corps of the new Belfast University; grandson of 
General Sir 'V. H. Sleeman. (19U8) 
Smee, Rev. Richard, a Dominican lay-brother; son of John Smee, of 
Chelmsford, Essex. (1863) 
Smee, Miss F., sister of the Rev. Richard Smee. (1867) 
Smith, Albert, of Somerset HOUße. 
Smith, Sir Andrew, (1797-1872), K.C.B., Director-Genera.l of the Army 

Iedical Department; author of Ill,itstrations of the Zoology of Suuth AI'ricel, 

Smith, Very Rev. Bernard, (1815-1903), :M.A., Fellow of 1Iagdalen 
College, Oxford; rector of Leadenham, Lincolnshire. A Priest, Canon and 
Rural Dean in charge of St Peter's, Great l\Iarlow, Buekinghamsmre. (1844) 
Smith, Charles Wenham, (18--16-1901), l\Ius.Bac., Xew College, 
O-x:ford; musical composer; organist of St George's Cathedral, Southwark, 
London, S.E.; professor of music at St Joseph's College, Clapham, London, 
S. 'V.; for a time sub-conductor at the Gaiety Theatre, London, 'V.C., 
then organist in New York. (1873) 
Smith, Edward Thomas, B.A., St John's College, Cambridge. (1883) 
t Smith, Mrs, wife of the late Colonel Smith, of Alexandra Park, 
:Manchester. (1873) 
Smith, Rev. George, of St Augustine's College, Canterbury; curate of 
St :Mary's, Poplar, London, E. (1872) 
Smith, Rev. Hugh Nanney, ::\I.A., Caius and Gonville College, 
Cambridge; curate of St )Iary's, 'Valkley, Sheffield, Yorkshire; son of the 
Rev. Thomas Smith, 
I.A., formerly vicar of the same church. (1901) 
Smith, James, brother of Dr W. H. S1;l1ith. 
i Smith, James, a Presbyterian, solicitor, journalist, and sometime 
editor of The Dublin Review; father of the )Iost Rev. Dr James A. Smith, 
Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh; grandfather of Captain 
Archibald Dominic Smith-Sligo. 
t Smith, J. Stores, formerly Director of the Sheep bridge Iron and 

oal (;ompany, Derbyshire; author. 
Smith, Mrs Jessie Addison, daughter-in-law of the late (;olonel 
Smith, of Alexandra Park, 
Ianehester. (1896) 


Converts to Rome 

t Smith, JOhn, J.P., of Bangor, co. Down, 

Ireland; formerly a 
(Ùm4 ) 

t Smith, Rev. John Campbell, 
I.A., Trinity College, Cambridge; 
an Anglican clergyman. (184i>) 
t Smith, Rev. Parks, l\I.A., Trinity Cullege, Cambridge; \icar of St 
John's, Torquay, Devonshire. (187U) 
Smith, Robert Calder, (18-t7-IDO-!), Secretary of the Chamber of 
Uommerce, l\Ianila, Philippine Isles. (1873) 
Smith, Miss, daughter of an Essex vicar. 
Smith, Rev. Sydney Fenn, ill Pric:st uf the Society uf Jesus at The 
Immaculate Uonception, .Farm Street, Berkeley t;quare, London, \V.; 
formerly Professor of Stonyhurst, Beaulllollt and St. Beuno's Uolleges; at 
one time editor of The .Jlonth and of Scriptnre 11lltl
uals for Oa'owlic ðchools ; 
attached to 'Y'riters' Staff, Farm Street, since IHUl; eldest son of the Hev. 
Sydney Smith, 
I.A., vicar of 'Vorth, near Sandwich, Kent. (18G4) 
Smith, Rev. Thomas, a Priest-in-chargo of S.s. Henry and Elizabeth, 
Sheerness, l
ent. (1878) 
Smith, The Very Rev. Thomas Ambrose, of l>ickering Grammar 

chool, Yorkshire; Dominican .Friar, and Prior of Hawkesyard, Rugeley, 

taffol'dshire. (1862) 
Smith, Thomas Sydney, musical composer; formerly sub-organist at 
st George's Cathedral, Southwark, London, S.E.; brother of Charles 
\Venham Smith, (1846-1D01), ltlus. Rac. of Kew College, Oxford. (1870) 
t Smith-Dodsworth, Mrs Jane Rebecca, wife of Frederick Smith 

mith-Dodsworth, (1t32i-1885), son of Sir Charles Smith-Dodsworth, third 
Baronet; daughter of John Young, of 'Vestridge, Isle of \Vight. 
Smyth, Very Rev. C. J. Moncrieff, of Christ College, Cambridge; a 
l)riesL and Canon of 'V estminster; till lately Uhief Inspector of Religious 
Education in the Archdiocese of \Vestminster; Chairman of \Vestminster 
Diocesan Education Fund; son of I\Iaidstone Smyth, of GiblÏi:ston, Fyfe, N.D. 
Smyth, Mrs H. S. Moore, daughter-in-law of the fifth Earl of :Mount 
Cashell. (1897) 
t Smythe, Rev. John Rowley, formerly a :\Iagistrate in Ceylon. A 
Priest and l\lilitary Chaplain in Colombo, Ueylon; son of a Presbyterian 
l\Iinister of co. l(erry, Ireland. (1876) 
Snelgrove, Herbert, of the well-known London firm. (1891) 
Soames, Miss, of Irnham Hall, Grantham, Lincolnshire. 
Soddall, M rs, an English lady, wife of a Swiss Judge. 
Somers, The Countess Virginia, widow of the third and last Earl 
Somers, (1819-1883); daughter of James Pattle, of the Bengal Civil 

Converts to Rome 


Somers-Cocks, The Hon. Mrs Anne, (1826-1899), daughter of the 
Rev. Joseph Simpson, :M..A.., rector of Horsted, Sussex; sister of the I ate 
Rev. Joseph Simpson, 
I.A., Cantab, a Priest at Brighton; mother of 
Philip Alphonso Somers-Cocks, H.D.:\I.'s Consul at Lisbon, Commander 
of the Order of St Gregory the Great; and of Charles Sebastian SlJmers- 
Cocks, C.l\I.G., since 1904 Special.Assistant Secretary at the :Foreign Office. 
Somers-Cocks, The Hon. and Rev. John James Thomas, 
(1820-1906), of \ V est minster School; 
LA., Urasenose College, ( )xford ; 
for twelve years rector of Sheviocke, Cornwall, son of the second Earl 
Homers; grandson of the third Earl of Hardwicke; husband of the 
lIon. 1\1rs Anne Somers-Cocks. (1856) 
Somerville, The Misses, daughters of 
Irs l\Iary Somerville, (1780- 
1872), the scientific writer, and daughter of Sir 'Villiam George Fairfax. 
Songe, Mrs J. A., daughter of Colonel IIaffe, of \Vigtonshire, N.E. 
Sop pet, Charles Edward, for ten years churchwarden of St John's, 
llammersmith, London, 'V. (1895) 
Southerden, Rev. William, of King's College, London; curate of 
Peter's, London Docks, and then at 
t John's, Torquay, Devonshire. (1885) 
Southwell, The Viscountess, the Hon. Dorothy ICatharine '\Talrond, 
wife of the fifth Viscount Southwell; daughter of the Right Hon. Lord 
\Yaleran, first Baron. (1899) 
Spain, Her Majesty Victoria Eugenie of; Princess Victoria. 
Eugénie Julia Ena of Battenberg; only daughter of H.R.H. Princess 
Beatrice :Mary Victoria Feodore, of Great Britain and Ireland; grand- 
daughter of Queen Victoria; niece of King Edward VII; godchild of the 
Empress Eugénie; wife of H.l\1. IGng _'\Jfonso XIII of Spain. (1906) 
Span, Mrs J., sister of the Rev. 'V. T. du Boulay, l\I.A., vicar uf St 
Boltons, 'Vest Brompton, London, 'V. (1881) 
Sparks, Miss M. A., sister of Edward A. Sparks, barrister. 
Spearman, Mrs, daughter-in-law of the Right Hon. Sir Alexander 
Young Spearman, first Baronet. (1875) 
Spedding, Carlisle James Scott, of Tonbridge School; B.A., Queen's 
Uollege, Oxford; Private Chamberlain to Popes Leo XIII and Pius X, 
acted as a Gold Staff Officer at the coronation of Edward VII; younger 
Bon of Captain James Dykes Spedding; grandson of the Hon. \V. F. 
'Vyndham, and of l\Iajor Spedding, of Summergrove, Cumberland. (1881) 
Spedding, James P. H. Wyndham, B.A., St John's College, 
Uambridge; elder son of Captain James Dykes Spedding, and heir of 

1ajor Spedding, of Summergrove, Cumberland. (1880) 
Spencer, The Hon. and Rev. Georga, (1799-1864), of Eton College; 

1.A., Trinity College, Uambridge; rector of Drington, and chaplain to the 
Hight Rev. Dr Charles James IHomfield, (178ö-1857), Lord Bishop of 
London. A Passionist Priest, (Father Ignatius of St Paul) and rector of 
St Anne's Retreat, Sutton, St Helen's, Lancashire; authdr; son of the 
second Earl Spencer, (17G8-1834), who was First Lord of the Admiralty 
under Pitt. (1830) 


Converts to Rome 

Spender, Hugh F., of Bath College; B.A., Oriel College, ù; late 
Assistant-Editor of The Dnily 1\ T ews; Lobby Representative of The IVest- 
minste'i" Gazettc; son of Dr John Kent Spenùer, of Dath, and of l\Irs Spender, 
the novelist. (1894) 

Sperling, Mrs Anna Maria, daughter of Sir George Barrow, C.B., 
second Baronet, at one time Chief Clerk of the Colonial Office anù 
Registrar of the Orùer of St _Michael and St George; wife of the Rev. 
J oIm Hanson Sperling, (182j-18D4), :\I.A" Cantab, rector of \\T est bourne, 
Sussex; and family. (lb.O) 
Sperling, Miss Hariett Maria, daughter of Harvey James Sperling, 
of Lattenbury; niece of the Rev. John Hanson 
perling, (1825-1894), 
Cantab, rector of "\Vestbour
e, Sussex. (1861) 
Sperling, Rev. John Hanson, (lR25-1894), :\I.A., Trinity College, 
Uambridge; curate of 
t l\fary Abbots, I(ensington, London, 'V.; then 
rector of \\restbourne, Sussex; contributor of Æ-10,000 to the building of 
St :\Iary's Catholic Church, Leek, Staffordshire, of which his son the Hev. 
Alfred )Iontague Sperling, is now Priest-in-charge. (1870) 

Sperling, Miss Lettice, daughter of the Rev. }"'rederick Sperling, 
)1.A., of Sice, 
-'rance, formerly rector of Pepworth St Agnes, Huntingdon- 
shire; niece of the Rev. John l-Ianson Sperling, (1835-1894), l\LA., 
Canta.b. (1895) 

Sperling, Miss Mary Anne, daughter of Harvey James 
peI'ling, of 
Lattenbury; niece of the Rev. John -Hanson 
perling, (182!)-18f)-!), !\LA., 
Cantab, rector of "\V estbourne, 
ussex; and of t.he Rev. Frederick Sperling, 
l\I.A., late rector of Pepworth St Agnes, Huntingdonshire. (18

Spode, Josiah, (1823-1893), J.P., of Hawkesyard, Rugeley; D.L., and 
8heriff of 
taffordBhire. (1886) 

Spranger, Henry William, B,
\., Exeter College, Oxford. 

(1885 ) 

Sproston, Mrs Laura Helen, daughter of Charles Twyford, of 
Southampton; wife of tbe Rev. Samuel Sproston, B.A., Cantab; vicar of 
"\Vinterboume, Down, Gloucestershire; and her five children. (1889) 

Sproston, Rev. Samuel, of 
hrewsb1!ry School; B.A., scholar of 
_Magdalene Uollege, Uambridge; curate of 
t Faith's, Stoke Newington, 
London, X.; member of the London Diocesan Conference, then vicar of 
'Yinterbourne, Down, Gloucestershire; at one time private tutor to the 
sons of the third 
Iarquess of Bute, 1\:. T.; son of the Rev. Samuel Thomas 
Sproston, :l\I.A., of Sproston 'V ood, Cheshire, for many years Yicar of 
Heath Town, 'Vol verhampton; grandson of the Rev. George Sproston, 
:M.A., vicar of Trindon, Durham. (1889) 

Spurrier, Alfred Henry, of the Royal Urammar 8chool, GuHdford; 
Gregorian University, London Hospital, L.R.C.P.; Fellow of the Royal 
Colonial Institute, F.R.G.S.; Physician-in-Extraordinary to H.ll. the 
Sultan of Zanzibar; editor of the Government of Zanzibar Gazette. (1887) 

Converts to Rome 


stacey, Rev. George, (1858-1909), B.A., Downing College, Cambridge; 
a Priest, successively at Holy Trinity, Brook Green, Hammersmith; 
Professor at St Edmund's College, 'V are, and then at the House of God, 
Stillorgan, co. Dublin; son of George Stacey, of Tottenham, London, N.; 
cousin of the Very Rev. Richard 'Villiam Church, l\I.A., (1815-1890), Dean 
of St Paul's Cathedral, London. (1880) 
Stanfield, Rev. Francis, a Priest, till lately at St Edmund's College, 
Old Hall, Ware, Hertfordshire; now retired; son of George Clarkson 
Stanfield, (1828-1878), the painter; composer of many popular Catholic 
t Stanfield, John, of the firm of l\Iessrs Stanfield, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Stanfield, Mrs, wife of George Clarkson Stanfield, (1828-1878), the 
Stanfield, Rev. Raymund, a Priest and chaplain of Convent of the 
Good Shepherd, Hammersmith, London, 'V.; younger son of the preceding. 

Stanley, The Hon. and Right Rev. Algernon Charles, of 
Harrow and Rugby Schools; :L\I.A., Trinity College, Cambridge; Incumbent 
of Holy Cross and St Anne's, Soho, London, 'V. Now Bishop of Emmaus, 
formerly coadjutor to <-;ardinal Vaughan (1832-1903); fourth Bon of the 
second Baron Stanley of Alderley, P.C., President of the Board of Trade, 
and Post 
laster General; grandson of the thirteenth Viscount Dillon. 
Stanley, Mrs Frances, mother of the Rev. James Stanley, (1835-1896), 
a lay-brother of the Society of Jesus. 
Stanley, Rev. Henry, formerly a l\[ethodist "Minister. A Priest-in- 
charge of St Peter's, Gorleston-on-Sea, Suffolk. 
Stanley, Miss Mary, (1813-1879), eldest daughter of the Hon. and Right 
Rev. Dr I
dward Stanley, (1779-1849), Lord Bishop of Norwich, brother of 
the first Baron Stan]ey, of Alderley; sister of the Very Rev. Arthur 
Penrhyn Stanley, (1815-1881), Dean of 'Vestminster; she established 
a l\lilitary IIospital at Koulalee during the Crirnean "Val'; authoress. 
Stansf"'eld, J. B. Evelyn, l\I.A., Oxon; formerly Captain 3rd Duke of 
,V ellington's 'Vest Hiding Ref[iment; lIon. Treasurer of the Catholic Truth 
Society; member of British <-;ouncil of Association for the Propagation of 
the Faith; son of the Rev. J ohn Stansfe
d, J\I.A., vic?,r of Cold 
Yorkshire, and Elizabeth, daughter of John Birkbeck, of Anley, near Settle, 
Yorkshire. (1895) 
Stanton, Mrs Henrietta, daughter of Sir Alexander Jardine, eighth 
Baronet, of Dumfrieshire; wife of Captain Hmold James ClifIord Stanton, 
late of the King's Own Scottish Borderers. 

, Stanton, Henry, B.A., Pembroke <-;ollcge, Oxford. 


Stanton, Rev. Richard Mary, (1828-1901), B.A., Bl'asenose 
Oxford; a Priest of the Brompton Oratory, London, S.'V.; author. (18-15) 


Converts to Rome 

Stannel, Mrs, wife of Charles George Stannel, solicitor, of Dublin. (1892) 
Stapley, Rev. Charles M., (IR53-1905), formerly a Veterinary Surgeon. 
A Priest-in-charge of St Augustine's, Tunbridge 'VeIls, Kent. L (1887) 
Starkie, M rs Cicely, second daughter of Sir James de Hoghton, 
eleventh Baronet of Hoghton Tower, near Preston, Lancashire; wife of 
Piers Cecil Ie Gendre Starkie, of Ribbleton Hall, LancvJshire. (1908) 
Starkie, Piers Cecil Ie Gendre, of Ribbleton Hall, Lancasl1ire; 
youngest son of the late Lieutenant-Colonel Ie Gendre Nicholas Starkic, of 
IIuntroyde, Lancashire. 
Statter, Miss, daughter of the '''lcar of 'Yorminghall. 
t Staunton, George Staunton Lynch, B.A., Trinity College, Dublin; 
J.P. and D.L. for co. Galway, Ireland. L 
t Staunton, Mrs, wife of George Staunton Lynch Staunton, J.P. 
Staunton, Mrs, wife of Captain R. Lynch Staunton, of the Galway 
l\Iilitia; sister-in-law of the above. 
Stavert, Rev. Archibald Arthur B., l\1.A., Durham V"niversity; 
successively curate at Fal'nbol'ough, Berkshire; Eastleigh; Southsea; 
South Queensfel'ry, and then vicar of Timsbury, Hampshire; novelist. (1904) 
St Clare, Miss, daughter of Professor St Clare, of Edinburgh, N.B.; till 
lately IIead of the Jubilee Institution of Dublin. (1889) 
Stebbing, George, (1828-1893), of Clapham, London, R,W.; father of 
the Very Rev. George Stebbing, B.A., London University, a Redemptorist 
Priest, Provincial of his Order 1904-8, now Rect{)r of St :Mary's, Clapham, 
London, R. "V. (18G5) 
Stebbing, Mrs Mary Anne Elizabeth, (1828-18R7), da.ughter of 
J. (i-. Hodges, of Chancery Lane, London, E.C. ; wife of the late George 
Sìebbing, of Clapham, London, S.W. (1852) 
Steele, Miss Francesca Maria Fanny, the novelist who writes 
under the 'nO'ìn de guuJ''te of "Darley Dale"; daughter of Robert Peter 
Steele and of l\Iary, daughter of Benjamin Francis, of Twyford, Norfolk. 
Educated at Bedford College. Author of Oonvents of Great Britain, St 
Bridget of S1.I'eJen, etc., contributor to the Catholic Encyclopwllia, A'J1
Oatholic Quarterly, etc. (1887) 
Steggall, Rev. Augustus William, a Priest-in-charge of the Church 
of Corpus Christi, North End, Portsmouth; son of Dr John 'Villi am 
Billing Steugall 
I. R.C.S., L.S.A., formerly house surgeon at Charing 
Uross IIos;ital 'and at one time at the Italian Hospital, Queen's Square, 
London, E. C. 
Steg&"el, Robert, (1830-1890), of the Croft, Southover, I.ewes, Sussex; 
poet and author. (1888) 

t Stenbock, Count, B.A., Banio] College, Oxford. 


Converts to Rome 


stephens, Rev. Ernest Aitken, l\LA., Corpus Christi College, 
Cambridge; successively curate of Christ Church, Isle of Dogs, Poplar, E. 
and of St Simon's, Baptist ::\Iills, Bristol. (1909) 
Stephens, John, B.A., Trinity College, Cambridge. 
Steuart, Mrs Caroline Anna, wife of John Steuart, (1837-1895), 
of Balle chin, Perthshire, J.P., D.L., Knight of the order of St Gregory 
the Great, lineal descendant of King James II. of Scotland; eldest 
daughter of Sir Albert de Hochepied Larpent, second Baronet; mother of 
Captain John :Malcolm Steuart, Scottish Horse Imperial Yeomanry, J.P. 
for Perthshire; of Lieutenant Bernard Steuart, late of the Black 'Vatch, 
who served in last South African 'Var in Lumsden's Horse; of the Rev. 
Robert Henry Joseph Steuart, a Priest of the Society of Jesus and 
Professor at Stonyhurst College, Blackburn; ,and of the Rev. Ronald 
:Thlorley Stcuart, a BenedIctine 
Ionk (Dom Benedict) at St Benedict's 
Abbey, Fort Augustus, N.B. (1868) 
Steuart, M rs Constance, daughter of the late Captain E. Fortescue, 
of the 1st Battalion Rifle Brigade.; wife of Francis Gerald Steuart, of 
Oakwood, Hampshire, second son of John Steuart, (1837-1893), J.P., D.L. 
of Ballechin, Perthshire, N.B. (1898) 
t Stevens, Rev. Joh n, a Priest of the Redemptol'ist Order; for many 
years at St :Thlary's, Clapham, London, S. vV. (1845) 
ev. Thomas, (1819-1869), of King's College, London; l\LA., 
Oriel College, Oxford; successively chaplain to the Duke of Devonshire at 
Chatsworth, vicar of Hathersage, Derbyshire, vicar of :Thlansfield ,V ood- 
house; he died in deacon"s orders at Oscott College; son of the late Rev. 
John Stevens, 
I.A., Prebendary of Chichester and vicar of Swalcliffe, 
o xfordshire, by his wife Ann l\Ia1'Ïa Norton; his three brothers were 
Anglican clergymen. (1865) 
Stevenson, Rev. Joseph, (1806-1895), of Glasgow University; 
Durham University; LL.D., St Andrew's University; of the :Thlanuscript 
Department of the British :Museum, sub-commissioner of Public Records; 
librarian and keeper of Durham Records; then incumbent of Leighton 
Buzzard, Bedfordshire. A Priest of the Society of Jesus at The Immaculate 
Conception, Farm Street, Berkeley Square, London, 'V; historian and 
archivist; son of Robert Stevenson, surgeon, of Berwick-on-Tweed (186:3) 
t Stevenson, Mrs Mary Ann, wife of the Rev. Joseph StevPllson, 
(1806-1895); daughter of John Craig, of l\Iount Florida, Glasgow, N.B. 
Stewart, Miss Alice, daughter of Colonel Stewart, of Folkestone, Kent. 
Stewart, Rev. Ambrose, l\I.A., Edinburgh Univer
ity; a l\1inister of 
the Episcopal Church of Scotland. 
t Stewart, Sir Andrew, K.C.
I.G., Chief Justice of the Province of 
Quebec, Canada. (1891) 
t Stewart, Rev. Chevalier, B.A.. Christ Chur('h, Oxford; a Benedictine 
:Monk; son of Sir George Drummond Stewart. Hart. (1829) 


Converts to Rome 

t Stewart, Douglas, grandson of Admiral Sir William l-Iouston 
G.U.ß. (18R4) 
Stewart, Dr Edward, J.P., for Sussex; son-in-law of the fourteenth 
Duke of X orfolk. (1888) 
Stewart, Francis Hugh, of St Andrew's lTniversity; son of the Rev. 
R. )1. 
tewart, of St Andrews K.B. 

Stewart, Henry S., late of the Civil Service. 


t Stewart, Rev. James Alexander, ::\1. A., St John's College, 
Cambridde; rector of Yange, Essex; father of the above. (1849) 
Stewart, Rev. James, )I.j.., Trinity College, Cambridge; curate of 
"r olvertone; Fellow of the Royal Universitv of Ireland; professor of 
Greek and Latin at. the Catholic lTniversity College, DuLlin. (1849) 
Stewart, Mrs, wife of the Re\"". James Stewart 
LA., Cantab. (1849) 
Stewart, Miss Margaret Douglas, daughter of Douglas 
1nddauahter of Admiral 
ir 'YiIIi:tm Houston Htewart, G.C.B. (1883) 
Stewart, Mrs, wife of Colonel 
tewart, of Fol1..c:1tone, Kent. 
stewart, Miss, daughter of the Rev. James Ale\.<lnd
r Stewart, 'LA., 
la.te rector of , ange, E:5se
. (1849) 
Stewart, Miss, of _\..scog llall. Duteshire, 
.B. (1891) 
Stewart, Rev. Robert, a Priest of the Society of Jesug at St 
Hall, 8tonyhurst, Blackburn, L:mca.shire. 
Stewart, Rev. Robert Morris, of Hopa 
treet 8t 
.\.ndre\\B, X.B.; 
formerly Parish )linister of Galashield, Sellùrkshire, X.B.; author of The 
Church of Scotul,nd. 
stewart, Robert M., B._\., BaHiol Conegl
J Oxford; son of the Rev. R. 
st George, Lady Rose, wife of Sir John 8t George, fifth TIaronet; 
daughter of Sir l
eorge ÐerklL'y, KC.
t Still, Rev. Robert Trevor, B.
\... Trinity Colleae, DubJin; vicar of 
Kenn- Yatton, Somersetshire. (1897) 
Still, Mrs, wife of the late Rev. Robert Trevor Still; and two children. 
Stillwell, Edward, (1818-18'31), of the 'Yar Office. 
t Stillwell, Mrs, wife of Edward Stillwell, (1818-1881), of the lVar Office. 
st John, Rev. Ambrose, (1815-1875), of Westminster School; .:\LA., 
t l'hurch, OÅÍord; curate of East Farleigh, and then rector of 
-\. Priest of the Birmingham Oratory, and for several 
",ears Hpadmaster of the Oratory 8chool, Edgllaston; son of IIenrv 
:Jobn. and grands)n of the tenth Rai'on 
t .1o':n of Bletshoe; 3011thor; edit'orol 
the It(lcoll(l of Indulgences. and a close friend of Cardinal Xewman. (1845) 

Converts to Rome 


St JOhn, Mrs Cecilia, wife of Lieutenant St John, R.X. ; daughter of 
1Iajor Henry Lavie, Bombay Army. 
St JOhn, The Very Rev. Edward, a Priest and Canon of the 
Southwark Chapter; nephew of the preceding; sb.,th son of Frederick 
St John, by l\Iary, daughter of Edward Bramah. 
St John, Thomas Charles St Andrew, formerly Lieutenant in the 
Royal Kavy; son of General Robert St John, of Lord BOlingbroke's 
Stock, Lady Gertrude, (1842-190-1), Lady Gertrude Douglas, daughter 
of the seventh :Marquess of Queensterry; granddaughter of General Sir 
1Yilliam Robert Clayton, fifth Baronet, 
LP., for Dumfrieshire and 
Comptroller of the IIousC'hold. (1863) 
Stockley, Miss Alice Josephine, a Sister of Charity in Dublin; 
sister of .Professor 'V. F. P. 
tockley. (1897) 
Stockley, W. F. P., l\LA., Trinity College, Dublin; formerly Professor 
Iodern Languages at the University of Kew Brunswick, :Fredericton, 
Nova Scotia; now Professor of En;lish Literature and History at Queen's 
College, Cork; son of John Surtees Stockley. (1894) 
Stoker, M rs Florence Anne Lemon, daughter of the late Lieutenant- 
Colonel Balcombe; wife of Bram Stoker, barrister, author and manager to 
the late Sir Henry Irving. (1904) 
t Stokes, Charles S., D.A., Trinity College, Cawbridge. (1845) 
t Stokes, Mrs Emma Louisa, wife uf Scott Kasmyth Stokes, (lk
1891), B.A., Cantab; daughter of the Rev. F. C" \Valsh; mother of Adridn 
Stokes, A.R.A.; of Leonard AloysiuE' Scott StokeB, the architect, and of 
Frederick 'Yilfrid Scott Stokes, the engineer and managing director of the 
firm of Ransome and Rapier. (1842) 
Stokes, F. R., B.A., Trinity College, Dublin. 
Stokes, The Very Rev. George Frederick, B.A., St John's College, 
Cambridge. A Priest, Canon of Northampton Chapter, till lately in charge 
of Church of the Sacred IIeart, Leillhwn Buzzard, Bedfordshire; now at St 
Etheldreda, Ely, CambridgesrufP-; Hon of J. G. Stokes, of Hoddesdon, 
Stokes, James Folliott, (1828-1899), Civil Engineer to the Government 
of India; son of Charles Scott Stokes, solicitor, of London. (18-18) 
Stokes, Scott Nasmyth, (18
6-1891), of St Paul's School, London. 'V.; 
B.A., scholar of Trinity College, Cambridge; Secretary to the Camden 
Society; Senior Inspector of Schools; brother of the above. (18-12) 
Stone, Miss Jean Mary, ( -1908), the historical writer. 
t Storks, Captain H. N. R., of the 97th Regiment. 
Storer, Joh n, :\Ius. Doc.; composer and organist of Rt Patrick's, Soho 
Square, London, ,Yo (1888) 


Converts to Rome 

Story, Mrs, wife of Admiral Story. 
Story, Captain William Oswald, of the Royal Navy; served at 
Perak, in Egypt, and in the Suakim Expedition. 
Story, Mrs, wife of Captain 'Villiam Oswald Story, R.N. 
t Stothert, Rev. dames Augustus, J\I.A.. Trinity College, Cam- 
bridge; advocate of the Edinburgh ]Jar. A rriest. (1844) 
i Stowell, M rs, wife of .A,nthony Stowell, of the London and County 
Banking COfilpany. 
Strachey, Miss, daughter of Sir John Strachcy, G.E.S.!., who acted as . 
Viceroy of Indi
 after the as
assination of the Earl of J\Iayo. 
Strange, Lieutenant Andrew L, of the Royal Navy. 
Strange, Assistant-Paymast
r Charles S., of the Roya] Kavy; 
brother of Lieutenant Andrew Strange, R.N. 
Strange, Miss Louisa, sister of Lieutenant Andrew L. Strange, R.N. 
Strange, Miss M., sister of Lieutenant Andrew L. Strange, R.N. 
Strange, Miss Muriel, sister of Lieutenant Andrew L. Strange, R.N. 
Strickland, Lady, Lady .Adpline Rackville; daughter oi the seventh 
Earl De la \Varr; wife of Hir Gerald Rtrickland, (Count Della Catena, of 

Ialta), ICC.
I.G.; Governor of Tasmania. (18S9) 
Stronge, Austin, grandson of J\Ir8 RolJert Louis Stevenson, wife of the 
no velis t. 
Stuart, Miss danet Erskine, daughter of the lIon. and Rev. Andrew 
Godfrey Stuart, l\I.A., (1812-1889), rector of Cottcsmore, HutIand; grand- 
daughter of the second Earl of Castle-Stuart. A nun and l\lother General 
of the Sisters of The Sacred IIeart. (1879) 
t Stuart, Rev. dohn Henry, B.A., St John's College, Cambridge; 
curate of Bramford. (1850) 
Stuart, Miss, an Anglican Sister at Oxford. 
Stuart-Mills, Charles, son of Captain Stuart-J\fills. (1891) 
Stuart-Mills, Ethelbert, son of Captain Stuart-
Iills. (ISÐl) 
t Sturges, Mrs Eveline Mary Agnes Cust, daughtor of Robcrt 
Ellis (treen, of Foxhillbank II all, Church, Lancashire; and sister of the 
Rev. Eric F. Green, at I
leworth, I\Iiddlesex. 
Sugden, Rev T. Harold, of Lincoln College, O
ford; a Priest at the 
Pro-Cathedral, Clifton, Bristol. (1898) 
Surtees, Miss Elizabeth, of IIamsterley 11 all, Rowlands Gill, 
Newcastle-on-Tyne; eldest daughter of Robert Smith Surtees, J.P. and 
D.L.; granddaughter of Robel't Surtees, (1803-1864), the antiquary and 
topographer; sister of Colonel Charles Fl'eville SUl'tees, J.P., D.L., 
Durham. (1870) 

Converts to Rome 


Sutcliffe, Rev. Joseph George, of Shrewsbury School; 1I.A 
scholar of Clare College, Cambridge; curate of St Nicholas, Great 
Yarmouth, Norfolk. (1880) 

Sutcliffe, Mrs Katherine, (1853-1890), wife of the above; daughter 
of the Rev. H. 11. \Villis, l\I.A., rector of Trimley St l\Iary. (1880) 
Sutcliffe, The Very Rev. William Ormond, of Shrewsbury 
School; l\1.A., scholar, }--'irst Class Classical Tripos, St John's College, 
Cambridge. A Priest and Canon of 'Vestminster; first :Master of St 
Edmund's House, Cambridge; Chief Religious Inspector for the Arch- 
diocese of 'Vestminster; on Council of Catholic College for 'V omen at 
Cambridge; brother of the Rev. Joseph George Sutcliffe, l\1.A., Cantab, 
curate of St Nicholas, Great Yarmouth. (1881) 

i' Sutherland, Willia m of Rosemount, Sunday's Well, co. Cork, 
Ireland; father of the Rev. V. ]\1. Sutherland, a, Dominican Friar 
in Trinidad, B. 'V.I.; of the Rev. Aloysius Sutherland, a Priest of the 
Salesian Community in charge of St Joseph's, Burwash, Sussex; and of 
Sister l\Iary Berchmans Sutherland, of the Dominican Convent, Cabra, 

Sutton, Francis, of Revell Grange, Sheffield, Yorkshire; father of 
Captain Francis Revell-Rutton, J.P. for the 'Vest Riding, served in the 
last South African \Var with the Yorks Imperial Yeomanry. 
t Sutton, Sir John, third Baronet, l\I.A., Jesus College, Cambridge. 
t Swabey, Richard Sutton, organist and composer. (1856) 

t Swai nson, Rev. Edward G., B.A., Trinity College, Cambridge. 
A Priest-in-charge of 
t l\Iary Immaculate and St Philip, N ewmarket, 

t Swan, Mrs Emily Anne, wife of the Rev. Francis Henl'y Swan, 
l\LA., an Anglican clergyman. (1884) 
Swan, Miss Florence, daughter of the Rev Francis Henry Swan, l\I.A. 
t Swan, Rev. S., a Priest at Barnet, Hertfordshire. (1876) 

Sykes, Lady, Christiana Anne Jessica Cavendish-Eentinck; wife of Sir 
ykes, fifth Baronet, of 8ledmere; daughter of the Right Hon. 
George Augustus Frederick Cavendish-Bentinck, l\I.P., grandson of the 
third Duke of Portland, K.G.; mother of Captain l\Iark Tatton Sykes, 
who served throughout the last South African "\tVar; authoress. (1882) 
Sykes, Mrs Edith, daughter of the Right Hon. Sir John Eldon Gorst, 

I.P.; wife of Captain i\Iark Sykes, only son of Sir Tatton Sykes, fifth 

Sykes, John, B,A., Trinity College, Dublin. 



Converts to Rome 

Sylvester, Rev. Walter, a Priest (Oblate of St Charles) at St l\Iary of 
the Angels, 'Vestmoreland H.oad, Bayswater, London, 'V. 
Symons, William Christian, the artist; son of 'Yilliam 1\Iartyn 
Symons, of St Columb, Cornwall; son-in-law of J. L. Davenport, of 
'Vildemlow, Derbyshire. (1870) 
Syrett, Rev. William, (1821-1888), a napti
t, of Bury St Edmunds, 
Suffolk. A Priest of the Society of Jesu
 at St Deuno's College, St 
Asaph, North 'Vales. (1846) 

Converts to Rome 



TAAFFE, Mrs Alice Catherine Trevor, wife of George Joseph Taaffe, 
J.P. and D.L. of Smarmore Castle, Ardee, co. Louth, and of Glen l{eiran, 
co. 'leath, Ireland; daughter of Boscawen Trevor Griffith-Boscawen, of 
Trevalyn Hall, Denbighshire, Wales. (1895) 
t Tadman, Miss M. F., a nun and Superioress of the Convent of Our 
Lady of 1\lercy, Alderney, Channel-Isles. 
Taine, Charles Edward, the author. (1870) 
Talbot, The Hon. and Very Rev. George, (1816-1888), of Eton 
College; n.A., St :\Iary's Hall, Oxford; vicar of Evercreech, near Hath, 
Soruersetshire. A Priest and Canon of St Peter's, Rome; Chamberlain to 
Pope Pius IX; son of the third Baron Talbot de l\Ialahide. (18J:3) 
Talbot, The Hon. and Very Rev. Monsignor Gilbert 
Chetwynd, (1816-1896), of Eton (
ollcge; 1\LA., Chrj
t Church; Fellow of 
All Souls' College, Oxford. A Priest, D.D. of Rome, Domestic Prela.te 1,0 
Pope Leo XIII; Provost of 'Vestminster Cathedral Chapter; SOil of the 
second Earl Talbot, and brother of the seventeenth Earl of Shrewsbury. 
Talbot, The Hon. Admiral Sir John, (1769-1851), G.C.B.; served 
under Nelson; saw much service; captured the Ville de JJlilan and her 
prize, the Oleopatra, in 1805; M captain of the VictoriO'lLS took the French 
74-gun ship Rivoli, after a severe engagement; third son of the first Daron 
Talbot de l\Ialahide; son-in-law of the ninth Baron Arundell of 1Vardour. 
Talbot, Marcus, B.A., Trinity College, Dublin; of Ennis) co. Clare, 

Talmage, Mrs Susan S., of Falmol!th, Devonshire; wife of an 
Anglican Clergyman. (1896) 
Tanner, Dr Charles Kearns Deane, (1849-1900), of 'Vinchester 
College; B.A., Queen's College, Cork; l\LP., and at one time :Mayor, for 
Cork; son of Dr Thomas Hawkes Tanner, (1824-1871), the physician and 
Tansley, Rev. Charles, (1820-1901), a lay-brother of the Society of 
Jesus at St :Mary's Ilall, Stonyhurst; and his four SODS. (1878) 


Converts to Rome 

t Tarleton, Frede :ck William, th . barrister. 
t Tarleton, M rs, wife of Frederick \Yilliam Tarleton. 

(1845 ) 

t Tarleton, Thomas, a barrister; brother of Fredcrick "'illiaIl1 Tarleton. 
(1 Hi 7) 
t Tarleton, Rev. Waldyve Willington, :\I.
\.., St Catherine's College, 
Cambridge; Incumbent at Sydney, :New gouth "Tales, _'1ustralia. (189--1) 
Tasker, Countess Helen Ann, (1811-18
8), of ::\Iidùleton flaIl, 
Drentwood, Essex; a great benefactress to several Catholic :Missions and 
charities. (1855) 
Tatlock, Rev. William, lL...\..., London l!niversity; curate of St J amcs 
the Less, Liverpool; and then of Christ Church, Clapham, London, S."\V. 
A Priest of the Society of Jesus, and Professor of English Literature at 
the Seminary, (jozo, l\Ialta. (18t;9) 
Tatum, Rev. George Benson, of Eton College; :\I.A., Christ Church, 
Oxford; curat,e of St Paul's, Brighton; and chaplain of :\lagdalen College; 
Oxford. A Priest, successively in charge of St Saviour's, Lewisham, 
London, S.E.; and of St Joseph's, Elm Grove, Brighton, Sussex. (1883) 
Taunton, Mrs, née Osbaldiston-::\Iittord; wife of A.lfred George Taunton, 
of \Vimbledon, London, S. ,V. (1870) 
Taunton, Mrs, wife of Edward Taunton, of Liverpool. (1873) 
Taunton, Mrs, néb :\Iendoza; wife of Francis H. Taunton, of \Vaterloo, 
LiverpooL (1894) 

Taunton, Miss Louise, daughter of Sir John Tauntun. 
Taunton, Mrs William, cousin of the Rev. Etheldl'ed Taunton, (1857- 
1907), a Priest and author. (1868) 
Taunton, Mrs W., née Newman, of Brockenhurst, Hampshire. (1876) 
t Tayler, Archdale William, son of a former rector of St !\Iatthias, 
Stoke X ewington, London, N. (1843) 
t Tayler, M rs, mother of the abovp, and wife of a former rector of St 

Iatthia8, Stoke Newington, London. (1843) 
Taylor, Miss A. N., (1854-1907), of Sundcrland; foundress of the 
Convent and IIouse of l\Iercy, Ryhope, co. Durham. (1884) 
Taylor, Rev. Arthur Whitcombe, of "\Yestminster School; B.A., 
",. orcester College, Oxford; successively curate of Parish Church, Grantham, 
t Saviour's, Ealing, London, "\V.; Talaton, Devonshire, 
chaplain of Akyab, Burma; Town chaplain, )Iandalay; and Domestic 
chaplain to the late Right Rev. Dr John 
Iiller Strachan, Bishop of 
Rangoon; now resident in Denmark and engaged in literary pursuits; 
contributor to 
Ionsignor Bandrillart's DictionnaÙ"e de l' Histoire 
Ecclésiastique. (1902) 

Converts to Rome 


Taylor, Charles Henry, (IR60-1ß07), of Lincoln and 1\Ianchester 
Grammar Schools; a well-known writer of lyrics; son of H. \V. Taylor, 
silk merchant, of :l\Ianchester. (1Ð06) 
Taylor, Miss, eldest daughter of Charles Henry rraylor, (1860-H)07), the 
writer of lyrics. (lUO()) 
Taylor, E. W., of Eastgate, St3,fford; 1\Ius.Doc. of Oxford University. 
Taylor, The Rev. Mother Frances Magdalen, (1832-1900), whu 
nursed the wounded in the Crimea with _Miss :Florence Kightingale; 
foundress and 1\Iother-Generalof the Institute of the Poor Servants of 
God and the Poor; daughter of a Lincolnshire Anglican vicar; authoress. 
Taylor, The Hon. Frederick Beatson, of Christ's I-Iospital; B.A., 
(Barnes University Scholar) King's College, Cambridge; late
Acting Puisne 
Judge of the High Court, Calcutta; son of the late Colonel ThoméJs 
Taylor, B.S.C. (1877) 
Taylor, Mrs, wife of the Hon. Frederick Beatson Taylor, late Judge of 
the High Uourt of Calcutta; daughter of the late General 'V. R. }-'ooks, of 
the Royal Artillery. (1877) 
Taylor, Rev. Hugh John Thomas, (1843-1899), a Priest at Holv 
Trinity, Stonor, l-fenley-on-Thames; at one tiIne chaplain to the fourth 
Baron Uamoys. (1865) 
Taylor, Miss Ida Ashworth, the authoress; eldest daughter of Sir 
Henry Taylor, l(.C.1\l.G., and the lion. Alice Spring-Rice, daughter of the 
first Baron 1\Ionteagle. 
t Taylor, Mortimer Davies, of Brentford, :\Iiddlcsex; son of the Rev. 
Henry Taylor, 1\LA., rector of Stoke Rochford, Lincolnshire. 
Taylor, S. A., of the India Office. 
Taylor, Stephen, baITÍSter. 
Tebay, Mrs, wife of Dr :Michael Tebay, (1816-1885), of 'Vestminster 
Hos pi tal. 
Teeling-, Mrs Theodora Louisa Bartle, (1853-1906), née Lane 
Clarke; daughter of an Anglican clergyman; wife of Captain Bartle Teeling, 
of the Papal Zouaves; authoress. 
Teevan, M rs, wife of John Teevan, of ,\
 estbourne Terrace, London, 'V. 
Teevan, Mrs Frances Mary
 (1834-1874), wife of :\Iichael Teevan, 
surgeon, of Gloucester Terrace, London 'V.; daughter of 'Villi am 'Vatton, 
of Shirley, Surrey. 
Temple, Miss, daughter of Admiral Temple, of Truro. 
Temple, Miss, a. member of the East Grinstead Anglican Sisterhood. 
Temple, Mrs Edward, née Graham, of Kensington, London, 'V. 


Converts to Rome 

Terres, Miss Hilda, daughter of Admir<11 Terres, of !lIount Street, 
Grosvenor Square, London, 'V. (190Ð) 
Terres, Miss Vivian, daughter of Admiral Terres, of 
Iount Street, 
Grosvenor Square, London, 'V. (1909) 
Terry, Miss Florence Mary, daughter of 1Villiam Parker and Sarah 
Elizabeth Terry. (1907) 
Terry, Richard R., sC'holar of King's College, Cambridge; member of 
the Uommittee of the University l\lusi___al Society; founder of the (1ambridge 
University l\lusical Club; )Iusical critic for the Cll ,nbridge Review. Suc- 
cessively Organist and Uhoirmaster at nedford County School; St John's 
CathedraJ, _\.ntigua, B. \V.I.; and at Downside Abbey-the Benedictine 
)[onast{}ry and College, nea.r Bath. Now Or
anist and Director of the 
Choir at \Vestminster Cathedral; musical composer and author; eldest 

on of Thomas Terry, of 
 ewcastle-on- Tyne and nephew of Sir "T alter 
Runciman, first D<1ronet, of "r cst Denton flaB, X ewcastle-on- Tyne. 
Terry, Stephen Harding, )1. Inst. ::\f.E., formerly Engineering 
Inspector to the Local Government Board; inventor and author; son of 
the Rev. Stephen Terry, :\I.A. of Dummer House, Basingstoke. 
t Thacker, Rev. Dr T. P., of Dublin; a Priest. 
Thackray, Percy William Francis, of Leamington, \ViJrwickshÏre. 
Theed, Rev. Edward Alexander Pancras, of ,[erchant Taylor'S' 
8('hool; :\LA., 8t 
Tohn's College, Unmbrid
re; curate of St 1\Iary l\la<;:,ù:tlcne's, 
Lautlceston; and then of ....\ll 

Lints', Plynll\uth, Devonshire. 
\ PriCHt, 
and for six years of the Uollege of Cathedral Chaplains of \Vestminster; 
now in charge of St 
\.gatha's, J )awli-3b, Devonshire; son of the Rev. E. R. 
Theed, 'I.A., sometime Rector of Sampford Courtenay, Devon, Fellow and 
\Tice-Provost of IGng's College, Calubridge. (1895) 
Thelwall, M rs, widow of \V cymouth Thelwall the water-colour artist, 
)oungcst son of John Thelwall, (17ü4-183--1), the refùflller and lecturer on 
elocution. (1903) 
Thesiger, The Hon. Mary Lincoln, youngest daughter of the first 
Baron Chelmsford, (17!)--1-1t;78), Lord High ChanceHor of England; for 
seventeen years Lady-in- \Vaiting to the late Duchess of Teck. (1907) 
Thomas, Miss Alicia, daughter of Dr Thomas, of IIorsham, Sussex. 
Thomas, Capel Stanley, journalist. (1887) 
Thomas, Rev. Charles, B.A., Exeter College, Oxford; an Anglican 
Thomas, Rev. Sr. Dominic, a Benedictine lay-brother. 
Thomas, M rs D., wife of an Anglican clergyman. (1872) 
t Thomas, Miss Elizabeth G., daughter of Sir \V. L. G. Thomas, 

Converts to Rome 


Thomas, Miss F., relative of Captain Frederick 
Jarryat, (1792-1848), 
R.N., the novelist. 
t Thomas, Commander John, of the Royal Navy. 
Thomas, Lynall, son-in-law of Captain Frederick ßlarryat, (1792-1848), 
., the novelist. 
Thomas, Mrs, wife of Lynall Thomas. 
Thomas, Miss Mary, daughter of Lynall Thomas. 
Thomas, M rs Maude, wife of Samuel Edward Thomas. 


Thomas, Samuel Edward, journalist and author; son of Isaac 
Thomas, of the Bank of England. (187-1) 
t Thomas, Rev. R. Charles, :l\I.A., Cantab; vicar of Brandeston, 
Suffolk. (1848) 
Thomas, M rs, 11.ée Chilton, wife ot the Rev. David Thomas, !\LA., vicar 
of Penmænmawr, H.:U. Inspector of Schools for North "Tales, and 
chaplain to Baron 'Villoughby de Broke; mother of Arthur Chilton 
Thomas, (18G3-190G), the philanthrophist, and of the late Rev. Roland 
Chilton Thomas, (186-1-1893), a 
cholastic of the Society of Jesns. 
t Thompson, Dr Charles, of Ashton-under Lyme, Lancashire; father 
of _F'rancis Thompson, (1860-1907), the poet and author; son of James 
Thompson, of Oakham. (185:3) 
Thompson, Mrs Christiana, the poet; daughter of J. D. 'Yeller; wife 
of the late Thomas J. Thompson, B.A., Cantab. (1867) 
t Thompson, Rev. Edward Healy, of Oakham Grammar School; 
!\LA., Emmanuel College, Cambridge; curate of St James', 'Vestminster, 
London, S. 'V.; author; brother of Dr (1harles Thompson. (184G) 
Thompson, Mrs Harriet Diana, (1811-1896), daughter of Xicholson 
Calvert, of Hunsden, Hertfordshire; wife of the preceding; authoress. (18!G) 
Thompson, Rev. Gordon, ( -1903), 
I.A., scholar of Sidney Sus
College, Cambridge; {'urate of Christ Church, St Pancras, London, N.'V. 
For a time professor at the Catholic University College, Kensington, and 
at St Charles College, Dayswater. A Priest and founder of The IIoly 
:Kame anù Our Lady of the 
acred Heart, Bow Common, London, E. (1875) 
t Thompson, Mrs, wife of the late Rev. Gordon Thompson, !\L.A., 
Cantab. (187&) 
Thompson, Rev. Henry, B.A., Cantab; curate at Ashford, Kent. 
Thompson, James Eyre, l\LA., scholar of 'Vadham College, Oxford; 
barrister; formerly on thù reporting staff of The Times in the Houses of 
Parliament; now TinlÆs Law Reporter in the Hf)u
e of Lord.
, and LUl" 
JuuTllalHeporter ill the HO\.lse of Lords and the Privy (Iollncil; l\It'mber 
of North Kcnsingt{Jn (latho}ic Association. 


Converts to Rome 

Thompson, The Right Hon. Sir John Spa"row David, (1844- 
189-1), K.0.1\1.0.; P.C.; of IIalifax, X ova 
cotia; barrister and f).C.; 
successively Pr
mier of :Kava Scotia; judge of the supreme conrt of Xova 
Scotia; )Iinister of .fustice for Canada; Premier of Canada; arbitra.tor on 
the Behring Sea fbheries questiorl in Paris; he died suddenly at 'Vind'3or 
Castle, after being sworn privy counciUor. (1872) 
t Thompson, Rev. Jonathan, of Tamwol'th; at one time lay-rl'ader 
in the dioces' of Lichfield. A _Priest-in-charge of St Francis Xavier, 
Oldbury, "r orcestershire. 

Thompson, Rev. Joshua Clibbon, B.....\., Corpus Christi College, 
Cambridge; cura
e of St Andrew's, Stockwell Green, London, S.'V.; of an 
Irish Quaker family who joined the Anglican Church. (19()!')) 

Thompson, Thomas J., ( - ), B.A., Trinity College, Cambridge; 
father of Lady 'Villiam Butler, the Battle Painter, and of 
Irs 'Vilfrid 
:\[eynell. (187i) 

Thomson, John, of Blackenhill, :\lurtle, ....\.berdeenshire, N.B.; founder 
of the Aberdeen University Press. (18G5) 
Thorn, Miss Clare Hope, daughtC'r of Profe...sor 'fhorn, of 'Yel]ington 
College. (1897) 

Thorn, Miss, daughter of Professor Thorn. 
Thornhill, Mrs, wife of the Venerable Archdeacon Thornhill. 


Thornton, M rs, Lady Superintendent of II. TI. the 
r abarini of 
Cùllege; niece of 1\lajor .Martin, Private Secretary to ILl!. the )laharajah 
of .:\Iysore. (1891) 
Thornton, George, Civil Engineer; of London. 
Thorold, Algar Labouchere, of Eton CoU,--'ge; ::\I.A., Christ Church, 
Oxford; author; only sun of the Right Rev. Dr .Anthony 'Vilson Thorold, 
(1825-1893), Lord Bishop of 'Vinchester, by his second wife Emily, 
daughter of John Labouchere, of Broome Hall, Surrey; nephew of the 
Right Hon. Ifenry Labonchere P.C.; late 
I.P. and proprietor of Truth. 
Thorold, M rs Theresa Mary, wife of Algar IJaoouchere Thorold, 1\1.1\., 
Oxon; d:tughter of the Rev. Owen L. .Manse], 
LA., vicar of Church 
Knowle, 'Vareham, Dorset. (1898) 
Thorp, Rev. Sidney Benson, B.A., St Edmund's IJall, Oxford; 
successively curate of Christ Church, Clapham, London, S. 'V.; and of 8t 
:i\1atthew's, Sheffield, Yorkshire; contributor to The Acade'l/1,y, Pall Ainll 
Gazette, Pall l1Iall .L1IagaÚne, The Tablet, etc.; son of Dr Thorp, by his 
marriage with a kinswoman of the :\Iost Rev. Dr Edward 'Vhite Benson, 
(1829-1896), I..ord Archbishop of Canterbury. (1890) 
Thorpe, The Rev. Mother Agnes, Superior of the COIDlllunity of 
N ur
ing SiElters of St Dominic, New York City; an EngJish lady. (1 R64) 

Converts to Rome 


t Thorpe, The Rev. Mother Catherine Antoninus, Founder 
and first Superior of the Community of Nursing Sisters of St Dominic, 

ew York City; sister of the Rev. 
Iother Agnes Thorpe. (1864) 
t Thorpe, M rs Teresa Elizabeth, mother of the Revs. 
Agnes and Catherine Thorpe, of the Nursing Sisters of St Dominic, New 
York City, U.S.A. (186--1) 
Thurstans, Aubrey, of New Inn Hall, Oxford (1886) 
t Thurston, George Henry, surgeon, who died in 1894 at Clevedon, 
Somersetshire; father of the Rev. Herbert Thurston, a Priest of the Society 
of Jesus, and author, at .Ffilrm Street, Berkeley Square, London, 'V. 
Thynne, Rev. Lord Charles, (1813-189--1), of Harrow School; 
Christ Uhurch, Oxford; rector of Kingston Deverill, Longridge, '\Viltshire; 
and Canon of Canterbury. After his wife's death he became a Priest and 
served at Ditton Park; son of the second 
Iarquess of Bath, and br
of Anne, fifth Duchess of Buccleuch; author. (1852) 
Thynne, Lady Harriet Frances, (1816-1881), wife of Rev. Lord 
'Charles Thynne, (1813-1894), 
I.Å., Oxon; daughter of the Right Rev. Dr 
Richard Bagot, (1782-185-1), successively Lord Bishop of Oxford, and of 
Bath and "
ells, son of Sir '\VilJiam Bagot, sixth Baronet, 
I.P., for 
Staffordshire, who was raised to the peerage in 1780 as first Baron 
Bagot; authoress. (1852) 
Thynne, J. A. R., of Ard Selma, Fort Augustus, :K.B. 
Tickell, Rev. George, (1815-1893) of Eton College; Eldon Scholar, 
Oriel College, Fellow of University College, Oxford; barrister; author
A Priest of the Society of Jesus, at one time Rector of !\Iount St l\[ary's 
College, Chesterfield; Prefect of Studies at Stonyhurst College, Blackburn; 
and for five years a :Missionary in Barbados, B. 'V.I.; son of the late 
General Richard Tickell, C.B., of the Bengal Engineers. (1845) 
Tighe, Mrs, wife of Captain Tighe, of Blackburn, Lancashire. (1897) 
Tijou, Herbert Edward, (1832-1885), of Christ's Hospital, London; 
architect, of Cheetham. 
Tijou, Mrs, wife of Herbert Edward Tijou, (1832-1885), the architect. 
Till, Frederick, solicitor, of Folkestone, Kent. 
Till, Mrs, wife of Frederick Till, solicitor. 
Timbrell, William, barrister, of Acton, London, W. (1895) 
Tindall-Carill-Worsley, Lieutenant Ralph, of Clifton College; of 
the Royal Navy; son of Nicolas Tindall-Uarill- 'V orsley, of PIatt Hall, near 
Tinklar, Rear-Admiral Arthur Roger, has served in the Black Sea 
and in Uhina. 
Todd, M rs, wife of E. Todd, formerly member of a, Colonial Parliament. 
daughter of t.he Rev. R. Hoare, l\I.A., an Anglican clergyman. (1868) 


Converts to Rome 

Todd, The Very Rev. William George, (1829-1877), :ðLA., Trinity 
College, Dublin; curate of St James', Bristol. A Priest and Canon. (1851) 
TOdh':lnter, Captain 

 William,. of the King's Own 
ScottIsh Borderers; j\I.A., TrInIty College, CambrIdge. served in the last 
South African \Var; son of Dr Isaac Todhunter (1
20-i884) the mathema- 
tician and linguist; son-in-law of John Kenyon,' K.S.G., J.P.: of Gillingham. 
1" Todhunter, Mrs, wife of Dr Isaac Todhunter, (1820-1884), the 
mathematician.. (1894) 
Todhunter, Miss, daughter of Dr Isaac Todhunter, (1820-1884), the 
mathematician. (18D4) 
Toke, Leslie Alexander St Lawrence, author; eldest son of John 
Leslie Toke, .J.P., of Eucksford, Kent; eon-in-Iaw of Captain Thomas 
Uholmeley, U.N., of Brandsby. 
Tollemache, Miss, grandda.ughter of the seventh :Earl of Dysart. 

t Toovey, James, the publisher, of Piccadilly, London, 'V. 
Topham, M rs, wife of Dr Topham. 
Towle, James de Lacey, (1 R:!1-188R), solicitor; at one time proprietor 
of l.'he 11 Y cekly NegÙta; founder of the Catholic :Mission of St James', 
l1ITey. (185ü) 

( 184(;) 

Towne, Rev. Arthur Micah, sometime lay-worker at St Alban's, 
l-lolborn, London, E.U.; eon of the Rev. E. J. Towne, B.A., an Anglican 
clergyman. A Priest, til1 lately Chaplain at the Convent of the Uood 
Shepherd, Pen-y-Ian, Cardiff, South 'Vales; 110\\ in charge of 
t .ì\Iary, 
Chepstow, :\Ionmouthshil'e. (1883) 
t Towneley, Lady Caroline, Lady Caroline 
Iolyneux, daughter of 
the second Harl of 
efton; wife of the late- Charl('s Towneley, of TOWlle-Ipy, 
Laneashire. (J 845) 
Townsend, Rev. Bruno, a Passionist Priest at St Joseph's Retreat, 
llighgate Hill, London, X.; author. 
Townsend, Rev. Charles William, ::\LA., Keble College, O:\.ford; 
Yicc-l)resident of Salisbury Thcological College, then Principal of the 
Oxford ::\lission in t 1 a l cu tta. A Priest of the Society of 
J esus, till lately 
Professor of Scripture and lIe brew, now Hector of St Deuno's College, St 
Asaph, North "r ales. (1889) 
t Townsend, Rev. James Arthur, a Priest. 
t Townsend, Rev. John William, a Priest. 

t Townsend, Miss, daughter of an Anglican clergyman. 


Townshend, The Marchioness, Gladys Ethel Gwendolen Eugenic. 
wife of the sixth :l\1arquess To"nslu-'nd;. daughter of Thomas Sutherst. (lÐ07) 

Converts to Rome 


t Tozer, A. Edmonds, :ì\lus.D., Toronto; )Ius.D., Oxon; )lus.Bac. 
Durha.m; A.R.C.:M.; F.R.C.O.; L.R.A.)!.; Knight of the Pontifical Order 
of St Sylvester; composer of rtlasses and other ecclesiastical music. (1884) 
Tozer, John Hellyer, of Glan-y-môr, Teignmouth, Devonshire; father 
of Captain Arthur Gerald :l\Iilford Tozer, (late of the Nort.humberland 
Fusiliers and of the 1st West India Regiment), who volunteered for the 
last South African War, serving in Brabant's Horse; and of Edward John 
Francis Tozer, solicitor and X otary Public, Ulerk to Teignmouth Harbour 
Çommissioners. (1 
Tozer, Mrs Mary Louisa, wife of John IIellyer To.ær; daughter of 
J. lIeI' bert, of Llanarth. 
Trafford, Edward William, (1809-18D2), J.P. of Brundell IIous(>, near 
K orwich, Norfolk; son of Sigismond Trafford, of 'Y roxham I-IaIl, K orfolk. 
Traies, Rev. William Francis, (1850-1890), :\I.A., scholar of "r orcester 
College. Fellow of !\Ierton College, Oxford; successively curate of St 
George's, Bloomsbury; St John's, Rf'd Lion Square, 'V.c.; St John the 
Evangelist. Holborn, London, E.C. A Priest, Vice-President of St Edmund's 
College, "rare, Hert.fordshire, and then in charge, at Holy Cross, Plymouth. 
t Trail, Miss, an Ursuline nun at St :Margaret's Convent, Edinburgh, 
X.B.; daughter of the Rev. Robert Trail, a Presbyterian l\Iinister of 
Forfarshire, X.B. 
t Trappes, Mrs Mary, wife of the late Robert Trappes, J.P., To\\n 
Clerk of Clitheroe, Lancashire; daughter of Henry Fielding, D.L. of 
l\lyerscough, Lancashire. 
Tredcro'ft, Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Lennox, late of the 
Royal Horse Artillery; 8erved in the Crimea; J.P. and County Alderman 
for Surrey; for many years Adjutant of :3rd Battalion, 'Yest Surrey 
Regiment and at one time Hon. Lieutenant-Colonel, 2nd Y 01. Battalion, 
R.'V. Surrey Regiment; only son of the Rev. Robert Tredcroft, of Tang- 
mere, Sussex, by}'rances Katherine, only daughter of Sir Thomas Brooke 
Pechell, second Baronet; son-in-law of the first Daron Howard of Glos30p. 
t Tredcro'ft, M rs Elizabeth, second wife of Lieutenant-Colonel 
Charles Lennox Tredcroft; daughter of Sir 'Villiam 
cott, sixth Baronet, 
of Ancrum. 
Tregena, Charles, B.A., 'V orcester College, Oxford. 
t Trelawny, Rev. Sìr Harry, of 'Vestminster School; 
I.A., Christ 
Uhurch, Oxford; Baronet; an Anglican clergyman. 
Trelawny, Miss, daughter of the late Rev. Sir Harry Trelawny, 
Tremayne, Mrs William, daughter of Baron de Robeck. (18U7) 
tt,. Rea
1 Francisco Sangro R. D., (1815-1897), 
a dIstInguIshed 
 aval Architect; only son of .Admiral 'Villi am Tremlett of 
Dartmout.h, Devonshire (1897) 


Converts to Rome 

Trench, Frederick, B.A., TIalliol College, Oxford. 

Trendell, Captai n, of the Ryde l\Iilitia. 
Trenow, Rev. Frederick William Dominic, (1818-1890), of 
:Merchant Taylors' School; B..\., St John's College, O-x:ford; curate of 
TIartley Green, N orthfield, "\V orcestershire. A] )omÍIùcan Friar and 
chaplain to the Convent of Reparation, Uarisbrooke, Isle of \Vight; author, 
Bon of the Rev. Frederic Joseph Uox Trenow, l\I.A., rector of St Peter's, 
Dorchester. (1850) 
Trevelyan, Miss Ada, daughter of Colonel Trevelyan, of the 60th Rifles. 
Trevelyan, Sir Alf"red Wilson, (1R31-1891), seventh Baronet, of 
Nettlecombe Court, Somersetshire; succeeded his uncle, and was 
succeeded by his cousin; son-in-law of the late Right lIon. James II. 

Ionahan, sometime Lord Chief J usticc of the Common Pleas in Ireland. 
Trevelyan, Mrs Anne, (1827-1894), daughter of the late Rev. James 
Riddell, )LA., of Leamington; second wife of the Rev. Edwin Trevelyan, 
(1817 -189-1), :\I.A., Uantab, vicar of Cannock, Staffordshire. (1872) 

Trevelyan, Rev. Edwin, (1817-1894), of St Olave's Grammar School, 
London, S.E.; l\LA., scholar of St John's College, Uambridge; vicar of St 
Paul's, 'Yarwick, (1845-1865), then vicar of Cannock, Staffordshire. (1872) 
Trevelyan, Miss Margaret Emily, second daughter of the Rev. 
Edwin Trevelyan, (1817-18D4), late vicar of Uannock, Staffordshire. (1872) 
Trevelyan, M rs, wife of Colonel Trevelyan, of the 60th Rifles. 

Trevithick, William Pattison, tho enginecr; grandson of Richard 
Trevithick, the engineer. (1902) 

Trevor, Alf"red Charles, late controller of Stamps and Taxes, Edin- 
burgh, N.B. (1892) 

t Trevor, Mrs Edith Frances, wife of Alfred Charles Trevor; niece 
of Henry Brougham Loch, first Baron Loch, P.C., (i.C.B., G.O.:\[.O., D.C.L., 
at one time Governor of Cape Colony, and lligh Commissioner for South 
Africa. (1892) 

Trevor, Claude, son of General \\rilliam 
osmo Trevor, C.B. 

Trevor, Major Frederick Anthony, of Rugby School; served with 
the 59th Regiment in China, India, and {;rimea. 

Trevor, Hubert, son of General "\Villiam Cosmo Trevor, C.B. 
Trevor, Mrs, wife of General 1Villiam Cosmo Trevor, C.B.; daughter of 
General Trevor, of Plymouth. 

Trickett, Captain Thomas, of the Royal Kavy. 

Converts to Rome 


Triggs, Rev. Percival James, a Priest of the Society of Jesus at the 
Church of the Sacred IIeart, Richmond Hill, Bournemouth, IIampshire. 

Tristram, H. T., B.A., Jesus College, Oxford; assistant-master at the 
Oratory School, Edgbaston, Birmingham. 

Troake, Rev. Ernest M., B.A., Trinity College, Dublin; associate 
brother of Llanthony Abbey, North \Vales. .A. Priest, till recently in 
charge of St :Mary's, (jhippenham, \Viltshire. (18D5) 

Trollope, Rev. George Henry Anneslcy Philip, of 
Taylors' School; a Priest. (1905) 

t Trotter, Charles, of \Voodhill; J.P. and D.L. for Perthshire, N.B. 
t Trotter, Mrs, wife of the late Charles Trotter, J.P., Perthshire. (1856) 

t Trotter, Lieutenant Charles F. Graham, J.P., late of the 93rd 
Sutherland Highlanders; son of the late Charles Trotter, J.P., Perthshire. 
Tubbs, Rev. Charles Edward, a Priest till recently at the Holy 
Trinity, Brook Green, Hammersmith, London, 'V.; now chaplain at 

 azareth I-Iouse, Hammersmith, \V. 

t Tucker, Captain. 


Tucker, S.W., solicitor. 

Tuckwell, The Misses, daughters of a. :Methodist 

Tuite, Sir Mark Anthony, (1808-1896), B....\., Trinity College, Dublin; 
tenth Baronet; at one time captain in the 19th Regiment of the line. (1893) 

Tuke, Very Rev. Reginald, of's College, London; curate of St 
John's Hackney, London, N. A Priest and Canon of \Vestminster at Our 
f Grace and St Edward, Chiswick, London, \V., and then at The 
Holy Family, \Vitham, Essex; now retired. 

Tu ke, Miss, of l\laidstone: niece of the Very Rev. Canon Reginald Tuke. 

Turnbull, Mrs Grace, (1812-188--1), 'Y ife of \Villiam Barclay David Donald 
Turnbull, (1811-1863), LL.D.; daughter of James Dunsmure, of Edinburgh, 
N.D. (18-13) 

Turnbull, J. T.D., of the Record Office. 

Turnbull, William Barclay David Donald, (1811-1863), LL.D.; 
advocate a.t the 
cottish Bar; secretary of the Antiquarian Society of 
Scotland; only child of 'Valter Turnbull, architect and author, of Leven 
Lodge, near Edinburgh, X.B. (1843) 


Converts to Rome 

t Turner, Miss Elizabeth Frances Garrett, fourth daughter of 
the Rev. John Turner, 
I....'\.., vicar of IIennock, Devonshire. 

Turner, Lady Emily Ayscough, (1845-1910), wife of Sir Charles Arthur 
Turner, (1833-1907), ICO.I.E., Chief Justice of l\Iadras, son of the r\..ev. John 
Fisher Turner, 
I.A.; daugher of 'Villi am Sampson Hodgkinson, of 'V ookey 
lIole, 'VeIls, Somersetshire; then a nun of the Visitation Convent at 
IIarruw. (1891) 

t Turner, Mrs, wife of the Rev. Charles Turner, !\I.A.; late of IIanwell 
Park, London, 'V. (1850) 
Turner, Rev. Thomas, an Independent l\Iinister. 

t Tu.rnerelli, 
rs, wife of Edward Tracey Turnerelli, (1813-1896), the 
a.rtISt and proJector of "the people's tribute" to Lord Beaconsfield; 
\ughter of Thomson Hankey, (1805-1893), }I.I). for Peterborough, 
dIrector and governor of the Bank of England. (1856) 
t Turton, Robert A., musical composer; at one time organist of 
Hotherham Parish Church; then at tho Church of the Sacred IIeart, 
Exeter; son of Dr Turton, of Sheffield. 
Tussaud, Mrs, wife of Frank Tussaud. of London, 'v. 
t Tweedie, The Hon. JOhn, District Judge in tho Indian Civil 

Tweedie, Mrs, wife of the lIon. John Tweedie, of the lndian Civil 

t Twycross, Dr Isaac, of Oxford. 

(1845 ) 

Twycross, Mrs, of Gorton Lodge, Clapham Common, London, S.'V. 

Twyman, Charles, of Stafford; solicitor. 

t Twynam, Colonel, 


Twyman, Mrs, wife of Charles Twyman, 8olictor. 

t Twynam, Ca;>\.ain, of the Royal Xavy; brother of the above. (18M)) 
Tydd, Rev. Thomas Henry, !\l.A., St Edmund's Hall, 
Iedallist, First Classical Honours; Second Class 1\loral SCIences; 
:First Class Exhibitioner of Trinity College, Dublin; chaplain of Alton 
Towers, the Earl of Shrewsbury's seat at Stoke-upon- Trent. (1879) 
Tylee, Mrs Catherine Elizabeth, of :Marlborough Villa, Clifton; 
wife of the late !\Iajor-General George 'rylee. (1847) 
Tylee, Edward, B.A., Brasenose College, Oxford; relative of the Right 
Hev. 1\lonsignor \Villiam Tylee. (1t;97) 

Converts to Rome 


t Tylee, Major-General George, of the Bengal Army. 


Tylee, The Right Rev. Monsignor William, of. Cuddesdon Theo- 
logical College; M.A., Oriel College, Oxford A Priest and Domestic 
Prelate to Pope Leo XIII; was chaplain to the ltlarquess of Ripon, K.G., 
when Viceroy of India; now resident in London. (18GC) 
Tyler, Captain George, of the Royal Engineers; grandson of Admiral 
Sir George Tyler, (1792-1862), Lieutenant-Governor of St Vincent, B.W.I. 
Tyrrwhit, Miss Catherine M., daughter of the Rev. St John 
I.A., an Anglican clergyman. 


Converts to Rome 



t ULLATHORNE, Mrs, relative of Sir John Franklin, (1786-1847), the 
Arctic Explorer; mother of the !\[ost Rev. Dr William Bernard lTllathorne, 
06-1889), a Benedictine :l\fonk, first Bishop of Birmingham, and then 
....<\.rchbishop of 
Ulyat, Rev. William, B.A., 
Iagdalene College, Cambridge; vicar of 
}'reeland, Oxfordshire. (1903) 
Ulyat, Mrs, wife of the Rev. William Ulyat, B.A., Cantab. (1903) 
Uniacke, Mrs, wife of Captain Korman Fyfe Fitzgerald Uniackc, of the 
60th Rifles. 
Urquhart, The Hon. Mrs, (1824-1889), lIon. Harriet 
Parkinson Fortescue, daughter of Liputcnant-Colonel Chichester Fortescue; 
sister of the first Baron Carlingford; wife of 1>avid Francis Gregor 
Urquhart, (1805-1877), the diplomatist, author and 
LP. for 
mother of Francis Fortescue Urquhart, l\I.A., Fellow and Exhibitioner of 
Balliol College, Oxford (1877) 
Urquhart, Rev. Arthur Pollard, of Lincoln CoHege, Oxford. A 
Ionk, (Dom Jerome), at Ht Benedict's .Abbey, Fort ...\ugustus, 
N.B.; son of 'Villiam Pollard Urquhart, of Castle Pollard, co. "r estmeath, 
Ireland, and of Craigston, Aberdeenshire, N.B. (1868) 
Ussher, Geor&e Skeffington, son of Lieutenant-Colonel John Usher, 
a lineal descendant of Archbishop .James Ussher, (1581-1(i;Jü), of Armagh. 
(189] ) 

Converts to Rome 



t VALE, Rev. Henry, )LA., Oxon; curato of St Andrew's, 'Vens Street, 
London, 'V. (1851) 
Valentin, Rev. John Philip, of Salisbury Theological College and 
London University; successively curate of St Clement, East Dulwich, 
London, S.E.; and at Cowley St John, Oxford. (1910) 
Vallance, Rev. W. H. Aymer, of Harrow School; )I.A., Oriel College, 
Oxford; curate at the Annunciation, Brighton, Sussex; and then at St 
Bartholmew's, Dover. One of the leaders for the revival of Decorative 
Art and )Iediæval Design; F.S.A., author and contributor to The Art 
JO'ltrnal, and other periodicals; son of Captain T. 'V. Vallance, of the 5th 
Lancers. (1889) 
t Vansittart, Mrs Frances Rosalie, the authoress; wife of the late 
Rev. Charles Vansittart, :\LA., RectorofShottesbrook-cum-White-Walthanl, 
and nephew of the first Baron Bexley, (1766-1857), Chancellor of the 
Exchequer; daughter of Hans Busk, (1815-1882), a pioneer of the Volunteer 

Iovenlent, barristf'r and High Sheriff for Radnorshire; sister of the late 
Mrs Pitt Byrne and of Lady Loder; and family, among whom is Clement 
Arthur Vansittart who was a Pontifical Zouave. (1845) 
Vanstone, W.J., (1849-1907), of Elrington Road, St Thomas, Exeter; 
a great benefactor of the Church of the Sacred Heart of that town. 
t Van Straubenzee, Lady, wife of General Van Straubenzee, G.C.B., 
late Governor of :MaIta. 
Vassall-Phillips, Rev. Oliver Rodie, of Eton College; Balliol College, 
Oxford. A Redemptorist Priest; successively Rector of Alount Alphonsus, 
Limerick; Bishop Eton, 'Vavertree, Lherpool; Bishop's Stratford, Essex; 
and of Kingswood, Bristol; eldest son of Robert Lowe Grant Vassall, of 
Oldbury Court, Bristol, by 
Iatilda, daughter of 'Villiam PhiHips, of 
'Yhitson Court, 
r onmouthshire; author. (1878) 
Varley, John, of St Augustinf"s College, Uanterbury; a student for 
Anglican orders. 
Vaughan, Edward Thomas, B.A., Christ Church, Oxford. (1880) 
Vaughan, Mrs Florence, wife of 
Iajor Charles Jerome Vaughan. 
late of the 7th Dragoon Guards, Private Chamberlain t.o Pope Pius X., 
eldest son of Colonel Francis Baynham Vaughan9 of Courtfield, and nephew 
of Cardinal Herbert Vaughan, (1832-1903); daughter of Cf'cil Edmund 
Lister-Kaye, brother of Sir John Pepys Lister-Kaye, third Baronet, and 
of Lady Beatrice Adeline Pelham-Clinton, daughter of the sixth Duke of 
Newcastle. (1907) 


Converts to Rome 

Vaughan, Mrs Eliza, (1813-1853), néc RoUs; first wife of Lieut.-Colonel 
John Francis Vaughan, (1ROR-1R80), D.L., of Courtfield, Ross, Herefordshire; 
mother of His Eminence Cardinal Herbert Vaughan, (1832-1903), second 
Bishop of SaIford, then Archbishop of 'Vestminster, founder of St Joseph's 
College for Foreign l\lissions at :MilllIill, London, N. 'V. ; of the 
Iost Rev. 
Roger 'Yilliam Bede Vaughan, (183--1-1883), a Benedictine 
fonk, and 
Archbishop of Sydney, New South 'Vales; of the Rev. Joseph Vau
(1841-189ß), a Benedictine 1\[onk, (Dom Jerome), aud founder of St Bene- 
dict'r.Abbey, Fort Augustus, N.B.; of the Rev. Kenelm Vaughan, (1R40-190R), 
a Priest of the Arch-diocese of Westminster; of Colonel Franris Raynhalll 
Vaughan, Private Chamberlain to Pope Pius X, J.P. and D.L. for 
Jlerefordshire, J.P. for Monmouthshire; of the Rev. Bernard Vaughan, 
a Priest of the Society of Jesus at tho Imn13.culate Conception, Farm 
Street, Berkeley Square, London, \V,; of Reginald Vaughan, J.P. for 
l\[onmouthshire; and of the Right Rev. John S. Vaughan, Bishop of 
Sebastopolis and Auxiliary of SaHord; her three daughters became nuns; 
grandmother of the Rev. Herbert Vaughan, D.D. of Rome, a Priest at the 

1ission IIouse, Brondeshury Park, London, K.'V.; of the Rev. Francis 
-Vaughan, a Priest, tin lately at St Joseph'R, Ahcravon, South 'Vales; and 
of the Rev. William ,r aughan, a lay-brother of the Society of Jesus at 
Stonyhurst College, Blackburn, Lancashire. (1830) 
t Vaughan, Captai n George Augustus, grandson of the third 
Earl of Lisburne, and brother-in-law of Count Arthur )Ioore, ...\1.P. 
Vaughan, Henry Francis John, B.A., S.C.L., Christ Church, Oxford; 
Lord of the )[anor of IIumphreston; aut.hor; fathpr of Tjput.enant 
Humphrey Scott Vaughan, R.F.A., and of John Courtenay Vaughan, 
1I.R.U.S., L.R.C.P., House Surgeon of St Thomas's Hospital, London; now 
surgeon on }I.
I.S. Cornwall. (18ü7) 
Vaughan, Radf"ord, B.A., l\Iert.oD CoIIege, Oxford. 
Veale, Alf'red, of Southampton; nephew of the Rev. Henry Veale, l\I.A., 
an Anglican clergyman. 
Ventris, Mrs, wife of an Anglican clergyman. 
Ventris, The Misses, daughters of an Anglican clergyma.n. 
Vere, The Very Rev. Langton George, a Priest, Canon and Dean 
at St Patrick's, Soho Square, London, 'V; author; 
Iember of the \Vest- 
minster City Council and Guardian of the Westminster Union. (1862) 
Vere, Miss, a nun, (Sister 
Iary Philippa), of the Sisters of 
Iercy; sister 
of the Very Rev. Canon Langton Vere. 
Verini, Mrs, the authoress, wife of the agent of the 
Iadra.s Bank. (1909) 
Verney-Cave, The Hon. Frances Catherine Sarah, (1845- 
1884), a nun of the third Order of St Francis; daughter of t.he fourth 
Baroness Braye. (1870) 
Vernon, Cecil, at one time Assistant-
Iaster at St Joseph's College, 
Clapham, London, S. 'V. (1873) 
Vernon, Miss, sister of Cecil Vernon. (1870) 

Converts to Rome 


Vertue, Mrs, wife of the above; daughter of the Rev. 
Hitchcock, )LA., vicar of St John's, Torquay, Devonshire. 
Vickers, Mrs, of Redgate Hall, \Valsingham, Dar1ingtoll. 

t Vertue, Charles Edward, of Glasgow and Oxford Universities; for 
many years H.::\I. Inspector of Schools; Chamberlain to Pope Leo XIII. 
Henry \Villiam 

Vi nail, Miss, a Dominican nun. 
Vinall, Miss Alice, her sister, an Anglican Sister at Oxford. 
t Vincent, Sir Francãs, tenth Baronet, of Stoke D'Abernon, Surrey; 
D.L. for Essex, at one thne :\I.P. for St Albans; great-grandson of the first 
Viscount Folkestone. 
Vinning, Miss, the singer. 
Voles, Rev. Dunstan, a Benedictine lay-brother at Erdington Abbey, 
Von Baumbach, The Right Rev. Leonard, for twenty years a 
secular Priest, for some time Secretary of the late Cardinal l\lermil1od, 
Bishop of Geneva; then a Passionist Priest at St.J oseph's Retreat, Eigh- 
gate Hill, London, N., from 1895 to 1905; afterwards Rector of 
St Saviour's Retrf'at, Broadway, ,V orcestershire, till 1910, when he waR 
appointeà Bishop of Gerasa and Coajutor to the Bishop of Nicopolis, 
Bulgaria; son of Baron Yon Baumbach, of \Vurtemhurg, Oermany. (1875) 
Von Dieckhoff, Rev. Cyril, a Benedictine J\Ionk, at St Benedict.s 
Abbey, Fort Augustus, X.D.; son of a Lutheran minister. 
Von Halbert, Mrs, of Berne, Switzerland; daughter of the Rev. J. 
Corhett, J\I.A., an Anglican clergyman. 
Voyle, Mrs M., wife of General Voyle. 

Vyse, Cap'
ain Frank Howard. 



Converts to Rome 



t W ACKERBARTH, Rev. Alfred David, 
LA., Queens' College, Cam- 
bridge; curate of Peldon, Essex. (1841) 
Waddington, Captain Evelyn de a Burgh, late of the Royal 
)Iunster :Fusiliers; educated at Chartel'house School; served in the last 
South African 'Var. (1902) 
Waddington, Sydney Peirce, musical editor of tho .Anmtlcl Hyrrtns. 
Waddy, Cadwalader, of co. 'Yexford, Ireland. (1870) 
Wainewright, John B., B,A., New College, Oxford; barrister. (1899) 
Wait, Mrs, daughter of the Rev. John Chippendall 
rontesquieu Bellew, 
(1823-1S74), the well-known elocutionist (1868) 
Wake, William, solicitor, of Sheffield; and family. 

Walcott, Colonel, of TIoul'nemouth, IIampshire. 
Walcott, Mrs, wife of Colonel 'Yalc
,tt; and son. 

(1891 ) 

Waldie, Rev. Ronald James Thorp, of Brighton Grammar School; 
member of the Institute of Chartered ....\ccountants. ...\ Priest, successively 
at St John the Baptist, N orwich, Norfolk; St Francis, Shefford, Dedford- 
shire; now in charge of St Peter, Rushden, Korthamptonshire. (1891) 
Walf'ord, Rev. Edward, (182;3-1
97), of Chal'terhouse School; l\LA., 
scholar of Baniol Collego, Oxford; curato at Tunbridge 'Vells, I(ent; 
editor of numerous biographical, genealogical, and topographical works; 
son of the Rev. 'Vil1iam 'Va]ford, 1I.A., rector of Hatfield Peverell, 
Essf'x; grandson of Sir 'ril1ianl Peppercl1, Bart., and of the Rev. IIenry 
Clutton, D.D.; father of Lionel Julian "T aHoI'd, Town Clerk of lIol born, 
by his wife Christina Julia, daughter of Admiral the lIon. Sir John 
Talbot. (1863) 
Walf'ord, Miss Frances, daughter of the Rev. 'Yilliam 'V alford, 
rector of Hatfield Peverell, Essex. 
Walford, Frederick, (I 835-HJ0:3), son of the Rev. 'Villiam 'VaJford, 
)l.A., rector of Hatfield Peverell, Essex. (1867) 

Converts to Rome 


Walford, Mrs, wife of the Rev. William Walford, l\I.A., rector of 
Hatfield, Peverell, Essex; daughter of the Rev. Henry Hutton, D.D., and 
Rister of four Anglican clergymen. 
Wal'ford, dohn Berry, B.A., St John's College, Cambridge; barrister; 
Bon of the Rev. "\Villiam "\Valford, l\I.A., rector of Hatfield Peverell, Essex. 
Wal'ford, Rev. dohn Thomas, (1834-1894), of Eton College; scholar, 
l\I.A., Fellow of King's College, Cambridge; curate and Assistant-ßIaster 
 Eton. A Priest of the Society of Jesus, and Professor at St Beuno's 
College, St ....<\saph, North 'Vales; son of the Rev. William Walford, )LA., 
rector of IIatfield Peverell, near Chelmsford, Essex. (186G) 
Walker, Miss, daughter of E. H. "\Valker, British Consul in Galicia and 
Walker, Arthur James, 
I.A., Emmanuel College, Cambridge. 
Walker, Captain Beaumont, of Spilsby, Lincolnshire. 
t Walker, Mrs Bedelia Anna, wife of the Rev. 'Villiam Walker, D.D., 
an Anglican clergyman. 
Walker, Mrs Blanche Lancaster, wife of Clarence Forester "\Valkel', 
son of Sir George Walker, third Baronet, grandson of the first Baron 
Tredegar. (1896) 
t Walker, Charles, of Brighton, author of The, Ritual Reason 1Vhy, etc. 
t Walker, Mrs Mary, wife of Charlps "\Yalker, of Brighton. (1878) 
Walker, Charles Romaine, the architect. 
Walker, Rev. Henry Martyn, (1821-1886), 
r.A., Oriel College, Oxford; 
curate at I-Iardenhuish. A Priest and Rural Dean in charge of St Austin's, 
Kenilworth, 'Varwickshire. (18L16) 
Walker, Rev. Ignatius Leslie d., of IGng Edward VI. Grammar 
School, Birmingham; l\I.A., London University, with the "l\fal'k of 
Distinction" for his thesis on "Pragmatism Absolutism and Realism"; a 
scholastic of the Society of Jesus, till lately Professor of Philosophy at 
Stonyhurst College, Blackburn, Lancashire; then at l\Iount St )Iary's 
College, Chesterfield, Derbyshire; now at St Beuno's College, St Asaph, 
North Wales; author. (1900) 
Walker, Very Rev. dohn, (1820-1878), 
LA., Brasenose College, Oxford; 
curate of Benefield, N orthamptonshire. A Priest and Canon. (18--15) 
t Walker, Robert, :i\I.A., Lincoln CoUege, Oxford. 
Walker, Rowland, of Engadine House, Torquay, Devonshirp. 
t Walker, Mrs, wife of Rowland Walker, of Torqua.y. 
Walkinshawe, Miss, of Cardiff, South Wales; a nlID. (1866) 
Wall, Septimus, barrister. 


Converts to Rome 

Wall, Rev. William, 
I.A., Emmanuel College, Cambridge; curate of 
Tatteshall, N ()l'f()lk. A Benedictine 
Ionk, (Dom ::\Iartin), at Rt Benedict.'s 
Abbey, Fort Augustus, N.B.; brother of Septimus 'Vall, barrister. (1881) 
Wallace, Rev. Arthur Job, (1841-1898), of Bury St Edmunds Grammar 
School; :M.A., Emmanuel College, Cambridge. A Priest and Army 
Chaplain during the Ashantee 'Val', then in llurmah and 
:[adras, finally 
in charge of St Pancras, Ipswich, Suffolk; son of a former rector of l\Ionks 
Elcigh. (1864) 
Wallace, Rev. William, 
I.A., Trinity College, Dublin; an Anglican 
l\fisRinnary in India. A Priest of the Society of Jesus in India.. (1
Waller, Henry, barrister. 
Waller, Mrs Lewis, the actress; daughter of IToratio nrandon, solicitor; 
sister of Lady Kate Harriet Arthur, wife of Sir George Cmnpton Archibald 
Arthur, third Baronet, and of 
Irs Clement Scott; wife of the well-known 
actor. (190G) 
Walls, Rev. Charles Joseph, B.A., Durham University; curate of 
Brent, Pelham, Hertfordshire. (1894) 
Walls, Mrs, "tife of the Rev. Charles Joseph 'Yalls, B.A.; and family. 
Walpole, Lady Dorothy Elizabeth Mary, daughter of the fourth 
Earl of Orfurd; now Duchess Del Ralzo di Galmy, of Spain. (IBGO) 
Walpole, Frederick Goulburn, (1829-1901), tho author; sometime 
Collector of Customs, Dublin; great-grandson of the lIon. Robert "Talpol e , 
brother of the first Earl of Orford, the distinguished statesman; father of 
Captain Horace II enry 
Iaximi1ian 'Val pole, Jate of the 9th Battalion 
Rifle Brigade; son-in-law of Edward Binns, of 'Yare Park, Jamaica., B.'V.!. 
Walpole, Colonel Horace John, late of the 4th Battalion Norfolk 
Regiment; Bon-in-lawof the lIon. Charles Langdale, of Houghton. 
t Walpole, Lady Maude, daughter of the fourth Earl of Orford; 
wife of Prince Palagnnia, of Italy. (18!)"!) 
Walsh, Miss Caroline, of Lower 'Yick House, near 'Vorcester. 
t Walsh, Mrs, wife of an Indian Official. (1852) 
Walshe, Mrs, wife of Captain 'Valshe. 
Walton, Miss Henrietta Elizabeth, daughter of the late Rev. 
Stanley 'V alton, 
1.A., formerly Fellow and Tutor of Trinity Han, 
Cambridge, and rector of Fenstanton, Huntingdonshire. (1888) 
Ward, Mrs Frances Mary, (1818-1898), wife of Dr 'Villiam George 
'Yard, (1812-1882), 
I.A., Oxon; daughter of the Rev. Canon John 
'Vingfield, D.D., 
I.A., Prebendary of 'V orcester, vicar of Broomsgrove, 
and rector of Easton, at one time IIeadmaster of 'Vestminster School; 
sister of the late Ceneral John IIope 'Yingfield, and of the Rev. 'YiUiam 
Frederick 'Vingfield, (IH1:3-1874), :M.A., Oxon, at une time curate of St 
l\Iark's, North Audley Street, London, 'V. (1845) 

Converts to Rome 


t Ward, Francis Ridout, brother of t,he Rev. Richard \Vard, l\f.A., 
formerly vicar of St SaviouI"S, Leeds. (1S5] ) 
t Ward, Mrs, wife of Francis Ridout 'Yard. (1851) 
Ward, Mrs, wife of the Vicar of St Raphael's, Bristol. 
i Ward, Very Rev. Richard, 
I.A., Oriel College, Oxford; vicar of 
St Saviour's, Leeds. A Priest and Canon. (IS51) 
Ward, William George, (1812-1882), of 'Vinchester College; l\I.A., 
Scholar of Lincoln College, and FeHowof Balliul CoUege, Oxford; Ph.D. 
of Rome; theologian and Philosopher; editor of The Dublin Review; sun of 
"\Villiam 'Yard, (178i-1849), :\LP. for London, and Director of the Bank of 
England; father of Edward Granvi11e 'Yard, G.C.S.G., J.P. for lIampshire; 
of 'Vilfrid 'Yard, the historian and biographer; and of the Right Rev. 

Ionsignor Bernard Wa.rd, Canon of 'Vestminster, and for several years 
President of St Edmllild's College, Old Hall, 'Yare, lIertfordshire. (1843) 
Ward, The Misses, daughters of the Hon. and Rev. Henry 'Vard, l\LA., 
rector of Killinohy, co. Down, Ireland; granddaughters of the first Viscount 

Ward, Captain H., of the Royal N a.vy. 


Wardell, Herbert, brother of 'Villiam 'Vilkinson 'Vardell, (1823-1899), 
of London. (1848) 
Wardell, William Wilkinson, (1823-1899), of London; Fellow of the 
Royal Institute of British Architects and :l\lember of the Institute of Civil 
Engineers. (1846) 
t Wardell, Mrs, wife of 'Villiam 'Vilkinson 'Vardell, (1823-1899), of 
London. (1846) 
t Wardell, Miss, sister of 'Villiam 'Vilkinson 'Vardell, (1823-1899), of 
London. (1846) 
Warden, Charles William, of St lIeliers, Jersey. (1871) 
Wardlaw, Mrs Augusta, wife of James Campbell 'Val'dlaw. 
Wardlaw, James Campbell. 
Ward roper, Rev. Henry Thomas, :l\I.A., St 1\Iary's IIall, Oxford; 
an Anglican curate. 
t Ware, Rev. Samuel, l\I.A., 1\Iagda.ien College, Oxford; cura.te of 
Bedford Leigh, Lancashire; son of Dr Samuel Hibbert "'are, (1782-1848), 
the antiquary, geologist and author, discoverer of chromate of iron. (1868) 
t Ware, Titus Hibbert, brother of the late Rev. Samuel'Vare, 1\I.A., 
Oxon. (186B) 
Warmington, Lady Anne, youngest daughter of Edward "Tinch, of 
Chatham, Kent; wife of Sir Uornelius 
Iarshal1 'Varmington, K.C., first 
Baronet, formerly :M,P. for 'Vest 1\lonmouthshire. 


Converts to Rome 

t Warmoll, Rev. Fr
ncis Ja
es, a Priest at Our Lady of Reven 
Dolours, RtowlRarket, 
uff()lk; son of the Rev. Sayer Stone \Varmoll, )1.1\.. 
rector of Sutte.:ley, Suffolk. (1870) 
rmoll, Very R
v. dohn. Pries.tley, (1830-1R85), of St John's 
College, HurstpICl'pOlnt; B.....\., LIncoln Uollege, Oxfurd; successively curate 
 \V oolton . \\ 
rwyn; IIenley-in-Arden, \Val'wickshil'e; and finally at St 

)arna.bas, Plr
hco, Lon
. S. \Y. A Priest and Provost of Northampton, 
Xl charge of Ihe Holy Uhild Jesus and St Joseph, Bedford; elder brother 
of the late Rev. Francis James \Varmoll, a Priest. (IS3!)) 
t Warner, Mrs, wife of Charles 'Varner, the well-known actor. 
t Warner, Mrs, daughter of an ...\.nglican clergyman. 


Warner, Dr, of Cambridge. 
Warner, Mrs, wife uf Dr 'Varner, of Cambridge. 
Warren, Rev. William, a Priest of the Society of 
Jesus till lately at 
The Sacrcd 1-1eart, Hurley Road, Leeds, Y urkshil'e; now at Tho Sacrcd 
lfeart, :\lain Street, Gporgetown, Demerara, British Guiana. (1896) 
Warrington, Mrs Maud, wife of Thf)mas Holls \Varrington, K.G.; 
daughter of Decimus 
turges, barrister. 
Washington, George, B.A., Queens' College, Cambr'Ïdge. 
Wasteneys, William, barrister. 
t Washbourne, Robert, the Catholic publisher, of Paternoster Row, 
London, E. U. 
Waterford, The Marchioness of', (IR08-1873), :Flurence Grosvenor 
Howley, first wife of the fifth 
Iarquess of \Vaterfurd, P.C., K.P., at une 
time :\LP. for co. 'Yaterford, Lord-Lieutenant for co. 'Vaterford, and for a 
time I\Iaster of the Buckhuunds; daughter of 
Iaior George Rowley, of the 
Bumbay Army. (1870) 
Waters, Mrs, niece of the Right Hon. Sir Robert Peel, third Barunet, 
P.C., G.C.13. 
Waters, Miss, daughter of I\Irs 'Vaters. 
Waters, dohn, B.A., 
t -Mary's 1Iall, Oxfurd; nephew of Sir John \Vaters, 
(1774-1842), K.C.B., who served at'Vaterlou. 
Watkins Lady Muriel Maud stuart, only surviving daughter 
of the eleventh Earl of Lindsay; wiie uf \Vatkin J. Y. Strang 'Vatldns, 
barrister, of 
hotton 118111, Salop. (1908) 
Watson, Right Rev. Monsignor Edward d., 
I.A., Christ College, 
Cambridae; barrister; then curate of Rt Juhn's, St Leonard's-on-Sea, Sussex. 
A Priest v formerly Professor at St Edmund's College, Old Hall, "rare, 
hire' Domestic Prelate to Pope Pius X; now at 8t Charles' 
School, Brent
ood, Essex; a "founder " of \V cstminster Cathedral. (1876) 
Watson, Dr Gordon. (1903) 

Converts to Rome 


Watson, Rev. Jabez, :\I.A., I\Iagdalene Cullege, Cambridge; curate at 
Lostwi thiel. 

Watson, Rev. John, a lay-brother of the :::;ociety of Jesus, and sub- 
librarian at Stonyhurst College, Blackburn, Lancashire. (1878) 
t Watson, Rev. Joseph Martin, 1\I.A., Uaius and Gonville College, 
Cambridge; vicar of Long \Yhatton. (18.")2) 
Watson, Rev. Maurice, a, Dominican }'riar and Chaplain to the China 
Squadron at Hong Kong. (1873) 
t Watson-Taylor, Emilius, of I-Iedington 
Ianor, Oxfordshire. 
Watts, Rev. C. J., of Cromwell IIouse, Lower Edmonton; a Baptist 
Preacher. (1890) 
Watts, J. J., of Hawsdale Hall, Cumberland 
Watts-Russell, Miss Amy, a nun of,the Yisitation Order; daughter of 
Edward 'Vatts-Russell, youngest son of .Jesse 'Vatts-Russell, (1787-1875), 
l\I.P. for Xorth Staffordshire, of l{am Hall, 
tafIordshire. (18t59) 
Watts-Russell, Mrs Augusta, (1813-1831), néc Darker; wife of the 
Rev. )lichael 'Vatts-Russell, (UH3-1875), 1\1......\.., rector of Benefield, 
Nurthamptonshire; mother of the Rev. .:\Iichael 'Vatts-Russel1, a l>assionist 
Priest at St Joseph's Retreat, Highgate Hill, London, N.; of J u1ian \Vatts- 
Russell, (1850-1867), a Papal Zouave who fell at 
lentana and of Sister 
Teresa )Iaria 'Vatts-Russell, of the Sisters of Charity, Darli
gton. (1815) 
Watts-Russell, Mrs Charlotte, (1827-1908), daughter of 
ir Charles 
:Neville; wife of David Pike 'Vatts-Russell, (1820-1891), son of Jesso 
"\Yatts-Russell, (1787-18;5), _M.P. for North Staffordshire, of !(am HaJl, 
Staffordshire; granddaughter of the ninth Earl of Lucan. (1845) 
Watts-Russell, David Pike, (1820-1894), youngest son of Jesse'Vatts 
Russell, (1787-1875), :\I.P. for North Staffordshire, of Kam Ilall, Stafford- 
BlUre. (1845) 
Watts-Russell, Rev. Michael, (1815-1875), 
I.A., Christ Church, 
Oxford; rector of Benefield, N orthamptonshire; elder brother of the 
preceding; and three daughten;, one a nun. (1845) 
Wauchope, Miss, sister of l\Iajor-Genel'al Andrew Gilbert \Vauchope, 
C.B., C.
\I.G., (18--16-1898), who fell at l\Iagel'sfontein; daughter of Andrew 
'Vauchope, of Niddrie 1\IarisGhal, Liberton, l\Iidlothian, N.H. (1800) 
Waugh, Rev. F. J. Norman, a PriCl:Hi-in-charge of St 
Iary's, Carlton
Yorkshire; Bon of the Rev. Benjamin 'Vaugh, (183U-1908), a Congregationa.l 
1\Iinister, author, and Director of the Society for the Prevention of 
Uruelty to Children. 
Waugh, Mrs, wife of the Rev. Benjamin 'Vaugh, (1839-UJU8), a Congre- 
Waugh, Mrs, wifo of a weU-known London physician. 


Converts to Rome 

Wawn, Miss Alice Hay, (IR54-190û), of 
carburough, Yorkshirc; 
daughter of the Rev. Edward Deckersteth 'V awn, 
r.A. of Cheltenham, an 
Anglican clergyman. (1880) 
t Waylen, Rev. Edward, an Anglican clergyman. (1871) 
Waylen, Mrs, wife of the Rev. Edward 'Vaylen, an Anglican cleryman. 
t Waylen, Miss, the authoress, who wrote under the name of "Ethel 
Tone"; daughter of the Rev. Edward 'Yaylen. (1871) 
t Waylen, Walter, of Phi1adelphia; editor of the Connecticut Catholic, 
IIartford; son of the Rev. Edward'Vaylen, an Anglican clergyman. (1871) 
t Wayte, Dr Charles Matthew, brother of the Rev. S. 'V. "r ayte, 
B.D., formerly President of Trinity College, Oxford (1851) 
t Wayte, S. S., father of the late Dr Charles 
Iatthew "Tayte. (1850) 
Weale, W. H. James, of King's College, London; archæologist and 
author; for seven years keeper of the Suuth Kensington Art Library; 
organiser of the Eruges Exhibition of Flemish 
lasters in 1902; Knight 
of the Belgian Order of Leopold; son of James 'Veale, by Susan n. 
Ellis -Vesien; father of 
Iiss Frances Clara 'Yeale, the authoress, and 
of the late &v. Francis Lawrence "reale, a Pricst at St James', 
t Weathers, M rs, muther of tho late Right Rev. Dr ,r cathers, Bishop of 
Webb, Rev. Richard T., !\LA., Lincoln College, Oxford; vicar of 
IIambleton-with-Draunston, Hutlandshire. (1875) 
Webber, Major-General C. E., of the Royal Engineers, and consult- 
ing electrical engineer, .M.lnst.C.E.; 
LI.E.E.; took part in the Indian 
:\lutiny, instructor in topography, R.l\I.A.; with Prussian ...\rmy in IH66; 
specia.l commission preparatory transport Abyssinian expedition, for nine 
years in charge of R.E. postal telegraphs; took part in South African 
campaign 1879, Egypt 3.nd Xile expeditions 1Rb
-8j; past President of the 
Institute of Electrical Engineers; Bun of the Rev. T. 'Vebber, of Leekfield, 
co. Sligo, Ireland. 
Webber, Mrs, wife of a Londun clergyman. 
Webber, Frederick Glynn Incledon, of Clieglinch, Ilfracombe. 
Wedgwood, Mrs Agnes, daughter of Dr John Harley, of Breding, 
h, formerly of Brook Street and Stratford Place, London, ",V.; 
second wife of Rowland Henry 'Yedgwood, 
r.A., Oxon. (1906) 
Wedgwood, Rev. Rowland Henry, of Cuddesdon Theological 
I..A., 'V orcester Uollege, Oxford; successively curate of All 
Hallows, Suuthwark, London, 
.E., and of Cheddingstone, Kent; a 
founder of the Catholio Record Society; his first wife was Helen, 
daughter of 'V. Rudd, of Dal1incolig, co. Cork, Ireland; Bon of Ilenry 
Allen 'Vedgwood, of Er1scote, Chelknham. (1879) 

Converts to Rome 


Wegg-Prosser, Francis Richard, of Eton College; B.A., Balliol 
College, Oxford; First Class in 
lathematics ; J.P. and D.L. for Herelol'd- 
I.P. for Here fords hire, 18--17-52; took name of 1Vegg-Pros.5er in 
1847 on succeeding t'Ü Belmont, the property of his great-uncle the 
Rev. Richard Prosser, D.D., Prebendary of Durham; High Sheriff for 
Herefordshire in 1855; Lieutenant-Colonel commanding 1st City of 
London Artillery Volunteers, 1880-83; founder of the Cathedral Church 
of Belmont; has served on the Council of the Catholic Union; only son of 
the Rev. Francis Haggitt, D.D., rector of Nuneham Courtney, and 
Prebendary of Durham, by Lucy, daughter of 'Villiam Parry, of 
Kingstreet, IIerefordshire; son-in-law of the second Earl Somers; father of 
:i\Iajor John Francis 'Yegg-Prosser, late of the Rifle Brigade, anù of 
Captain Charles Edward .\Vegg-Prosser, late of the Rifle Brigade. (1852) 
Weguelin, Rev. William Andrew, (180ï-1892), 
I.A., Emmanuel 
College, Cambridge; for twenty-four years rector of South Stoke, 
Arundel, Sussex; father of John Reinhard 'Veguelin, the artist. (1856) 
t Weguelin, Mrs, wife of the late Rev. 'Villiam Andrew 'Veguelin, 
:\1.A., Uantab. (1856) 
Welchman, C. W. F., of the General Pust Office; Xarbonne Avenue, 
Clapham Common, London, S. 'V. 
Weld-Blundell, Mrs Charlotte Marcia, eldest daughter of the 
tloll. Charles D'Arcy Pierrepoint Lane-Fox, son of the l
th Daron 
; wife of Charles Joseph 'V eld- Blundell, of !nee Blundell Hall, 
:Blunùellsands, Lancashire. (1t;83) 
Wellesley, Richard John, B.A., Christ Church, Oxford. 
Wellington, Augustine, the dramatic authot'. 
Wellington, William Philip, 
I.A., o Åon. (lR!Jj) 
Wellington, Mrs, wife of 'Villiam Philip 'Vellingtun, 
I.A., Oxon. (18D2) 
Wells, Frederick Fortescue, 
1.A., Trinity College, Cambridge; son 
of Sir 
Iordaunt Lawson 'V ells, <J.C., a judge in Bengal. 
Wells, George, three times )Iayor of Bedford. 
Wells, Rev. E. Gresham, :\I.A., :Merton College, Oxford; curate of All 
Iargaret Street, London, 'Y.; then a barrister; son of Sir 
Lawson 'VeIls, Q.C., a judge in Bengal. 
t Wells, Rev. Thomas, curate of St .Martin's, Liverpool. A Priest. (1846) 
t Weiman, Mrs Annette, wife of Charles Noel 'Velwan, (1814-190i), 
daughter of Cornelius H. Bolton. (1830) 
Weiman, Charles Noel, (1814-1907), of Edinburgh University; J.P. 
and D.L. for Somersetehire; J.P. for Devonshire; formerly captain of the 
Somerset Yeomanry Cavalry; son of Thomas 'Velman, of Poundisford Park 
and Norton :l\Ianor, Taunton, Somersetshire; grandson of Baroness 
Barham; father of :Major Charles eæsar 'Yelman, J.P. for Somer::;etshire, 
and Bon-in-law of Charles Henry Stonor, (17Db-1840) of Lostock, Lanca- 
shire, brother of the third Baron (
amO}B; and or':rtlajor Arthur Noel 
'Velman, (1845-190ü), of the Btrl\.shire Regiment. (1850) 


Converts to Rome 

Wenham, Rev. J. Alyn, a Priest-in-charge of Bt 
IarY'8, Brig-g, Lincoln- 
shire; son of the H.ev. John \Venham, )I.A., of \Valthamstow, Essex. 

Wenham, Very Rev. John George, (lR20-18!J3), B.A., l\Iagdalen 
Conege, ()xford; Anglican Army chaplain in Ceylon. A Priest; Provost 
of Southwark dioceso; Inspector of Schools; fuunder of St l\Iary's, 
l\lortlake, Surroy; author; brother of the preceding. (18-16) 

Wentworth, The Lady, Lady Ada )Iary ì\Tilbanko, fourteenth TIaroness; 
only child of the s
cond Earl of Lovelace, and thirteenth Baron 'Yent"orth; 
granddaughter of tho Hev. George Heriot, 
LA., of Fellow Hills, Berwick; 
great gra.nddaughtÆr of George Gordon, Lord Byron, (1788-182-1), the 
Wesley, Samuel, (1766-1837), musician and composer; son of the Rev. 
Charles "'esley, )I.A., (1707-17H8), divine and hymn-writer; nephew of 
the Rev. John 'Yesley, 
l.A, (1703-17Dl), the evangelist and leader of 
1\lethodism. (1784) 

West, Austin, formerly a Nonconformist; journalist and Roman 
correspondent of The Daily Chronicle. 

West, Dr Charles, (18:35-1898), founder of, and chief physician at the 
f t hildren's Hospital, Great Ormond ::::;treet, London, 'Y.C.; member of 
the Academy of l\Iedicine, Paris. 

West, Miss, sister of J. R. 'Vest, of Alscot Park. 

Westall, Mrs Emma Selina, (1833-1D07), daughter of Captain 
Hawksley; wife of the Rev, \Villiam 'VestalI, :ðl.A., late rector of St 
Leonard's, Colchester, Essex. 

Westbury, The Lady, Lady Agatha 1\Ianners Tollemache, sister of the 
9th Earl of Dysart; wife of the 31'd Baron 'Vest bury. 

Westerman, Joh n, B.A" Oriel College, Oxford 


Westermann, Miss, of Kensington; niece of Sir Alexander Grant, (1826- 
1884), eighth Baronet, Principal of Edinburgh University; grand-niece of 
l\Iiss Susan Edmonstone Ferrier, (1782-1854), the novelist. 
Western, Colonel William George Balfour, late commanding 2nd 
Battalion Royal 'Yest Kent Regiment, C.B.; served in the Nile Expedition, 
1884-85; Instructor at ILM. Uollege, Sandhurst; served on the North 
"\Vest _F'rontier of India in 1897, when he was wounded; and commanded 
a column during the last South African 'Var, when he obtained his C.B. 
Westlake, M rs Edith, daughter of Robert'Villiam Sannemann, F.R.C.S.; 
wife of Frederiok 'Vestlake, (1840-1893), the pianist and composer. (1884) 
Westlake, Mrs Frances, née Lloyd; wife of Nathaniel Hubert John 
Westlake, F.S.A" painter and designer. (1839) 

Converts to Rome 


Westlake, Frederick, (1840-1898), pianist a.nd composer; Fellow and 
Professor of the Royal Academy of !\Iusic, London; son of John'Vestlakc, 
of Romsey, Hampshire. (1861) 
Westlake, Nathaniel Hubert John, F.S.A., painter and designer;. 
writer on Christian archaeology and art; 
Iember of the British and 
American Archaeological Society of Rome; Chairman of Board of 
Guardians, St Giles' and St George's parishes, Bloomsbury; 
Ianager and 
Chairman of the Central Sick Asylums of Cleveland Street and Hendon; 
son of John 'Vestlake, of Ramsey, Hampshire. (1857) 
Westlake, Philip, (1844-1885), the artist; son of John Westlake, of 
Romsey, Hampshire. (1864) 
Westropp, William, law of l\Iargate College, then Headm:1-ster of 
Percy House Catholio School, Clift<:>nville, 1Iargate, Kent. 
Westropp, Mrs, wife of 'Villiam Westropp, of 
t Wetherell, Thomas F., B.A., Oxon; joint-editor with Acton of The 
Home and JJ oreign Review. (1849) 
t Wetherfield, George Manley, solicitor, of London. (1847) 
Wharton, Rev. George Henry, 
LA., Christ Church, Oxford; rector 
of St John's, 
Iiddlesborough, Yorkshire. (1904) 
Whately, Mrs Maud Isabel, wife of Captain Reginald Pepys 'Vhately; 
daughter of the late Rev. Thomas Davis, M.A., Cantab, late curate of 
8t John's, Torquay. (1891) 
Whately, Captai n Regi nald Pepys, of Cheltenham College; served 
in the Egyptian War of 1882, and in the Nile Expedition two years li1ter. 
Wheeler, Rev. William, (1808-1889), B.D., Fellow of :Magdalen College, 
Oxford; rector of Old and New Shoreham, Sussex. A Priest of the Arch- 
diocese of '\Vestminster. 
Whelpton, George B., la.te Assistant-Secretary of the English Church 
Union. (1879) 
Whinyates, Mrs Constance, wife of :àlajor-General Frederick 
Thomas '\Vhinyates; daughter of 1Iatthew Bell, of Bourne Park, Canter- 
bury, Kent. (1891) 
Whinyates, Major-General Frederick Thomas, late of the 
Royal Horse Artillery; served with distinction throughout the Crimean 
"'Val', being present at the battles of Balaclava and Inkerman, and the 
siege of Sebastopol; Bon of 
lajor-General Frederick Whinyates, R.E., of 
Walton, Cumberland. (1891) 
Whish, Rev. Ge
rge Thomas, (1827-1907), 1I.
t\" Christ Church, 
Oxfort}; an Anglican curate; youngest son of the Rev. Richard Peter 
'Vhish, llLA., for forty years vicar of l\Ionkton-cum-Birchington-cum- 
Acol, Isle of Thanet, Kent, then Prebendary of Bath and '\Vells by 
Sophia Catherine, youngest daughter of Colonel Strea.tfield, of Chidding- 
stone, Kent. 


Converts to Rome 

t Whish, Mrs, wife ùf the Rev. George Thomas '''hish, (1827-UJ07), 
.:\l.A" Oxon. 

White, Rev. A. C., minister of a Swedenborgian community; author. 
White, Mrs Anna Cadogan, (1819-1903), wife of the Rev. J. T. 
I..A., Cantab. (1861) 

White, Rev. James Baker, (1842-1910), of King'lil School, Canterbury; 

LA., St Juhn's College, Oxford; curate of St John the Divine, K_ennington, 
London, S.E. A Priest, (Obla.te of St Charles), in charge of St Francis, 
Pottery Lane, :Notting Hill, London, 'V. (1877) 
t White, Rev. J. T. Trevor; )LA., :Magdalene College, Cambridge; 
curate of Norton 8t Philip; late editor of The Union. (1861) 

White, Mrs Louisa Augusta, (1828-H)06), of Derwcllt l-fouse, 
Leamington; wife of Thomas \\fhite, of 'Vheatstulle Park, Codsall, 
Staffordshire; a generous benefactress to the mission of St Peter's, 

White, Miss Maude Valerie, the composer and translator ot Le,tters 
front a City. 

Whitlaw, Rev. George, 1\I.A., Christ Church, Oxford; curate of St 
Stephen's, Clower, near \Vindaor; for several years lIon. Secretary of the 
Superior Council of the Society of St Vincent do ranI; in 1907 he obtained 
tho Kniuhthood of St Gregory the Great in recogniti(
 of his devuted 
labours for the London poor; son of Charles 'Vhitlaw, of Taplow, Bucks. 
( 1881 ) 
Whitmee, Very Rev. William, (1850-1909), a Priest, General of the 
Pallotine }'a.thers, and Rector of San Silv"cstro in Capiro, Rome; author. 

Whitmore, Captain Douglas, grandson of the fifth 
IGrquess of 

t Wickham, Captain Henry Louis, late of the Rifle Brigade, of 
Dinsted-Wick, Hampshire; father of Captain I-Ienry Lamplugh "Tickham, 
late of the Rifle Brigade, A.D.C. to Lord Stanmore when Governor of 
Trinidad and 
r auritius, J.P. for IIampshire and 'Varwickshire, son-in-law 
of the eleventh Lord 
\.nmdell of 'Vardour. (1859) 
\Vilberforcc, Rev. Henry William, (1807-1873), l\LA., Oriel College, 
Oxford; successively Perpetual Curate of Bramsgore, Kew Forest, I-Iamp- 
shire; vicar of 'Valmer; vicar of East Farleigh, Kent. Proprietor and 
Editur of The 
Vee/;,ly Register; barrister; author; Secretary of the CathoJic 
Defence Society; fourth son of 'Yilliam ,rilberfoI'ce, (1759-1R23), of 
l\Ial'kington, :l\I.P. for the county of Y urk, the statesman, philanthropist 
and slave emancipator, by Barbara, daughter of Isaac Spooner, of 
E]mdon Hall, co. 'Varwick, by Barbara, his wife, iister of the first Lord 
Ca.lthorpe. (1850) 

Converts to Rome 


Wilber'force, Mrs Mary, (lRI0-I8iS), wife of the Rev. Henry William 
'Vilberforce, (1807-1873), :\I.A., Oxon; daughter of the Rev. John Sargent, 
(1780-1833), l\I.A., Cantab, rector of Lavington-cum-Graffham, Sussex; 
sister-in-law of Cardina.ll\Ianning, (1808-1R92); of the Right Rev. Dr Samuel 
'Vilberforce, (1805-1873), Lord Bishop of 'Vinchester; and of the Rev. George 
Dudley Ryder, (1810-1880), rector of Easton, Hampshire, Bon of the Right 
Rev. and Hon. Dr Henry Ryder, (1777-1836), Lord Bishop of Lichfield and 
Coventry; mother of the Rev. Arthur Henry Bertrand 'Vilberforce, (1839- 
1904), a Dominican Friar at St Thomas' Priory, IIawkesyard, Rugeley; of 
Henry Edward 'Vl1berforce, formerly Secretary to the Earl :ßlarshall, sub- 
sequently of the Probate Office, Somerset House, Bon-in-Iaw of Robert 
I('ody, (1823-1907); of 'Yilfrid IgnatiuB "Tilberforce, (1850-
910), of 
the British 
fuseum, author, son-in-law of Captain the Hon. Blryan J. 
Sta.pleton (1831-1903), of the eighth Baron Beaumont's family; of 1'1i88 
Caro1ine l\Ial'Y 'Vilberforce, a nun of the Order of St Francis; and of 1\11'8 
Agnes Everilda 
lary Fronde, (1845-1890), wife of Richard Hurrell Froude, 
eldest son of William Froude, F.R.S. (1850) 
Wilberforce, Mrs Mary F..ances, (1800-1880), wife of 'Villiam 
\Vilberforce, (1798-1879), eldest son of the slave emancipator; daughter 
of the Rev. John Owen, (1766-1822), ::\I.A., Cantab, rector of Paglesham, 
Essex, and vicar of Fulham, London, one of the founders of the Bible 
Society. (1852) 
Wilberforce, The Venerable Robert Isaac, (1802-1857), :ì\I.A., 
Fellow of Oriel College, O"\:ford; successively vicar of East Farleigh, 
Kent; vicar of Burton Agnes, near Hull; Canon of York and Archdeacon 
of the East Riding of Yorkshire; second son of 'Villiam "\Vilberforce, 
(1759-1833), the statesman, philanthropist and slave emancipator; died in 
Rome in minor orders; author; Bon-in-law of the Yenerable Archdeacon 
"Trangham. (1834) 
Wilberforce, Mrs Rosa Elizabeth, (1830-1878), first wüe of 'Villiam 
'Vilberforce, (1821-1900); daughter of Thomas Jones, of Pentyr Hall, 
Carnarvonshire, Korth 'Vales. (1851) 
Wilberforce, William, (1798-1879), ::\I.A., Trinity College, Cambridge; 
J.P. for Yorkshire, }liddlesex, and Gloucestershire; Lord of the l\Ianor of 

Iarkington, Yorkshire; 
f.P.for Hull; eldest brother of the Venerable Robert 
Isaac 'Yilberforce, (1802-1857), and of the Right Rev. Dr Samuel 
'Vilberforce, (1805-1873), successively Lord Bishop of Oxford and 
'Vinchester. (1860) 
Wilberforce, William, (1821-1900), M.A., Oriel College, Oxford; 
barrister, Lord of the l\Ianor of l\Iarkington, Yorkshire; eldest son of 
'VilJiam Wilberforce, (1798-1879); father of 'Villiam Basil 'Vilberforce, 
Lord of the l\Ianor of l\larkington, great-grandson of the emancipator, and 
son-in-law of Robert Sadleir :bloody, (1823-1907), of Little l\falvern. (1864) 
Wilcocks, Mrs Caroline E.J wife of the Rev. Horace Stone 'Yilcocks, 
l'iLA., Uantab; and family, among whom is Osmund 'Vilcocks, solicitor, 
of Plymouth. (1885) 
Wilcocks, Rev. Horace Stone, Ì\I.A., St John's College, Cambridge; 
successively curate of St Luke's, Heywood, Lancashire, St James's, 
Keybam, Devonport, and of St Peter's, Plymouth; then vicar of St J ames- 
the-Less, Plymoutb, Devon
hire; son of James Blackmore 'Vilcocks, J.P. 
of :Plymouth. (1880) 


Converts to Rome 

Wilcox, J. P., late organist at the Anglican Church, Usk, 

Wilde, Captain. 
Wilde, Mrs, wife of Captain \Vilde. 
Wilderspin, Rev. Frederick G., of Cambridge; a. Priest, till lat.ely 
chaplain to the religious of St Andrew, Streatham, J.Jondon, S. 'V., now in 
charge St Mary l\Iagdaleno, Upper North Street, Brighton. (1884) 
Wilderspin, Miss, sister of the Rev. Frederick G. 'Vilderspin a Priest. 
Wildman, Miss, daughter of Colon('l \Vildman. 
Wilkinson J Miss, of the Fever Hospital, Haverstock lIill, London, N.'V. 
Wilkinson, Mrs, wife of the Rev. J. B. 'Vilkinson, l\I.A., of Lavender Hill, 
London, S. 'V. 
t Wilkinson, Miss Emma Eliza, daughter of the Rev. Thomas 
Wilkinson, i\LA" a.n Ang1ica.n cJergyma.n. 
Wilkinson, The Right Rev. Dr Thomas William, (1825-1909), of 
IIarrow School; :M.A., Durham University; curate of St Saviour's, Leeds; 
fifth Bishop of Hexham and Newcastle; President of St Cuthbert's 
College, Ushaw, Durham; second son of George Hutton 'Vilkinson, D.L" 
first County Court Judge, and Recorder of N ewcastJe, of Harperley Park, 
co. Durham; brother of the Rev. George Pearson '\Tilkinson, l\f.A., for 
many years vioar of Thornley, near 'Y olsingham, co. Durham; and of the 
Rev. Edward Abercrombie 'Vilkinson, :àI.A., J.P., Vicar of 'Vhitworth, 
co. Durham. (1847) 

t Wilkinson, Miss, a nun; sister of the Right Rev. Dr T. W. \Vilkinson, 
(1825-1909), Bishop of Hexham and Newcastle. (1848) 
Willan, Mrs Douglas, of Bryderwen, Rrccon, South 'Vales. (1893) 
Willes, Mrs Alice, daughter of the Rev. Sir William II. Cope, twelfth 
Baronet, of Bramshil1; widow of \Villiam 'Vines, J.I). and D.L. of Newbold 
Comyn, Leamington, 'Varwickshire. 
Willett, Rev. Edmund Arthur, ltI.A., Trinity College, Cambridge; 
vica.r in the diocese of Ely. 
Williams, Achilles Leo, grandson of the Rev. 'v. II. 'Villiarns, 1\I.A, 
of W olverhampton, a.n Anglican clergyman. 
Williams, Rev. Ambrose dohn, B.A,., Peterhousc, Cambridge; vicar 
of 'Veston Beggard, Herefordshire. (1907) 
Williams, Bertie Francis, grandson of the Rev. ,Yo H. "-Tilliams, M.A. 
of 'Yolverhampton, an Anglican clergyman. 
Williams, Miss Clare, granddaughter of the Rev. W. H. 'Villiams, M.A. 
Williams, Rev. David, a. Priest, till lately at SS. Peter and Paul, 
Newport, Shropshire. 
Williams, Edwin Vincent, 
on of the Hf'v. 'v. H. "\ViUiams, 
of \Volverhampton, an Anglican clergyman. 

Converts to Rome 


Williams, Ernest Edwin, of the North London Collegiate School; 
author; Fellow of the Royal Statistical Societ:}", etc; leader-writer on 
Financiall{ews; eldest son of the late George Edwin Williams, solicitor. 
Williams, Frederick, grandson of the Rev. 'V. H. 'Villiams, 
I.A., of 
Williams, George Douglas, son of George Thomas 'Villiams, barrister. 
Williams, r.1iss Gwladys ab. Agnes, youngest daughter of Samuel 
Charles Evans 'Villiams, l\f.A., Oxon, J.P. for Radnorshire. (1895) 
Williams, Rev. John Herbert, 
LA., scholar, First Classman, Demy of 
:Magdalen College, Oxford; formerly an Anglican clergyman; barrister; 
LL.B.; at one time Lecturer in l\Iagdalen and Hertford Colleges, Oxford; 
Williams, John J. Paul, grandson of the Rev. 'V. H. 'Villiams, 
of 'Vol verhampton, an Anglican clergyman. 
t Williams, Mrs Mary Caroline, wife of Samuel Charles Evans 
I.A" Oxon, J.P. for Radnorshire; daughter of the Rev. H. W. 
R. Luttman-J ohnson, 
I.A., of Einderton, Sussex. (1894) 
Williams, Richard, 
I.A" Oriel College, Oxford 
Williams, Miss Rita Frances, granddaughter of the Rev. 'V. H. 
'Villiams, !\I.A" of '\Volverhampton, an Anglican clergyman. 
Williams, Robert Cunningham, eldest Bon of General 'Villiams. 
Williams, Miss, daughter of the Rector of Bodclwyddan, :North 'Vales. 
Williams, Miss, a nun; formerly an Anglican Sister at East GrinRtead. 
Williams, Samuel Charles Evans, of Westminster School; 
Christ Church, Oxford; J. P. for Uadnorshire; was High Sheriff for 
Radnorshire in 1880; l\I.P. for Radnor 1880-4; Alderman and Vice-chair- 
man of first Radnol'shire County Council; son of the Rev. John 'Villiams, 

r.A., late vicar of Spelsbury. (1894) 
\Villiams, Rev. Sidney William Arthur, curate of St Clement's, 
Notting Hill, ,London, 'V. A Priest till recently at St Charles, Fitzroy 
Square, London, 'V., now in charge of The Assumption of Our Lady, 
:.alaldon, Essex. (1903) 
Williams, Walter R. Francis, sQn of the Rev. 'V. H. '\Villiams, 
of 'V 01 verhampton, an Anglican clergyman. 
t Williams, The Right Rev. William, a Priest and :i\Ionsignor. 
Williams, Mrs, wife of 
Iajor S. 'Villiams, of the Royal Engineers. (1908) 
t Williams, Rev. William E., a. Priest in South '\Vales 
Williar:ns, William John, B.A., Queen's College, Oxford; author 
sonU'Ì1me Secretary to 1\11' 'YiIfrid 'Vard, the historian and biographer. ' 


Converts to Rome 

Williams, William Vincent, son of the Rev. 'V. II. 'VilJiams, 1\I.A., 
of \Volverhampton, an Anglican clergyman. 
Williams, Rev. Xavier, a Passionist Priest. 
Williams-Bulkeley, Lady Maria Frances, (1807-1889), wife of 
Sir Richard \Yilliams-Bulkeley, tent.h Baronet; only daughter of 
Thomas 1\Iassey Stanley, ninth Baronet. 
Williamson, Rev. Benedict, a Priest-in-charge of St Gregory, Earls- 
field, London, SaW. 
Williamson, Mrs, mother of the Rev. Benedict'Villiamson. 
Williamson, Miss, sister of the Rev. Benedict V{illiamson. 
Williamson, Rev. Charles David Robertson, of Eton Col1ege; 
n.A., University College, Oxford A Priest, till lately at I
awers, Orien, 
Perthshire, N.B.; now resident in .Venice; son of Colonel 'Vil1iamson, and 
gralldson of the first Baron Tredegar. (1876) 
Williamson, George C., Lit.t.D., Chevalier of the Legion of Honour; 
a well-known writer on 3.1"t and archæology; is on the Council of the 
Catholic Record Society. (1899) 
Williamson, Mrs, wife of George C. 'Yilliamson, I
itt.D.; and family. 
Willington, Rev. dohn Ralph, l\LA., Trinity College, Cambridge; 
successively curate of St John's, rrorquay; All Saint's, 1\Iargaret Street, 
London, 'V.; and chaplain to the SiRters of St John the Baptist. For 
two years member of the Leamington School Board, and since on the 
Education Committee of the 'Varwickshirp County Council; authur of 
several historical and biographical works. (1886) 
Willis, Mrs Alice Mary, 7lée l\rilner, wife of thp Rev. Thomas Frederick 
\YiHis, B.A., ()xon., fornwrly curJte-in-cbarge of Brookiug, Darlington, 
Devonshire; mother of Ambrcse 'Villis, of St Paul's School and London 
University, publisher of The Tablet. (1883) 
Willis, Miss Isabel, sister of the Rector of Bassingham, I-oIincolnsnil'e. 
Willis, Rev. Thomas Frederick, of Radley and Eton Colleges; 
B.A., Exeter CoHege, Oxford; successively curate of St Nicholas, Great 
Yarmouth; St George's :'Mission, London Docks; St Paul's, Brighton; 
\Vantage, Berkshire; then in charge of Brooking, Darlington, Devonshire. 

Wilmer, Mrs, wife of Colonel ,rilmer, late of thp 8th IIussars. 
Wilmot, Miss Eliza Harriet, sister of Sir J. Eardley 'Vilmot, fourth 

Wilson, Arthur, l\I.A., Christ Church, Oxford. 
Wilson, Rev. B., ltf.A., Cantab; vicar of Fordham, Camhridgeshire. (1859) 
Wilson, Captain, of Edinburgh, K.B. 
\ ilson, Rev. Charles Kennedy, (1831-1906), a Priest of the Society 
of Jpsus at St l\lary's Hall, Stonyhurst. 
Wilson, Miss, a Dominican nun; formerly an Anglican sister at Oxford. 

Converts to Rome 


Wilson, Miss Fanny, a nun; sister of the preceding. 
Wilson, Frederick Collins, (1832-1887), B.A., Trinity College, Cam- 
bridge; barrister at Theobald's, Hertfordshire; a. great benefactor to the 
Catholio :\Iission at '\Valtham Cross, Hertfordshire. (1855) 
Wilson, The Right Rev. Monsignor George, formerly a Quaker. 
A Priest, Canon, 
Ionsignor and Vicar.General of the diocese of Aberdeen; 
at St Sylvester's, Elgin, N.B. 
Wilson, Rev. Harold Lancaster Wilf"rid, 
I.A.; Caius and GonviHe 
Colleges, Cambridge; curate of St Catherine's, Liverpool; now ma,.
ter at 
8t \Vilfrid's College, Preston. (1899) 
Wilson, Mrs, wife of the Rev. Harold Lancaster 'Vilfrid 'Yilson, 
Cantab. (1899) 

Wilson, Rev. Herbert, of 'Vinchester College; B.A., 
ragdalf'n College, 
Oxford; sometime owner and edit,ol' of Rod and Gun; a Benedictine :\Ionk 
and Confrater at 8t 
Iichael's Priory, Belmont; son of Alfred 'Yilson, J.P. 
of Oak Bank, Seven oaks, Kent. . (1902) 
Wilson, Lady Ida, second daughter of the fifth Earl of Fife; sister of 
the present Duke of Fife; wife of the late 'Villiam ,rilson. 
Wilson, Councillor J. T. R., of Edinburgh, Justice of the Peace for the 
County of )Iidlothian; member of the City Council of Edinburgh, the 
School Board of Edinburgh, the Diocesan Education Board of 8t Andrews 
and Edinburgh; senior _Major, 5th Battalion Royal Scots. 
Wilson, Mrs Dora Florence, wife of the above; daughter of Thomas 
Han of 'Varrington. 
Wilson, Rev. James, of the Presbyterian Church of Scotland. A priest 
of the Society of Jesus, till lately at St Aloysius', Oxford, nuw at 
Sta,niqlaus, Roehampton, London, S. W. (1890) 
Wilson, Rev. James, curate of Dereham, Norfolk. (1896) 
Wilson, Mrs Jane, (1808-1895), wife of Henry ""'ilson, of Canonbury, 
London, K.; mother of the late Rev. 'V. H. 'Vi1Bon, (1837-1895), a Priest 
in the Birmingham Diocese. 
Wilson, Rev. John, a Priest of the Society of Jesus, till recentIyat St 
Aloysius, Garnet Hill, Glasgow, N.B., now at the Cathedral, Georgetown, 
Demera.ra, British Guiana. (1882) 
t WUson, Rev. Richard, B.A., Cantab; curate of Stapleton. (1858) 
Wilson, Robert, (1812-1881), 1\LA., Oxon; of Park Hill, Clapham, 
London, S.'\V. 
t Wilson, Rev. S. S., an Independent :Minister. 
Wilson, Rev. William Henry, (1837-1895), :M.A. 
Cambridge; curate of Frome 8elwood, Somersetshire
Birmingham Diocese. 
t Wilson, M rs, mother of the late Rev. 'Villiam 
Cantab; wife of Henry "Tilson, of London. 
t Wilton, Major J. R., of the 60th Rifles. 

Queens' College, 
A Prie'3t in the 
Henry "Tilson, 
(J 872) 


Converts to Rome 

Winchester, Rev. William, 
I.A., Christ Church, Oxford; an Anglican 
chaplain at Dacca, India; chamberlain to Pope Leo XIII. (1860) 
t Winchester, Mrs, wife of the Rev. WilHam 'VincheBter, M.A., Oxon; 
sister-in-Ia.w of the seventh Viscount Torrington. (1860) 
t Windeyer, Edward, of IGng's College, London. (1850) 
Windle, Bertram Coghill Alan, of Rcpton School; 
f.D., D.Sc., 
Univ{'rsity of Dublin; :F.R.8.; F.S.A.; till recently Dean of tho 
Faculty and Professor of Anatomy, University of Birmingham; now 
President of Queen's Co11ege, Cork; Senator of t.he Royal University of 
Ireland and a Commissioner of Intermediato Education; author; Bon of 
tho Rev. S. A. 'Yindle, B.D., vicar of 
larket Rasen, I..incolnshire, by 
Sydney Ka.tharine, daughter of Admiral Sir Josiah Coghill, third Baronet, 
of Coghill, Yorkshire. (1883) 
Windle, Mrs Edith Mary, neéNa,wr; second wife of Dr Bertram Cog- 
hill Ala.n 'Vindle, President of Queen's College, Cork. 
Windle, Mrs Madeline, (1861-1900), rzée IIudson, first wife of Dr Bertram 
Coghill Alan Windle, President of University College, Cork. (1887) 
Windthrop, The Misses, daughters of Captain Ilay 'Vindthrop, of the 
Royal Navy. 
Wingate, Rev. William, rector of St John's, Devonport, Devonahire. 
Wingate, Mrs, wife of the Rev. '''''ïllia.m 'Vingate. (1904) 
Wingate, Miss, daughter of the Rev. "\Villiam 'Vingate. (1904) 
Wingate, Miss M. G. M., daughter of the Rev. \Vil1iam 1Vingato. (1904) 
Wingfield, Philip James, (1819-1893), barrister; son of the Rev. Dr 
\Yingfield, rrebendary of \Vorccster; nephew of the Right Rev. Dr James, 
(1786-1828), Bishop of Calcutta. (1893) 
t Wingfield, Thomas, son of the Rov. Dr 1Vingfiold, Prebendary of 
\V orcester. 
Wingfield, Rev. William Frederick, (1813-J
74), :M.A., Christ 
Church, Oxford; curate of St :\Iark's, Korth Audley Street, London, W.; 
then a barrister; son of the Rev. Dr "Tingfield, Prebendary of'Vorcester. 
t Wingfield, Mrs, wife of the Rev. \Villiam Frederick '\Vingfield, (1813- 
1874), :M:.A., Oxon. (1845) 
Wingham, Miss Agnes Anna, formerly an Anglican sister. 
Wingham, Thomas, (1839-1893), Professor of the Royal Academy of 

Iu8ic, London; choirmaster of the Brompton Oratory, London, S. W. (1877) 
Winton, Mrs Louise, néc l{cnnedy, wifo of Robert Winton, of Seremhy 
Han, Spi1sby, Lincolnshire. 
Winton, Robert, of Seremby Hall, Spilaby, Lincolnshire. 
Withers, J. T., solicitor. 
Withers, Mrs, wife of J. T. Withers, solicitor. 
Withington, JOhn, Burgeon, London. 
Witty, R. d., so1icitor, of Perey Lodge, Ea
t Sheen, Surroy. 

Converts to Rome 

t Wodehouse, The Hon. Admiral, son of the second Baron Wode- 
Wolf'erstan, Rev. Bertram, formerly Navigating-Lieutenant in the 
Royal X avy; a Priest of the Society of Jesus at 'Vimb]edon ColJege, 
London, S.'\V. (1891) 
Wolseley, Sir Charles, (1796-1854), eighth Baronet, of Wo]seley, 
StaffordAhirc; author. (1837) 
t Wolseley, Henry, brother of the late Sir Charles \Volselcy, cighth 
Baronet. (1840) 
Wonnacott, Rev. William Henry, B.A., Keble College, Oxford; 
curate of Bovey Tracey, Devonshire. A Priest at The Assumption, High 
Street, Deptford, London, S.E. (1904) 
Wontner, Rupert, B.A., Exeter College, Oxford (1901) 
Wood, Alexander, of Harrow Schoo]; 
I.A., Trinity College, Oxford; 
F .S.A,; author of The Vatien'll, and the Qtti?'inal, etc. 
Wood, Mrs, wife of Alexander Wood, M.A., Oxon. 
t Wood, Mrs, wife of the late Rev. Canon Wood, 
I.A., of Canterbury. 
t Wood, Miss, daughter of the Rev. Canon 'V ood, l\I.A. 
Wood, Cecil Bowe
, author of The City of Confusion., a Study in J[odc'I'n 
A ngliennism. 
Wood, Very Rev. Charles Henry, rector of St J\;Iary's School Chapel, 
Hull. A Priest and Canon at St 'Vilfrid's, Hull, Yorkshire. 
Wood, Edwin, of Balmoral Terrace, Coatham, Redcar, Yorkshire. 
t Wood, Rev. F. P., B.A,., Oxon, an Anglican clergyman. (1848) 
Wood, Rev. Francis Granville, (1818-1856), of Westminster School 
and the Royal Naval College, Portsmouth; at one time Captain in the 
Royal Navy. A Priest of the Society of J psus at 
Ialta. (1850) 
t Wood, Mrs, mother of the late Rev. Francis Granville '\Vood; author of 
children's books. (1840) 
Wood, Grenville, barrister. 
Wood, Rev. Hubert dames, (1839-1882), a. Priest-in-charge of The 
Sacred Heart and St Pancras, Lewes, Sussex. (1859) 
t Wood, Mrs, mother of the late Rev. Hubert James '\Yood, a Priest. 

t Wood, Rev. J. R., a Priest. 
Wood, Rev. Richard Somerville, of 
Iarlborough College; M.A. 
Exe:er College, Oxford; Military Chaplain at Dum-Dum and Barrackpore 
IndIa; now Secretary of the Association for the Propagation of the Faith. 
1rs Frances Harriet, (1862-1907), wife of the Rev. Richard 
SomervIlle 'V ood, 
I.A., Oxon; daughter of Afleck 
Ioodie, barrister. (1893) 
t Wood, Rev. Septimus Green, 1vI.A., Clare College, Cambridge; 
for twenty-four years rector of Keeby p"nd 'Vest l{eal, Spilsby, IJincolnshirc. 

t Wood, Rev. William, a Franciscan Friar. 



Converts to Rome 

Woodall, Rev. Edward H., (IR16-1892), ::\LA., Exeter College, Oxford; 
rector of St ::\1 argaret's, Canter bury, Kent. A Priest-in-ch
rge of Ss. 
1Iary and !\Iichael, Settle, Yorkshire, which church he designed and built 
at his own expense. (1859) 
t Woodburne, George Burgess Lancaster, ::\I.A.. Queen's College, 
Oxford; barrister, only son of George 'V oodburne, of Sandscale, Lancashire. 
t Woodburne, Mrs, wife of th(" late George Burgess Lancastf'r 
1Y oodburne, 
LA., Oxon. 
Woodcock, Miss Catherine Mary Antony, the authoress, and 
contributor to The j\Ionth and other pcriodicals; daughter of the late Rev. 
Edward \Voodcock, M.A., rector of Beeby, Leicestershire. (1904) 
Woodley, Fabian S., of "IT.niversity College, Oxford; son of 1Villiam 
Augu.'3tus 'Y oodley, one of the proprietors of the S071tC1"Set County Gw.,ette 
and othcr papers. (19] O) 
t Woodley, Henry, of Bene Vue Terrace, York. (1852) 
Wood roffe, Mrs Elizabeth, wife of the Jate Hon. Francis Henry 
1V oodroffe, B.A,; daughter of T. Dunman, Commissioner of Police, Straits 
Settlements; mother of Captain Arthur .r ames "
oodruffe, R.E., late 
Assistant Instructor in Rchool of :Milital'Y Surveying, Chatham; of tho 
Rev. Louis 1Y oodroffe. B.A., Exeter College, Oxford, a Priest and Professor 
at St John's Seminary, \Vonersh, GuiJdfol'd, Surrey; and of Paul1Voodroffe, 
the artist and craftsman. (1869) 
Wood roffe, Mrs Florence, (1846-1894), wife of the Hon. James 
Tisdall \Y oodroffe, (1
38-1908); daughter of the Hon. J alues IIume. 
barrister, and Seni(Jr Presidency 
ragistrate of Calcutta; mother of the 
Hon. l\Ir Justice John George 'V oodroffe, !\I.A., B.C.L., of University 
College, Oxford, judge of the lIigh Court of Calcutta. 
Wood roffe, The Hon. Francis Henry, (1842-1882), B.A., Queen's 
College, Cork; member of the Inner Temple, District Judge, :\Iadras Civil 
Service; son of the Rev. Canon John Woodroffe, 
LA., rector of Glanmire, 
Co. Cork, Ireland; brother of the Rev. John Nunn Blacker "Toodroffe, 
till lately vic3.r of All Saints, }i-'orest Gate, London, E. (1869) 
Wood roffe, The Hon. James Tisdall, (1
;j8-1908), B.A., scholar 
and Gold 
[edallist in Ethics and Logic of Trinity College, Dublin; 
barrister; Advocate-General of Bengal and Calcutta; member of the 
Legislative Council of Bengal; I{night Commander of St Gregory the 
Great; a "founder" of 'YestminBter Cathedral, J.P. for Dorsetshire; 
eldest brother of the preceding. 
Woodruff, Rev. dohn Eveleigh, B.A" Durham University; curate of 

t John's, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire. (1907) 
Woods, The Very Rev. dulian Edmund Tenison, (1832-1
B.A., BaHiol College, Oxford; gpologist and naturalist; F.L.R; F.G.
A PasBionist Priest and Vicar-General in South 
\ustI'alia; author of The 
History of the Disc(lvcry and Exploration of Australia, etc. (IR53) 
t Woods, Mrs, mothpr of the Yery Rev. Julian Edmund Tenison 1Voods, 
-1HK9), B.A., OÀou; wife of tho late J. D. 'Vooels, (
.U. (IRGO) 

Converts to Rome 


Woodward Rev. Jonathan Henry, (1805 -1879), 
LA., Trinity 
iCollege, Dublin; vicar of 

 .rames"rDristol; an eloqu
nt preacher;. grand- 
son of the 
Iost Rev. Dr RIChard "oodward, (1726-1/9-1), Lord BIShop of 
.Cloyne, Ireland (1851) 
Woodward Mrs Mary Susannah, (1818-1903), wife of the Rev. 
Jonathan Henry 'Voodward, (1805-187U); daughter of the Rev. J. 'V. 
Cunninaham :\1.A., vicar of Harrow-on-the-Hill, :\Iiddlesex; mother of 
Colone{'C. è. 'Voodward and of Colonel H. J. 'Yoodward, both of whom 
were at one time in the Papal Army; grandmother of Lieutenant IIugh 
'Yoodward) R.N. (1851) 
Woodward, The Misses, nieces of the eighth Viscount :L\Iiddleton. 
Woolet, Mrs, wife of George 'Voolet, J.P. 
Woolf'rey, Rev. Henry N., B.A., Cantab, an .A.nglican clergyman. 
The Misses, daughters of an ...\.nglican clergyman. 
t Wordsworth, Rev. Charles Frederick, B.A., :Magdalen Hall, 
Oxford; Domestic Chaplain to the :l\Iarquess of Bath. (1830) 
t Wordsworth, Mrs, wife of the late Rev. Charles Frederick 'Vordsworth, 
B.A., Oxon. (1850) 
Workman, Walter, )I.A., Queen's College, Oxford. 
t Workman, Mrs, wife of 'Valter 'Vorkman, :\LA., Oxon. 
Works, Mrs W. G., daughter of the Rev. Dr "ringfield, )LA., Prebendary 
of 'Vorcestcr; sister of the Rev. 'V. F. 'Vingfield, (1813-1874), )1....\.., Oxon, 
and curate of St )Iark's, 
orth Audley Street, London, 'V. (1f'93) 
t Worlledge,' Rev. Charles Y/astell, 
I.A., Trinity ColIege, Cam- 
bridge; succcssively curate of St l\Iary's, Ipswich, Suffolk; St Peter's, 
London Docks, E., and then Chaplain of St Andrew's Convalescent Home, 
Folkestone, Kent; till recently editor of The Ga;
ette of Zan7ibar and East 
Africa; son of John 'Vorlledge, of Brooklyn, Ipswich, Judge of the Suffolk 
County Court, and Chancellor of the Diocese of :K orwich. (1889) 
Worsley, Edward Cayley, son of the late Frederick Worsley, of Red- 
cliffe Square, London, 'V.; son-in-law of the late :\Ial'maduke Charles 
Selvin, J.P., D.L., of Oswin Hall, Durham. 
Worsley-Worswick, Mrs, daughter of the Rev. R. Stephens, B.D., 
vicar of Belgrave-cum-Bristall. 
Worth, Rev. Henry George, :M.A., St John's College, Oxford; curate 
of St .Agnes, l\:ennington, London, S.E.; then chaplain uf St Katharine's 
Home, East Grinstead, Sussex; member of the Pontifical Commission of 

904 for the Vatican Edition of the Gregorian Liturgical Books; son of 
Captain Henry John '\Vorth, R.
. (18D5) 
Woulf'e, The Hon. Mrs Isabella Letitia, (1816-1870), daughter of 
e second Baron Graves; granddaughter of the firftt Earl of Uxbridge; 
Wife of Stephen Roland 'V oulfe, High Sheriff of co. Down, Ireland, son of 
th.e Right HOllo 
tephen 'Youlfe, (1787-18-10), Lord Chief Baron of the 
IrISh E,,-chequer, the first Catholic thuB appointed; sister-in-law of the 
Hon. William Towry Law, (1809-1886), fifth Bon of the first Baron Ellen) 
borough. (1844- 


Converts to Rome 

W rati slaw, Count Wenzel, "\Vratislaw VOil Ì\litrovit.l u; dcsccnlcd 
from tho second SJn of St 'Venceslau3 of Bohomia. (UHU) 
Wratislaw, Countess, wifo of Count'Ven.æl 'Vratislaw; only daughkr 
of J. Lancaster, of Dunchurch Lodge, \Varwickshire. (1910) 
Wray, Christopher George, of the Indian Civil 
ervice; :Fellow of 
the Institute of British Architects. (1851) 
Wrey, Sir Bourchier Palk, eighth Baronet; barrister, D.C.L., D.L. 
for Devonshire. (18-15) 
Wrey, Mrs, (1795-1887), sister-in-law of the preceding; wife of Robert 
llourchier "r rey, of Lyme Regis, Devonshire. (1841) 
Wright, Rev. Charles) a H.edcmptorist Priest at Our Lady of PCI'pctual 
Succour, K_innoullllill, l)erth, N.B. 
Wright, Mrs Leith, cou.sin òf Sir Henry Fletcher, fourth Baronet, of 
Ham 2\lanor, Sussex; and of the Rev. Philip Fletcher, .l\I.A., Oxon, a Priest, 
laater of the Guild of Ransom for the Conversion of England. 
Wright, Mrs Mabel, daughter of Vincent TIeardsley, and sister of 
Aubrey Beardsley, (1872-1898), the artist; actress and journalist; reviewer 
for The Satllt1'day lleview; wife of GeorQ
 Edward \Vl'ight, son of the late 
'\Villiam '\Vright, J.P., of 'Vollaton, i\ottinghamshire, a.nd of Sa
Park, Leicestershire. (1895) 
t Wright, Sir Leopold. 
Wright, Richard, of Oak Lake, l\Ianitoba, Canada. (1892) 
Wright, William S., ohurchwarden of St Agnes', l\:ennington Park, 
.E. (1
Wyatt-Davies, Ernest Reuter, (18ß2-1907), of Uharterhouse School, 
London University, and Guy's Hospital; l\I.A., Trinity College, Cambridge; 
first in the }'Ïrst Class lIistory Tripos in 1888; original member and first 
President of the Fisher Society at Uambridge; author of History of 
England, etc.; son of Dr IIerbert Davies, late Senior Physician to the 
London Hospital. (1893) 
t Wycherley, Miss Janie, youngest daughter of the late Sir George 
W ycherley, of Cork. 
Wylie, Rev. Norbert, a Dominican Friar, till recently at Holy Cross 
Priory, '\Vellington Street, Leicester, now a.t St Dominic's Priory, Haver- 
stock Hill, London, N. W. 
Wymer, Major Reginald Augustus, of Wellington College; late of 
the first Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, and 3rd Cameron High- 
landers; son of General Sir George Peter 'Vymer, K.C.B. ; son-in-law of 
.l\Iajor T. Light Elwon, J.P., D.L., of Skuttel'skelfe I-Iall, Yorkshire. (1902) 
Wymond, Thomas Philip, solicitor. 
Wyndham, The Very Rev. Francis Merrick, of IIarrow School; 
.ßr.A.,. :ßlerton College, Oxford; curate of St George's-in-the-East, London. 
A Priest, and; till lately Superior of the Oblates of St Charles and Rural Dean 
at St I\lary of the Angels, 'Vestmoreland Road, Bayswater, London, W.; 
Canon of \Vestminster Uathedral; author; son of Colonel Charles vVyndham, 
(bl"other of the first Baron Leconfield), by the Hon. Elizabeth Scott, 
daughter of the fourth Baron Polwarth. (1868) 

Converts to Rome 


Wynell-Mayow, Stanley, son of the Rev. E. 1\1. 'Vynell-Thlayow, 1\1. .\., 
late rector of Southam, 'Varwickshire. 
Wynne, Rev. John Henry Gri"ffith, (1819-18Ð3), of Eton College; 
B.O.L.. Christ Uhurch, and Fellow of All Souls' College, Oxford. A I>riest 
of the Society of Jesus at St Beuno's College, St Asaph, :North \Vales; 
founder of the Catholic Thlission of Rhyl, North 'Yales; author; D.D. of 
Rome; son of Charles 'Yynne Griffith-\Vynne, :M.P., of Voclas and Cefu- 
Amwlch, Carnarvonshire, by Sarah, daughter of the Hev. Henry lIildyarc1, 

I.A. of Stokesley, Yorkshire, a. near relative of the Earl of Aylesford. 
Wynter, Colonel A. L., late of the 96th Regiment; son of the Hev. 
Philip "\Vynter, D.D., late President of St John's College, Oxford. (1881) 
Wynter, Guy, B.A., St John's College, Oxford; author of various songs 
and musical settings; at one time Organist a.t the Birmingham Orft.tory; 
son of the Rev. Philip \Yynter, D.D. (1883) 
Wyse, M rs, wife of aNa. val Officer. 


Converts to Rome 


YAP, Sui _Kok, a Chinese Student of Edinburgh "Gniversity. (lUOG) 
t Yard, Major, of the 32nd Hcgiment. 
Yard, Rev. George Beckwith, (1835-1873), :\I.A., Trinity College', 
Cambridge; curate of All Saints', :\Iargaret Street, London, ,V. A Priest 
(Oblate of St CharieR), at St 
lary of the Angels, 'Vestmorelancl Ruad, 
Bayswater, London, -\V. (18û3) 
Yarker, Francis Palmer Leybourne, Bon of the late Lie'utenant 
.A.rnold _Francis Yarkel', of the 63rd Rcgilllcnt; grandson of the Rev. John 
Yarkel', S.C.L., vicar of St JohnJs, Isleworth, :Middlesex. (1900) 
Yarmouth, Rev. William Vaughan, l\1.A., St J ohu's College, 
OÁford, Incumbent of 'Vest bury-on Trym, near Bristol. (18üO) 
t Yates, John, J.P. of Oakhill Park, near Liverpool. 
Yeatman, Mrs Charlotte, wife of .Tohn Pym Yeatman, 
I.A., Cantab; 
daughter of Ca,ptain Ala.n 1IcDonough, of A thgarvan I...odgo, Curragh, 
Ireland; and family. 
Yeatman, John Pym, l\I.A., Emmanuel College, Cambridge; barrister 
and genealogist; author of The Semitic Origin of the N(
tio-ns 0/ JVcstern 
Europe, The Gentle Shakespeare, etc. 
Yelverton, William Henry Morgan, (1840-190D), of 'VhitIand 
Abbey, Carma.rtben; son of the lIon. 'Yïl1iam Yelverton, (1791-1884), 
J.P., D.L. and l\LP. for Carmarthen; granùson of the second Viscount 
Avonmore; was heir presumptive to the sixth Viscount Avonmore; a 
generous benefactor to the Catholic Church in 'Vales. 
t Yeoman, Captain Charles, of the Indian Army. 
t Yonge, Dr, of Plymouth; nephew of the first Baron Seaton, who fought 
in the Peninsular 'Var and at 'Vaterloo. (184U) 
Yorke, Miss, daughter of Simon Yorke, J.P., D.L., of Erddig Park, 
'Vrexham, by Victoria, daughter of General the Hon. Sir Edward Cust, 
K.C.II., first Baronet, youngest son of the first Earl Brownlow, 
I.P. for 
Lostwithie and Grantham, and for many years 
Ia8ter of the Ceremonies 
to II.)I. Queen Victoria. (1904) 

Converts to Rome 


Yorke-Smith, Mrs Leonora, authorcss; daughter of J. A. Fuller- 
:i\Iaitland, :\LA., F.S.A., the author and mu
ical critic of Th
 Times by 
Charlotte, eldest daughter of the late 'Villiam Squire. ' 
t Young, Rev. Cecil Beadon, 
I.A., Fellow of Exeter College, 
Oxford; curate of Burghclerc, Hampshire. (1847) 
Young, Sir Charles Lawrence, (1834-1887), seventh Baronet, of 
North Dean, Buckinghamshire. (1886) 
Young, Lady Mary Alice Margaret, second wife of Sir Charles 
Lawrence Young, (1834-1887), the seventh Baronet; daughter of the Rev. 
1Yilliam 8erocol<1, 
I.A" late vicar of Redbourne, Hertfordshire. 
t Young, JOhn, alderman of the Tower Ward, "City of London; architect; 
J.P. for Essex; Knight of St Gregory the Great. 
Young, Major. 
t Young, Matthew, of the Inland Department of the General Post 

; Office; son of Captain Young, of the Royal Navy. (1854) 
Young, Sir William Lawrence, eighth Baronet, of North Dean, 
Buckinghamshire; of Charterhouse 
chool; son-in-law of the Hon. Henry 
'Yilliam Petre, third son of the eleventh Baron Petre; playwright. (1896) 
Younge, Miss Lillian, daughter of :i\Iajor Younge, H.E.IC.S. 
Younge, Miss Olive, daughter of l\Iajor Younge, H.E.IC.S. 


Zimmermann, The Very Rev. Benedict, a Carmelite :MOllk and 
Prior of St Luke's, 'Vincanton, Somersetshire; author of Carmel 
n England, 





Rev. John Bacchus, Oscott College. 
The ßlost R,ev. Dr Ed\vard Bagsha1ve, Archbishop of Seleucia. 
The Very Rev. Augustus Oanon Bethell. 
Rev. Janles Bond (1819-1887), Dudley, VV orcestershire. 
The Very Rev. Joseph Canon Bond (1814-1878), \Vest Indies. 
Rev. \Villiam Bond (1811-1888), Taslnania and London. 
The .nIost Rev. Dr Francis Bourne, Archbishop of \Vestlninster. 
The late Very Rev. E. A. Bush, Australia. 
The Right Rev. Dr John Butt (1826-1899), Bishop of South\vark. 
The Right Rev. 
Ionsignor Joseph Butt, Vice-Rector, Collegia 
Beda, Rome. 
Rev. Alfred Cahnan, Cohyich. 
Rev. Dudley Cary-Eln-es, Peterborough. 
Rev. C. Cowley Clarke, Brighton. 
The R.ight Rev. Th1:onsignor F. O. Daunt, Brazil. 
His Eminence Cardinal Raphael Merry del Val. 
Rev. Barrington Douglas Dick, Dunlfries, N.R. 
The Very Rev. Canon Lord Archibald Douglas. 
The late Rev. Herbert Duke, ICeighley. . 
The Very Rev. Monsignor Canon punn, Staines. 
Rev. Adrian 
-'ortescue, D.D., Letchworth. 
Rev. Newton Digby Fowell, Balhaln, S."\V. 
Rev. Ernest Garnett, Hunstanton. 
Rev. Qharles Giles, Ne\vport, Salop. 
The late Right Rev. Dr Richard Gilmour, Bishop of Cleve- 
. land, U.S.A. 
The Very Rev. Th1:onsignor Ed\vard Canon Goldie (1830-1896). 
The Right Rev. Dr Charles Graham, Bishop of PlYlnouth. 
Rev. Roderick Grant, Ingatestone. 



Rev. Henry Heneage (1810-1875). 
The latp 11 ev. ,T oseph I-Tirst. 
The late 'Tery Rev. Frederick TIusenl)eth, D.D. 
'rhe Very Rev. Daniel Canon lIes, L.D.) Oscott College. 
Rev. \Yilliaul I(ent, O.S.O., London. 
Rev. Robert Laing (1858-1897). 
'fhe late Rev. Thomas Leith. 
The Very Rev. l\Ionsignor Claud Lindsay, Rome. 
Rev. Robert 1\leasures, \Yest Grinstead. 
Rev. Bernard 
Iiller, D.D., Oscott College. 
Rev. Edmund 1\Iiller, Chichester. 
Rev. Richard Neaye, Littlehampton. 
Rev. Arthur Po,vnall, London. 
Rev. Bernard Pownall, Londoll. 
The Very Rev. George Canon Richardson (1847-1009), l\fanchester. 
Rev. Charles Ryder, Birminghaln. 
Rev. Frederick Savory, Bishop Auckland. 
Rev. Ignatius Seager (1845-1870). 
R.ev. Donald Skrinlshire, London. 
The 1\lost Rev. Dr James Smith, Archbishop of St Andre,\ys and 
Rev. Alfred Sperling, Leek. 
Rev. Francis Vaughan, London. 
IIis Eminence Herbert, Cardinal '''''aughan (183
-1903)) Archbishop 
of 'Vestminster. 
Rev. Herbert Vauglian, D.D., Londou. 
The Right Rev. Dr J ohn Vaughan, Bishop of Sebastopolis. 
Rev. Kenehn Vaughan (1840-1909), London. 
The Right Rev. Monsignor Bernard Canon vVard. 
The late Rev. James \Veale. 
Rev. Louis \V oodroffe, B.A., OXOll. 


Rev. Francis Bacchus, Edgbaston. 
Rev. Henry Dellasis, Ronle. 
Rev. Richard Bellasis, Edg baston. 
Rev. Kenehn Best, London, S. 'V. 
Rev. Charles Bo-wden (1836-1900), London, S."? 
The late Rev. \Villiam Bnwden, Londou) S.\Y. 
Rev. Robert Eaton, B.Â., Edgbastou. 
Rev. Ralph Kerr, London, S.\"'". 
Rev. Anthony Pollen, Edgbaston. 
Rev. IIenry Ryder (1837-1907), Edgbaston. 



Benedictines : 
Dom Luke Cary- Elwes, Fort Augustus, N.B. 
The Right Rev. Hugh Abbot Ford, London, 'V. 
Dom Bernard Hutchison, Petersfield. 
DOln Anthony I(ynaston, Downside. 
Donl Hildebrand Lane-Fox, Fort Augustus, N.B. 
JJoln John Lane-Fox, Fort Augustus, N.B. 
Dam Bernard Ra,vlinson, Do,ynside. 
Dam Benedict Steuart, Fort Augustus, N.B. 
'rhe }Iost Rev. Dr \Yilliam Ullathorne (180G-188ü), Bishop of 
Binningham and then Archbishop of Cabasa. 
Dom J erome Vaughan (1841-1896), Fort Augustus, N.B. . 
The lVlost Rev. Dr Roger Vaughan (1834-1883), Archbishop of 

Rev. Ambrose Fatcher, London, \V. 
The late Rev. "\Villiam Fatcher, London 'V. 
Rev. Laurence Lamb, London, "'V. 

Rev. Laurence Shapcote, Rugeley. 
Rev. V. 1\1:. Sutherland, Trinidad, B.\V.I. 
Rev. Arthur 'Vilberforce (1839-1904). 


Rev. Richard De Bary. 
Rev. Philip Devas. 

Institute of Charity 
Rev. Stephen Eyre Jarvis, Rugby. 
Rev. Geoffrey Bliss, Leeds. 
Rev. John Bond (1817-1844), Calcutta. 
Rev. Stephen Bond (1826-1871), Wigan. 
Rev. Vincent Bond (1828-1892), Wigan. 
Rev. David Brand, St Asaph. 
Rev. William Brand, St Asaph. 
Rev. Noel Campbell, St Asaph. 
Rev. Cuthbert Cary-EI,ves, Demerara. 
Rev. Daniel Considine, 'Vilnbledon. 
Rev. Charles Coupe, Bourn81nouth. 
Rev. 'Villiam Crofton, Glasgow 
ev. Père d' Arras, France. 
Rev. Francis Deyas, Beaumont College. 



Rev. Charles Galton (Rector), Beaumont College 
The Right neve Conlpton Galton, Vicar-Apostolic of Denlerara. 
Hev. IIenry Garn1an, St Asaph. 
ev. John Gerard, London, 'V. 
Ilev. Francis Goldie, Preston. 
Rev. John Gretton (185G-1904). 
Rev. George Gruggeu, Chesterfield. 
Hev. Sir 'Yilliaul Heathcote, Bart., Prt'::;ton. 
ev. George J errard, Dalkeith, N. B. 
I{ev. ,T oseph J errard, (184ß-189G). 
Rev. IIerbert Lucas, Liverpool. 
Rev. Ed,vard l\fayo, Beaumont College. 
neve Francis :ðlayo, Chesterfie d. 
Rev. Raymund 
Iayo, Stonyhurst College. 
Itev. 'Valter .Jfontagu, Oxford. 
Rev. Robert 
Ionteith, St Asaph. 
neve Charles Ke,vdigate, London, K. 
Rev. John Pittar (1837-1889). 
ev. Charles Plater, St Asaph. 
Rev. George Pollen, London, "T. 
Rev. John Pollen, London, 'V. 
Rev. Charles Raynlond-IJarker, TIhy!. 
Rev. Charles Rechnan, Leigh. 
Rev. John Rednlan, Chesterfield. 
Rev. Robert Steuart, StonyhurHt College. 
Rev. lloland Tholnas (18ß4-1S93). 
Rev. Bernard \Taughan, London, 'V. 
TIr. 'Villialn Vaughan, Stonyhurst College. 

Iichael 'Yatts-Russell. 

Redemptorists : 
Rev. Cyril Dods\vorth (1843-1907). 
The Very Rev. Basil Gaisford (Provincial), London, S.'''". 
Rev. Bernard Ho,yell, ROlne. 
Rev. Edmlu1d Ho,vell, London. 
Rev. Cyril Ryder, Perth, N.D. 
'fhe Very Rev. George Stebbing (Rector), London, S.'V. 
Rev. Aloysius Sutherland, Bur,vash. 

Servite : 
The Very Rey. Alphonsns Coventry, Bognor. 



Lieu t. Robert Ames. 
Commander Vincent Bo,vring. 
Lieut. Ralph Clutton. 
Lieut. Philip Couron. 
Iontague Consett. 
Commander Lionel Coxon. 
The late Lieut. Julian Dashwood. 
Lieut. Rudolph de Lisle (1853-1885). 
Lieut. Albert Dixie. 
Comlnander Eric Duglnore. 
Lieut. \Yilfrid Egerton. 
Rear-Admiral Frederick Fegen l\I.V.O. 
Lieut. the Hon. Hugh :F'eilding. 
Lieut. Julian Gaisford -St La"
Commander Herbert Garnett. 
Lieut. Andre,v I(err. 
Commander Clement La Primaudaye (1843-1910), C.V.O. 
Lieut. Frederick Law. 
Lieut. Joseph 1Iaxwell-Scott. 
Ialcolm Nlaxwell-Scott. 

Iidshiplnan Alexanùer 
Lieut. George l\iontagu. 
COlnnlander Francis Pollen. 
Commander Edmund Prendergast. 
Lieut. \Valter Selby. 
Lieut. Hugh \V oo(hvard. 


Lieut. Patrick à Beckett, R.A. 
Lieut. John Ames, late 5th Fusiliers. 
Capt. Dodington Baker, Indian Army. 
Lieut-Ool. Robert Baker, late R.A. 
Capt. Ed,vard Bellingham, 1st Royal Scots. 
Lieut. Roger Bellinghaln, R.A. 
Lieut-Col. Henry Bethell, R.A. 
Capt. Leonard Bethell, Indian Army. 

Iajor Thomas Britten, Indian ArnlY. 
Lieut. Viscount Camp den, G loucestershire Regt. 
Capt. Adrian Cave, late 10th Hussars. 
1\Iajor Joseph Chichester, late ,V orcestershire Regt. 
Captain Nugent Chichester. 
:ßlajor \Valter Chichester, \V orcestershire Regt. 
Capt. Anthony Cliffe, late Royal Irish Regt. 



l\Iajor Richard Cochrane, Royal Irn1Ïskilling Fusiliers. 
Lieut. Denzil Cope, Hanlpshire Regt. 
Lieut. Lord Ninian Crichton-Stuart, Scots Guards. 
Lieut. Arthur Davis-Cooke, 10th HussarR. 
Lieut. Bernard de Lisle, late Leicestershire Yeomanry. 
1\Iajor Everard de Li
le, Leicestershire Yeomanry. 
Colonel the Earl of Denbigh, C.V.G. 
Lieut.-Col. Archibald Douglas Dick, C.B. 
Lieut. George Dixie, Scottish Borderers. 
Lieut. Theodore Dobson, late Royal \Vest I{ent Regt. 
Captain \Yïlfrid DUgInore, Chester Regt. 
Capt. 'Yillianl Dugmore, D.S.G., Korth Stafford Regt. 
Lieut. Stephen Eaton, late GOth Rifles. 
Captain Charles Echnonstone-Cranstoun. 
Lieut. \
iscount Feilding, Coldstreanl Guards. 
Lieut. the lIon. Bertram l
orbes, Royal Irish Rifles. 
Lieut. the HOll. Donald Forbes, R.A. 
Lieut. the Hon. Fergus 
-'orbes, Royal Irish Regt. 
Capt. the I-Ion. Reginald }i'orbcs, Gordon Highlanders. 
JHajor Charles Fox, Scots Guards. 
Capt. lIenry Fox (1849-1902), I
ing's Dragoon Guards. 
The late Capt. Hubert O. Fox. 
Lieut. the Hon. Arthur French, late City of London Regt. 
Lieut. the Earl of Gainsborough, late 10th llussars. 
1\Iajor \Yalter Gaisford, Seaforth Highlanders. 

Iajor IIubert Galtoll, late R.A. 
Lieut. Cecil Garnett, late Hoyal Scots Fnsiliers. 
Capt. Frederick Gerard, late of the 23rd Hegt. 
Lieut. Gilbert Gerard, Highland Light Infantry. 
General Sir 1\Iontagu Gerard (1843-1905), R.A. 
Colonel \Vilfrid Gibson, ,r.D. 
Lieut. Bernard Glasson, ]ate ....tlntrim l\Iilitia, 
Lieut. Ahvyn Gosselin, Grenadier Guards. 
Capt. the Earl of Granard, Scots Guards. 
Capt. James Grant, Cheshire Regt. 
Lieut. Harman Grise'Wood, late 4th Hussars. 
Lieut.-Col. Gilbert Harrison, R.E. 
1Iajor \Villiam Harrison, R.E. 
Lieut.-Col. Gilbert IIeathcote, late Cameronians. 

[ajor-General Sir Ivor Herbert, Eart., 
Lieut. ,Yo II. Ho,varcl. 
Capt. \Yilfrid Ho,yell, D.S.G. 
J-JOll. Co!. the Earl of I(elunare, C.V.G., l\funster Fusilit."'rs. 
I\[ajor Francis Kerr (1840-1884), Rifle Brigade. 
Capt. Henry I{err, late Calneronians. 
Lieut. John l{err, Sher\vood Foresters. 


Ca?t. Francis Lane-Fox (1872-1908). 
Lieut. Adrian La,y, Royal Canadian Regt. 
Lie".lt. John Law, late Royal Canadian Regt. 
lt. George Layton, R.H....\.. 
Colonel.Archibald Leslie, late Cameronians. 
Capt. Ed,vard Longueville, 1st Coldstream Guards. 
1\Iajor Reginald Longueville, 1st Coldstream Guard'3. 
Lieut. Hugh Lumsden, late Gordon Highlanders. 
1\lajor I(enneth :ßlacdonald. 
Lieut. Henry 1\IcCarthy-O'Leary, Royal Irish Fusiliers. 
Capt. John l\IcCarthy-O'Leary, South Lancashire Hegt. 
Colonel Henry 1\Iathias, O.B., Gordon Highlanders. 
Capt. Cuthbert Martin, Highland Light Infantry. 
Capt. 'Valter :ßlaxwell-Scott, Cameronians. 
Lieut. Edu1.und 1\Ionteith, Indian ArnlY. 
Lieut. J. Basil1\Ionteith, Gordon Highlanders. 
Lieut. John 1\Iorrell, 1\LV.O., I(ing's O,VIl Regt. 
Lieut.-Col. the Hon. Ed,yard Noel, Rifle TIrigaùe. 
Lieut. Edward Noel, R.G.A. 
Colonel the Duke of Norfolk, I
Capt. Lord Norreys, late Berkshire Regt. 
Lieut. the Hon. Roger North, late 7th Hussars. 
Ca pt. the Hon. 'Villiaul North, late Norfolk Regt. 

Iajor J anles O'Connell, Shropshire Light Infantry. 
:ßlajor Richard O'Shee. R.E. 

Iajor Arthur O\ven-Le"'\yis, D.S.O., late Yorkshire Regt. 
Lieut. John O,yen, 1-\rmy Service Corps. 
Lieut. George Perram, Indian Army. 
Lieut. Everard Phillipps (1835-1857), V.O., 60th Royal Rifles. 
Capt. Stephen Pollen, late 'Yiltshire Regt. 
Lieut. 'Valter Pollen (1860-1889), R.E. 
Lieut.-Col. Ladislas Pope-Hennessy, D.S.O. 
:ßlajor Gerald Prendergast, late King's Royal Rifles. 
Capt. Francis Reyell-Sutton, York and Lancashire Regt. 
Capt. Philip Rose, late Oxfordshire Light Infantry. 
Capt. 'Yillialn Rushbrooke, East Yorkshire Regt. 
Lieut. Denis Ryan, 6th Gurkha Rifles. 
Lieut. Reginald Schomberg, SeaIorth Highlanders. 
!\Iajor Philip Scott, 
1\Iajor Basil Scott-"ßlurray, late Scots Guards. 
Lieut. OharJes Scott-)Iurray, (1848-1909), 1st Life Guards. 
Lieut. Francis Seott-l\Iurray, late OxfordRhire Light Infantry. 
Capt. Archibald Smith-Sligo, Royal Scots. 
Lieut. Bernard Steuart, late Black 'Yatch. 
Oapt. John Steuart, late Rifle Brigade. 
Lient tbe Hon. Ed,varcl Stonor, Oxforclshire Yeomanry. 




Capt. J\fark Sykes, Yorkshire Regt. 
Colonel Lord Ednlund Talbot, 11th Hussars. 
Lieut. Henry Talbot, 11th Hussars. 
Capt. Arthur Tozer, 'Vest Indian R,egt. 
1Iajor Charles Vaughan, 7th Dragoon Guards. 
Colonel Francis \r aughan, late Royal1\lonlnouthshire Engineers. 
Lieut. HU111phrey \Taughan, R.F.A. 
Capt. Cyril 'Vickham, Royal :Fusiliers. 
Capt. 'Villiam 'Viekhanl, Scots Q-nards. 


Catholic Schools 


St_Ome,.s,1592 Stonyhurst,1784 
The College comprises 3 distinct Departments- 
For further particulars apply to the Rector, Rev. W. BODKIN, S.J.; or to the 
Rev. C. NICHOLSON, S.L, 114- Mount Street, Grosvenor Square, London, \V. 

Intending Candidates prepared for these 
Examinations under the Supervision of 
the Jesuit Fathers : : See page ii. 
WIMBLEDON COLLEGE (Army Department) 
ST. BEDE'S COLLEGE, Alexandra Park, Manchester 
THE COMMERCIAL SCHOOL affords a full business course of six years 
for Boys entering upon a Commercial Life. English, Modern Languages, Arithm
and Accounts, Commercial Geography, Shorthand, Drawing, Science, Economics, etc. 
TH E CLASSICAL SC HOC L affords a full classical course for Pupils destined 
for the professions. Latin and Greek, English Languages, 1\lathematics, Science, etc, 
Pupils of both Schools sit for the Oxford Local and London University Exams. 
For Prospectus, etc., apply to the Rector, the Very Rev. ANSEL

Under the direction of the Franciscan Fathers 
See þage vi for further Þarticulars. 

See þage iii following. 
Conducted by tbe l\Ionks of St AugustÏ1.e's Benedictine Abbey, assisted by 
a staff of lay graduates. 
President-Right Rev. Abbot T. Erkenwald Egan, O.S. B. . 
The course of studies comprises Greek, Latin, and English, French, German. 
and Italian, by native professors; science (electricity and chemistry), mathematics, 
elocution, music, drawing, drilling, etc. Students prepared for the Universities 
and Professional Examinations, etc. 
The Abbey grounds adjoin those of the College, which is immediately opposite 
the sea. 
For particulars, apply to the Right Rev. F. Abbot, President of the College, 
or to the Rev. the Vice-President, J. Anselm Fox, O,S.B. 



WOOIWICb, S ndburst, nd 
Inalan pollc

....,-... -..'... J........-................--.........,....., 

ANDIDATES are prepared for the Army 
Qualifying Certificate Examinations, and 
also for the Entrance Examinations for Wool- 
wich (Royal Engineers and Royal Artillery); 
Sandhurst (Guards, Cavalry, Infantry, and Army 
Service Corps); and the Indian Police Service. 
The Establishment is conducted by the 
Fathers of the Society of Jesus; but the tuition 
is mainly confided to lay tutors chosen for their 
experience and success. Pupils are received 
and prepared for the Army Examinations from 
the age of 16; and for the Indian Police at 
that of 17. 

For Prospectus, List of Successes, Tutors, 
etc., apply to- 




St Edmund's Colleg 
Old Hnll, Ware. 


Established as "Old Hall Green AcadenlY " in 1769. 
Reconstituted as St Edmund's College in 1793. 
(Continuation in the London Vicariate of the English College founded 
by Cardinal Allen at Douay in 1568.) 
President-Right Rev. Mgr. CANON WARD. 

The College is situated within thirty miles from 
London, five miles from Ware, on the direct road to 
Cambridge. The nearest station is Standon, on the 
G. E. R. Telegrams-Old-hall-green. Telephone- 
P.O. Puckeridge 4. 
The course of studies is adapted for candidates for 
the priesthood, and for those destined for professional 
or comtnercial life. The whole school is examined 
annually under the direction of the Oxford and Cambridge 
Schools Examination Board, and the boys are prepared 
for the examinations for Certificates (H igher and 
College, boys are received from tbe age of seven years. 
The College is well situated, on high ground, in an 
unusually healthy position. There is a tepid s\vimming 
bath, a gymnasium, and separate fields for Football 
and Cricket. The boys of St Hugh's Preparatory 
School have their own playing fields, and have the 
use of the gymnasium and swimming bath at different 
times from the others. 
The infirmary is in a separate \ving of the main 
building, and is under the supervision of a resident 
trained nurse. 
For further particulars, apply to Right Rev. Mgr. 
Canon Ward, President, as above. 


Ad vertisemen ts 


Cowley, Oxford. 
Splendidly situated on Co\vley I I ill, overlooking 

Under the direction of the Franciscan Fathers (of 
the Capuchin Reform). 
The College is devoted to the education of those 
youths who desire to become Franciscans and to enter 
the Order. 

The Studies are arranged ,,'ith a vie\\" to a University 

For particulars, apply to the Father Guardian, 
O.S.F.C., or the Rev. the Prefect of Studies. 


Professor of Theology at the University of TÜbingen. Authorised 
Translation from the fifth German Edition by LUIGI CAPPADELTA. 
Two Vols. Demy 8vo . . . . . . Each 12/ net 
ised Translation from the German by the Rev RALPH KERR, of the 
London Oratory. Vols IX and X. . . Per Volume 12/ net 
Vols I and VIII. Demy 8vo. . Per Volume 12/ net 
By Rev. II. 
rANN, Headmaster of St Cuthbert's Grammar School, 
Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Vols I-VIII Demy 8vo. With Illustrations 
and Maps . . . . . . . . Each 12/ net 
HERMANN SCHELL. 90 Illustrations. Translated from the seven- 
teenth German edition. Royal 8vo . .. . 7/6 net 
BIOLOGY. By Rev ERIC W ASMANN, S J. With Co loured Plates, and 
many Illustrations in the Text. Royal 8vo . . . 
Demy 8vo . . . . . . . . . . 6/ net 
;p Illustrated Catholic Catalogue sent Post Free on Application 



<IO""Cttt of tbe IDaltghters of tbe <Iross 
T HIS School offers to a limited number of pupils the advantages of a 
sound English Education, and instruction in Needlework, French, 
Music and Drawing. 
For particulars apply to the Superioress. 
References also kindly allowed to the Rev. Fathers of the Oratocy, 
South Kensington. 



E. DUBOIS, 54, Quai Jemmapes, PARIS 
(en face la Rue de la Douane) 
P. SASSE, Sneer. 

HOME FOR LADIES (Voluntary or onder tile 'Retreat Act ') 
Beautiful Residence with 50 acres of Park and Farm 
Land, opened at the request of His Eminence the 
late Cardinal Vaughan, now under the Patronage of 
His Grace the Archbishop of Westminster :: :: :: 
TERMS: 10s. 6d. to 3 Guineas 









A Selection from the Publications of 




The Catholic Church in China. From 1860 to 1907. By B. \VOL- 
FERSTAN, S.J. \Vith :Map and Table. Demy 8\0. 532 pp. Price IDS. 6d net. 
In this work, the result of four years' study, the information given is taken 
entirely from non-Catholic sources, and is divided under three headings-The 
Chaos of Creeds; China and the Christian Nations; Catholic Missions as seen 
by Protestants. F'our years' work and 400 works of reference have been laid 
under contribution. Authority for every statement is explicitly gi\"cn. 
Mary the First, Queen of England. By J. 1\1. STONE. A History 
of Mary I, as found in the public records, despatches of ambassadors, in original 
private letters, and other contemporary documents, throwing a new light on her 
character and presenting a more broad-minded and impartial view of her actions 
than has hitherto been the custom. This work is a most important addition to 
the historical knowledge of the day. It contains 9 plates from rare paintings 
and engravings, and a facsimile of a letter written in the Princess 
Iary's own 
hand. Demy 8vo. Handsomely bound in cloth. Price 8s. net. 
The Church in English History. A record of the principal events 
from the introduction of Christianity to Catholic Emancipation in 1829. By 
I. STONE. Author of " .Mary I, Queen of England," "Studies from Court 
and Cloister," "Reformation and Renaissance," etc. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. 
Price IS. 6d. net. 
A work which should supply a long-felt want in Catholic Schools and amongst 
all honest students of history throughout the English-speaking world. 
The Christian Philosophy of Life. Reflections on the Truths of 
Religion. Translated from the German of TIL
 PESCH, S.J " by 
I. C. 

l'LAREN. Demy 8vo. 637 pp. Price 16s. 
The Sunday Epistles. By Dr BENEDICT SAUTER', O.S.B., Abbot of 
Emaus, Prague. Translated by J. F. SCHOLFIELV. Demy 8vo. 559 pp. 
Price 16s. 
The Sublimity of the Holy Eucharist. Translated from the Ger- 
man of Fr. 1\lEsCHLER, S.J., by A. C. CLARKE. Crown 8vo. Price 2S. 6d. net. 
In the Morning of Life. Considerations and 
Ieditations for Boys. By 
HERBERT LUCAS, 8.J. Third and enlarged Edition. Crown 8Yo. Cloth. 
Price 3s. 6d net. 
The Purpose of the Papacy and the Continuity Theory. By 
his Lordship the BISHOP OF SERASTOPOL (Right Rev. JOlIN S. VAUGHAN, 
D. D.). Author of " Earth to Heaven," etc., etc. Crown 8vo. Price Is. 6d. net. 
\Vith a preface by the BISHOP OF SALFORD. 
The Decree on Daily Communion. A Historical Sketch and Com- 
mentary. By the Rev. J. B. FERRERES, S.J. Translated by the Rev. II. 
Z, S.J. Crown 8vo. Price 2S. 6d. net. 
A Hand-book of Practical Economics. By the Rev. C. SCHRIjVERS, 
C.SS.R. TransJated by F. 
1. CAPES. Crown 8vo, Price "s. 
Ideals of Charity. A book intended for social workers in England. By 
VIRGINIA 1\1. CRAWFORD. CroWD 8vo. Price Is. net.